The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT CULU1LK l\li \\ \1 liiij - i i no. BIB mO\ Vt IFAKCl. Yesterday's Kesalts. St Louis 4, Cincinnati 2 Pittsburg-Chicago wet grounds Ne* York. __ Philadelphia Chicago _ Cir cinnati -- Putsburg __ SU Louis _ liner 01 the Cluhs. W 1 a 6 Brooklyn 1'rt 900 SOO 667 500 500) 333! 200] 100 FREE WAR GARDEN PRIMER 32 lagesi rUl} Illust-atcd tor Dverv ^cadei of Thcj Daily Courier "U e have arranged ^ ith the National "ttar Girdun Commission Marjland Building Washington D C lor sou to get -his free g u d c a book of instruction on aoi\ to plant and cultivate i garden ^ond this coupon and a two cent stamp for postage ^.OVt to A ITIOAL W A R GARDE* C05OIISSIO liar) land Buildms, Washington, D. C. Here-wirh two cent stamp for postage foi Hhich plea c e send n)o our ^ar garden book tree p ( O \ o l j sickness is -, hu r ormcr b The, 1 it le ncited a mess of he icilli o£ j Name . Today's Schedule, Pi tsburg at Chicago St. Louis at Cincinnati Boston at Brooklyn New York at Philadeljhia City State PLAN to PLANT and WIN the WAR ULFRIGUi U E I G I E lesterdar's Results. C hicago 2 Su Louis 1 Detroit-Cleveland ram Standing 01 the Clubs. W L parents Mr and Mrs Frank Kooscr «l Mill Kun Mr and Mrs Lewis Ot o from Jones Mil are calling on Connelisville [nends and shopping iOda Ohiopyle. Boston C erelaud Chicago New "Stork _ -Detroit _ -Washington -Philadelphia ---S Louis -- 10 2 -- 6 -' -- 3 2 PCL S33 L April _- --torn lo Mr ^ _ and M-s "\\il ian Thon psou of L icon G(»rs~Klra~mefr and" dauFhter Helen I *"oi a son inaims tbiet m u fun irom Jonts Mill are spending today among Connellsville friends ""o Hiram Connor is spending today 600 looking t' em over in Coniellsru le " Miss Gcn» a Cole from Leisennog 41 | few da/s here among il t^o gtrib an I the ne \ a Miss M a i d Jackson or Morgiatown "W Va. has ormed hei t- to usit her parents Tor a short t me Vn old fashiouea danc v.i luld las night a the new no t Him . 2 6 Todaj's Schedule Chicago at Cleveland Detroit at St Lo n= Philadelphia at New \oik at Btston 400 15 ^pending .. L ~-- ~~j~ ~ . 400 j rleQ( j s Dear jusi comple cd at MtadoH Kun SOU H J rishe*- le't lor \Vilkinsburg! V jooub c\c"ing WT.S spent \\ ill 2=0 I this e^en ng and mil spend ovtr Sun present daj v, ith his familj l ^ Miss Mirgaret Freeman f om Jones the Mi 1 is speeding a few days among Counellsville friends Indian Creek. LNDIAN CHEEK April 27-Blair t rise returned to Camp Saennan to day- after spending a fen days with his parents at Jones "Hill Henry \tmar from Mill Run »as a Imsmess caller m Connellsvil and I 1 niontown Miss Mwe Sew ell 'pent M-s Walter Smith and Mrs Ld ward Silcot are calling on Connehs ·ville 'nendb and shopping tod-u Jake Dul' is transacting bu np s in Connellsville todaj EAT MORE RICE is Plea, or Food Fxptrts, ^ould Help Solc Trcblem of Satin? YTheat. TUce should have a more imiwrtanL place in tte diet »ays the bnj ed States Department of Agncul ure in i.mons CoaneHsville friends shopping i one of a series of statements review HaJI zaoved his fatnilj on a D g the ag icultural situation for 1918 Miss Helen titobinson of I r«ma is , of Oluople frit-udb foi i en dajs \\ H G otfollj r c t u i n e l to Can Mrs T i e d Kfo?j mt, t om i id ent sc\eu sickness con enipi it ng r i ti p to Osbi * t On to \isit h i sistt.1 Mi U P K light S t o t L I title and f i n i x of f it Pii si UK i c x sit p rtn All and M t TJiomas R B i o u n _,t, ca t un n^ ne\ ' his son in 1 u V j f l n ^ il s o" V in n p^cr ( IP ida j M ss Roh i Poi ^ I o tear lies school | ncii Mount PI i*-int "-pfn o\or bun ! d u her w Lh hci iients Mi and I Mrs, D II L o r e j i \\ \Volf ot Co neUsville was a \\pel end ^ isitor 1 J r j j M ind M s H Pooi j a u g i oC Scutn !L fonnei reiicJonts here ire I \ i c l i ig rscnd" here Mrs John "Hunter and t ^ o children. U P it to I montovrn ^esterda\ to \n=it 'nenos 1 atiomze those who iQxer Ise Mr and Mrs Ceoigo M llu a n d , ' f i p u l j ot A\-est Ncu n are he ^ on ic , count oi Uit- death ot M i s Millers ! J fathoi Samuel Fo^ hn j Tliomas l i t t l e v.iio his boon ~\ei i l l ib c i 0 lit,l iniporvcd at tLis wn U£ Mi s Hum Boi d \\ ho -\\as bci i sit nfc I f ! f tti e T j )i ias Lilt) i is retinntd to h i hoi K n B id i dock i I Mi tncl \ r= Thoi as Aug i r t n e in 1 j t - h i d i u i \^ bo haxo i c ' - u i r l in Con n l t f M l l e tile in \ ntc 1 ! v.ere bore \ p s t r r d i nn tlien s ij o t en sum inei hnmp it \dd son w h o r o lic^ m 1 ^pi n ! t!iL i mn or R o t l 1111 id^ r i t oTirnts "Mi H ^ ship I u ret rued from i M^ t \\itti i n c n n at ( ont ell v He nellsnHc e c terda.} to atttnd to uu--j ness OHIOPVLI Oh Man' S ibbor «i i t prfC (e I t Hi in s c cm 1 ne 1 1 c for r ts our n i,n g trait, ri«, a c jr Is ( ur o\ n April M i U o n Daniels d e p u t e d for Markk on visit nor daufeluei Mrs Go lit. r ley "Mr ana Mrs 1 rnest Her libel m i of Conne'lswlle ire the quests 01 rUa tues here for a few da^ 1 Mrs Jennie 1 ne is t^e srue of j bniontovtn relates ' The boirk se m^ to be quiti a lir- qurat \isitoi in Oliitpxlt U i f a I ab\ bov a Uie home of Mi i 1 Mrs I Tents nn Coiinicrciil M n o i Jesse Mcl-arlind left ^i j rt i\ ( \ e Sounds Impossible I H n c f n -- H \x silU how Impossible women ore 1 f,htrt--\Vluil n \\ ' \Stiv i\ \\ fe find hor m ther \orp \irst I s irvin,. to ca 1 ont, mother T r OT {. I ^issifi-?d Ids Tl f r ml\ 1 n a word am' \ i \ s bn -, n ^\i t arm near Mill Run 1-creas.ed production and consumpLion n»nff to soend a feu da, a, Casper Es^amer and S D Kramer | O f nce no t onlv i^ould expand a prof- ^ frooa Indian Head were bir-mes, call I table indusiry but the ea ing of more ers in. ConellsviPe i nce m the place of wliea.. would re- Pa da on the Bal imore . Onio 1 lease a greater tiuanti \ of the bread tor shipment to the Allies ; ax erase per capita consumption de-bil Han^ Corr stin of ^^is xistting his-pi.rents here fni days Mis Ob'vc Cunning irn teacher it Git =; =r ni ^it i r easier Frant Ste nt the United I S u n d a r at her home hc ° Walter Nicholson from VU1 Run a-e ' o with the \fountajn Water Snppl/ com- pounds Fraice 34 pounds Italy o\ er 101 pounds and Germany more than Hilt even the=;e EnroiyeaTi pany Charles F Newell from MD 93 pounds caller in Ohiop e Siti rd i\ is transacting business in. Connells countries do not begin to eat as much ville nce as Japan and China In. these Confluenc Hazel Kemp from Normalville is ' eastern countries rice is the most im calling an Connellsville frienis and portant article of diet Every man shopping: F B Livingston one of our leading merchants and Liberty Bond hustler ·was transacting "bu«tne«s in Connells ville itiss Sadie- Kooser from Ccn-nells- fllle. will spend over Stmday vith her woman and child Ln Japan on the COVFT CF\r erage consumes 147 pounds of rice .vesterda} to each vear and those in China went Mustache Loosens Up Those Suit Joints--Pn\es Out tain ! \ 0 u l l -£TQV7 s h t ousarJs use Mus ! tc ole or 1 *" you cr rv ' i ~ercc the t' 2 ^ ^c lie it 51 e" G t a j_r at once ^"om the nearest drur SiX)rc It is a d=_a.i vv i te omtrreit, made \\t h ne o 1 oi na ara Bet er than a mustard p'as cr ind decs not b'liter Brings ea e and comfort while ^lustcrule is recor-trended by many doctors ard r-rses MiHions oi jars are used anrually for L'-oncujt s croup, stiff reck a^thm ao-raJ a pleurisy, rhcu manMn lu-^b go pai~s and aches o£ the hark or jc nN -=p a^ns c e muscJcs In ~i.^ cH ol ns, f o ud feet, colas of the chest (it c t^n rr^ '-'^ s pncjnioma) 3CH. and 50c jars; hasp tal oze $2^0 friends ponndB '.oS Re\ "VT M" Hrackcn pastor o* Methodist Episcopal churrh hero who has been holrHns 1 o^anpf Istlc mpet I tugs near JohnHro-wn -was hero \ e « t If so -ead our adTertiBlng columns. Iterday holdrnr his rculnr nm \ T ' tTT · 1 1 he Voice or Lincoln V "We accepted thts war for a worthy object, and the war will end when that object is attorned. Under God, / hope it will not end until that tone." Fifty-four years ago when many peopl were asking, as some are asking to-day, what was the use of the war, Abraham Lincoln replied in the above starring words. The voice of Lincoln can be heard m America today. His appeal is for us 10 keep up the struggle until the object of the wir is obtained and the world is made safe for democracy. Every person in this country has a distinct share to do and YOUR share is to buy LIBERTY BONDS to provide the United States Government with the necessary mottey for carrying on the war to a *uccess£ul end. The more Bonds you buy, the "quicker will the war end and the more American soldiers will, return home safe and sound. These American soldiers are risking thect lives, but the buyer of LIBERTY BONDS does not even risk his money. When you buy a LIBERTY BOND, in adtfation to the satisfaction of performing your patriotic duty, you get the best investment in the world--a United States Government Bond, guaranteed by the richest nation in. the world. BUY LIBERTY BONDS And buy them today from any bank LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by HORNER CO as a patriotic contribution towands^winrrinrg the-war Liberty Bonds are the best investment on earth, because your money woiks for j r our country while it is working for you Buy Them Today! Liberty Bonds help America to win the war They pay you interest on your investment, with your money back at maturity Keep Them! hions TLewest Ttlodes Corsets Beginni ig Mondaj and conti lunig foi one week \\p \Msh to d'rect vour particular attentio i to Corset accessories ll is difficult foi manufactures to secure enough material for their regular merchandise conseuenth desirable Corsets are exceedingly scarce But the assortments \\e have succeeded in assembl ng are bejoild the ordinal\ m (iiuintiU, qual- i t y , tic vi nts oi stjle-i and idlue. 4.nd it is to acquaint 'women \vi h these splendid stocks that v.e ha\e arranged Corset ·week--and inMte e\er\ wonan to \isit this department at least once during this penod For Monda-v and Tuesday Redrern and Earner Corsets ·ft ill be featured Redfern Corsets at $3.50 to $6.50 "W tut her \ ovi r ancv the c traight lines M j J t s affect or the w e l l d f med \\aist lire fibhionable \our R] D3 LRN C O^SI f wnl be the greatest single factor in. he success of your wardrobe U sU to ?C.oO--there is a model for f \ f""\ fipurp Warner Corsets at SI to $3.50 ] ni the \oung gi r l is a special h iKsifued model n luste v, til da nu ace trim imt and plastic top Fx-ep- lional n,t 51 0 ^or i\eragc figures are oi~ert new Mvje., in pnk nd hit* 1 oati* P wkh tne preti e=t o ice tr mm ngs ioned w iih iiedu m and bus --Ion-, hlT Price An Umbrella for the Average American is marie 01 \n erif^n 'affcld. (eotlon) and has strong tape edges For women thero are straight plain handles 01 handles with loons through l leni Some of t h e n ha\e touches of sterling silver about them Trice 1U..)0. Two Spring Beauties Worth Seeing and Wearing A nobby Spring boot and a rerj smart new re- foid--both leaders 111 thejr respectu e clashes End winning no end ot favor among the v,ell sh.od women of Counellsville This Handsome Spring Boot at $10 Finished m nut brown calfskin ^ith light welt sole I?* inch mihtarv heel and 8^ inch lace top Straight tip toe The graceful lines the attractive color the serxiceability of this shoe v,ill appeal most *"orcibJj to all These Stylish Oxfords $7.00 Handsome sernceab 1 e calf skin shown in that most popular of all new shades--copper bronii l i g h t \\elt sole military heel straight tip toe perforated \arnp All sizes and indths Except anal iilue Splendid Showing Children's Shoes L Waterproof Utility Cases for Soldiers Alade of an olive drab fabric -waterproofed and hating most coutenient pockets for toilet articles and other little necessities The entire case rolls up into a small roll when not m use $1.50 to $3.50. Fitted Cases J3.50 to $S.50. New Summer Furs Have Arrived A.nd while good Furs are scarcer than eier, ·ft e can honestly saj that ne^er in our experience ha\ e we been privileged Jo show a more attractive dtsplaj for Sum- mei There have been more Furs perhaps than to- daj--but never finer, richer pelts See them Silk Handbags in Delightful Styles These haie ver attractive tops of imitation tortoise shell Some of th.p bags are round and puff} some are b"ig enough for the socks vou are knitting They are chiffon faille taffeta and moire in navy blue, brov,n, taupe black and dark green and the linings are lovely Prices Range from $3.50 to $8.00 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them.

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