The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 7
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TUESDAY, FE5BKUAKY 4, (THE DAILY CQTTRXBR, CON! TEULSS^U^M, PA. PAGE SETVEN. GENERAL ACTIVITY BANQUET PLANNED AT MT. PLEASANT High School Event Would Embrace Sports, Debates und Other Work. FACULTY WILL MAKE DECISION Special to Tho Courier MOUNT PLEASANT, Fel). -G'.--Th6- National Honor Society «£ the high sohool mot at the school yesterday at which matters up for tllacuaaion. Jn- eliMleel «. goneral activity banquet, 'to bo h-okl In tho spring, tuirt to ropla.ce the football banquet hcUt annually-and to -'include all students who had taken part in any activity and are entitled to 'recognition. Embraced -would be football, basketball, debates, those taklns part in playa and all students who hul some part in the activities that g o - t o make up the school life. Some awards would bo made ai', this dinner. ' ; j The society also talked ovter tio ud,- visabllHy of iesulng a handbook at thu beginning o£ the school'..torm to acquaint the students coming In r -with, tho'school,' rather than a year "book at the close o^ school. / TlK-ee problems will be dicussed by th« society niul will be brought back for the approval of the faculty before M\y definite action i« taken. Misstj Kalhryn Baylor of the faculty sponsors tho society. At an early date tho new members of the society for tho eecond semester will be ehoren by the faculty. At this Urn initiation into the boetety will bo held and officers for the balance of the year will be- chosen,' Contract From March 1. "" V. E. Painter, who has been given a. contract to haul garbage in the borough, will havo ,hle contract datw March 1, « that he will havo one month to become acquainted with the people of tbe town and come to some arrangements concerning the garbage Mrs. laura Ztutflcl Injured. Tho condition of Mrs. Laura Zumle who is making her home with her daughter. Wrs. Flosete Kcllar, in the Ruder Inn .Apartments, J« good. Mrs Znnd-el was struck,, by an automobile as she was crossing Main, street. The bumper of the machine .caught hei across the legts. £ntcrs Hospital. O. Wylle Overly left /.yesterday for the Veterans' Hospital rn Philadelphia where ho will undergo a throat, opera- tiono. Teachers In Session. The teachers of the primary department of the United Brethren Sunday School met st tho church last evening lit- monthly business ac-ssion. At tho close of tho meeting a,social " h o u r , with refreshments was held, The hostesses for the. evening were Mlee Charlotte Fox, Misa Sara Catherine Coldsmith anil Mlse Kllznboth Kortright. Lotion Smoker Thursday. Thins arc Koing along for tho unoker*to be held in the Legion rooms tomorrow evening. There will be a 1 fog rum and refrcehmeuta. James E Zundel Post will hold the smoker. Visiting 'Minister Preaching. Hov. V. O. Burnhart of. Plttsburg is preaching oaeti evening this week at the evangelistic service*,- at the Church of God. ' Finds She Is Baronet 9 s Daughter I Miss Lnvy Harriet Gertrude Faggt, daughter of John Harry Fagge, is now a baronet's daughter. Met father was jack of- all trades in and ground Peppercll, Mass., until he was informed of his inheritance of the title of '·' baronet through (he death of his brother, Sir . Charles Fagge.. (Tntfern \tton»l T. HL Rutherford' Again President Of County Scouts J, F«b/ 5.---Thomas H. Hutherford of Scottd-ale was ro-olected preHidont of tho Westmoreland County Council, Boy Kcoitta of America, at the annual dlmic-r-mooting Tuesday evening at Vs\o Central HOH Hous« which was attended by inoro tliari 200 scoutmasters, assistant scoutmogtora, coiu- mitteomon and cotuicil'm«ii. Other offluevs Soorotary, P. L. Shrnm of GrtKHisburg; national r-op- r;s«ntativo, P. J. Abraham of burg; civic service department chair- tiian, \V. I), {(ocketisniith of Irwin; loaders hip training tle-partment chalr- num. C'. F. .Maxwell oC Cjre-e-u'burg, MiMUilwra ut Uirge: I* 1 . ,1. Campbell of iieclii; fieovgi RohJand' o£ "West Newton, and A. L. Brautegem of Mones- sou. Now oflioors named by the nominating committee; Treasurer, John Barclay, Jr., of Greens-burg; coraniission- cr, 1. II. HIiaMotibcM-ger o f ' I ^ u t r o b b ; national repre-ioututix'e, .W. F. Kuwer T Jcaiinotte; troop orgaiiizatiou de- c.'hulntuiu, Frank K. Smith of -8tiott.ilu.lo: cauiping, C. S. Du'vall of tli;;itn-o, F, B. Miller of ; cottvt of honor? R, t (1 . Darsio of Scutldalo; publicity, H. D. ' Bruitll' «£ Vandorgrlft. Atombrs 1 ; at Uu-gj: -M. A. V i n g l t u g of Latrobo; Harvey Strong of Irwla; Lawrence · Pfiiailt. of M-itmt Pleosa,ut; R. R. Puilcn of Youngwoocl; C. A. Zciger of Derry; Jo'lin K u n k i o of Greetisbtirg; Kirtt Bi'yoc of Mount. Bl-o«j5nut; Ford Krunk of 5/lRor.icr; lv. C. "\Y. McKcH!i of Cfrcatisburg; M. Charley of Derry. The following nro vice-prcsid-eiits of Un comity council by virtue of office S3 president of district committee: A. A. Show of Vaudetgrit't; K. M. Mears of Groeij-sburg; (.J-eo-rgo Brown of I*.Htrob«; I 1 '- "· Huriihurt of Mount IMeoKuut; ('. K. M t i l l l n of Went Newton; K. t 1 .'. 'Dmrnpsoti.of IJello Vcrtion W. M. Siet^li' of FARM BUREAU WILL HOLD ANNUAL MEET THURSDA^MARCH 13 C. D. "Uibe.1, county farm atfeut, haa definitely set Thursday, March 13. for the ann-ual im-Airig of -the Fayfitte County Agrksu'tural Extension '.-\Sr soclation. The meeting ia to he- held Jn this Asbury M«thodi .t Church, UnlontoVrit; with Professor W. Dennis of State College as tiie yflnc-lpal s:.poakor. Mr. U'lbel is now at. -York on other features of the program which wilj be announced in f u l l .it a later (Kite. 1,134 HUNTERS LOSE LICENSE PRIVILEGE HARRISBUROG, Feb. 5-~Si«co 1923 when the Board f Commission!! re was first vested with riower.tb revoke hunt- Ing license, such a : pt1on hae IMKMS taken In 1,134 cases, iceordJng to tho last compilation Steven in Ten Past 40 Need This Special Treatment jjxplajns Wonwis Talnc of lir. Scmlhwvrili'* "IfrtabR" and t»TJU- All to Try 'fbfim Without · Cost UuUws Pleased. fiviir two-third* of lho»6 »ast -io, *vrrj out W)H notices SMC'' (lUifiMshia 1 symp- tott.n as I.ivmttn»*s, I'alnH in biiek a.n! iloim t h r o U K h «·«'!"». *«Mi5,- fowl fre- q u e n t a n d hitrnltif; Urination. " )*«*WI(*I¥W»»I|IMWMWMW«WWMI^^ At present 3S irevocations are atlll in effect. Of thut number action waft taken on July 11, 1D29, In 299 eases, j iy'RAT-visa. of For.ft*--Bhould 8t once try . t h * H/iutijEtts v a l u e of P% K o u t b w o r t h ' s V-'hU*. ntw so K i i i n r , ih» t m l y r». m a r W « W ! v a l t i u / UllAfA'UJi tiaa b e e n I h o r o u w J i l y p r o v e n !y !»**« Vhan i Jjor a f r o m l'tvloris and cfcun* of!'«r .«?onv!fn:JHK p r o o f « : "t l;uvf foil ii) : t n v l h i » ^ !# hfllj* :-nij .ea»» t t r i f f i UKATA'HS." "UKATAHS' i.he bnst thing f o r HJad'.lev and I r r i t a t i o n I have n v e r «*«d," "No rnoro bachaeh6*1,: no Wire- t m i n , no t l a i l y . emb«.rr»Jrqmont..-. or i'.;etU»iar--\tp- nluiiti. I now Ki*fji jsouniily anil e«t u I n t h e niorntni; f u l l o r p c r - - t l ! t n k « l o -Thl-; is Hina-.Tirss; r v l d a n · m n t f c r how I-.J»B- y..u t r o u b l e d r h o w to bo, for periods of o-» or two years, »c- cordlng to the offense bolng puntehed, The board hat powor to revoke i s o i n h w o r t h ' s UUATAU.S orffira huntera' icenses for OD« or two ycarfi!' 1 "'' r«nef-~« t | you *nn m a k u t-h( . . . . , i - v r l U . o u l riitk (:f cr»!, for KMsttliorn your, c i f t t i - t l n y (c»l of after conviction of any gatno violation, deetroying peruoiiftl property or crops, careless uso or flrearraa or intoxication "white carryng a loiicled weapon. Conviction for a second _or euljs«- quent offense pevmita the cbinmisaJon to revolts liceni'B for not les« thaa two years or moro than three. ·^ i Co,.' U n l Che»a Without a Peer in Line~ of Amusements Chess Is the king of 'games, t^ 8 Brtbtl^ty and scle-ntlflc beauty is without a peer in the line of fltnuscments. ,For centuries tlie sport has constituted one of the principal dlverslons : of hlngs, statesmen, painters, poets and captains of industry and commerce. ' It tas been. univcrBul In it? acope andl without restrictions among people^, creeds or countries. This InteUectunt pnstime frea«cntly has been irnggestad- aa ft. ,curo,lor,-.j*.. lew of the world Ills. Students of the game are,of the opinion that It d(j-, velops thinkers, brings to light genius and encourages mathematical calculations. The dull brain is stimulate.! Into flaming activity; young minds are schooled to think clearly and concisely, while the old drain Is rejuvenated. It is a inontal solvent that contnlns those ingredients that make the eye sharp, the spirit calm and the disposition unruffled. In brief, chess is, a mysterioiifc science dealing with profound problems. · ,,, the game takes posses- elon o f ' t h e mentnl fnculttes nnd diverts them from their ordinary grooves. The absorption and abstraction affordod constitute a panacea for the cerebral organ wdrted by business or framed by cares, the Litter being neutralized by tiio foresight demanded.--Kansas City 'times. i ' WKarenpOB ' The'young men had been behaving Jn a disorderly a Revivalist! 'meeting, and tho missipner asked them: ; "Why did you i n on)6 to this meet-'' .ing?'",, : : . , ,. ,::, ,.. :", . , - : : - · "To, sec' mlra'cl^s' fpcrfortoed," inn- swereci one of them. . | ; Whereupon they were summarily ejected. "We dori'i perform miracles," explained thd miss!oner, "but--we cast out devils!" you on Kuarantco of nioijry bafk 1C m-t, ffttl!'Jlc,J, Try"U.nAT.ABS toil*}-.--Adv e r t i s e m e n t , Nova Scotian Dreaded by Marmora KveVy year,.'Sabln islfind, on the coast of Nova ScotJs, ha« had Its taie of disnstera, 'Durlnjr the war between the French and the English, troop ships were'known to bo dftslieil to ple:es !n the terrific breakers. In 1740 the Due tl'AuvtUe lost a transport and a flrqshlp in n severe atom near the island, nnd In 1701, oue of the resisela that hnd bwin with Wolfe at Quebec wan wrecked. A curious tale is told about .the Intter. There wan tri old landmark on the Islaad in the form of a pyramid.,-of sand a hundred fout high. In 1842, during a fenrful hurricane, this was completely blown away, nncl where It had stood were soron small Yiiits biillt from the ttnilicrs of wrecked ships. The huts contained articles of furniture, bales of blankets, some military sljoos, and. boxes of other goods.- A braes dog oollnr that was unearthed bore the name of Major Elliott, Forty- -thlnJ regiment. This wits the regiment w?e'iked in'1761, anrt exumluntion of tlse recordp showed' that the soldier*; who .had lieen saved from -Wolfe's transport hnd been taken oft the island. The site of their oW'eucanop- mcht is now undpr Shall Boonimt for Noinlinillon. t'HVLA.OlSIjPHIA, Feb. 5.--Judge Satnuol K. Shi H, Stroudaburg, was nrKOii ui«i!i tiu state- loulirBUer* late la.-sl nlghi. in n Htatonieiit. by former K»irt-son(;Uiv« Char Jus UUod«H. SctlR- w i c U Ki.sii.n-, u a i i o i i a l ettunit!, U4» frtmuviM\f t««n named, Only Fair When we know that ws have n contagious disease it Is only fuir to accept quarantine as graciously as possible, no matter how Inconvenient; to stay away from public featherings where we might -arry a disease to others; and to warn chance cullers when we think w- have one of the non-quarantine discuses. -- Successful Fanning. Splinter* Mother was dressing a chicken, and Jane, tige four, was close at hand with the usual nnniber. 'if questions. The feather* had bean removed, but the pin feathers wsro nsiraerons and much Bcraplnjf was neeesinry. "Oh, niothor," osclniraftd .Tnn», "how did thfi clilekpn ccot «U tho,«e apllntera In It" \! | JOoafcey's; Wonderful Foot Tlie foot of an fjss Is one of the most Ingenious and unexampled pieces pf inechanism in "animal structure. The hoof contains n Berles of vertical imd thin lamlnaw of horn, aniount- Jng t|0 about fivo hundred, nnd form- Ing u l complete Uuina to it. In this are flttert as marry;..laminae belanglng to the coflln-lione, wh'.le bot.h sots, are elastic and adhnretit. Tha cdgo^of a ·quire of paper Insfrtufl leaf \iy.\ leaf Into ohother will ooni'Qy a Biiffl.cient idea of this arr-nngoniont. Thus : the weight of the miimjil is supported by as ; many elastic springs as there arc laminae in all th'e feut, amounting to about; 4,OCO,V:ditribufi;cl in the .most secure manner, since every spring Is 'actor] upon i n ' ^ n oblique direction. Arm* and til* Bishop Ono -does not! usually nss'ociafe th'e parade service with humor, though this conjunction ocenslDnally happens, Here ' i s ' n casn from Indin: In the battalion orders of n sm'art I n f a n t r y regiment there appeared the following .notice: "The tolabop nt Luoknow will 1 preach a t - t h e pni-nde sorvlce on Stin- day morning next, Al! men. will cnrry 20 rounds of ball ammunition-." 'Evet- slnca the inuOny the troops In nortll- ern India have nttcnded chiirch with arms nnd nrmminKIon. Hut It wa's unfortunate thnt tho order to do this should follow so cloHdy on the bishop's nppcarance In elnirch.--London Morn- Ing Post. Giving Onc'a Best Play fair wlUi your employer, · nn'il he ' W i l l do the sumo liy you. If you think enough · ot u Job to nccept !t, think anou'gh of yetirh-alf nnd your ob-; llgatlon to de ynUP work th-j best you Pfip, f»ni1 you are bound to 'ccime IHI on top.-^Orit. 4-Piece Bedroom Suites in Walnut With Other Fine Woods .... , ,,,, $129 Thin !s ty;le«l of tlu phen'omo'inil values wo arc offering 1 In- onr fiodroom furniture. Now ii the tlnie to select your suite, as prices are almost unbeljotably IpM'-on every'.sni'fr'in p u r - s t o e k J - . . . ' - . ,;' . . er Suite Bargains o Vnl~,y, Dresser and Bed. Bedroom Suites that gold niiguJAr: % at a much larger prioe--Now __ Walnut Vein er, harclwood^ decorated 4-Fiece Bedroom Suites i w selling at TM ^.....;. .· ,2-Pfe«'« Moh. dr Suite--- Made of \0D«st quality Alohalr with rev -i-sIMe, cushions with ·· lartf Velotir Suites DJnlng Koona Sultes-^Hero's ait oxuraortHiiary bargain ^ ___ 9-Pleee Wait ut Dining Room Suites- Are in 'he sale f - i r only ,,,_,,,, TM_ ;--_ $69.50 $119 $159 : $9'5 i . $97 $129 Op ;n Eveningrs by Appoirttnieiit--Call 376. Ccmlete Home RirntshQrs Hundreds of Great Values Now! Day Beds Cut to A comfortable davenptart by (Jay, yet always ready to. be .opened up into a full size bed. Gomplete with pad and valance. Roomy Dresserobes $23.50 Serves tHe double a dresser and wardrobe. Saire on it P.OW. Simmons Beds $5.85 Up Wo have a wonderful stock for your selection. Model illustrated fiiruavtwntwifvvvwruv^^ SL£NDERIZINCi SATIN TYPIFY THE FORMAL STYLE TREND V. 1JB adroit manner wiih .which ·*-. fashioh.tsts are. Juggling the nevf. ^princess ,linos _t.o ntake : .,them lepom.ingi- 'io every type is sornotnin'g t · admire. It ..Is" ainnzing, too, what a sue less they a;re making of it--playing,: ns they are, the 'princess theine in every cbnceiv- Slble varintioii, v ' - ' : After all; it would sceni' £3 'if. this sio-cnlled prSnccss sHiioiiptte, which Is causing sucli excitement In he style world, :i is nothing more or 1 en than" a stnrtliig point of adventure fc r designers who, through nrtful fabric manipulation, jare. nrriving at new goals of sartorial achievement. In the picture, dress deal; n wblcVi "carries on" along lines a' la brincess, Is shown nt Its best. This flenderiK- Ing satin frock. Is typical of the ne\v style trend which exploits sot)! Isticated simplicity. Here we eeb fabr,': manip- u l a t i o n 'brought to n, high nrtistry. A!«o are we brought to n re illzatlcin of the alenrtorlzInK possibtlitiis of the new princess linos n» fnslili n Interprets them. Much of tho charm of tti* formal satin frock which Is alike i altering to madnm or raademoiselie, ~i ntorg In Its enchanting tonics nnd tlntii. Gleaming white satin, for all-white is so .very smart this senSon', competes witd exquisitely feminine delicate pinks, or that which is so fashionable ,Jn Paris ,at, tba ^present .Tnoment--- pale blue. Then, : too, any' ;one of the oft-white shades Is adora'ble for the evening -gown;' - . · ' - · .y ·'· · , Many of th'o ultra satin frocks omit the u s u a l - 'flower corsnge, featuring instead a one-shoulder 'strap of glittering rblnestones, to which pendants' are suspended which, f u l l i n g us they do, oftlmes to tho waistline, are handsomely decorative. . "With these sutlns of classic simplicity very little 'jewelry is worn, The footwear also Is In keeping with the genera! scheme, slippers being most often of the Identical satin, or else dyed to match. If your 'prefe'risixie runs to velvet, then velvet lot It be, for some b f ' t h p most fetching gowns noted nt opcni and dunce are superbly modeled nlong princess linns, thul.r subtle pastel' tones being not 'the lenst of their clinnri. JULIA ' TeU of 60-Day Ocean Trip The ^CTCW" o f - t a e . e o o d ship "Wander Bir^" tell Major BeB (second frorn left) about their adventurous crossing o.f the ocean in thaii- aiitiquiated craft. The party reached Nassau, Bahamas, 60 days after sailing from,Le Havre, Prance. (Left to right) Capt- Warwick M. Tompkins, of Berkslcy, Calif.; Major Bell, Ttmjpkina and Miat Barbara Leiglaton, of New York City, Daughter Elopes ©, 9, Wcnteiti N r Union.) . Patronize the Homo Merchant Who A Ivertises in The Daily Courier, *a:ciUBive picture, ol the former Misa Margaret "Maigo ' Couzens ai- year-oiu fiflu-ese to tie .*i0,OUO,OOU i'ottuuo oi Senator CoUKena, wittt iL^mmV ^wjuug, - ^-yew-oia. Daim tiei-k, alter their eiopemciit u» boiumore, Md. oiewiung w toe son. ot a, prominent pnyerciaa in _ . Virginia, and comes .Troru. oi the "ola J.'ii«-brine was one oi tixis--season's deoutaniea, · ·

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