The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 27
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X MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1M4 THE. OTTAWA JOURNAL Television CIOT - Or. Flnlay't Cubeok. "Cry Woli." A chronic m.ljnger. er, who keep, hit limily in qualor with hit drinkmi, cam. Dr. FinUy much concera. After, numeroui (tlx alarmi. ruumj reiuMf 10 answer an emergency call, only to discover that the man's (mall ton it eerioutly ill. iM Rta Skeltaa Red Skdton't guetu are Aman da Blake and linger Bobby Ry dell. In a western tklt. Skelton ti Sheriff Deadeyo. Mitt Blake play Widder Jenkint who wanu hit Job; and Rydeil plays a newtboy who potet at Billy the Kid so that Deadeye can capture him. In The Silent Spot, KM and Mario Roe. one of the - Skelton Dancers, portray an eve ning at home with the "Murray Aitnurs. -Rydeil featured m . numbers with the Skelton es and Skelton Dancen. IMt Himiet Ceremony. On the eve of the centennial cele-bratioa itself, this special program will feature a fireworks demonstratioa in Charlottetown and a naval ceremony perform ed by HMCS Cornwallis. lM ExpUraUens. Comparison." Second of a five-part series comparing places and . people in widely separated parts of the world Greece, Thai land and Canada. Tonight: Pro gram compares country boys from Thailand, Greece and Can ada. 11J7 Trad Astalre Theatre. "The Hat of Sergeant Martin.'' A sergeant and a warrant officer are put in charge of a pla toon of newly trained native militia to protect the inhabitants of a jungle village. CJOH IM Mystery Theatre. "Wit. net in the Dark." A blind girl becomes the "witness in the dark" when the killer meets her in the hallway Just- after the crime. Patricia Da Intra. Conrad , Phillips, Madge Ryan and Nytel Green star, Ml Meaday Night Movte. "the Big Combo." Richard Conte stars aa Brown, mysterious head of crime syndicate who hat somehow managed to keep oat of the clutches of the law. But now he fears that his girlfriend Susan Cabot is about to hreak away from him, so be has her shadowed by two of his1 gunmen.- Cornel . Wilde. Brian DonJevy and Jean Wallace also star. f v tM The Texas. "Friend of the Family." Bib Longley be comes Involved hi a, tragic family conflict when he allows the son of . a Civil War comrade to ride with him. The boy hates his father and is looking tor trouble. John Dehner and Roger Perry portray lather and eon. IMt Dr. Kildsre. "Four Feet In the Morning." This two- part drama concerns the plight of teenage unwed couple who discover they are going to have a baby. Marta Kristen and Tony Dow play' the young couple, with Ruth Roman and Andrew Dug- an. . . CBOFT v .M Mes treis fits. "Count' down" In which the boys' grand ABANDON PROGRAM WASHINGTON (AP) The - United States defence - depart- i meat Saturday formally aban doned active development the mobile mid-range ballistic missile designed to Till the gap the .army's tactical and the submarine.! launched Polaris missiles of the avy. A pentagon anaou Kent blamed cxaigressional cuts of funds. More than SlOt.OOs.. M has been spent on the mid- range (Me-to-l.MS-mlle) mtMil mce It was approved tor de velopment la UC. ; - JACK snow JEWELLERS r. i 112 Sparks St, Ottawa) , X 41 Ckaatwrt pt, tanks rns raasH Icaor STRAWBERRY JAM ,4 OO. f i.O Hon 1757 RusmII Road 731-3884 - " EASTVIEW aVhoppiiX Contro . - fthoi Montreal ftoad J Riverside Drive r . s m Where something good Oar ajaaBaei sesserlyllaa ssr. lea esTers gsassta hast catted tar eye eeeafert aad appear Use Our Easy Credit Plan . t, ; . s. ... .. - i . 1 iS saWa4-a. i- . - a - is always going on Highlights father gets mixed up In the twice yearly ritual of cheng ing the 'dock and sets it aa hour too early. I M Routt retinal. From Quebee City. Muriel Millard and Les .(jfcrcons de mimrit ap pear as guest artists fclth Aglae J n -. I -. m nna;cr nauiu. t-N Serenade eativale, Claire Gagnier, Andre Jobin and Jean Thielemans Join Jean Des-lauriers and the orchestra ia a program that includes "L'amour m'est venu." "Premier rendes- vou." "Delauney's Dilemma,' summertime" and extracts mm "rarapiuies de Cherbourg." Premier Prix. "La dossier perdu." A psychiatrist's widow makes use of confiden tial ncordt to make trouble for young woman. 1M - Ceewia, cepala. Pierre utidan. Les Cailloux and the Michel Boudot Dancers in program of TV variety with Dominique Michel and Robert De- montigny. twitaitia,ti,ta1witi1s,e YOUR HEALTH Uvkw By Lester L. ANESTHESIA What Is the difference be tween local and general anesthesia? What factors deter-mine the choice? Anesthesia, derived f r o m the Greek, means "absense of feeling or sensitivity." And that is the purpose of anesthesia to free the body or a part of the body from any painful sensation. Local anesthesia, desens tires or numbs only a specific, limited area of the body for surgery. ; These Is a wide selection of local anesthetics. Commonly used are ethyl chloride applied directly to the skin m a spray, and various forms of novocain given by injection. The patient remains fa! Iff conscious and- aware of what la going on. He cc-operatee with the surgeon and plays an active part ia -the procedure. '..I HYPNOSIS EFFECTIVE ' Hypnosis can be effectively used in conjunction with local anesthesia to further reduce the discomfort of surgery. Under general : anesthesia,' the patient is totally uncon scious and the entire body loses an sensetion. Certain drugs like atropine, morphine and the barbiturates are usually, given before a general anesthetic. They aid ia relaxing the patient and enhance the safety of There is a great variety too. of general anesthetics, and often they are used in com blnatton. Usually the patient la first "put to sleep" by an Inhalation anesthetic like ether, chloroform or cycl propane. " .. The choice of local or gen oral anesthesia presents a complex problem. The . surgeon and the anesthesioiogist consider everysunedlcal and personal aspect of. the I n d I-vidua! patient before that de cision ia reached. MANY FACTORS 1 The. condition of, the heart 'and the lungs, the age of the patient, the patient's emotional stability, the exnected duration of. the surgery, the need for the patient's active assistance these are soma of the most Important factors which are taken tnto account ,ia choosing both the type of anesthesia and the particular anesthetic. ' ''!,"; - , v . Sometimes the patient's preference can be considered to nuking a choice. But this can be dona only when there Is safe and reasonable alternative Too often the desires of patients spring from unreasoning fears and misconceptions. - The primary objective of the surgeon and the anesthe i u the sitting ducks and set up " . 104 Graduate! AtVocational Training . Graduation ceremonies mi August may seem out of piece, I but to 104 students at the I Canadian Vocational Training I school at First Avenue, the cer tificates presented Friday eve-1 ning promised moat a full-time I lob- - The students, all unemployed I upon entry to the school, took) a 10-month commercial secre tarial or clerical course end according'to school authorities, about 8,0 have already found employment. r. . , . The graduation ceremonies Friday brought to over 1000 1 the number of etiidents haying! graduated at the acnoot The addreaa was given by I C W. Downie, Controller of) Finance, Collegiate Institute I Board. The valedictory address J waa delivered by Mrs. Dorothy1 Thornton, ! The dinner and nresentstion ' of certificates were held in tb, school building hall. NERVE SYSTEM CLEVELAND Uncounted thousands of miles of nerve fibers comprise the brain and nervous system, - one" of the marvels of the human body. The) TEA WAGON MS OUMCCI TB noaancei uMoners AMNtTTf n-imas-iM-isa VtV ef!rt iMsV Nmnm i . I SMOROASBOItO SxNtaiiHiaiu T I eutiteaev et TF. I GUARDSMAN UtRliteaugt. I M1I Turkey SINGLE VISION BIFOCALS IS umiTerr nm , i eM BiMtEBMt Mem-1 - yeeamtr rKKtirtiess met sTIiMltartKa BHtn ntaa strum n Mtco etui nm ttrr. laia Kntura 0 in -w mi TOT SOUIEI I Te Bvetir Tatatiter I 11 Tm ae VMn I BvtaUaaa sat Swsear I 1 t ( 1 , ! I J Fin Food Ftatun for Thursday Roast . . . ' with Cranberry Sauoa 100 Rooms ! TL'232-37t5l Monthly Rjtei 65 STYLES, SHAPES AKD CCLOHS TO CHOOSE FKOU J? ALL UHSIS NICISION ROUHD TO YOUR ' EXACT HII0S . . . NO IXTtA CHAtttl FOR TINTID LINSIS OR PIKCRIPTIOM SUNAUSSIS MO AfOtMTMlHT MKISSART BOOTH BUILDING - , surn iu ' ; ' . 165 Sparks Street i BROTHER 3 THROWS lSJ'M "Hey. Chariie, lake down the red devils." atsta,isitsta.attsw Coleman, MD , siologist is always to insure the maximum safety end com fort of the patient There kaye been stupendous strides in the science of anesthesiology within the part quarter of a century. Many hew safety' factors reduce the difficulties of surgery and in crease the speed of recovery. Modern day anesthe siologists couple their technical skill with greater understanding of the emotion al needs of patients. T b e I r medical and - psychological contributions are of t r e- mendous value before, during and' after .surgery. Highlights IM C0 Sestset Cere- seny. From Charlottetown description or the naval ceremony of the lowering of the flag By the men of HMCS Corn wallis, and the military tattoo. Ill CFMO-FM C start HaR. Valses Nobles at Semi- mentales. Revel; Nights In the Gerdent of Spain, de Falls; Symphony on a French Moun tain Air, D'lndy; Piano Con certo No. I, Rachmaninoff. Jf CBO rJistinguisbeel Artists. From Winnipeg, violinist Marta Hidy and plan 1st Chester Duncan. Sonata No. 1 m A. Handel; Adagio,' Kodaly; Nocturne and Tarantella, Siy- manowiu. The Azores lie 800 to 1,000 miles west of Portugal. YOUR SUCCESS ' I guaranteed when you train the ' WALTER THORNTON - Way e MesWMas. Brit asreveaaea e Carr Otrte ceene e CklMraa , 111 Sparks St.' . SM-M7S IK Hmt $k FaaseM . . LEPRECHAUN LOUNGE Hourst s.m. to I a Dally IochidJn Saturday' Otwa WeewMear ' ' "HI IMS' Mesa''' L;' '' 'Mtont 232-4751 - JUNIPER 1 . -n " ' : ? rr- . l qMa i 1 ."p v rum ff- i , 1 "Now remember, Mom, don't tell any of the fella "You 'didn't have to do that. I know they're about thii!" ,,,.,r .. , too big mtha waist." rr . . J r u will you I I -, fob-ancs house price to pay - ,CJH I I CUlf. tO LIKE M3U A H itjuE uar II I ,S niMiuuivn. I I ens cfttm V: I I i : . . i i w. - i 1 1 m . i -,.-.-- - , - i .a i i -J 71 I El X yT '''' -' vz I I r 1 i , k n , i . ; . I : AKl'HUS I "JUr IIKC OW. DADOV C CtOIHf ' IT BUSK X WtU, I . " ISaL'K-AN OCCASIONAL "N SO A NCW I TV OW BOUGHT IT UTTS GO WA MCI 7 EVERYONE 0JGI SIMPIE lUXURV . I Bach BAUr at the for us? ) thank uunf or you. S houdm I f-si V. now and ivtnf ' '' w - KV'-IRY DRAKE ' H - tk eoMMiK-5 Y 'PoafNewX C"X hpws awi; .i 553 I U ' f AtfTOPSV OU6MT Ltf TO I" I umkwtkt I 1 I . I , PWKtAW 1 TO TILL US SOTTles KKOAWrwwrd flrWfci WWTTeN w . ' Xi- i REX MORGAN, ATD ' . , ; " III 1 ' ' 111finno-ru.MwiTnMI Un MiRiyoooouuNs...KiuMn ) J but f can unowstwo wvF tp ;T I examumn6MOM1( TMATYixrvesH )H feiirfStiVd 2222'tSr T-i-e KH 5 : "fl l I I ,r I ' 1 - T JJ 1 I llT N,rAH.IM II II JULIET JONES , , ' . 1 - , ' ' I-L HetALHT I that RiHr. cocsnY moors 1 I coe; just &'avi6uessi'il Kill UXO-tWH0m 1 (OWN ACAK WAVOUTNtftt J I AN0LOTArroHeTlNKtWWITHAsElf3WOT3 1 . H'.l I in fvii akt mikc , f poit-mo mvb a nastc. ) (chino evtav I MtW( MOOMl I hf-my y tTY M I V ,'W,:,ou COt'AW TREE. BUT IN V I APARTMENT 3-G 1 i - . "Rf 'fH'TI ' I t sif10Mlt-lff 6"m aww nas 9eeh lt tSdui 't. "' " v .'"'4 t.' 1 ihJ1 A I rJlJ'.2-t'Z. riS(irX Vt I (o out txAcar how aso - ) STEVE ROPER 1 ' ' , ' f" ' r- mmmmSmmmW uouiOHyv! 1 1 but-if you oour mjno 1 T no.' ooff MfiONfipr tM 1 POUILI TM KACM V BCrS IN pQMOWMW,! KV SAYi S7ITT t I FROM TMt PAICI -ANOV I'-'l, lx A- V A A A .A. 1 s-V BWBS? liilM ;

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