The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1918
Page 2
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIUJE, PA. TUESDAY, APRIL 30,191: ·club Friday afternodnVat sroSKck 'atjher home in-Vine-street.-Miss-Katharine Frisbee will entertiHn tfie-'club Thurs- ' day afternoon, Mayrl; her honierin-; West CiSwford avenue. '-_-- - - The fepplar prove Unit to-the'Con-- neUsviile. Rsdjcfoss will Jiold an im- . _ portant'Tneettng^Tlrursday-'srfternoon Miss Catherine' Fuehrer,-a student at "Westminster college, caine home for the wedding. .. . . . - -'·· PERSQNAL. '-:. ; : ." : - ,MissV;Mary~JSine..George .returned to her~^Houttdare''-"ho 1 me this, morning. ;.F.'SV. "Wright-'is- in New York on business. ^-V. .. . -. '· Misses.iraUel Skilos and tilliau Bat- Ten"fieTi.'-were^uST6riuwn" visitors-last at the home of Mrs. S. fi. Sparks at ! evening. -,Poplat.Jlro.Ye. ..The afternoon, will be.' Miss Jessie Rhodes of the West Side . devoted, to .sewing for the soldiers and ""all "women ".of that coThmunity are :: ""uf|ec[ s t6 v attena'afid'assl5tTn'the work. ;;, -·-:.'.The-D-.-of-A. Unit to'-the-Eed-Cross 1 * i " tomorrow afternoon 'at 2 .-S.K°* at the home of Mrs. George Freeman in Eighth 5-treet, Greenwood. The: Woman's. .Home . and Foreign Missionary, societies of the:FirsfPres- byterian .'cb.iirjcIi._wiji_mB«t_tpmorrow att»rtioMi- aT-ggfr-nV inek in -Hnfelnirnh. chapel. . JEhe church session will meet tomorrow -night at. the-- close, .of. ..the regular- ^prayer-services. ''.'.' ~. ". " , At a "meetibgH£3h~3Ca3ies' Auxiliary, Divisio^JKT2?3fo tfie~Ancient Order of HiWrnianE.'"i£eld"Sunday aft- ernooa ia ffij .Parochial'· sriiool auditorium, business.??-?., routine" nature "was .transacted.-"-J"oikiiwingf"the_ meeting ttie Fayjatte.-county board, ;which in*ludexr^Ctomer^!ei^;;Unionto.w!r ind.Dnnbar, mlirancl "decided to have a due"*;.".the proceeds from which.wttL be,iii«d,-l6."-buy Liberty Bonds,"~to bjel neld~"J» lK«pi5Saory in the-riearrfutud:.* Mr5.,'Sf»fgii-et Mullen is chairman of the coinmltte*": v'Tfic National convention, which was to have been held in S«n Francisco, will not be held this year on account of the war. The. regular monutily^busmess meeting -of the Epworth league of the First Mejthodist. Episcopal church · will be Carroll in South Prospect street. All members are invited. The annual " election 'b£ officers will take place. The Christian Culture Knitting class is in Pittsburg today. ' . - .The-best place to shop after all. Brownell-Shoe- Co.--Adr. Mrs. George H. Fuehrer and niece, Hiss .Charlotte. Catharine- Driscoll, are .vijiting Mrs.. .William. Garland. in Pittsburg today. William N'. Jfirleman is a Fatuburg business visitor today. Miss Mary Hyatt, Miss Elizabeth Miller and Miss Irene Port were weekend guests of the latter's mother, Mrs. Clara B., Port, superintendent ol tie county home. If Uncle Sam is not furnishing you with that dew spring suit you had better let me make you one. · Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. . . MissTHiza Buttennore and Miss Ann White have returned home after a visit with friends in Uniontown. Sergeant and Mrs. John Bierer will leave tonight for Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., where the latter is stationed. . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Gaus of Scottdale attended a reunion given Sunday by Mrs. Jennie Poiser at her home in the West Side in honor of WHbert E. Gaus, who left last night for .Camp Dii, Wrightstown, N. j:. .·.".."! W. E. Coughenour and daughter, Miss Myrtle 1 , have returned from a visit in Pitoburg. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGoogan and son -Billy have; returned to-their home at Mount Pleasant after a visit wiih Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Coughenour of .The,Narrows. , - -J. W.' C. Brown is confined^ to his home along the Springfield pike with rheumatism. . . . . Mrs. G. S. ConnelUwent to Pittsburg this morning to .visit her sister. Miss meet this evening ait the home of | Florence Bntlermore; a,student .at the Mrs. J. C. Stauffer. University of I'ittsbure; ·:' ' · . .. Mrs. I. M. Rude of Park street left ~ A meeting of the H. S. 0. class of ;: the Methodist"' Episcopal church, will :; be held Thursday evening at the home t: . of "Mrs. Clyde Whipkey, Cottage ave- ';; . nue. -5 ·· . .' . . . *t . ·-'· The Ladies' -Aid and Missionary so- |j · . eiety of-.- the United : Presbyterian ·'^ church will meet Thursday afternoon ···- afthe toine of Mrs. C. E.' Jones, Vine ·::. ' itreet -.?" An_ entertainment, "The Land of ''· Promise," will~oe ^presented Friday" .'j- · evening at;8_ o'clock-in the United r* · --Brethren church'-by^inembers of the " "First-Baptist Sunday-school. The en;; tertainment was given a few weeks "'. ' ago in the First Baptist church and ;~ - met with wonderful success. The pro- r. ceeds from the benefit Friday night :i -will be equally, divided between the ·;; . United-Brethren-", cb arch and the Sao* '/- · dajCscnool" of the"' First " Baptist '-= «K6«n. Tuesday «vening. May 7, the tiimVmfir'Ti-""'* ~'" '·* given at lesday eve-' 13. :. .. J.'.^An.'Interesting program on "Child TFiMare Day" .was rendered at the Mnu-monUily meeting of the Womrfi's Culture cl»b held yesterday afternoon at : ihCliam» 'of Mrs. G. L. C. Rkhard- lon, in South Pittsburg street. Pa-f pers were read as follows: "How the · Child : DeVefcps;--- 3trs.-.S; P. Ashe; -"Character/ Building,':". Mrs. J. li- -GiciranV- -'^Faults - and Their Renwf- die*," M»T B. C. Lyon; "Art and Literature in Child lite," Mrs. H. T. Crowiand; "Other People's Children," XrsVTv'.'S. Bebanna. Music was rendered or MlM'Mary Law. -A nominat- -iC cojnflnlttee, composed of Mrs. W. H. Clajper, .Mr*. W..K. Allen, Mrs. H. C Lyon, Mrs. J. B. Davis and Mrs. L. C. C/JUcbardson" was appointed. 'Officers Jor the ensuing year will be elected at the annual meeting to be held Monday afternoon, STay 13i at the home of Mrs. George Campbell in Ea«i Gieenistreet; ' ~-_ T",-'::'' Tie T. L.;clnj»,TfilV ho'ld a dance to- :: -A-yrttty bigquiet- home '-wcdiiss wm»-tkit-of jfiiVPruderice Fuehrer,' . Joh"n"Kiiefi^ .Gi'Mii sUeet, aolemnlzed-jagt-eyening jn the home. .of.,the bride in Green"wood,:in the presence of only the im- "me'diate memoers'of the two families. Rev. "W. J. Everliart, pastor of the Tjalted Presbyterian church, omiyatedf rising the ring ceremony. The bride wore a"navy blue traveling suit'Fol- lowing tbe ceremoriy a pretfiry ap- · pointed wedding dinner ( was served, covers being laid for 10. Roses, 'including American beauties, and ferns were .used-in^ de'corating;" -The bride wasT5rji4uated_Jrom-tte- Dunbar town. ship jl _ ^f ellwand favor- is an rt the Palmer^jrorks, also '-circle of;frfipidg:^ere. Mr. ' night return :; frosr-a shDr.t:wedaiiJS::'tTi)I.rwill be. at last night for an embarkation camp to see her son. iialph L. Rude, a member of Company D,- who expects 'to leave soon for "Over There." Miss Catherine -Hart^arrived home this morning after visiUng-at-.-an embarkation camD, ; wher,e Company D, UOth .Regiment,' is -now stationed. Miss Esther Haas 6t Penniville.jras the 'guest of air. and 1 Sirs. -'Edward Bailey of Morrell avenue, Greenwood. Sunday. J Mrs. John Gniber and son, George. and- danghter, Margaret, and 'William Meister of Duquesne spent the weekend as the guests of . and Mrs. Edward Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. J. .J. Mayfield of Morrell avenue. Greenwood. . . . . Miss -Jean Hurst of the "Woolworth building has returned from a visit with relatives in Beaver county. Mis's~6s Hannah and Freda Rottler are visiting" "^Tr."and Mrs. Harry aiil- ier of Monongahela, Pa. Mr-' and Mrs. "J. "W. HanMns . and son,-Robert, of Royal-, motored-'here last evening and visited Mrs. Hankin's parents, ilr. and-Mrs. F. A. Leiberger of ^Pcst Peach street " · Mrs. James B. Stader will leave tonight for Washington, D. C., to visit Attorney and Mrs. Basil Soisson.; ·; · ' M r . and Mrs. David Cohen and daughter, Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J)avis and daughter, Mrs. Leonard Cohen, Mrs. Han? Molans, Miss Mary Cohen, Miss Minnie Berlow and guest, Miss Hepner, Aba Cohen and Mai Cohen, all of Uniontown, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Levihson o/ East Crawford ovenue. , Mr.taad Jfra, T. B. .Donnelly and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Soisson of "West Peach street, have gone to Philadelphia to attend the commencement exercises of Drerel Institute tomorrow. Miss Ann -Donnelly, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly, will, graduate in do- Mr, and Mrs. Donnelly and Mr. and Mrs. Soisson will go to Washington, mestic science. From Philadelphia, p. C.,-to-visit-Attorney and Mrs. Basil Soisson." Mi»s-·.·Donnelly ^and Miss -also a student at Drex;el Institute, will-take a special month's course; Defore-returnlng home. ;',Mr».;M. H.;.LeVinson of. East Craw- iord _ayenue,Srent; to .Uniontown this afternoon; for^a .visifc-jnth relatives. -is,,training at Camp lae; 'Petersburg, Va:, is spend- ' Dawson. RUPTURE EXPERT HERE Sft\ej, WvrU Famous in This Specialty, Celled to UnJontomn. FA H.. Seeley ! of Chicago and Philadelphia, the noted truss expert, will personally b'e at the\ Central Hotel and -will remain in Uniontawn "Wednesday only, : . May 1st. Mr. Seeley says: "The Spermatic Shield will not only retain any case of rupture perfectly, but contracts the opening in 10 days on the average case. This instrument received the 'only award in England;. and in Spain, producing . results without surgery, injections, medical treatments or prescriptions. Mr. Seeley has documents from the United States - Government, Washing- Nearly Every Disease Can Be Traced to Constipation DR. CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSIN The Perfect Laxative '· Quickly Corrects any Disorder of the Intestinal Tract, Relieves the Conges- gestion and Restores Normal Conditions. Is Gentle in Action and Does Not Gripe. Sold By Druggists Everywhere--50 cents and $1.00. A trial bottle can be obtained, free of charge, by writing to Dr. W. B. Cildweil, 457 Washington St., Mondcello, Illinois. sister, ton, IV C., .lor, inspection. . All. charity TOMORROW, 3UY 1, IS OSI/Y BAT TO REUJSTEB I01£ PRDLUtY, 3IAY 21 Republicans of Connellaville who were not roglsiered last lull or who have lost their right oC franchise by removal from on ward to another or into the city from some other locality have the opportunity to quality for the primary election on May 21 by appearing before the registrars in person tomorrow, May 1, and registering. This Is the only day set aside for that, purpose in advance of the primary. The registrars will be at the regular polling places to enroll voters between the hours of 8 a. m. and 1 p. m., 2 and 6 p. m. and 7 and 10 p. m. Take along your tax receipt and if naturalized your naturalization papers. Nominees for important offices are to be chosen and it therefore behooves every patriotic Republican to prepare to exercise his right of franchise. WRITES OF STORM Camp at Corpus Christ! Hit l)j Terrific Gale, Says Hwiyj- Bailey. "A terrific storm which struck their camp i3 described by Henry T. Bailey, who is at Corpus Christi, Texas, writ- ins to bia parents, ilr. and Mrs, B. J. Bailey. "It came in from the southwest, a gale blowing 70 miles an hour," be said. "Vfe all made for a safe place to be free from flying trees, boards and tents. We could not go to the trenches for they were filled to overflowing with water. In half an hour it was all over. Our sleeping quarters, a building 500x25 feet stood the test, as did the camp infirmary 30 ^ ee t from the bay, but the equipment and a thousand other things had to be fished out of the water. Today it is .peaceful, but 100 in the shade. "I have been going to school Tor six- weeks, studying map making. I am taking an examination now." LOCAL WAR GARDEN COMMITTEE READY TO GIVE ASSISTANCE By FfUing to Coupon Appearing in The Courier Tothiy Signer VU1 Be Assured Attention. War gardens in ConnellsvP.le are to be boosted as much this spring as they were last and the committee having that work in charge is prepared to give much assistance to those who may be in need. Elsewhere in The Courier today is found a coupon bearing ori the local gardening situation. By filling in the coupon and taking or sending it as directed, to Peter R. Weimcr's music store in East Crawford avenue, the signer will be placed j in line for what aid the committee is i prepared to give. j Arrangements hafe been made to ! secure plowmen for those who are un- i able to get their lots plowed. This I does not imply that the committee will I bear the expense, in cases oC persons | financially unable-to bear the expense, some arrangement will probably be made. The aim at this time will be to simply provide the plowman where the* gardener is unable to find one. Announcement was made today that 25.000 tomato, 10,000 late cabbage and 5,000 pepper plants have.been secured. These will be furnished at cost in season. The committeo is not handling e3.rly cabbage. Chairman Weimer said, however, that they are plentiful and no person will have any difficulty securing a supply. The · demand Is less for the early than the late varieties. The committee will probably be able to secure more when the supplies ordered have been exhausted. By filling in the "War Garden Coupon" those who wish assistance will be given attention. Come and Sec TKe HOME of QUALITY.end SERVICE!33;N PlTTSBURG St.i CONNELLSVILUL JA CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Come and See SKEGEAST COt"BTST3T FU^IOUGH. Sergeant Major Thomas Courtney is home from Camp. Lee, Petersburg, ya.', on a 10-day furlough. HOWAKI) AKKKST II03U2 ON 'UKLOTJOH. ' Howard Ankeny, who is in a train- NEW MOTOR GARBAGE TRUCKS ARE NOW READY FOR SERVICE Dr. C. W. Utte, in Choree of the Service in City, 3s Prepared to Look After .All Who Xoed. Councilman C. W. Utts, new head of the garbage disposal department of the city, .is rady to give service, beginning tomorrow, with the use o£ motor, trucks, two of which, have been purchased by the clly. Persons wishing service are asked to communicate with him at his office in the "Weihe building, where a clerk will bo oil" Trimmed Hats * For women and misses--just when wanted we offer the largest and most representative assortment of exclusive stylish trimmed Hats ever shown in the vicinity. Women, who have been, accustomed to shop in expensive establishments to-secure hats in. unusual quality and original in model will find it to their advantage to come here and buy one or two of these exclusive stylish hats At $4.95, $6.95 and $7.95. Hundreds of fresh and .pleasing Hats, large and small, Hats wing trimmed, rose trimmed, straws alone, straws with ribbons. Plenty of styles to.choose from. Shapes for street or dress occasions. Sweet New Millinery . FOR THE LITTLE TOTS Come! Bring the children--have them, fitted out in one of the newest hats at money-saving prices. 98c, $1.25, $1.50 and $1.95. These hats, at the above prices are not how cheap but how good in material and workmanship. Suits FOR WOMEN AND MISSES Travel the town over, shop all around if you will, but don't buy a suit until you see the wonderful values we are featuring At $22.50, $25.00 and $27.50. We advise you to come in good time. You will be amazed when you see the wonderful values we offer you in suits Nit the above prices. Remember you have choice of all the wanted colors and the newest models. Coats FOR WOMEN' AND MISSES · Coats of the richest and most favored ma terials for the season's wear'. Coats tha will appeal to women or misses of the HIDE discriminating taste. These Coats we offe are inexpensive and exclusive in every de tail all the latest models and colors are her and every woman' or miss who will be foi tunate enough to come and buy a coat wi have reason to remember this event fc many a day. You really can't conceive th real value of these beautiful coats At $14.50, $17-95 and $22.50 Until you come and actually see them. Bright, Cherry Curtains By all means let ushave lightness an brightness at the windows of the home t cheer us on the way from day to day. Ligt is life and life is very dear to the most of u: This store gladly does its little part loot ing toward better home living by modestl calling attention to our line of beautifi Lace and Madras Curtains just received. ' To tell you here about all the good thing would be. impossible.- Come see the Cm tains and let them speak their own story t you face to face. If we could only make the women of thi vicinity appreciate what marvelous value we are offering At $1.18, $2.50, $3-75, $5.00 and $7.50 The whole lot would be sold in one da; Come see the Curtains and we are sure yo cannot resist the temptation of buying. Curtain Material This store is considered headquarters fc the newest and most wanted curtain mate! ials. Curtain materials in one grand assor ment of all the newest designs At ISc, 25c, 35c, 45c up to 75c per yard. New Draperies 'At 50c, Soc, $1-00, $1.25 and $1.50. Reflect a minute on the prices and littl else will be necessary to convince you thz our line of Draperies is an extraordinar one. ENDORSE TWOCANDIDATES| Dry Federation Approves Candidacies oi IJoth Cutt'ej- and O'A'tiL The special committee named by the state convention of the Dry Federation of Pennsylvania to give endorsement, to candidates for nominations whom, its members considered as favorable to the ratification of the prohibition amendment, which met in Harrisburg yesterday, again endorsed J. Denny O'Neil for governor, and gave endorsement to Joseph F. Guffey, candidate for the Democratic nomination after a fight. Neither endorsement was unqualified. No effort was made t,o secure the endorsement of the candidacy of Senator William S. Sproul, Republican candidate, though when when the local organizations endorse him their action will be approved. Endorsement of legislative candidates was only partially covered. In the first district of Westmoreland county J. B. Goldsmith, Thomas N. Wiiitcgard, Howard "W. Day and J, Grant McGeary, all Republicans, were endorsed. ing school at San Antonio,-Tex., is j hand to give information, spending a furlough with his sisters, ' Airs. Samuel Balsley and Misses Elizabeth and Mary Aniieny. He ; stopped oft in Akron, O., and was accompanied here by another sister, Miss Florence Ankeny. Ankeny will return to camp on Thursday. GO TO SUE -AT EJtBAHKATIOX TORT. Miss Anna^Preshley and Miss Babe WaJker left lajst evening for an embarkation camp to see friends' who are expecting to leave for France. OttLAND WEIGHTY RETURN'S TO CAKF. Orland Leighty left this morning for r Camp Lee after spending a furlough! at his home in, Dnnbar town- JESSE KDfG EflTJSTS I!? AKKY AS'PAINTER. Jesso' : L. King will leave Thursday evening with .the No. 2 draftees for Fort Thomas, at Newport, Ky. He enlisted through -the draft board as a painter. FENCE DAMAGED "West Apple Street Resident AlSo COB. plains of Other Annoyances. Miss Dora Coolcy appeared before council last night to. protest against tile destruction of the fence 'along her property in West Apple street oy per- The rates are the same as have been in effect for some time. The family rate is a dollar a month, with charges for,the business -houses based on the amount oC refuse to be removed. Dr. Utts has designed a ticket check system that will eliminate disputes as to whether garbage is re- ORRINE SAVED HIM FROM DRINK When your head aches, it is usually cauged by your liver or stomach getting out of order. These "sick headaches" quickly disappear as soon as the stomach is relieved of its bilious contents. Right your stomach and regulate and tone the liver with Beecham's Pills, which rapidly improve conditions and promptly Help Headache Directions of Special Value to Women are with Every Box. Sold by druggist* throughout the ·world. In boxe*, 10c^ 25c. Tlh© ( This scientific preparation promptly MRS SIJSAN P . KEEPER, kills all desire for whiskey, beer and I Mrs _ SusaB p. Kee r e r, 70 years old, other intqxuxmts. It can be given in! d i e d y flste rday afternoon at the home the home secretly without loss of time; oj ber son, A. S. Keefer, one mile east from work. No. sanilarium expense. j of Gilmore's mill. Funeral from the Church of God at Breakneck tomorrow No loss of time. are so sure that Orrine will moved regularly or not, information ] benefit that we say to you, if, after a on which can be secured at the office, trial you fail to get any benefit, your Council arranged to meet this afternoon to look after a site for incinerators. Until this is secured and t h e j a b o u t orrire. Connellsville Drug Co. incinerators installed the department -\vcst Crawford Ave.--Adv, will do the best it can at disposing of the refuse. afternoon al 2 o'clock. Rev. J. B. Keirn, of Windber, will ofDciate. In- ; terment in Mount Olive cemetery-. . money will be refunded. Costs only | i r s. Keeter had been in poor health Step Lively! Corns Quit witir"aets-lt The Great Corn-loosener of t Age. Never Pails. Painless, "Watch my step? What's the HEI go along- "rigiit side up witho care/' even with corns, because LU "Gets-It", the painless, ofl-like-a-b nana-peel corn remover. I tri other jvays galore, until I was bV- a ]j OX As j c us for f r c e booklet ANOTHER SPEAKER ADDED "51. J. "»Velsli is Placed on tlie Roster of Four-Jttlnnte Lecturers. . M. J. Welsh, formerly of Uniontown, and inspector'for the Fayette county fuel administration, "has been added to Connellsvillo's list of Four-Sfinute ·speakers. He'made his initial appearance last-night at the Arcade theatre. Other addresses delivered last night were by John Duggan, Jr., at the Or- : HONOR STUDENTS NAMED Close Jlace at leisoariag Between Harry Randolph and Grace Snyder. The names of the honor students of the class of 1918 of Duabar township high, school wore announced this morning. First and second honors were very close between Harry Randolph who had an average of 93.7%. for four years' work and Grace Snyder -who had" an average of 93.5%. Nellie Snyder, sister of Grace, was pheum, F. E. Younkia at the Para-: third with aa average of 92%, and mount, and H. George May at the Igoi Matsho. fourth ivith an average Soisson. of 90.5. Commencement exercises will Tonight Mayor Duggao will be at · be held June 7. the Arcade, B.. E. Smith, at-the O r - j pheuia, Father J. T. Burns at the Paramount and S. P. Ashe at the Soisson. of bottles being thrown into her yard and of the flooding of the cellar of her home by water from the parking site, due, she said, to the surface having been raised: * Council took the view that it could 7_: ^'_ | cases "without charge, or il any" inter-| not-give any'relief in "regard to the 1 ----| rated" ca.ll, he will be glad to show j dainago to tie-fence, but that if the ~ ' ·" --· ' ·* " -' place'has. become a nuisance it.could act..""We'll see what we can. do," said .Mayor/Dugrgan. .No action ivas 'taken at the meeting. i same without charge or fit them if desired; Business demands prevent stopping at any other place in this section. ~ ;.*. ... P.. S.--Every statement in this notice'lias- Deen : verified..- before the Federal and State Courts.--P. - H. Seeley.--Adv. . Classified AdfertHcraents · · - · " . S o n Is Bora. Mr. and'Mis. John Graff of Trout's Crossing, near Mount Pleasant, are parents, ot'^baby^bor.born last -T-hurs- .(lay.. .The .mother was..^^^!-^ : Miss. RAID DISORDERLY HOUSE i ! Police Make Seven Arrests and Col' Frisbee lot and also of the nuisance ^ the Arcade, S. R. Goldsmith-at the Fnrf(lite Orpheum, R. S. Matthews at the Para- I li^t *7J in Forfeits, mount and John Davis at the Sois- I Patrolmen Geiger and Turner made for some time. She. was born at Old : Geneva, Greene county and since her , marriage to J. S. Keefer, had resided : noar Connellsville. She was widely and' favorably known in the community ia which resided, and her death is keenly felt by her friends. Mrs. Keefer was a member of the Moore Memorial Methodist church. The following children survive: Mrs. Catherine Boyd, A. S. Keefer, William Keefer, K. Keefer, Mrs! Elnora Breakiron and Mrs. Eva Laws.- ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED Donatcs to'Bed Cross. The proprietor of the Tough House lunch, stand in West Crawford avenue has announced that he will donate the .entire proceeds of tomorrow's business to the Red Cross.. SHAKE IRTO YOUR SHOES Allen's Fooc-Ea»e,-tho antiwpilc powdemo be gbaken Into the sboca and iprinkJed in the f oot- batli. The PlacteborgCampMnnnaladYiBeBEimi In traiaicg to use Foot--Kue In tfaetr Bbo«a each morning. It prevents blisters find Eore spoti anf* reliove«pa!nfnl,8ffo!lcn,8niMtlnRfcetand_l_akea · - tba stlne out ot'corria-' and ban\6ni)... · A .certain 7wHef for swoatine, calloCB," tired,-achinc foeU seven arrests in a disorderly house in ! Girl to Be Jtarried Soon fo Tarenrnm Young 31nn, ] Mrs. J. E. Jarrett of Scottdale, for- i merly of Pittsburg, announces tie en- ; gagement of her daughter, Miss Laura i J-eaa Jarrett, to Frank Gary Brooks, son of Rev. and Mrs. P. C. Brooks of ; Tarentum. Miss .Jarrett was gradu- i ated from Mount Holyoke college, and \ is a member of the Scottdale high ; .school faculty.. Mr. Brooks -was graduated from Al- eoJlege in 1915, where he was North "Water street, operated by Miice Perry when they raided it last' night. The police collected $73 in forfeits. Perry, the proprietor, was fined $24, and Hilda Bodine, who made" her third appearance on such a 'charge, was fined $25. Ruth Painter and Lillian Rankin, the other two girls, "^ere fined $5 each. The men all left ?5 f erf cits. i a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He enlisted in the ordnance department and has been transferred from the orwnance training school at the University of Pittsburg to Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., where he will complete his training. "Vfcds in Pittsburgh. Leonard H. "William of Star Junc- tlon and. Bessie. Brown". - of -\vers granted ;a license ix. Dawson wed in. Corm StmpIrCa't StopUs.WeU«e u Get»-l in the face and red in tho toes. I more for me. Use "Gets-It."* never f.iils. Touch any corn or ca lus with two drops of ·'Gets-H and "Gets-It" does the tost. It's relief to bo able to slop cuttir corns, making them bleed, wrappli them up like packages and usii sticky tape and salves. It remov any corn, clear and clean, leavli the toe as smooth, as your palm. Yi can wear those new shoes withoi pain, dance and be frisky on yoi feet. It's great to use "Gets-It." "Gets-It,** the guaranteed, mone: back corn-remover, the only sure wa costs but a trilic at any drugr stor irra by JS. Lawrence Co.,ChIcaeo, I Sold in ConnellsvHlc and rccomme ed as the world's best corn remedy Lauffhrey Dr.;£ Co., A. A. Clarke, C nellsvlHe Drug Co. Stork leaves Girl. .A daughter was born last night to ; Mr. and Mrs. Philip McCarthy of Car- negnie avenue. The family is now composed of two girls. The proud father is a well known Baltimore Ohio f i r e m a n . . - · ' · ' · · ' . ·^^ m ECIOTANS a alcerb FOR GOU8HS AND COLDS m,,Sj?'* 1 "_9 llaum «"pomi4 that » froJbfTM "^ chronic lni, E ind thi- trouble. A tonlc-rawonuro [irepa Sli h "" t harmful or habU-Iormine dr« Try them today. SO cents a box, mcloclmg war fa ; . B « i Labocatory, flilladelphj» H so, read our advertising colum Patronise those wno"

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