The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 25
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Jimmy's Beauty Salon 905 Carling Ave. at Sherwood Drive ' 728-0400 KJ1 OTTAWA Fall Offering from BISSELL ' - LIMITED QUANTITIES : . The "Coronet" SWEEPER Special - 8-95 . stordttt for eulek daily The aaparoua bristle brush, suy-up see tloa handle and posture saoaplng otloa are outstanding tamtam. BISSELL TWO-IN-ONE HOMEMAKERS KIT Comoleta v KIT INCLUDES urnoisTsaT mastbsi AmtcAToa Mat aaacttva aaaiiiesUan el BnaiU. VphabSiry it oa. noma craoLarwaT taaairoo tnaaak S Maaa ana sofa ant tw custom- ana smaispoo mmim M.osu Borna BOO SHAMPOO , lySaaiana la llna 11 square faa ar aarBattaa, f IilSSnX APPLIANCES', 8ECOND FLOOR ; IS THE HOME FURNISHINGS BUILDINO, , x ivnwvmwN amis a , BRIDGE AND WEST END for other meals. Serve at Wn as thawed. TO FREEZE APPLES "Wtsh, peel and core. Remove, tfcy bruises or decayed spots. 1 Slice in t uniform pieces, V4 inch thick. To prevent discoloration during preparation, place prepared applet in a solution of one tablespoon salt to one quart water. Drain. Blanch in boiling water for 1 V4 minutes. Cool immediately in ice water. Drain. Pack In freezer bags or freezer containers. Seal. Label and place m deep freeze at once. ASCORBIC ACID METHOD FOR FREEZING APPLES Choose applet that are ripe and firm; Prepare only enough applet at one time for one pie. Measure teaspoon crystalline or powdered ascorbic acid or 800 milligrams la tablet form. Dissolve the ascorbic acid In two tablespoons cold water, then add cup sugar and mix thot oughly. . Working at quickly as possible, peel, core and slice- rra Parana at Eatraaca Owl Kr ! r Air Caaalli.a.S Special 0.98 i hairs. w in Miosm appueattae, af Mtsu stnf 1 7 . STORES ..,, ;')..lji5Ti'.fiiW.'ii1' Apples applet (five cups for an eight-Inch pie, six cups for a nlrte-incb pie). Add sugar-ascorbic acid mixture to the sliced ' applet In a bowl and mix gently but. thoroughly. Pack into freezer cartons or plastic bags, seal and place in deep freeze Immediately. FROZEN APPLE PIES 1 recipe quantity pastry ' t quarts sliced apples 1 teaspeens powdered ascorbic add' H cup ceM water 4 cups sugar teaspoon salt H eup sifted aB-purpesa flour 1 teaspoon nutmeg y, teataeetM eumamea 4 tables pons butter - Line four nine-Inch foil pe plates with pastry. Chill whie preparing filling. Pare, core, slice and measure apples. Mix together ascorbic acid and water: sprinkle over apples to coat well. Mix sunar. salt, flour' and spices. Place half the apples tn pastry-lined plates. Sprtn. kle with half the sugar mixture. Repeat. , Roll out remainWia pastry into four IMnch circles. Do not cut vents. Place over filling. Fold overhang under bottom crust. Make high standing rim;, flute. Place pies In waxed cardboard boxes. Wrap in moisture-vaporproof paper. Label; date. Store m deep freeze at once. To bake: cut slits In top crust Preheat oven to 4W degrees. Bake 20 to 23 minutes. Reduce oven heat to J50 degrees, bake tt to 40 minutes longer. Do not thaw before baking. Storage time for unbaked pies, - two to three months. QUANTITY PASTRY I cups sifted aQ-purposa floor 4 teojpoons salt H caps shortening H cup batter l& cups tee water Sift then measure flour; resift into large bowl with ice water. Cut in shortening using pastry blender until mixture, resembles coarse cornmea! Cut In butter to size of small peat. DOWNTOWN 9.00 EXHIBITION -. ,. .t v i bV drama' in stripes )' Black and white striped velveteen - fabric by Italy's Legler makes a dramatic' belted jacket, ai)d scarf. Created by Milanese designer Enzo, the outfit it completed by a black velveteen skirt. Add w.ater a small amount at a time, blending with fork. Add only enough water until pastry it moist enough to stick together when pressed between fingers. Yield: pastry , for four nine-inch double crust pies. APPLE JUICE Wash and core apples; chop finely. Crush with potato masher. Measure: add one cup sugar to each 16 cups fruit Heat 'to just below boiling' point Strain through clean moistened Jelly bag. . j Cool by placing container in pan- of ice water. Pour into plastic freezer containers, pint size. Cover. Place in deep freeze at once. To serve thaw in normal refrigerator. Stir before pouring into Juice glasses. GREEN APPLE PIE Pastry for double crust 9-Inch pie - cups prepared apple WHITE SEWING MACHINES FLOOR MODELS and DEMONSTRATORS Group Includes: Straight Stitch Zig-Zag and Fully Automatics V4 to Vi OFF! j r. 1 -i . . i - . ' . ... IV cups sugar i tablespoons flour teaspoon nutmeg V4 teaspoon cinnamon teaspoon salt I teaspoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon butter Preheat oven to 425 degrees.- line nine-inch ' pie plate with pastry. Arrange half apple slices in pan. Combine sugar, flour, spices and salt Sprinkle half over applet. Arrange remaining applet over sugar. Cover with remaining sugar, driz-. zle with lemon juice and dot with butter. Roll out remaining pastry into 12-inch circle. Cut Vents for steam to escape. Layover apples. Cut to 4 -inch overhang. Fold under bottom crust. Make hifth standing rim and flute. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until crust golden and apples tender. Journal Want Ads bring quick; results. to 5.30 236-4511 BILLINGS BRIDGE 9.30 to 6.00 236-3681 Now 49-95 to 1 214 CLEAMCE 'I. "A . i- i f 1 prr-,( S :':;.rjU::xvV: V -0. -f ' ill I I . Available in: Portable or Desk Models thia la your opportunity to own a new WHITE Sewing Machine at truly gubstantial savings. AU are fully Guaranteed The" . . heads and cabinets may be slightly - marked from display or demonstration , use . . . but will not affect the operation of the machine In any way. Be in early tomorrow for the one of your choice! " KWlivG MONDAY. AUGUST 31, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 2o COOKING COLUMNj Rules for Freezing By NORAH CHERRY Freeze apples for pies and sauce If you have a surplus of apples growing in the back garden. The early varieties (not the Winter-keeping types) .are grown In Manitoba. They freeze well providing certain precautions are tafeen. These eriy apples have a thort storage life and normally brown quickly when frozen. However, if the applet are mixed with sugar and ascorbic acid they retain their good color. You can also blanch the applet before they are frozen. To make pies from frozen applet, they need only to be thawed sufficiently to separate the piece. The partially frozen slices make superior pies to thawed slices. The apple slices will keep their color op to six months in the deep freeze. Another method is to give the fresh apple slices the ascorbic acid and sugar treatment, make your pies according to recipe directions and freeze before baking. The unbaked frozen pies will keep up to two months in the deep freeze. f If you have an abundance of apples and nave frozen all yon require for the Winter, make and freeze apple juke. It makes a refreshing, tart breaxfut Juice or appetizer Early Fall Specials You're ahaa of the Mm with l. pan by Jimmy', tainted apactaliats. Look M the aatrkwn Permanent $ tin Permanent $1 12 Rea.a Mar ameaai aur wtn. tore wire mci m lb (lupine of naturally curly hair aad ahUdraa's hair ... 1 1 M V Exercises for the Arms Women often receive a shock when they first see themselves fa a Bathing suit at Ihe beginning of Summer, They may have realized that their tummv wasn't as flat as they would have liked and that there was some excess fat at the waistline, but they may not have reaiueo ini their upper arms had become flabby. This figure delect often occur quite early In life. Sometimes fatty deposits play a part but even a slender women may be harassed by flab-biness. This figure fault slips up on the fair sex. The only way to avoid or delay Its appearance is to do special exercises. Swimming is an excellent corrective exercise for flabby upper arms. The crawl it particularly good, but to are the tide stroke and break stroke. You can go through the crawl motions on dry land all Winter long. Stand erect ;with the feet separated a little, for balance. Now pretend that you are swimming the crawl, using -only your arms. Swim for a while, rest, and continue. The following exercise Is also good. Stand tail. Raise your armt sideward upward and clap your hands overhead. Now lower your armt tideward-downward and clap your hands behind your back. Continue , clapping overhead and behind back. Xeep your elbows straight. The third exercise will give you an adequate corrective routine. Stani facing the wall, about three Woiway from the wair&loter Tryoa-are short). Fall toward the wall, catching yourself with your hands, about shoulder height bending elbows. Keep your hands on the wall as y e a straighten your elbows and push yourself away from the wait. Bend your elbows and lower body toward wall until your forehead touches or comes close to the wall. Continue. After s'arttng thit exercise the hands remain on the . wall throughout If you would like to have my exercise leaflet for the arms send a. stamped, self- Console Ogilvy's V i a the only Authorized Vhite '-' rUnlov lit tVist nttawa ' . , Area . - WHITE SEWING CENTRES, STREET FLOOR, ; DOWNTOWN AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE row Old ? in addressed envelope with your reauett for leaflet number 11 to Josep at the isephine to man tn care . Ottawa Journal. VJOr.lEN "T- ifinrriTiiTTirr-T BUCKETS AND SPADES BRISTOL, England (CP) -British Railways, western region, has hit on an idea to get more people to travel by train. They are giving free buckets and spades to children travelling in special trains to seaside resorts. Adult passengers .are able to enter, a cash prize competition. Itltla it shoas for -supplns Ml.- start, (ay aasvalf Sar aiaii aar. Carefully awe 4yf lh ejgtostBtltA ttW taalbars Sa kava . Owir ante aha pa . r attar montae at waar. Caan aa la lonaMa low a ills br Hl-ia 'l saw. 1 iv fi V ' 1 . .'staak Itltla draaa " Birthclub Hilton BurrowV, age II- Cyndia Diane' Russell, pg 7. Susan Pellott. age I. ' T&4 Journal. Birthday tiilor, Ottiwa, Ont. Heat enroll mt In The Journal Birthday Club. I wW be on . tar$ oli i Addrta PLEASE PRINT NAME (9 A M. -V "M IN siitomautaiir carrlat ooapoa fa lattt la arat! In aa- uauno are natrtetaa to chlMraa 11 and jauator.) DOWNTOWN 9 00 to 5.30 236-4511 BILLINGS BRIDGE 9.30 to 6.00 236-3681 WEST END tr 9.00 to 5.30 236-4662 Hi-fashion LOW heels for the , Modern Young Miss By SAVAGE U3 ''' v" , DEB SHOE SHOP, THIRD FLOOR,. DOWNTOWN, AND AT BILLINGS BRIDGE AND WEST END STORES . Circle of Beauty BEAUTY SALON kv3 sf-. 1 ill" aal ijlllW 111 I ". Haircuts. . . ... Most Likely To Succeed... ... our lnwaSor-th-datf haircuts are the right answers for students of all ages. Smartl 1 Quick brush or eornW And always shining . examples of lodhndualltyl Pbona for your J ' appointment todayl j v 'f KT!L.k 10 zsrzzizi iio Fimnasw Wavaa traas L.' J...: 10.00 r . . i fa. Mm? Um Your OtUvf CUrtt." ' CIRCLE OF BEAUTY, DOWNSTAIRS, . , DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY V v-FHONB 236-45U - ..

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