The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX. HIE DAILY COCJTUER. CONXELLSVILLC. PA. .MONDAY TEW BOOKS ARE "" RECEIVED AT THE .;.- - CARNEGIE LIBRAKY The followios new books, have beeo placed on the shelves of '-he Carnegie Freo'.Library: Aldnch--"On th'e Edge of the War Zone." ^..Dan-son--"Carry On." * Gerard--"My Four -Years · in 'Germany." ·- - .Qlbsoa;--"Journal From Our Legation in Belgium." - ; Huard--"My Home in the FieM of Honour." ~ " ' Peat--"Private Peat." ~. Vaa Dyke--"Fighting for Peace." ." _7 FrauSs -- '"Household Organization, fn "War Time." ' " ' " Kellogg " Taylor--"Food*- Proh-, lems." Rose--"Ft^ding the Family." \Vade--"Book of Corn Cookery."Rolle--"Interior Decoration for the Small Home.' 1 .'Croy---1000 Hints on Vegetable Gardening." French--"Beginner's Garden Book." Morrison Braes--"How to Make '. ;he Garden Pay." Croft--"Practical Electricity." Fowle--"Standard H.indbook for '· Electrical Engineers," Ketchum--"Design of Mine Structures." Burns--"Safety in Coal Mines." Hay--"Secrets of the Submarine." Poote--"Practical Roid Building." Collins--"Keeping Up "With Your . Motor Car." lianrweil--"Aeroplane Design." Monday--"Byes of Uie Army and Navy." Bucher--"Practical "Wireless Telegraphy." Farrar--'^Typography of Advertisements That Pay." Kohne--"Finger Print Instructor." .3?izeteily--"Soldier's Service" "Dic- UonaJrj'of English, and French Terms." Olnisted--'VFlrst Course in French." Donovait--"Home Guard Manual." Wright--"Oar United States Army." Roberts--"Civics for Coming Americans." "Burleigh--"Community Theatre." Monroe Henderson--"New Poetry." Dunsany--"Five Piay.O Steveni--"Things Seen in Sweden." ··-·Stefansson--"Denmark and Swe- -- Complete worlds. 6 volumes. Twain--"Writings, 25 volumes. Library of coal mining and engineering, 8 volumes. Hoir 3T«-n Handle Their Mono? -- _Aloiuo Yati's. Alonzo Yatci* Kved for five years. I from 1S3-1 to 1390, at .such a pace t h a t ' i he spent S S O ' j Q O O 00 a year. This . j wealth hart been accumulated during j a period of" forty years L his fattier, i a Syracuse merchant. It took tho son 1 a facaul five you. s to Fqustndc/ % «,- j 000,000.00 o£ hard earned money. The sharp contrast b e t w e e n the way the fathrr and son handled money is 'n.- btnicUve. Tnc father was respected and.the faon was ialighed at The father had an abundance and the son I died ,n poverty. Banking safety and ' security at The Citizens' National i {Bank, 138 Pittsburg street, Connells-I Yilfe.--Adv. | Trust Company Statement. REPORT OF THE CONDITION O K I the Youg* ^-u-rt Gompnio. '.oc.ited .u I ConnelN\ ilK', P.x at. the c-Uiijc of buti - noss Aprt! 15. 151S. \ I Rcservo Fund Cash, spec it and ' Due fro-n ai- i proved rcKcrvt. I ^° n J S 76,5:3 17 cur-tlcs AI i«ir 50.000 00 Nickels .md cents C h e c k s and cash it. i ms ... Due from bn.nU^ t r j s t com- pann u e x c l u d i n g ' reser\ c Commercial paper purehitsort: Upon one na^me . . Tom mere lal payer purchased Upon t\\ o or more names TiiRe loans i* nh collateral ''all loans w i t l i collat*; JlonOs .;,tockb etc Mortgages and juilfrments Oilicc h u l l d i n c and lot Other real estate F u r n i t u r e and flx:ure3 .... Overdraf ts Other assets not included In abo^o '33-1 56 15,423.62 12,355.TO 26.81 L6 4S5.739 .-, J 67.81' 1 J J ,T r .ono n^ I 3. .JO* 'fT. "0 000.«f j 2 1T2SS 4,834 68 . Total 51.454,30047 j LIABILITIES rr.pitn.1 -^tock Surplus :irl Undivided ^"Olit 1 ? les-- R paid 20,000 00 32,251 09 57S.537. 2.551. VIOLENCE DISCOURAGED County Loan Committee Opposed to Role of the 31ob in DriTe. Itie Fayette county Uberty Loan committee does cot approve of the acts of violence against non-purchasers of Liberty Bonds. The follow- [ ing statement has been issued as set- , ting forth its views: "The Liberty Loan committee rejoices in Lhe multiplying evidences of patriotic zeal and determination on the part of all those who are so loyally supporting the campaign in. Fayeue j county. To these men and women whose blood is quickened by thought of the sacrifices aad the perils of those who are upholding the banner of oar country across the seas we shall owe the success of this great undertaking. Bat the committee wishes toispeak a word of «.aution that we do not permit ourselves any indulgence-IB thos? measures which are so alien to the. Ideals for -which the-President lias summon-ed us to war. There are other ways, more potent and .ef- feetfre'taiL resorts to violence, whereby a commanity can express tts contempt of those -Those indifference or hostility to our purpose unfits them for association with true Americans. "W« trust therefore- that noaft of our citizens will coiomit any act wtdch tl e whole county may not remember with pride befitting oar ' cause.** pcnses .mil taoccs Demand deposits: (exclusive of t r u s t funds). Deposits subject to check D e m a n d c e r t i f i - cates of d e p o s i t IVposif. Common* ealth oC Pennsylv.uiia . . Cer tilled checks Treasurer's checks otttstand- Time deposits: i (exclusive of i tni5t f u n d s * . Time certificates of deposit .... le^OS.SO I Sarinss f u n d de- i posits 544.9-10.19 5 6 1 . 7 4 1 0 9 1 Dividends unpaid 1S3.00 | Unearned interest 1,373 It) i Reserve for depreciation.. 2.S74 40 50.CiOO.0 2.E.1G 7 1.8E6.59 635,341.79 Total Trust funds: 51,454,300 i 1 5.9G5 00 | Other investments, r i c . . 5,707 00 t Cash balance .......... 449 95 t Overdrafts .............. 5-9.19 Total trust funds ....... 22,651.15 ! CORORATE TRUSTS. Total amount (1. e. face value) of trusts under deed 1 -of trusi or mortsages executed by corporation «j to the company as trustee to secure issues of corporate bonds, including equipment 534.POO.OO State of tiinsylvania, County of, Fay,- ette ESI, E. R. ?*loto. Treasurer of the above named coTipan, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is truf to the best of my knowledge and belief. E. R FIjOTO. T reasure r Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23rd d;w of April. 1918. J. B KURTZ, Notary Public Correct--Attest E. T. NORTON. W, F. Sr»TSSON*. ROBT. NORMS, Directors. REPORT OF TOTH OLESHAK. of Brownsville. Tjicens-ee ag ii-lvate baaker. No. 110 No. 7^ M a r k e t street, of Fajette county. Permfrylvmia. at the clo?e of buamcFS on the 15th of April, 1918. RDPTDRE EXPERT HERE ~ Sector, "World Tamona in This Spe- daltj, Called to Uaiontown- "~ ^. HT'Secley of Chicago aod Phil- -adelphia/ the noted truss expert, "will "-personally b« ~at the'Central Hotel and will remain in Union town Wed- ·nesday only, Ifay'-lsCT Mr. Seeley "saysz^ "The Spermatic Shield will not! - only"reiaJn-"ahy case of rujjture perfectly, bat contracts the opening in JO^days^n the average case. This instrument received thr cmij- award in ...England and hi Spain, producing results without surgery, injections, . medical treatments *r. prescriptions. -_Mc, Seeley has documents from the United States Government.. Washing-. Inspection. All charity cases without charge, or if any inter- ··· ested'call, he wilt be glad to show swoe- without charge or fit them ff desired. Business 'demands prevent a topping at any othtir" place" in this -^section. "P. S.---Every statement in this notice has been verified before tho Federal and State Courts.--F. H. ·Seeley.--Adv. ASSETS. Cash on hand viz: U." S currency S 257 52 DUG from bar^s, etc., viz: U. S National banks 628 32 Securities pledged for borrowed money Furniture and fixtures .... ilercbandjsc owried Total ^.... 1.580.00 I 138.05 263.S2 FKKE-COUBSE Tor, Miners at TTest Tlrginla Unlver- r slty During tnc Snmmer. · -West Virginia miners will attend a sfcort course in advanced mining methods to be given at tire state university at Moirgantowa this summer. The course will open June 17 and will ^close July 27. The course -will bf free to all West Virginia miners and there will be DO restrictions in the laatte- of preliminary education. I.IABII.ITEES. Capital s:ock Surplus " Undivided profits Due for foreljra ip.nney orders Miscellaneous liabilities .... Total J2.9G8 X 51,000 00 200.00 1.650.1S 15.on 103.13 State of Pennsylvania, county of Fayette. ·«!: " I, Alaciar" Toth, manager of Toth OleBhak. iicen'see Xb."110 .do solemnly "swear" that 'the above statement it, true to the feest of my knowledge and beliot ' ALADATl TOTH, Manaffpr of Toth Oleshak Subscribed a.nd sworn to before me this :5th any of April, 1918. .IESSE ROSS. Notary Public. . Saving dollars ana wasting the lives of the boys in the trenches is poor business. Better invest in a Liberty Bonds. THE BOMBARDMENT OF GUNS reminds us all that we must quicken our pace and send our dollars to the front. Now is the time to subscribe to Third Liberty Bonds which, pay 4 1-4% interest. »AMY: FURNJTU3S f f RUGS "The Big Store Nep The Bridge." i 15t-irS Weht C' A\cniK'-Surcessors, j.eonanl Fiirnidirc Co. I J'raired v U) iihiss faizi- '2 liy 2-1 iiiL-in:s. \\'ortli |1.5d each. Large Tabourctios Special 35c Top 11 inches square, stands 17 inches high. Fumed finish. Exclusive The home lover who appreciates something decidedly different in Furniture should see the exclusive new ideas in Period Dining and Bedroom Suites at the Zimmerman-Wild store. These suites represent the best to be had at moderate prices and embrace a wide variety of styles in walnut, mahogany and oak. A Carload of Suites Just Received SPC tin 1 Sjic'chiJ Full Size Davenports Conncllsvil.e's largest bhovmg of Duofold Suites and Davenports w i l l be found at the New Store. All woods and styles arc here and every one at special introdiiclorj prices. New Colonial Buffets ^ Sec Our Special Solid Oak Buffets A wonderful array of Buffets greets the visitor on our second floor. All sizes in either t'uinrd or golden oak and every one at money saving prices. You'll Save at the Zimmerrnan-Wild Co. on Room Rugs. } "Safety" Cedar Chests Safety for w i n t e r furs and woolens is assured it you store them in Zimmerman-Wild Cedar chests. The city's biggest display here. SttsTEAHV CURLED HAIRMAITRESS O UR salesmen tnka pride in snowing you Wilson's "Rest- ^ood" Sanitary Curled Hoir Mattress, They are proud teceuse they are sl-.owi.r. you a superior product; they know that it will £ive you utmost satisfaction, comfort and service. The "Rest^ood" enables cs to oSer you akiJ^h-qucHty curled hair mat- tre?3 at a moilc-rcte price. Itisamnltress that will last you for ye^rstocome. rorty pounds o£ all new, sanitary cnrled hair are used in its constrnc- tiori. The cca'erin^ used is durable, best quality inater.a], in a number ofitripes or ii art ticking. The sides are triple stitched and the edes finished in the Imperial i-oll, ^jrcatly adding to the wearing qualities and the stamina of the mattress. Won't you call today and let us show you this remartable mattress? We feel sure that when you see it you will want one in your hoxae. The "Restjood" is imn'nf actured by Wilson Co., Chicago. A N - WILD C O M P A N Y K x c l u s h c Airent*. Famous Sellers Kitcheneed The World's 5Iost Convenient Kitchen Cabinet. Choice of M a l i o u a n j i f u m e d or G u l d e n Oak. Flere's a truly remarkable value in a high grade, f u l l £,inc Tea'Wagon w i t h removable tray, large rubber tire wheels and extra strong construction throughout. Compare it with any $15 style you have seen elsewhere. The Sellers Kiteheneed is the only Kitchen Cabinet with a full size flour bin that lowers to the floor for filling. H i.- ·also fitted with many other exclusive features that makes it "the world's mosi convenient Kitchen Cabinet. On sale here exclusively. See Our Sellers Special PARAMOUNT THEATRE --TODAY AJB TOttOHlMW-- IS JUNE?" SEE CHARjnNG VIOLA DA.VA AS "JUX."" IN THE STIRRING 7 ACT DRAMA "Blue Jeans" A PICTURE THAT WILL HOLD YOU TO YOUR SEATS FRO.M BIS- GINNING TO END. THIS PICTURE SURPASSES ' ITS STAGE CAEKER. ALSO A KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. If You Can't Fight In France, Get On iThe Home Firing Line ' StriKi a blow a'. G f i n a n y . -i i By buying Li'icrtj Dun (is. | By b u y i n g Thrift stamps, i By bums Money regularly. By paying Bills by Clu'ck. A'l Uie lac.hues of this bank arc at your seruee. Liberal Interest on. Savings. Safe Dt'poli Boxes for Ltcnt- "F YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR SALE TRY OUR CENT-A-WORD ORPHEUM THEATRE -- TODAT-- WALLACE REID "RDntOCK JOJTES" AIsio a Sunshine Comedy. "HIS WIFE'S HliSBAXD" X 0 31 0 K K 0 W DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "MANHATTAN MADNESS" 129 tV. Crawford Arc., ConncllbTllle. The Bank tlint Dues Things for Ion" Safe Deposit Itoxos for Itciit, Presents one of the Cleanest. Brightest and Most Sparkling ct Musical Rev.ews w i t h a. Change of Plays three limes in the week. A company of 12 people. 3lomlaj and TueMlaj-- "In Holland." WediH'Ml.-iy :iml Thursday--"'I'he Marriage -llarkcf." Friday and Saturday--"The Hirl in Hidinsr." There is also rfpre^fiitcd two good comedi scrt-en plajs. Tliis is an exceptional iiook's ofi'oririsr. I'RICES FOJl 3IATIXEE. .· AM) Klc. M G H T jflc AM) iOc. KJJYSTONK ACTO 11EPA1E Iu Rear of Gil West Ci-awforcl avenue. West Side, Connellii- ville. Pa. BUAZIISG A D \VJ3l,Dtxr.. R e b u i l t CiirN. Pnr Sate. J. B. KURTZ, MOTARV PUBL..C AND HEAL ESTATE. Me. S South Meadow Uw*. Conmllnllli Pa. Big Classy Chorus. Special Feature Moving Pictures.

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