The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1939
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25, 1933. THE! UA10Y UUUKllL'K, JUNNli;L,kSVlL,L,E, HA. PAGE THREE. ON THE AIR Radio Information At a Glance TONIGHT KC. 6:00--American Schools. 6:15--Evening News. 6:25--Sports. 6:30--Laws for the Laymen. 6:45--Serenade. 7:00--Amos and Andy. 7:15--Edwin C. Hill. 7:30--Modern Melody. 7:45--Figures in Brass. 8:00--One Man's Family. 8:30--Tommy Dorsey's Orch. 9:00--Town Hall. 10:00--Kay Kyser's KJass. 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Joaquin Gill's Orch. 11:30--Dirk Jurgen's Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kayo's Orch 12:30--Lights Out. 1:00--Little Jackie Heller's Orch. KDKA-- 980 KC. 6:00-^-New!,T Sports. Wciithcr 6:20--Movie Ik'acazine of the Air. 6:30--Lyon and Marlowe. 6:45--Lowell fnomas. 7:00--Easy Aces 7:15--Mr. Keen. 7:30--To be announced. 7:45--Vocal Varieties. 8:00--Roy Shield's Revue. 8:30--Hobby Lobby. '9:00--Magnolia Blossom.,. 9:30--Wings for the Martins. 10:00--Minstrels. 10:30--Public Interest in Democracy. 11:00--News; weather. 11:15--The MUS.IC Vou Want. 12:00--Fran Eichler's Orch. 12:15--New "enn Orch. 12:30--Ernest Hawkm's Orch. W.IAS--1200 KC. 0:15--News ol the World. 0:30--Bob Trout. 6:45--T.ilk of the Town. 7:00--County Scat. 7:15--Lum and Abncr. 7:30--Ask-!t-Basket. 8:00--Gangbubters. 8:30--Paul Whitcman's Orch. 9:00--Texaco Star Theatre. 10:00--It Can Be Done. 10:30--Buddy C'ark. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11:15--Georjre Hamilton's Orch. 11:30--Vincent Lopez' Orch. 12:00--Glen Gray's Orch. THURSDAY \VCAE 7:00--Program Resume. 7:00--Morning Express. 8:00--News. 8:15--Today's Almanac. 8:30--Do You Remember. 8.45--Hits and Encores. 9:00--Musical Interlude. 9:05--Happy Jack. 9:15--Gems of Melody. 9:30--Band Goes to Town. 9:45--Secret Diary. 10:00--Central City. 10:15--John's Other Wife. 10:30--Just Plain Bill. 10:45--Woman in White. 11:00--David Harum. 11:15--Lorenzo Jones. 11.30--Young Widdcr Brown. 11:45--Road of Life. 12:00--Studio Time Signal. 12:00--News. 12:10--Melodies. 12:15--The O'Neills. 12:30--Monticcllo Party Line. 12:45--SmRin 1 Sam. 1:00--Musical Caravan. 1:15--Muted Music. 1:30--Little Jack Heller's Orch. 1:45--Melody Jewel Box. 2:00--Silhouettes in Blue. 2:15--Ed Fitzgerald's Review. - 2:30--Kitty Keene. - 2:45--Utility Hall. " 3:00--Mary Marlin. , 3:15--Ma Perkins. ' 3:30--Pepper Young's Family. 3:45--Guiding Light. 4:00--Backstage Wife. . 4:15--Stella Dallas. - 4:30--Vic and Sadc. C 4:45--Girl Alone. - 5:00^-Dick Tracy. ^ 5:1E--Your Family and Mine. - 5:30--Jack Armstrong. I 5:45--Orphan Annie. 6:00--Metropolitan Operaloguc. 6:15--livening News. ', 6:25--Sports. -. 6:30--By Candle-light. '.. i:45--Sweet and Low. 7:00--Amos and Andy. ~ 7:15--Vocal Varieties. - 7:30--Mario Corzi. - 7:45--Inside of Sports. - 8:00--Rudy Vallcc. ~ 9:00--Good News of 1039. piO:00--Music Hall. ' '.11:00--News Parade. -11:10--Lawrence Wclk's Orch. .11:30--Little Jackie Heller's Orch. .12:00--Glen Gray's Orch. "12:30--Jan Garber's Orch. -- 1:00--Joaquin Gill's Orchestra. - KDKA 6:30--Curly Miller. 6:45--Farm Markets. 7:00--Silhouettes of the West. 7:15--Musical Clock. 7:30--Rubsell Pratt. 7:45--Musical Clock. 8:00--News. 8:05--Musical Clock. f:15--Dr. Sunshine. 8:30--Musical Clock. 9:00--Shopping Circle. 9:15--Linda's First Love. 9:30--The Editor's Daughter. 9:45--Gospel Singer. 10:00--Story of the North. 10:15--Jjne Aiclen. 10:30--SmllinK Ed McConncll. 10:45--Houseboat Hannah. 11:00--Mary Marlin. 11:15--Vic and Sade. 12:30--Pepper Young's Family. 11:45--Getting the Most Out of Life. 12:00--Ncivs. 12:15--Rosey Bits. 12:30--National Farm Home Hour. 1:15--Farm H;.dio Service. 1:30--Melody Time. 1:45--Happy G'mans. 2:00--Betty and Bob. 2:!5--Arnold Grimm's Daughter. 2:30--Valiant Lady. 2:45--Hymns of All Churches. 3:00--Home, Forum. 3:20--Dale McFoatters. 3:30--Tea Time Tunes. 4:00--Club Matinee. 5:00--Biltmore Boys'. Orchestra. 5:10--Hans Anderson Stories. 5:30--Don Winslow ot (he Navy. 5:45--Tom M.x Straight Shooters,. 6:00--News; sports: weather., 6:20--Your Movie Magazine 'of the Air. 6:30--Merry Music. 6:45--Lowell Thomas. 7:00--Easy Aces. 7:15--Mr. Keen. 7:30--Romai'ce and Rytiim. -8:00--Under Western Skies. 8:30--Eastman School of Music. 9:15--Whispering Voice Choir. 9:30--America's Town Meeting o .Air. 10:00--Peopl,; I Have Known. 11:00--News, weather. 11:15--The Music You Want. 12:00--Fran Eieblcr's Orch. 12:15--New Perm Orch. 1:30--Fredd ; c Martin's Orch. Myrtle Keel Dead. ' ~. SOMERSET, Jan. 25.--Miss Myrtle "Keel, 59, died Friday at her home in East Catherine street of complica- ,tions. A daughter of the late Austin S. and Ella Pyle Keel, she was a "lifelong resident of Somerset county. "She leaves two brothers and two "sisters. A. E. VanNafia Again Plumbing Inspector A. Earl VanNatta of 111 Noith Cottage avenue was reelected plumb ing and building inspector by City Council Monday night. His term is for one year, ending December 31, 1939, and calls for a salary of $75 a month. Life WJAS 7:30--Musicale 8:00--News of the World. 8:15--Time Again. 8:30--Musicale. 8:45--Chccrie Melodies. 9:00--St. Patrick's Church. 9:30--Joyce Jordan. 9:45--Bachelor's Children. O'OO--To be announced. .0:15--Myrt and Marge :0:30--Hilltop House. 0:45--The Stepmother. .1:00--Mary Lee Taylor. 1:15--To be announced. il:30--Big Sister. 11:45--Aunt Jenny's Real Stories. 12:00--Kate Smith. 12:15--Her Honor. Nancy James. 12:30--News of the World. 2:45--Our Gal Sunday. 1:00--Goldbergs 1:15--Life Can Be Beautiful. T:30--Road of Life. 1:45--This Day Is Ours 2:0o--Doc Baitlcy's Daughters. 2:15--MUMcnlc. 2:30--American School of tho Air. 3:00--Army Band. 3:30--Columbia Symphony. 4:OU--Four Clubmen. 4:15--R.iy Bloch's Varieties. 4:45--Ruth Caihait. 5:00--Questions Before tht House. 5.15--Howie Wing. 5:30--Baion Elliott's Orch. C-00--Musicale. 6.05--Organ Melodies. 6:15--News of the World. 6-30--Today with Bob Trout. 0:45--Dons Rhodes. 7:00--County Sent. 7:15--Adventures in Science. 7:30--Joe Penncr. 8:00--Kate Smith. 9:00--Major Bowes' Amateur Hou 10:00--Tune Up Time. 10:45--Americans at Work. 11:00--News with Ken Hildebrand. 11:15--Vincent Lopez' Orch 11:30--Cob Galloway'!, Orch. 12:00--Sammy Kayo's Oich. ASSEMBLY SCRIBES ELECT OFFICERS Another Step Forward |PARENT-TEACHER PROGRAM AT MOUNT PLEASANT FEB. 2 Member of St. Vincent's College Faculty to Be Speaker. OTHER ITEMS " 'OF INTEREST Union Miners Parley Feb. 11 At Uniontown This Rirl and boy, featured in this year's "FiRht Infantile Paralysis" campaign, represent the Iccion of those who wear hr.ices and the army that moves oa crutches. Their pictures appear in all posters and literature of the "March of Dimes" camp,lien and the celebrations in honor of the President's birthday. Smbolic of the drive for funds they are the unknown soldiers in the molnli/ation of millions of cititcns who will contribute their dimes and dollars to the cause. CHINESE CO-ED IS REPRESSED TUSCON, Ariz., Jan. 25. -- A Chinese co-cd, daughter of a foimer ambassador to the United States, was denied petmission )o enroll as a cadet in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps of the University of Arizona. Hmg Kec Chow, freshman student, said she w.mtcd to be a soldier and fight Japan. Had Miners' Luck. MINA, Ncv., J,m. 25.--Chnrles | Johnson and Thotras Thompson had the kind of luck miners dream about. Taking i Ic.i^c on an .ibiiruijnod mine, they fired off a single shut and uncovered a body of rich sola ore from which they obtained SI,000. At the end of a month they h"d mode S20.000. February 2 Is Dale Of Perennial Joke On Groundhog Fans February 2 is the perennial calendar joke on people who persist In bohcving the "sign of the shadow.' for their little rodent piophct never fails to deceive them by sleeping while they watch. The groundhog is one of the soundest of all winter sleepers and has never been known to emerge fiom his cozy winter quarters until long after his shadov could be a matter of public concern He appears about the crd ot February in the moic southerly part of hi lange and as late as May up in tin mountainous northwest. Special to rno Couilcr. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 25.-Rev. Alcum Tasch, a member of the faculty of St. Vincent's College, will j be the speaker at the meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association to be eld at Ramsay High School Thursday evening, February 2. | Rev. Tasch will speak on "Youth's I Challenge." Along with other special features .icrc will be Rioup singing by scv- ·nth and CMghth grade students. This is the first general mooting of he fiioup this season. Previous to his tune, group meetings have been icld in the v.mous buildings, with ict-togcthcrs by parents and teachers with students present. Kntcrtains Club. Mrs. Edward Gridler of East Washington street, entertained the card club of which she is a member it her home Monday evening. Two Lablt-s of caids were brought into play during the cfcning. Daughter Born. Mr. and Mrs-. Albert Kiscr of Acme announce the birth of a daughter at 1:05 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at Frick Memorial Hospital. Boy Takon to Hospital. Russell Gowton, the 11-ycar-olc son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gowton of thir place, who has been ill of pneumonia, was taken to Frick Memorial Hospital Tuesday. Miss Queer Improves. Miss Armcad Queer, Third ward teacher, was unable to start teaching school this week. While Miss Queer is improving, she will not teach for some time. Tlan WiMcy Program. Committees from Moss ROM Lodge, I. O. O. F., and Julia Rebckah Lodge are completing plans for the observance of the birthday anniversary of Tliom:is Wildcy, founder of the Odd Fellows in America, Thursday evening in Odd Fellows Hall. An interesting program is being arranged. Members of all branches ot the order and their friends arc invited to participate. To Enforce Doff Law. William Pjrfitt, dog law enforcement officer in Mount Plca:,ant, is calling attention of all dog owners, that since the deadline for licensing A convention of delegates o£ the United Mine Woikcrs of America ot District No. 4 of which William J. Hynes of Fayette City is president will be held at Uniontown Saturday, February 11. Two delegates will be elected to attend the New York City meeting on March 14 when negotiations will be stalled by the miners with representatives of the operators of the Appalachian district to draw up a new contract to replace the one that expires April 1. All locals in the district are select- ng their delegates to the Uniontown convention. dogs was January 15, a vigorous campaign will be conducted and dogs without license will be killed immediately. Dogs running at large with license will be held for 10 days befoie being disposed of. Many complaints have been received of dogs running at large. Undergoes Operation. Henry Borza of Wrst Smithfield street underwent an operation at Fnck Memorial Hospital Tuesday. To quickly relieve distress--rub sooth* Inc. warminc Mustcrolo on your chest, throat and back. Mustcrolo fa NOT "just a salvo." It's a "counter-irritant" containing co'od old-fashtpncd remedies for distress ol colds--oil ot mustard, menthol, camphor nnd other helpful ingredients. That's why it cots such fmo results- better than tho old-fashioned mustard plaster. Mustcrolc penetrates tho surface, skin, stimulates, warms and soothes and quickly helps to relieve local congestion, and pain. Used by millions for 30 years. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. In 3 strengths: Regular, Children's (Mild) and Extra Strong. 40*. HARRISBURG, Jan 25.--George Fisher, resident correspondent for the Philadelphia "Evening Bulletin," was elected piesident of th" Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents' Association, succeeding Kcrmit McFarland of the Pittsburgh "Pi ess." Robert W. Comber, "Bulletin" staff writer, was chosen vice-president; Wilbar Halbcit of th(! Harrisburg "Telegraph" secretary-treusuier, and C. William Dressier, Pittsburgh "Post Gazette," scigtant-at-arms. The terms arc for two years. The association, founded in IBM, is the oldest of its k i r d in the Nation. , f I POrt'r WANT 76 I ee ifcre Naturally, she doesn't want to miss a single minute of these interesting lectures, clever skits, new recipes and equipment demonstrations. CONNELLSVILLE COURIER COOKING SCHOOL Tomorrow and Friday, January 26 and 27 ORPHEUM THEATRc 9:00 to 11:00 A. M. Lecturer-MRS. DOROTHY BATHGATE NOW.... A MODEL TO FIT Your Kitchen Space .Whether jou'vo it cubbyhole kitchenette, or n roomy old-fashioned icitclien, juu'Il find it noiv 5tairic Chef Gus Ifiinge adaptable to your space. Almost eiistjm- tnilorcd to jour individual needs, these IIP\V raiipres come in vurioil sixes and styles. Come In to tee the new models. HERE'S HOW YOU SAVE WITH THE HEW MAGIC CHEF FUEL Controlled temperatures of oven and top burners. Insulation prevents heat loss. TIME Automatic lighting of top burners, oven and broiler. Faster preheating. Easy cleanability. FOOD No guesswork or wasted foods. Better tasting meals with inexpensive food. PLUS such features as the famous SWING-OUT BROILER, HILO VALVE, RED WHEEL OVEN HEAT REGULATOR, HI-SPEED OVEN. Magic Chef Gas Ranges .50 up See Our Magic Chef Window Display Complete Home Furnishers Since 1391 Amazing New Magic Chef Exclusively

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