The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 13
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t;;'f. ' N WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1930. ,THE DAILY COURIER, QONNELLS^ ILLE, PA. Pi II Text of Coiirt Decision in Pamago/ Action Against Redstone Township School District v«««tit d«clskit of tho Court oE Common Pleas of. Fayotto county, Jn an opinion, by Judge- S. John jVIorrow, In *d»} action, of. Eleanor Edna Thompson, by I/loyd A. Thompson, her Rtifkrdian, against the School District of Kedstono TownsWp tor damages for Injuries sustained jwhlle riding in a, fiohoot ;bus, oqaaaiotied considerable intotrost, ·iKS'pecially among th-o piatrona of school)!). Aa Mie text of, the decision plainly seta forth the.ruiings of tho Stat« Supreme Court on- th-o point of law involved place 'upon the plaintltfu in »uch action the great weight of authority against their right to recover. Greater flexibility in the ; law to adapt it to changing conditions seems to bo d-e-Tirablo. .jTh* opinion of Judge Morrow follows In full -text: "Tho plaintiff, a ttohool girl, by her guardian aad noxt friend; brought suit against th« defendant, the School District of the Township of Redstone, to recover damag#4 for personal injuries r-eceived by her. It Is set forth In the statement oi claim, inter alia, that she was a resiilevi-t of said Towh- eblp and waa a aonlor in the Township Hig'ty School, located about eight miles from her home; that prior to the time of her Injury tho defendant school district, pursuant to the authority given it by an Act «£ Assembly, known a;, the 'School Code' amended by the AH of May 13, 1P?5,. P. U, 628, had acquired atwi was operating and maintaining, as Its own property, a certain sc.hool conveyance, a motor bus, by rr.eatta of which tho plaintiff and other pu-pita w«ra transported to and from stihool; -that the school district navjng enercbed ita choice of providing tree transportation to \ he pupils, by owning, Maintaining' and operating itn own school conveyance, as-sumeil thereby the dntle?. obligations and IIabilities of a carrier; and that on the morning of March 23, 1026, she was boing transported to school by fhe defendant In Its motor b-ua when by Mason of the negligent, qareleas and rcklo33 operation thereof on the public highway, it struck a teegraph pole, at the side of the- road, resulting In ber receiving sorioais and permanent injury. "An affidavit of defense was filed raising a question of law to the effect that tho school district was an agency of tho Commonwealth and not liable for the negligence of its employe, the tlrirer of the motor bua. "In. support of the proposition that tho defendant la cot Jlabl* in tl)S» action Ford vs. Kendall Borough School FINE AUDIENCE HEARS FOX TELL OF JOE CANNON Conversion of Former Speaker At tho Age of 88 Belated At Mill Kuii. SERVICE HELD EACH MORNING Tho Inclement weather did not prevent a tine service at the- union revival at Mill "Hun Tuesday night. The singing prayers.' preliminary *' services, and sermon all 1fought in- V s plraUou to tho entire audience, which M'H« a. "very good one for such a night. idvaugelist C. J. Vox. related how Joe Cannou "found God" ut the age of 8S years, drawing the lesson therefrom ihat many will bo won to Christ if they depend upon thd Spirit in the Mime- way us was* the case tti Cannon's conversion. are to b- day services each morning save Saturday the rest of the weak at 9:30 o'clock, with the e-vangel- 1st. using us the general them*, "fte- vivltig Ie«d find Dying Clmrdhes." Tonight the tlieme is to be, "Tho Severity of God,' a much neglected theme for )iiany years, according to the-evangelist He asks each one to Jot down the Hcrlptures he will give and study them at homo to confirm hia statements. Kino -results »vo anticipated as the presence e£ God Is becoming greater with the"passing oC each night service. Voxprams. "Christ, is -sayhis most graciously, ·como", but soon he will spealc, 'Depart from Me I never know you.' " "My Mend, don't forget that you sniiat live forever, and it will b« either 5n Heaven or hell." . "Judgment Day will be tho day on which your account will be settled, ·unsaved' friend, and don't yon think you should be looking ovei- your ac- i-.ount as you near settlement day?" ' "Ion't grieve too much for the loved one who has slipped away in Christ .because Christ shares his throne with, be District, J21 PH.. 543, ,\ as 'lted. In that ease a pupil was injured in the' school room in an explos ion {ausod the school potrolnm into tho 'stove In attempting to Iclndl-o a that-the. doc: ior does not anitor throwing crude ftro. , U .-WA#" thoro held rln-e, of rospbndent su,per- apply to sdhool districts. Counsel lot tho plalnUff have, not favored us' With a brlff a'nd at "tii'o oral argument did not cite any authorities In support of hr action against.'the'school district. The beat discussion.- wo have found hi a suit based on similar facts is in Consol i d a ted School Dlsl ri e t No. 1' v. Wright, 261 Pac, 053, J t ' t a there held that the furnishing; by a school district of free tranaportatiqn In a school bus/to school chi'IdTen it* a public governmental f u n c t i o n ' a n d that tbo school fllstrtct is- not liable in damages for Injuries to a pupil caused- by tho negligence of an employe in the op eratlou oC Its motor truck In which this pupil and other school chlldien were being taken to .sohool. To the same effect is Che rating Jit Horton r, Bienvllle Parish School Board, i La. App. 123, See aJso Alk U v. Independent School District, Sir. N. W. 533. "in the instant case li was argued to the effect that the selu:ol district w voluntarily engaged ift a business activity in owjTilng and operating a motor bus for the transportation of echool children, and in supprt of the contention the statemont was made and not controverted that Uic school d triot recognhert this fuct and sccuvec protection by insurant e. In view ol the facts we would noi bo inclined to decide'in favor of the defendant the (tuestion of l a w raised tn tbo aflldavh of defense, did not the great weight of authority seem to be against the,pla.iiv- tiS'a right to recover. It is true the law should be flexible enough to appllcab!e ( to changing conditions and there may be a tendencr to more liberal rulings respect!: t« recoveries against immlc!paltk», as evidenced'by- Bell et us. v. PtttabOTiT.el al., 207 1885, and Brinton v. School Dlstrtci «f Sbenanjio Township, SI Pa. Super. Ct, 450, yet it is rather for'our higher courts than for ns to · Kspart front the beaten path, if s reason i w so doing can be Eound in tqe fav-.ts iwnre a,.llegei.l. "And now, Jannary 27, 3530, aft consideration, "the quastion of Jaw raised in Uie afndnvi. of.'defens* is decided in tavor o J t b f liefomlaiU and jndginont 13 now enls-red for the de- fendent." SPOETS GLEANINGS "What promises to Ve- a very Interesting engagement wl:l take plac« on Friday evening at Alvt-riou when J Huntingdon Towusaii High School meets Bewlckley T iwnsblj) High. Coach Owen Huntsman naa arranged for two officials to lu.utlle the gai The clubs are keyed ip to buttle lo a flnish. * * » ' Prlriio Camera, the huge muscle nutin from Italy, was Just a big bogey tuu.n and not u conspirator. Thin wag the verdict of tho liMnoit State Atliletia Cominlsaion which inv^tiguted his 47- second .knockout of El-sear Rioux.. The Canadian was fined $1,000 for nnsatls- I'uutory showing. Camera's purse of $1(J,000 was ordered pi'id. · » Qrovo City sunk Waynesburg College, I(i-a4 ( at Grove City last night. T,he fcllosv who passes up a grand mansion in heavt-n and gives hla life 10 gold or pleasure in this a S r e n t ' b i g fool w u d he needs to 'told so quickly." Hi-id for ll-obberlcs. Cnptaln Kr«nk Greenan and Lieutenant Jesse V. Buyer of the Baltimore fc Ohio llailroait police, located In MEYKKSBAUfl, Feb 5-- Last Friday evening the' Senior anil Junior classes of the Meyesdale High School held a dance at tho Coloniaj Hotel at which sixty couples attended, The affair was chaperoned by several of the faculty and all. present had a delightful time. Nat Friedl Ine's orchestra furnished muelc. . Mr. and Mrs. lee CoJllna drova Pittsburg yesterday morning taking their daughter, Miea Dorotliy, to tl)« West Penn Hospital, where sho ie entering us a student nurse. , ! Mr, and Mrs. 'Samuel. Seese. and Kon, William, of Johns-town spent Saturday and Sunday here -with Mrs. Seese's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Deeter. ..... Mr. and Mra'Charlef Payne and two children oE Connellsvllle spent the week-end here with the formar's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Payne. Misa Althea Habel, a «tudont at Hood. College, Frederick, Mf,, Is spending a few days vacation here, with her uncle am! aunt, Mr. and Mrs. CI«.r0uce Sowe. Miea Lottie M. Thompson; a member of the High School fiieulty, spent the week-end at her home in Morgan- Jtown, Miss Margaret Blat-k, a teacher «t Trafford. Pa,, spent eoveral days licie at the home of her parents, .Rev. and Mrs. B.i A. flittck, :at the Reformed parsonage. Mr. and Mrs. Ceorg! May of Johnstown, were gueste of relatives .here over Sunday. Ralph Kosenbergeiv and Mias'-lluth Young, niutJic teacher ill the local schools, spent Saturday visiting in Pittsburg. Mies H/artloy and Mlas Helen Hay, teachers at Central City, spoilt . , Oonnellevllle, have arrested James j the W eek-end here wish their parents, Woods, 19. of Revere, arid Robert 10, of Continental No. 3, In i'onn«c(!on with a number of robberies in l h i s v'ii-iutty. A Unioulown alder- a.nd-Mro. J. W. Hartley and Mr. and Mrs. 'William Hay. Mrs. James Ydung and Miss Mary George of Detroit, Mich., are visiting man IK-Id the for court at a at the home ' o f ' t h e i r brotiier-in-Uiw h e a r i n g Monday evening. The railroad j ant! 6 i H .ter ( Mr. and Mrs. "Robert F,tlis officeTM aro eald to have arrested t h e , ? j r% an(| Mrij _ B j u , ra(Uteh o j boys while in the act of breaking the Greenville township spent .Sunday .with A RK you able to spot a real baj gain ? «** you what the ladies would ca U r a good shopper"? In that case, you'll re alizc that every ORANGE AiMERICAN GAS Pump offers a genuine bargain! For this gas was originality manufectured to sell at s. premium -- and did in many place*. But todisty, owing to greatly inert rased production and steadily growing sales .ORANGE AMERICAN GAS is sold at reguls r gasoline price everywhere --despite its all-round superiority. Getting a gasoline of such uniformity, sucfe power, such flexibility, with so high an anti-knock rating is ust about the greatest bargain ever in the opinion of thousands of experienced inotori sts! 3fie AMERICAN OIL COMPANY Affiliated with" Pan American Petroleuoj Trai iport Co. General Offices: Baltimore, ML Branch Office: Foot of Lillian Street. Unlonto.wu, To. i'hoim S8 or b». REAR MOTOR FEATURED IN LONDON SHO tf o placing of the engine at the rear of the new Tro-jnn car can; eel a %ensation at tlje gigantic motor show lir Olympln, I/ondon's hiijje exhll Ition hai), Several other ne\v fentures were Introduced at the show. AUTOMOBILE HINTS ?oal and eutorirtg a freight car in. the ! mil road yards. Italy Austria In Tmily. HOMK, K«b. 5.-- -Austria mid will t r e a t y of Erloudship and coinMllatlon and ,4 judteal i»a:t tom»r- row as a r e n u l t of a mowing yesterday ln'twi'OU Chant -allor Sciiober and i f . Mr. and Mns. Sampson McKenz'le, -Mrs. 15. S. Kemp hi-s returned from i weelc'a visit with her daughter, 'Mrs. Ream In TMtU-burg. More autos^are abused out than worn oitt. * ' « » ' ' The International · autoiiiobilc classic Is scheduled for Daytoaa Beach March 1 to 15, 3030, * it * He w h o nevev , iookis at his tlre.s when they ure inflated wonders what the blowout. Mis* Clara llrocttucker of Brothers Valley visited frlemU- on Hutur- Tolin'cco r i a n t United. i IJ'XXIXCTO.V, Ky.. i.'e-b. 13.--lire last j night .awep'. HIP. ( f r y ns l!util of UK; I l'lir % c-l.fR'j!'«'U K'alidff, i South weHt-crn Tob-icc-o (.'otnpiiny, j I'Artl!?. Ark,. Feb. -{---A i h r c e - l o g g e d j destroying severs 1 n-il-lion pounds of r.-itiliit (» I'a^t on Us three less ;i« its j !f\if. The loss H-a.^ c itlm.iter) u.i 5-^00,- u as found here. ow There fire enough autos in the Un'itoif Suites for everybody l o rid« lit. once, and the nedeatrinn.s would be safer If they dirt. * * * Klro jiri'vention iHiats nrc proleo- t l i ' i ) . Tin 1 Uisjuiotlon hpsiis chany'iis I he d i i r n HiinirH "on 11 cold day on ihc h f p h \vit.v. ' * « » Fairy Story: "Oh, fiidgo!" s.Tld the Dettish driver, of the tfji-tpa truck as Ufa rea? axfe cdllnjise 1 and dropped to the pavement -wltli a bang. good ie op- itches gnals. ig 40 0 (set if It Ing to The stop lijrht should b,e It working order at nil tfmes. T ejrator in the car in the roar w this more than he docs- arm s * * * · 'When your ant:o Is trarfilf milos an hour It covers about i lit a svcojul. This nieiius tlia blrs soinetlilng, something Is g( . be smashed. GASIS lin|sni[iorly ttd.|iiM((d valves' w i l l online Ihe engim.' to run "uneven y and w i l l nlao p;lvc less powor nnd in leuge.. Ad.lnsi vnjvea to proper liniinj- · * * In a n Pltnrt tn 'Opc w l / h I ic I n - fresise in n u l o m n h l l e f a l n t i l i c , i h c Sodthcfisieni I ' h n i ' t p r of t h e A n ^ i ' l i ; n n lied Cross plans tn esiiUdish H circle of first flic] stntlons a-onnd I'l llarlel- phla, Ps Practice of Starting Engines in Closed Garages Deadly Error. With the season o£ cold weather comes the Increased danger to motorists fro'm deadly curbon monoxide gas, warns the Chicago Motor club, Tho practice of starting engines in garages before opening garage doors results in many fatalities encli year, according (:o reports received by the motorists' organisation. Motorists should pay strict attention to ventilation In the garage, nnd, above all, should not "warm up" the car unless ample avenues of escape are available for exhaust gases. A cros's-draft through the garage is most ctesirnDle. Has Numbing Effect. "Carbon monoxide gas has a numb- Ing effect on the senses and ranny Instances are recorded where motorists have died before they could span the short distance from the driver's sent to the fresh air," says a bulletin issued by tlio club. 1 "One of the best practices is to open the garage doors before starting the motor. Another is to connect the exhaust pipe with a pipe loading through the door, so that fumes will be cnrrlod out of the building. This can be done by menhs of rubber tubing nnd nn extension on (ho exhaust. Few I n h a l a t i o n s Fatal. "Owners who do l.helr own moclinn- Ical work sliouhl be particularly ··care- f u l ' U n i t they do not lojivc- tin'- motor ; r u n n i n g w l i l i o u t p r o v i d i n g Ht!oi|uai« ' viMilliiition. Only a few I n h u l u t l o u s of. carbon monoxide- sas ai'u required to cause faful results. "These siiirsresl.tons HIV offrrd In I h e hope of I'fdncing t!o;nlis n t l r t h u i - fiVilp H llu imilfir cur. X'pry l i t l l p " c i - opfi;nl.inn \f needi.'d i n III-OVCMI nn- ncopssnt'y monoxldi? f n t a l i t i o s . - l ' n t t.h^ p u b l i c must firsl be a « n r e o f ' t h e . peril j from those deadly fumes," ' FINAL TOUCHES ON FRONT DRIVE ENGINE AUTO NOTES hi t h e t-ui'ly. days cf tli-; uioiiir i'ar, tuo, thera vrert) raarvelr-us non-stop performances by bsaionari who didn't know how to shut a££ the Plenty of speed and power «*ilJ be obtained from tliis S2S.OOO roadster according to Harry A. Miller, famous -radng expert of i.os Angeles, v.*ho l» building it for Phillip Chancellor. The. r o n t i s t o r ' w i l l ' ' h n v e n - f r o n t drive nnd Its eight cylinders will le It a normal''.touring speed of. 125 miles an hour. The .automobile? will ; jliti\;c a ;00 lnn;.so io'\yer motor. Clean Battery Terminals to Prevent Corrosion Cure sluHili] lie taken H i n t Hie t'nt- tory ( o n n i n n l s do not. lit'coint? i/drrtidi'il u'llli ni-iil. which i)it'/.')i)l;.' Inlcrfi-n-ti w i t h t h e proper, current 'f.-ntii l u i i i o r y I n t o ciilile, lull also destroys NIC c,i- hlcs. Have I lie cuiilc's n-movcd ··nul Ihe loniiinals tmd. cnble ends iluir- n u g l i l y cleaiiod. nnd i hen n i t e r they nn- put huclc. sniOtir i h c m h c j f v l l y ^ \vti.!i r u p grease. 1 O r d i n a r y si Iff i r o w r l n u . f iii^ I'i'iiioiil prijsci'il iinilcr Mid ovi-i iln; IffiniiHil.s iiiid C'jildtr. rlsils is /ilso nn -t r n l l c n l m a l o r i i i l mil im!y In lci'|hiin ilictn cleiin hul In |ir i vfni inj; Hie h:it- l o r y ui'id ti'otu u'lirUlnji mn, A gni|Ui- I I P grcnso. Is alao an exi-elli-m uiiili'ri;il. |ti-(i\-(!.s Uiiiii. t h e iuu'.si- Is s t i i l i i i l l i H ' i i l i n l . The n i i l i « t l r t |piicli!n^. .-nri{·»:!. in:iy nrUv l;Kcr.. ; . ....'. " ' " * * * ' · The vim*' f o l k s - ivlm ivondcr wii.v t h e n i n t h Is- sui'li ti d i i i ' t i fml it« \i, llr i n l n n tliuilc. v r i l l t r y l i t ln!H n pjfH- I'diid .li':ii'n over ;\ .'niM^iu;; A n u - n . - i i t l i M n : " A n K n s i t - i ' i i \vniii:i)i inilkos :i f;id ..f c t i l l i M - i i n : ; I lie f:vjs givon in. yiirlens . c i u i r i t H c s f«i i r i i f l i c . TCI speed funeral tifoeessinus, iiHinicipal'.. wiincll of Paris, has voted' to"., Jtupplaat.' f^ bj* Jtutomobil*'

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