The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1018. THE DA.ILY COURIER, CONNKLLSVILLE. PA. fAC-F. K I V B SEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED; ( For Earning Eczema Greasy salves and ointments should not Greatest Crowd Yet Iraftees Off For Camp Lee. extra large size, get a bottle When applied a3 directed it effectively ' removes eczema, quietly stops itching, and ' heals skin troubles, also sores, burns, HUNDRED ACT AS ESCORT and soothes. Zemo is a clean, dependable and inexpensive, penetrating, antiseptic liquid. Try it as we believe nothing you have ever used is aseffectivo and satisfying. The E. W. Ko=e Co., Cleveland. O. Women 01 JTe^hyterhm Church Unit! of the Ked Cross PruVide HIP Hoys | With Lunch; Saturday 'Afternoon Club flints; Italians J'afrlotic. SncciaV l« The touner MOUAT PLEASANT. .Apt il 29.-Sever before was such ;. crowd ta Mount Ple.idaTil to escort tte draftees - irom DistrKi No. S froir- the Armory U) it c depot te was pre?vm ycatcrriaj. T'ie boys * eic ·»!'· t"i a lunu 1 y t n c rnit-.-l ^tj*.s."ii S re.-ib/j"r an Koi Cvo^s unii, inri the t.u- Cu je.r?rie v.'ii*,, :/· * i 1 opU- jvitl t'le oaii'i ·!*«·" * toaicV ii rfov.i! ' J i t - bircet. \ v e i y , M , M| ' n J; Jkrge erouj was a' tit 1 ckpoi ' J( , s *| Neu-.t of the Past Condensed f r o m the Flies of The Courier. Kill ISA , 1.\ -I, l^SS. '.un-dred ovens A l i c e arc tired I i \ t - moiulis' lUlone. ·;··. Frtck Coke i:-jmpH.ny U m i n i : u.ifrons of iD bushels oiiiAruuuM .Lt t h v \vorfcs Of Ksville Machine Cur com- (FLAG COUPON) H01V YOU CAN GET A SWJiMJID FLAG FOR LITTLE MONET. All that is necotsary for you to do is to clip the coupons and bring or send them to The Daily Courier office with J1.49 and tho beautiful Flag is yours. Description--The flag is S feet long by 5 feet wide: rainproof and sunproof American bunting--absolutely fast colors. Stripes sewed, double stitched. Has strong canvas heading antl metal gromments. Tliis ,S.i5 Foot Flag for G Cuupons of Consecutive Dntos and $1.4!) Cash. Xote:--If ordered by -Mail add lOc for packing and postage. CI,U' THIS FLAG COliPOS TODAY ! and, with required cash for Flag send to Flag Department ( THE DAILY COURIER 1291-2 11. Crawford AH-, CONNELLSVILI.i;, PA. Name- Street or K. F. D. No Town , State.. - Mi- .-*-·! 1 s t r i k e . St-pii M- tirown, :t i l r i \ c r cmployo'l ,i- Ouo-H.~K*k t o K c wurJts c* atruok f t c i t r l u t r ^ . M i n t).e DeMutli c u t k i l l e d . r-Jiit^Si Treasurer Nortc'tt luia com- r! ' if i .i.v cJtipIicatc ar.U pl.iced it " lianas ot OoUcctor HcffKy. Ths b i c propt-r;y is valued at ? 1.080. - T.ic lux t\uplica,tii amounts I D $»».- Misses A'ina and JJianthr Gailcy en- ^ tertaine.-l jhe Saturday A f i f i n o s n cluli a1 J; «I Sc-ottrtalc 3i*. d .Mt. Ploasaiii it t h a i ,, le jkomc nn CoLLe,gc CL'vetuu 1 on i? mirnay in afternoon. The lollow.p.TM oific^ ·= were I-*1 ; electee] foi the coming year. Mr.. , £yV "VV'iiUain McWilllams. prct-'.U-a ; Juvri.! .-; ? o-Aard Sooner, uce presidpn ; Mrs-. K. Campbeij. ^ocreiary, ar.d Mr--. H. !, HarunaTi. treasurer. TLese ladies save $.i; to ibs; runri tor recreation ( i rrprs foi soldiers in France and $23 to the Old Sadies' Home at Greensburg. Mrs. N. £. Silsli-y was the- leaner. Mr». M.. W. Horn21- and Johnson of Columbus. O. Mrb. J. II. Smith re-art papers. ! 3ohn l^omranc^Kcr. :r, years Sophomore IMrtr. I v r h ^ r ' p i o w i n i r . J o h n Story of Punbar TJltf sophomon c'asa of th" mpli J tnwr.snip. unf-.irthed a revolutionary gchool hold a party at the Srn.lhfield ] relic in the shape of .1 burton. H is stree-. home of Hiss Celestme Stiles made of ccvver and ha b the imtlala o! On Friday evening. Forty wen pres- [ f^^.erf'^o^y* valuesunbutton a." rat. Games and music were the jin.ijon, amusements of tie evealag ani very The new lockup in New H^\pn is nice refreshments were served. about ready for occupancj. . . . .. ,, , , . i Dr. J. C. M*C!ena.ttianVs residence In Fn*hni*n Also Kntortain. . Somh ^,,^»^ ctro^.i i« mo,-«d .1 rtia- .-'imrL- J. M. l^ile. Cap-tain l.loyd J o h n s t o n J.n-J S. M. l-'oust .ire appoint- i_J .le-vv-Ts LO I n q u i r e i n t u the m-e?-siUy r d i x i d i n t ^ Conr.cllsvtlle t u w n s u i p into t w i 0-lecU! '» ilistrirts. All an- 1'iLr-s in town now close every e e v r i n j ? at !' o'clock, liut sume of them iliss *.;eorf:i«-i. Muy G-ittin^s, ni^ce of Mrs. L.OI 1 tua-i. Vfi marrieti to IWward Lmbus. O. dies S;i rn u c i K. 1. ° 'i n a rd: n-Sij A n n i e himher. fufsiauuit. W i l l U i n .Ir/hn- s o u : tre.iMiirer, ALr*». Mary H u n p a r d . W i l l i a m Koiwcr .ind Charlrss B. AIc- i ,'onnick e n j o y a few d;iys' fitfhinff a l o n f f M i l l R u n . W i l l K. G rcc n, cl crk in H arry Ilishon's 3loro I n l"monuwn, is bu^ticd to dti-LLh wlien b e n x f n e hi 1 is ii»inp i n rtspairinir .1 bi*-y«l« ignites, w o t i m s in h i s t r o u s e r s H e n r y \ oih-T, 7) yc*ars old. dies at Ins liomc in S.t.lt4iok t o w n n h t p . TUT-ItSI) VV, A I M t l l j HO. Ii»S. r-t-iileil report of th« G o n n i l l ? v i l l e citke tTw.*Jc (or the week cntitns; A v n l 'J". sj:c»v.-s ^ totiil Jf r,7.474 ov^ns in llm rt-^ion, of whicli 14.2T.1 a-o in Masl iind _:: iM-l i d l e w i t h a touU ost!n»atvi . I*ro(iLu.itio'i of 164,858 tons. SliipniPnt.^ f IT the wrc-k aprffrO'ff.'Ltcd 6.2^7 car?, dsst r r h u t e d a* follows. To ; ! *l 11a»bu ."£-. 2.'^ I cars. to po i n tn tr st, ,1,,~riO enr«. t u points east, 44tJ car.", an , jru rcaFC of Si cars over the previous ' u p e r l n ! npl A 1_ ·!·· jT ' croury,, i he Ability or . J . v h J \ A Specialist I b v i J - p Senate I Hn.\«n. | In tu;ror3 1 fmmcil. Bo , amitti tiles n Wpjumred bj- Hir Curen lie Mak^n nnd f Not by thr Number »I ni.if».-nr» I Hf Trcai* j Tht 1 I rue special ifft. w h o cor.Hcient- } f tf -« n Jj'-;^- h ^ p v p r ( n a c t t v e . h n f , bcon ( 1 | i r n M t J y de . j o t e d to n r f y i n . i t i r . q : anri p c r f f - e t , n s u r p s f o r t h c d ,^ a5C!1 f.f y n w ,-pec. P!CIIL Tbe freshraau clas^ of ttit high school held a party at the high »choo' building on. Friday evening. thc features evening, and refreshments tance of n i n e fct order to make i nHm for a new ?tore of J. R. Rafc»Iey | Oo. . i The final rxaminations of and music -were thc fcaturcK of i h c l a t f c n f f chlM of the pu i, nc ind National R m k q u u - k ! Italians IloW llallT. I A meeting of. the Italians J-t the the interest of the shrdl cmfwyppP Italian hall was held yesterday after-; noon in the interest oE the Liberty I Ijoan. When Chairman Sam Warden * of the Third Liberty Loan corariittee,' naked how many men. in the room 1 owned a bond of the third isue. all but six hands raised. Warden pave a talk and the sii men asked if they could meet hitn at the bank *oday. Dr. E. J. Knox talked on his travels ttirougb Italy, aad Sam Stevens told them of the coming Red Cross campaign and the need of tholr help ls are were | completed The class carvt^e-'a of: Louise M Korsrer, Margaret U Woods, !1a .f. PTls^on, M. riorwicp Wolfe. Mary ^. Mpstrczat. Rose It. W h f i " . Car'-le B. Stafford. William C. Hood anrt Rufiifi M. Barnes. Perryopolis. PflRRYOPOLIS, April 27. -- Miss Helea Hoixkins lias returned iomo sfter spending the winter in. DaytoaOr Pla, Pad Martin has'rctnrncd from State college for bJs annual vacation. Joan. Carson 'was a bnsiness call or In TJnlontowTi Thursday. George Hixenbaugh is confiTiefl to h« home witi a sprained hip. Kdward WestfaM underwent an ear operation Friday morning at the Un- loatown hospital. Mrs. "Wcstfall and !-. R. P. Karaercr -were with him during the operation. The Suffrage club will b« eitter- ta'ned by Mrs. T. "U-". "SVotmer at her home Tuesday evening. All members ar a urged to be present. Miss Jane Wood is spending the wck-eiid with relatives at Dunbar. Mrs. Isaac Stickel was a ConneUs- vi'le shopper Friday. SCR4TCHIIVO HIS BACK CAl-SKS AS KXPI.OPION. Oh it A railroad mnn norfn^d n«a]s, mployotl on the f'^LHimorn railroad near Jj'vndma.n. «vafl pp-nt to o. torvi hov'j?e to briii if some powder, Thc can. covored w i t h ,t board, stood on th* 1 Jloor clon.* to the wail. ^iRht above the- can, on a l i t t l f » u p i f on the wall, a lot of matc!.e«; were lying. Reals entered the ho IIP-:, romoved the board frtJin th/ 1 -an and tiien turnetl ground to scratch Iwtck by rubfeinK it a^raioiSt the wall. The n»ton jolted :vme r{ t-h*- matchpa fro«m th« shulf and th«y JotfS'ed betweon hia b:w:k and t,ho ·wa.Il, Tho ftanic rn.ot.ion j ^ n i t o d Uiq mn.toh("*. and when Boils straiRii ced up they fH! into t h« An esrplosinn. of course, Beats was hurlrd thrrwsh t h p aoor and across the tnwike. He woujd havo fallen over the bluff .had he not yucooeded in gr*sp- ins OTIC of tho rails. He waa severely burned about Hie face tnd, necK. Ltif^ w i t h instructions -c- , .pc--iu! mer-Ling' of l!i* t o w n . ouvrh soll^lto- ,s. R. G o l d - , uV-K^sKS. -\CI'TK A X D CHHOMC-- i s u i t i n ^ u l t y i n ^ n ' o n - J V n d e r n u r l r c a t m « n t dl^nsc-s r n p l i J l :t i h r Oon-nnllsvinc « a *« r ' fliBappear. 1'lrLin t-aa^s alrir-pi i n p t a n t to h a v e lhf romu-'tny f , } Thc p O Q , n nf g ( l i p n i i l l l ; lio ,, d ar( , '· . i flrivfn from the 3nateti ^ p i n t ;ind .il At a mpetfnir of directors of Lh« rp^- ; fforr . nPKf aiK j p n , j t ( r Kvery i n r t f r - H t jon of ishe.t. and i n i t ? siend c( inru p.^rft-ct health. "»r t r r - a t m e n t s i l l a y a l l i n f l a m m a - t i o n , reduces th« {ylundx, rltMisv n n d h«n!p thc h i d t i p y s u (t.-ti j r r - x . U " i or r o n ^ P B l u d , i n v i g o r a t e s t h e t y p t c r n ami restor«^ health and soundn ".w . Ttl^OOD POI-JOV--Our r^-,. for L I nod l i f e work, and Is e n d o r s o d by Hie h*-si l»hyaicUnn of Mii" and foreK-n c o u n t r i e s ' o n t . i f n o nn d»'ii:crou.*. c 1 r' J i;s' or I n - ihf a n d f Lh« SP^*- ntrart for th? t m n k b u i l d i n e : ^d to A, S \Vllflon Pitts- A thousand liaso-b.i!} onthu.iia e ;t'» s.hi\/*r for two h o u r s at th-- M o r i e i t a - Stt:iwn,Fron park watch inff t h i o p e n i n g of t h e Pfnn.Tylv.inin W«vst V i r p . n i n h^uiolMill ^ruson. and sre C o n n o l l s v i l l e and Scottilalf battle to .in eleven I n n i n g ilnish w i t h fach side havlgpr n ^cnrr- i»I f o u r to Its credli. , Henry Hasrodorf and John lorrtati s.ra [ jurioii.t m e d i ^ n e s of .iny }· wtrnck by a P^niwyivanJa railroad t r \ l n j f 0 t h ^ vrry b o t t o m -f the- dl ovens, enr . a n d · forrci out ever The Chnjrtbpr of Comme-rrP' n.t « 5p»-- r ! al n i P f t i n j r .idvm-ai* 1 * t h e p l B ' - i n f r of wiro"" In t h e business di^t-rlc' u n d e r - frrotind. A c t i o n fnllo-m« rontrnvorfly botwcen t h e .^'c n'l X i i t i o n a l K,tnk and alorwr thf brink 5 pripc-rtr l i n e /n P!:ts- pry ^ml fver. the The Mood, i^fd,'-d h e a l t h th.- et N W U H a m .Iimrph O o h r l i r h t cl^rk of Th,' C.innel!Rv-,U»- cr-unrl', «uc- C P f d i n p Flavnton.l S. Coll. VniHini \Vrisrht. 76 s^iirs n\il. f.itii er r.f P. W -\Vr1pht he.Td of til" W r l f T h t * J'r-tT-l^r f-'nrpar\ dif^s al hi." * inie :il n n ^ k l m n n o n . VC VA.. Partn^rshJn hn-wp^n Strftiib Slier' r!ck. I n -Jit* proprietorship nf the S m i t h H-»U5?, sc dNsniv.^. A. A. P t r a u h t n n n - ferrinR- h i s h a l f irrfer^r: to B T. P!i*r- r l f k . j cure for d i - . e . i * ~ cr-at i t h f raupcular nnd n*-rv fi P5 a n d e n - i r f i f s i h p ( and h e a U ih» b l a d d e r vJqrr.r,ite4 the l i v e r , r* 1 , b r l R - h ' . f n * l i u i n t ^ n . T t ' boyond n i l it m a h r a for i h p "*urr«"-.s* nf l i f e "f i m i u i r - . t y ,.*n ..f blood ply ;md f o r - i^rrrt tn p r r - -". and b u i l d s up u « sHtem. j i u r i Mood. cl*-anp"« .ind k - d t i ^ j s . i n i v e n i h n Hpl'ri's and d fl*« and Ma ^m m h c In t r f - a t i n t ; al O n l y the c f f c ny k'nrf ^" w e l t a w t h p Try )iir FUIDAT, ATRTL 23, Detailed roport of the Ci coke trade for the week ending April i '23. shows u total of 1S.GOS ovens in the ' region. o£ which 15,073 arc in b\aat and 3.. r »:'3 idle, with a total estimated production cr£ 150,203 iocs. 1 Shipments for the week ag-Rreffated j r*. S.L'02 cars, clistrlbutM aa follows: To I * L Pittsburgh 2,700 cars; to points west, 4,162 cars: to points ea--*t, 3,^80 CATS; ' t a decrcn.*e of ".'! cars as compared with the previous week. THEY GAVE HER VINOL SICKNESS Strength f l q t nnd ca.ies t h a t p r p a t ' y b e n e f i t or cure w i l l tie rf fr^r t r e a t m e n t . NOTK -- P.-Lfents' nam*« a r e p u h l i « h PI! by IA r i t t - r. . ? i n « r n t o n ] * and ' b f I rauie VK no ri'itn nnd ITIOVK IT 1 Y o u do n o t h(ivv in t a k e th* st-ttr- alon*- for a n y K K M A R K A H I . K ri'RKP. , Pee our p a t i e n t s l.c-L them U»U you j A n ' i t h T very l m p r t n n t t i l i n g - f o r y o u lo know is t h a t you w i l l A L W A Y S find The f ' n i t e d Special! *(· S^BKK wh»Mi you call, t:\vinir TIHI.I A D l ^ I I ser\'ir^ a nd results* and you n^ed only p a y a« ou p^t well t-'KKI. 1 * n i K F K H K S T ^-O\V. j "I hart I a had ca ) b l a d d e r t r o u b l e . I Sppclahffcs for f e ^ I i i i E T in Or."t "R. F. betxveen the United Stales Spi 1 ti op s-n t=. Com pan y D leaves for It's Easy--If You Know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets The secret of keeping young is to fed young -- to do this you must watch your liver smd bowels --~ there's no ne^d of ; having 3 sallow coinple?kion *~~ QTK ri ngs i under your eyes -- pimples -- a bilious look in your face -- dull eyes with no sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety per cent of all sickness comes from in-' active bowels and liver. . Dr. Edwards, a -well-known physician \ in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com-! pound mixed ,with olive oil to act on \ the liver aad bowels, which be gave to , his patients for years. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for czilomel. are gentle in their action , yet always effective. They bring about, that exuberance of spirit; that natural, buoyancy which should be enjoyed by j everyone, by taring up the liver and dear- j ing the system of impurities. You will know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tib- 'ets by thdr olive color. lOc and 25c pel 3ox. All druggists. ; Mount Greuia wltii other ctmmiaiul* of 'enth Tlpfr-ment. Georiye A. J l u n - I C K for five y»nrs u 1th .stomach, k i d n e y a n d I w e n t to ..he I ' n i t p d t r e a t m e n t , and am n o w · clajis s h w p p 1 U A V I M SI'RL'UJi. D. 1, Circ Brooklpn, N. Y.--"Pneumonia left baok-:n:h i i H l i u r p Pa." ^O\^ r G I . A Q S H K IS H!?rTi:it. "For n ^ n e m o n t h ; * 1 h u d s u f f e r o d almost cf instantly w i t h a w f u l - - f \ ^ r p The Fio'a! Day for You to Take..Advantage of the Savings, Offered in the Sensaiional Purchase and Sale of Women's and Misses' High Grade That brings our customers a golden opportunity 10 secure the most, wonderful values and right, in the very heart o£ the seabon. loo. ^'~ · Dresses only $16.75 '· - to JU5.00 Smart Suits, $54.7 $ii.;r to $1:1.00 s i-.t * 10-00. ·-.;:, to $ Coats lit $10.00. $1.50 to *16.o Drosses at #(().(IO. *2H.73 to *:t2.30 Coats at $2h75. $·^9.50 to $:57.:« Drf.sses at $:U.7." Wo STlV« c. i 1 . s. Coupons Tivice ns Valnahli- as Stamps We ffivo U. P. S. Coupons Tivice as Valualjle as Stamps son is captain, Five mE'Duber? of t l i e senior Glnnis. principal, are frrnduau-d The , ,, -- · is mnile u p of Ma-bcl Ijon- 1 . Mar- pare t G Jteid. f^firnh K. Lonff. Clara C, Sloan a n d M y r t l p K Grosslantl. Dr. T. S. Ca-rtriffttt. makes the class, Ja-me? n.nJ .Toh-n J-lodrly, ageil ^0 and 27 years resp^ctlvply. are handed In t h e ^omersp-t c o u n t y jail for the m u r d e r of r;ivid B f r k ^ v on J u n e -. 1S96. MarriaRc lk?pn*v*a -werp g r u n t f d at L n l o n t o r r n .IP follows: Krnest Jon03, Broad Foi ri anil A n n a Hcnt-y. Dan-son; Albert -Mull, TVooiWalc, and Minerva Kr-cfpr, Frerd: Oeorpc T. Tlollard C~*n- n c l l ^ v l l l e , and Bcssli 3 R o l e y , Tjayton' Cicorire W. r-iAnshe-r, Conre!'svin*. n n d Sara PhafEer. SaltHrk township: P d \ - h p r t I T . Xa^le. P I t r « h u r i r . a n d A n n f f Crlman. OonnellsviMe. Hiss Nora ITorpan rca'crn^ a« cashlor at KoVwickcr a. and Miss Mary Black n f R r ^ i k v l l l e l a k w her pla-P. The CTnite'1 B r e t h r e n S u n d a y wh-ni at Xormalvillp la rc-or^anized ^-!th rhe TaTlovrlnp: officers: 'Superintp-ndnnt. me weak and tired, with pains under I 1 coukj my shoulder blades, a bad cough and j no appetite- Five bottles of Vinol ' restored my strength and health. I ! ' gained in weight and my cough dis- This is because Vinol is a constitutional, cod liver and iron remedy to the i tion, enriches the blood and in this | natural manner restores health and ; strength. Formula on every bottle. i'Show it to your doctor. He knows. Laughrey Drug Co., ConneUsviUe; David C. E'asoo, Punbar, and at the best drug store in every town and city in The country. Shoe Made of finest oils and^vaxcs known for improving and lengthening thelife of slices No house is too old to be wired for Electric Light. Is your house wired? If not, why not take advantage of our easy payment plan and have yorar house converted into a modern home. ONAIXIMK5 WHEAT mra PCS aotff USE «0 ttUSl BCYAlSO ftS EpQkL "l-'nr t h r e e yp^r" 1 h K\ h^n t r o i w i t l i shortnr;--K ot ! w o u l d Bo b;i.d at n^KUt, 1 cnu'il not ^ I r e p Ingr d o w n . 1 w o u t r i h a v e to t l ' up wtt!' pillows b e h i n d me. 7 f e l t all w*»:ik ar.f r u n d o w n n n d d f d n n t sct'-n t o h n v ^ a n y s t r e n j r i h n n d t o f f f i h f r i v l ' h m y n ns p h - i r t . I calleil u p o n t h e U r i t ^ d . Mcdlca', SppriaiiHt.i. and a f t e r a m o n t h I :i-.d a. h a l f t r e a t m e n t i am f e ' - l l n R " l i n e ! a n d u o r k i n j r e v o r j tla^. " ( S i K n o d ) MR ,f. N PATTJ'RSOX, [ " O i h u n n Ave , S, C o n n e l l p v i l i r , Pa." JheUnitedSpeciaiists 1 Tuesday every week, P A. M. to S P M. Brv.Hlnvi-p TiidBP, near B iv O. sta- Bvpry W f d n f H r t . i y a n d S n t u r r l n v f i t TEY OUS CLASSIFIED ADLETS. le A WORD. Our representatives are ready and willing at all times to call and explain details. Illuminating Engineers Advice Free Phone or Drop Card to A prep-irahnn for restoring natural color to gray or fled h«r. for rtmovinR danrirnff .md RB » hnirdro- la ncit n dj-e. Cmero'ie 6iEcd brltlm nt nil dytouae, Philo Hay Co., Nowaik,N.i. I'BTITY TsrXK--Brother Bt!J Would Mnkc a Good Swivel Chair Br C. A. VOIGHT / \VI _ ' J NOWTJE- HICHTo M f M ' V IS ODT OF A 3OB AMD VER.V SV DEAE, Hov IOU'T 6ET MAP ^s -- BROTHER "Bit-c is BACW. \ THE POOR ^oV ./ ^ / ^ - O M UoTTHM.PETEV. \ RoTTHW-- COSH, I CAW'T \ seeti TO /~tPiHG To /--- AMD / IKi A ( FOR TP-us HELLO TJiU -CLA,D To MOV'S 60 AMD ~Tl-!£ ARMY

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