The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1939
Page 10
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i-AGJ£ Tars. ·1'111'J DAlliV U O U K I K K . CONNEIjLSVIL.L.E. PA. WKUNKUAY, J A M j A K Y 2.), I'MU. Cooking School Menus LIGHTER TASKS Sl'OXGJG CAKE .. 8 ejtc* 2 cups sifted cake flour l'/4 cups granulated suj;nr 'n teaspoon salt »; cup lemon juice and rJnd of 1 lemon Put eggs and sugdr into large bowl o! electric mlx«r. Uting HlRh t^pccd of the mixer, beat the c£Cs and ;u£«ir for UO ir.lnutci,. Kcducc speed of mixer to Low. Told in lemon juice, rind, Hour and salt carefully; mixing lust enough to thoroughly combine Ingredients, Pour Into large tube pan which has not been olkd. Bake at 350 decrees F. .for 1 hour In a preheated oven. 3IEJUXGUI: CAKE '£ cup butter 3 teaspoons baking powder J ,i cup sugar )+ tenspoon salt 4 egg yolks 5 tablespoons milk 1 cup cake flour 1 teaspoon vanilla Cream the thortenlng and sugar using Uich speed of the mixer. Then add the cKS yolks, one at a time, and beat well alter the addition of each. Silt and measure the flour. Mix with baking powder and salt and add alternately with the milk and flavoring to the creamed mixture using Low speed of the mixer. Pour into two oiled 8 Inch layer cake pans. Spread with meringue and sprinkle with crated chocolate. Bake In a preheated roaster or oven at 375 degrees F. for 35 minutes. When cool spread cream filling bctacsn the layers. HE3UXGUE How to IVtake Cooking ReaS Fun Shown Those Courier's School ^ teaspoon baking powder ", cup grated German sweet i 4 epg whites 1 cup RUgar ^ cup sruicu merman sweet, cuocoioi'' Beat egg whites, sugar and baking powder until stiff and dry using High spool of mixer. Spread on cake batter. Sprinkle chocolate over meringue. CRE.Ur FILLING 2 cups milk 14 teaspoon salt ^ cup Hour 2 slightly beaten eggs 2/3 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla Scald milk. Mix flour, sugar, salt and eggs and stir into hot milk over Low he it on the electric unit. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Continue cooking fr 5 minutes. Cool and add vanilla. BROILE A 31EAL FISH 4 cupt mashed potatoes Salt and pepper Butter or French Dressing Lemon Slices Arrange fish, skin side up. and tomato flowers on lightly oiled plank, and sea ion. Place iood under broiler, turn switch and broil 10 minutes ·with the oven door rjiw. Remove plank from oven, turn flsh, season and arrange vegetables nround flsh in the following manner. Form well seasoned mabhcd rutabaga into rings, arrange on plank around fbh and fill \vith cooked peaa. Form potato rosttte* In center of tomato flowers by forcing mashed potatoes ihrouch pastry tube. Brush \%ith melted butter or French dressing and adjust plank so food is about if inches from broiler unit. Broil about 10 minutes. Serve on plank. Note: The broiler untl may be heated for 10 minutes before placing the iood under it. if desired. STEA3C COOKUR M E A L Stuffed Cabbage Sliced Carrots lUce Pudding Time -- -15 Minutes. 1 two-lb. fish fillet 6 cups mashed rutabaga 2 cups cooked peas 6 medium tomatoes STUPFEI) CABBAGE 1 medium head of cabbage 1 cup cooked meat, ground 1 cup cooked macaroni 1 teaspoon salt '- teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce J *s teaspoon finely chopped onion 2 canned pimentos sliced Cut oil lop of cabbage. Save to use for cover. Remove ctntcr of c.ibb.iec" so th»t only a shell remains. Mix together the meat, macaroni, salt, pepper, parsley, Worcestershire Kaucc. onion And pimentos. Fill cabbage shell with stuffing. Tic toj on shell. Place in deep well cooker \\lHi I cup of water. STEADIED SLICED CAKKOTS . 6 to 8 carrots '? teaspoon salt Pare and slice carrots Place around cabbage in cooker. STEAUKD KICK 2 eggs H cup sugar ft teaspoon salt 2 cups milk , 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup* cooked rice teaspoon nutmeg Beat eggs slightly. Fold in other ingredient*. Pour Into buttered pudding n:o d. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Cover. Put pudding mold on top of cabbage. Place the cover on the deep Veil cooker ana brlnR to steaming point on High heat. When steam flov,s freely from the vent, turn switch to Low best and cook for 45 minutes. 3EET JUXG tVH'H POTATO SALAD FILLING C medium cooked diced beets 3 cups beet liquid and water 2 tablespoons chopped green pepper H cup sugar 3 tablespoons lemon Juice U cup cold water 1 cup celery, diced !s cup uhito vinegar Salt Pepper 3 tablespoons unflavorcd gelatin Use liquid from beets and add cnoucli v.atcr lo make 3 cups. Combine *ll Ingrvd - cnta except cclatln, and boll for minute". Soak Kclatin in ] i cup cold v.alcr. Ad 1 dissolved gelatin to hot mixture. Pour into ring mold Cool and place In rcfrlgcr*.- 1or In harrfrn. 4 cups diced hot potatoes 1 teaspoon salt U teaspoon pepper 1-3 cup vinegar POTATO SALAD 1 onion, finely diced \' 2 cup celery finely chopped cup finely chopped gherkin, 1-3 tup thinly illctrd rudUhcs 1-3 cup mayonnaise Cooking can be fun--that's the impression the housewives of Connclls- ville cairied away from the first class of The Counci Cooking School this morning. This was ically a Aieat day for Conncllsvillc homcmakcis who had been looking ioiwar' to the annual school. Mrs. Dorothy Bathgate is n popular lecturer and her first rloss was more like a friendly meeting in neighbor's kitchen than a school. The cooking school kitchen, itself, vas a thing of beauty with its parkling white ccibmcts and equipment, its gay Mexican decorations, set off by pleasant, glowing light. The equipment in the kitchen is entirely operated by electricity and during he class Mrs. Bathgate dcmonstnted ts practicability and labor-saving qualities beyond a doubt. Mis. John M. Young welcomed the ,vomcn to the initial cooking class on ehalf of The Courier and mtioduced Mrs. Bathgate, and her assistant, Mrs. Lcmabel Party. "Lighter Tasks" was the intriguing subject Mrs. Bathgatc had chosen for tier llrst talk and she gave her audience numerous suggestions for sr-oit cuts to cooking perfection. All the recipes used during the class were given on the printed programs but many women made additional nc-tes so that they wouldn't forget the many "helpful hints. One of the highlights ot the class was undoubtedly the lesson in baking a true sponge cake. In making this cake Mrs. Bathgatc explained such 'undamentals as the effect of the age and temperature of the eggs, and how they should be beaten for greater volume. The women were amazed when she actually beat the eggs 30 minutes in the electric mixer for her ipongc cake. They were also tmazcc! at her revolutionary suggestion for baking an nir cake quickly. Next Mrs. Bathgate baked a tricky :onfcetion called mcimgue cake nnd later on, when this came from the electric roaster, there were cheers of approval :is it was .spread with a filling and served on an attrative old- fashioned cuke stand. The use of the- steam cooker or the o\cn for complete meals wcic two w.iy.s Mrs. Bnthgntr suggested fo.' making cooking tasks lighter. As she said, "the meal* are in the cooker or oven--but not on my mind. In fact, with the controlled heat m modern ranges, I could be 80 mile-! nway and the food would cook )u.'.t as well as if I were in the kitchen." She presented two dishes that u c i e such colorful works of art thai the women applauded them .-is they wore displayed under the mirror. On e d was a broiled pl.mkcd fish with torn; 4 ', ro.sei and rhutabaga cups flllrd with peas--the other a molded Swedish beet ring with potato salad. The mirror under which the 1 turcr shows each dish as it is fn- iihcd, is much appreciated by tho audience for it gives each woman close-up view. After the cookmi' been finished, Mrs. Bathgate answered Ihc questions that had been sint i,[) to her during class. Then came time to draw names to see who would take home the cakes and other products of the cooking class. This of course started a friendly rivalry for everyone wanted a chance to try Mrs. Balhgate's cooking. For her second class tomorrow Season potatoes with salt and pepper and marinate with vlnepar. Let aland until cold. Add rcmairlng ingredients and toss toucthrr lightly. To serve, place Beet nine on large round plate, place potato falad Jn it. ucc cupj around ring. eamWi with hard cooked ecus. Partly nil the center ot the rinc with khrcddcd lettuce and place a £rcen pepper cup filled with mayonnaise Jn the center. OVEN 3FKAL Lamb Chops on Plneipplc Rings Candied Sweet Potatoes Buttered Broccoli Steamed Prunes and Apricots Apple Dumplings Time--114 Hours Temperature--3DO Degrees F. CHOPS 0\ riXEAPPLE KINGS B pineapple rings 6 thick lamb chops 1-3 cup mint sauce Salt and pepper Put pineapple rJncs In, shallow roastinc pan and Iny n chop on top of each rlnif Pour mint sauce over chops. Scaion with salt and pepper. CANDIED SWEET POTATOES 6 sweet potatoes Juice of I ft or.inccs 114 cupi brown sugar 3 tablespoon* butter Special to rhc Courier. DAWSON, Jan. 25.-- The Ladies' Aid Society o£ Philip G. Cochran .lemoual Methodist Episcopal Church will meet at 2:30 o'clock Thursday ifternoon in the social auditorium. The hostesses will be Mrs. Carrie rlaas. Mrs. William Haas, Mrs. Harry Secfelt and Mrs. John MoiKan. Peel and cut sweet potatoes lengthwise and arrange in covered pan. Combine orange juice and sugar, and pour over potatoes. Dot with butter. BUTTEEKB BKOCCOM 1 bunch broccoli cup water teaspoon salt Wash nnd clean broccoli. Put Into an oiled covered dish with water and salt STEAMED PBILVES A3U APRICOTS H Ib. prunes jj lb . apricots 3 cups water Put prunes, apricots and water In covered container and steam with oven meal. APPJT.E DUMPLINGS Pastry for 2 cnut pic sugar 6 medium apples, pared nnd cored Butter Cinnamon Holt out pastry to ',1 Inch thickness. Cut into squares \ns-i cnoush to completely cover apples. Place apple tthtch has been peeled and corc.1, in square of pastry Fill center with lusar. cinnamon and n t.maU piece ot butter. Fold crust up over onole ·nil pinch securely so it will hold tosrclhcr on top. nub vM'i melted butter and ·prinkla with sujar and clnnamonn. Put dumplings In shall -w pan WAFi'LED TYAi'EBS « tablespoons shorteninz 2-3 to ^1 cup milk ',4 cup devilled ham 2 cups flour 74 teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons baking powder Seek Children';, Custody. GREENSBUHG, Jan. 24 Walter William JDomurot and Patricia Ann Domurot, by their father, William Domurot o£ Mount Pleasant township, petitioned the court here for an order directing Anna Rasky Domurot and Helen Husky Smith to appear in court and deliver them to the custody of their father. Judge Riehiud D. Laird directed a writ of habo.i? corpus. CInnKiiiK Scwinr; 1'rojcct. 25 --Diimiwal of all but two non-ielief bupervison, on Johnbtov, n's two WPA scsvirg piojecls w,ib diinouisccd by John-S. Gmter, administrative licld iuper- visor, who said the action was in conformity with advices from the Hnmsbur},' ofllce that -upcrvisois on sewlne prnjcef; be c!r.i\\n fiom rolii-i News of Tri-Town Commumfy Jail Dentist- Finds His Pocket Picked PITTSBURGH, Jan. 25.--Dentibt Frank Wood, after treating nine patients, missed $4 from a coat pocket. He had little fear of losing their business and so questioned each one carefully--but without lesultb. The loss otcuircd in the dental chamber of the Allegheny county jail. Kills "Hnoilcd Bandit." BELOIT, Wis., Jan. 24.--End of the "hooded bandit'.s" reign of terror was credited lo the ^on of Beloit's police chief. Charles Tuller, 19, fatally wounded Ned Lee, 35, cdl- ored, of Gary. Ind., after a filling station holdup. Culture Club's Seal Sale Bring In $603 The annual Christmas seal sale, sponsored by the Woman's Culture Club, went over the top according to a icport given by Mrs. Robert S. Cooper, general chauman, at a meeting of fhc club Monday afternoon. / Mrs. Cooper announced that $603.43 hadibecn tuined in and there are still some to whom letters were sent yet to be heard from. The health and bygone committee, ot which Mis. Cooper is chauman, in charge of the sale. Based on a population of 17,800, Conncllsville's quota of seals was set at $716, but as the last census showed only a population of a little over 13,000, the cctamittee sold more than its allotment. WAKE UP YOUR Without Calone!--And You'll Jump Oat of Be* ID the Motning Rum' (9 Go The Hvor »houM pour out two pounds of liquid bile Into your bowcla dntly.If this bile In not flov. inc f rcoly, your food doesn't dlecit. It just d«aj» in the bowrU Gn,» bloat* up our Btomach. You Ret conntipfttal. Your wliotc Batcm in pnliwncd nnd you f«l sour, sunk and the world looks punk. A mcrv bowel movement doesn't cet at the cmm?. It take* lhoi« cood. old Carter*! Little Llvor Pills to (ft the** two pounds of bill* flowing freely and roaVe you fcol "up and up." Harmless. ccnUc, yet amazlne In making bile flow freely. Ank *or C*.rtrr*« Little Liver Pills by nune. Ref*irv anything else. At all drutr stores. IV and 25^. Epworth Leaffiie The Epworth I eague pi ogrnm Sunday evening wns led by Mi*s Esthei Scatty. The topic wa;. "The Church Meeds Youth." the second of a unit ! on "Youth's Place in the Church." Kecovcrinp; From Flu. j Miss Mary Catherine Foi.sythe, a student at Penn State College, is convalescing from an attack of in- flucn/a at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Forsythe. Other Itcrns of Interest. Miss Mary Belle Whipkcy, a student of California State Teachers College, spent the mid-semester vacation at the nome of her parents, Mr. and Mis. P.. O. Whipkcy, of East Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Bower, daughters. Peggy and Betty, and sons, Bobby and Billy, of Notth Dawson were visiting in Belle Vernon Sunday. Miss Betty Sh.illenberger, a student of California State Teachers Collepc, spent the mid-semester vacation at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Shallenberger, in Main street. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Brown and daughter, Nancy Mae, of Pittsburgh, were week-end suests ot Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Husband of Bridge street. Miss Margaret Jane Madden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Madden of Vandcibilt .spent the mid- semester vacation of California State Teachers College at her home. Dcdinr* HOLLY WOD. Holes. J.m. 25.-- Sleek haired George Raft was oui of a job because he wouldn't go on being a screen gigolo, even for $1,250 n week. Paramount Studio released him when he refused to play the male lend In "The Magnificent Fraud." moi mr»K Mrv R.ilhgnts will give n pi Helical and uniely cMlcd "BuctKtt Me.iN " She'll include foods and cooking methods Ih.ti rro in"x- pcnsi\e enough to fit the mo t -t jron- elnd budget IJul while the .TH-ak for tomorrc*v,'i t.K»*-s arc inexpensive, they nrc aKo delicious for Mix. B.ith- gate behove* thn; simple fxxis c«m be prepared to suit the most exacting tnitc, She will cook rveveral complete meals of different prncvssc* on the electric range- . . . bake j.'lly roll, chocolate ecl.urx and fillet cookie-?, make a real flsh choudcr, and discuss vegetable cooking. Classes open at 9 o'clock. Mrs. Gcrhnrt M. Horcwitz, president of the ConncllsviUc Section of the Council of Jewish Women, will be hosier. Rich in the "protective" Quality that Safeguards Their Health U| curly, off to school mid tlion Inter lots of nimiinL: iiruuml ami playing · · · tin 1 }' need pncrity, ]Ionly of energy, the lilnd that they can irct with Fanners' .11 Ilk! Farmers' is rich in licaltli-glr- iiiu \itiimiiis and liutter-fnl. "The HonKli Guard" tliat lielps prevent colds. Children should drink at least a ( j u n r f n day. To he Mire you'll Imvc oiionirh, lie-tier h a t u the Farmers' millv man Icinc an extra quart each Irs. Bathgate-- again chooses Farmers' Milk for use in The Courier Cooking School found in. every bottle of is Chesterfield so/ten i/oifre fadc/iny /orJMore Smoiny Pleasure iJy combining (blending together) the right kinds of mild, ripe American and aromatic Turkish tobaccos, Chesterfield brings out all their fine smoking qualities and gives you a cigarette that's outstanding for mildness ... for aroma... for taste. When you try them you will know why Chesterfields give millions of men and women more smoking pleasure . . . why THEY SATISFY : the blend that can't be copied . the RIGHT COMBINATION of the world's best cigarette tobaccos The colorfulT.HAL SIMS, . master bridge authority and *£ player says, "It's the right ding and skillful tlay of the '""'^'that takes the tricks". --· *' ·- ~^*-^_«** "--^i£ 1957. licctrr 8. Mvris TOMCCO Cr

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