The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1918
Page 5
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·pvn-w/^. £fc*f* r~f .jTM- vrzr-f-TM?*' ' b- 1 ** 3 - *·*··* r" r ^ TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 1918 THE DAILf COURIER. CONNELi-SVILXfi. PAGE FIVE. TOY NOTES TELL WHAFS HAPPENING !N THE MILL TOWN Upper Tyrone Commencement To be Held at O\vJ enadale on Ma; 9. 'OREST FIRE MENACES DISTRICT 3re«ks Oat Jieu Seottdale Reservoir pie JFIgfct lor Sereral Hours to Sue- Iron Bmiig Brush Heap and Peo- loand It; Charles Brown Jnjnred. Special to The Courier SCOTTDALE April 30-- The cpm- -neacement esercises of Lpper Tjrone ·o-irasrdp will be held at the United Brethren church at Owensdale on Thursday evening, if ay 9 The lollow- ng program has b en arranged Invocation Rev F "ft Rislej, piano jOto, Edna Shallenbtrger salutatorj, Lillian Traxal. duet, the Misses Bell, reading, Roberta Huntlcr- irophecy, Margaret Fanner and Rose Crossan, violin solo, Theodore Minster, oration, Wright Tru^al, ·valedictory. Freeda Ottenberg, duet, the Misses Bell, address. Rev 1 E Hunk, iolm solo Theodore Minster, presentation of writing certificates B P O Peterson, piano soto, Edna Shallenberger Forest Fire. On Sunday night i forest fire raged near th* Scoitdale reservoir which drew a large crowd of sp ctators from Seottdale and Mount Pleasant. The fire was started, it was' stated b the setlrnr on flre of some brush that nad been fathered together large crowds of men gathered together and fought the fire lor several hour* before they got it under control For some time the howe of Fred Brown was in dan ger. Crltetor Head Blown Out. Coartee Brown of Chestnut street, employed by the H C Fnck Coke company, "was working near Union town on Sunday at one of the works ·when the cylinder head blew out of an engine and Brown was severely burned about the head and face. He wa» brought to his horae here anc. Jater removed to a hospital HeSociat The Girls' fraternity of St. Johns church gare a pie social in the Temperance hall last evening Miss Julia HJckey -was chairman of the committee » charge - Chju«re 1» Friee »f Mill. Oving to the price the producers are Mktag for their milk this summer, In conqHrneon with last rammer, the *4nme* Is price of feed, labor, ice, bottles, cape, etc.. the undersigned b«T« fixed the following prices for mine and cream, to take effect May 1, i MIS: none, per quart 13c straight, ndlk yet prat, 7c straight, milk one- halt gallon, 25c straight, milk per gaHo, 45c =-- aigbt; cream per quart, ' 60c straight, cream per half pint, 13c straight. At this price people of this coramtmity will be getting their milk at Xrwer prices in comparison to their neiibbcirtnK towns. The dairvmen of Greenstmrg charge 14c per quart, , whfle at ConneUsTHle 15c City Dairy Company, Clark S Hough, L. D Meda- g*r, George K«nr, C. D Adams -- Adv TMuil«ii OpenUoa. ' Jfrs. Ed Werkman. and daughter ( S»r» -were In Pittsbnrg over Sunday Ttatttat ICrs. John Rice, who underwent an operation at the Passavast hwpltal yesterday. , CMBBtttee Head* At a meeting of the Hl-Y club 'Wil- Ifc-ua BeddowB was chosen chairman of 0M ooefel committee, and Clyde ' Keflr ***'"'*"i of (he school eom- give a service flag to the high school It will have a jtar lor every graduate of the high scHool in the service, also for every member of the faculty. Stacki of Frtttr Clotke*. At prices |ou can well and easily afford to pah--you will always save ?3 to »5 herjs for the same kind of * garment and be Jnst as well treated n every way and perhaps even bet- ,er than elsewhere A little money goes a long ways here Anything you .veai for child; infant, Miss or Mrs s here in abundant selection and at lowest price "When you think ot clothes remember this store. Broadway Ladies Store Seottdale, Pa. As ou get oft" the car--Adv Other yews. Dan OBrien and F W Byrne have returned from a trip to an embarka- Iricnos vritb tno lldlh regiment tion camp wt-ere they went to visit Miss Francis Cupp of Wilkinsburg is visiting friends here Miss Alicia Maloy of Dniontown Is the guest of her sister. Miss Elizabeth Maloy Miss Martha Werkman spent the week-end at Morgantown W Va , with her brother"*John Among the people who attended the funeral oC Mrs Catharine Brownneld here were' Charles W Brownneld, Blngbamton, N T Mr and Mrs. James Farkey and daughter Miss Ddna, of Pitcai-n, Mrs Amos Farley of Shadyside Mr and Mrs James A Baldwin of Greensburg Miss Gertrude Keefer of Youngwood, Mr and Mrs Henrv Cxline of Ruffsdale, George Cassidy of Connellsvllle, Mr and Mrs Ambrose Diehl of Uniontown MS TO LADIES! LOOK YOUNG, DARKEN CRAY HAIR Use the Old.Trme Sage Tea and Sal. pkar and Aotodv flill Knew. Gray bair, however handsome, denotes advancing age We all know the advantages of a youthful appearance Your hair is your charm It makes or mars the face 'When it fades turns gray and loolu streaked, just a te-w applications of Sage Tea and Snlphur enhances its apearance a hundred-fold Doa't stay gray' Look young' Either prepare the recipe at bom* or get from any drug store a bottle of Wyeths Sage and Sulphur Com- ponnd," which is merely the old-time recipe Improved by the addition oi ·other ingredients Thousands of folks recommend this ready-to-use preparation because it darkens the hair beautifully besides, no one can possibly tell, as it t darkens so natural!) and evenly You moisten a sponge or soft brush with ft, drawing this through the hair, taking one small strand at a time By morning the gray hair disappears, after another application or two, its natural color !· restored and it becomes thick, glossy and lustrous and yon appear year* younger Wyethss Sage and snii*i»r Compound is a delightful toilet requisite It is not intended for the cure mitigation or prevention ot disease. of 17 of the Seottdale Mjfc ·ebool 1* ni«*llu preparations to PQNUI HDHET PREPARATION tan Tears ago Dr. Kilmer's was introduced in this and -we do not believe there Is » Medicine oa the market that has more unlTerssI astisfaction. who has taated its value very favorably regarding it- Very truly yours TX H. CUHNWQSMt * SON, Druggist*, SwMBHtoot WUI Do Foi " dead ten eeaU to Dr. Kilmer ft Co , Binckuaton.'N. Y., for a sample size bottle. It will convince anyone. You will also receive a booklet ot valuable information, telling about the kidneys and WaTMer "When writing, be sure and mention The Consellsville Daily Coorier Medium and large size bottle* tor sale at all drug stores. -- adv CABBAGE AND SADSAGE WOMAN'S DIET "I have doctored with U»e beet doe- tors in the United States Some said one thing and some another was ail ing me and all wented to cut nre open but Man's Wonderful Remedy saved me so now I eat cabbage, sausage and mything I want to Nothing hurts me" It Is a simple, harmless preparation ttrat removes the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and all»yi fee inflammation which causes practically all itomach, lirer and intestinal alhnentx, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. A. A. Clarke.--Adr When a pott cardwillbnng free samples CUTICURA S8AP which give ! quick rehrf and point to speedy heal merit Bathe withCuticunt Soap and hot w a t e r a n d follow with a __ gentle apph cation of Cuticura Ointment This relieves itching, burning eczemas, rashes, etc., and points to speedy healment in most case] of severe skin trembles when it seemed noth ing would do any good The million of Cuticura is not only to soothe and heal but to prevent skin trouble! by keeping the pores free from impurities by daily nx in the toilet Sample Each free by MuL With S o. book oo the ifan. Addra» sat nrd ·'C* l i..,D.»t.«T o-- 1..." Bold ·nrrwhtre. StopSc. OintMstBaadSOc. SAVE YOUR TfTTH ACCUIATKM FITTED GLASSES. A. LTBCker, Oph. D. OFTOHETRIST. Manhattan Cafe -- THE -- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, ·Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade ' NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. Children'!* TTblte Canvas Ankle straps sizes Q^C 5 to 8, Special Misses' Wkite Canvas Shoes Lace style, -white ivory soles, size 8% to 11, fl»1 Af Special $l.tO KOBACKERC " f THE BIG Childn n's Black Patent Outlier Tumps Ankli strap sizes (P-j f7K 5 to S -special at "P J-« ' « Misses' Black Patent leather I'tunne V i i t i Ankle straps fl?-j QfJ sizes 8', to 11 Special wA.Jtl Smart New Spring Shoes Pumps and Oxfords Styles, Values and assortments to Make This the Logical Shoe Store For You. .95 The Cadet $7.95 Exceedingly pretty new Ores Kid Shoes, lace style Louis heel 0 in tops. Priced elsewhere at ?JOOO at*"tho Big Store 1 J8 95 Women's Black Kid Shoes Lce style, Lorns heel, all sizes Special at ft 45 Snapp} new Brown Kid Lace Boots full Louis heel 9 In tops value priced here at 5795 BOTS' Gun Metal Shoes . Terj Popular $5.95 Dressy all black glaze kid high lace s'yle Louis heel, 9 in tops $7 50 value at $5 95 The Military $8.95 Very umart, Field Mouse Kid w uh cloth tops to match new military heel I*nJtation tips special $8 95 $4.45 _ $3.45 English style laco sizes 2^4 to 5 ] /4 Special at $3 45 _ $3.95 Women's Broun Kid Shoes Lace style, military heel, imitation tips, A real ?5 value at $3 95 (FLAG COUPON) H01T IOU CAtf GET A SPIENDEB. FIAG FOE LITTLE XOKET. All that is nece4sary for you to do is to clip the coupons and bring or send them to The Dally Courier office with $1 49 and the beautiful Flag is yours ft Description--The flag is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide, rainproof ·and sunproof American bunting--absolutely fast colors Stripes sewed double stitched Has strong canvas heading and metal gromments rhli 810 Foot Flat fer Co«)Mns of Consecutive Dates and $1.49 Cash. Note --If ordered by Mail add lOc (or packing and postage CMP THIS FLAG COUPON 10DAT ! and with required cash for Flag send to Flag Department , THE DAILY COURIER ' 1291-2 W. Crawlori Ale-, CONSELLSMLLE, PA. Name- Street or R. F D No- Town Too wffl ftnd them In our id. column! D.D.D. for Eczema A Um Wash tor SUm Mwasc J C. Moore DrucEMt. Water St ConnftllsvllU War Garden Couoon Do yon want a garden plot'- Location She . Do you need plants * - When wanted .No. . . Kind- Do you want your garden plowed' . . Location . Do you need fertillxer? .Kind . DOTOU have plot yon would allow others to Location Size Your Name Your address Please fill out and return to Peter R "Weimer s store East Crawford avenue Bell Telephone Volunteers More than 700 employes of this organization are now enrolled or in actual military service, including two batalhons of Signal Corps Reserves A large portion of these Bell volunteers are telephone engineers and technically trained men They leave gaps m ojr ranks not easily filled. Their loyalty in the service of the public has been proven and there is not a man who would not give the same large measure of devotion wherever the path of duty leads · One of our greatest problems is to readjust our organ izat on and at the same time to take care of the increased telephone traffic with as little impairment to the service as possible Loan for Liberty through the Liberty Loan! The Central District Telephone Company £ F Patterson, Local Manager Uniontown, Pa Garden making time }8 now m full blast and the seeds and all garden making equipment is available at our stores A little good weather and e\erv man will want a hoe, a rake, a spade, and other equipment Ground properly prepared then you T\ ant your seeds We have a great variety of vegetable and tomato seeds at moderate prices, cabbage and tomato plants readj now foi transplanting at very reasonable prices. These plants are grown on our own propertj especially to supply the demand of our own people. They consist of Cabbage Tomato, Celerj, Peppers Beets, etc There is also a good supplv of lawn mowers 5n all the different sizes and all other necessary tools for gaidenmg, keeping the lawn In order, and other spring uses Spring also suggests whitewashing We can supph you w 1th the whitewash brush and the white lime ard oi r stock of seeds, flower and vegetable plants garden tools ,la»n tools and other equipment, \\e are prepai ed to assist you with the work 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. PETET IH3OC--We Swpeet It's Work, Hot Beans, That Doesn't Agree With Bill BT C. A. VOIGHT \ CAWT BO IT -- NOW IF \T POWT "You To GET A HELP ME.

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