The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

I 7' I MONDAY, AUOUST 31. 1004 tl Slater st 'ttJ-StSI Social and Personal The Commercial Councilor t the French Embassy, chair-mB of th Committee of Wlnet of France and Mri. Jacques Dcvinal have Issued invitation! for a wine and food party to be held on Thursday. Sept. 10. at the French Embassy under the patronage of the Ambassador of France and Mrs. Raymond Bousquet. Mrs. C. T. Nylander. wife . of the High Commissioner for Ghana, is entertaining at women' luncheon at her residence In honor of Mrs. Susanna Al-Hassan, Deputy Minister of Education of Ghana, who Is in Ottawa as leader of the Ghana delegation to the Commonwealth Education Conference' ". Mr. G. C. Stevens, of East-bourn, Sussex, England, is in Ottawa to attend the wedding of hjs granddaughter. Miss Wendy Stevens, and Mr. Brian Kelly, which . takes place on Saturday, Sept. 5." He is staying at the home of hit ton and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C O. Steven. , - J Mia Gloria Kflma rtln entertained at her home at a linen shower In honor of Mrs. 1. Robert Will, the former. Mia Lorraine Fetterly. Mrs. Robert Cameron and her aona, John and Paul, have returned to KlrUand Lake after spending the past week with Mrs. Cameron's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Ritchie. . Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ly-ons and their three children, Pamela, Heather and Piiilip. have returned from a trip to Toronto. Stratford and North-am New York State. ' ' i Mr. and Mr. Edward Tomka entertained members of the Tomka-McFaul wed- 1 HOLT RENFREW Ike 1. 1 UM b tw rural . . . bacM fcf l L't r?Uklt FtprJitJM. tiuk'i Mn hfrtar to tm 125 ym. . 182 Queen Street . Imported Fabrics ladies' Knitted Wear ding party, at a buffet supper held at their home following the rehearsal. Miss ary William., of Arlington, Va, will be in Ottawa to attend the Kelly-Stevena wedding on Saturday, Sept 3. Other out-of-town guetta Include: Mr. and Mrs. Royden Long, of Belleville; Mis Bunny Golden-blatt and Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Kelly.' Montreal; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donnelly and their family. Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly. Columbus, Ohio, and Mrs. Jack Bruce, Saint John. NB Miss Heather White, of Belleville, formerly of Ottawa, accompanied by Mi Sandra De Vore have arrived in Manchester, England, where they will spend the coming year attending nursing school at the Manchester Royal Infirmary School of Nursing. The Zonta Club of Ottawa will hold its first Fall meeting in the form of a luncheon on Wednesday. Sept 0. at 12.30 p.m. in the Tudor Room of the Chateau Laurter. -Mis nid Wynes will speak on the topic. "Patient Are People." WHODUNIT? Dear Susanna: Alter lunch yesterday, while ironing one of my husband' good, white coiton shirts, P had my attention diverted lor a ' moment (my favorite TV heroine was about to lose , her husband to a sly vamp) and 1 lingered too forig on the front panel. The result was rather large, nastly. scorch mark. ?:.. I immediately immersed the shirt in a pall of cold water and left It sitting until this afternoon. The entire discoloration has disappeared. . I also find that warm water instead of cool for sprinkling the clothes will penetrate muck : more quickly and spreads more evenly. Alice Rice. ,' , Please? Don't leave us dangling like that . . . whatever happened to the leading lady husband? Susanna. (If yea have nay Mat see rosamg a saceeeeful haase-bM or any problem writ to Susanna, care of The Ottawa Journal.) . RO A M E L? a roMwt , la tnuuuis. BrowM knasu r"r'7 "V"V Always aa mtnwM M aac BtaMaaal arte.. Baajr Unas. Brawor. it-jwk, IS" awe aa I- kltk , 75 c $24.00 tat sumo ! sb- iaTaT.. ,arii'' tUTi V tttVrlta sattlx taa sacM. do oaaoh yatwmT, Boral. ataaeare" aweal. $39.00 $69.00 OM rraack Walaat BatlM wttk aHUkls ta. OCQ AA I ataxia coraor tttt ." aj Ut ol BX caalt aa swtuk, arena. woth CA QE I IS Sas, lor Uw tot - au w Mk. .mI aa stool CtotkM Drj.r. Hsltoaal Alr-ria. ao roai roaaln Bootaaraat Boat, doaku), onka Wise. MfrfcjftTw. .L... atoa, Tarlot, oat. t la cboom Inss . naarowaai U(kt, 4' lea, four 4MwaU latos oaoaattr Uuaa Takln ky Dolleran, UaM walaal, r.ul. 11. M. atlllM ni.pUr Caws. M..I tot walottloa IraraostJ. r loafc - wMo, SS" awn ai iaa aa- - h .BlU in. lt.II .. .. !... WWWIWV Oltltl Daaks. eto ot ttrotwraars Plana, aalr S" Ms, fanala. wslaat Maattlaa 1 riva atkort M 10c. teeallaa OM Tank wttk B.a Trath. sun wkotb ina tiinui ... Aeaina MacHia BaUs. " as euuaowr HUB C.klaau, lasal an. BaaS.a esatMnKtMU. 4 erawara, as Is t,. :, - Baaktsua TyoawrMor. BOtUkM . AsooaunUta BlackaaaitL 4." ' " aaola SmIM. nraUtt 14 S a (slkw. arUla. ss-salloa raai Ctaw LateBOT. roralav U (. saina. 4S-allaa eraai waafaa Oawals rata CaWBaoj, -Ttaaator Trf". Mtar Ms. an ataai, Mamas awak TnatrtiH ky Utaaa. teailooa taaranta. ,. . . ani aaUrtaa Kml tvaryiaia sole taanatao oHlatartarf a n. 7, $7.95 la ! $49.00 c $3.95 $2a50 a Bailee S2.75 a (attaa .1 $29.50 I $4.95 $8.95 rack S9.95 ark I I : S24.QO I. $395.00 I as. Ual tai akuiooan. : rioca J I II -" 25c $19.50 I $14.95 I ... $1.00 J $125.00 I I I .....anil .wBIMBIIVIItlf" I JUIIilSUilS rUUHIIUKt J 1 i i i UMTTEO TRADE-IN 4ATMENT . s . Ill MURRAY. NEAR DAUIOUSIE. I 1 . . J. ' . Hat aaala ( ' ' " Pot now hmnw ano wnan. '-r-,riia a "mtm tm'-.. By VIRGINIA LAMBE at The Journal To bipM better under-sunding between the Occident and the Orient through music is the object ol Ceylon e s musician Surya Sena and hi wife, i The cJuple have devoted M years to collecting and performing Ceylon's Sinhal e s e folk music, with the aim of showing "the thread ol common humanity"'in all peoples. (Sinhalese is the language of about two-thirds of Ceylon's population.) Mr. ' Sena explained why they chose, folk rather than classical music. "Westerner's thought our music was strange, and our classical music doe sound strange to Western ears. I thought folk music, because it is simple and direct, would be easier for them to understand. After all, a Sinhalese mother singing a lullaby to her child can't be. very different from a Canadian singing to hers. carter's songn followed by a Sinhalese plowing song. The songs are introduced with explanations - and often accompanied by gestures. ; , Mr. end Mrs. Sena are vjell acquainted with western' music as tbey both studied music while at school in England. Their families were the first two In Ceylon to have their children educated in England, Mr. Sena said. He graduated m law from Cambridge, but also found time to indulge Ms musical' bent. He won a Camb ridge singing scholarship when, he.-' was . , FULL-TIME Married 41 years now, the "couple met through their common , interest. Music became their, full-time occupa- , lion in 1121. In that year Mr. Sena began his research and in 1921 gave the first concert of his findings. . Up to that time, Ceylon' ' teacher Christine Mather says there is a much higher percentage of women in Canadian orchestras than groups. "Butl think the num ber of women in'orchestras will ration, says ehild Wchologist increase generally because or- Lwi" Mathieu. She complains cbestraa are so financially pre- that parent seem to think tele-carious ' today. A woman, a vision and child puppet shows married woman certainly, can ar preferable. "(.Engagements Berney 8 myth . . ' i Mr. Irene Berney announce the engagement of her ' daughter. Arlene Mae, to Mr. Demi Lyall Smyth, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Ross Smyth of Ottawa. Marriage to take place on Saturday, Oct. J, at II a.m. In Trinity v Anglican Church. " Basaaoeionts aa oMt annooarrainu aaS ro-stru Sfoaeiafi at.r aa Maea aa wa aaeaH Pasoa . al li oar wor. Plctaros will oo raaitaa ai MS nor olatio oolaaia as la s- la oaetk wHk ao aa sa . war tar roaaia aaallor Baoar Ike Btrtaro an - SIS. r akla-rraao wklli aik Mk p , Sa SS wara ot ioala aMltat aaao aartara. talaraa Hob oa nlai for aaaiilaaal aath or woraas. BlMaa tan Mlas tnr or MMa Pawn. IM-tSII. asloafaaa THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 23 Exponents of Gey Ions Folk Music Give Concerts Around the World native music had been pushed into the background during the centuries of Portuguese. Dutch and English colonization, the Sens said. afford to lake the risk. A man with a family can't." MOVIES EDUCATIONAL MONTREAL (CP) - Movie European ,nouli u bistrtnsic part of every cnuo a education ana roc- Helmets' They hug the head and Cover the ' 1 ears . . . they're the most exciting' fashion story of Fall '641 Two atyles - ; 1 ttc from shown In sleek black soldi beaver an exciting group at . 12.99 Unearthing it meant researching in . the villages. "There I got bold of the old men, and tot them to ting all they knew." said Mr. Sena. I tlA I : O , . 7 II s . v v i , . v , v - c .-r -a "In the same kind ol work." -nfl "l .'''vf i i V -A V " he continues, "you have the I llVY; ". ' h-Vi1! ? same feeling despite iu dif- M lvy, VAC VV - t, ferent expression." To illu all'lV t . A V 4 " trate this, the couple some- Villi,,'?. VmV ''I I 10 times do "parallel song s." fA Wjij) S I ' , ! U I ' - for instance., a Sicilian AlVW .'Vii. 1 i'l ', WOMEN IN MUSIC . MONTREAL (CP) Bassoon --"j -i m tm. i . i m.. i ni i :- m. m s i MUSICIANS FROM CEYLON Ceylonese musicians, Mr. and Mrs. Surya Sena, are teen with two of their instruments. The rebec held by Mr. Sena, though widely used in Mediaeval Eutope, originated in the East. Mr. Sena play a unique harp, made especially for her. On thepast weekend Mr. and Mr, Sena were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Keene and are pictured in the room of the Keene home. , 'Journal Phot by Dominie Wlotl "At first they were suspicious, but then later, shrilled, when they . learned wht it was tor." Sinhalese music, though basically similar to I n d i a n, has developed along lines of its own. Mr. Sena explained. Music from this part of the world is "melodic" rather then "harmonic," and employs complex rhythms. A characteristic strange to Western ears is the use of "mlcrotones" thut is. the intervals between the n o t e s ar smaller than in Western music. The Eastern folk music is less complex than the classical. . Voice production is different too, more open than the western. "Some people do sing nasally, but I think this is wrong," he added. The couple have sung in Canada, but this lime they ar here on a private visit. They have several of their instruments along with them, though, including a beautiful small harp that was made especially for Mrs. Sena. T h-t-only one of iu kind, it was based on a harp in a centuries old Indian painting. Mrs. Sena, whose stage name '. Nelun Devi, uses it along with the tambura and other Eastern instruments to accompany her husband. She sings also "1 Join him in a lullaby to put the people to sleep." she laughed. 1 7 P'fwwnt rfajr I The Fuller Buttding IU-9417 x September Sale "l66d Sw(5aters J At Savings Soaring to Almost ' . Usual Wco . Cardigans; Wools Blends, Orlons 4.97 : A mustratetl at Right ' ' The long-sleeve style la In Shetland wool with ribbed shoulder detail, Others In mohair -arid-wool blend and Uunbewool. Colours of blue, butternut, red, gold, belgeV The short-sleeve style In bone white Orion with green braid deUU. Sizes 14 to . 30. SDectacular September Sale value ' Y vTX b Bum MacCready frj ' 5 porti wear Second floor Weddings The marriage of Marilyn Jean, daughter of Mra Donald MacCready, Ottawa, to Brian Hamilton Burn, so of Dr. Matthew Burn of Birmingham, England, and Mr. Maureen Hamilton Burn of Edinbfrfh. Scotland, took place Saturday, Aug. IS. 1964, at 2 pjn. In Woetboro United Church chapel. Rev. Gordon Cann performed the double ring ceremony. Cooper Ralph The marriage of Miss Hollis (Holly) Elaine Ralph, daughter of Mrs. M. P. Ralph and the let Mr. Ralph, and Mr. Kenneth Gordon Cooper, son of Mr. snd Mrs. G. S. Cooper, took place in Mackay United Church, Saturday. Aug. 29. with Rev. Frank Morgan officiating. Wedding music wis provided by Mrs. A Classen, soloist, and Mr. Don Crone, organist - The bride, given in marriage by her uncle Dr. G. L. Ralph, wore a floor-length gown of gardenia white silk orgaiua and French chantilly lace fashioned with lily-point sleeves and sabrina neckline edged with scallops. Her four tiered veil of English imported silk illusion was I held by a bandeau of lace and pearl and she carried Sweetheart rosea bn a while Bible.. Miss Marjori Bennett attended the bride, she wore a floor-length gown of rose peau de soie with semi-full skirt and carried a white spray of chaste mum and iy- Mr. Noel Lomer was beat man and the guests were ushered by Mr. Frank Leech and Mr. Robert Bell. :. Following a reception in the church hall, the couple left on a wedding trip to the Lauren turns. Weatherdon Balazsi In St. Joseph' Church on Saturday. Aug. 29. by Father A. Shaw. 0)gaJeannine Rose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Balazsi. to Lloyd losepn Alton Weatherdon. son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weatherdon. all of Ottawa. Sparks Masson On Saturday, Aug. 29. 1964. at 3 o'clock in St John's United Church. Oakville. by the Rev. James Terry and the Rev, George Sparks. Leslie Helen, daughter of His Worship the Mayor Allan Morrison Masson and Mrs. .Masson of Oakville. to George Eoin Sparks, son of the Rev. George Sparks and Mrs. Sparks of Ottawa. Mr. Mark Is pleated to announce Special Beck-to-School DISCOUNTS on Coloring Frosting EVERY MON. - TUES. - WED. tar Tdrnn. Mothtn snd Xun! Br M AMOR, well-known Hair 8tlin Artist Alt at your aorviot: Miss NosJU. Mua bm an Kim lopkM Mr. Mark Beauty Salon 71 Albert St 'pp. Maststul anrr 1 FROTICT YOUR CHILD . . . by Veil-prooino that school 728-1961 raincoat ri m n it ifTq BUY YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES. AND "CHARGE-IT" 3 CREDIT PLANS! Long-Sleeve' Pullovers Aa BketdMd at UTt In luxuriously soft Shetland wool and wool-and- mohair. Blue, butternut, gold, red. topes, beige ' with ribbed shoulder detail Sises 14 to 70. Extraordinary at yC...z..J ISI s Jacket-Cardigans " we expect a iwh and r- - . , .j MMineiyeccM floor lTBASMClt EXTRA STAFT EXTRA rTRArTERS in. X T'r'!. ' 7 5.97 Botany woolIOO pure, makei these expensive.' looking cardigans, with soft collars. Knit in an efTecUva self-check pattern, tn apple green, red, mulberry, blue, beige, grey, black. Slsea 14 to 20. September, Sale ................. - the kelectlea ee .

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