The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CO] WELLSVILL.E, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, Many An Economical Opportunity Is Listed For Four Advantage On This Page ! ( f J, j i r - i j ___ J .^_ - _ . - - - ·*· i i i M n n ' ·Ilii.·mi j - r i I · · ' I I ' i l l . . . - fl". --.""nnl-rtniij. ^1 l-l- -- [.._!.. . _ ^ .-L~ri |T~ -1 If ' ' ' ' ~"-----------------_^__J __ --f ^^^ m iedl leg- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION , , All ads aro restricted to tholr proper classification and to the regular style of type. The publishers reserve the rigrht to edit or reject any clasalfled advertlsliiK copy. E r r o r s in advertlacmcnta should oo reported Immediately. The Courier will not bp responsible for more than ono Incoirect Insertion. Charged ads. for responsible parties -will bo ' ecelved- by telephone, and, If liald w i t h i n six days, cash rales will be (allowed, A d v e r t i s i n g ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No i d , is. taken for ieaa than a basis of three lin.;s. Count tho average w o r d s to tho line. An average word contains six letteia. Ads. ordered for three or six times and stopped b u f o r e expiration will be charged for only tho n u m b e r of times t h a ad. appeared, and adjustment made at the rat's earned. Special rates for yearly advertising upon request. CIASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES. Dally rate per Una for consecutive l n 3 c r U 0 ' 1 3 - Charge Cash One Time ............... W $ Three Times ........... «8 .OT Six Times .............. " 0 * ·WHEN AND W H E R E TO YOUR ADS, Tho Classified Advertising Depart- m e n t Is situated at Courier f l a c e -. This o l i c e Is open to receive advertisement.! from S.dO A. M. to 5:00 P. M. dally All ads received up until il:w A. M. will appear in editions the same Pbon«i Your ClnRHlflp* Aa ' No. 12, 1» or 400. The Art Taker will gladly assist you, if d'islroil, so that the uopy for your ad. is propaied in «uch «. manner as to bring tho greatest results for you. Classification Index The Individual advertisements under tho following classlllcatlon a" arranged In AU'ilAiiKTICAL, order for «iulck reierciice. Aft N O t) CKMKMT 1 » __ Cu.ds of Thanks y -- In Meruoriaiu 4-- k l u w e i a and Mourning Goods o -- F u n u r a l JJtrectora B -- Monuments and Cemetery Loin 7 -- Personals ' 8 -- Religious and Social HvonU i) -- faiHJtbties and Lodges 10 _ !ua.yed, L,oat, Found A -- A u v o m o u i l a Agencies 11 -- Automobiles lor Sale 12 __ Auto Trucks, Tractors, Trailer* l-j _ A u t o Accessaries, TU-es, farts 11 -- Garages -- Autos lor Hire, Taxi 10 -- Mt/torcycies and BlcyMea 10 -- H .pairing -- Sorvicu atutiouu 17 -- v V . n i l f d -- A u t o m o t i v e ' IS -- Biialnesa aoivlco Offered Hj_ a -- \Viierw to Dlue is-b- jJarberlriK, Boauty Pallors ia-c -- Miscollauuoua lit-- B u l l d l n K " IKl Contracting i!U -- ClLaninu, Dyeing, RetiovatlUK ^1-- Dr t s,smiiliiug mid M i l l i n e r y W -- Hi-u-ans, P l u m b i n g , Rooting ·j;t -- Ini.urance anU Surety BonUa 21 -- L a u n d e r i n g X) -- Moving, Trucking, Storage l M -- Painting, Paparlng, Decutating 1!7 -- Pi.ntlrig, K u g i a v l n g , Binding ^y -- prjfefcslonal Services UO -- R e p a i r i n g and RuBnlahlnjf 20-a -- Awnings and UphoUjery ad -- T a l l o i l n g and Pressing Ui -- W t i l t e d -- Business tServlce OV M K N T -- ja -- Htlp W a n t e d -- Female Ua -- lit Ip W a n t e d -- «Mule , ai -- lltlt -- Male and Female J5 -- Sy Ijltors, Canvassois, Agents JU -- Situations \Vanied -- Female U7 -- biLuatloua Wanted -- .Mule M A -- · , jjj -- Liusiness Opportunities au -- In ve.-itmunts, Stoclia, Bonds 40 -- iiuiiey to L-oan, Mortgages .jy.a -- i-'iitnlly Loan* -U -- w inteU -- To Borrd"w Correspondence Courses -lil-a -- .vllsotllunoous 43 -- I m t t u c t i o t i Classes 44 -- .Musical, Dancing, Druiuatlc 40 -- P i l \ ate instruction ' 45-a -- -private Instruction. -- Music 4U -- .Wanted I n s t r u c t i o n 47 -- Dogs, Cuts, Other Pets 4S -- lloiaes. Cattle, Other h'tock 4U -- P o u l t r y , Kggs and Supplies 50 -- \V intod -- livestock, l!ggs ol -- A r t i c l e s for Sale yl-4 -- t a r t e r and u--- -Boa.ta und Acceasories W -- Buildings, Building Material. 64- -- iiuHlneas and Ullici JsJfiuiinnent OS -- Fa ( 111 and Dairy Products So-a -- f a r m Kiiulpnieat K] -- Fuel, Feed, FertlIJ«!«r 07 -- Goua Things to Eat 5!! -- lit meiuade Things Oil -- lit uaeJxold Uools OM -- Jo.voiry, Watoues, Diaaionda 01 -- Machinery and Tools Merchandise ISquipmeiil Olf--Se'jils, Plants, Flowers Ol -- rfpocials at the Stores uu -- Wearing Apparel , Ut__\Viintod -- To Buy 11OO.MN AAl) UQ.VUU -07 -- Roouu W i t h Board 08 -- Rooms, W i t h o u t Board UU -- Rooms, for Housekeeping 70 -- Vacation Placea 71-- -Whole to Eat 7i! -- Wiiero to Stop In Town 711 -- W tntod -- Rooma or Board R11AI, 1'.STAT1) FOll H1UAT -74 -- A p a r t m e n t s and Flata 7o -- Uusinobs i'lacea for R a n t 70 -- F a i i u s a n d ijsii,da for Kent ?» -- iluusos for R u n t 75S__CUIiie a n d Dt-Kli Koorn ".I) -- t j h o i u . A l u u i i t a l n , l^iko for Rent hM -- S u b u r b a n , C o u n t r y tor Rent j.,1 -- -\v i i i t c J -- To t t u t t l ;\i'iAi, JivrATJi you. SAIL.I; -li -- B r o k u i s iJi Real Estate 8'J -- LU dinca.s P i u p e i t j foi Sale F a i n i d and ixind for _bale H USOM /or bale -l.,ots for bale b(i -- Shuro. M o u n t a i n , i«iko lor Sale b/-~ s u b u i b u n f o r Hala t,S -- TJ l'J\*.li«i»i?B-- -Real EsUite v,-i -- Wiiit,.'! -- lloal Kat.ila A I CTU\ -- 1.KGAJ--- UU -- -.Auctioneers, Auction Sales Ul -l,u;al Notices S.J h i A H H 4 Ul' ON'li of t h e s a t l u i m U money t \ o ! 3 \ n « iit.t- t h e clutsltled t h r i f t T I l i : i t l , S t A'l IbFACTlON for both J» ei ti 1 " . u i u j rt.Mtt 1 in e v e r y classl- Airmbuiicements Dentlts It VY , SBATON. Tin f u n oral service for Ray Beaton, l i t t l e son of Jtr. and Mrs. C. H. Seaton of Sprlngdule, f o r m e r l y of P u n b a i , waa held Monday i f t e r n o o n at 2 o'clock at the home Ot h s g r a n d m o t h e r , Mrs. D. A. Rnnrnge oC 1'unbar. * Many , relatives and, f r l u n d s \ ere in attendance. Rev. II. R. Humbe t, pastor of the Methodist Eplsco'pal Chinch, asiilsted by Rev, William Hamilton, pastor of tho Methodist Protestant Churchr officiated. There w o i e ,many b e t u t l f u l f l o r a l t r i b u t e s Pallbearers were William llerron, IlutiUey Crosa, Clyde Gllmoro and Tocld BU'hans,, Interment was in Mount Auburn Cemetery. Funeral Director ,T. T. I'.urhans had charge. Cnrdft of Tlmnhs S DANIELS--We wish to thank; our many f r i e n d s and neighbors for the "kindness and s j m p a l h y e x t e n d e d us during our rec» n l bereavement, the death of our beloved f a t h u r , Mr, G u y o n Daniels, A so wo desire to thank the m i n i s t e r , t h u singers, those who sent floral t r i b u t e s and those who so k i n d l y d o n a t e d the use of their oars. The family. GRIG-LAIC--iho family of the lato Mrs. Anna G-rlglalc wish to express t h e i r s l n c e i n appreciation and thanks to their n e i g h b o r s and f r l o n d s for their kind assistance and sympathy during tlieh i c c e n t borea\ emiMU. LIVINGSTON -We wish to tako this ineiXs of expressing' our sincere t h a n k s fur/ tho k i n d n e s s and sympathy ( {tended us by our neighbors, friend i and relatives d u r i n g our recent bcre vveittetit, the death of our father, C. 15. Livingston. Especially do we dcsli to thank those who sent the b e a u t i f u l floral tributes, those who donate 1 tho use of their cars and all thoi,e w i i o assisted us Tn any way. The SOHH. Floitors and Hournlnc Goods 4 WKDDINO IO0QUETS -- And f u n e r a l designs at reasonable prices. A l p h a Fluial Con puny, Florists, 105 West Crawford avenue. Phone Il50. Strayed, Lost, 10 FOUND--Kes rt'igr, on Friday. J a n u a r y 81st, on Cot age a v e n u e , near hospital. O w n e r maj h a v e same by calling at Courier Ofllcc arid I d e n t i f y i n g key r i n g and p a y i n g for ad. , LOST--Bunch of keys on rlTijf with names M i k e Skalck! on Baine, e i t h e r In Scottclal or Cor.nelisvtlle. Returti to Courier office Reward. LOST--Pair riaKgus In easo between Orchard Al.oy and West Penn Term.- Inal. on S a t u r d a y . Reward if ret u r n e d to Courier Office, Automotive Automobiles For Sale IT WILL PAY--You to (see us llrat before b u y i n j that Used Car. Bvan« Motor Sen ice, West Crawfo'rd Ave. Phone 1834 LOOK HEH151--""When Bettor Used Cars Are hord, C'vllle-Olds Co. will sell them." Stop in today and take y o u r pick. 117 Kast Apple street. Phono 574. YOUR ATTENTION! PLKASE! GUARANTEED USED CARS. THESIS CAR:.--Are all In A-No. 1 condition, and lui\e many thousand miles of un-usc-u transportation l e f t for you. * Other Good Buys Not Listed. CARS 1020 Ford, Model "A" Tudor Sedan. 1U2D Ford, Model "A" Fordor SotUn. 102U Ford, Model "A" SUndard Coupe. IDliS Bsfcox Coach. liWB C h e v r o l e t Coach. 1020 Ford, Model "T" Sport Roadster. lOi'7 Kaaex Coach. TRUCKS 1028 Chevrdet Truck--Screen Hides. 1U2D Ford, Model "T" 1-tou Truck, Easy Payment?--Trades--Terms, Open E \ e n l n g s and Sundays. WEST SIOE MOTOR COMPANY 401 W. Crawford Ave. Phone 407 408. AUTHORIZED FORD AGENCY". A NEW CAR BARGAIN HAS NJbVER BEEN DRIVEN ESSEX TOWN SEDAN--Will deliver to you toi $703. A savings of $11)0. You can't go v r o n g , take advantage of t h i s offei i i o w l WERTHEIMER MOTOR COMPANY WEST CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE 100. SEE THE NEW NASH STRAIGHT EIGHT iovANi MOTOR COMPANY BAST CRAW FOR.D AVE. PHONE 77. You'll Front i By Coming To Mason's JANUAKf CLEARANCE SAJL12 OF UI TTKR USI'JIP ,CARS Wo Will Not lloluse Any Ileatonable Offer, Automotive Snlo YOU CAN'T O'Q WH.ONO WJl'BN YOU BUY ONE OF ail]'] FOLLOWING USED CARS i Many Other Values Not Listed. lf29 Oldsmobllo Landau Sedan, 10UO Oldsmo-blle Sedan inaa OWsmoblle Coupe, 1027 Oldsmoiblle Coach. 1020 A u b u r n "S" Sedan. ,' 1020 OWsmoblle Sedan. 1026 Oaklijnd Sedann, Cheap, two.) , 1028 Oldsmobllo Special Coach, "Give- A.-* ays" IU27 Nash Coach--$100. 1020 Hudson Coach--$100, Chevrolet Roadster--?25. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT--And' easy m o n t h l y p a j m e n t s . Buy, now w h i l e prices are low. · CONNBLLSVILLE-OLDMOBILE CO. Opep Evenings And Sundays. 1023 t T w o ) c h a v r o l e t Coaches. 10J8 ChevuiK't Ooupo. liliiil C h c v r o l t C i i b r i o l f t . lOii'J C h o v r u l I Coach. 1028 Chevro! t I V s - t o f i Truck 10J7 Ford, '1 idor St-dan. 1028 C h o v r o l t Cabriolet. -IOJ7 HupmoMln C'oioh. lO.'S Oakland ( J o u p p WlU Clievrn et i ' ^ - t o n T 1 - uc | jti ^m, ~.\mr AV^ieela, 102S CIIEVllOI^ET TRUCK--One-ton, In eicollci t c o n d i t i o n Jlau f o u r B p o » d H -- I ' O i w a i d trajiamlaslon. * OO CAN' B JV*--Any cu on tho floor, t h r o u t r h o , j Jiiiay P a m u n t 1'ian. MASON M O r U H COMPANY Trades-- £jen S u n d a j a --TormB. j WEST AVX'I IS .STREET. PUONE 105. I 117 EAST APPLE ST. PHONE 574. GREATER VALUES--IX3WER COST DEPENDABLE USED CARS Buy Now While Prices Aro Down. We Will Store Y o u r Car U n t i l Spring. 1027 Chrysler "52" i-door Sedan--$*M 10UO Model "A" Ford, Tudor Sedan--^380 1027 Model "T" Ford, 1-ton Truck w i t h r u x h t e l l axle--1150. 1028 Chevrolet ,£-ton Truck, with screen sides--J-275. 1020 M o d e l "A" Ford Roadster--$300. 1027 Model "T" Ford Pordoi\ , Sudan, with ruxstell axle--4100. 1927 PoiUine Coupe--J,10lt. IT'S F}H YOUR BENEOriT--Our Kasy Payment Plan. A small d o w n pay- m e n t and easy m o n t h l y payments. , HETZEL-yOUNG MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Aganny. SCOTTDALE, PA. PHONE 470 TOP SPEED Those c lassifled ads nevor do anything slowly. Whatever buying or'selling problem has been -ntrusted to them they attend to at top speed In case of any need don't hesitate to tu -n to a classified ad for quick and I'eliable h ?lp. Always Different--In Opportunity The A-B-C- Classified Ads , Always the Same--In Service Service iut Ui/ads iiii INSUHANCE--"We wr tffl It right," All Kliuls. Cook and LauRliHn, Inc., I n s u i u n o a , 80Q I'Irat N a U o n a l Bank BuUdini,. Phous KiO. Auto Accessories, 'IJrett, Parts 18 SUGUTI..Y USED AUTOMOBILE AC- CKBSOIUBH--We have most a n y t h i n g you irnj' w a n t lor y o u r ' e a r or truck Battc-rieo; tires, like n e w ; w l n d - BliioldB; springs, etc. You can't KCt fowe! prices, so don't try We puy cash tor your oul ivoi'n out rar Fnyette Auto W r e c k i n g Oo , McCoi- j WAN TOO mlek avenue I J iioto MS. INSURANCE)--All k l n d i , exCeptine Hfo. Bariha. C u n n i n g h a m , Ins., Notary Public. 1UO .first fatlcmal Bank J i u i l d i n r , I'bona 435 Kes, 10WI-K. Irueklng SUra^t 26 iT'S TRANSIT SB--LocAl and distance. OBP. A - l l n s l o n Hotel, 30 Tailoring and 1 ressing IUCHMA.N CLO'IUKS--/I! J'J2 50, Sold o n l y u y Slinint Cai n and Carry. Fhune J 00."). £mpioyrr ent Holy - Male W A N T K U - - M a n 35 yt urs old, high school ptiuraUon, t r sales and n e r v i n e w o r k , M u s t I iva cai. The Trout mun Co. Ajk, to iir. Fish. iUtautiona VVantei! --Female 86 liepuiririg--Scrilc'o M-utluun 18 GALLEY DUCO AND BODY SIIOl" 1 -- We are Tully e q u i p p e d to completely repair or r e b u i l d y o u r wreckuU cxr, \indtr o n e loot w l t n o n l y one profit, rtiona 1078. HiDHAUUC BH.AK.E BXFBKTS--Wo k n o w idem f r o m A In S.," biuiwfiic- tlon Uiiaiiiuteeil. I,HJ,VS ua a t i j u n i tljfira lor you HI a \ ery r«ii»onaulo rate, Karl Koal^r Uarajfo. Hear Kliodes Motor Co,, West Crawford avenue, IF IT'B fUlST^J^--Wo can weld It. U o j i u e t t m m I n d u s t r i a l Welding Co,, 1UW W Cruwtord Avc. Phone WE ARE PL.EASED TO ANNOUNCE To Our I-'rJtnds And The P u t lie At THAT WE services of HAVfcl SECUHEi) -- The M.R. LLOYD JOHNSON tho past nlno years by the C'vlllo Motor Co., formerly k i m w n as the C'vlHo ii'alcli; C o , und in eir.Bidmc-d as oiio of tho b«bt ahop a,nd brtt.'ce rnachanloa In thu, v l c l n l u . fi WlbH TU Si'ATK-- i'tiat, Mr. J o h n Son will bs In cfoariui of our. Orottsing iinU Uralto Department, and tliat h« w i l l guarantco c v c i y customer "Com- plulu autisfac'lton." "We Aim To FIKESTONK SBRVICB STOKE, INC. W. API J L,ii dT., COH jiKAJJOW I~AJNE Business Service t) Senlco OiTnrou YOUR IIEATINO SYSTEM MAY NOT BE--Giving' you stalsfacllon ut this time of tho year, if so, let ma pay you a visit. JUy advice costs you nothing. A. It.,, BOYlfiR . WA1UI A1H HEATING KNUINEBIl PHONE SOS. Uyeliif?, R«novnthig 80 SPECIAL--Week of February 3rd to fcth--ToprCoata, cltunea, pressed and dcllveiiid for 7oc. Connellavlllo ClOa.uei-3 and Dyers. Phone ISO, limiting, riumbhig. Aooliug 22 liEATliHS! FURNACES! HIHATSRSI and cleaned. All makes. "Prom W h i t e It's R i g h t " ISO South Pittsbui'B tU. Kor faervice, yriono Olb-J. QUALITY PLUMlltNt}- And iieatins-. 1\"!!!iam Sellers Coroijany. S o u t h Pitt-iliurg- St I'hOnc I!16 l'tomil Service QL'AUTV" P L U M m N Q -- A m i f l x t u i o a , a L \ e i y m c d f i i j u tcef. 1'hono "1710" lor j i r u m t i l ii i'\ ice Cypher a n d .Son, X i i t l i Sfruoncl s u c u L I'o.'illion as I ouHCkcepor for or co iple. .A Idiosa Box SOO, C o n n a l l i i V l l l o Sitnatlonii \Vtinb d -- Male 87 WANTK0~Meaety Job I y m i d d l e w h i t e man, w i t h fare iy. Good me- c h a n i c unrt can do m it any kind ot w o r k W i l t e Hox ^5, -.are Courier, Finamci il Business Oppor unities GOOD t'AriNO HUSIN) SS--For Sale, Now Uouif; f'l.HOD per m o n t h w i t h a profit oi j r(M, w i t h fti overhead o£ ?ia;t, I f i v i n g - i net p ofit of JfOBI. Hca^o;i for KB l l n K , II health. 13 F. 0oWitt, Phone 'JHO-J, mottdale, Pa. i'aniily Jjoa as -dO-A N K W D MONIiY Q !J I Hour . ourtcou i Service On CASa LOANS I 9 To $300. SMALL MONTHLST PA linNTS--Coma in f o r l u l l inlormatic i--Just Phono, "B4" or w r i t e PEIUSONASj I'lNANC 1 COMPANY JJ'^ WEST «UAWFOHD VV3BWUH, CITY Instruct: on InHtructlO!.--JUuoic 46-A O1BSON SfHOiI-.--O£ Music. Now located, now home, above K u r t z Jew ell y Store. Pnono (30. Instructor* In Piano, U a n j o , M.a'idolln, Guitar, Ulculalu, Saxuiliune a d T r u m p e t Live Stc ck Poultry, Etfgs, f upplles 49 liAUiT ClHlCKK--Save one-half on f a m o u s Jfiire JJrcd "I 5 op-I J oa{/' Baby CliickH W o n d o r t u l e -operative plan pays yon b i K user-le lei's m o n e y In raihlns and u c l l l U K uu ciiicks. H a i r y ! W i l t a at o n c i . VVoli Hii. toll Ing and lit coding Co., J3(ipt, 7 10, Gibfifontourg, Uhio. BABY CHICKS--Place j o u r ordera now for Sprlnp J)ollvury, a Loucks Hurd- ·ftare Btoro, 134 \ / e a t Crawford Avenue. Phoho 13D. Merchaii iise Artlrieu for sule 51 WARM AIR FURNACE - \ SECOND, HAND--With new radiator, for tale, karue e n o u j h to heat a six room ttouau. Price tea lonable. Inqulta A. R. BOY }R PHONE 3 2, WI11TB BARBDK C1I UR $oO--Used e l u c l i l c c l i p p e r , $0.0 I, UiJ Koutii I'lllnburg a t j e e t . Fuol, 1 eed, ±ci'tliiz«r (iO COAL--Bay W n s l i l n g t o i p.un coal at caan prici'i by t i u c k load delivered. B c i C B t i L d ooal I.JQ bu Hun of Mine Ida bu black roal lie bu. Plicae 123-J .I-.E COK doln cii.d, Uc at the Coal C o m p a n y , N l n t i 'NO COA-L--12o lino. W e s t bide a t i c e t , u o i n e r liono 1075. jlouseliold ( uods FOH AL12--Fluui b h o \ HUIC ilnt.-, t u f t ; l o l l t i iletiU, aiKl one intfh -\\illl c a s t s 111 d O n e , f j t i i t . i l i ! ) I ui u a i ber tnnu-iy s t o r e inill I 1 'iii'li hit (.1.1. I t'OK 6ALJS--SU Sir lie i i i i i u i ei l e ^ t euiio i j liono C o u n c i l s I l l c . a d d i n g p de^k, Il«il tup op desk, t l i i o c ack w a l l case h o p or conteu- btorage, i~2 tone- oil n s t i t c h l n g ma- u o r i B u i g i i t n . Merchandise BOSH l^ADIO -- Hcreen-Grld. Fr»« doinonatiallon. Radio Service Co., 136 S o u t h P i U S u u r y street. Phono 1705. KD1SUN A N U PUtl^CO--liadioa. Free d e m u n a t r a t i o n a . Thomas J. JUIeb, lia W e s t Ajiple street. Phono 1002. RADIU BAt-KS A-ND SEUVIC'E -- ^ THE MOST MODERN SCREEN GRID KAUUJ -- oLu w a r t - W a r n e r . Does yoar larilo g i v e JMIU any trouble? If so, p h o n o "ISM.' We tepalr all makes ot radioa. A. A. Clarke Drug Store, Nortfc Pittsbuitf atreoL Auction--Legals NotlcoH STOCKHOLDl'.OS' MIBIOTING. TITB A N N U A L M E E T I N G OK THE Stockholders of th j C o n n e l l B v l l l e Con- u t r u c l l o n Company will ba held In room 102, First National Bank B u i l d i n g , Con- ncllsvlllo, Pa, M o n d a y , F e b r u a r y 17th, lOao, at 8;00 P. M. D. B. Troher, Secretary. fobl-5-8-ll-JG KX1QOITTR! X' NOTICE, ESTATE OF 'VILLIAM lato of tho City of Ominpllsville, C o u n t y of Fnyetta and Stt to of P e n n s y l v a n i a , deceaacd. Letters Teatamcntary on the above named ISt tato h a v i n g boon B i a n t e d to the u n d e r a i g n o d , notico la h e r e b y (fivon to all persona I n d e b t e d to sold Kstate, to mitke iinmodlatc pay- m e n t , nrtd to tin aa h a v i n g claims against tho same,, to present t h P m properly a u t h e n t i c itcl, for s e t t l e m e n t . Mary J, Bluhop, E x e c u t r i x , 2il Hast Green Btrect, Conncll»vllle, Pa. H. Ij. Robinson, A t t o r n e y , U n l o n t o w n , Pa. AnSUMSTHAITUX' NOTIOK. KSTATB OF GEORGE T. GUIFFIN, late of the City of J r j n n e l l o v l l l e , C o u n t y ot Fayotte and atnle of P e n n s y l v a n i a , deceased. Letters )f Administration on the above named Estate having- been granted to tho ui derailed, notice la hereby ulvcn to til 1 persons Indebted to Bald Kutalc, t? ma to i m m e d i a t e payment, and to than* h a v l n B claims ttgalnst tho same, to present them, properly a u t h e n t i c Usil, for settlenjen*. D o r o t h y E. Grlffln, A d m i n atratrlx, 210 W i f i t Green street, Connel'svlllo, Pa. II. George May, A torney, 8Jan-6t-wed THE NBW WAJi-'.bTIC RADIO -- C o m e in and i.eur it. Quid* Tiro oad Radio Co., b)isi C r a w f o r d avenuu. P h o n o 10, ut ute ij PftlSUKW HARDWARE COMPANY-- 3SvuytiilDg In liardmire." We sava you dollars, bee ua llrst, 131 West C r a v v t o i d avenue. Phone 104,' GLINT-FAST--Wall paper Guaranteed not to lade, M lid nariJo, S lOc W a l l P,4«r Co W Q a t Apple street. Wautotl--lo Bay 06' CUAKT15R IVDTIOE. IN THE MLATa'ER OF TUH IN- corpor,itlon of Coinellsvllle Board of Trade. In the Court ot Common Pleas of Fayotto Count; , Pennsylvania, No. 007 December Term, 1020. ( Notice is hereby glvon that an application will be made to tho C o u r t of ' C o m m o n Pleai £ Fayctte County, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, February 1], 10UO, at ten ^o'clock, A. M., u n d o l the provisions of the ncorpomtion Act of 1874 and its suppk mciits, for a c h a r t e r for an Intended c o i p o r a t i o n to be called the CONNELLSVILLE BOARD OF TRADE, the char ictcr and object of which Is fostbrln,r c o m m u n i t y spirit, promoting 1 the m e i c a n d i l c , manufacturing and agricultural J n t e r e M s of tho c o m m u n i t y , and d. allng w i t h all such matters OB will t nd to promotn . the ffpncral w e l f a r e ol Connellsvillo and v i c i n i t y , and for these purposes to h.tve, possess and enjoy a^ll the rlfjhts benefits and privileges granted by paid Act, and tho suppi irnents thereto. The application for c h a r t e r IB now on filo in the P r o t h o n o t a r y u office at the above n u m b e r and term. Ilitrbeo, Matthews Lewellyn, Solicitor?. Bfeb-lt, Youngest Executive In ^$1 Automotive Industry Harlow U. Curtice, who baa Jtwt been appointed prealdent and general manager of the AC Spark Plug company of'Flint, Mich., Is one of lha youngest, If not the youngest, ma lor chief executives In the automobile irw d us try. ' Mr. Curtice ?s thtrty-stc jreart ^Irt. Starting In the accounting department 16 years agj, ho successively, oc:u- CL.KAN W1HX1S RAGiJ--Wanted. Will pity i^per t i u u n d , Couniir Company. W A N T E D TO liUX--Flat top type- w r i t e r desk \sitli t y p e w r i t e r comp a i t m e n t at BJda. Call Uilii-e, Courier, Rooms and Board Koouis \ V t l h o a t FOR RKNT--Furnlalmd aiilglo rooms or ujiiu ua-!H r all couveuiencoo, second Hour. C.111 JbTJ-li. Real bstate For Kent A)artiu«uU) mid Flitts FOR RENT -- Furnish cti apartment, Ltmtriuiy located. Modernly convenient, call U17-J after u P. M. i'lnces lor liexil FOR RENT--Two story brick warehouse by 1', Railroad, cential location. Hen i cheap Phone 107U-R. lOt U«llt A MODERN BRICK HOMJ5 NOTICE. E J. McIJaniel, Attorney. TO RALPH V. HOARD, Fffirchance, Pennsylvania: Ma -garet E. Board, your s\lto, a minor, by her f a t h e r and next f r i e n d , Joseph K u » h m a n , has filed a libel In the Court of Common Pleas of Fay^tte C o u n t y , I'enn«!a, at No. 467 September Term, 1920, p i a y i n g for a. divorce a v i n c u l i matrln onii against you, alleging that you did by a course of cruel and barb.'vrous treatment, endanger the life of the libellant, and have offered such Indignities to her persoft as to risnd jr her condition tn- t o l o i a b l e and life b u r d e n s o m e , forcing her to withdraw f r o m y o u r h o m e and habitation in J u n i , 1920, and f u r t h e r , that you did wilf i lly, maliciously and w i t h o u t just or reasonable .cause, desert and abandon the libellant f r o m your h o m e and h a b i t a t i o n In J u n e , 192ti,'and have continued and persisted in said desertion from t h a t date u n t i l the present time. You are hereby n o t i f i e d and required I to appear In said Court on or before Monday, tho 2-lth day of February, 1WO, to answer t i e cotnplaint of the said Margaret E. Itoard, and In d e f a u l t of such appearanc , you will Tie liable to have a divorce granted In your absence. Thos. R. Aubrey, Sheriff of Fayetta County. 29jan-3t-wed. OF--Eight rooma and two baths Has throe finished rooms in attic. Also a Ilniiihod cellar, w i t h a n u w steam h e a t i n g h s t e m , and a Rudd lu- ' ulunuuieoaj hot V r A i o r heater. Houue' in very good c o n d i t i o n . Located on 1 West Side, 201 North First street. Rents at IfiO.OO per month. I n q u l i e FAJTETTE REALTY COMPANY SELLERS ARCADE. PHONE 13TD. FIRST BTRJ3ET, NORTH, 201--Brick home of e l e v e n rooms and two baths. Suitable for two famlllea. Has electric, gas and steam h u n t , Rent la v e t y reasonable. I n q u i r e A. E Wagoner and Son, 1000 West Crawford A v e n u e , Phono 148. GIBSON A V E N U E , 500--Four room ·, gas, electric, water paid. Rant $l-J.uo. Oarage $1.00, TR4JA1P AVENUE, 010--Five room house and baUi. I n t j u l r o 402 East Green street. FOR RENT--Six rooms, bath, p a n t r y and turnaoe. Mr, Jamea Delllgatti, Arch street. APARTMENTS, HOUSES, STOREROOMS AND GARAGKd--Inquire 120 W e b t Peach atreut. Pnona 475. Real Estate For Sale HOUHOH ios Sale FRANKLIN AVENUE, 815---Six room house, prlco icusonable, all oonvoni- . enccs. R, V, Rendiue, Phone 260-R. FOR b'AJjK--My ton room house, two bath looms, hot water heut, lot 80x120 I'eet, Isabella Roud ami East Green stieet. Call any time except f r o m s u n d o w n on Friday to s u n d o w n on Satuid,uy. J. M. Sembdwer, Wtuited--Jteal Estote ,80 WANTED--To hear from o w n e r who has 5 to 120 aci o rarm w i t h b u i l d i n g ? , for sale. W r i t e J o h n Lynn, U n i o n ton n. Pa., caio Box 1323. Auctions-J Legais AotJces THIS C L A h M F J l i D KICCriON" is a f r i o t i d in tu od tu h u t i d i e d s o£ p o u p l e o v « i y ilav A V1TAU..Y I M l ' O R T A N T pj.rt ot e v e r y day a nuv,* is tourui m t h u classi- flcd ucltt. DUN 't' L.KC o p p i i i tu by. l.,i!o!i. O V L I t l i u _ o v f i y day iltie.s p^ss you aaaiiled otciion TJIKUK'S A Pl^ACE and e v u i y l h l n g lu in Uiclcxed Ulassiflatl Seoti tor e v e r y t h i n g ts place in the ESTATE OF FLORA A LYTLE, late of the City ot C o n n c t l s \ Ulo, C o u n t y of Fayette and Slate of Penns y l v a n i a . dutoascd. Leiteis Tc-ata- m p n t a i on the above n a m e d Estate h a v i n g In en g i . i n t c d to the u n d e r s i g n e d , n o l l L o ib h f i c L i y g i v e n t o a l l p B i h i i i h I n d p b l p d L O said Estnlo, t o m a U i ' I m m e d . a t p p i i j m e n t , tint) to lhO!»u I j . i v l n g - cl.Ums a h . i i u B t t l i o same, t o p i f j i - n t t h e m , p i o p u i l y a u t h e n t l i a l e d , f o i s p t t l L i n e n t J a m e s C. I^OIIH:, Executor. 1U\ Ml, C o n n o l l s v l l l e , Pn , t i l l M ' i O H a r v e i , K ^ WH KNOW T H / T If you know what we know about fie service given by classified ads you certainly make sure of knowing about all the opportunities they offer each da/, THE CLASSIFIDD SECTION gives you a daily economy service. KEEP IN TOUCH with opportunity! Read the classified ads every d,iy. Harlow H. Curtice. pted the positions of comptroller, assistant manager, and vice presld"Dt and assistant general manager. He ia head of one of the largest automobile accessory companies In iho world with branch factories In France and England and employing 5,000 persons. The products made by thi'se plants are estimated to be In use on. 20,000,000 automobiles today. Mr. Curtice succeeds Basil W. de Gulchard, owe of the pioneers In the industry, who resigned because of ill health. Highway Grade Crossing \ Accidents on Increase Of the 5,036 highway grade crossing accidents In which motor vehicles were Involved during the past year la the United Stages, 1,275 resuRed from motorists- crashing Into the 'sides of trains, which were either stand'ng still CT In motion. This was an In- crensa of 113, or 0.7 per cent, crm- pored with the number of such arct- tlents In 1927. Highway grade crossing accidents resulting from mo. or vehicles being struck by trains tota'cd 3,701 in U328, an increase of 74 compared with the preceding year, or na Increase of 2 per cent Horn Is Neglected By Many Automobile Owners Approximately 95' per cent of ilia owners of automobiles never oil tbelr horns. Because the horn gives Httlo trouble, little attention has been p ikl to it. The horn usually outlasts i he car If conscientiously oiled. It Is not necessary to oil It as frequently us the other mechanism of the car--twice a year being mitllclent. It takes little effort on the part of the motorist to be sure that bis awn is always In operating condition. "Remember away bat-k when a infc tire drew a sympathetic look from passing motorists?"--Das Molnes Beg- Ister. No, we are not that old, · » * "A hotel for automobiles In the sng- gentlon of a prominent New York contractor"--If you can Imagine a bjll- boy rushing a quart of oil up to 70C, Today's Cross Word Puzzle 10 eo n ai. ie IS 31 C ' t l l - L l i b l j I l t K , I' I I Geortjo - M a ) , A l l i ) i i i o . S j n n - u l - w oil Uui I'S PHOKIT as v r e i l as t n l o t e s t u u W H . ACROSS i Fonyiveneas t Ajar 10 To have of 11 A vnmlnE 12 Any Icuv e bodjr of pcrnoiie 13 A color 14 A point 16 Before (-ontr.) 16 Commilt U to memory 17 An ouloplstlc niomolr 19 Symbol lor titanium 21 Unit of work .. ·22 To weed 25 Thnt thl iff 27 Spcol 23 rhyalcluiis (Abbr.) 31 KcivmlUy 32 \ foim of poetry 34 A crown 8(J Tropical animals m -40 (I -3© ·33 37 3S Part of bont 39 Has use far ; -JO Kood nmtlc from milk DOWN S Eagle's neat * To tulU aimlessly Anovar to Previous Puxzla 4 To wither B Upon 6 Tho. armpit 1 A crowd 8 A 9 A 11 A Iarul measure 13 Miiicral-bearln* rock IS A germ celt 1* A correlative 80 Out of night 22 FeminUs pronotnt^ ,'!3 Mystl«4 ejaculation 2t An cp! poem 26 An !rts1an,t 27 A Scotifh cap 28 Pertaining to » rlvcv In Gurmony 1 SO Aiv auction ,,_ 31 To *6ndlo [p| 83 A serf 3G Male parent ' 36 Consumed 38 An EiHtUwb coffli )

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