The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 30
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 30

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 30
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I ,1 I'll 1! 81 ' . ' :- , ' l ' " '' ' . ; ' "x: -' . v . ' .' MONDAY, AUGUST 31.. H 30 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 201 munintoin IOmI. from Preceding Column! Mi uicnaiLt. I BEDROOM FROM W SO. FUR-, nlshed. available. Apply Apt. 107, ree-easi. CENTRE tOWK 1-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART-ment, modern. Muippad. et. BHt-0111. ; BsUVrANY IIUACI LTD. BACHELORS- LIVING ROOM, ' screened off bsaroom srs. kitchen, eersmls tiled bathroom, refrigerator, boat, hot water end electricity supplied Fro est plug-In at your door. Modem laundry rooms. 3X1 Bri-tany Drive. 14i-tell. T THE ENVOY In quiet residential Sandy BUI Apartments hsva large oat la kitchen, double sited dining and living rooms with oversissd bedroom Magnlfloant loyar and Eng-ltah broadloom ruga In tha laatatully datoratad halla Swimming pool' and rooftop Indoor and plug-In parking BACHELORS FROM ...r... 1 BEDROOM FROM $75 $115 A2 $130 234-0730 STEWART ST. at CHAPEL NEAR CIVIC HOSPITAL MODERN t - BEDROOM APART - mnM --- launclrv fsclUUse. parking with plug in. Suparin- tandant, no surer, corner aw itngton. wtnu-re w ARK SURE that this t-badrosm apartmant. Bewty eiecoratew, jwuwr eavn. electrically equipped, tree parking and dlract routa kua. can not oa beaten. Phono Tad-PlW. MILLCRAFT Sets High Standards Without the High Rents Swimming Pool Recreation Area Individual Balconies Free Reserved Parking Modern-Spacious 1 BEDROOM.... $87' FURNISHED $102-MUlcr&ft Crcsc Apts. T- snlitulos tront Contra town. Office . muxcbafV cbbscbnt . Rtil to MeArthur Plana bopping Contra. a vtw. 749-0741 Pram lilt LOCATED AT lrTB COEartll OF battalia and Law Streets, Jtsst taw stopa away from Big Btraat ahooptni and traaapaf Hon. Unmstcbed tor aoov lane and awganoa. ansauslled ,tf comfort with automat tUva- isquset, BnjOF tha quiet at-moapbars - ml ana of Ottawa's FRANKDALE APTS. 380 FRANK ST. off Bank i and 2 bedroom, broad-loomed, drapes, elevator, Mrklrtf. 1 BEDROOM .. S103 3 BEDROOM .. $125 Daily 2 to 233-666? TURNER REAL ESTATE REALTOR 729-6117 ARI MORS BEDROOMS A 1-aaasltyf a Bam noma, larga living room and kltchon. otactrloally oeulppad, Ula bathroom, fro a parking, eehoola and ahopping vary sandy. Pnooav TtB-glB. , SSI MONTHLY LA ROB. BRIOHT. 1 BEDROOM apartmant to anMat, 4 plica bath, llraplaoa and baleony. now-ly daooratad. oouippod and booted. Looatad Bank at Oladatona. avaaaoT. THE . , , SAVILLE TERRACE APARTAAENTS. Adjacent to Carlingwood Shopping Centra : but only minutes from Downtown ', FEATURING: ' ' Bootod Indoor anal Outdoor Swimming Pooln PrlvataV Balconlea , 1 Mnltt-ChaaSMl TV -' prooorloa Kltchon Cuatom Daaignad Automatto WaU Ovons Countor Cook Tops St High Sated Elevators 11 cu. ft. jiotiiroratat Lotmdrr Fadlltlaa OiHot, RoaMontial Area Aeatmad Parktna Sue re , Publlo. Soparata and High . '" Schoola B.T.C Boa Sal thiol . :;gSgi2ahM' ctr. Furalahod Loboloa CorridenXawurtonatF Carpctad Waik-tn Clothaa Cloaata WE OFFER: tCMLOB $95 $112.50 $130 " RENTAL OFFICE OPEN Daily t to p.m. Saturdays It to am. ' ' " Bdaya H to la. -' Laailnf RfVrasentattvs . a a MOFFATT Undar New MAnaamenU Owned and oners ted by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. 201 i ipn,runToin iCont.i tront PTanedlng Celua OLEBg LOCATION ROOMY. OCT. 1. APARTMENT, largo living; room, s bodrooma, kitchen, electrtcelly aoulppad, bathroom. 114-1411. RANDY RILL t- AND t-BEDROOM APART-menle. ttt. U and l3 Lerge living rooms, electrically aoulppad: vary comfortable, off-etreet parking. 13-247; 114.1114 MINTO Canada. Moat. Honored Builder OTTAWA'S FINEST APARTMENTS PLUS YOUR OWN PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUB For th flrai time in Cn-dtj, apaiimmt rcalttantsj ran noy tlM matfnlftomt (.ell tisri of thfrtr own xclutiv Co-jntry Club plus th rvntaj accomriu4tiQA. Her art sMana ot tha mty raa iurac off arael by tha new Baythora Country Club. Haatatl Indoor Pool HaatasJ Otiiooor Pool lUjniUtioe Oymavwlu arlmWon, Cotirta c Childrans Nuraary 8 FURNISHED APARTMENTS ON DISP.LAY belting new 1. 1 and t bad-roam deaigna that attar tha weat Important factor m wmfort . . . EXTRA SPACE, EXTRA ROOMINESS. WALL-TO-WALL CARPET IN UVIItO AMD DININO ROOMS ENCLOSED BALCONirT INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PARKINO "EAT-IN KITCHBNS RENTALS FROM FURNISHED ON BEQUEST ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY SAVING OPENING SPECIALS BAYS HO RE Basy to reach aa Carting Avenue just watt at tha Britannia Drlve-In: or on Richmond Bond jnet wool of PlMcreat Rood: or drive weet on the tuaanaway to Plineraat exit and than w-mt am Richmond Rd. OTC kua aarviea (Route ell oners -daily. DAILY . ..... SUNDAYS .... te-t p.m. te-t fm. 828-2751 MINTO ABCSTITBCT. DEItONED . With Yea la Mind - '" CSNTRALLY LOCATED IN aandy Hill, sat Stewart Street. - Provides the sues! and most convenient apartment living at renlale yea can aford. Taste fully appointee puaue areas are spotlessly clean. Swimming pool, patio and aatormm aimdeck available at no extra charge. IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLB BA- ctMara from S7S. 1 biara from 911S end 1-bedroom from 1140 e. Balbre pea rent. drop in and ase. Call Bsrnloe seller, roe-vieo. . BRONSON APTS 100 BBONSON, MODERN SPA CIOUS eacnsier. l ana s eeo-room anertmente. elestrleally equipped. Within easy walking distance of Parliament Hill Prtaad from ssl! By aoooint- tnent, Se-S1M or apply to ouuomg supermwjnoMmi an esse. SM-afea. , ALBERT HBAB BBONSON - 1 and 1 tee is tee EUCCTRICALLY BOUIPPSD heated. . Apply 4TS Albert Bt, API. s. er B. assar ana boo. StS Laurier Ave. East SST-ltta, WABBBN ABMSoBtt MACLARSN BACHELOR. BEDROOM. EQUIP- pod, washer, dryer, rural bed optioaal. sit seoti svaniags, sse NSAB OTTAWA UNPfSBSITY The Semmlt, ttt W tiered . W-tlMt LUXURY AIB CONDTTIONEO apartmenta trees pso, elevator, laundry f acuities, ourvdeck, parking, eupt, . ea premlies er HT sua. 201 . UTU RATS TO UT (Cent, from Praoadlng Celunwl MANOB PARR REarDENTLAL AREA, t-BEDROOM duakui aeertmeat. Ilvlnar room with araplaoa, equipped, Tit. HI, SLATER AND LAURIEB Apartmenta Ltd. Reduced Rentals ' BACHELORS FROM tM. I BED-room from 170 All apartmannj clean, oil heated, aluminum wln-bvm: hot water and laundry facilities, janitor service, per sonal management. Apply reuiai otflca. let slater, Apt. I. MINTO PARK ABBA. ! HERB IB A 1-BEDROOM APT., only stapa away from Elgin Btraat shopping and transportation with every comfort and convenience you could possibly I m a sine. Featuring ai tricaUy equipped work-aaving kitchen with leads of cupboard aoaca. ceramic tiled bathroom, abundant floor to celling eloeel apace plus par suing launary room. You wUl bo delighted with the superbly planned suite K. il i .1 .ii.ii tn M,l hi. every day need and deUre. FurJi nlahed on request. 243-7071 THE 1 Acadian 133 NEPEAN ST. Just sssi of Bank St. Modern stven-storay. twln-c levator building featuring balconies, dlshwaehers, fuily draped epts.. and many other features. Semi one bedroom, one bedroom, two Q"7 CA bedrooms, from -PO.U Opsa for Inspection dally. Mre. Hogarth, IST-IMS. S3T-SSU. THE Du 660 ST. PATRICK ST, at CHARLOTTE A modem one- and two-bed room apartment building orl-cd jnmeee $80 $100 Fumlabed .. All services included ta rent Mr. Presley. EM-ttM. .J Owned and Managed by KASSELL REAL1Y LTD. Al Kasouf. F. Elllt FIB1T MONTH FRBB AVAILABLB, CENTRAL. STOVE, rarigaraior, venanana. params. t bedroum, SW, aas-I leeev SANDY BILL I and t Bsdreaest sisaa t lietAt UVINO BOOM. DINTJfO BOOM, balcony, aloe till oily equipped, parking. Apply B. O. Maey and Bon, "Raa'tor- and Oenaral In-eu ranee. St Laurtar Ave. Boat, H7-IMS. S-BBDBOOM, tee SEPT. 1, MODERN. NEWLY DR. core ted. it Lanore Place. Eeev view. CEJ-S77J. ase-erss. TBS FOUR WINDS APTS. I.exary Uvtag A a Prtoo Yea Can Aff-rd NO LEASES REQUIRED FOB OUR fully furntahad bachelor. I- ana 1-bedroom aultaa. Linens, dishes treaparkinjl. aeekly exorrrt tonal rffer. LOCATED AT 1713 BASTX;NE Bead at Narehe Drive. 7is-7trs. V0YAGEUR Your Weet Bad address anly 4 minutes from Carttagwood Shonolni Centra. Croydon at Btehnumd Bead Your living of aulet and eomtort la assured at La Vorageur. oa at, Le La sated ea both hue Unset Can- Big Ave. and Rtchinoad Bd. FEATURINU: - . 1 high apead elevators . riaed aarrldora . Drapss In every aulta r . Broadloom ad ha Us . Gymnasium . Woodworking hobbv shoo . Children's wading peel . Indoor boated pool . Steam room . Recreation room . Multi-channel TV serial - v Built-in evens , . Counter top staves . 11 ea. ft. rerngeraror . rM muste apartmant , Intel Im-esterlor parkins . Decorator apposnted lobby . Restful music as msln lobby , Constant exchange of fresh air , Beauty salon . Tuck shop . Close to ocsnola. churches, shopping . French Ptovkstlel eecor WE OFFER: -e 1 Bedroom com-1 02.50 mendng at . . . 3 Bedroom commencing at $125 2 Bedrooms. 3 Bath. $3S room commencing at - OPEN HOURS: S am. to S p.m. Men, thru Frl. I pes. to S is. Set. end Bun. Leasing Representative ;. ' MRS. J. RAMSAY -X: ... . 8284117- , Under New MarmgerrvenL Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. " TBB LBXtNOTON SOT RIVERDALE AVB, 1 AND I bed i eotn epta. Msny eoassnlsnees. TSS-Tssi. OOVBBNMBNT BMPLOYRRS at eteao you cant beat mis.. AfMrtment wtta separate bedroom, large Uvtag. separated kitchen with etove and frraae. free ' perking, lalsroslsd. sweae Tis aiaa. MBTCALFB, NEAB MUSEUM, IIS MODERN SEMI - BASEMENT apartment. I bsdruuni. living room, oieetnceuy equipped adults. October or Nevember I IM-lltS; tU-lSll. THE CHATEAU COURT 323 BESSERER STREET U- st Fries , . j," v-, .. :?:-.v. t A beautiful apartment building situated la the heart at Sandy HIM wlthta assy walking distance at Parliament HUL Offers Bachelor, I-and I-Bedroom Apartments, each with Its ewa private bslceeiy. Kle-vstoCi earpated eorrlajors, par k BCNTS FROM . $89.50 $154.50 SWIMMING POOL MRS. HOLT. 333-3091 , MASTERCRAFT v : ' s' "" I , .VtwI-VrfTW !fPfrrvw, f - aia-l - VV " I ' , . 1 , I V --.A,. Ba-aawmmwaUsaawjaasana AIMS TO BE A RACING DRIVER t i Between her secretarial studies in London, attractive Bronwyn Burrell. 20, is learning how to handle a ' racing car at Brands Hitch driving circuit In Surrey. Pictured here at the wheel of a 100 mph Formula 3, Bronwyn gets some advice from instructor John Cor-bould. , ' " (Fediiswa-Journal Photo I 201 , APTS- HATS TO III (Cent. From Fraoodliig Column! tef LAUallBB AVB. WE1T BACHELOR AND 1 BEDROOM. mooarn, fireproof building , central location, laundry lacllltiea. electrically equipped. Free Parking. Janitor service. 130-3173. TUB BAXONY , (West Sad) t siuas MACY BOULEVARD. BACHELOR. 1- and 1-bed room, n rep roof and soundproof buildina. eeramie Uled bethroems. electrically aquippod. laundry facillUee. Joekars, laaltor aervloa. gi ear plugs. Apply Apt. 110, IPS Macy Blvd. or S. O. Maey and Bon. "Realtor" end Oenaral In-suranoa. Ml Laurier Ave. Cast. I1T-1BW. 1-RRDBOOM APABTMBNT, tit NEWLY DECORATED. MODERN. .electrically aquippod, cloaa ta wiiawa university cr rarnamcm Bulldtnga. 7 Laurier gu or 137- sut Eastwood Park Estates OTTAWA'S BEST RENTAL VALUE IN FAMILY .TYPE SUITES 2 BEDROOMS from $92.50 3 BEDROOMS from 5110 See the Model Apartment Ut McARTHUR ROAD lust ta side the private atone entrance af Eastwood Park Sstataa. Superintendent on Premises 749-2332 mi KATZ REAL ESTATE LTD. 2364183 WEtTCENTRAL, Sit OUTSTANDINO COMFORT IS yours a this luxuriously pointed t-bedioum aurta, I "ring ttig bright rooms, electrically equip, workaavtnt kit- enaa. oeremle uiad ewtltrootne. Soar to ceiling closet plus tha a Ivan tares of a laundry end utility room. OTC but aervloa n avs-arsvvp. Tea-goal. GUARANTY TRUST COMPANT et Canada, "Realtors-" t as t IM-SSSI SUSSEX DRIVE. TWO BEDROOMS, rooms, irvtng room. Kiicnan. bath. S75. taaraidleta oosupaney. uv- OTTAWA BAST. LARGE TWO- ooaroom apanment. oa ground floor. alectricaUy equipped, redecorated, tto. sn-oats. CENTRAL, t AND I -BEDROOM LARGE. SPACIOUS I . APART- events,- ammg rooms, eunroom, soundproof, parking. Wladaer Arms, ISO Argyle. IIU- 'EDIATE "ASS OUVtt' LOWER. 4 ROOMS AND BATH- sworn, 4T1 euaieisot West. SSS. Ernest J. Oliver Realties Ltd. -Realtor. IlS-B4eB. Evenings. aun miry. TH-S71. " 111 CNAPBL BTBSET BACHELOR AND 1 BEDROOMS. aiacirtaaiiy squtppea, janttor asrvtce. Uundxv fadlrtiss. mod- ng. -Bt-nsja. 202 UTS. WAI7I0 FURNISHED APARTMENT FOB single business woman, vicinity La r tl rig-wood stropping centra. Apply Boa tt. Amprler, Oat. 203 WrOHU) AfH ATTRACTTVR 1 BEDROOM AND s eaqioome, otuwa Bout, eoa- veinenl tnttaportatloa. sbopptng H4-17t7 after lit. ATTRACrTVS FURNISHED S- room spartment, hosplul sres, Irving near Wellington. Tlt-Olel AVAILABLE. S BEDROOMS. KIT- AVAILABLB, WEST END. 1 BED. room, large using mat, dining arae. equipped, kitchen, storsgs. newly dsoorstad. laundry facili ties, ttnen. dlahes, electricity la- orueee, sioo. null g. rAe-7g AVAILABLB IMMEDIATELY. S bedrooms, furntahad. Sandy Hill. Teachers preferred, 1110. ttt- 1571. AVAILABLB OCTOBER I, CEN- trsl. niodss-n. newly furnUhed, ditoralod epartmente, 1 1 a a a, alshea, wssbert dryer, narking. aei-i. BACHELOR, CENTRAL. MODERN building, complete foralshlnga. rsasonetile rent Includes heat, light, parking. SS-44St. 1U-11I1. BACHELOR, FURNISHED. HEAT-, ad. Ill Ltsgar, Ue-8971: s e-nlngs. 134-71. BASEMENT APARTMENT, t BED room, equipped. Mo, available Immediately. SHt-arMt. BRONSON AT OLADsTTONE, FUR-nlshed bachelor apartment, ground Hoot, 171. SS4-17U. CENTRAL, 1 BEDROOM, large, aiean. newly rumianea, sublet. U7-o5l4, after 4. (100, CENTRAL, McLARBN. near Elgin. I be amass furnished apart- - evens avatiabta. parking, able. ue-44as, iio-eese. VENTRAL FRONT, SMALL ji' avwiy lurnisnoo, aquippod, tatlevielon. S4-75d. COMPLETELY FURNISHED FLAT, gtove, r(rlgarator sink, cooking a tensile, salt working couple student. 17 MeeLaren. 133 -Mil. ICnnttnued en Nest Cnhimal ! td.Bi e-stteluhundLd St sf leaUajet-A 203 mm APTti iCont. from frseedtag Column) FURNISHED APABTMBNT. weakly, monthly, maid tereiee included. 7 .0-407 s. FURNISHED APARTMENT. SS Laurier, Hun. Apply tt Laurier avium, nuu. FURNISHED. HEATED APART. man's, at- Lake Park. Enjoy beautiful months eased. Carle- ton, riace nos. GLEBE. LARGE , t BEDROOMS heated, uahted,' parking. Avall- etwe aent. s. r-nona w-unt. IMMEDIATELY. OCT. I. CEN txal, newly fumishsd, dacoratad epartmsnt. waaher, arysr. U2- real. ' UIEW, 1 BEDROOM. FULLY FUR- nisnsd, Esstvtaw. available lm- medtaiaiy. Tsp-iees. OTTAWA SOUTH DUPLEX. - aoor. 3 bedruoma. llviaa Urge kitchen, verandas, every-thirg supplied, adults. U-lot OTTAWA SOUTH. NEWLY DEC- orated, fumishsd I -bedroom heated epertmant In triples:. Bun- room and verandah. SI so includ ing garage. Mature ladies er couple only: CBS-10SS. - OTTAWA SOUTH FLAT. SSI. NO cnuoran, asps. i. wsgees. OTTAWA EAST. 1 . BEDROOM apartment, heated. Ugh tad. parking. sts-itt. OWNER OOINO SOUTH. SUBLET I -bed room apartmant. completely furnished. TV. lighted, private garage. Oct. 1 to April SO. JUS. 13S-475S. 421 Cooper, Apt PARTLY FURNISHED. ' BACHE- lor. redecorated, tront ground floor. McLaod. SSt-lfUS. SANDY HtLU BACHELOR apartmenta. mooarn ly turnhuted, sso least optional. S34-eilT. SUBLET S-BEDBOOM. FURNISH- SO, west snd, t. WEEKLY. MONTHLY. BEAUT I- fuity rumlsned apartmenta in every part of city. 30 weekly. 72t-247t. - ..- -. ,. WEST END. completely TSS-SITS. S CLEAN fumlabed. BOOMS. Adults. WEST END. LIVING ROOM. FUEL fireplace, S bedrooms, dining eras, eqwppos aticnen etorage, laundry fscllltlss. linen, dishes, electricity Included et 1113. PAS-. 7tl. t BEDROOM, NEW FUBNITURB, washer, dryer, parking Inelud- IS Lent it Street, tsb-i IMcBBLLAB PARS APARTMENTS Its! Ctrllae - 111-4171 OFFERS FULLY FURNISHED 1, S and s-bed room apartmenta, also linens, dlshee. TV and maid service available If required Gardens, swlmmlne aool. wsek- ly, munthly, tenuis without THB FOUR WINDS APTS. Lasatp Ltvtns At A Pttao Tea Can After NO LEASE RteOUIRED FOR OUR fully furtuahed aacneicr. is ana S-hedroom eultse. Linens, d lanes and free parking, plus weakly maid service included as our mmMImuJ nTTer. LOCATED AT 17SS BASELINE Rood et itavano unve. rza-issa. 1-BBDBOOM APABTMBNT NBAS . ROCKCUFFB, t)UIET area. rumMned to suit, an -.nap leeu. Apt. a. l as-71 us NO LEASES REQUIRED Ottawa's Leading ' Apartment Hotel , THE SAVOY 140 Slater St CE.6273 OFFERS: - Fully furntahad bachelors, 1-and S-bedruom auiiss Witt eomplate hotel service pi) ' fully equipped kite be as. , DAILY or WEEXLT ta the earl af Ceatn Tow ARISTOCRAT j 11 Cooper St. at Elgia " ' FURNISHED 1-BEDROOM SUITES ' tree. $37.50 . - including Haes). Same. Mat terete end parking evaOsbes WEEKLY . MUNTHLY . YEARLY Unrerrr'stYed Apts. Available ' U4-47lWiDaors or Saa-ait 301 AITIOB fOt SALE ALMATEX fOR ALL YOU pasniins rtaulreinenie why a buy at wholeml-i prices? Ws carry the rasa eomplete Una of Super Satis Late. Be ml Gloss, vsr- alshes snd esurior telnta Laurenllaa Trading Post. 11 Bans street Phono Rsvi-igrs AQUARIUM. SO GALLON. FULLY equipped. R Flat clarinet. 111- less. BAMFORD REGIS LTD WHEEL- ehalrs. walkers, enm modes, srth- title ehslrs. Rental er sen. so Kent Street. CE1-41I. BEATTT WASHER GOOD CON Da- tion. cheep. 1U-114. BED. RUG, WARDROBE, MISCEL-Isntsue srllclea. sSe-SSlS, eve nings. BEIPROOM SET. I . PIECE. BOX spring and mattress, good ooo- virai, lee-efee. BEDROOM SUITB. S-PIECB. It tv. portable, waving country, ice. svmmss, rsv-ssTW. BEDROOM SET. TEAK WOOD new, stop, vslue MIS. leek kit chen set, f!7J. 771-714. 301 AITK1B fOt UU ICaat. from Preoedlng Column) BEL TONS HEARINO AID, PRIv- ete owner, good eesMittoa. SOS-101. after f 10. y BICYCLE8.) NEW AND USED Top ajuallty at lowest prices Byshe, Boo end Company, 121 Bank. 241 -lies. BICYCLE. BLUE RACER. GOOD condition. I ysar old. PAS-SMS BOY8- FOOTBALL PANTS. anourasr paos. gooa oononton. Reesonsbls: a34-S873. BOX STOVES, BRAND NEW. deal for camps, starting 11140. Johnson's Furniture, 111 Mur- "Il CAMERA M MM. VOIOTLANDER. Vltomstlc II A. fully sutomatic, 1 point flens. 1100, Itl-IBIO. CAMERA. SAMOCAFLEX. 15 MM. Psn-Lock tripod. Sekanlo light mater, flesh unit, Portia ions, frofsr tow. Skylight Sltor, new condluon. Orialnil vslue 1M. aaklng SIS. 721-0031 or 72S- 7117. CARRIAGE.. G END RON, CON- veniois. use new. ui Acres, get Elian Avenue. CASH FOR HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture. complete catstss. You asme it Jottnto' Fumlturs. Ill Murrey. CHESTERFIELD SUITB, BEACH rsnge, rug. other miscellanaous furniture, ait Cobourg. Apt. I CLOTHES TO FIT "BARBIE Doll." SOe tech. Universal, 4U - Sussex. COFFEE TABLE, mahogany Chippendale, reasonable. T4S-71M. COLLECTION OF NATIONAL Geographic magasinas. dating from 1S1T to itol. Raaaonable offer eonlderad. 777-1411. COTTAGE TOILETS. COMPLETE witn sspuc una. e row left to clear at tilt, regular tltt. Ot-tawa's- largest selection of plumbing. William's Plum bine snd Heating Ltd.. 104S Merlvale Road. 721-tMM. Closed I (Ma.. Ssturdsy. COMB IN AND SEB OUR LARGE selection ot lawn ana gsraen supplies at M off. B. F. Goodrich. 44 Bank. S31-7M1. DEMOLISHING. LUMBER. OAS 1491. DEMOUSHINO STEEL STRUC- turo, steal besma of an sixes. Very raaaonable. , Phone 233-I30J or apply at tha trailer at Wellington and Broad. DININO ROOM" SET. T PIECES. goou conoiuoa. iss-eeis, DININn ROOM SUITE. WALNUT, needs reflnishing, 1 wardrobe - trunae. lu-nsit. DRAPES. HALL CARPETS. H'nF. a-Bed. good condition. 131-4101 ELECTROLUX VACUUM, GOOD condition, seo. TZa-eess. EXCEPTIONALLY FINE VICTOR. Ian antlaua mahogany buffet. gooo. cneetorfistcu ana us. rugs, bureau, other household articles. US-SS59 or PI2-2s44. FALL SALE, DRASTIC BEDUC tiona to ciaar. gaa rerngeraiors and llghta, Menioa Propane Gaa FLOOR POLISHER AND WAXES, 14 . gooo gonqiiiBe. rarww. FREEZER. AMANA. S CUBIC feet cheat, saa. U4-1401. FREEZER. CHEST TYPE. 1 CU. Ill excellent twadltto. 721- 0441 ... FRIDGES, STOVES, WASHERS, Buyers, - reconniiioneq. auaran-teed. Appliance Service Centre. Somerset end Bochestar. 111- siee. FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR. Ritcnea is dm, an assail, ise- T7SO. FULLT AUTOMATIC, SINGER aswtnf mac rune, witn otaca tor tsuttoa botes, ernbcoloery, eta. sieguiar vam gl4e.50, cvamptete balance owing tee.T. rey pie rsrsauuy. vsn Oo-Teoo, anytime. FUR JACKETS, COATS. STOLES, SIS. penect. . wssltmsa run. rim 'osav. OIRLS BICYCLE. EQUIPPED, bran new nao. complete: new crib, rug undar pad refrigera tor, oorgam. sje-atoi. HAY FOR SALE. ALFALFA. TIM. otny,- cover, straw. ne ueeavci ItS-lttl. - HTDB-A-BEO. NEW MATTRESS. gooa conouton. sjs-ivei. MICROCORDEB TRANSISTOR ( Una recorders oy weocor, ea tney lass, sv-sv. vtuty tew Visual. ISM .Wellington Street. Tie-sees MOLESKIN JACKET. LIGHT bine, wool suit, alee sot,. Royal a ian orat mre pasiter svvsn. one. SIS-IS4I. RECONDITIONED .. . PIANOS $195,, $299 J. L. ORAAE & SONS LTD. "300 BANK STREET TANKS ALL SIZES ' rrom 200 to 12,000 ganorss, suitable for oil, water, etc. Oil Tanks, Hot Water Tanks, . Wttaring Trought, etc. . M.'2AGERAAAN: ., at CO. LTD. t 100 Bayview Road. -').'-' . Ottawa. Ont I rPAt-Sllt Demolisher Clearing Lumber Yard . 1 .i ALL MATERIALS FOR SALE Forced air furnaces, oil 'tanks, blowers, btintera, ipse heaters, floor furriace, doors, windows, stairs, bath tub, sinks, basins, toilets, sheeting, plywood, LOOT'S of feet of 2x4, 2x8. 2x8, 2x10, wood-til beams, stael beams, aluminum doors and window,' bricks and blocks. ; Many Other Items Too ; Ntimerotis to Mention. , . Osgoode lumber Co. Ltd J Uycated at tha end of the ' "Albion Road, 1 mils south of Rideau Carleton Ractwty. 301 1 ARTICLES FOR Uli (Coot, from Preceding Column) MOVING, MUST SELL WASHER, drysr. lamp., tawea. nngs bed, fisno, gossip table Accept offers, hone between 1 end I. Ted-lied. MUSIC COLLECTIONS APPROXI- maieiy s.ouu . inrcts, popular neat oiirr rw-aost. NUMRER or OIL BURNER CON-J version untie, wnn uu gaitau tanks, for aai at au, 114 complete- Applv st'Prcscott Housing Authority. 31 Park Street Weet. Prescott. Ont.. Box 631. or phone WAS2J-JSI1 OFFICE FURNITURE. NEW AND ussd Pophsm'l. 130-1U A:beft Street. ZJ7-;zu OROANLOW REY RENTWOOD dsluxs. 1 year old. SI. 100. 124 - Utah. 7-S in. 731-7JP1. OWNER BOUGHT NEW COLD. scot, hss for sale 11 cu. ft. Westlnghouse refrigerator. Good condluon, I to 7-iiw2. PEDAL' ORGAN, IN FAIR CONDI-Uoru (Dohertyl, too 134-2904. PIANOS. ORGANS. MUSICAL IN-strumentsl Bsrgstnsl New snd used. Lauzon Piano and Organ Centra. 133 Wellington street. Open Friday svsnlngs1 722-M3S. PIANOS REBUILT AND GUAR. snteed. Buy or rent with opuon to purchase. Rentals irom so per month. Robertson. P I n g I snd Tllley Lid . M Spsrkt S t i s e t and Carlingwood Plsss. 231-1311 or 7 2-1323 PHILIPS TELEVISIONS AND stereos, save up to uao. Traoe- ins accepted. Johnson's Furniture. Ill Bank POWER PLANER: ALSO J HP gasoline motor, ne-tioi. PROPANE GAS HOT WATER tank, 2 gals., ilka new, rsasoa- abi. si-e-77i. evenings. RANGETTE. ALL HEAVY ELE- - menu: 117. 721-3813. RECONDITIONED DIAMOND AND emerald, Victorian engagemsnt ring. sago, box b-hs. journal. REFRIGERATORS. VARIETY OF sites and makes, treat in on combination I retire - refrig erators, uotneauc rooo service. 711-1S31. REMINGTON PORTABLE LETTER writer. Ilka new, nan price. He lve 2. evenings. RENTAL VACUUM CLEANERS. 13 monthly, tree aeitvery. rat 3433. RENTAL. CHAIRS, TABLES. OUT. bosrd motora. Ulsvistons, rein- serstors. cribs: office, banquet homo rural thtrtga. Johnson's Fur. nlture. Ill Murray. 12 Bank. BENTAL OF VACUMM CLEANERS si monthly, day er night. T As ian REUPO UTTERING. OIVE YOUR furniture e new look. Workmen-thlp guaranteed. Free etttmates, a-Pleca set. davenport and chair from 1795. Cadleux and Tltt- ley. sit Montreal Road.. 74a-1210. SEWING MACHINE. ZIO BAG. automatic, msket nuuon notes, sews on buttons, dose embroidery work. too. Balance owing, S34.74- take over payments. Call 135-700, anytime. SHEARED RACCOON FUR COAT. match ins hat. stsa it-; a, cost 1SU5, sell 1230 cash or will accept tlSO and cheaper fur cost. Alee suits, dresses, other clothing, atsa 14-lt-ll. 133-0041 SPACE HEATERS. SMALL COLI-man, larga Duo-Therm, blower, thermostat, good condition. S44-' ST. STOVE. NOROB. S". BURNER, oven, l storsgs orawara. av. 7H-S3S1. STOVE. 4 BURN Eft. 41" FRIGI- delre. with warming oven snd storage drawer. 728-ltss, slter s. CARPETLAND 721 Richmond Road 729-1469 600 Colors WOOI5 1 ACRILANS NYLONS TRILANS BLENDS AIX GOODS DISCOUNTrU TERMS AT BANK BATES Better Ciortd for Leas. Cell Ut for Horn Servkie 729-1469 Open 9 s.m. to p.m. Mwtday to Friday i 1 TV .MARCONI 23" Ifjrfit394 Full Ouarant $169.95 R. & A. COHEN BANK at LAURIER 236-7451 , ' WIN A TV MAKE EXTRA MONEY Win a portable TV est, while you make extra money. No experts nos necessary. Sell exciting top-value Christmas Cards and Olfts. Barn big Ktfita Friends and asighbors y oa sight. Write tor free color catalogue and samples oa approval. Special money-making plan for . churches, clubs, schoola. HOMER-WARREN CO. IPs. SO, 411 Clendenaa Ave. Toronto EXHIBITION. LE . COLONIAL FURNITURE CO. LTO. -Trade-In Department 403 BANK Dial 236 0411 , FARM 1 ; FENCING ' GATES POSTS ACCESSORIES v M. ZAGERMAN CO. LTD. ' 10 BAYVIEW ROAD, OTTAWA. ONT. Telephone PAt-ttll tiv-ntlniwd an Neet Olumni TV21" ' $49 up tt soi uncus FOt Jill . (Coat, from preceding Column) STOVE. HW IRED. SEACH, t burner" good condition. 131-7141, nvotmlngs-eysnlngs. . TABLECLOTH. HATD CI detlga. ui crock rr- sd. besutiful di 131-31 22 Lt VISION RENTAL.' SI I DE-llverv option U purchase. 134-Jtlt.- -. . , TELEVISION. ALL SIZES. BUY es you rsnt. Trade without cash. Hunton. al4-git. TELEVISIONS. NEW. USED. 11 weekly, a cash, with trade. 134-ties. Excel. TRAILERS, BOX. LIOHT, STUR-dv. sell, rent. 7M-M1I, 111-117. TRAILERS. BOX. L I IQ Ht. sturdyVsaU, rent. 71-ltll: UU law. . , TV. HI-FI COMBINATION ANO sot est. Ill-QMS .. . TYPEWRITERS. ELECTRIC Motors, Vktrele. raoords: personal radios. Evenlnge IS Pros too. TYPEWRITER. NEW, PORTABLE, manual and electric. Smith Corona. S-ysar warranty. 131-tftSO evenings and Saturdays. USED FURNITURE, DESKS AND ehalrs at Evsas sad Kart Ltd. 1SS I USED REFRIGERATORS. HOUSE-- hold appliances, linoleum snd carpet rtmnsnta. A. J. Fretman Ltd. WaxehoutertM York Street. USED BUILDING MATERIALS, aluminum operating windows, glazed and mlsceliansous brick-ArUflclal atone, block, doors windows, coping atone and other Items toe numsroua to meattoa. 711-1710. weekday only, be- VIOLIN AND GUITAR. REASON-able. TH-Mll, 1 to 1. VISIT OTTAWA'S LABOEST furniture and trads-kt department. Always an totarestlng tour. Johnson's Furnlturs, til Murray. wash::'q maohiksb and stoves, rebuilt, guaranteed, frem SIS up The Service Depot Limed IS Batterer. CES-012. A 1 FULL DISCS. HUB CAPS FOR 1U7 Cadlllaa. Best offer accepv ed. 74S-379 altar 1-10 pm. t BOUDOIR AND BED LAMP sett. fS S3: tnooor TV antenna. l.t. Robert Klsctric 13 Rl-deau Street. 1 ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL FUR-nlnre. liu. Never used, mutt be sold. Enhislve Seandtaaslaa living room est, a-asater aere and matching arm.- chair. Genu.nt walnut ooflee. Send' tan lamps and plcturea Rica acandinsvlsn stylo wslnut finish f inetie table and 4 chairs, aaeV room tat, wtuie ana gold .provincial design, consult ot double dresser and framed mirror, ting Is commode, doubla bed. spring and msttfess. See it aowl lui for complete s-reora grouping. Convenient terms JSTA Meat-real Road. 74t-17. S0 OFF tt4 LAWNBOT POWEB mowers. Green Valley Lumber, See Montreal Roe. 14t-4ll. 154 WHEEL HORSE. - GARDEN tractor. s4. Never used, with or without attach menta. Must tall. eje-ini. Butfavui. IPtl PHILCO HI-FI. tlM. WEST "a nppiianvaa. svta etuaa ton. 721-4112. BICYCLES 500, NEW. Fl H UP. SECOND nsnd. tit up aylee and Co., sos-107 Bsnk, betwsea MeeLaren Somerset Ue-evll. Ops Frldajr till pm. BRADLEY PIANO AND OMAN HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN WITH benca. tons cabinet, reveroers-lion unit, eoamlate, IMS: Hammond Spinet MX ta sat Deration unit and presets, tea 11SO: nam win ttm 1300. 72-14l- FACTORY .TRUCKS ; t-WHEEL OR 4-WHEEL, CHAIN BLOCKS OR TROLLEYS, WIRE ROPE CABLE, CABLE BLOCKS, FITTINGS, ETC M. ZAGERMAN CO. LTD. 100 Bayview Road, OlUwa, Ont TELEPHONS PAt-llll FIRE SALE CONTINUES t-Drswer Cbsst, ) unpalnted -plO. S-Drswar Chest, t c anna In ted -P I J. a-Drawar Cheat, 1 "7 unpalnted t-Drawer Desk, ) jl unpalnted -' 95 95 1 95 swar. 95 S Drawer Double Dr whiNimteel .... 11 - DrtwiT Triolet Dr sjiijMtated .... 95 ROTHAAAN'S FURNITURE 329 BANK STREET Opsa ta NIGHT SHOPPING BARN Detchenet and Lower Aylnvsr Bd. . opsa 7 la i pm. SAKRETE .CEMENT MIXES For Patching and Building. Just Add Water. ' CONCRETE MIX MORTAR MIX SANDMIX' M. ZAGERAAAN & CO. LTD., , 100 Bayview Rd. TL 720-311 Open Dally 7.30 a.m. to S p.m. Saturday 7.30 sjb. to 12 noon I SALE 'caK furniture a-no sq SMMKCASSS ...... coFFkr TABLES .......... vID END 0 TABLES i........ DININO ae TAB! ......., 0J DININO CHAIRS $10 AAATINEE FURNITURE 297A MONTREAL ROAD 740-S28S NOTE; Open Every Weekday Evening UntU 930 p.m.

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