Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 13, 1972 · Page 76
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 76

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1972
Page 76
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Page 76 article text (OCR)

August 17 MORNING 6:30 Q Bible Answers (0 On Farm Q Town Crier |0 Religion 6:45 O Corn Cob 7 : OP O O CD ID 10 Today 0 Q News 03 Bullwinkle Q Religion 7:30 O Sleepy Jeffers (0 Underdog £J Farm E:00 Q Q O Kangaroo (0 Zoo Revue 8:30 (0 Jack LaLanne 9:00 Q Bess Myerson O Q Q Romper Rm. 03 Daniel Boone (0 Jack LaLanne QjJ Phil Donahue Peyton Place Films 9:30 O Consequences Q Coffee Break (0 Flintstones Q Artie Levin Q My Sons (0 One Life ;0:00 Q O IE) ID IB Dulah Lucy Dick Van Dyke Q America Sings 10:30 0 Q GD f Qj) Concentration Q O Hillbillies |0 Split Second Q Ladies 11:00 00030903 Sale Q d Family Affair |0 Love Q Friends, Neighbors 11:30 QO 03 Q3 03 Hollywood Squares 0 O L° ve °f Life |0 Q Bewitched This leg is based on information provided bv the stations, who warn programs are subject to change without notice. AFTERNOON 12:00 0 Q CD £0 Jeopardy |0 |0 News Q Oblinger Q Where Heart Is Q Password 12:30 0 G CD 10 Who, Where Q O Search Q Split Second CD News 1:00 O News J Q3 Somerset 3 Jeopardy 3 Me Too Show I I Divorce Court I } Panorama (0 Q All My Children 4:00 Q Perry Mason (QC0 Somerset § Cartoons Merv Griffin G Batman O My Sons (0 Flintstones Love, American Style Sesame Street 4:30 CD Jeff's Collie O Andy Griffith Q Green Acres Q Death Valley Q Virginian (0 Password (J Movie 5:00 Q Wagon Train Q Big Valley 03 High Chaparral (0 Dick Van Dyke (0 Maverick Q© Misterogers Q Griffin 5:30 10 Marshall Dillon Q© Electric Co. 03 What's My Line TV Movies EVENING 1:30 Q QQD (3(0 on Match Q O As World Turns |0 O Let's Deal ·2:00 00 03 fD 03 Days of Lives G O Splendored Thing 10 O Newlyweds 2:30 0 G Q3 ID 03 Doctors Q O Guiding Light (0 O Dating Game 3:00 Q GOD ID IB Another World Q Q Secret Storm (BO General Hospital 3:30 00 CD ID (0 Return to Peyton Place O O Edge of Night g Lassie One Life 6:00 Q Q Q Q Q Qj) (0 f0 News Q) Jeannle © Yoga Q Lipreading 6:30 Q Psychology (0 News Q O Cronklte Q) Guitar 7:00 Q Let's Deal 0 Arthur Smith ffil ID Consequences (Q Jubilee Q My Line O Geographies (0 Wild West Q Judy Lynn © Our Times Q Yoga 7:30 Q Hollywood Squares Q Let's Deal D3 Tell the Truth O Untamed World Q Dragnet S) Chapter 33 Q Insight Q Death Valley 8:00 QQ03(B(S Theater Q Q My World Q3 Q Jud Slrunk © O America 8:30 Q Q My Sons © Jazz Set Q Handsful of Ashes 9:00 Ironside Q Q Movie Q3 Q Plimpton © Q ''Neighbors" 10:00 OGtDG303 Bobby Darin Q3 O "Floods, Hurricanes" © Paul Nuchims O World Press 10:30 Q Jazz Set |0 O Pre-Convention 11:00 Q (0 News O ''Village of the Damned" © "Woman ,'n a Dressing Gown" Q Dick Cavett Q "The Shoot" Thursday "Village of the Damned," (1959) *%, 11:30 p.m., Q with George Sanders and Barbara Shelley. » * * "Woman in a Dressing Gown," (1957) ***%, 11:30 p.m., 10 with Y v o n n e Mitchell and A n t h o n y Quayle. * * « "The Shoot," (1964) **, 11:30 p.m., Q w i t h Lex Barker and Ric Battagalia. : Ratling; Porch Encloiur BRANHAM-KINDERJnc. 1000 Charles Ave. Qunbar, W.Va. Brady C. Branham, Pres. 768-5741 Friday "The 25th Hour," (1967) ***, 8 p.m., QQQDID (Q with Anthony Quinn and Virna Lisi. "Ulysses," (1955) **, 9 p. m., O with Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn. "Hell Below Zero," (1954) **, 11:30 p. m., O with John Ireland and Maria English. * * .+ "The Bravados," (1958) **, 11:30 p.m., (0 with Gregory Peck and Joan Collins. # # * A Summer Place," (1959) *Vz, 11:30 p.m., O w i t h Richard Egan and Sandra Dee. Try one on for size... foiTII like the way it fits. Only the custom fitted Contour cradles every inch of your body. The ultimate in relaxation. Available options include automatic powerslide positioner, viveralion massage and thermonicheat. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE CGM FOR COMFORT ! 55 Geogre Peppard's Banaeek Anthony Qninn and Marcus Ohrncr in a scene from on NEC-TV. 25th Hour" at 8 p.m., Aug. 18 Network chief interprets First Amendment By Jay Fredericks Reuben Frank, the president of NBC News, recently gave a speech to a seminar on broadcast journalism setting out his views on the application of the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution on broadcast news. Frank's argumerls are, I think, entirely correct. What he said, in essence, ABOVE GROUND SWIMMING POOLS IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! Choose From Sizes: 12'Diameter Pools to 24' Diameter Pools 15'x3(y Ova! Pools to 18"x33'Oval Pools PHONE 768-480 T Specialties SWIMMING POOLS SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.VA. CHARLESTON, W. VA. was that television news ought to be as fiee as newspaper news--that the guarantee of a free press covers electronic as well as written journalism. ".. .The purpose of the First Amendment," said Frank, "was not to achieve freedom to print; that was its method. Its purpose was to keep the government out of all news." Physical differences between the media often are given as arguments for the difference in their status under the First Amendment, Frank said. Newspapers, being printed on wood pulp, are for some reason considered to be more deserving of free expression than radio or television, which is disseminated over the public air. In other words, continues Frank, "the First Amendment applies only to the products of pine trees. It is not a belief about free human beings at all. The airwaves belong to the people; the pine trees belong to somebody up in Canda." The biggest difference between newspapers and television that he can see, said Frank, is that "newspapers existed at a time when adventurous men with faith in their fellovy citizens laid down principles for a new society to live by. Television exists in a frightened time when this faith is honored either by lip-service or by a frantic determination that freedom must be enforced. I think if Benjamin Franklin had invented television its informing functions would have been included in the First Amendment." One of Frank's prime targets in his talk was the "Fairness Doctrine" which imposes on television the necessity to make equal time available to all candidates impartially. This may sound like a good idea, but Is it? Under this doctrine if television makes available time for a debate between President Nixon and Sen. McGovern, it also must include SUNDAY SOLO the presidential candidates of the American Party, the Socialist-Workers Party, the Prohibition Party and any other parties which happen to be kicking around no matter how inconsequential. A perfect example of the intractibility of the doctrine happened during the California primary. It would be fair, I think, to say that the only candidtes given a chance to win in California were Sen. McGovern and Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey. There was great interest in the race. McGovern and Humphrey agreed to several face to face televised confrontations. They managed to get away with two such p r o g r a m s because they were c a r r i e d out in the guise of "regularly scheduled" n e t w o rk shows-"Meet The Press" and "Face The Nation" and the doctrine doesn't apply there. But when a wider format was sought -- when Humphrey and McGovern were to meet a the third time in a straight debate, outside any "regularly scheduled" format--the do c t r i n e intervened. Humphrey and McGovern couldn't debate by themselves--equal time had to be given to all the other candidates in the California presidential race in spite of the fact that none of them had any sort of chance of winning. All this is defended, said Frank, because it is contended that there is a "right to be heard." Nonsense, he says. "There Is no right to be heard. There is only a right to speak. If there is a right to be heard, it must by definition be a right to force someone to listen. But we say things like 'right to be heard' because they sound as though they ought to mean something. They have that ring to them." Frank concluded: "To me the Fairness Doctrine, and equal time, an the right to reply, and the Commissioners and the judges, the good ones and bad ones, the sympathetic ones and hostile ones, the conservative ones and liberal ones, the Congressmen and their new bills, the executive assistants and their new schemes, are all one lump. They are the Government in news, the Government in my business. I began on a newspaper. There, I learned the Government had no business in my business. I am still in the same business, but now it's okay for the Government to interfere. It is not easy to understand or follow. If the Government should not be in news, it should not be in television news." (Continued From Page 4S) Actor Peppard, with his greying hair cut close and brushed forward on top, is returning to television because the "B a n a c e k" script was better than any film scenarios he had read lately. The actor also wants to stay home and watch his kids grow up. Making films in Europe where the money is better, at least for Peppard, doesn't off-set the chance to be with his youngsters. "I've missed too much time with my kids already," said George. "Besides, I'm tired of living in hotels." With only one episode scheduled to be shot in Boston--though it is the base for his hero---Peppard can at least go home for dinner every night. "As you know most television series are not all that different," he explained. "But my character has a little humor, and I like the idea of the guy being Polish. He is a member of the minority and thus more of an individual, reminding all of us that we were once immigrants." Old, historical Boston with its gas lights on Beacon Hill, and town hall balcony where the King's Proclamations were read, and later the Declaration of Independence, pleases George. His character prefers antiques to new objects without mak- ing a fuss about it. and as an observer derives amusement from watching people while playing detective. He's an urbane Pole, not an oaf, an appreciator of sex and beautiful women. "A Women's Liberation type would consider Bana- eek a , male chauvinist," George added, "because he treats women as sexual objects. Banaeek and I are of one mind on this point. I cannot separate a beautiful woman from sex and I don't want to." I · Banquets · Sales Meetings · Picnics · Private Parties · Wedding receptions Frivol. Banquet Party facilttill WfflKJfflH DIAMOND ALUMINUM SLIP-ON THE EASY- INEXPENSIVE WAY TO INSTALL PIPE OR TUBING RAILINGS We're exclusive local dealers for the e a s y - t o - u s e Diamond Slip-on Fittings. The easy way to join 3ipe or tubing at any angle without breeding, bending or welding. Simple way to erect guard rails, sarricades, porch or stair railings, jatio end carport cover frames. Saves you time and money! RESIDENTIAL S. INDUSTRIAL FENCE SPECIALISTS McNIEL Fence Co., Inc. 3002 Seventh Ave. North Charleston, W. Va. PHONE 744-8051 CHRYSLER AIRTEMP Central Air Conditioning Let us give you 15 big reasons why Chrysler Airtemp Central Air Conditioning is your best buy. And it could cost much less than you think ... Choose Chrysler Airtemp with Confidence FHA Home Improvement or Bank Financing Available Aerodyne Corporation ilrtemp 1325 Dunbor Ave PHONE 768-0066 Dunbar, W. Va. AUTHORIZED AIRTEMP DEALER CHRYSLER CORPORATION August 18 MORNING 6:30 Q Bibie Answers Q9 Today en Farm Q Town Crier Q3 Religion 6:45 0 Corn Cob 7:00 0 0 Q3 Q3 Q3 Today 2=) B News 03 Bullwinkle Q Religion 7:30 0 Sleepy Jeffers Q3 Underdog O Bonnie Lou 8:00 0 O Q Kangaroo Q3 Zoo Revue 8:30 Q3 Jack LaLanne 9:00 0 Bess Myerson 0 0 Q Romper Room 03 Daniel Boone 03 Jack LaLanne Q3 Phil Donahue 03 Peyton Place 0 Films 9:30 r* Truth, Consequences Coffee Break Flintslones Artie Levin My Sons Q3 One Life 10:00 0 Q 03 © 03 Dinah's 0 B Lucy Q3 Dick Van Dyke Q America Sings 10:30 0 0 OD Q3 {0 Concentration 0 Q Hillbillies 03 Split Second 0 Religion 11:00 0 Q Q3 O 03 Sale 0 Q Family Affair 03 Love American Style Q Friends Neighbors 11:30 0 O 03 03 03 H'wood Squares 0 B Love of Life Q3 Q Bewitched BGCDCDCB Return to Peyton Place 4:00 B Cartoons G Perry Mason CD Merv Griffin CDCB Somerset G Batman O My Sons CD Flintstones 8 Love American Style © Sesame Street 4:30 B Green Acres CD Jeff's Collie CB Andy Griffith g Virginian Death Valley CD Password Q Movie AFTERNOON 12:00 0 0 03 Q3 Jeopardy 03 News Contact Where Heart Is Password 12:30 00Q3Q3 Who, Where Q3 News 0 Q Search 0 Split Second 1:00 0 News 009 Somerset Q3 Jeopardy Q3 Me Too Show 0 Divorce Court B Panorama Q3 Q All My Children 1:30 00 Q3 03 03 Three On a Match 0 Q As World Turns 03 Q Let's Deal 2:00 00 Q3 CD 03 Days of Lives Q B Splendored Thing 03 Q Newlyweds 2:30 0Q Guiding Light 0 0 Q3 Q3 Q3 Doctors Q3 Q Dating Game 3:00 0 Q Secret Storm 03 Q General Hospital 0OQ3Q3Q3 Another World 3:30 0O Edge of Night Q3 Lassie Q One Life 5:00 Q Wagon Train 0 Big Valley ID High Chaparral CB Dick Van Dyke CB Maverick OS) Misterogers O Griffin 5:30 CB Marshal Dillon Q © Electric Co. CO What's My Line EVENING 6:00 000BCD 10CB News CD Jeannie © Yoga Q Smile-In 6:30 Q B Cronkite C0 News © French Chef Q Crowds 7:00 OQ Porter Wagoner QD CD Consequences § Saint What's My Line Circus 00 Wild West § Hymn Time Masterpiece Theater 7:30 Q Green Acres Q Adam 12 Q CD Dragnet Q Lyrics C0 To Tell Truth Q Rex Eleanor B Voyage 8:00 OO QD CD CB "25th Hour" Q B O'Hara CD Q Brady Bunch © Book Beat Q Washington Week 8:30 © "Space Between Words" Q Saga CB Q Partridge Family 9:00 9:30 B "Ulysses" Movie CB O Room 222 CB Q Odd Couple ffi Goofing Off Q Evening at Pops 10:00 © Exile Stranger CBQ Love 10:30 BCD Simon Locke QD Your Life Q Peyton Place CB Rollin on River Q Special © Washington Week 11:00 Q Q Q C D O O G D CD (D News il:30 QO CO CDCB Tonight Q "Hell Below Zero" B "A Summer Place" ~ "The Bravados" Dick CaveU SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL SHOW TIME, AUGUST 13, 1972 CHARLESTON, W.VA. 7t

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