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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1918
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILJLE. PA. テつキTUESDAY, APRIL 30, 1918. The Voice oJFLincolri "We accepted this war for a worthy object, and the war will end when that object is attained. Under God, I hope it vaR oat end until that tone. Fifty-fonr years ago when many people were asking, as some are asking ttxlay, what was die use of the war, Abraham Lincoln replied in the above stirring worclsi. The voice of Lincoln can be heard in America today. His appeal is" for us to keep up the straggle until the object of the war is obtained and the world is made safe for democracy. Every person in this country has a distinct' share to do .aid YOUR share is to buy LIBERTY BONDS to provide the United States Government with the necessary money for carrying on the wars to a successful end. / The more Bonds you buy, the quicker w3f, the war end and the more American soldiers wiHj' return home safe and sound. These American soldiers are risking than lives, but the buyer of LIBERTY BONDS does not even risk his money. When you buy at LIBERTY BOND, in addition to the satisfaction, of performing your patriotic duty, you get the best investment in the world--a United States Government Bond, guaranteed by the richest nation in die world. BUY LIBERTY BONDS And buy them today from any banfc テつキw if ; . HENBT P. SNTDBK. ~ Founder and Editor. 1テつサ7テつサ-1テつサテつォ- 'TMK conuiim COMPACT, K. M. SNTDEE. テつキ テつキテつキ-- .- Ireテつォldテつォnt.- テつキ:.: .... r JA J. DBISCOIJk and Treasurer. Business Manager. ; 'テつキ JOHN Iテつサ GA.NS, .. . . . テつォ . . ' . ' . . Managing Editor. . .. WALTER a STDOtEU ' テつキ テつキ ... , CVW.Edltor. .\US3 LJT.VSE B. KI Society Editor. MEMBER OP: s w c a e r e . . .-.テつキテつキテつキ. . V Audit BnrテつサBi-af-.Clrcii)テつォtion. ;.: , ~ - Two cents per copy, COo par month; ISCper year by mail K paid lit advance.-. . Xntered as テつォ*cond das* ro*ttテつォr~fct tbe Po*t office, Connelljvill*, Pa. テつキテつキテつキ- -テつキ . No..p.eople'.are qujcker. to note heroic: behavior or/morerKeady tribute to : iテつ」 ttテつサn:ther;Erimch. ". Jointly with the ^renclr^diSiers tHerテつォ will be none, more-^ entitled .'to distinction for; valor! thari-'dutr tfwn : men 'now on the western fron.ta"nd those, who win' follow them- Alreaflj" there hire been numerous ;In-, ciderits that have challerfged the-admir-' atiorii.of thosft beat! aliie.; to Judge of the nlue. of,'conspicuous bravery. A few テつキ dayfl^ig-o^ an fenfire TeRlment, the pelle^l^"aL'. : iMiTaテつォe ; "0qrman; attack' .some; weeks/jijTOv; wjui -decorate;!" U.B . a unit for tht''."jfreat-iud^tty^an'd ; , -flne! spirit of; sacrifice" '. displayed' In its' action against the enemy.. One hundred-and twenty-one men of 'the regiment Vere Riven the cross of war in recognition "of special acts of bravery. As the war ;PTogresses -there テつキ will be multiplying- Instances when honors will-be -won by American .soldiers whose decfls .'-.will thrill our pride and ought also to stir us-to doing our full duty here at home. TftESDAT ? So'rcfr persons b'oni tn the coke region", cOuld'folloWji, with much honor to themr-iSlves .tho example of the Slovaks and vruve their Joyalty by doing some pf.-^hj tninテつ」S t t-hjM .patriotic;, citizen e テつサ TW C*ma*im Swrte*. FMK. テつキ~ TTDLLIA^ P. SHERMAN. テつキ;Hoテつォpitai TJnit.L. American Ex* pedrclonary-'Porces,-- .Franc*. "... RAXiH F. SIJGEi:, ComTny H; テつキ 319th -Infantry, * テつキ.----- u,.a..N. A.;-':". I Cunp L*^.~-*PetersblirE. Va. -t テつキ -MICHAEL - SRENALDO. * ':::. HAKOL.S, WCHBTT^ ; Eaftiry B. Field Artillery;-28th f ;-Iテつサvi.ion. テつォ.-テつキテつキ N. (i;.V_ ^ Thw^AssocJated Freoa U ex* -t aluaテつ」rテつォlr*-Vn4iiU*d to th* us* for" -- rCjftfbHcdtltnx' ol all nテつォwテつサ-^ii^ -- patches credited to It' or "not ~- otherwise credited. IA. this paper - and also- the- local nテつサwa-tlbllahテつォd-' ~ hiwralm.... ., ,,..,,. , . . BttVIT BOOS'JIERS TfHO SEEDETH ., ' ITOT 10 BE ASHAMED, テつキks.the-. Third.:.-liberty. Bond cam- .'JKIign nears Its close the opportunity ^provided all persons who have sub- gcriWitt VtoVcwttM^-aSii-reWsw- .the pテつサrt.they-have- uiテつォa - in -making- it a ' . ?As you contemplate what you have dctue in the great undertaking, partic- oiarly if you be a person who is not dependent upon a daily wage .pr a テつキ United salary out ol which to meet the necessities- of yourself and family and to make your bond payments, will ytrti derive the supreme satisfaction of kBowinj that you have done all that joe. could or should bare done? Will you have the comforting knowledge that you have made a. sacrifice wiich is worthy to be compared, in テつキnail part, with, the sacrifice the youth of; oar land who have given, or who stand re*dr to gire, their all? __ Have you helped to the extent thai tie boys Over There, irere they to know the __.amount of .your subscription, wooltf witiiorit "hesitation say^ **The folks twck^lwmev D*th p.oor -and rfeh. are sure standing by us In this S*me of getting the Kaiser!" Tbテつォy are keeping closer tab on what "テつサテつキ ^feere ^'boro^frW-in^jjj^er- aMis suspect 'Tbey^havfi their own maafiure, based upon our capabilities and tiwrr own. aテつォeds, 61 what we ought to, do as our share, in the great task it: is tfaeir. duty, and ours jointly to perform. Have I, you should ask yourself, donテつォ as much as has been expected, or ;is. required., or. as テつキ I. am abto-todo? _ . . .., . If the answers you cn.ii hoaesily mike to these-'iutrosptectlve questions do not causer you to.feel s;tiisfied with what you have done in behalf of the cause our men 1 in khaki '.lire' sustaining against the most broeal foe that ever -waged warfare, it is not too late 10"-square yourself -with'yourself and with, the boys "who" are fighting for you. :: ' * ' The bond campaign. dc*cr.npt ftrmal- ly close until Saturday. There re- mikinft four dayテつォ in" テつキwhich you "can- take these' questions home to your-/ sett; thresh, them out as .you : would thresh out other questions involving tfeテつサ principles-nirderlyiUs 'fluty- and obligation, then seek out some.-Boy- Soont. Hearten' him and- .quiet .all the unrest within you by giving him a. .smbccripdon'-'tha't -will.'represent the difference between rjpdT subscribed and the junount your conscience and a quickened patriotism as-your full.part..^. _ win~"yolf~lecorao a IJnJerEyJ i,booster of whom neither your! BOT the _boys who have gone needeth'-aot to be -ashamed. Before the- next Liberty -Bond drlvr comes around vテつョ '-"テつキuspect that nome tovrns of --the county will besrln negotiations to secure the services of rcral of onr star bond trailing- teams. The curb .'market Is, coming 1 becaus? hind 1L . ,,; . -"Liberty-Iwmettes. ' There litay be investments that look bfcttec."but there'5 no safer .or "more Wllltnff "wo.rfcer 'than a Liberty Bond. Buy Lib'erty Bonds or goodbye Liberty,'. . . テつキUncle Sam can't ftg*t on an empty po'cket'. * ." .''"'': Buy Liberty Bonds and bust Bill the Butcher boy. 'テつキ The man who refuses to fany Liberty Bonds will deserve all the Hun hands テつキhim. テつキ テつキ I A. man without a conscience is very likely to be-a man without a Liberty Bond. AN HOCK GAETED. ^テつキr. set .'the clock a'n hour ahead, one r nieh,t. befjare I w e n t to bed; 'twas at the poverhment's -request and I obeyed the mild .-behest. ,A sacrifloe than that I'd gladly make! 'you. b'tt your hat---; And-- so, aa I've テつキ already;.l ,;'e't" up" with, the birds and KTMet tho dawn with fervent words; I see the good old sun arise and climb the well known eastern- skies*. It is a wondrous thing, I say, this breaking of another day. Like countless jays, I aJ- ways slept while .rosy faced Aurora swept __ nlghVl'g _ clouds : and cobwebs from thV'sky^and "let the best of life so by. While morning's miracles took place I snoreora. deep sepulchral bass; in my soft couch I lay . asleep, "and snored "The Cradle of the ' peep." "While morning, spread its "rorgeoui hues, its purples, violets and blueo,- 3 imored. with rhythm : deep and'-alow, "The Heart Bowed Down by "Weiffht of "Wloe.**- By wisdom's admonition ltd, I set the clock nn hour ahead; at 9 o'clock X made it 10, and now I get up with the hen, and see th* rre*tesx show on eテつサrth, and caper wtth exceeding mirth. The hour I pain at down of day Is worth a fortnight in jthi hay.. テつキ テつキ " ' ' テつキ ' . - , - ; ' * テつキ . - -. . ^ Edgar A, Guest. Two things there are, and two alone. upon Trtrich "war feeds. L _ .. ; . . . j^ives and treasure, ' -'* - - テつキ '^athout lives war could- not be f*!, armies, could not lie supported. *And nations at war must Bupnly both lives and wealth. -^^When war comes every life is subject to the country's call. If the men do noテつ」 come TOluntarJly-to-Jfre~calLj3t ~ -x.vf^^-^Tbey-muxt don the trni- form"the" liberty*Loan'Committee declares. , S* to* when Trar: comes-", every btt of wealth in the country is subject to the "country's call. It dollars are'not furmished voluntarily they tbo may be* conscripted. They.'too'.Vniust .get into' uniform. For dollars as welbas-.mea -may! play the traitor to country; They may be.pouragecuS or coward- try's call; especyify Gife's Tn : long unheeded. H e willy b e m n t e Ubfrty Bond buffers/ テつサT He will register Dearly Vof registered? A CAT A3TD CHILDBED One day unto her cony flat A neighbor brought her Persian cat And'said to her: "Please keep, I pray This cat for me while I'm away. Be good to It, and do not let It any poisoned victual get. "Watch over tt whije. I'm. away テつキAnd -do not let it'go'adtray." She gave that cat tho tendcrest care. She fed it on.-the .finest fare. And worried Jest H come to harm; Once roused the neighbors? in alarm Because that cat had gone astray. And later on was heard to say, ^'テつキSo watchful I- must daily be, That cat does not belong to me." About u* everywliere Are children running wild in play, Not ^tetling . the attention that Is given to the neighbor's cat-; , ; Jt seem* the parents fail to ee f That they are doubly bound to be Regardful of the ways they plod Because the babies belong- to God. Oar. children are not. ours to own. God merely 'sends them as a loan. And; says:- "Give them your tenderest . care And guard them, well while they are there. Let not their'minds be poisoned by The vices, that around them lie; .Watch over them, till tha,t day when I shall return for*them atrain." ? -: テつキyour- -neighbor's Oh-'you^-who -g-u "*~"~ca.テつ」, Look to your children, fearful that テつキ' You miss the obligation there. The Lord has placed them Jn your care. .They-are not-yours always, to earn, But by their lives ".shall-you' be'known. For God is trusting- you today " To see they do not go astray. WANTED -- TOUK business. B ABB EH ING tf WANTED--GBN~EJlAli HOUSE. Snyder street, ', テつキ SOapr WANTED--CHAMBERMAID. A-PPLT TOUGH HOUSE. , 29aprtf WANTED--GIRL FOU GENERAL houycwork. MRS. S. C. 'WHIPKET. East Crawford avenue, Tri-State 294-W. .' . . S7aprtfd "WANTBD--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. ' No housecleaningr.' MRS. E.. K. DICK, E06 South Pittsbarg aitraet '"' . . 27aprtld ,,'., WANTED--AT ONCE, . EXPI5R- lehce'l" : Halesladj', must understand alterations and Turnish references. Apply PEOPLES' DEPARTMENT STOP.E, 230 North Pittgburgr. stredi/ Waprtf! WANTED--SEVER^VL 3|tBN FOR RE, pairing" and overhauling 1 ; ; cars. Good opportunity, for ; rfeht jiarty; Apply JCASTER MECHANIC, West Pcnn Railways Company. S7a.prテつサIt WNTED--OLD FALSE ' TEETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay $2.00 to JIG.00 per set. Send by parcel post and receive check by return mail. L. MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street Philadelphia, Pa. .Ilapr23t' WANTED--TWO MEN FOR SALES- xp'jrk. Good position for right piirites. Steady work. Those having had experience prrfcrreoV out nテつー L necessary. Reference required. Telephone tテつサr appointment. 454-J. 30apr2t TT ANTED -- THE INDEPENDENT Portrait Company, 311 South Plttsburg street, will pay $6.00 Cor the most perfect picture C;C a .baby under three jrears of a-ge. Other prizes' offered This contest wili tc decided in May. SOaprtt' テつキ WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRINT- iny, whether tt is a call ing card, sale bill or the finest engraved weddiDg- Invitation or announcement. We print and do It right. Call tne man at TI1Z COURIER office. Both phones. 27-ti WANTED--MALE CLERK FOR keeping: -orm records. One ^rho can operate 'typewriter preferred; -If of military a*re must show reasons for not beinp In the service. Rtiue salary expected. Address "CLERK," care The Courier. ' 23apr-tf .' WANTED--YOUNG WOMEN "WITR cne year's hiph school education or equivalent, to train aa nurfres In the Ohio Valloj' Hospital, Steubenville, Ohio. We give three years' thorough coursii of study and training. No scrubbing. Remuneration to cover expenses. Hare a comfortable Nurses* Home'aparL from the hospital. 27jipr6t- WANTED--WE ARE OFFERING steady employment to men. between the ages of 18 and 45. for fcovernment work and regular . commercial lines. Our factory operates six days per week, in three efchl-hour shifts. While learning operations' we pay you 3Tic per hour, plus 10 per cent bonus on all テつキwages for uteady attendance, comnutpcl in weekly periods. After lテつサarnJn(r the work, which takes from one .to alx weeks, yon are ablo to earn from 43 to J5 per day and better. We have a Housing Department, "which will assist our applicants in securing houses and rooms at the lowest rates. We also need a large number of girls. Ages 21 to 35. for steady, profitable factory employment. Physical examination required. Apply in person or communicate with Factory Employment Office THE GOODTEAJl TIRE A RUBBER COMPANY, Akron, Ohio. 25aprlテつサt i FOR RKXT--.FIVE ROOM HOUSE. 231 East Fair-view. SOaprlt* FOR RENT--FOUR ROOM FLAT, centrally located. Hi West Crawford avenue. . S0apr3t FOR KEN'T--TWO FURNISHED bed rooms. Apply 107 East Fail-view avenue. 30aiテつサr5t* FOR RENT--THREE rooms for light housekeeping. 236 East Apple street. ' 27apr3t FOR'RENT--TWO LARGE UNFUR- nished rooms for Itgrht housekeeping. Xo children. 503 East Green slreet- " ' 25a.pr2t FOR RENT--FOUR ROOMS FOR light ho/jsekeaping, cither furnished or unfurnished. . 112 South Prospect Street. 27apr2t FOR RENT--:TWO LARGE DESIR- able furnished rooms for light housekeeping, first floor. All conveniences. 410 Korth Pittsburg street. 30a.prlt For FOR SALE--80 CHICKS. FOUR weeks old. E. L. HENDERSON, Coalbrook. . . 30apr3t FOR SALE--a C. W. LEGHORNS, Barren strain. EARRON FARM, Con- nellsvillc, R, D. Xo. 3. ' 27apr3t* FOR SALE--FLAT TOP 54*66 MA- hog-any desk; two s-wivel chairs; cheap. Inquire f'R," care Courier. 29apr2t FOR SALK--MEXICAN SADDLE. Will sell cheap. BAJtRON FARAI Connells^iUe, R. D. No. 3 27apc3t* FOR SALE--AT ; A BARGAIN OP- perraan's Pool Room in Second National Bank building. Terms reasonable See FRED OPPERMAN or S. R. G.OLD- SlflTH. , テつキ 29apr6t FOR SALE--A SEVEN ROOMED house and bath. Hot air furnace and a good well of water. 'Inquire at No. 13 Grant street, Scottdale, Pa. - . 2-tapr6t* LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by The Centra! Store as a patriotic contribution towards winning the war Node*. MY WIFE. VIOLA HKXDER5ON. having l e f t my bed and board without just provocation, I W i l l not .be responsible for any debit? of her contractlnK- E. L. UCNDERSOX, ll D. 2, Connellu- villo. Pa. 30apr3t-tuerf REPUBLICAN VOTERS OF. COX- nellBVillo, Pa., wiil tnke noilce that Wednesday, May 1st, ISIS. IB the only day for racist ration in order to be entitled to vote at the primary election 1 to be held on Tuesday, May 2lBt. 1918. ! There will be a contest for the n u m t - | nut Ion to several Important o/llces, in- I cludlnff State. Coneruesional and I^fir- ' tKlativc. Every Republican in th'e city should be reeintered on Wednesday. May 3, 19IS. Take your tnx receipt to the pollfa*. MART A. KIKPER, Ch}klif man Republican County Committee. apr-22-23-23-30 H. G, May, Attorney. CLARA MAT FIRST VS. THOMAS J, KIP.8T. In tha Court of Common Pleas of Fayette .county. Pa., No, 224, March Trrrm, 1918. To Thomas J. First, ; Respondent: Tou are hereby n o t i f i e d ; that the aubpoena and aJJus subpoena I tn this tase have been returned "Xon j ost Invcntus," you are Therefore ro- | quired to appear In- tho Court of Com-! mon PleaB of Fn-yetto count.v, Pft., on [ tile-second Monday of May of said' Court. A. D. 191S. to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, and show ; cause. If any you Kave, why a divorce テつキ from the bonds of matrimony Bhonld j not bo prrantod the llbellant above ' nfinijftd, 'THOMAS u HOWARD, sher-' iff. Shcrifrs Oftlcc, April 8, 1918. テつキ Notice for Bhln. .THE POOR BOARD OP FAYETTE County will receive sealed bids 'for the painting uf the exterior of the Tubercular Sanitarium at tho County Home. All bids to be In the hands of the Steward of tha County Home on or before | 12-o*clock noon, Friday, JTay 10th, 1918. ! For Information and specifications call Sprtaper Todrt, Steward of Fayetlo County Home. A'll nids to be accompanied with a certified check for $100. The Board reserves the rig-ht テつ」o reject any or ail bids. By order of the Board. E. E. DAVISON, President. W. H. RAXKIN, Secretary, ZTaprSt FOR SAXJU--ALL OR ONE-HALF , fntercet in 200 acres of "West Virginia' coal land. Immediately on railroad ' Price $100, per acre. A n d . 2,000 acres of Coal and timber land at $200 per" acre. O. D. HILL, owner, Kendalla. W. " - 27anr3t WANTED--DELIVERY BOY -A'T 20apr3t WANTED--BOY EOB.PORTER AN to*vrdrk"}n' dru^ store. 'J. C. MOORE. 25apr-tfd WANTED--^COLORED TVAITER AT TOUGH HOUSE RESTAtlRkXT. : * . , ' * 29aprtfd WANTED--WORK IN GARDEN BY man. JACOB KUHN, Connellaville. "Piu ..'.. ' SOaprSt* ply in own aand writing: to STENOG- APHER, cere Courier. 39apr3f.. ^.T* i i . . ^i" 1 "'"' The vhlace'-of CaTlerift J n a c o n ler county, has shown'ovCTyrother place; how to holil a Libertjr iBond parade. EYery villaser. man. wman was in line. They had no no side-waUk sightseers, w TVA^e,TKZ--BOYS AND GTRLS OVER IB years of ago. .- Paid-while learning OONNLLSVILLE SILK- MILL. 12aprtfd ^ WANTED--WOMAN FOR GENERAL .housework. Apply SIRS. C, J. ARMTSTRONG, at Yough House restaurant. . - -. 29aprtf テつキv; WANTED-^BRIGHT""-BOY OVER IG JOB :i WANTED-^FOR ^itAY' FIRST'EIVE- ,J room hougs with'bath,'South Side prc-"j Uferred^; Paoinc Tri-3tate' 457. ' - テつキ . テつキ " - テつキ テつキ - ' テつキ テつキ: テつキ 'テつキテつキ ' テつキ ' 24ap'rtfd FpR SALTS--FARM OF 220 ACRES about 1 mile from Brownsville, near brick road, underlaid with email vein of coal and .valuable Jimestone, fronting on Monongahela river and railroad; brick dwelling house; stream of mountain water; splendid property for stock raising or farming, with first- class market for garden products, adjacent to Brownsville city limits and town lot plan; owner engaged in other business and oilers 1 a bargain; price S100 per acre, on good terms. J DONALD POKTER, P. O. Box 672, Con- iiellBville, Pa. . 20aprttd IP E\ r NEED OF PIT-POSTS WRITE your wants. C. H. BIRD, Addison, Pa. . : 25aprl2t* Notice. CItr Ordinance. BILL NO. 191 WAS INTRODUCED in Council April 15, 101S, and will be voted upon テつサt a m e e t i n g held May 20, 1918. テつキ AN O R D I N A N C E To provide for tlie grading, filling with sliLg base, curbing and paving with brick of Davidson avenue eust from Pittsburgh street to Oak street, a distance of 1,508 feel. Be it enacted by the Council of the City of ConnellsvillG. and it SB hereby enacted by the authority of tho same; Section 1.--'That Davidson avenue east from Plttsburff street to Oak street, a distance of 1,508 - feet, be graded, filled w i t h slag- base. GUT heel and paved with brick, in accordance with plans and specifications for the doing of such work, to be prepared by the City Engineer and approved "by Council. Section.--That thr cost of making the said improvements be collected from the proper property owners, ac- coding to bcne'fits UR povlded by Aot of Assembly in such case made -and approved. A. O. .BIXLER, CHy Clerk. apr30 r may-7-14 H. M- Carroll .Attorney. LAVAJXA. H. SWIGERT. VS. SAAt- uel T. Swigcrt. In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa., No. 155, September TerroJ 191".. To Samuel T. Swigort. Respondent: You arc hereby notified that the subpoena, and alias subpoena in this case have been returned "Non cst inventus,"- you are therefore roaulrod to appear in the Court of Coiimion Plas of Fayette County. A a a-, on the second Monday of May of sfUd Court., A. D. 1918, to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, テつサnd show cause. If any you have, why a divorce from, the bonds of matrimony should not be granted the libel Ian t above named. THOS. U HOWARD, Short. Sheriff's Office. April B, 1918. It's footwear that women believe in, as we have for 30 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's good is here lor your choosing. Black, White, Grey and Brown. Chos. W. Baer, Attn-ney. JOE CSASZAR VS. JULIA CSASZAR. I n the Court ol Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa,. No. 142 March Term. 1918. To Julia ' Csasssar. Respondent. You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena in this case have boon returned "Non eat in- ventuH." you ar therefore required to appcnr in the Court of Common Pleas of Fayetto county, Pa., on the second Monday of May of said Court, A. D. 1318, to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause, if nny you have, "why a divorce from.the obndft of matrimony should not be granted the libellant above named. THOS. L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriffs Office. April 5, 1318. 10apr4t-tues | Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords KEYSTONE CLEANING PARLOR. Panama and straw hats. CHARLES COCOS. 170 West -Crawford avenue, Connellsville, Pa. . 30apr40t* . -"vVtE HAVE AN .EXCELLLENT OP- portunlty for several young men, 18 years or over, as assistants in the operating department of the main power plant. Address In person or by letter L. E. HANKIISON, Superintendent "West Penn Power . Plant. Gor.nollaville.. . ' 24aprlOt Divorce Notices. M. J. Laponsky. Attorney. GEORGE FERENCY VS. ANNIE Ferency. Tis the Court of Common PJeas of FayeUe county. Pa.. No. 123, March Term. 191S. To Annie Ferency, Hspondcnt: You are hereby n o t i f i e d ; that the subpoena a.nd alias subpoena ; in this case have been returned "Non j est inventus." you are therefore required to appear in the テつ」ourt of Common Pleas oC Fayette county, Pa., on th e second M onday o f May of aa. i tl ! Court, A- D. 1918, to answer the iibei j and complaint (lied therein, and show I CS.USQ, if any you have, why a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should not be granted the libellant above named, THOMAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Oftice, Aprfl 5, I91S. C. A, BRILHART, SCOTTDALE, "PA ' f has just received, another car load of Calorts Pipeless Furnaces'and wishes to [ advisp his patrons that it will be to: their advantage to place their orders_ ; v now . tor . furnaces. Bstimates cheerfully furnished on"_~ hot ; water :steam, heating.. .Plumbing-;and -water supply: systems for the'farm home C . BRtLHART. ' -.. . =7aprSt H. G. May, Attorney. テつキ HAZEL GLEX MORRIS VS. RALPH Emerson Morris. In the Court oC Common Pleas of .Fayetto county, Pa_, No. 324. recerabテつォr Term, 1317. To Ralph Emerson Morris, Respondent: Ton. are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena in this case have" been returned "Non e'st invntus." you are therefore required to appear In the Court of Common Plea* of Fayette county, Pa., on the second Monday of May ol sテつサ.id Court, A. D. : 1913. to,ane- i\-er the libel an8'coturplaint--flled therein, and show テつキ ca*use, .if テつサny you have, why a tllvorce frbm the bonds of matrimony, should not be granted the JibeJ- lant above named. THOMAS L. HOWARD; Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April 8, 1918. More Homes For Sale Roometf Hcvtne, Second SL, West Side Roomed Modern Home, T.'iird Si., West Side.. Roomed Modern H'ome, Sixth St., West Side.. Koo-med Modern Hoir.e, Sixth St., West Side.. Kbomed Modern Hoir.c, Sixth St.. Wast Side.. Roomed Modeun Ho-mo, Bi;f!)tl! St.. West Side.. Roomed Modern Home, Eipiith St., Wast Side., lioomed Modern Honie, KiBThth St., West Side.. Roomed Modern Home, Eighth テつ」".., West Side. . Roomed Modern HMire, Elshth St.. West Sido.. EnMt Side. Roomed Modern Brick, East Crawford Ave.... Roomed Modern Home, テつキWills Road Roomed Modern Home, Vine Street Roomed Modern Home. East Green 9t Roomed Homテつォ, Freeman's Lane Roomed Home, out of city Roomed Modern Home, Vine Street .- .n',m ..3OSOO . 1000 . .9C5000 .. $4300 . .93300 . .S-1500 ..tsaoo . .58000 . .JSWX) .fiioou . .KZ300 A. E. Wagner Co., Bell 14S, Tri-Stnte ConncllsvUIe, Fa. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE テつキDAILY COURIER* OFFICE it you have a sale gel our priow

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