The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 29
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apis, run N in AVAILABLE duploa. parfcl 201 (Coat. TT i-bedkoom AW Hw. .'.'AVAILABLE, upper fee-117. I IIDIOOH earai,. Arthur. -- vliw.'T71.oSwl, i-aata. AVAILABLE. BACHELOR, CEN iSlE tral. equipped, eU. Ml Ul sa.ja71. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY, WP- par duplex. 1 uedruuni squin-ped. BldiacBoBl ana. aM. ia- BfJf. ACHELOB APABTMENT. SXLF-eonuinad, vary central. Sse-leOl. 1 Metcalfe. BACHELOR APABTMBMT. BATH, kite baa. bedelttlng. newly deco rated. Evenings til SOIs. Unique In The Beauty Of Its Setting SPACIOUS BACHELOR. 1-. 2-, 3 BEDROOM APTS. The Sandringham 85 RANGE ROAD 234-6377. Owned and manaea by the . Oraal Want Ufa Inauranca Co. BANK AND HOLMWOOD. 1-BED- raorq apartment, aapi room, aqutnaad. S7S. room, ttlii, raitiearator avail- aola. Boyal Truat Ce BEAUTlrlTL, I-SEDROOM, JUrNT reoucao. newly airorateo. parn- mg. Ta-aaia. BBITAIfNIA. EXCLUIIVE MBO- room apllt wval aparimant. coruiowa ajoao: ana. bo Truat Company. 13-4. r aupartntanoant. (a-. BRIGHT. 1 BEDROOM, CENTRE Town, equipped. CENTRE TOWN, MODERN. MBW- ly oacoratao, wall to wan c pata, HO. TM-M40. CENTRALi I BEDROOM. UMt waiB-ia cioaata, unnc roony wiin flrealaaa., and built-in book-ahtlvaa, 4laatta. Duneannoa Apt 131-M1. -. CENTRAL. AND 4 . ROOM apartments. Cooper. iso-aaa CENTRAL, 1-BEDROOM APART- men!. . naataa. aqulppad. ). TU-414S. CENTRAL. MODERN BACHELOR. paicony. carpeted, TV SU. 1U-S1S1. CHURCHILL AVENUE. 1 BED- rooma I at Tioor. wci. - A- taa- 40S. T1S-IOTI. . Britannia Park Apartments ZEPHYR AND MARIE Modern, new apartment in beautiful park like aettbtf, plenty of room for children to play, recreation and entertainment within Welkin, distance, convenient' to schools and public transportation. . $68 $83 1-Bedroooi Aparttnenta (raaa . . . t t-Bedroom Apertawnta ef Our Office Opea Dally From 1 to 9 pjn. 828-2144 CHURCHILL CARLINO AREA 1 nenrooma, amms. imn roome, waeher, dryer. October. SSb. -aj7 . . CLEMOW-BRONSOM. 1-. S-BED- ronm apartmcnta. aqaipptd. saa- 44S1. SU-1737. CYRVILLE. UPPER DUPLEX, neetea. named, farase, eteeirv- EASTVrrW. LAROE t-BEDROOM apartment, romsoiaiua, (round Ooor. ass-issa. EASTVIEW, LOWER DUPLEX, t pearounw, aunroom. oinene. Plaoom,earae, ftls, Oct. t- EASTVIEW. I BEDROOM FLAT, around floor, newly aoeoiatea; Sao. a Barrett Street. 144- SOS1. ELECTRIC BTBEET. a BED- rooma. aaa, aquiapaa. ouiis. SHS-asm, avanlnaa. ELOIN AREA, SPACIOUS S-BID- room apartment. eaJcoay. aepc U SU. S1S-SS7S. i ELGIN AND LI SOAR. NEW SIC- llon, I tiiaroam aparuneoL . APARTMENTS ECHO DRIVE Excellent location, bachelor, two and three bedraoma, immediate and later possess ioe. Ewmirp 725-2352. . CARUNG AVENUE Near Cartlniwood, sir-conditioned, two bedrooms, parkinf. immediate Boesestron. Evenlnc caU 72S-23KL - . . LAURIER AVE. W. Near O'Connor, one or two bed-rooms, moderate rents. October 1st poaaeaaion. Evenings caU 725-235X ' . C. A. FTTZSIMMONS ' AN0 COMPANY LTD. Realtors 232-7185 ELGIN, VICINITY ARMY HBAD- quartare. I Badrsuaa. aaa, aaa- FLAT. I BEDROOM. LIGHTED. na GENEIT aTREET. fie. S-BED- room laaainani apaniaani. ehea emqulppe. 171. immadl-ate. Boral Truat Compaay. SM- GLADSTONR BEDROOM. SU, Immediately, equipped, (arace. ais-asi. GLEBE, a BEDBOOMS, HEATED llshted. equipped. Ml. Sis-SOM GLEBE 1-nCDROOM. GROUND! naar. aaadern apartmeat. m- eiudtna waener. , aryer. fine. October. Baaen Avenue si Broom. SM-af. GLEBE. , 1 BEDROOMS. ELEC tricaiiy aquippea, paraina. t34-assa evenlnas; 111- l-ISM eye. - - ' GLEBE, a BEDROOMS.; LIVING n, amina room, ecreener ch. SI10. Oaraae. $10. Morn a. -!. or evonlnge PXIM GLEBE. S BEDROOMS, ELEC tncally eqiipovn aas sw-i-ia .Ae til ii l.ta.h.thUlUA.H.t UHiVUtt "W s w w a m wain, w ww w 1 r. I MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1004 THE'OTTAWl JOURNAL T 29 miitimiimin 201 iPTLRAniOin ICeaL from PTooomng rnliwi) ATTRACTIVE, a BEDROOMS. . wuM, dryer, larage. 1110 7ae-we. AVAILA tU IMMEDIATELY, bedroom flat, Wat Bad. Norman. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER. MOD- ern s-bedroont epertmentai 11 Boy tUHi, wrighivllie. TWO. AVAILABLE OCT. t, t BED- large kitchen, recnen. wring Ta-9M. reel end. AVAILABLE. - BID BOOM apartment, redecorated, get; li black alt Montreal Road. 1 black from Oratta. CES-leoe. AVAILABLE OCT. I. OLOUCE8-tar Street. 1 bedroom, electrl-call equipped, claws,. 173. 71s-. SllS AVAILABLE MMEDI A T L Y. aublat upper duple. 1 bed-rooana, den, Imlouny, epacioue freuada. MO; unhealed, aaar Tuaneys Feature. Apply 110 Cowley, romtr Peatlae. OWNER LEAVING CITY 1-8EDR00M APT. SUBLET OCT. 1 t mouth rant free, alas brand new arepartea an 'picture window. s THE SE1GNORY APTS. - Warteanburs Street Overlooking park. Una parch, alee naw lunutura tor sale. CALL 232-6654 Morulas or Evenings AVAILABLE. li BEDBOOMI. electrically equipped. unpen. 970 Vicinity Technical High School IVT-MM. AVAILABLE. UPPER DUPLEX, private entrance, naar Caruer, parkin. Adulu. CES-SOSS. AVAILABLE. MODERN, 8EMI-beasmenl. I bedroom. eantraL Mo. 1M-I141. AVAILABLE. ONE - BEDROOM apartment. Bept. l, aqulppad, naar Mounted Police. 1MS- 007. f AVAILABLE. MODERN 1 RED- room. living room, kitchen elee-trieeM? aqulppad. Oct I. 73. 100 Weverley. aornar Elfin. 131-iJtl CAMPEAU RIVERSIDE 'COURT 4 FURNISHED MODEL APARTMENTS AwBit your lntpection Bachelor, 1-, and 2- and l-bedrobrn. Rent ttait at $88 : Rental Office 733-2915 Opan Dally '1-9 p.m. Saturday 10 to S p.m. Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. '' .. . . - - COLONEL BY TOWERS Overlooking baautifat Dow'i Lake, corner of Bronaoo and Holmwood Avenue. '" 233-5978 " '!, ' Bachelor, 1- and 2-bed-Toom apartments avail-1 able immediately. Rent tart at, ' : . ;,' i'o $95 " CHAMPLAIN TOWERS Luxury 4-Bedroom Suite and Beautiful Bachelor, 1- Bedroom . Apt, and 2-Bedroom Apta. are available at , Ottawa' , moat noteworthy addreea, the Cbamptain Towers. RentalOfflc 7454897 200 RJdeaa Terrace ' '.! .tY... t'u i :, ii. f,'v " ;: ,3- -' rt 1 1 r " KING 'EDWARD ' .. In the heart of the city' 110 Stewart St, 235-3501 Bachelor and 1-Bedroom Apt. AraDabl for Im mediate occupancy. Rent tart at ' ' : $92.50 CAMPEAU 201 im. ran to lh Can. araaa Pumaine Coliunn) I OLE BE, 1 OB 1 . BEDROOM. anodera anartmema. aqulppad. e and 7v-lii. a BEDBOOMB. BUM. pecch, ainm room, aqulppad. parkin, . 1-l-Ull. GLEBE, a BEDBOOM. LTVINO. mine: iw em inceiiy equip. Raa. 1-14M adulta. , 124- O ROUND PLOOB, 1 BEDBOOM, fully aqulppad, central, rent ; HULL. t. S-BEDBOOM APART, menu, electric aloe a. SaS-sse. T7T-41M. IMMEDIATE. SUBLET BALANCE of leaao. i nanroom. pars ma. IRENE CRIgE EENT. t BEDROOM anaiunaill. s-oeoieom apartment. 10S. equipped. Sepi. 1. rarninB. aaa a,ea. Anna mlr.irr fjvfMa aAAU a DaoTOonio. oacoraia 10 inn ienant. eantral. 1100. SSS-S4T&. S31-077S. U4-3M1. WEST END 1 - BEDROOM SUITES tW 2- BEDROOM SUITES $100 and $105 ! i- Between Waatsata and Carl Ins-wood Saupplas Centree-ianl'nr aeretra. Electrically equipped. Pros parkin. Bus transport Uea st "ur. 232-3741 Evg. 722 9110 722 )613 t ian a amannul rjjrTU euy aauippaa. newiy oecaraiew. so, avauaaw on. i. lea-mv. LABOR BEDROOM APART- mant. with baieany; atoew and ' retrnaratef optkmal. Somer-aet Wset or ArUngion. a ta LOWER DUPLEX, BAYSWATXB Avenue, i Oct 1 Mac LA HEN. METCALFE, t BCD. rooms, equipped. Oct. . L 711- 1391, eventnae. . - ' ' MANOTICK. S-BEDROOM UPPER oupiea. equippea, neaioa, nant-ad, . Children, welcome, iia- S31S. MODERN 1 -BEDROOM APART, meat, colorful bathroom, waah-l er. array, parking Incluoed. US AjBcaaee anvn. MODERN. MAIN FLOOR. S veranoan. veaatlana. narmln. I Sloe. 14 Electric T- MODERN, BEDROOM APART. ment, wan End, Silo, sn-tsis. Reserre Your Ah--CotKlitloird . - t , SuiUat the ' AUGUSTA Corner of Rldeau and Augusts 1 and 2 BEDROOMS C Q3 from I firnlahed on Request.. . 233-3611 ' 749-7248 MODERN, GROUND PLOOB, aelf-oontamed l-baooom. SM at Anarew. uttrn. in aaaa. NEAR MINE BUILDINO, MOD- equtpped, parkktr. 1SS. CX- aoea. NEAR ORLEANS, MODERN S- tranea, faraaa, heeled, apacteua awunaa. 7aaaea. NEW. 1-. S-, S-BEDROOM APART- anennj, anooerm njwie, anwa. ' IKhted. set am. Loala TrUey . im -neeiior,- raa eawn e man, TJl-47a. 201 apil. iutj to in (Coat, Iraat Piieaaln Ceeuaae) NEAR UPLANDS AITtPORT AND auvaratde. Oovanunent Bumilnee, 1 hadraem. alatertraily equep-l pea, traa aavrBin. saa-uee. NEWLY DECORATES. I . BED- room, amlae. Wit aaonuuy. e4- NEWLY DECORATED. ELECTBJ- cally equipped, a awdrooma. s CaerlevoU. Seetvlew. r4e-ae. NEW EDINBURGH. LAROE 1- pearoum aparunem. aquipvea. OCT. 1. WEST END. I BEDBOOM and eeperete tiautm and living room, equipped kitchen, carport. St "Tr NEW ' WENTW0RTH PLAZA Two Luxury Apartment . Buildinc In the Heart of Downtown Ottawa. ' Individual heat eontrota, kitchen exhauata, elr-condltlootng. uiater TV fTft. balcanleaV gwlmaaln poola, parkin ?Zh'doh $ido BACHELOR an a BEDBOOMS AVAILABLE r and Super fail at pramkiaa, Telephone 234-e065 ONE . BEDBOOM APABTMENT. electncally equipped, eentrel 1M-7IH, looaJ SM. SM to a la ONE . BEDROOM APARTMENT. eiectrtcauy equipoea. pu. m OTTAWA SOUTH. S-BEDROOM heated apartment la triplex, aso, parkin, Mature avdlaa or only. ciO-lOal. couplel OTTAWA SOUTH. 1 BEDROOM. electrically equip pea. Beptamner. as. saa-USa. SU-lala avwnlaga. OTTAWA SOUTH. 1ND FLOOR. Baatea, itgntaa, ana, aaa aaaa. OVERBROOK. AVAILABLE, large s liaaruuin. awva. stss. T7 1-4351. PHONE saa-aJS FOR DETAILS en modai a 1 -bedroom apartment ta Centre Town. eat. light and perking tacloaed m law rear. REASONABLE BENT. QUIET. aomtartable baehalor apartment. aaaayalda heleaciy. Apt. aos, SM Unsay. See Manager Weat- wortn rtaaa. BJCHMOND ROAD, I BEDROOM. onoaera. eejutppaa. bbv: aaaneior. SOS. Parkin. 7aa-lM PA1-I47g. SANDY. HHA APARTMENTS. S0 up. persM,. elevator, laanaro- mev. rv i aimer Banc, zo-iaee. SANDY HTLU 1 . BEDROOM electrically equipped. . fee. STROLL ON THE BANKS ' OF THE RIDEAU RIVER FROM -V "THE LEXINGTON" Indoor Swimming Fool Broodloom Van Spacious 1 and 2 Bedrooms sua up. 733-7884 SubeMiary of Trandaotter Dev Articles for Sate Articles tar Sale ArtSclea Wanted aosA SM Farm tmpteesaati aos Peel far Bale N Market Bs, SOT Pet Steak Poultry -Uveattrk Tredln Peel Personals . . Paianaall . ITerath Horn at f 401 Ernployrrasnt ale Help Waate - EI. SZLZJZTZL. ' Ltt go r.m.l, Bala Waate So aaaplayment Waate mt Taaaka. Aantvereary Maes. imam caarae saia ORDER YOUrjOURNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! Arnouncemerirs let 104 las M nli 1SS lesA let ioe . IMA loss log Cards af ,.11 , Where to Os 111 us r set AOartrrnWtS A a ai he ante. Fhwa to Wealed BY PHONE 236-75U A Ink era, are aa awry anOy S B-1 pav) eamrdey a aaa. le 1 fua AT THE COUNTER ' Coaramaa aaraonenaa aarrtea svanabte to ad at thai a at The Jeureei Beueing. sUaa Flear. weakdaFa tram S am. to pas. Sataraeya (ram i aav to la awaa, ' ANNiOUNCEMENTS - Csraa an maOTiaae, ra per warn, I at. P watlam Laaaa Mattoai. f per war. QU I Charge aaaaj . , . v . , . . . . , r . . Legal WaHna. taaawra, sag per Leaa. NOTE; Enaigeaieiila. Marring with a wtJaawt ptewaraa. agyanr aa Social pane. .201 on, pan to in I (Coot, from araoadln Calumnl' SANDY HILL. SPACIOUS S-BED- roomeiectrtcauy equip ped 11S. SAKDY HILL. 1 . BEDROOM apartmanta, f7s. and Sao. xla- SANDY HILL, SUBLET. ROOMS. to mmulaa- welklny, dlatanee Centre Town. Stove, retrlger-'ator. heated, alaea. 41 Temple-ton. Apt, e. SlS-7a. evenings. SANDY HILL. I . BEDROOM apartment, aqulppad, parkin, reaaonable. S1443S2 SELF CONTAINED t - BEDROOM apartment. 170. IT Fourta Avenue. SEPTEMBER IS. UPPER DUPLEX. 1 large rooma. a4 I legar. u-UeS. evenlnga. SEPT. 1. I - BEDROOM APART. mem, era, RU-M41. SOMERSET AND BOOTH. I BED- raam. sad Boor. iai. ONLY A FEW ARE LEFT IN THE FAIRCREST Ottawa's Largest and Finest Smyth Rd. and Riverside Drive 733-5911 SPACIOUS BEDROOM UPPER duplex. Backoiuia area, available Oct 1. raS-ICTt, avanlnaa. SUBLET. 1 BEDROOM. . S83 Slater street. Apt. a. aavawaa. morning a. SUBLET. NOV. I. 1 BEDROOM, electrically equipped. SSI. 7U- j, aa4 SUBLET. OCT, BEDROOM. equipped town houee, perking 71-44. TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically equipped. Appiy ae Bxleeu Terrace. Apt. - UPPER DUPLEX- 4 BEDROOM, a bethrooana. Britannia Park. aia-aaaa. . UPPER DUPLEX, BEDROOMS, heated, lighted, 71. isa-SUl. mvn DUPLEX. S-BEDBOOM. . heated, parkin, avwUnhia. JS- TS1S. 401 UPPER DUPLEX, 5U LISGAB. Sept. is. ss. aia-Tsea, EASTVIEW l-and2-Bdoom Apartments 4r1 waaaaNtnaaaf4kePale) newly Parkin. $78 ., $100 749-7896 UPPER DUPLEX, a FLOORS, T rooms. October 1. unequipped. na-17 as. aia-easa. a ta a p-m. UPPER DUPLEX, 8 BEDROOMS. noi equippen, anenv VERY LARGE. ONE BEDROOM apartment. Hanover kitchen, alee-' trtcauy equippea, pawn, as VERY CLEAN, t BEDROOM e pertinent, close to wanapor tlon. ataopptaaj, redecorated. 7: WAVEXLEY, , ST, I. BEDROOM apartment, aqulppad. S7S. Available ImmeSlataly. Boyal Trust jo, si taoo. BO Babr MT sTaMfttoBfi V4ta7ant . Rooms set Room to Let SO Reams Waate eg Room and Board Real Estate SI Beneee tar Sam MIA Apta. far Sale ToSA '1fS ntA fcapartp to Bent Oel at Tone Piuueiam BYMAIU asrav Ada amy at Sana appear DEADLINES Ti 201 ami. wts to in (Can, from wiaaaSIn Column) Yll WEST END. MODEBH S-BED- room lower aparunena. uoae w school, transportation. Heeled. f 110. SSS-SDU. WEST END. 1 AND S BEDROOM. healed, parkin. TSS-a4as. WEST END LABGE. SaODERN 1- bedroom apartmenu gnu. au Tweedamuu-. T11-SZ71. WEST END, VACANT, t - BED- iwu eperuaeni. w. . eery clean. Central. 714-1044. evenaua. 7SS-07SO. WEST END. 1 AND 1 BEDROOMS upper oupvjk. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT ' I avodera butioia. i-entre ra Town, iluda la wardT parking, heel, ugnt laeii low rant. e none no 1-ROOM APABTMENT. EGUTP- 1 - e.M WUM oua.. fAP-aaaa. 1 BEDROOM. MELROSE HEAR Oledetone. 70. aaS-SSl. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT, ELEC- trloally aqulppad. Sea. available Immediately, rent free month September. Apply Superintendent. Apt. l ne-aesi. net snu. ling ton. A New Apartment Addre University Arms 45 MANN AVE. fSandr R1H Location) I Minutes Walk to Centre Towav 20 MORE VALUE Than Comparable Suites LAROE 1- A 1-BEDROOM SUITES FREE RESERVED PARKING $98 232-2987 733-1622 tl 1 BEDROOM. BALCONY. HEAT- ad. ugntea. aao. iot px- nnorow. 1 . BEDROOM APARTMENTS, aulet. modem, clean. Ilreatoof, parking, laundry facilities, janitor sao up. s Crtohtoa. 74- . SS14. v. BEDROOMS. LTVINO AND DIN- Ina room. Bandy Hin. aao month. Security Baal BaUta. S4- TSSS S . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Mo- Arthur Puu pad, heated Arthur Plana, electrically equlp- iioa. 74-etan. a-BEDROOM SEMI -BASEMENT apartment, electrically equipped, tss per month. Oct. 1. TU-4011 a REDItOOMB. arrrCHEM. BATH. room, aaronq uoor, ai taornan. CE4-SVSV, BEDROOMS, MODERN CHOICE weet End location: tree parun. . BEDROOM APARTMENT, M Irvma room, utcben. bauiroom, baacment, free parkin, plus-la neater, rzv-soee. BEDROOMS, DININO BOOM, kitchen. 13 wiuow. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT. OCT' ooor i. van Tsa-siix. LARGE BOOMS. KITCHEN, bath and eundeck. SB Falrmont- THE CANADIANA Centrally kweted i ted at ee Daly A' ipertroeatoffers -, eenet one bodrooo Thla new aparhswat, afncleawT. aaral oni 1 or 8 uenronwa equippea with dktbwaahera, an other aiodecn liaturia Model eulU open tor mepecupn daily 1 to Sv pjn. Im medUle end later occupancy. Tel 715-1 Ul C A. FTTZSIMMONS ft CO. Lunlted REALTORS XU-71SS Yes Para Cottaaaa far Sale T10A Cottagea tar Rent TIOB Cottage Low jar Ba Cottages Wahfe Used Cars Autos ear Bala Autos Wanted Tracks and TrmOera . oan Miscellaneous 0g Aucttoa (II kneorrect Insertion amy. ear aert say n aaatrnewona wllaout M. TUA Reeorta Tie Bnemam OppsronMsg fU Finaarlal TU Warehouse Spaaa Cleealna Ada lecillad before B sja, (IS u. Thareasy. 1 was. Se turner) aaay ba awerted the MiowU piimlalrinB day. tiiwiiwiiB ISA aw. Sat asaaa any. CORREaiONS AND CAfCELLATlONS . Cwneiiiliaia ahould ba erdered bafara-aha una tnaartlna. Allowance ana ba ehaaa far ana aants amy aa enaoetieo are raoatved before am Monday to FrMay, 1 pjn. aaturaay . Bad a aa. to pat. Sunday. Befunde will be rveo aa anuae or aaneeile awarrlnas. Wbea oanoalllng aa Ad ovmand 'KM' ' Bos Nunibera Whsa Bead couat si tbras (3) word. rTfuree la troupe, each mWaL sNireTUOoos, sign count , ' , as 1 word. TeJepriCfi aumber, 2 worda. Coat of auUUai Bos Rapllea, 10c not refundable. It la advlaabw to Bse Name, Addreea and TaJevaooe Number for better results. Rates apply to prrr advwrtisers ecuy. ' ;- '?r':?ewt ii? ;.la..'...v fje& . nsmwt ia. tattTwtw. .'........ sWiaiiB it';;;;.'.".;.: :.. NAME ......... .....:............e ADDRESS r. 1 No. 1 1 Mai tm CLASSIFIED ADS, 1HI OTTAWA XWbIAI, 3S7 Qwsssi treat, Ottawa. ' ' I I. . I ... I - ,i I No. e I 4th l4He7th Write O- I Ward I as KBeh ( tfm Were, l tmt Vmm Ttme TlBetoTfae ,"" , . ... . . ' ' , . I I 1 I 9 J I ! Free H-7 Free" ) . ... . ( II M IM Frea. 2J7 Free j , ) - ' t li Ji , IM Free - IM TtwwT ' . ' 1 ' j l .78 l- Free ' j Ul Free j ) . '.lt J84 J Frea. ) 8.78 FrasT , I t - ' 1 ' JH Ul Free 4J8 Free I I r I 18 ' ' Tw" ' X48 " Free 4J1 Free I ) , j li" m XM Frea 4J Free h- 1 - j . t 16" IM . 2.78" Free , AM Free y I - j " I l I U4 I li Fre TiT Free I ' I I I T M U M Frea ' l- Fre . ": ' V'"'- . w M1WMUM aW0M Att - '. : ," p a - .201 n, flits Tout I tCoax, Mm pieeaain Calunml MINT0 ' i'a Most Honored Builder Ottawa"! Garden Community f parkWood r HILLS OFFERS MORE COMFORT AT LESS COST APARTMENTS 1 BEDROOM FROM ft' 1 1 BEDROOM FROM I a BEDROOM FROM Slil I FURNISHED ON REQUEST. e Stated Swimming Pool COS rttehen e Ceramic bathroomt e Big bright room e Fun-length balconies Carpeted hallt e Conditioned-air corridor ttulti-ehannel TV aerial e Sparkling laundriet e dutomatte elevator i e Indoor and plug-in parking e It odett rental TOWN HOUSES i from $118 Enjoy the eonventeneac af Can-adss finest private outdoor haatad svrlmmln pool, excellent OTC bus service, ex-penal ve parkland aurround-mgs, a shopping plasa open all weak, public and separata wile garden far yea. n unity ideal PARKWOOD HILLS OFF FISHER AVE. JUST BELOW BASELINE IS. TH-7SSS Vtstt display every evening (IncL Beturday) -til . Sunday nil S. MINT0 - Canada's Moat noawrafl In Ottawf Popular Weet Mnl PARKWAY APARTMENTS ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY - SAVING SUMMER SPECIALS Comfortably parkland surroundings Convenient to Shoppers City. Caiiingwood Shopping Centre, and new Trade School Public and Separate Schools, and Churches Frea plug-in parking Famished on Kequett BABELDTE ROAD JUST WEST OF WOODROFFB AVE. (near Shoppers Cttyl OTC sua AT DOOR RESIDENT MANAGE A. ROTHSCHILD - 828-4838 828-297 Visit our furnished modela aa display every evening (IncL Saturdays) nil S. Sanaa til S. - MINT0 Caneeas Most NoaeraS BaUder Just off Rideau St. and Cummings Bridge . . 14 Blocks from Parliament ; ' Buildings : THE SELKIRK -APARTMENTS BACHELOR, from . $75 1 BEDROOM. ; rr $112 .. rurnithtd on Request , ..Enjoy wonderful comfort and convenience, with modest, dollar-saving " rentala to the Selkirk Apta., DAILT IM WEEEXWDS 104 4-T75S'u'; v.'' ' COl"fTfle aatCMwftetflrwI' BlMst aalklr Sts. ana block eauth . at Rldeaa' St, tost peat , . Cummings Bridge near taervlew ihoppto Centra - MINT0 Canada's Most nToaora 201 aftl pun to in irMl fTUH aPiawa wle.ea a.,.m.h a-BCOROOM APABTMENT". SEPT. . reirigerator. atove, good una. Ily aiae Sol St Laurent Boulevard. SU-UdS. ROOMS WITH BATH. NICE, bright, aleetrlcally equipped. Would- mut caupls. aia-iua. aai-sisi. ST. SEPT. 1. CENTRAL, LAROE. ladroom. equipped. I04-1W1 evenings. I. 1 ROOMED UNHEATED flat. LeBreton at At-ungtoa. 1H-41M. after t. iso wooDRorrx. sept i. tas. large, equipped. Tll-124. TBS ENFIELD til OUawar Caareateatly Lace lad Near Beak St, IN QUIET SURROUNDINGS. Brand naw -building with parking and balconies, all suites dreped. elevator, laundry room, JanHor a. rvlce. TV master antenna an lockers. Bachelor, sad one bedroom, from aao. Bents omee on premises, or phone 2U-7ea. Open House THREE PROJECTS Iff OTTAWA'S MANOR PARK Featuring 1. 23, feedroom Apis, and Terraced Homes and Motel Type Bachelors SOME AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Others for September and October Occupancy. A typical example la a 2-bedrootn home which baa bedrooms and tiled 4-piece bathroom on the top floor, living room, dining room and kitchen-on the main floor, add heated (a rage, laundry and i to rage room in your private basement Also Included 1 beat, hot water, atove. refrigerator and the moat complete management services anywhere $1J8 We hare a fuDy furnished model available for your hv spection daily including Sunday tfll dark. Manor Park Management Company 231 Brittany Drive 745-6881 S-BkDROOM DUPLEX SPACIOTJS nituwj. cooaza oz recraatioa aenarsh S1S-4S1I sua. healed. eooa talus BEDBOOMS. ICS PBESTON. . See and S4S- CX4- SSSJS MUST BE BEEN AT THIS PRICE! Larpa nedroom, living ream, pullmsa kitchen, atove and fridge, route SI bus takes you downtown In M mlnutae. Paona Teg-siae. BOCaXBDGR TERRACB BEDBOOMS. LTVINO. 00X040 room, kl tehee electrically equip. pea, eei Private I la bathroom t with lauadry tubs, haste garage Beat hat water supplied, qcboala, eheaa, eharohea iloco ey. SSI Brtttany Drive. 741-eaai LONDON ARMS 111 Mvtralfe Street Ill-Ill OCT. 1 OCCUPANCT, SPACTOTja 1 bedroom aaartmentn, ample cup boards, elevator, laundry rack. UUm. Superintendent. Apt. a. FOR A LUXURIOUS APARTMENT AT REASONABLE RENT . . . VISIT LB Versailles Model Apartment Now Open, 1 to pjn. -, 27 HENDERSON AVE. .on .Frea esesMctt? , ia Morale Walk to Downtown , SwIaenASn Pool , Sauna Bath , Parking ami Laundry Faouttles Poor 234705- ALT A VTSTA 1 an HERB St IVERrTHUfO TOO more, extra apnea, eaws raneil awaa. Bator hViagj ta quiet sheaves sad OTC bea Inrlndod lee tar ee erwt nllv kltchene. end many naora aomrortebel Bv ' S-l LENORB PLACE ' BEDROOM, MODERN, electrically equipped laundry ecil rites, lent tor aarvtee. free pKur-lh parking, ales pertly fur- aaneo. v7aa. aea-laes. eoar e. vee-moT. COOPER STREET BETWEEN OTONNOB AND MsTTV eslfa. lot Oct. 1 eccupency. 1 bearaom with porch, fee. asa-aeel. After t p-m, aaU SSS-aaa. BUDORT PBICBD BUILDINO. CLOM fO ehumhea and shopping. Carnal. a, helle. eleetrleally equipped. Must bo aaaa to ba appreciated. Lor. ralne Anartmahta. Stt Clereae. at Frtet. C. A. Fltmuw. M. aasv. l-ia-T.aa. Eveatnas XU-M44 aa 711-1 ua. UAtUAA LJA aw k. S.V V IKtU IttltVV.tttVt A.Arne.n.A, bVavasx lAlht.iti.VtAtlitiaa.t,ieau.i .

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