The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 10
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1\ TPAtflS DO WEDNESDAY, FMBRUAB i 5, 1930. ASTER of BY ROY ViCKERS WHAT? HAS GOJN EAJiTHT Mao Brennaway E BEFOliE. ]k In love with Shirley Dane, beautiful, society girl, -who .is secretly engaged to Roger Kelton. Alan, learning that Roger U to 'marry Shirley, lends fains $500,000 He take* aa collateral shares in a. Macedonia de- velopetneat believed worthless. After Shirley and Roger arc mairied, Shirley, ignorant of the loan, is incen ed wisen Roger tells her Alan is trying to force him to go to Macjdonia. Receiving a tip from Cynajc, shady financier, Roger visions the reduction of his indebtedness 4o Alan. Jealous of Alan, Roger comes to the con- clnttion th« loan was made because of Shirley When -Alan warns ,. Shirley o£ he? extravagance, she tells of her investment in Corto Bellas stock. Roger offer* Alan $£0,000 and Ajan wonders where the money is to eotna from. Roger resents Al m's probin'g into his ^personal" affair*. Nett day, the stock drops considerably. That night Shirley learns that Boger has lost all hei inheritance, Roger bells Shirley Alau made the loan to win her and get rid of him. Shirley goes to pay her "debt" to Alan. Alan, furious at her insinuation, orders Shirley from his home, but hi r car is out of com- auction. She stays and he spends the night in the car. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XXII t. ^-N| IXMPSES of the fntare came t» her in ' disconnected pie-' lures. She saw herself living with Roger in. comparative poverty in an obscure swburb. But poverty waa an unknown state and the pictures were lacking; in per- speciive. She would try to tnafee herself Into a housewife, bwt beyond care of his hwSse never again eotud she Roger anything! She would asain be angry with Re«er boca«ise tfaere was uotbinK l«ft to be aofcTsr vritJi. She had dressing . a n d . was -tbo«t to leave the rooea wben sfee «w«rht the sound of a» *9- prowhiuff car. Sh« looked opt of Uw window and recoRntzea her own limousine, "That settles I3»e walking problem!" she mattered with a 3»*h «* satt^action. As the car drew sp at the oot- taRtt, she leaned oat of the window. ~ ^_ "AS i^jfbt. Carter, Tm reads. YHt can torn," she called. Xt of She enar steppod A3»ee, ^T^R^ on earth has h« scart AHee?" ahe lihouKht. Altce. «ke au tiw other aervnntB, had been cnRaged rn a bwrry at an agency on their return i*o»n the Kneymoon, They w«yr4 all "temporary/* and up to date. Alice, a dour ejaoogh woman in oarly middle age, bad not proved too sottefactory, Shp wondered whottier she should leave a Kttl« note for Alan, but decided that it wan unnecessary. She hnrried down the staira An^ opened the door Alice was an the Httl« porch with a drcssuiK case. . _ , ct ood morntaK-" She gave her a smile more -wolcommK than a ttood servant would have permitted horsoH. "Mr. Kolton told me to give you this," She handed Shirley a note. . Shirley took the note absently, "It was vcrv thoughtful of you, qhc -aiid .indicating the suitcase, "but 1 shan't bother to chanty here. I shall go -straiRht home Carter had bettor come back and see what he can do with thf Fard -- thp maeneto is broken." "Yc.3, Madame, but won't you read the note first?" Alice would have to RO, thoofrnt Shirl-T Sho had a nopcl«-w nuvn- ner -for a ladVa maid. (But, oi courts, all the servants would have to rc __ a hc had forgotten that ) At that rnoinent she wa« too (tred to point out that ah did not r«)uire dnrt, so chose the as to her con, and tore thf flan of the envelope. Sb' read thp first few Irnee ·stand mfc in the- doorway, and they ronvcved nolhmsr to har but an overvfhclminK sense of the grotesque ._, , . . . "Wait « minute!" she TOui and wont back into the cottage Then ·ike eat down and i-eari "Dear Shiriey. I am awarp that you 1j iav« left mo for Alan Bren nnway and hasten to asiuro you that I will give you ^oirr freedom as soon as tl e processes of the la-w permit. If T rennaway of hia own accord will r take a fair se 4 ttlement upon yoo, I 'will refrain from claimine damaaes. "WWle doming to treat you with all possible c ourtcsy, I must make it clear that I cannot allow you to enter Pineclitf during my tenancy, nor my Ne"R York house, and to permit misunderstanding on thla point, orders have been given to tlie servants not to admit you. "You can instruct Alice to remove all your clothes, etc., at your own coiivenit nee from both places, and if you v/ill send me a list of any oter art iclea of personal property you wo'ild like to have with spo'se was a note of conspiratorial sympathy that sta^ereid Shirley. "Wait outside until ,1 coroe, plestae," she ordered. "Very well." Bhe moved to obey but lingered by the door' Then in a voice that was little more than a ·whisqer, "Please remember, that anvthin" I can do in any wav at all, I shall be only too pleased. I expect you are i\ bit unset i*pw as is unly natural. Mr. Kelton was upset, too. If you had told m in the first place there needn't havo been any of this fuss . . . I only mention it, because this is not mv first experience, not by any means " ' fhirlcy came out of her stupor. She rose to her foot, her cheeks burnmjr with indignation. How dare you speak to me like tha~P' "I didn't mean to be disrespectful Dut if you will forprive my saying so there^ no getting over the facts -- Mr. Ttelttm waa shout- infif them over tho house in front of the servants and telling them all not to let you in if you should try to come back." Shirley was speechless. By means of trifles the imafrination can grasp issues -- and it was the trifle of her maid daring to adopt a confidential tone to her that made her that suddenly she had been thniat beyond the pale. Alice was not trying to be ia- solpnt -- therf in lay the atinj?. Shirley faced the fadt that by her ow« actions she had 'become woman ''·Mr. Kelton told me tc, five you tftit. yon Jn your new life, I will have them forwarled when yon have furnished me with an address -- na I presume you will not bti staying lonsr at the cottage. my ^w« fe^w feehngB it. wonld be f ut le to say anything -Roger Kelton " Before sh hnd read tb* letter through, Shi ley grasped the fdct tliat Roger in enilcd to divoice hT, cittnc Alan ttt co-respondent But she could CTti -p it only in UIP that on? cou 1 ^ grasp the di of the stars. At that mompnt it waa too, faVrttstic to tr?luce any immediate re action in tie!?. Shirley wa con-scioua thrrfc Altea had entered "l didn't stiffly. I know ho rootn- call you, she wskt you didn't, but 1 thought I'd j wt como in to sct if I could do to whom evfl-tnfa}ded Bervairta offered their sympathy. Aa Alice eaw it, the hnd been "caught with hei sweetheart," She dropped bttek hrto thf chair and for several seconds battled with b/prsel£. Then nho spoke calmly. "What h«v» you in tho car, AIic" 1 ?" And whfwi Alice particular- i/.;d »he said "Tell Carter to pttt the three trunks in the bnrn w h e i o thi» Ford ts Ix-nve the drei4 m^- case here. Then jrou cm ffo back," "7cry woll," aaid Alir. ea^rly. 'T «a»n puck up th? rest of your thmes tod«y and do my own packing -w wclt--M»haU I come back bxre for he mKhtt" "To, thank you. Alice YOTJ i-an ju»t park m? trnntw atid Own I shaft not want yera atmm. y arrange witi Mr KP]UTM refnreni-ps and »o on." about In the wt man's voicp aa ahct» Tc Cemtinuix!,) Chrbnic Oirton Monoxide Posonln0 Y i:STlCltUAY I apohe on attuo rarlitn monoxide poisoning Today I'll take up the tUironlc type. '13tar Doctor. During tho duy I work In au office located lii tho garage section of tho building Thl offices has no win cjows and the only fresh air we ttcUve c o m e s On ough the g-a- lago doori wblch arc optnert In tho si. nun or, but In tlio winter these doora are Uopt ' lostd Different t j.ulit Hunt I'ct(,rs, M I). g a s e o u s trotn tho earn Hoat around here all day I nava boon *irri only a short time, therefore do not know what reaction they will have 011 rnc My question Is, will it injure my health If I ronievtu horo' 1 am In tlie building olsht lioura a da C" From j o u r 'lescilption, C, I think tJia all tho workois in your ollloe might be subject to chtuulc carbon monoxldo poisoning This clironlc poison lo; may be bt ought on by 10- peated «r continued small doses of nrbon monox'do, not isufllclent to pioduoe nsphytlaUon. I don't usually Kive symptoms (too many git 'em by autrgejtton), but I ·iv111 givo tho Bymptonrj of carbon n o n o x i d s poisoning, so if you have 4hom j t u nlll Investigato tha sue ftvturci and htatine appliances in j i j u r ho net as well aa KO to jour ph."lcia)i foi an examination. Tho «r niptorns ot chrome carbon tnonuchl poisoning aru (rcquont hi atl.u. lu ·? tli^/lnosa nausea, vomlt- his 101 lid tonfiUi', «cakiusa of memory, hot HiiiiicM, neuritis, palpl- tntlon oJ tho iicnrt. Insomnia, EOI- «tuS rtcb llty ami feebleness of tho V»yUilc function, with hallucinations Kobcr a wl l i a j h u r s t tell of dn In- tenstliiK caso w h t i c a svhola (nmlly vrsis ·sub tfterf to slow pol«;onlns by earron Dionotldf, w h e n thov mo\ed int-" nn t l U hr!i"5* w l n f h waj» sakl to li- hnunloc] This i umor arose u n - dotibteOh to haHiKlnaUoni of sight and Iicar n« w h i c h all tho occupants hv, nxptilcnxed tind which tumtxl out even 'inlly to lx due to rarl»n polnonltif? hare-is fl fio'tl plar« to la- oart tluit Kobcr and Harhnist also otata that habit ial tobacco eniol.«n» may show os much us six per coat caibo i rnonoxldi -horaofflobln mttura- Uon of the bio id (J don't know what tlio porcen asa of nU'titlne--a.n- othor deadly pol on--would b" ) As 80 per coat saturation cauiea death, can't ws aay t 10 habitual totMCco Kinokor la pietty nearly one-tenth dead? Thore Eire n any wya to get chronic caibon nonoxMo poii-iiilrife', eapectUy In the winter; faulty tur- nacoa, dofectlve and cheap gas f l t - turos, rubber tutlnga that rowdily rot, homo efforta at t lutnbing. Incomplete burning Of coal md other fucl«. Irn- proporiy ventilated arfl-ragres where auto englncj are allowed to run Of course, thore Is idao (Janger of acuta carbon monoxide poisoning with asphyxiation and death from till of these. If the timtunt ot caibon mon- ojdda IB aufflclen Tho question of chronic carbon monoxldo poisoning to traffic olncera ant" others who have to stand for length} perlo' i t time In auto congested district! In large cities !« now being taken up hv health z.utborltloa Heating public \ uses by motor exhaust is being forbidden In New JTork You can see fiom what I Imve written what rny advice to ou will bo, C That is If your employer won't see that t h ' i o in good ventilation In your w o king quarters, £a! another job. and report the r«io to your Health Dei irtmont, to protect your fellow work ire The treatment of caibon ttionoxld' polaonlng Is artiticla! respiration Jn the fre^h air and t^o oxygen Inhalation if it can be secured. Editor's Nole diagnose, nor g'\ If she con^ldora general interest, awered In the CD! quest's for ai ticl bo a( comp.inlfd adcliessed slam; 2 cent? in coin pamphlets on "R Ing,"" "Tho Klflm lions" and the ' 11 10 cents In coin ( lt-«lil!0,sse', *must bo enetcset arc to roier the t handling) At'drt '·ture of tl !i imp anil not o%cr !00 Dr Peters cannoi o v ercona ' fi'lvicp foiir queslloni Of they will bo an- irnn. in t u r n Ri- ··H on Inind mint by a fully Heit- ed envelope and (or each, foi tho diicmj; and Gi»ti- v an(' TH lj\cre \ B l « n e of V» omen " or eat) t\nsl f » M v ittinj «-il n\ plopo ( I hvso c}iArhes Tit ol orui'*n(r and i Dr "(·, r-s In r Writ." I',:lblv Former State Sr»crfttiry Vacallotiing in South i -! 8 R S ? i ! ^XSSKX9SyS BLACK 1 SHEEI^S | GOL13 by Beatrice Grttt shavr llltu tn it (on i by Irwi \ I "IF Copyrlghl i»y Hi gJ«« Ct. eo@oe»!»i«£ Mr Frank I! Kellogg, foimer Secre (ary o£ State in ths» Coolidge administiation, p i c t u i f d on thr- Koney Pla?a Cabano Walk, Miami Bjach. Mr KeilogK u wintering in the South after leturnmg ro from a tno to Europe, Mugo FJre 1SMD, OUa, Pel) 4~E«joli ol' tho oig! t Iiromen at Oentiul station h o i e JtaSi foet f a l l , I h e f r combined weight "I Son't believe It Bi t W you are, I'll go with you to prlsoni, and I'll walk with you to the ondl, n n p Til klsa you before you die--Hire th!0 ' I met her lips before t ley had time to reach niinoj and wo it urig together caring nothing for the men on tha river bank, caring notli ng for who saw us, In an embrace £ srce, long aa If Indeed, the slwdotv ol tb,e gallows tree rose up above us, eady to end all She drew tmck; the U tl« feet that I hnd swept up aw«y fi im earth, In the long paa-iion 1 of ny Was, cam» down again with their TV ilte wedding shoes splashing tn I ha n id. "They'll take you In the govarnn ent launch,TM she said "TUe I'apuan Jhlers down the river a little way, wal Jag for roe," "Where arc you going? "Back to Port Mores! y, I never went away--BO many thl igs began to happen. Mr. Splcor tn -ned up--be went to iriBharmun l*lar d and questioned the old Holoman imun who'i caretaker--" "Why, I never saw--" "No, But It He-cms he wan hidden away somewhora, afraid I t show. Mr, Spleer got It eut of hi a. lie--Mr. Splcsr--know all sort* f things--I , can't think--" "I can," I saltf, romei ibering that nlgfct on Darn, and tha iieetlog with Spleer, outfiidf* Basuatt's i ouse, "Ha set all this going, t sfore he and the other man stai ted up ountrjr after yon. · He must have knoi r they'd 0« waiting for yon here" All tunt had pti^eled n e, all I had felt and f oared, \\tia plali to me now --too late. Well tntghi they take their defeat llghtlj, when it meant so little! Well might they stick close on the »uy down to tha t ap thet waa to be sprung npoo me--m t, their only rival to the gold of Tatat ita t 'Tttu going," sht said. "I* kaa to be good-by, as .'W-id, be I shall be near you, ail the lime, on i If--If--" She could not bring for h the black words a second time. "I tndersfcmd,* I told her, "Clod's bless ag on yon, darUnff." 4nd upsa that w« parted. Bnasett took tno u ttu launch. It appeared that Spinar aad Oason were going by the other boi t. Bassctt wouldn't bike thorn In the lanncft. "We shall get there arpt," he told nw. "It may matter to yoa in d may not. Anyhow you shall have tb t etmuco. I suppose yon ^ot somcthirif " I Uumed to ptcb up my swag; opened U, and turned 011 a pile o ronrse gold, ^rom the b ittom of a blllycan "I Vvaslitd IwpU i dishes for that," I told him. HIM jett's eyea* opened wide "Whitt ha*« ouetrockT" IIP (taltcd "I ook.-i (is If you'd been raiding a Jpwf'Ii'r't." M I have," I told Mm. * i 'jfeweler's ehop'"--ucltig the ocal na oe for somo nnusuKlly rich nren or p/ cket. "But It tin't liLcly tn taftftcr [ artlcularly t If tlipy break my nwfe at Kokl jail, I snin't hat« omdi time tn wijoy tt" Bassett had notbinf; to f »y. I think h« hilled h!s Job * aiu h tlmt he couldn't «ven bo iHvfl. 1 understood hi« frame of mtnd, more ot less shared It, and on itto rn» 10 I'o t Motratay, happily a brio* one, wo carceJy ·»:- changed len s'nteiep« On tba day wbep w e nan lo port, lb« Pnpusn Chkf, laggfitji a ft v mil PS ba- htnd a*. I wn» jflvr-n ir -tnlaslon to visit tht uilnw office uior or less In custody, nnd make my npp cation. So far n* pt emotion could d It, I waa holding TnMtntn. Put U it my t«n- uro was pfdlonn, nona 1 new better thttn L Cnton nud Splc r were tn court durliif the trUi!, w t sn tt cttmo on a day or tno aUw. Tt »y wmtflicrt tsory point w i t h the si arpnpfls of prosecuting itttornc}*. I ion't know what they anule of It, \V nit I made of It, that lirat dsy, WBH that 1 waa not, at all events, uolog to be hanged. Jf had o l a w j e r , he w«s dol ig his best, find unafeinf? rlu« rnott of Ft mnhaw's at- tnplt on ino, rind tils utle apt to run me down Tho otil Solom n Islander wns chief witness The boy I had hired in port, who clenni d niy rifle am! found one shoi had bi en flredj a stray Hula native, who hr d boon out fishing on the reel, end h d Been me coma away from IiMBbermi n, make d lon;f Hweop, and rotnrn, r ore others, Rpicer, whon they en lied, old shamelessly oil that he had ov rheard under tlio house In Dora, Bad thereby fihpcled home to me the one tiling wauling--motive, I n-an known, oJ course, to bo In love with Mlfis Lan- rter, but tlial u'one would ! ardly hnve. flxecl tho crftao--if crime ot o niuat call I t , I have itover felt Incllm tl to do BO. Tim end of it was tha tho Jury found rue guilty of nmnsli lighter, and that I waa sentenced to fi 'o yctirti. I am q u i t e certain that t iesp twelve good men nnd (TIM of Po t Moresby sketched a point In rrder o save my nro!c; n n d T am equally su e that the judfce and the erown pros cutor--one oC whom waa officially dol vg his heat to have mo 'liangoil, whll the otlior waa officially wndy to pro lounce the Bontcnce--wt.'e /mist botl r pleased with the vavtHct than they 7ould (officially) have admitted So I was sent to Kokl jal nnd tbera wtiB no {Tn!l3\vn built np Inside the yard for me, after ill An I I chose-- eut of n ctoaen who offers --n fifend to go to Tiuatitii, and d the wark tliat w a s necesmiy to holt my ehilm for me They iild not ootiacJousI f make It h--! far me in Jail. They were kindly cold, coldly Ulna, as j II officials Jnstl me Holly, the li ^ad jailer, with his btmrp Ulua «i'e.' antj( ^o umile |lmf vrnhn't _ enulc lr jmd. t^e. An Understudy to Bacon for Variety at Breakfast to atf 'KAT-a broahfaat without 10 "? £h ? C timo aftl '*' t ^" ?y a f e OCK ^' anil tlioy ftro qulto Impuislblo yuufnul over {'tin ft led lildiioya. Melt a IHUu hue on or othor fat in n. frying imn and when hot add tlio kidneys rijt In ha (, cover und coolc oynr B modem to flame for ten mln- uto«. As soott B: ready place kid- noys On toant, t r lndlvtdua.1 neJ- vice, and add tho j u i r o from the pan The touul should first be Hg-htly buttered. Broiled Kidney*. Cover the cleai i tl hajvod kidneys with melted buttn Flute a small ptoce of bacon on a. skewer, thon Iclrtnoy thrn bacoi and eo on until there are four or f i v e on each akewor Bioil quite riuir tha flame turning Constantly until the kidneys are well cooked, 'vhlch will be but n few minutes 8 TV a a akower per person on buttered toast sprinkling with BttH juot boi'ore serving. Lamb ICJiJwty Steir, 6 lamb kidneys 1 can of peas, with their Juice 1 small onion 1 taUoopoon butter 1 tablespoon flour M 1 tnblospoon Wo-nhsstarlhlr* «aue» 1 toaapoon salt 6 6 bacon and aotno this meuu la aa, mi, isus the Eoanoji*). cts lndi»« pensablo cut inortilnir ioffoo. But, if tha family dooen t the of U occu- nkmally the cook does, and at such times she may be ablet to introduce Honia variety Into brojikfaat by pro po.rhi|j lildnuyn Tho little vtial and lamb i kidneys are especially suitable for breakfast dish--just enough of a pleasant meat flavor and "iot too Mubsttt-ntial to boarln tjlio day with Some persona find tho distinctive fjavor of kidneys a little too powerful But thin urn be toned down Soak the kidney) overnight hi cold watar and mix ad with a. teaspoon of lemon juice In the morning dialn and skin tho kidneys arid cut In halves They may then be prepared In any number of ways. Several directions must be borne In mind about preparing kklnoys. ITlrnt they must be skinned and the center core removed Llka liver, they nsea quick cooking And last, they must always bo nerved piping hot, direct from stove to table Something of tha pleasant Juicy orlspnosw la ioait U kjdaayn ore kept any The Home Kilfchen By ALICE LYNN BARRY , 8k1n and split the washed kWnyy* and fiy for a few moments to Uio butter Add chopped onto« tato in tho flour, grracJuaJIy tdd tho Juioe from the pea's, and add oeaaemin* and lastly the poaa. Simmer Own -11 Inutea and servo This la a tasty luncheon dinh and cun bo served on toast, or with boiled rlco or mashed potatoes Beef Kidney 8io«T. 1 lattfc kidney ] tunlMTpoon butter 3 tiiblnapoons flour 1 onion 1 tablespoon Worcestershire ?, cUpa water. Carafully dean the kidnoy, remov- J ins coro. sinews and fat and wash, 1C It has not been Bonked overnlffh*. Place In a saucepan with sufficient raid water to cover, and when It comos to a boil, rediica the heat and i ook otter a moderato fbvrne five mlnutea Meanwhile cook th« frilcod onion in the butter, uatil teinkar, then j u b in tha flour, and add 2 oop* of the water In whieh the kldn«T was cooked Cut the k-Jdnejr hi cubea. add to the othor mixture with Worcestershire and salt and fwppor, let heat thoroughly and aarvo. tEM couTZT raffe TO) Eldo" off S dellnqtient native prisoner--turn him, with two words, into a heap of shivering brown Jolly--Holly wasn't my friend, kept me to the letter of tha joll regulations; slacked nothing that might have been slacked, allowed nothing- that could be refused. I anp- poso ho was JiiBtlfied. I could learn working to order; I didn't mind piling stones by myself on the new little Jetty, far removed from the black criminals who were doing similar work; I made no trouble about keep- Ing ray cell tidy, didn't grumble at the plain, sufficient food. 1 What I could not learn was to avoid "answering back"; letting my eore and angry spirit flash out In sudden fury at the least reproof. What I did not realize, tot long, wan that In losing my freedom, I had also lost my rights aa » hn- man being and a man. It la BO, la Jallts f It must be so. There were times when I could have murdered Holly, Bnmnhad bin black wardera into btttch- ar-meat. Set thare was no time--I think--when tight, according to prison custom, was on my side. . This had a bad result When the threo months were oat, and visitors, by law, could bo permitted, I (rot my on« hour on Sunday, once a month, and not another minute. I got my letters, monthly; always read and Initialed, The letters I wrote wre road and Initialed also. If I could have fitted myself Into the prison shape so far aa to behave "decently," "civilly," "remember I was la jail, and not'in tha Hotel Australia," (Heiiven known I waa adroonlsjhed often enough) I might havo "wangled" many a little indulgence, suet) aa are granted to tho model--mm*Uy ojr TO ins Helpful Advice to Girls By ANNEE LAURIE D I nm a glil of aishtecn and h«v» beao k«op ng oompajny with A young mull '.hroo y«arn my senior, I hav« boon frataff with my frlond « little o'er ono year My fathiir objcotetS 1 1 me keeping company wirh thin young man booauso ho in of anot.hci natlonaJlty. Tto- aontly ha took ave to tho show. On the way ho:nu be told me to hurry becaUBO ha had to go to ·work, *s h« worlta rlffhta I didn't )jay any attentioi to hint. He told uio more than onoe to hurry, but I didn't, no ha Horned around and Wont homo And 1 had to go home by mjraalf. Should I keop company with him? I o\'t think ha carca tor me, although hft nays ho cares very tnuoh and itronta me to keep 901ns with him. WORRIED W ORRIED. If /ou know thut the young man works nlghta why- do you not coop strata with him hy going straight borao, oo that ho may escort you and still be In Rood time at hlu plaoo of employmontT No wonder ho was anirry. 'or you nhowwi n. toiai Sack of oonslderatioiu Nationality, unlcas thore In a wido dlvinaonc-o In s pooch and cuotom-J. noad be no tntr to happlneaa, on many havo discovered for themselves But whiitfe thoro is n totally different outlook on life at tho reeult of elif- foront imtionality, than It la best not to ooaatdor marrU ff«. ANN1B3 LAURIE: Would you ptoaae advise me on how to renew frteadahljp with «. boy cLuaama-ta? I «o« him evwy dajr and kneW h5m vuaruely last year Our rela- tlona aro rather iftnxinod. It aeema I cannot !'·« nay and caro- frea when aroun i him li^e dooa not seem to be Interested in other · gtrtn, tbcraffh h« !« drcssips wcJl, la on tlie footbau team and belongs to tho beat club Wh«n near m« )i" at tho first at school, scented to expect me to rpealc, but, aa I aald, our relations are strained, and I always passed him a-i! thcrug-h I had never seen him bjforo. I belluve trom the wngr be is (jetting to look and act that It lo ttTfecUiig hia bapplnom and I ^tnpw it la affectlnjr mine Hie vision haunte my dieamo, thinicin« of him Jntorteren with my BtudicB and I am ifrowiug: moody. BETTY. B BrTTYf Hy advlco la to snap ont ot ftreomlantl n^id return tc osirth You nea building a leg«nd and tlr earns around a person c ( whom you know littlo You oak how you can renew a friendship with a person whom you kiietr only vagruelv lane year. If he pxpccto you to speak first, I trust that ou wljl do nothing: of tha kind A pluaaaat and friendly saiflo should convlnre hjnx that you feel friendly toward a him, and should make It «-a«y for him to break tho ica. If you poes him by as 1£ ho was BO much tbln air, how can you expect over to cHt.ibllnh a friendly ciimaderle? Nobody Hkei lo bo trt-ated as A ost, oapecially a healthy, happy schoolboy, |~JBAR ANNIE LAURIE: j ^"^ My BTrenthoart'js part?nta object to her hving callera. We both love ouch othor. Wbaa nhould ' I doT 1 CISCO KID. ' IISCO KIO: I can only advfce^ thf younir )ady to obey her par-i onto, especially if they think tbetrf daughter is too younar to receive ·allers I can only advise you to n-lp the girl obey her parents, even! hough It tn, kord for you to her ap · Planning a Dinner Party Without Maid Service Home-Making Helps By ELfeANOR EOSS he4p," B ffiStSKID a.ttwf.yUns n formal' ditUMW, bo vura that you hav« tmoviffh l oomp«t«fit autiojui an «Uquett* book of dayn. That help oonalirtod at a.t lamt U»r«* pocaacm--a look, ·waltrani ·tad » helpor in tbo pantry Th» oaok oooksd, and did nothinu «!»«, tha vmitreaji wiUledl at table, and the extra help did tho ttttlo odd job* Ilka ataoklnff notloj dlnho* crushing Ice, o twain K wlno trattlea Thorn's muah to tKi tmJd for tni* method tJorvtcw la smooth, and the hootsaM IB relatively froo to enjoy her own paxly Th* only obotoclo to ituch planonnt muuMgemont \a the fuat thpt mout fiuntlltui can't afford to hiro Uiroo worviwiiB every time they want to fivo tt, dinner party. Ixuioed. even f l f t o t n or twenty yearn ngo, when thoro was no restriction on immistrt- tton and pienty of tuitfar younft sirla oam« (roiii 1-Jurope for dotneaUo »or- vico hero, tho majority of Americana eowld not afford oorvants. Only ono luaMy In overy fiRht had any kind of regular houseworktr Th« othoi- Bfivsn dopendnd on mother -- and wybfl th« glrtts halp«d a. bit. But they cav« dlnoex' pa.rtlew any- wwy, and often, altboufrlj the«n fe»- tlvltle« uruoj]y la£t tbo hasten* too Urftd and bu«y to «njoy hersielf To day, Uio woman who irlvaa a dlnwor party iaa t siMatin^ with th* rola ot -houmkeopor, cook, wiUtr«ws at her own tabls. She rrakes it her busl noaa U onjoy tho i ttoJx herself, and novsi-iU clr«vuuiitajic«B combine to Baoka thin poaatble ffac one thins, there la less attempt nowadjiya ai pretentious dln ner-g-lvlna We'ru more alrnplo In our tastes The formal dinner which nut-keg servlco at tc bin by waitroiwoo obllgratory Isn't «v«i attempted by th» avora^e family And tho menu to cvhoViun With onaj service in mica Xn thl« dlrootlon too, a grojit and i! chiuiffa ha-i occuried We to oat, eo mu h more than we do nowudityd M ttnorieei of food econornloM during tho war. taint thouffh thoy b« did leave an Impreo- «lon, which, added t ) the dletlnjz fads ot recent ha^ e made a sweep- Ing ohnrgs in our C lod tnataa Cveu lit formal parties* o 10 -it- longer IXHJH a procssMalon of end om ouiwa At lAtxat eevcsn used tn l«e the rule--to day there aro laiw And the avcragfl dinner party which !« served with tha aid of one maid or none, in adequately planned vri f b only four or fivfl couraea Also the derlln* of wln« drinking in th s home baa dispensed with a trot blesomo though pleasant Job--serv ng the right viirtoty of wines with th« right courses at the riphl tpmperaturo The ohiet Item to ronsldcr In fflv- ins a dinner party * ituout maid la -the Detection ot the mono. that can b« prepared conalderably la odvancu will reduce hurt mJbauto cookery. Cold dlhea are ciieior to eervo- than hot onon And If there Is only one hot course, tho plates can be kept hot until lotiulrod -- and thla la the ono court** that dooa require careful service. Many foods lend themaelvea to eaay scrvip -- mi'inlng that they can bu prepared hours in advance and kucp wall until ua,dy Aspics are u irrettt halp Thi-y may be prepared tho niornlns or tho night before tho dinner, placed In the refritrerfiloi nd unmouldtd juat bofore ncedi-d An aspic of fish, meat, egg's, or vegetables may be uaod either ag on. entree or, left in the whole laigo shapp when unmoulded and aur- rountled by a txd of Ipttuca ajid othei gi eana and gurnlalios, m,j.kiH a most nttrot-tlvc dleli to be seivod at table ver giacefully by the hostess Dry ranapos, of caviar, fJsJced cold fish and plnilentos, saj-dinea, olivea, or eautia;fOH, are e^isy to prep.ire, koep and serve oil her »js a flr»t course or with cocktails If foods aro chosen with tho Idea of how much oorvieo thoy need, not merely for their effect the hostess may serve a. complete dinner w i t h o u t having to rise and chungo pUtcs nioro thaal twico. I tHE OLD HOME TOWN , MAJR.SHAL. S-Kv. 1SSUEP AN OR.DER^ THAT MAD TO STOP, DUR)MCJ THE DAYUQHT NOW UNTlt- MAV I5TH-

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