The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBK jSVUiLHJ, PA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, llflffTED SlfATES, IN mm PLACE BUILDING SHIPS Great Britain, Germany, Holland* Japan Ahead of Her In 1»39. BRITAIN HAS HALF QF TOTAL * By United Press, JjOfNCDON, Wcib. 5.--America took flfth place amvung the natdona building ooramarelal 8hi}siii 3039, according t/o jMoyda' annual summary, made public today. Out ot 2,798,ilO tons of shipping built last year, Great Britain ami Ira- laiMi constructed inoro than bait the 'total, or I,522,(i23 toua. Oorniany, building 240,077, Holland with. 186,517, awl Japan with 164,451 tons in new vessels, all led the United States la the year's shipyard activities, Amorlcan yards turned out a total ot 1^6,083 toim, One .tome 1, 1929, L.loyds estimates thro were 62,;96,0()0 tons in steamers and motor vessels afloat, us against 43,514,000 tons in 1914. THAT GOOD OJLF GASOLINE IS NOW RUDE STILL BETTER The' Gulf Refining Company is announcing a now gasoline, 'VOO degrees V End Point, anti-knock quality, at no extra eosi. One of the local officials of this company explains the end point of Baseline in a very simple and convincing manner. He says: "Ordinary gasolines have an end point of 437 degrees F, and such gasolines do not vaporize quickly onough to allow perfect and complete combmtlon, consequently there aro some wet ends or raw gasoline left in tlSe combustion chamber which must find a, way out. "This raw gasoline passes down the cylinder walls taking with U more or of the film troiu the sides of cylinders and pistons. Dropping into tlio crank case, it dilutes or thins down the lubricating oils which reduce§ its lubricating value. "At 400 degrees end point Gulf gasoline vaporUes to the last drop. This cuts down choking and 'gives quicker starting. "Every motorist · knows the value of aati-knock gasoline. Stopping the knocks on hills and in traffic does away w th retarded spark. The motor functions with gt eater efficiency, generates maximum power and gives added mileage." He further says tha-t there Is but one bettor gasoline on the market, Gulf No-Nox motor fuel, aviation grade. STATE COLLEGE GRADS TO BANQUET THURSDAY NIGHT AT WASHINGTON Iir. Kalph D. Hetzol, president of State College, wIH bo tho principal speaker Thursday night at S o'clock at a reunion of tho Penn SUte College alumnus at the Washington, Pa., Chamber ot Commerce BuiWiiig, Alumnus from Greene, Fayette and Washington counties will bo lu attendance at tho banquet which will mark the reunion. A largo nurivberr irotn the imrnetfiato ConnoHsville dis- irict arc likely to attond. Dry Pledge Next ^ A government manned and officered by teetotalers is the object of a bill introduced in' congress by Representative V. S. Stone of Oklahoma, which prescribes a dry yledgo for all foils on Uncle Sari's pay "olL 50 INCHES OF SNOW IN INDIA; BLIZZARDS CLAIM MANY LIVES By Unit jd Press, · KARACHI, In/11 a, Fob, 5.--With 50 inches of snow in Splnagar, capital of Kashmir, reports reaching here today said that many lives have beon. lost In recent blieat Is throughout the country, Several vlllapee are completely Isolated and th« inhabitants are in great distress. In some parts ot the country drUta 15 feet deep are reported. Champion Confluence CONFLUENCE, Feb. S.-- B. R. Beggs is reported very ill. Jftcol' Keim of Addison was a recent visitor iu town. Mrs, G. P Hensel ol Conuellsvillc was in 1own yesterday visiting her mother, Mre. John Alexander. Ticltott can bo secured at George J'Vazec's jewelry storo for the operetta, "Tiio Windmill* ot Holland," to be presented by the pupils of the high school, 1'ebruary 14. N. B. Morrison and Bede Andcreon of Bid well were recent visitors in town, M. II. Dean, and Hay Montague ol Addison were business visitors in town yestrcday. William Wlllfe ot Uraina and Mrs. J, C. Sllbaugh oi* Draketowu were here yesterday on their way to Connell»- villo. 1 hey were called there by the death oi their relative, Guine Danlole. Preston Show has returned from a visit wlih friends at Rock wood. CHAMPION, Fob. 5--Rev. and Mrs. H. C. Goaso ai d daughter of Indian Head wore calling lit the home of Rev. and Mrs. J. 0. ilenra Monday afternoon. Carl Htinter, son or Mr. ami Mrs, Harry Hunter, shows Improvement from o. very bad case tt diphtheria, Miss Ethel H *5tetlpr, a student in the Pittoburg Btgrh .School, spent the week-end with iier .parents, Mr. and Mre. Ralph Hos'etler of Champion. Mists Mlla Ma Barkley, a teacher in the Melcroft schools, is attending school. Her eig er, Miss Sa.,le Barkley, who recently wi s graduated from California Teachert' College, has taken up her work. Mra. J. P. B irklcy callfM at th« home of Mre. J C. lieahtn oii Monday. Mrs. A. E Dumbauld and son, Urban of COJUK llsirille were here \M(- ing the £orinei 'e Hister, Mrc*. V. G. Tenvllllgar. L.eo Geary ; Ml Kenneth Hosteller of JoncH Mills vere here Sunday visit- Ing'thir frient's, Reed ami Glenn Geary. Mr. and Mrr James Barkley and daughter, J u n . woie week-end gnoste of Mr, and M s. Darklcy'e parents, The County '/no Malo Quarto', composed of J. f/-acar Liohr, Prank 11 Geary, Otis I! Saylor and J. Charles, Beahm, will Kld practice Thwroday evening. Mrs, Harmo-i of Ohio arrived at the home of her brother, Harry Hunter laat Sunday evening. She ivlll ispond u few daye here The True T luf (Macs and thft Band of Honor Ola e of the Church of the Brethren will hold a joint mopting- on ' Friday evenii g aL the homo of M{f*«' Stella Kalp, a member of the True Blues. Ixirralne an 1 Engonia Kuhns, danjjh- trea of Mr. ai d Mra. Iavan Kuhns, are on the sick 1 at, but am improving. Mre. Georpe Craig of Indian Ilend vsited Air. at 1 Mrs. J. 1'. BarkU^y oil Sunday. Mr. and Mm. J. Howard Barkley and daughters, I ')Ui«c and U u t h Ann, of DelmorU w e x e here vinjting Mr. and Mis. Barlvlo 1 'a p,irent e cr. Saturday. Mr. Barkley ind a group of men from Debnont wei e fox hunting, but were unable to r.'ilsft sly reynard. Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Kalp, Mr. and j Mre. Earl Siaasinun and children and Mr. and Mi Harry Miller and son, i accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J. Oucar 1 Lohr flpont -Jaturday at Somersot. j Pettmg Party Pulrol. Tcnn., Feb. -1 -- Civic clubs here S.avo asked police to form u "petting pii^y patrol'' to atop "billing and cooing" in the city parks. They compl lined it is "unsightly," Delight the children a w a y at school with ^voice visits" by telephone. T W ¥ W JC* JU KA Children's Wash Dresses 97c I' n a«l color prints made in pretty now spring styles. Sixes from 7 fco .14 yean*. Regular $3.25 and $1.39 values. Suburban Day only 97c. New Spring Prints and Percales 17c Long wearing prints and pe-reales, full 36 inches wide, in a varied selection of ne-w, fast- color patterns. Ladies' and Misses' Cooiie Coats 79c Vivid colors, fan tastic 'designs mark these coolie coats. Made of cretonnes and cotton erepes Values to $1,69. Suburban Day only 79c.i Rayon Crepe de Chine · Lingerie Here's an exceptional offering. These are garments ( that were sold '.'or as much as $1.69. Cnemiee, step-ins, bloomers, panties. Tp. pastel shades. I Onr Bta nding" Guarantee--Satisfaction or Your iRpmey Back. Ladies' Spring House Dresses S1.OO Housfj frocks that combine beauty with utility. Made of fast color prints and other wanted materials ... in new spring styles. Sizes 36 to B Pure While China Cotton $1.OO Choose china cotton, making comforts at home. Weighs two pounds. Opens out like a wool bat. Size 72x9a inches. 22x44 Inch TURKISH TOWELS 290 4Fdr$1.00 White w i t li colored borders. A regular 35c value. fast Apron Gingharr s, colors. Special Thursday, yard .... Long Cloth, splendid value, 36 inches v ide; 15c value-j Special T Liursday, 10 yard dj -j -| (\ bo It tP JL., JL */ Comfort Cotton, 2-lb., splendid quality. Special Thursday, batt Fancy Feather Art Tick --32 inches wide. 50c value, special Thursday 39c White Outing, full 36 inches wide; 25c value--· Special Thursday only 16c 81 i n c h unti leached sheeting, 50c value, spe- cia.\ Thursday, yard 81x90 Inch EMPIRE SHEETS $1 .OO || (Mohawk Seconds) i; Buy these soft finished i mttelin sheets at a saving! i; ro+f f+f ··** Pelt Base Mats, 24x36 inches. These arc remnants oE better grade yard floods. Special Thursday only.. Felt Base Rugs, beautiful pattern designs, 27x54 inches. Special Thursday only. {·'eh Base Rugs. :;Sx(j;j inches pretty patterns and polors. Extra v Thursday only 72::80 Cotton Blankets 1,98 Double cotton bis ukets in gray, tan and white Choice of pink and blue borderB, $2,!i5 val se. Thursday only $1.98. Ladies' SILK HOSE 1 .do 2 pairs Heavy service weight silk hose with tops of fine mercerized lisle. 11 leading shades. Sizes 8% to 10. $1.CO value. Derby Velvet Hugs, 27x 54 laches. Beautiful selection. of patterns. $2.95 value __ White Table Damask, 58 inches wide, with col- orexi bonders. · 69c value. Special x Thursday ---- 55c 89c 24x36 inch Rug Rugs with fringe, $Qf» special . , . . -*/V- 27x54 inch HU and Ml* Hag ttUKS wuli fringe Thursday Oval braided all yarn Rugs, special Thursday onl White onam^t Combint't -- Vt-j-y special! $1,00 BW only .. .- . Special Rubber Stair Treads with brass Large I'^cR Basn Jlugs. Ecct. Beautil'ui colors and dpsjgns. Specisil-- Thursday only ... ,, .. . $2.79 36 inch Unbleached 1 lUS- lln, good iMvy iSc value, 10 yards fc-r A l l Linen. Oubl^a h«l Toweling. Miimtrn P.tUifnf, »S M\ B l i P c l d l yard ......... __ B*-s( aruri" 0"w.\ Ji ions, in whtsa. blnt», yellow, nal- mon, piafe HIJ lurtiO.i w de-- ,Stoclut blun, TO-UI K«M and C ' * " Ktapirp I'UJc-w Cw t»« - - Js30 loch 'ii«4s JSc v Jtlft - for $1 Tat«t ITnlon S ' K n l » in in iff m m v. e£fr u. H. N I.. S A L. H!vi«. Plain w h i t e noil «, r r?/ HiA 2 to 13 ywirs Spociai ,, __________ .'.itk aurf Woo! 11 ltd Hlconiors (;hIldn«n'H tiic Sill ami Wool Wooiw-r an«1 " o«ts -- Vf"itH m o t u b u l a r tril Bty!«. Si7.o ? to 13 ycare. Alexander Smith Sons Axminister RUGS $2.45 ar'e new arrivals. 27x54 inches in size. Yoall like the beautiful patterns as well as the tmusnaJ quality. _ _ Carpet and Velvet FOOT RESTS 97c These fool rests, or hassocks, may be hal In a mimber of odd shapes and color combinations, $tJ9 and $1.39 value*. Chenille BATH MATS $1.19 24x3(J inclios. Beautiful pat- on backgrounds of rose, blue, gold and orchid. Suburban Day only. 36 Inch WINDOW SHADES 44c Replace those old discolored, grease- stained window shades now. Here Is an exceptional valu«. 36 inches wide. Children's Tinker TPefgrht Tints , winter weight iu grey, white, ecru and Wack. All sizes. Regular 4c to 55? values, spcciul Wool Vests and Pants One lot ot htldren'iB Lackawanna woil vests and pcwts, specla « PRICE Ladies* Jflk Kayon Underwear A toU line of ladies' silk rayon underwear. Included arc Combine tioB-s, Step-ins, Vests and Bloomers. Tailored and laco trjmmed otylee. R«sn.lar 51.00 Special Ladles* Rayon Hose. Ladles' TCayon Hose in fi*jna,ro ant pointed hM?l srtyJ«s. In ligftt and dark shades. Ttriraday d»-| onlj 1 --3 pairs for - - _ 4 V-*- nibbed Hos« OtM lot It dies' ribbed hoao --ribbed to tdb style. Regular 50e Viv'ucs, Special for Th u raday-- fi» -t 3 pair lor ?-*- Children's Hose and Socks, ChildrenV morcerized lisle hoso in ri ibcd style. Also full lino of fancy plaid hose and socks in attractive color combinatfo is. Special, *1 pair for Rnffled. Curtains with valance to match overstitch edge, in orchid, rose and gold. 75c pair, Special Thursday, 2 pairs .$1 Plaiu colors, underwear Windsor Crepes; 29c value --Special Thursday 36 inch plaiii colored sateens, splendid quality at 2c, Special Thursday Panel Uace with 3 inch Fringe _. Curtains $1 C'oco Door Mats, 20x27 inches. Kxtra special, Thursday Q{\ ~ only OVC ?$G inch, plain colored Broadcloth in g r e e n, poach, white rose, blue, tan and pink, 35c value, special Thursday oys' Longies Golf Pants .49 Fot- boys* froir 8 to 18. Lo $1.95 -values. Regular $1.79 Men's Part-Wool Jersey Coats In blue and brown heatliei' mixtures. Sizes 36 1o 46, Regular $ L.39 values. Fancy rayon Marqtrt- sette, 36 inches wide, for curtains, 35c value -Special Thursday ,, New figured Flaxons and Voiles, 35c value, special Thursday, yard ,,.,, Mew Voile valencing with colored trimming 1 -- ."19c value, Special ,,,,__. Table Covers with colored border and plain white with hemstitched--· ,$1.25 value, Special Thursday Underwear Dimity in colors^ 25c value, special Plain and fancy broadcloths in collar attached and neckband styles. Sizes 14 to 17. Regular $1,00 values. Men's w ol Shirts in khi ki and grey, collar at'tac led. Extra special Thursday $1.49 Mfii'$ hetiv T3)ue Chambray Work Shirts, collar attached. $1)0 r values, apeci il .. Boys' Cricket Sweaters, slipover styles, sizes 30 to 3(5. $3.50 values Good selection Men's Ribbed Union Suits, medium winter weight, fn ecru and grey. 'V real value at $1.00 -Special Thursday Men's Work Pants, good heavy cottonade pants -$1.69 values, t?-| -f Q special Thursoa ^ JL · A */ Serving Trays--Regular $1.00 value. J n mahogany and metal frames. Assorted color decora- '"70/r* (.ion, Thursday e «/C/ $1.50 Overalls* Jackets 99c Full cut overalls and jackets of heavy white- ; back blue denim. Iron Bridge IRON BRI1JGE, Pub. 5.- Miss Liea- trico Millar and sister, Irene and brothers, Hobei'l and Glenn, Jr., spent Sunday \vith their undo and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Motz of Mount Pleasant ond gratulmothet, Mrti. Iva Holda- worth of I'ktwant Hill Mr. and Mrs, Henry Riienour and young daughter, Ooraltline, ,of Paradise wore calloiM lioro on Mrs. ·William Bung PlGonanl viailoi 1 on nooi:. Mr. and Mrs Daui- public and Mia. John Bridge were at Tiai lending the f u n e r a l Charles Sec'erd of \vofi Here c'dlling on Mrs. Burl jundo-y. rcl was i Mount Saturday aftor- 1 Colwell of He- H. Pritls of Iron ^er Saturday at- ;£ Will G. Keck. Mount Pleafiant friends Saturday and young son, Billy, vihliccl 1he family of Mrs. Bau- luan's a u n t , Mr. Frank Dllllnger of Mount Pleasant on Thursday. Mrs, VV, T, Bateeon returned home; Friday morning from Buffalo, N. Y., \vliere oho was called by the illness o£ her brothel, Robert Blair. Mr. Bate- eon spent teveial days at the homo of her brother, Mrs. Mary Tamoriey was in Mount Pleasant Sftturaay visiting at the home of her son, Albert Tamoaak. Mr. and Mrs. Chailes Forest and daughict, lmog( ue, of Scottdale were bore Saturday v ith Mre. ForowtS parents, Mr. inl Mjt. Ell H. Crosby, Sr. Harry Klioine usatetcd by Rev. C, S, Richardson ol! Mount Pleasant, held religious ^nrvicet in the local school ivouso Sunday i ffernoon. * Classiiiod AdverUsemcnts Whan pliaceii 1 i th© columns ol Oouirfler briag i-esults. Try bbetn. Advertising Beats Low Prices. WINDSOR, N C., Feb. 4~Worriod over the ealo of his peanut crop with tho- price averaging- Owe cents, Marshall Bason, Bertie county termer, advertised in the classified columns of newspapers offering to Bell pean ita by parcel poBt at the mle of .$1.19 for a 10-pound sack. Orders caiue U fast and bis crop was nearly sold ft las*

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