The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 12
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t"'. TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER,'CONN DLLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, M30. Basketball Crac| Scbltdale (tels Will Play Tonight at State Armory Against Youthful Casey Locnl Youngsters WillExtend Themselves to Keep. Pac6'i* ·With Millers.,;';- '·-. '"a VISITORS WELL KNOWN TO FANS The Casoy 'Olu.b./nuts on ita attraction tWs evening when the Scottdal-o Buloks appear at the (State ATmofy. Tho'i«ameVia schedtifed 'for- 8:30 o'ckwfc. Considerable Interest in tho clash scorns to yroyall, and' inasjmi-eh as- the vteltlng outfit is almost as well known here aa al. homo, there promises to bo -Muilo a largo crowd present. Johnny Mariin and hl» tas-t-passlng combination which! stepisd out to de- 1 font tho Buquesne LaFayettea, cream of Western Pennsylvania, at the n«\v State Armory 'there SiUurday night will "give tho young Casey aggregation conMdcra-blo difficulty, it is lw- liovod, ; ' - . . ' Tho Irish orgatiization la gathering ti wealth ot experience through! the meeting of veteran clubs, .however, and in another season will be a real .threat to any com'bination. The Keagy Corner outfit will feature ( h e preliminary play at 7:30 o'clock. Scottdale Takes Easy Contest From East Huntingdon AL.VW11TON, Feb. 5.-- ICast Huntingdon Township High School -lost" a 2G-17 decision to SeoUdulo High bas- ketcers at the local gymnasintn last evening. ' £ - . . . , ' . The B Sue ami White- was. tbo much for the Iccal Red and Black passers as the Millers sent eight field goals through, the net to double the 'scoring from' the; court on the Huntsman machine. Alverton made but four d-oubie- Both oliibs were proficient in the! 1 * work from t the free 'territory, ScoU- dale m a k i n g 10 but oMS tries Vlillo Hiiiittugdoh sank O ^ o u t ' o f 12. tz, Jeltevvski, -Cox,'- Conway and W u l d e started tor the Millers while Slffemp, Rush, Stautter and Oam- l i n were used as reseiTes. t; Dezort, . S c h a o f f c r , And'rlsh, Tomechko . and Lcmrnon were the starting club for East Hiintingdon. ·' . K! .VJinnick, prominent sportsman o? Diujueune, is dangerously ill in McKeesport Hospital, whore he was taken iiumlay following a collapse caused by hemorrhages. Blood trans- f u K l o n s are being mude. B'or a decade Miunicl- bas been sponsor, ot the Duqnesne LaFayettea, a champion basketball club. Miiuiick himself has been a'n a t h l e t e of prominence, both in football and basketball. * * * A U n i t y F r a t e r n i t y basketball .team may ''poke its uost 1 " - i n t o the season for just one game this year. ·Negotia- tions t o - t h a t effect aro Under way and It will satisfy scores oE'fans who have been -demanding the organization got back into tho sport which It helped to make famous here In recent years. i Comment By J O t ' N It WHOIUC Coitn-all »vllle Athletic Club is doing !t« bit toward keeping the Yongh city on tb« Jiiai) In fistiaua. Two of Hs ·hoya are going to Milwaukee; \Via., on Friday hiehtrt^ r tak part i-n an inter- etate show. Jtec'ently \31inaay Pujla ,WU3 In N«1v York City ^r-epr.ti'sentlne Pennsylvania'. Monday,Veveulpg: will find eight of the Txiys in Cum'berland, IMd., taking p»rt in an intercity ii-ght program. Boy, paga 3''rexl Pulton! Rioux is stealing his thunder. Just caat your ultiikers on tho UN photo on this jxige. No explanation required. Reminds one of the Jack Smith--Pat Collins fight at Suottdale last sumnior. Joe Spiegel and Charley Cravotta, Unkmlown pugs, aren't on speaking terms. They won't even ride iu the train. . . . · And .Dultie-she LaFayettca -want to com c. hack to Scottdale--for rovengo! ' ' . . " '-, " '*"""*"."» ' You'll get e real liaaketball treat at th-e Armory tonight. '··... 1C you w a n t to se© two scholastic teams battle for blood-Just etep over to PerryopolU where D. T. and Perry fight Friday «'Vening, In stiiswer to yost-erday'S: qricry wo: add that In onler to make B-l hits Without scoring a r u n In d regulation, nine inning baseball gamo, this ie what would hav-e to take'place! First batter'triple*; and Is out 'I,trying, to atre-tch It.. Th-e second Batter loce -the same thing. The next three smack ·ou.t flin.gic9, itiiiin'g tho sacks. 'The sixth baiter blt« a IripJo.but tho runner on third 'fall*' and can't get up to crcee the plate, thw batter' passing the preceding rtfnrifw pn the lino and ia out. Just, simply repeat thi« process, for eight more innings--and have plenty of tiutstltutu to finish the game. · Now you toll, but be sure to send In., your answer with your quiz. By 3AMES M. IRIS( GJ,L. Instead of a Knockdown First sltdown clone by Rioux in the' first round of the fight between Rioux ftnd Camera at the Chicago Stadium. According: to on-lookers, Rious ·f- ;fel) down four times in the foyty-seven second* of ohd fig-ht without being aven hit by Camera. r ay Have Choice on Schedule During This Year; listed for Home Field Opening G'amb al'Forties Field On April 28 With Rejuvenated Red Team. BEGIN TRAINING VERY SHORTLY · Not .that i l masters gutting sonn- so-called inside dope, eo they say, that they'll hare tho real goods when they pick their all-star se-Iactlonis. 3omo ot these mythical teams 'give (mich Indication ot being raytbs. '..'.'. ' · ScottdaieV''directors have signed the! contract amijltiravarded it to St. ·PITTSBURC, Feb. 5.---The National League baseball schedule- j u s t released for publication this week furnishes many tooUiBqme morsels of outdoor entertainment on tho list of home games of tho PUtsburg club, AH usual,' th« Pirates play all throe major holidays. Decoration Day, J u l y Fourth and Labor .Day, on the home lot. The Buccancprs also play at home on 15 Saturdays d u r i n g the season, two w i t h each National League dub except Chicago, which club furnls-hes the Bucco opposition ou three Satur- .·.'·.-.,,- ;"'··" '. "\ clays. : critic? are - The weak sisters ot the circuit, Bos '.toil,,. .Philadelphia and Brooklyn all have beeji strengthened 'somewhat during the off-season and, with the Pirates making a desrperato effort -to win another .pennant, every game on the homo schedule this year should prove a mighty interesting battle. The home season of tho Pirates ortcns Wednesday, April 23, with Ibe North Union 1 'earn Beaten by !'unbar Towiship Lassies The lasHict* of the pu ibar Townahip High School scored a M.5-22 victory over the sextet of the North Union Township High School last night on tho lallcr'e floor. Coach 3'aul WaJkor'a girls were unable to forxe into the load u n t i l tho last qnnrtei' when the great shooting of K u r t z placed t h e R :d and Black Into UK front. North Union's team went i n t o the lead in t! e initial period. ami maintained a comi irlable margin throughout the first 1 alf. Howwer, D u n b a r Towiuship raili xl in the third period and ean\e witii a striking distance of the-count wh eh was passed in the succeeding fran e. ' ' · ' · ' The line-un: « Inn)mr--2. rf . JVi rth Union--22. Oglethorpe ^.F.. _ Cramer j Bosley __ j Miller i Patterson _ completing. t.lie final formality in con- [ rejuvenated have " C i n c i n n a t i lle-ds, added quite a nection with the establishment of tho strength in new players farm In the Middle Atlantic next sum- winter as w e l l UH a raer, Good results are being reported from \the hope cheat .conducted by the woman baseball"·.bodat.ers of the Mill Town, Who', said that H takce men C. ___ ~,. SC._- --. The i Either .__., _________ G. ____ ,_ IHtlo Thonuw . ..... ___________ G...... .... to "put affair's for the benefit of the liati)onl entry? ·The'Cokfrs will engage in a W. P. I. A. LeagU'i battla on Thursday night nt Jeaiuiett'*, Save moiioy--read the ads. SPORT SIDELIGHTS '~3y--::..- JACK SORDS CM«ex te/\eite AMO r/AjrSet) o*JtY THREE. RUTrf* % LAST YEAR. W/tU DRAW Aaoet o*e SJXJH AS *wc** AS ser A RECORD over tho new m u n u K e r in Dun How-ley, who piloted the Bt. Louis Browns into tho first division o£ the American League t h e past two seasons. There is no doubt the C i n c i n n a t i C l u b will be a m u c h Improved o u t f i t during; 1030 u n d e r the Howly agement. The- lieda ·rtll : play nt Fofbes' Field' Th-ursday, April a-i. An Innovation in this year's home schedule, la that .the. .opening, clivb plays, b u t two games ami then moves out. In past. years the opening club has played .the entire, week-find." The St Louis Cardinal follow Die He-cls playing Friday and Saturday,' April. 25 a n d 26. :. ...: - ; - ' : · · . . . , . .., The'PM'ntoe" then hop 16 Chicago Cor a f o u r ' g a m e series, then r e t u r n to Forbes 'Field to play almost the entire month of May, mauling every club in the league at least once. The Cincinnati Reds r e t u r n for the Decoration Day series, May 30 and 81. The Pirates, as well as almost every major league c l u b , will bo off for training canvp-wlthhi the next two weeks, ijtnd, while Ui s-prlnfe conditioning w o r k Is under way, home pre- p'aratlous for the season are being given a lot of a t t e n t i o n . The p l n y l n « Held, o!l coarse, w i l l have- (o have the usual grooming-, w h i l e the bijj stands wlM conw 1u for a complete-' reno'va- tidri, I n c l u d i n g Die p a i n t i n g of ulmo-;t a l l the ehaij's. , ' ' " ' · Ope-nlriif day tickets a l r e a d y arc on t h a n d ' a n d - ' orders- are bejlvis received ja'.ttl filed'for Hie o p e n i n g 1 svn'icij to be j l l t l e d a ' l i t t l e l a t e r on.' This yuin 1 , f o r i th'ii betiellt ol' oul-of-lowit 1'aiui, reaer- vations will be accepted for any games' tlvrotigliout Uie. year '. and-, the tickets mailed .tilways .hi plenty of time for 'use.on tho proper dates. From t h e . - n u m b e r ' of orders ulreadiy ro- .[ celved, the Indications are that th-e opening day throng will be o.t! the '·usual capacity proportions.-. .Home' date-B lor. the Pirates axe- April 23, 24, Cincinnati; April 25, 2G, St. .Louis. . . - May .1, i! mid .'), Boston; May D, 6, 7,, New York; May 9, 10, 12, J Brooklyn: May 13, 14, if),- IU, Phila( /dclpMa; May 17, C i n c i n n a t i ; May 21,' 22, S3, 24, 'Chicago; May 26, 27, 28, St. Louis; May BO, two games, Ul, Cincinnati. June 18, 19, 20, 21, Now York; SuhsUl.n.tlons--jVlohu r Kurtz lov Oj;lethorp i. German ._·' Walls ^ Furin Ctttlar Zlmovan for Miller, Beeaon tor Thomas, Weiini'r for E cher, Fisher for \Va)l«, A i n w l f r y for F a ' i n . Field goals--'Kurtz 3, Bosley, Cramer 3, German 5. · Foulfi--Bosley, 7 out oC 11; Gwman, G out of Hi, RefereeTM-Dnsic. " SUPERINTENDS IS DOWNMACilSKISJS IM CM STAN LOOP Tho Superltiteudent . Office won the odd game from i.h Ji'ichine Shop iu the Capstan Glass Li ague, last night. Clawaon of thtftMachl 10 Shop was the boss oowlwr ot the ni ;ht with 188 for ouo game and 4B6 for fchrea Tha scores r . , ,'TS 170 123 'l-fi! 125 .li:i 117 Dushaw -..__,, ______ 108 R. : Y-ounklii _ _....: !li) McNamara :'_:-.,.....102 Hl'tenour ,-,,_ ________ 10(i Moorman .. ........ :._...1G!1 SheerlHg; ...... ............. ;UM Totals .,..,. ..... v ..,,0!7 -'-780 . M A G H f N K SHOP. K. Cliiwtion ':.,,' ....... Hi . 149 · BenlcJc · .......................... 117 ,1.1!) UaUcy .i.-.,..;.:., ..... :,!')« 1H PHsii',',:, ...... __: ______ Hi) .;._ ' Tipping ;:-- -- 1....132- DC G, . .Clawaoii ...__.15I) l a . . Kuny ..,,._.... -- .......... ...... 108 128 08 llfi 3-22 l-fii 125 ;!fl f j 330 ;',0() 3G3' ..U8 371! 729 2210 7.U 127 105 :H3 100 .188 Perry Township Trips Redstone; Galley Features Great failles in tho second and fourth quarters gave Die Perry Township High School an immense advantage over - t h e Redstone Township High School as tho i^ommodore chalked up a 31-21 triumph In an ex hlbltton contest at Republic livst night. Redstone had Uio load a-t the end of the opening quarter, G to 4, but once the Dickson machine began to function the Republic boys were out of the picture. Galley paved Ihe- way for the Perryopolis t r i u m p h with six Held goals. In the preliminary contest, the Perry Township lassies chalked up another triumph by a score of 22 to 4. The Redstone gtrla «ware tho victims. Pleasant High Straight Score Uniontown Hi Plays Scottdale Passers Friday j Shearer Machine Makes Great ! Showing i« First Half to i Clinch Hard Game, FINAL TALLY IS 31 TO 18 SCOTTDALE, Fob, 5 -- Keporte ouana'tinir from Unlonto-wii imlioate (hat tbo undefeated leaders of Section X, W. P. I. A. Ijcaguo, are uneaoy about the coiitost at tho State Armory on Friday evening whm the Seottdftle High School will make a bid for second position honore. Bverhart'H machine has been sweeping right and left through the stiffeat oppoaltion but the Kirfcraaii boya are conildent that they will bo able to lower the colors o' the Uniontown clan on. tho test courts here. Scotidale is in third position, just a gamo behind Joarnette, The Millers hope to climb a not eh iti the rank and got within range oil Uniontown at the creet o£ the group. POLISHERS TJiKE ODD CLASH FROM * SHimNG SQUAD Tho Hne-n-p: Perry--91. ' Galloy ... F JJaag-herty. y Jen kl n s ., , C Baughman ,,!,,-- u Thrasher. G Substitutions--Wulmor 9wetts for taugherty; Itodshtnc--SI. Masgo . Ya-natchko --Kavaushansky Vitchock Kapel ic for ('alley; Kim ale for Thrasher; Burns for KaVansbansky; Deflgio for Kapclic. ITield goals--Gtliey 6. faugherty, Swetts 2, Jenkins 2, Bauyhrnari, Masso, Yanatcliko, KavaitsliausJcy, Burns, Vitchock, Deflg-io, Kapellc 2. Poul gonl3--Perry, 7 out of 10; Hod stone, B out of 17. . Score by periods: .Perry ...,, ,--: .1 | 1(1 5 12--31 Iledatone ( i 3 4 S--21 Referee--De-steCario. Bethany College, playing at Greenville last night,' eked out a victory over Thiel in n. thrilling battle, 43-42, last night. ·Dnker and Rush 3ed ;i laai. minute attack for the victors that brought them thr'ugh. . Mount Pleasant Borouph THgrh bat- kel-eers wr.r defeated, 31 to 15, la/,t night at.-the Leisenring No. I gymnasium as tils' Dunbar Township High School q u i n t e t rocordcxi. its 10th consecutive trlttnrjrti of ihiv JMQ uj\- paf{?ii. A vory uinalf crowd turned out to see the eshibJWon. Coach Bruce Shearer's warriors took (he situation i u t o hand in tho v e r y ' f i r s t m i n u t e and blanked the Singrley clan in ' the i n i t i a l - q u a r t e r , 6 to 0, and then kopt piling up additional tallies. However in tho flmii f r a m e found- both clubs scoriner nn equal num'ber of points--10 each. It was a hectic battle throughout and wllilo the- Rc4 and -Block haxl a uomlortwblo advantage the Mount Pleasant dTiliblers who upaot th* 40-90 with a triumph ov«r Ixitrobo abwsrs threatened. The great r,a.Uy Jm. tae final stanxa saw the two teams putting ' lap a great scrap. Friday night, D. T. goes to Perry- opoliw for another W. P. I. A. League contest. The clash will have nruchjr bearing on the' standing' in Section Xtl and a triumpli for the Dunbari' Tho PolSsli Dej)s.rtinont won two will virtually clinch the gonfalon, out of three garnet-, from the Shipping I while an upset will m-ake the situation Department in the Capstan Glass complicated and possibly necessitate a League last n-lght on tbo Elks all-eys. Shipley of tho Polish Department bad high score tor one game with 194 and Frone-k of the Shipping Department was high for throe games with 420. The ocore-H: POLISH Pltfsmont 114 J. Ambrisoo 1.19 Shipley 37 Hudock Noscheso Metcalf 302 126 117 S3 .118 _m 107 113 101 194 112 121 121 329 356 40S 325 390 355 Totals «.706 R93 7S5 21fi-l SHIPPING DEPARTMENT. S wall op Diishaw Sehee Totale 21-19 HIGH SCHOOL STARS WILL OPFDSE KEAGY CORNER FIVE TONIGHT Former scholar tic cage stars of the ConneHsville a n ( Dunbar Township Hifjh Schools wH make up a- combination that will oppose the strong- Keagy Corner quintet tonight at 7;30 o'clock at the Slate Armory. A. Kmstrarsky, Kerns and R. Kinsbursky arc thoat who once wore live Orange and Black uniform while Zeka and · Palovchalk. are former Duiibar Township ace P'jrfonners vfho will make up the firtt string comtoination that tackles the Corner clnb tliat has been winning repeatedly from some oC the most formidable teams iu the vicinity. \Vilbert Robinson, portly manager of the Brooklyn Dod'gers, will con- t i n u e In that capacity for the next two seasons but ho will not be president ot the clnb. Hi a successor is Frank B. York. playoff between the two institutions, The line-;Up.' Dunbar--'Jt, ML Pleasant-- \~. Burkoy F. Valiante Skonezny -- F. Sklles H. Mlllor __«-. C. ._J___...TM Fned Bailey G P. Miller Reshenberg: G. -. Ma"h SubstitutSons--Tulley for Burfcey, Nere for Skoneziiy, Olcthorpe for Nere, Behr,ens for H. MUler, Borli« for Behrcns, l£illy for Bailey, Bailey for Reshenberg, Worthinglon for Baiiey, Paladluo for Valiante, Benedict for Skiles, Volkin f o r ' P . Miller, Simrnms for Marsh, Abromson for Simmon;;. Meld goals--Tulley 3, gkonezny 2, Bailey 4, H. Miller 3, ReiHy* Palaxiino a, Freed, Volkin, Abromsou. Team fouiff--Dunbar, 5 oat of S; Mount Pleasant, 'A out of 5. Individual fouls--Burkey, 1 out of 2; Tulley, 3 out of 3; Bailey, 0 ou:. of 1; Reilly, 1. out ai! 2; Paladino, 2 out of 3; Miller, 1 out of 1; Volkin, 0 out of 1. Scoring by quarters: Dunbar . : fl g Mount Pleasant ._. 0 3 Kei'eree--Meg-lathery. 6 10--,11 J 10--15 PIONEERS BEATEN BY DUNBAR WHITES IN CLOSE CONTEST The Dickerson Run Pioneers Trent down to defeat, 15 to 14, last night before the Dunbar Township Whites, the third string- club of tho "dlgl) school, in the preliminary to thx Duubar-Monnt Pleasant game. Kane with live field goals tor the Whites paved the way for tb.o triumph. The Whites made'two points in ibo first quarter, holding the Dicfcer-son Kun club scoreless. A great spurt in the third period gave the Whites a single point margin which was maintained throughout. When YOIJ \Vant Something- Xiao tho Classified Adwrttsoroemta. Jr ..,. .-of Kacquet' ·;171 ;jcn ;»57 22;) 83-1 : 'tflfl 108 Totals ..... .. ___________ .805 730 718 - 2 2 U 2 CARDINALS SS^IN June 28, 24, a'lS/Brooldyn; J u n e 26,, a?',- etlltry ln th * Blu * Klds ' as, P h i l a d e l p h i a . . J u n e iit), J u l y I, i', :), Hosioii; J u J y i, two games, 5, Chicago; J u l y .1.1, 12, SI. Louis; J u l y L"j, 30, Bt. Louis. August G, 7, B r o o k l y n ; AiiRusl 8, i), 11, New Y o r k ; A u g u s t 12, Ki, 1.-1, 15, i 1'hlladolphin; - A u g u s t 16, IS, 10, i Brooklyn; A u g u s t . 20, 21, 22, a;',, Bus- I (on; August '.'.X, 29, 30, riiu-inuaii. Sootembor 1, two gfimes, Si- L o u i s ; Sefft«niber 3, -1, 5, 6, Chicago; Sop- aa. L ·WAYNf SBORO CLUB . Bol) Kiue, former playingr managor In ,Uia Middle A U a n i i c league, .in IfliH, has'iilgued a conLrai t for the Bt I/oula to m a u a g j . t h e Wttynes'boro next, I eummer. lihiii, u fuj'uie-r I ' l HHe inIioUl«r, he!l down third basu. w lie w i t h Cluirlurol lust year a ad w i l l piny the- smmo poBitiou ut W«iynos »oro. W h i l e w i t h Ghav! jroi lit) piloted the G o v e r n o r s to (he el aruploutilili) d u r i n g tin; f i r s i halt, the took the circuit pomuuii hy w h i p p f - s W h e e l i n g i n t h o and ( l i o n y n icxed (.he Tri-BtaUi hy u p e e t t l u Hsscrslown, U l u o J. Willlani Wear, of the Philadelphia Racquets* " Club, Philadelphia, Pa., presenting the Unitad States champion trophy to Lord Aberdarc aad Dr. Leatham, who bent their countrymen, Peteir Kemp-Welch e.nd Duncan Cambridge, in t h e SDnita/i State* doubles ractjaets tournament. T h s was said to have been one of the most hotly contested ever witnessed on the courts of ^'p tC1U ^ ( *t to ri ^ Dimcan e, Peter Kemp-Welch. J. William Waiw, Aberdwre and Dr. EL W.

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