The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 32
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 32

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 32
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V It P 'i 1 i I ay. ap ep as cy cai m9 W W W T tF op sp'ap g 4 32 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1964 sepwa-es-sj-i SOJ WPIOYMIKT W1KT1D (Cent, from Preceding Column- youno woman, work by day T4-I70a. FALL CLEANUP MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN yard, wash window, painting, tntarior. exterior, hedg trtm- nln. patio. a3S-044S. 504 TEACHERS WAITED ENGLISH PRINCIPAL , CATHM ' lie I. to lUMrviM II iKiMntan KnglUh cIuki. Must have least B" diploma from t h e Provlac of Qiutbte. Apoly Ut- Lnf qualifications, ipr(ra salary requested to: The Cathtv ik acnoot noara iuipn-ava- menes, rj no jn. Ayunw, INGUSH TEACHERS FEMALE), with OucbM dtDloma for elemen tary echooU. Apply tatlng quel- utcmuonm, letters m roeiancee, experience and Wlephoc number to: Catholic School Board of Rapid-Dee -Cheoaa. PO Box T7. Aj'iroer. nj. INSTRUCTORS FOR PRACTICAL business training. Day or nlsht classes. Full time or part time. Uictettva position PO Box W. Ottawa. - TEACHER WANTED' WINCHES- aauallfld teecher lor Grade S. duties to commence Sept. lit. Apply to B. D. Wjuo, eec rotary. Aiyincheeter. Pot. St. Bernadette's 1 Separate School Board Ajax. Ontario t ' (10 mini, from Metro Toronto). Requires 3 QUALIFIED TEACHERS for September 1 tor Senior School (attest) I or Elementary Grade , , (Junior School) Bui starting salary Junior; I9M0 esnior. Fully paid M l Attractive . yearly tocrarnenta. i Apply to "' ' MR. M. COFFIN 1 149 Exeter St, , Au Telephone 942-0325 Ajax SOS TUITION BECOME BOUNaUAI. IN U weeks, In (roup All languages. School of Modern Languages, 1 Somerset IM. CD4W. MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS, physics, English, Fianeh and chemistry pwn, evenings. PIANO LESSONS. INTRODUC-tory special, M par hour, 3-a3 nan hour. evenings. RADIO AND TELEVISION 8TA- tlona from coast to coast need Sports and Commercial An-Bouncers, Weather Glrto , iM tV'a, Commantatora and, Nam-man. You out hav hidden talent Call Tha National Inatt- tuta af Broedcesung. Ti-psi. NEW IN OTTAWA1' L'Ecole Universelle 23S O'CONNOR French. Spanish and Arabic Choice of private and . , group teach Int. - For Information CAU23M363 Register Now and Start in September. 506 imiavKQ BBITANNIA VTLLAOB ABBA. W1U mind rhUdran horna. (2-32X my BBOOKFTELD OABDENS. WILL mind rhllrtran, my 711 017. EXPERIENCEiD CARE dren. ...say;., horna. FOB CHIL-!. Ut pratoria. ' EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL ear for children, Monday to Friday. Woodrotf at aray, EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL mind child, horna. Ottawa South. GOOD CARE FOB CHILDBEN. any age, wseajy. aaa-iof . GOOD CARE. BABY, MT HOME. aaa waeaty. aJg-aa?. INFANTS GIVEN GOOD CARE, waakly. 7U- MIND CHILDREN. MY HOME. nauy. a-i. assyumn. aaa-avia- MIND CHILDREN. MY HOME. nvraruuy. weeauy. 74a- MIND CHILDREN DAILY, WEEK-br monthly, my noma, city ViaW. TS3 S7. MIND CHiLDBEN V-if motnar T77-C1T4. MIND CHILDREN, DAILY, WEEK- ., ly. my noma. ITescort uignway . aas-iis. ORLEANS. WILL MIND CHIL- s. 74- OVERBBOOK. CABB OF CHtL- SANDY dren. HILL. MIND 1-1 CHIL- my noma, dally. 336-34H WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME. Avenu WILL MIND CHILDREN Ut MY horna, from a a m.- p nv, waak nay only. 7a-7a3a. mornings. WILL MIND CHILDRKN. horn. 746-TTP8. WILL MIND ANY ags, my 171. YOUNG CHILDREN. BOOM. board my bom, dally, waakly. a-sia., . sot rosntcxs VAUIT ESItaTBLB COTJPU TO TAXI eTtar of tassTtat aoene. so weeks. Utter part of Sani. Must bav rafsrsncsg. Bos B-l. FRETMAN'S DOWNTOWN . . Has OpenmEi for ; ' SHOE STAFF " In our Udiet' alios department Applicant should baa prevr-oua experience in selling Udlea ahoea. Bilingual prs-lerred, 5-djr week. The Frei. maa employe benefit plan. " ' . ' Appiy , ' ' PERSONNEL OFFICE FREIAAAN'S DOWNTOWN ;. Journal Want quick results. " Ait brinf sot, j tosmon mm (Cont. from Pracadlnff Cotamii) TRANSLATORS' For totenvetkMia) confer enca to trans lata teu from Enfllah to French, and Prenca to Eng C.A.C.C 230 BLOOR ST. W., TORONTO 3 Key Punch and Tabulating Operators $205 to $257 JO A MONTH Various Government Depta, OTTAWA - HULL An acoaptabla couraa of train Ira andor evidence of ability to oparata tha relevant machines at a satisfactory Stan dard of production la required. Detail and application forma avallabla at Civil Sarvlca Conv mualon. Room 600, Jackson Build tn(. IU Bank Straat. Post Offlota and National Employ man! Offloa. Application should b tllad with aba aVIL SERVICE COMMISSION. OTTAWA, not la tar nth. 1864. than SaCTCMBKK Plaaa quota ompaUtion numbar 4-J7. (Of I00MS TO Iff ACCOMMODATION. MOO MS. araakiy or monthly, soma with running watar. Vsndoma Botal. srtv cHsusHaat ouaat wasa. ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN bad and sum U bad, claan. aaiat noma. lUasnnsbla. Qantlatnai,, sn-atar. , ATTBACTtVE. LABOE. COM fortabla. auMt, nrlvat cantral. ttlamatt. 135-4411. ATTRACTIVE, WELL FURNISH- so. prnrai noma. a m. ant. SHft-iaiS. ATTRACTIVE ACCOMMODATION I or womantn moaarn aDarv mant, Horns prrrllaaaa. Wastboro arsa. cloas to. bus una. panunf. ATTRACnVK. NEWLY DXCORAT- ad badroora. vspr aantraa, para . sjw ai. ATTRACTTVE. LABOE BOOM. nuiy aqtunpaa. prlvaaa Hit Spadina. Ta7. ATTBACTTVE KITCHEN. psa. Dcasnnnf, wan ana. ovuy. Taa-sJV. ATTRACTIVE, LARGE. CLEAN. osoroom. witn - KJtonsnsKS, qulppad. tsl-eo. ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE. USE OF Kltcnan. nrtvata antranea. Latur. Icr Eaat, namr King Edward. 34- S'TO. AVAILABLE, LARGE, COMFORT- aoia. wuai ana bssm, pnvata. Tatapboa, parklru). einllsmin AVAILABLK BOOM FOR THE Exhibition ey nay of wk, com- piaiaiy aqaippan. Mtm miwil aaa-mo; ivitt mt w amsnnu aim. aunc waisr, prmiacs. rana mi O -Connor. CX4-T4C1. 1 BISOSITTINa WORKING PERSON ana. 14 Cantral. 39. BEDgrTTINO, WITH KITCHEN privilsgsa, after . a Daly, aaa-taM BEDSITTINGS-LARGE, ALSO smgiaa, compietaiy furnunaa. newly decorated, stova. refrigerator. raaennihU, 1 Mnrray. sae-aets. BEDSITTING ITINO BOOM, CENTRAL, g-rxjfo .Tin sun privileges. BEDSimNO, KITCHENETTE. ironi oaKony. parying, asa, o traL 163 rioraJ BRIGHT BOOM. SUIT a. NEWLY luroisnco, privusges. shmV Wbv sat. 73 . CENTRAL. FRONT BEDROOM. pnvaia nosna. gaa-aita. CENTRAL. QUIET. ADULTS, AB- sumera. raasonaoia. 3-73. CHATEAU LAFAYETTE, 41 YORK. aauuaan. running wnaa 41 waakly. S dally. CLEAN, WELL FURNISHED roora, mt. turaani Road. SHS-S3S1. CLEAN ROOM. $30 MONTHLY, may pseiejiau, tlonsl. 133-457. CLEAN BOOM. NEW HOME, KIT- Chen pfivllagaa. nlngs PAS-B031. CLEAN. NICELY FUBNISHED room.' quiet, eultaoM for stuaant- saa-iafa. CLOSE TO UNIVERSITY. BRIGHT, ciaan room, cooking pxlviiegea 337-04X7. COMFORT ABLB. F U R N I SHED owunaa. front, atnrl. Mann-Che pal bus rottta. 134-13tT. ra- CONVENIENT TO TEACHERS' coilag. a rooms, nulat kitchen prlnUagea. CK3-S0H, CRYSTAL BEACH. FURNISHED roorom new asm B.a-3033. DOUBLE HOUSEKEEPING. FRIG-1 maira. gnu, una, tslephona, tndants. penalansrs. batamara, vicinity Normal nchooa-Maseirm. 14 EASTVIEW, NEAR MONTREAL staaa, suit girl, pruuigag 74a-ia or 74S-U6. . EASTVIEW. FURNISHED BED. room, naar saaa, parking. 74a- BASTVTEW. BOOMS FOB BENT. FENTIMAN. AVAILABLE, 1 sing is bear bonis, gentlemen a ferred. Barking, ft I iMtl, FRONT BEDSITTINO. GRILL. nuron . wallrngton, T3-153 733-13. rURNlgHED ROOMS. PABKINO. irtthM. ea.7aa FURNISHED BEDROOM, OBNTLB- asssi yaaiarTaa. Mri an e Drrr-, way. FURNISHED BKDROOM. PRIVATE .parking. a401lswsst rtTRNISHED, BEDSITTING AND aivcnen. mils a girsl. SSS-1S47. GLEBE, S-ROOM 1IPPU WUkT equipped, 0, lu- GLEBE. ROE. CLEAN. FUB- namea GLEBE. NEAR BBONSON. FUB-. nlshad bsnaittlnsT. eejulpoad kit-Jhjn, buainiat lady. . , sa OLEBB. SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING sna, quia genuevoen. 134- Tsia. aaaaaa. j - GROUND FLOOR, a ROOMS AND ncnaaxiMuita aniy. 74a-43S. HOUSEKEEPING ROOM Org. Ueman or aldsrly person, 111 or - IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED, UN-turnfcshed 1-i-room Oats, park- 601 tow to in (Coet. from Ptncadlna Column) KITCHENETTE, room, buslnasa 49. m 917. BEDS ITT I N S jstlrsd parson. LARGE aUNNY BOOM, dacoratad. twin bad au-e7M. NEWL' Olaba; METCALFE COURT, DAILY. waakly. maid aarvlca, parking 3M MstcaUa. CE3-0211. NEW HOME. U MILES FROM city, board opUoosl, -aaaonaba Tza-taa. PRIVATE HOME. NO CHILDREN. naar oua. saatvtaw. T4-aa. ROOM FOR RENT. MO MONTHLY. ass-ant. BOOM. KITCHEN. PABKINO pnvlVsgss. Cloas Coininaic Hlch cirsot. saa-oaai. SANDY HILL. 1 FURNISHED front, rang ana. rafrlcaraior. qutat eoupla na-MaQ. . . SHORT TERMS. MONTHLY BATE. Rlvarslda HotaL AttracUv T46-4S7 SINGLE. CLEAN, WELL FUR-nlahad bad room. 164 Car ling Aw nua. 3334377. SUIT GENTLEMAN. FURNISHED, modem room, breakfast, o e a r THIS. T4B-7BW. UNFURNISHED BOOM, LADY praferrad. parking. Bald Straat. 73S-4473. " WEST .END. BEDSITTING ROOM, unfurnlabad. tS. Taa-OSTa. 1 LARGE BOOM. PRIVATE KN- aranoa, carpelng, private bauV roora. narking. 746-484. S FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING . rooms, prlvat antranea. naar Numbar a BntlrtlBi. 330 Loratui Street. S SINGLE BOOMS, FURNISHED or unfurnished. Centra .Town. Tga-aiaa. BARGAIN, SU . FULLY FUBNISHED. BEDSIT- ting room, aanu-pnvatn. comrou-nlty kltcnan. equipped, television, girls. 133-746. 602 tOOMS WUtTlD I YOUNG GENTLEMEN BEOUIBE room and board, prafarably toga th sr. but will accept sing Is accommodation, ghnvale Acres area. 748-S88 day, 733-311 603 tOONiniOAU ACCOMMODATION FOB 1 GEN- uamen, xngiua noma, iva car-Uar. 133-0813. ACCOMMODATIONS. , HOME cooked meals, parking;, conarruc- uon woraara weucorna. aaa-owoa. ATTRACTIVE LABOE BOOM, twin bada, gtrlg. 33 York. 333- aiia. ATTRACTIVE ACCOMMOOA- tlon, spadoos prnraM noma, an Main Straat, Ottawa Bast, a3S-l BOABDEBS WANTED, NEW. anoawrav quiat nnme. a imvaas Acres. TS1-S33S. CENTRAL. NEAR BANK. GOOD , maaia, narking aio oiunour. asa-aaas. DOUBLE AND SINGLE BOOMS, to let. gtuaant, nusineaa man. asa-aSM. 4 Fifth Avenue. , EASTVirW. BOOM AND BOARD, lady ptsfaersd. GENTLEMEN. ' SINGLE AND aouoM 33S3. BIB, 136- GBNTLEMAN. BRIGHT. CLEAN. Barking. 73-4111. igENTLEM, AN. OUIET. PRIVATE horna, kn baking, naar Wood- HULL, LIKE HOME. GOOD meals. Is unary mrluaad. Centla-man. 771-6557. LARGE ROOM. SUIT 1 WORaOTG people, parking. H3-3lo, LARGE DOUBLE BOOM, GENTLE- asa-a! bus asrv NICE SINOLK BOOM. GOOD meal, gentleman. 583 oiadatona. PRTVATB HOME, a ADULTS. SUIT T3SVS733. PRIVATE HOME, BOOM, TWIN psca exoeuetiw, ""tin, pavKuu 133-84T. . BOOM AND araa, S01 647. BOOM AND BOARD. FOR ELDER- ly pvopie, axceuent car. S33- Tll. ' AND BOARD. NICELY furnished double, suit 43 Kant. BOOM . BOABD. GNTLEMEN, students. Government paonl. 163 Holmwood. 13-jf . T SINGLE, QUIET. CLEAN, GOOD maaia, nan saa-aaai. , . 701 MIBB HI Sill ABLE. GRACIOUS ASSISTANCE. alios". Sea aur ada ALL CONVENIENCES NEARBY 11 cornova. Maw, tsdrooms. 746- asoi. ALT A VISTA ABBA. I - IID- room brick, ls bsth rooms, rae- raauon room, naar scnoote, sr, ping centre and excellent has service. limned tat oocup s n a y 140. 733-1337. ANY PROPERTY WB LIST IN th any w faai wa aan aeil. Percy Karwtn. -aUaltar,' ait- 43S7. ATTRACTrVB LARGE COUNTRY Bom. 10 sons setting, all fseul- last nrsas. 3-7l7 er aan, . ATTRACTIVE. CIVIC HOSPITAL araa. cut stone, centra antranea, largw living roam, fireplace. large aunmg room, j large bed- atuscnon garaga, scr verandah. 713-614. AVAILABLE. ELMVALE ACRES. Prtvava. a Sraplac. T33-03M AVAILABLE. 1 14 STOREY, BED g Datn rooms. T7T-aa. AVAILABLE. WEST END BPLIT. irvai. simiiiinii, piayraosa. 36- BABGAIN. MOVE IN NOW . double, newly escawlad Karags. lanoad yard. 1 side wall ranted, naar Laurent tan High. 733-631. BROADWAY AVENUE, GLUE. nee. rooms, large aiarog rooa n-aoia7 BUNGALOW, a BEDROOMS, ELM-vsl Aorsa, attractively land seeped, frashly p I a t ad thtmighsait. eloa ta hua. ecnoola, ahonplng asrrtra. ta medleta aaoupancy. 733-4131. Mi ' wn a , mm a -BED ROOMS, UB- bandale Arras, garaga, driveway. 733-301. EDSTAN . Homes ,' "W1THDI THE CITY", ON VALLEY DRIVE, OFF PLEASANT PARK ROAD Dt THE ALTA VISTA AREA $16,680 te $20,345 731-4615 aw 1 V I A i s: , Iii2ir PRINCE WITH A GREEN THUMB - Pictured here handling onions with the feel of an expert i Japan's Prince Hiro, with his parents. Crown Princee Akohito and Princess Michiko. The youngster is spending hi first Summer holiday from school with hi parents at Karuizawa resort outalde Tokyo. 701 MIBB FOt SHI Cont from Preceding Column) BUNGALOW. S BEDROOMS. Many extras. Lynwood Village. OUO, S4.7DO do 4.700 down. tz-47O0. BUYING? SELLING CALL flaxs nasi Estat Llmltad. 733-4334. (Ottawa) BY OWNER, l-BEDROOM HOME, ' axoejlent condition, naar Cafia- ton Unrverslty. 334-666. CALL 8. AND A. GOLDENBERG. Brokers. 723-OilO. -! daytime. CALL VERNA COOK. ' REALTOR. - 7Z3-S333 witn noma and nroper-tiea for tha discriminating buyer. CITY VIEW. S-BEDBOOM BUN- gaiow, attachad garage- 718-761.J. DUPLEX BUNGALOW. OVEB- orook. naar ecnoou, cnurchas. SIS.OOO. 713-1J1. EFFICIENT AND PERSONAL aarvlca whan you are buying or aelllng. Call Hudson and Evans, -Realtor." 331-1301. FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES. CALL Bart Kan Real Estate Ltd, 336- 13. , : GOOD S-BEDROOM BUNGALOW, McKaiiar area, naar schools call for appointmenta. Lam Osbars. nroaer, 7aa-aave. XT YOU ARB THTNKXNO OF BUY- tng or aeuing real aetata. all Malar Bealty Ltd 7 33-3661. MOUNTAIN PARK, atULL. NEAB bosPKai. cnuron, acnooL buses. Bed brick bungalow, solid, warm. clear. Ilka new. Lot 100 a 60, Urge rooms, living, dining room, kitchen. 4 bedrooms, a bathrooms, solarium, cellar a feet high, cold storage, landscaping, trees and flowers. Special clearance. 117.300. a Frachatt. 771- gfwe- MUST SELL. TEBON I BID- room bungalow In urban a 1 e. BBS Goran, 733-185. MUST BE SOLD. SISOS, S1.0OO oown. -naaroom ounsaiow, im-snadlata occupancy, Rtdeau High School location, excellent neighborhood for children. 733-7363. T48-7133. Marvin Greenberg Ltd itaaiior, aaa-iata. NEAR MONTPORT HOSPITAL. naw a-aaarnom ortcn oungaiow, ceramic bathroom, carport. n 100. with ai.000 down. Louis Tttley Ltd. -Realtor,- 5 Mont real Road. 740-eoi. OWNER TRANSFERRED. NICELY loeatea in tjow s Leas araa. - bedroom brick semi bungalow, family room, finished recreation room, naw kitchen and furnace. S35-3010. private Sale, large home. en acno irrrra, ovarioosuna canal, completely remodelled, I bedrooms. sxoeptionaUy large landscaped grounds. attOO. 334 8111 Or 134-337. , PRIVATE. ALTA VISTA. S1BJM. U rowing I am 11 y win enjoy ina S-atory. S bsdrooms. bath-rooms, larre Irving room and kitchen, attached garaga. finished basement, completely I a a d- gesped. 133-133. day: TS3-434, evenings- - iMIMTO Canada' Most Honownd Builder ANNOUNCING A , NEW 1 BEDROOM '2-STOREY DESIGN NOW ON DISPLAY UN . PARKWOOD HILLS Mmtol Is now open for Inspection . . , THE KTNGSWOOO. aa Inspiring naw 4-bedrom design with isfi sailing difference. You'll rind delightful new aspect to ssml-aatsched homes . , . with elegance evident in very outstanding feature.-MlnWa qusllty eonitructlon and e're-wmning design la new offered at a truly aean-amlcal pnoe ,,. lovely hillside setting m CdtawsS moat eoavanlent eoenmuaity. DO WN PAYMENTS FROM $895 PARKWOOD HILLS Vwtt ear SMdels on dlsplsy every evening (inalodlng Saturday) til a, Sunday IU . : V OFF FTSHER AVE. JUST . BELOW BASBLINB BO. " 728-5837 fOont, front Preoedtng column) i: u . n; v.. L a." .... I Pdmn Jburnal 1 PRIVATE SAIA S-BEDBOOM aput-level on laneacapad ifc-acre lot. Kampark garage, flraplao. iwaiwu pisyrooni, iriu atova. 317.8O0. phon as: Ida am 133-1364. SAUNDERSON DRIVE. MODERN Bungalow, finished recreation room, immediate possession. 120.-000. Down payment a00. Monthly terms. George Howttn, naaitar. nauranca, gsongagag i.r vil. - SEMI - DETACHED. U, BATH- rooms. wast and. 3,ooo 716-877. STRATHCONA AVENUE. S-ROOM noma, near ttasat, oh Mat, an-1 caiioni enrranton. aia.soo. x. A. viara,' "nealtor. ' a34-770. SOUTH EAST, HAWTHORNE Meadows. a-etory 4-bedroom house, For sals or rant. 731-3474. WHEN tSU NEED HELP IN BUY- mg or salting your noma, call baorga a. Cades. "Realtor 135-870 v . S-BEDROOM BUNGALOW, ACRE lot. bus ny aoor mu wast of atanonck. wg-aoT. 11.500 DOWN. T - BEDROOM Dries nouss. jams street, j, Prosperina. 'Realtor." 134-0751. 113.300. a-BEDROOM BRICK BUN. gaiow, recreation room, dan. many viina vmpar at aio 600. Outstanding value, mutt be seen, si.000 down. St D'Orson- nsne straat. null. 771-3671. 111.500 TOTAL PRICE, MEADOW- asno araa. rooms, unci v n 135 ft- lot. TSa-tata avanlna. SISJQO. a BEDROOM BRICK nungaiow, on craanbeit. public. separate schools, par cant mungaae- eao-9s. M.OOO. HAWTHORNS MEADOWS Bungalow, fenced lot. mot in now! Otto Clliaasn. 713-64. LYNWOOD IMMEDIATE PRIVATE SALS. LOVELY S-BED- room bung slow by Teron, large fenced lot, beautifully laad- scapea. S3S-4413. COPBLAND PABK TAYLOR BUILT SPLIT LEVEL. new condition, a bsdrooms. kitchen with many cupboards, counter top stove and wall oven, large lot. Call Mr. Anderson, evenings. 73-auo. vonauj u Charbonem Ltd, "Realtor," 133- au4. ILLCBSaT BIO II ai.ooa down will ntnr this cnarming a-i vampeau p 1 a n in Elmvsle Aeras, Kitchen with Braakfaat area, three and spacious Ilving-dl combination. 313 OOC Delany, -RsaKor.'r 731-4100. McKKLLAB BEIOslTa , NEW L1STINO EARLY POS- esaion a-nacirnom sput-ieve! with a full eeramte bathrnoms, S f frenfaaaa. attached a a r a a a. Adjoining city park. Asking price aM.SOO. Call G. C. Ed-ward. 3 56-856 1. eventngt 713- 043. suiodes Baal estate umtted. "Realtor . BIDEAU GABDENB EARL POSSESSION g-HOOM stucco item in excellent condi tion. Living room with rtreplace. Asking price 14S00. Call O. C. Edwsrds. 136-85C51 . sveningl 713- vns. atnuuva snan Limited. "Raaltar." CHOOSE YOUR ii . GAMPEAU HOME. 3 CHOICE LOCATIONS LESLIE PARK MODEL HOMES AND ,:, SALES OFFICE LOCATED OFF BASE LINB BOAD ON GREENBANK ROAS AT THE WESTERN CITY LIMITS. 13 .. .... , Queensway Terrace West ' ' v : '. ' OFF P7!ECRET ROAD. ' NORTH Of THE QUEENSWAY. SALES OFFICB AT LESLIB . PABK. PIdyfair Park , 4 BALES OFFICB LOCATED ON KILBORN AVENUE, EAST OF ALTA VISTA DRIVE. Tai-aira GAMPEAU "Your Key to ! IJYmg" 701 item Sill (Cont from Vieeadtng Column) 701 HOKB FOB SUE (Cont from Preceding Column) LOVM TITLEY LTD., BBALTOB Insnranea. Laani ITI ktdeaa. t33-Il( SANDY HILL, COBOURO STREET, aitraciive aoiio nrica trtpiex, with 3 bsdrooms, ground floor avallabla. others rented 1115 and tU. a finished rooms with paw-der room In basement and private entrance: 31.000. Terms. Claud Laeuyer. 133-8855. BASELINE BOAD. NEAR WOOD- roue, execuuve-type, 4-beoroom bungalow, cathedral ceilings, wan to wall carpets throughout, finished basement: 113,730. Terms. Roger Tltley. 333-1166. Tffoa. SHIPMAN LTD, BEALTOB 441 Kent Street 111-1311 - Open Evenings TUI t B.SV FISHER PARK DOUBLE. A S K- lng f 30.000. clean quiet area, near Civic Hospital, good income producer. excellent tenants. many extras. Call now. IIAMPTON PARK DUPLEX, a oearooma each apartment, double garaga, paved drive, recreation room area, and boat of extras, anotleaa. 1103 PAYS PRINCIPAL, INTER- cn ana taxes on tni w 1 8 n r Hslghts a-oedroom bungalow, recreatloa room, private drive, laree lot- eloae to all amanltlee. CARDINAL HEIGHTS. 3 . BED- room , nungaiow, aaking only at4.eo0, any down payment considered, eaav terms on balance. 313.8O0. SEMI-DETACHED PARK- way a-ark bungalow, private drive, low taxes, close to schools, shopping, transportation. Make aa offer. GLEBE. S-BEDROOM HOME. IM- maculat condition, ftuaco windows. dn. new plumbing, insulation, glass hot water tank, and many extrss. By appoiot- naal onlv. BEL-AIR PABK DOUBLE. 4 B ID- rooms seen sjoa. private drives. S years old, spotless, close to shopping centre and Queene-way. Immediate possession one Ida. other side leased 130 month. A real huv. THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITT.D. nasnor. - vpen evenings tut v. 133-3331. BIVEBFBONT COONTBY BOUSE Sweeping Tread Lawn Only 36 Mbvetes Frem City STATELY EARLY CANADIAN residence, charm ana spaciousness prevail from tha antranea haU to the large drawing room, panelled dining room and study. There are a bedrooms, a bath-rooms, maid's euartera, large kitchen, double garaga and boat house. Aaking anly 131.500. For further Information plaaa call Mrs Cotton. 713-4180. Mrs Teadak. 735-1300. Bad lift Realties 401. "Realtor.' 334- MANOT1CK II, NOW VACANT. MUST BE SOLD. inqulria kavusa. rinswaag r- ranaad. ' CALL NTT A CLARK AT AULT Kinney, -ataaiwr. MaaoUck. ALTA VISTA CHARMING I . BEDROOM BRICK noma, large living room witn Met feplaoa, excellent kitchen with eating area, lots of s u p-boards and 14-foot aountar spans, IK bsth rooms, professionally Isndscaped lot, beeutlt u I trees and shrubbery. , paved drive, garage. Sept. 1 poseinion. New ML. CaU Mrs. CauJfield. Kelly . Moore. -Real tors." 733-WOl. evenings 7U-8011. MINTO CanadaH Moat Honoured Blinder 12 . NEW 1965 MODELS ON DISPLAY IN FAIRFIELD Tilers b a wide aelection of homes bow available for immediate occupancy, and con struction has now started on home that will be eligible for the Winter Incentive bonus. NOW is the time to reserve your award home , . , on the lot of your choice, to FAIRFIELD, , BELLANDS ' ".and; ' LAKEVIEW diraisy m FAIRFIELD. Drtv watt aa Blehmand Road lust past th Ptaafli'sst fatal section, or take tha western Que newsy to tha DAILY SUNDAY .... 10 IS 82S-2751 Outstanding Value ; ' $14,200 ': eondmon. f a e l a e beaatltal Dundoaeld Park. Saparas Irrlng roam, dlntng roam and kits hen, bedrooms, a-nlece bath, flnlehad attls. 1esaat-at eunporeh. gang. Tlmkea all burner, low takes, U emenlties are readily avpu. able. If you do not want to lot this exceptional buy, U i , S36-0505 fcjdaj-7; , MONTREAL TRUST , COMPANY 701 ROUSES FOt SUE i Cont from Preceding Columnl THOa. BHIPMAN LTD. BEALTOB 1MB Mala Street tse-tut Open Bvealag Tilt p.aa. IMMACULATE DOUBLE BUNGALOW. Rldeeu High area, a bedrooms each side, lovely recreation room'ln one side. Ihirt your carrying charges 128.800. GLEBE TRIPLEX. FULLY EQUIP-ped, partially furnished, excellent condition. Well rented. Reduced to lli.000. 11.500 down. ALTA VISTA. l-BEDROOM HOME, beautiful landscaped lot. Immaculate. 11.000 down. PARKWOOD HILLa S . BED-room bungalow, carport, fenced lot Isndscaped. all conveniences, like new. 17.800. Only (1.000 down. COURTLAND PARK. VENDOR says reduce but sell. S large bedrooms, dining room, living room, dan, eunroom. attached arage. wonderful landscaping. 15.800. LOVELY 4 - BEDROOM BUNOA-low. profeeelonally . landscaped, all conveniences, good residential area. Siito. OTTAWA EAST. 6 - BEDBOOM home could duplex, a registered lota. AU this for 1 17.300. Easy terms. THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED. "Realtor." Open evenings till a. 136-8155. CUPBOARD GALORE COMB AND COUNT THEM. Smooth naw three - bedroom bungalow with ceramic b a t h-room, carport and space where you need It. Schools and transportation nearby too. 1.-800. Beglonal Realty Ltd.. 333-7316, evenings 731-4051. aeenrtty Baal Estate (Ottawa) Ltd. 11 Msc Larva 1 treat 113-713 s a-av-1 tun. - CRANE PRINTERS. BRICK Duplex, f loo each apartment. Immediate pose salon of -1 apart-tnenL Near furnace. Only ls too. MANORDALE. SPLIT LEVEL, a bedrooms. . Recreation room. Backs on New Experimental farm, von van lent to senonis. 16 400. 33,000 down. wfST CENTRE. DUPLEX, IN-oome 1230. 11 return on in. vaatntent at 33.400. NO OOWN PAYMENT TO BENT OR BUY l-BEDROOM esml-dstached brick, monthly . mortgage payment till raclud-lna nrinelnal. In ta rest taxaa and tnsuranee. S. O. Macy and Sons, aa vaturier asst. aar-iosa. (JP-TO-OATB DUPLEX HBRON PARK. MODERN S-BED-room apartmanui. Near new government buildings. Excellent opportunity to rent 1 apartment to offset your mortgage payments. gl.500 sown. To aa this popular revenue property, Mr. Earle. 733-1S80: Mrs. Sonken. Tai-034S. Ieeii wong company aan,, aaa-4014. LARGE 2-STOREY HOME This home contains 4 spacious bedroomt and s colored: ceramic bathroom upstair. Downatalra large entrance halt, living room with fireplace, separate dining room, separate family room sad large kitchen with its own eating area, also powder loom on mam floor. Garage and full landscaped lot (21.-500 with email down payment Located fat Ikaview 1 mils west off Highway 17. 728-1791 ! OWN A TREND HOME TODAY FOR ONLY $440 (Including legal rasa, etc.) . $75 MONTHLY Including prtnefpal, Interest Total Pries 111.790 . for 4 Bedroom, IV, Bathroom, 100 q. ft Town House landscaped front end back featuring electric bee ting pin many ether eartra at GLENWOOD PARK TREND HOMES also offer single family homes with Medallion electric heating ta WOOD-BOFFB ON TH Ol.KEN and In another sect Ian at GLEN. WOOD PABK, priced at HIM aa dawn. 110 monthly. OLENWOOD PARK, en Ayrmer Road. mile wast of th Chanv plala Bridge. 4-33l. WOODROFFB ON THE GREEN, on Woodroff Ave, m mil aeutk ef BtmUm Bd. 713-7473. 4nan Weekday 1 ta JaV Wssksaas 1 te pm. Elegance Unabridged That's the Capital Horns ides With homes designed for totally comfortable living m BELLE CREST (la A1U Vlsu) , $860 ' from CAPITAL HOMES Modets located on Jeffenon off Heron Road, salt of Alts Vista. , 733-1788 BAMPTON PABK -Bedreem 18.16 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. . Large fbrick family ' horns, spacious illvlng room snd dining room, separata breakfast nook off kitchen, ftecnatlon room; attached garege, fenced and hedged lot 0' x 110'. Reddtck nd MacDonald Ltd., -Raaltar." 736-1737 Evenings and weekends. Rita Mitchell. K-aaL or Fred Burbldge, 7 33-6 Jul. TBO. BU1PMAN LTD., BEALTOB 411 Bldea Street 34-t44( Open Eveaiagi Uatll , ARE YOU TIRED OF CITY LIV. Ing? See this beautiful three bedroom brick and angeia tone bungelow In Orleans. Priced right et 114.B00. . FOR JUST 41.000 DOWN YOU can own a new split-level Just SO minutes drive south from downtown. Lots of extraa, un ONLY 500 DOWN FOR VERY Clean tnree bedroom Bungalow on a large lot Just east at1 town at uriesns. sio soo run nrica ATTRACTIVE AND VERY WELL maintained duolex ht good resi dential area, double garaga and double paved drive. Aaking 35.- 300 ROOMY TWO-BEDROOM BUNG A' low. Overbrook, offers possibility of two additional bedrooms upstairs Garaga and large let. Asking 111 eoo, TRIM TOO -BEDROOM WHITS stucco bungalow, one block from transportation. Ideal for b u a I-ncaa couple or small family, Onlv (1S.800. FIVsf BEDROOMS. QUIET street. Ottawa East, low taxes, furniture available If required.- Onlv THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED "Realtor. Open evenings till 8. 136-8644 BOOM BOOM ROOM) 4 Bedreoaii, m Baths McKeilar Park KINO SIZE COMFORT IB YOURS. In this spacious home with its . antra large living room, a roc- -reatlon room that you wont be- lleve until you see R. beautiful . double lot, mature trees and shrub, fenced rear yard, double garaga. Priced way below coat at 2.S00. MLS. Reddtck and MacDonald Ltd., -Realtor.- 73-1717. Evenings, Lea) Wat hen. S3 3-7117; Mrs. Mitchell. 3-331. BLMVALB ACRE CAMPEAU B-S. S BEDROOM brick bungalow, fireplace, paved , drive, basement ptayroom. S17 300. Minimum down payment. , 3.0O0. 733-3661. RADCLIFF REALTIES LTD. REALTOR 236-9401 VSI OVB BOMt FIfiDSR'8 SiRVlCt Bivtrvtow fork , Cloie to shopping centra And baaad a smeJl park, an quiet street. A S-bedroom nungsaow. mucn mora pact at first glance. Goad location near BCMP headquarters, or the Trl-Servto Hospital. Just 13.800. th awner must sell, looking far n offers. No. 13. Mr. J. Bharkey. 74a-ated evenlnm AfciTeUar fVelpiti Beautifully located On e quiet street of lovely nomas, yet eloa to convenient Carllng Ave. A lovely bungalow: Wide bey window and marble flraplao tn th Irrlng room, separate dining- room, den-guest room, a large had rooms, S-car garage. The garden fa large and quite lovely. ISjee. Mr. J. Sbarxer. fV S4S vaninga. (No. 1817). JttpervtgBi alB you could aiM fori A Cempeaa built tbedroom brick bungalow en a choice lot, facing NOC parkway, on a quiet cTosocnl with no through traffic: Just perfect for email children. Secluded hedged garden, patio. Weeping willow shaded the front door, attached garage, big kitchen, fireplace, roe room Is hug with built-in bar and frig. .-SOO. No. 1833 Mr. ..Sharkey. 78-348 evenings. Wtttgait ' Seting Doubl Wont spell trouble, tf that a tha Investment yon ottoooss. Campeav built brick -bed-room doubl In aovety leca-, tlon, backing an to the Ex, peri mental Farm. Nicety landscaped, m very fine condition, both sides sr rented, but vacant nssmion can be errs need to eult. May be purchased eeparatety if desired: 1390 each. No. lTSe-Sl. Mr. J. Sharkey. 748-S4P6 evenings. McKeilar Pare Tok'B have noMifta to do Bat mov nt end enjoy ut. A awry well kept a-bedroom 1 -storey family horn, eloae tn tha berk. A beautiful garden, fenced end hedged for pliancy, firepleee and bookahelvea tn the living room, dining room everiooks the garden, attached gars. Cloae te finest schoots. No. 1S. Mrs. Cotton, 733-Sia evenings. Centre Town Older, tubttantial tamttg horn S bedroom, Stt-etorey brick, en wide tree lined street close te tha Drrreway. Completely renovated nd dacorot. ed, Its In tip-ton stum. Flraplao m th living room, ga Earlv sos. aasHxa, low down payment, willing to llaten to any ran. sonable offer No. 146. Mrs. Edmonds on, 73-60l evenings. Mooneye Bag School but at the door Pick tm your children and depaalai them safely at th chool. Beautiful gerdrn eur rounding for your lovely So you CAN have tt both weysl Coun-,. try living and city convenience, j s Bedrooms, den, a full bathrooms, fireplaee In th living ana en svaneusa re. Exclusive eree of ex pensive homes. 136.000. Nd." tan.' Mrs. AUaVUta , Yosts mlMtnf bet . If you dent mslr aa appornt-rnent 't as through that unique custom built home m a prise location. Bnormou lot, enormous house, small arfvete patio area, and a minimum of garden melntenence . . . H s very cleverly planned. Lrvtng room, sepamte dining room, family room, re, room. 4 bedrooms. S bstlrrooms , , . open to offers and anxious ta sell. No. 141. Mr McKanna, f3S-aB4 eva- tosa Lake Victnltjr . ITS rgoKy tupero. - The wDThmsnehtn, th rns Wrials. and th lovely eondi- Hon 111 tail On a baaottfuj tree haded lot In chela location of stately homes. The gerden l a quiet retreat, with tha moet delightful water garden.' fountains, lovely flower beds under tan tree. Bpadoua llv- ' Ing area. Just meant for anterv lalnlng, large bedrooms'. t wonderful family horn, m the -getter nomas ran. NO, isse. Mm. E. Cotton, Tad-Mao1 ovanlisft, . v. Whether youY bttcmt; or ggiHnff, Badcttff fori re-kit. We have hornet for everg budget, o coU ss sny i t .. , i ,:, . at k . i. i'V A.! lai r'i-!k.- a v,a, a a e , a K sV s a a.a a .a a. as, a a . A A aV.aa-a.4i. A a. A 4t, A A A, A A A .' A at A M TIa- jk 236-9401 1 f i

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