The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1918
Page 6
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;FAGE THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, APRIL 30, IfllS. Nearby. Towns. of the Baltimcijre Ohio railroad. H-e also gave a'talk that was greatly enjoyed. F. B. Black of Philadelphia, R, a. Ph Ison, R. F. Mason ana .H. M. Cook ga sit ."was furnished chestra. lag the re sfcort talks.. Mu r by a selected or- pronounced as be- This was best-luncheon the Boosters ., '.'· Trjoesttfar riioatttly meeting of the ^V^CVGrS'dic. Parent-Teacher association was heid .oix--Frida:r evenir.g in'the high, school liig. There was 'a verj good at. i'Elf.-r'rjio com- i leridaacD and the program, readered. iiy social !iV.;J ir. Anuty aaii lastivriis thoroughly enjoyed'by alL This ··Bfieraooif ·;»«,-..».. decided! wag . the last meeting of the associa- hU'/sess. :u over* w»y._ The object in ition for this term. They will combine i'loJfes £he : soc:a;',fi3"to get tfee.-wom- f^-iti the Ciric league for the 'summer, ec of ili?erii2a; vicinity together j Among other business transacted tlie explained to theni the need jini. .methods ot.securinE. a. Liberty Bond.. The raeeeting was, ja charge 'of "ATrs.'H. ATrCook, ch'airman of the worn'-' en's division of the Liberty "mittee; 'Th'e' toU owing'program, wa's officers were -elected f o r . next .year and"- resulted- as follows: JMrsVR.'.fc. Millerj president; Jtra. C,. E. Crowe, vice president; Mrs, J. L. Tressler was re-elected secretary; Mrs. .D. J. Fiske, treasurer; Mrs. H. Bowels and LEAGUE, Yesterusy's Results. Now York 6; Philadelphia 0. Cincinnati 4; St. Louis 3. Pittsburg-Chicago, wet grounds. Boston-Brooklyn, rain. ·.tendered:-- Solo, "Answer. Mr.~Wil-1 Mrs . George Blake are'the'parent pt- son's Call," by Rev. .Father Brady; |fleers -' addresses by Mr! JHTM, Cook'and .M,r. ' ££ j a ' mes L. pj xotl and-son'Jb- J?J' P M! S °?' oUi; expliOning the se pi.arc visiting for a few-days with. ' -· "-- Liberty'Loan;" "Feading',. ' relatives .and friends in Clarksburg, JXof.-;.Butler. -Mrs.^Copk .then asked; "several ladies to go through the audi- eate:and see how many, subscriptions could be secured, and. in. a short Yi'iille they announced "ibey * Bad ~ secured need"b£ "th" "Wh'o Gave You the Name of Old hy; ya; · · · Glory," by Miss Sallie Miller; .solo, j '-^^ Joseph Schindler of Johnstown, '--the Home-Fires-Barnius," by is visiting lire sister,· Mrs. Margaret -Dunn^..-' Mr. and Mrs. J. Milton Black are home' from a brief .visit in Johnstown. : - -Miss Gertrude Dtion is a guest at the 'home of her brother and sister- in-law. MT.' and Mrs'; J:'L. Dixon. . ; Thomas -Courtney, of Acosta, spent Sunday here with" friends. .' '.Hisses Mac -Diehl and E/fie Hasso- broth have returned from Cumberland where they have been visiting. 'Miss Carrie. England of Somerset, spent 'Saturday and Sunday here with "her trotheSin-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. "W.'L. DaW. f - and .this added 40 tlie previous amount subscribed, puts it tip to ?48,000 for the women's division aiorie.- _^and_yet__tliere are ..some to be heard trom-thfe-irsek. ' Tills, shows 'that the women of Meyersdale their patriotism. are showing The loiir draftees tiat"leltlhere"on Sunday, namely: Virgil Eb'wefy, I*w^ is XL Bittner,- I'orter A.~TASix and John H. SwearmiE, were escorted to the Baltimore*_0bio-depot-by-a lirge delegation. . The crowd" assembled" at' the band stand, with George W, Collins acting as chJurraan and giving a short invocation,- alter -which, he called on ReV. 'ijerandrr Steele of the Methodist Episcopal church, who gave a very el«jnenr%alk to the^boys; and all others. .The - Citizens^ .'band played severar sections anirthen the parade stirt«d~.far. the depot _ This, was headed ny": fSK band; ; then: ;the boys who "were" leaving and then came the Soldiers' and: Sailors' Moth- ers^aesociatioii, each carrying their service flag! ' TheyTwere' "followed by · the Young Americans' association and then the citizens, numbering several .hnnh-ed. At the depot several selections were played- by _Uie~band "and. soon the boys boarded' train No. 15 bound for Rockwood, where later they left tor their camp, expecting to 'go to Camp Lee. JIEYBRSDALB, .April :29. -- Last Thursday evening the intsnbers of th» Boosters' club -held their annual luncheon in the Luther Brotherhood room, the luncheon being served by the Ladies' Aid society of the Luth- "eran chnrch.- -which-was pronounced »ll,'pre««irt,as being most ·excel- lent. Coders were laiof for"i«Q. George alMn4'acted toastmaster and "Introduced the speaker of the evening, .-wbo was Mr,Clark.Reed.btPittsburg. ."Ho give-i'iio«t-«ic.elleat talk,'which wa»- highly, appreciated by_ali pres- enf." He'was" followed' by Mr. M. H. · Brongftton of Conrre]taville;.superin- i--teiiden:fc- ol the Connellsville division NEARBY Y.M.C. A. WORKERS WERE ON TORPEDOED SHIP -Among the Passengers on Orissa Are ; Listed '.Canousburg. fa^ a»d ' CuiiiieTland, ~Hi* Men. - Among the "American. Y...M. C. A. "workers" on" the -iorpedocd steamship Orissa, who were landed safely in England, according to -Associated Press advices yesterd'ay.-was James H. Grier of Canonsburg, Pa.; Frederick P. Snow of Cumberland, Md., and Theodore Ivan Bordwell.ot "Warren, Pa." . COLD ON .CHEST AND SORE THROAT --· MED OVERNIGHT ye?, sy*- SJiS.^ y\'-ui,.. fefcii sti/ · :·!""· ¥· £"*· _. i the original non- ^lns--3?r««orlptioh that takes-ltt l ?b'U£!'i*n9*tC!inM as eiflcienx. M^'^^II^"" ~ 4 nrother's old-fa*btonftl mostiird pfm*ter- ^Cfsi it for. apraine. «trairui^ibrnl**«,; ';?0re| in.ti«clejrr stift n«ctc, »weHte|f«.· «OT*,- ··^Alnftil or frosted fcot ^£."diiiUii«.'lxuu, B* -BUT* It's" Bear's Mu»tat?M*r Inrthe box. 25'c«nta - Standing pf the Clubs; .L. New York Don't despair t h i n k i n g pp»rfbly_thcro Philadelphia ia no relict Cor you. sufferers-to como and have chat °with us.. Our con^uitation a Chicago Cincinnati Pittsburg ^ -[ Boston _-. Brooklyn THKEKKTC IS.REJECTED BV ABJIX'KSAJUXEBS. Albert Furtney of South Arcu street, who left, here' Friday for Columbus, O., to -join the medical corps in which he-had enlisted, was rej«cted at Pittsburg. He had been passed by the Un- idntown examining board. - ABM XUBSES IS CITY OY£B THE WEEK BSD. ' Misses Mariam Wilson, Edith Mitch-' ell and Mary Hommen, nurses recently/ stationed at the Markleton sanitarium to care "for the United States soldiers, were In this city over Saturday. ,.TJxey_returned to JIarkleton on Sunday morning. CORFQKAI, XASOIf 'VISITS HIS PARENTS. Corporal Harry G. Mason, accompanied by Mrs. Mason, returned to Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., today after spending a furlough with Corporal Mason's parents, .Mr. and' Mrs. j". A. Slasoh of Sotith Arch street, and | Mrs. "Mason's mother; · Mrs. Clara Hanker, of East Fairviijw avenue. advice, is free .and'strictly confldentia!, j 1C an p.xmnination convinced us your St. Louis case Is incut-able, we w i l l ' f r a n k l y tell you-so; If, on the other hand, we find that your c;ue -can be restored, we will . treat you successfully.- Do not let money-.matters keep you from consulting .us, aff". .satisCactory arrangre- ments carrnlways be made Cor the payment Of the same. Our best reference { is the,fact that we are regular licensed | physicians and .our treatments have i been tried and proven. j NOTE--Patients' names are publish-I ed by -written consent only and be- ! cause WE DO CURE and PROVE IT. You do not have to take ttyc state- alone for an'r.'REAIARKABLE CURES. See our patients. .Let them tell you. Another very important thing 1 lor you to know is that you Ti-ill ALWAYS flnd The United Specialists SOBER when you call, giving RELIABLE service and results and you need only pay as you got well. ' FUELS DfFFERIgVr 7F0W. . .."I had been sick tor five years "with a bad case of stomach, kidney and bladder trouble. I went to the U n i t e d Specialists for treatment.- and am n n w feeling In first ciass shape. "DAVI0 SPRUrLL, ."R, F, TX 1. Qrecnsburg, Pa," 3fOW GLAD SHI3 IS BKTTKH. "For nine months I had suffered almost constantly with awful severe back-aclie. At limes I/would be so bad I could hardly move. "Was also troubled with smothering spells, while at rest, dizziness, nervousness 1 . Could not sleep good. I took up treatment with the U n i t r d Specialists and my back feels entirely well. Also the rest ot the conditions .1 complained of. ··MUS. ANNIE FSRTIG. "Third and Market Streets, "Belle Vernon, pa." CONXELI^SVll^E PATIBWT SPEAKS. "For three years I had been troubled with shortness of breath.' I would pet I so bad at nisht, I ! I would Pet. .909 '.727 .667 .545 .500 .300 .200! .1001 Today's Schedule. Pittsburg at Chicago. St. Louis at Cincinnati. · Boston at Brooklyn. New York at Philadelphia. AJLEIUCAIf LEAGUE. Tfest«rda7's Results. ' ' St Louis 12; Detroit 3. Chicago 8; Cleveland 4. Philadelphia-New Yorl£,.wet ground. "Washington-Boston, rain. Boston Standing of Ue Clnbs. W.- L. 2 3 Cleveland -Chicago New York -Washington _ Detroit __ SL Louis -Philadelphia Pet .833 .667 '.667 .417 .400 .333 .333 .300 Today's Scicdnle. Chicago at Cleveland.. ^ ' Detroit at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Nr,w York. · ' Washington, at Boston. Oickerson Run. DICKERSON BUN', April 29.--Wtl- '" liam Gardner of Dawson. was a husl- pillows behind me. I felt all weak and run do-wn and did not seem to have any Strength and together with my ape. thouEht my time for this world was short. I called upon the tJnttpd Medical- Specialists, and after a month and a half treatment I ajn fccllne'flne and working: every day. "(Slimed) MR J. N. PATTERSON. - "Glbnon Ave., S. Conneilsvllle, Pa." TfaeUnitcdSpecfalists Tuesday every week, 9 A. t. to 8 P. if. Baltimore House, near B. A O. station, room second floor. Svcry Wednesday and Saturday at Exchange Hotel. Uniontown. READ TEE · COURIER. ness caller at Cumberland, Md., Saturday. Mrs. Annie Moran and-.son "William of Scottdale, spent Sunday here vlsit- ·ing the former's daughter, Mrs. James Beatty. "W. H. Burkett spent Sunday with his family at Cumberland, Md. W. A. Smith spent yesterday visit- j ing his family at Beaver Falls. Mr, and -Mrs. George Speelman. and Mr. and Mrs. Pike and children of Uniontown, were the gtiests of Mr. and Mrs. Thormis St. John -yesterday. Patronize those who advertise. Miss Mabel Perm spent Sunday the guest of her sister. Miss Annabel Penn, Unicntown. I)E3tA5I)S BETUKS ' OF .ABIJJ.BOMED PMS03IEKS. ·WASHCfG-TtSt^April :30.--Germany- has demanded "anreicha'nge" of prison- era and has threatened to-take Petror- grad unless the 'BSsisian government- .agreefl. . ;-··- · ' · The German -demand calls for the Immediate releaa.e of 'all Gerrnan prisoners who are:in good health and that taoae wno-ar«;ill shall remain in Rtisgia. The-Ginpans-- will release onlT those Rnssian .prisoners who are ill or are incanacitated.. GOES TO SEE OS 'VVAT-'rO FBA5CB. Mrs! Leo Carroll has gone to an embarkation camp^o see her hnsband, a member of Company D.'Orie Hundred Tenth Regiment. . She will remain until 'the. command -leaves for France. .. .. ~ -Perry opolis. April. 30.-- Misses d Kuth Brown were Un- ·ioiitojrn._calleTa ^Saturday. ! .-·-Miss;.3iartiia Carson of Layton, was :cal)ias;on; tpjrn; friends Friday. . '..."Mrs. .'Fisher Dnntham of Star Junc- :tion, .was ^calling : "on town relatives ..Mrs; Pleasant Hall is spending the CanrieH»viUe. I TREAT SUCCESSFULLY '.Chronic I tat anew, nion4, Skin U ladder aivd Urtnwry DI ble* kn «ntl Nerroait T)l*4~mne*, «Kt*n, Sforaneh iuid ~!ntt * 11 Spcrlnl Ulwenii^w. Kidney, l^lvcr, CO.fSTItTATlOIV AJNT) ADVICE KItEE. ES Fim Dr.LW.MacKenzie NOW AT TITI-: NEW STAG -HOTKJj, VS OM.V. d Chronic Spccliti. Prlvnt* « ruM?* at ytf.u and UACICiVCITK, ni,Anii.:u Wltftkct- Aentc or Chronic. UhcammifNin. C*n««-ntfon of tftr nry* t lntl«mm*tloo of Ihr'niuddo Gr»vi-| nod Urtnnrj- Trotiblvn CaJi antl CottKuIt die. A VISIT WJI,!, TKLL. EVEHY WAV COUNTS. Mr Methods Are 'the Latest and Host Scientific in AH Cases A Business Should be as as If bigness is of benefit to the public it should be commended, The size of a business depends upon the needs which that business is called upon to serve. A business should be as big a» it* job. You do not drive tacks with a pile-driver--or piles with a tack-hammer. Swift Company'* growth has been the natural and inevitable result of national and international need*. Large-scale ' production and distribution are necessary to convert the live stock of the West into meat and by-products, and to distribute them over long 1 distance* to the consuming center* of the East and abroad. Only an organization like that of Swift Company, with its many packing plants, hundreds of distributing houses, and thousands of refrigerator cars, would have been able to handle the varying seasonal supplies of live stock, and meet the present war emergency by supplying, without interruption: First--The U. S. soldiers and the Allies in Europe by shipping as much as 800 carload* of meat products in a single week 1 Second--The cantonments in the United States. Third--The retailers upon whom the American public depends for its daily supply of meat. But many people ask--Do producers and consumers pay too much for the complex service rendered ? Everyone, we believe, concedes the efficiency of the Swift Company organization-- in performing a big job in big way at minimum of expense. : ; Swift Company's total profit in 1917 was less than 4 cents on each dollar of sales of meat and by-products. Elimination of this profit would have had practically no effect on live stock and meat prices. Do you believe that this service can be rendered for less by any other conceivable method of organization or operation? These questions and others arc answered fbUy and frankly in the Swift Company 1918 Year Book sent free on request Address Swift Company, U, S. Yards, Chicago Swift Company, U. S. A. Vanderbilt. VA.VDf]RBa/T, April 33---.Mr. aad Mrs. Harry *Siric!tler 01" Union town, spent Suiulay with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Slrlckler. Mrs. C. 0. Bane and daifehter Eleanor of Conneilsvnie, visited her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. WilJiam Bailey, recemly. Earie Roberts of Brownsville, visited his parents, Dr. and Mrs. G: B. Roberta, over the week-end. Mrs, Harry B. Reed and Miss Henrietta McLaughlin have rQiurned home I after spending several days wiih their j sister, Mrs. A. A. Arisen of Cbeat ·' Haven. ! Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Means and : family of Mount Sterling, visited the , latier's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. ! i^reed of Dunbar tcv.'usbip, on Sunday, j L. L. Dayton, J. L. Love and \V";1' lia-n Cossrove, Jr., -were callers in Uniontown. yesterday, Mrs. George Byers and daughter Minnie of Aurora, Neb., are visiting ; the former's sister. Mrs, J. B. Hen i derson. 5 Mrs. Emma Galley, Mrs. Laur {Taylor and son Clifford of Barasborc ! spent the iveek-end ·with Mr. and Mr? j Frank Galley. j Mr, 'and Mrs. John McDowell anj I baby of Bunbar, visited the latter' 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Addi. £ over Sunday. 1 Miss Helen Ryan of Connellsvilk I spent Sunday with Miss Lilburn Reed. Patronize those wbo advertise. At Home and Overseas Keep your shoes jiei: and preserve blackAvhttB,ian,dai'k brown. or ox-blood shoes. CORPORATIONS, U MITED, * A'.V: IT WAS A GOOD KEASON

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