The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1918
Page 7
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TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 1918., .-THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE "SEVER; Deserter Written by a Prussian Officer^ Who Participated in the Ravag^ 'jng and Pillaging of.Belgiorn In the meantime we received re-en- forcements. Our company was now pretty well scattered and fought with whatever uni; was nearby. The hody I Joined had to the rlliaKe to search systematically for scattered ·oldlers. From this Tillage we saw that the Germans had gained, on all ·ides. Field artillery, machine gun detachments and other equipment arrived and we were all astonished at their coming so quickly. ..' But there was no time to be spent In speculation. With fixed bayonets ·we went from house to house, door to . door, and .while the results were negll- '.', *ible becanse we found no soldiers we ". did not come out quite empty-handed. We .made the inhabitants deliver all : (uns and munitions and so forth In their possession^ The mayor, accompanying the soldiers, explained to , every citizen that all found with arms ..after the search .would be punished according to the rules of war and 'German rules of war ia Belgium ; ; aeant execution. ' .·· An hour might have passed when ; w» were again aroused or the sound ; »r artinsry and gunfire. A new battle " *«d begun. Whether the artillery was ftusy on both sides could not be judged from our Tillage. The bombardment wa» tremendous. The ground shoolc . from the growUny and mo:inlng that rolled backward and forward, always teeming to become stronger. The ambulance columns now brought In the first wounded. Couriers sped by us. War had set in Id all Its phases. Darkness came over us before we had finished onr honse-to-hoiise search, We draggwl all the mattresses, straw sacks and feather beds that we conld lay our hands on. to the community Echool and church to care for the ·wounded. CChey were mada as comfortable as possible. From other sur- A W . . . U U . I . «*I JL*V.^»U1C. A - 1 V U 4 U L U C A O U I - ] .. . rounding villages now came the first f. my helmet was forced down over my ears. The pain was fearful and I fainted. When I revived, I was lying In a barn, with my heed bandaged, among other wounded men. My wound was not severe. I only had a feeling ai If my head wan twice Its normal riae. The other wounded soldien and the ambulance men said the Belgians had been forced back within the forta and that bard fightinc was BttU In progress. Wounded men were brought In continuously 'and they told us that the Germans had already itormed several forts and had taken a number of main and auxiliary defenses, bnt could not hold them because they had not been sufficiently supported by artillery. The defenses Inside the forts and their garrisons wtre still Intact. Tho situation was not ripe for a storming attack, so the Germans had to retire with enormous losses. The reports we received were contradictory. It was impossible to get a clear picture. In the meantime the artillery bombardment had become so Intense that it horrified even the German soldiers. The heaviest artillery was brought into action against lie steel and concrete defenses. No soldier so far knew anything of the existence of the 42-centimeter mortars. Long after Liege was in German hands these soldiers could not understand how It was possible that the defenses, which consisted of doable six-meter walls of steel and concrete, were reduced after only a few hours' bombardment I myself conld not take part in these operations, being wounded, but my comrades told me later how the cap- ture'of the several forts catne about. Artillery of all caliber was trained on the forts, but It was the 21-centimeter mortars and the 42s which, performed "IT SAVED MY LIFj^_SHE SAYS Httsbnrg TVomiHi Sow Attributes Hor KecoYery to 3U»ter Xeolclnc. · "This Tanl«c hiu relieved me o( I that dreadful c»UrrV' · said Mrs. Flo- reaoo Bennett, residing'at 428 AtVood street, Ptttsborg, Pa., recently, "and I now (eel like an entirely new woman. "I had c»t*rrh ot tbo stomach and head. My head was 'all stopped 'up, feeling lull and «ore mo«t of the time. I am certain that I swallowed the accumulations in my throat when I slept at night, aa I never had any appetite for breakfast. . "I wa* in » terribly debilitated condition, too. It doemod that I had almost no blood circulation. I suffered intensely' from headaches" and my sleep never was sound and restlul. I was nervous and languid and lacked energy. "My head became clearer and I noticed that ray catarrh was fast disappearing. My appetite became so ravenous that It w»« difficult to sntlfr- j fy it I began sleeping peacefully and my sleep Is now restlul and beneficial. I have gained strength and weight rapidly. My headaches have gone, and i the circulation of my .blood is now normal." Tanlac is now sold here by the Con- nellsvllle Drug Co. Tanlac can also be secured in Dunbar at O. C. Basra's Drug Store.--Adv. sands of Belgian! lay behind the walls and under the fortifications, dead and buried. A .general itorming attack followed. Lieye waa ID the hands of the Germans, who had paid, .in dead alone In this battle, 28,000 men. fugitives. They may have been marcli- Sng; for they looked tired and utterly eilinustedl . "Women, old mec find cbiJdren were huddled, together In one m:iss. They had saved nothing except their bare lives. In baby bcsgles or on wheel- ·barrows these Tjnfortmoatrs carried From.a distance the 42-centimeter projectiles were heard to arrive, to.the accompaniment of a fearful hissing that sounded like a long drawnront screech which filled the whole atmosphere. Wherever it' fell, everything wns destroyed within a radius of several hundred meters. The air wjwn-ver the rede force of war had I P rcssuri -' rhl * tto bursting ot the pro- left them. In contrast to the fcsitives, ! JocUle Produced was so terrible that it -whom »- e had met before, ihcsc were i ma(5e °«»thing ilimcult for those of cnremeiy frightened, appearing to he ; B ? who w ? re h °W iI S *« advanced po- In mortal terror of their enemy. When-: S1 " ons ever they looked upon one of us Ger- ! To make "" B w "TM^ holiday corn- man soldiers they cringed in terror., P let the 2ePP^ 1!a ' api""-"··'. -inrl-- - · * i the night to participate In the work of How different these wen- from" fife inhabitants of the village where we ! 1 ««'«I"- The .oldlers suddenly hart first stopped, who uml met us. In j h f '" ab ° ve their heads the whirling n friendly, even polite manner. We ! o£ rTMP«ier* end tin noise ot the mo- tried to iearn tie cause of this fright j and discovered that the fuKitives had witnessed in their village bitter street fighting. They had become acquainted i with war--had seen their houses i burning, had seen their little property · destroyed nnd could not forget tie! . eifrht of their streets filled with corpses i and wounded. i It dawned upon us that cot merely i fear save these people the appearance \ of hunted animals; tliore was aJso I hatred toward the invaders who had , fallen upon them and driven them' from their homes by night.. i ·Si the evening we ' dcrarted «nfi ! tried to reach our own regiment. The | . Belgians had concentrated somawhere ;. . to the rear under cover of dartCM**. j "We were quite nenr the neighborhood j of the fortified city of Liege.- Marty: settlements through" which we. passed.' · stc.od in flames; the inhabitants driven i . out. passd us in droves. ,Women, t children-and.'Old men were buffetecj-l Kbout and seemed to be everywhere in i the wny. Without aims or plans, witn-· out a place on which to lay their heads i these, poor people dragged themselves 1 by. · · ·/ · , j Again we reached a Tillage, which! to all appearances had been inhabited | by contented people- -Now indeed!, · nothing bnt ruins could be seen. Wrecked honses and forms,.de«d soldiers, German and Belgian/ arid amoeg 1 them-- many- ·civilians, who .had been · shot by railitary. order. ..,;.'·· '-- · - . . : " . Toward midnight we reached the German lines. The Germans had tried to take a village whicn lay wtth- to the fortified belt of Uege and was defended tenaciously by the Belgians. Here all forces had to be used in order to drive the enemy out, house by house and street by street. It .was not. very dark yet, so that -w* had to witness with nil of our senses the terrible fights which developed here, man-io-raan fight tors. The Zeppelins came nearer. They were'not discovered by the enemy until they were clone to tile forts, which immediately played' all the CHAPTER II. I want to Alx-la-Chappelle to a hov- pltal. 1 met many more wounded men who had fought In Belgium. All were of the opinion that the Belgian dead numbered as many civilians as sol- dlera. Even If tb« German soldiers who fought In Belgium do not admit the cruelties committed against the Belgians, It cannot be denied that t least 80 per cent of the cruelties known to tlie world to have been committed ,ln Belgium were only too true. "A young soldier who lay next to me In the hospital told me that Us company, during a street fight in Liege, was Riven orden to kill everybody without discrimination. Systematically^ one boose after another was set on fire. The inhabitants either fell in the flames or became the victims In the streets to .the gun barrels of the German kultur-bearers. At. the time 1 doubted the words of my neighbor, even .though I bad seen what Gorman warfare meant Alter a few days I was released from the hospital and again restored to my detachment. Partly by auto, partly by foot, I reached my detachment by ten o'clock in tbe evening. Our transport moved this time oveV Trier to Luxemburg. The little grnnd dnchy of Luxemburg was overrun, entirely by Ger- nmn soldiers. The Germans who had mode their homes In Luxemburg had everything taken away from them, especially the farmers, all food, wlthont Uior-ht of payment, so that in Luxemburg at this time there wa* a shortage of food. The' people here as well as In Belgium were very friendly, yet they harbored a terrible bitterness Against the Qerman government, which had loosed Its troops like a bnnd of robbers and murderers ov»r their peaceful country. Belgium and Luxemburg, the two I first onlwppy victims of the damnable ; German politics and lt drunkenness j with power 1 That the Luxemburg drlzena detested Germany an Incident showed me which happened In the village of Mnr- nioth. We were In a friendly conversation with a Luxambnrg farmer. Two officers approached ind listened. One officer, a captain, aakcd the Luxein- burger. "What do yon. think of the war, and of the qulekneu of Germany? There 1* only one Germany, Isn't there?" . . . "YeM," replied the former. "Thank the Lord." For those four words the farmer was arrested at once and transported to .Germany a* a court, prltbner. I could never learn what became of littn. TO BE CONTINWED. ~ Prayed the 'Searchlight MI TtMm. searchlights at their disposal on them, hunting tb* Armimeot far rh« flrlng foe. Tk« whirling of tbe ptwpetlers of the airsiilps stopped suddenly. Instead, high "in the «lr a brilliant lifht appeared, the searchlight o{ the Zef- peiin, ...which, for · moment. itlmiuC'' ed the entir* itnittxpt, , Su4rteoly all taeeune darit «g«l», A It was a! few momenta lutef poareri?ul ieteea.- With tire -buttsof I tlon« itvnltd tU« fact thu.t the Z«p- our guns, knives, flsts, teeth we went! peiin had thrown oft "ballnst." Th«t against the eoen]y^~--. | went on a long while. Explosion iol- One of my best ftlends fought wtta! 'o^ed explosion. These were foUowed * giant Belgian. The^gnns of both had j b *' clouds of flre. In the air, exploding fallen to the'ground. · They hammered I tVP" 6 ' which the Belgian artillery one another with flsts I had just ; Bred at the airships eouid be observed. closed aa account with « twenty-two-' Tnu whlrUng of the propellers started year-old Belgian and was going to as-j U P a B a!n ' directly abwe Ar heads. It «dst my friend becanse his antagonist; beran » H* et » r and quieter, until the ·was of superior strength. My friend succeeded suddenly in biting the Belgian on the chin so deeply that he tore I a piece ot flesh out with his teeth. The ! Belgian's pain must have been tcrri-j ble. He reieased my comrade and ran away with an insane cry of pain. Everything developed by seconds. Tlie blood of the Belgian raa oat of my Tiend's mouth; a terrible nausea and jlcscribable loathing seized him. Tbe '.«»te of warm human blood brout--t him alaoat ts tiw -vera» of-ia- j ·dry. la Hoi corns* .of this night j battle I came Ja ttmtact for tee first! tiine with the btttt of a Belgian goa. j .During a aand-to-hana nj:ht wUk a a aecoDd enemy soldier :i«*iS«« ; po\verful ships of-the air'disappeared j from ear vidutty. , .. Thus the forts w«« leveled. Tsoa- TitU and tyusi Compan ^ 'cf\ THE BOMBARDMENT OF GUNS reminds u» all that we must quicken eitr paas and send our dollars te the front. Now ia the time to subscribe to Third Liberty Bonds which, pay i 1^4% interest. REMEMBER is imiaediate, irpgeat need fer every fO\4 can possibly spare for Third j P°B4s- The- Goreiament .does, pot ,as}£ ym te'gife the money--but lend it at 4 1-4 pet cent interest. Buy your Bonds teday. UNION NATIONAL BANK What Makes This Possible? Why is it that American formers today are able to go about their work in peace, to cultivate and develop their farms and to get the foil results of their work in freedom and / Why is it that unlike the devastated districts of Europe, their farms are peaceful and prosperous and no one interferes with their reaping the full reward of their labors ? Just one thing--the United States Government. The United States Government is simply another way of speaking of tbe people of America, because, of course, the people are the government. As a. part of the United State* Government you have a share to perform in protecting this country from the enemy and your share t» lending money by buying LIBERTY BONDS. Renember that LIBERTY BONDS are absolutely safe, pay a liberal rate of interest and return you invest. BUY LIBERTY BONDS AND BUY THEM FREELY FROM ANY BANK LIBERTY has been contributed by Coniiellsville Garage Co as a patriotic contribution towards winning the war SUIT NEW BUT HOLE IN SHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes SpoiJ Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Save the Teeth and Prevent Diseases /'AH "dressed np frith a. bole* In'ltlf tho«,'^/ TVaa a bit of Borcsura a fIrl lumr at a young rafta trlond wboa* sn- tiroj|outflt ·wnc new azc«pt hli pane* ft.--.- * _ . . _ - _ ^.^ - , no u«h, too.\ L or wocuui ·poll tht appoa irmenta «v*r F. T. EVANS EE ESTATE. BOTH PHONES. Boll Phone 150. 218 ". Gth St. TRANSFER General, Light and Heavy Haul- Ing. 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