The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 6
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PAG:S six. THE DAILY COURIER, COP NELLSVILLB, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1930. P E R S O N A L M E N / T I O Mrs Joseph W, Blxon of Bast Gmwforl avenue, has gone to Vineland, N. I., to visit her son and daugh- tfr-in-la v, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B TJixon. ' Rummage sale, Thursday, February K, basemont First BapUet Church.--Adverl iHctnent.--3teb-3t, Krlo Peterson loft today for Chicago, whre ho will resume his duties. Mrs. Peterson will remain hero for tfevwal more weeks. Mr. and Mrs. I'etorson "wei'iv called hero by the 111- o! t h o forinur'ts mother, Mrs. B. A. of Boet Crawford avenue, who is nhowing decided improvement. I.adip'i of Croonwood Ghureli "will hold a "htckw nnd biscuit supper in Dunn-Er.tns Uulldiug, North PHta- hurp rtrMrt, Thursday evening, Feb- ruury 6th, 5 to S. Tickets 75c.--Adver- tisement.-- 3feb3t. Dr. D C. Fobse-ltnan ot South Pitta- burg ati fret, who was injured in a tall, is able to be- up It will be several woekn before the eaat will bft removed and -wilt be probably some timo 1n March boforo he will be able to resume his practice. Dr. Fossolman received u sevar injjury to the back, I Rummage sale, Thursday, February G, basemont Firet Baptist Church.--Ad- vertlse-raont.--3feb-3t. J. S. Carroll., of Dunbar, county superintendent ot schools, 3VJis« Helen Carroll, ot this city, J. O. Robineon and Mind Anua Montgomery, aesiatant suforintondonts, left yesterday for llarrishurg, where thoy will attend tho State School Directors Association ' conven'lon They will return Friday. H M Hvnne of the Troutraan Company f,tore, left for N«\v Yotk, whero he will buy spring and summer mer- chundk e. Mrs J. Curl Riahop, who under went an operation at the Unlontown Hospital i week ago, wuu ablo to be- up to- iluy. If her improvement continues tt was uaid she will probably IMS home Friday Mrs. I. V. Rouzer was reported today to bo slowly Improving at hoi' homo in N rth I ' i f f i b u r K s-tieet. Mie. Hotizor was taken suddenly 111 about two wc-oka neo and hat been in a crtti- «U rojid'Uon. _ l George O. Cod'hran of Dawson was a Imsinojs caller In tho city today. Mibs Jofiephiuo RInehart, Mr. and Mru. Walter T. Smith, Jack Skinner, siifes Florence Ixnideii, Miba Mildred Snadct, Mias Jessie Brooke, Mr. and Mre. O. U. Ilerwick, Carl T. Anstlne, Mr and Mrs, O. Fred Rienuin and .lames Veech -were among tho lowil persons who' attends! {ho concert given laat night in t'nlontovni by Mticbti Elman, noted violinist. Mro. Joseph Brice aud baby, who were quests ai the- home of the ior- uler's fatlicr, Henry Stafford of tlio Sprlnf-tlold pike, loft yt^torday for their home Jn Kingstr«y S. C Mis. Brlcc Is the- vvifo of Dr Brlco Jei-te Nlchola of Morroll avenue, W«ot Side, West I'enn motorman, is ieaovtting from an attack of grip. Aunt Het »¥ "I've baen right sick lately, Then* wae three days I couldn't keep a thing on aiy stomach except my electric pad." Friend of U. S. RIVER IMPROVEMENT MEMBERSHIPS PASS THE HUNDRED MARK The membership committee of the Youghiogheiiy River Improvement Association, working under the direction of H. C. Haddock, is having unusually good euccera in enrollment ot inter* ested persona, it was learned today when partial cheek-up was made. Tha 100 mark hae been, passed and the work of tho solicitors has been given adde4 zest by th-e numner ol voluntary nrollmente. With a project like canalization of tho Yough Kiver in flight, there seems to le E. desire to IK "In" on the original group of river improvement taemberHhlpii and many Have called Chairman Haddock to tell him to have a representative call. Many Attend Funeral Of C. E. Livingston Many re'atives and friends attended the fuuer 1 service for Charles E. Livingston held at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon it the residence ot his son ' and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrt. I Harry Llv ngstou in Chestnut street. I Dr. David R. tlraham, pastor of th« First M«t!iodlst Episcopal Churcb, officiated A mixed quartet sanr. Pallbearer i were John Bowman, JB. £!. Barnes, C R. Decker, Frank-Baxter, 10. B. Small ancl-S. M. May. Interment vids in IXckeraon Hun Union Cemetery in charge c-t Funeral Director C. C. Mitchell. DAWSOMAYTON HIGHWAY BOOSTER RALLY THURSDAY C u i U l n u o d from 1'ago Ono comfortable travel the year around. Jus-, what step", will be taken at this rally are not known. It *as said that only residents of the region or Immediate vicinity will be called on to make talks on behalf ot the road projo t. It Is likely that another rally will IH held at a later date to which the county eommibbioners and other executives will be Invited Citizens In that community who are bfKi.-'t ng (he proposal to improve the thoroughfare declare that a concrete highvay will piuvida an outlet tor tuc residents to the markets ot ConuoUsvllla. It ia their contention 'lie J.CVOM miles of b.ui road lias caused the bhoppeis to seek other markets ia the Vicinity ot West New- to.i ( i w i n u to the prevalence oC i~n- provid ro ids. \Vlth the new hue ol t h f 1'lttabur^ West Virginia IUU1- ioad ppnutuuliig the heait of that c o t n n t u t i i t y and this g,,vni£ indications jf dtvelopmt- it in the brick in- J u s t r y , theri is a soneial Ceding that m d M t t r t a l conditions In that area will ·o apt to SiuieixHa arid naturally it ia 'elt t h a t a f o n e i e t " road would help ,o take care ot the ti'dflie that would f i o m tiua pi.jsperlty OHIOPYLE POULTRYMEN CAPTURE SHOW PRIZES The Laurel Hun Poultry Farm at Ohiopyle, operated by tho Kuitss brothers. Look flrst and second trios and first pullots in the Pittsbuig Poultry frhow at Duquosne Gardin the week of January 22 to 27. Bothered with Backache? It May Warn of Disordered Kidneys. A ** CONSTANT backache with kidney irregularities and a stiff, achy, ·worn-out feeling all too often warn of disordered kidneys. Don't take clianceal Help your kidneys with Dean's Pills. Used for more than 40 years. Endorsed the world over. Sold by dealers everywhere. can's Pills A Stimulant Diuretic to the Jffidneya PASCUAL on'ris"! IIUBIO In hla inaugural address today President Rubio of Mexico streas-ed the cordial relations between his country and the United States. Rubio Inaugurated President of Mexico For Six-Year Term E. E. VANSCOY INCORPORATES Uy U n i t e d Press HAHRI.iBUKG, Fel)/ 5 -- A m o n g charteia granted today v,ae the following: E. E. VauScoy, Inc., Connellsyille, capita I !·«[ at ?.10,COO, for Bale ot auto- mobJlos, ( It and gneolme; H, F. Whipkey, Connellsville, treacjurer. j' Slayer Kills Self. M.W PAI/riC, N, Y , Keb. 3.--John Wag 'r, (10, who ytjsteuUy shot and Ullo I riu^'loi Honk, a Iwarder in his iiomo, boc.iuao oC je.iloujy, last night held polico at bay u n t i l th«y employed lour bomb.. When th^ ? v entered Lho Kim. whoo he had tukon lefuge, th-ey toun 1 him a suicide. T, UNION 1 ago, '40 Isabella Company moi nlng Svagona knocking root to t was on rescuers neath Ui sabollp Miner Killed. 't'OWN, Fob. 5.--Tony Said- vear old, a driver in tilt 1 mine ot the Weirton Str^l met instant Uath this t 8 o'clock when one ot the n his trip bi^ime derailud, out n post and causing: the ill, trapping the victim who he E'lui of the trip When removed the body trom !«- tall, tho man was dend By U n i t e d Prtss. MEXICO CITY, Feb. B,--Pascua.1 Ortiz Rubio, constitutionally elected president o£ Mexico for 1ho next tfi\ years, took the oath of office before a vast crowd in tho groat national stadium today. The successor to Plutarco Ellaa Dalles and General Alvaro Obregon, who was assassinated before he took office- swore to enforce tho constitution and fulfill hfs duties faithfully, adding: "Should I not do so let tho nation condemn me," ' MEXICO CITY, Feb. E.--Bmphaah was placed on tho cordial relations existing between Mexico and the United States by President Pascual Ortiz Rubio In his inaugural address today. In his entire speech, tho president mentioned no foreign nation by name other than the United States. He jefrained from mentioning tho recent severance ot Mexico's diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia. "Our country lives at this moment," he- said, "on the most cordial relations with all nations ot tho world, particularly with the United States." The president, with the exception oij this brief refeienco to foreign at- falrs, devoted himself to an exposition of the National Revolutionary party's Ideals and a general, disoua- bion of Mexico's domestic problems. "The government over which I shall preside," he bald, "as-sumes tho responsibility of enterlns fully into ' the constructive phase of tho revolution." In appealing for the assistance of Mexicans at horna and abroad, tho president warned the anti-revolutionists that "the Mexican social movement is a consummated tact." "The only way of serving our country in the future." ho said, "lies in productive labor, worthy behavior and the elevation of our views." Ho declared that Mexico's area was sul- fich-nt to support TX times its present population and attributed the existing poveity to the old concept ot private property, plan distinctions, inefficient exploitation Ql resource.* and polictica! factors. The- new revolutionary Ideplogy, the president ob»er\ed, had rectified thc property com opt tin reference to the expropriation of private lancH for communal tracts and was di- class prejudices. T of Local Woman Dies., Mrs. .1 CIHfk, 72 yeais old, mother of Mrfe. 1 rrwnuel Mervis of Eoet Murphy avenue, died Sunday at the resl- j dunce of a daughter, Mre. II. GoldiMi- jfion,' in 'Htslmrg. Slve had 'been in i poor health lor two years. Tho fun- wafe held Monday afternoon T n o Throat Operations, Ckarle McCormlek, Jr., eon of Mr. and Mrs C. A. McCormick of Eo«t Green Btieet, underwent a throat operation at tho Hofepltal here today. Miss Btliel Sleeky of Dunbar underwent^a {.imllar operation, Goes to llo^njtul. Mrs. Kdna L. Stlmm^l of Blackstone av niio, wife of Walter S. Stirn- tnol, cllj editor of The) Courier, was admitted to tho Oonnellavillo State Hospital thiFt morning for observation ttrid tse-v.tment. C"nd« rjfoes illns,tofd Operation. Gladys Guard, seven years ojd, daughtei of Mr. and Mih. Harvey Guard o 1 South ponnejlsville, unior- v/ent a Maiitoki operation at tho Conn e l l a v i l l i State Hospital this morning. T h o u s a n d s of ppople artllcted with bad b i o n t l find riuick r e l i e f throtifph Dr K d w a r d s Oih o Tablets The pleasant HU^ar-ooated t a b l e t s a p p taken fot bad h r e a t h by all who k n o w OJr E d w a r d s Olive Tablets act K o n t l y but Hi inly on the b o w e l s and liver, stimulating; t h e m to ( n a t m a l action, u l u a i l n j j t h e blo'od and K o n t l y I j u r l f y l n g the e n l l r o system. They do t h a t w h i c h , d a n g e r o u s calomel duett w i t h o u t any of the bad aitei effects. · O l i v e Tahluj b l i n d s no E pain or any d l s i f j r e e a b l o e f f o r t s , Dr. F M U d w a i d a , d l i c o v e i c d the f o r m u l a a f t e r 20 years of piaotlce among' p a t l o n t ^ u l t l l o t e t l w i t h b o w e l and liver complaint, w i t h Uie a t t e n d a n t bad breath. Olive Tablets are purely a vogrMabte compound; you w i l l k n o w them by their olive Take n l p r h t l y foi a week arid n o t e t h e effect, ]iic, Oc, OOc, --Advei tiscmi'nt. Fecn-a-inmt is the answer. Cleansing action of smaller doses effective because you chew it. At your druggists-the sale and scientific laxative. FOR CONSTIPATION Vidiik Bradford Vcrj 111. Frank K Brad'tord is reported to be boriousl- ill dt the New Wlllaid Hotel, v ^ h c i e l e traka him home. 7'he |- e wits no mptovement in his condH.Jii today for liurpuins 1 1C so, react the advortiftiujs eohuana of The Daily Courkwr. Save /aoucv--load the ada. Gween Funeral Thursday at 2:30 The funeral service for J. Wright i3wcm, prominent business man of ^anderbilt who died, Tuesday at !HH Homo in Union street, will be held at ii:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at Me late home. Ilev J. M. Cogley, pastor oE James Cochran Memorial Methodist Kpisoopal Church of Van- cleibilt of which Mr. G^ccu was a mombe-r, will o/IU'iate Interment will be made In Fiat- woods Cemeteiy in charge of Funer- il Director Fiank B. Galley. GOOD TEETH ABE NJ CESSARY FOR GOOD ^HEALTH PLATES -- BRIDGEWORK AT ROOK" BOTTOM PRICES Daily, Hours 9 to 8 No Appointments Necessary TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN No Ch irge When Other Work Is Done. EASY PAYMENTS C R. MALLAS ]S«T McCrory Phone 1928. Conncllsyillc, Pa. AH, MY FAVORITE DESSERT Is this the happy cry of the home-coming males of your family at the sight of the last course pf their very enjoyable dinner?) ' Make 'the evening meal a joyous event by preparing their favorite dessert -- you will have plenty of time to do this if you complete the afternoon shopping in a comfortable and convenient electric car. W:EST Company Use Ckisslfied Ads, Results quickly follow, "After Baby, Was Weak, SWnny. Sained 22 Ihs." Iionited Yesat did it, uaya Mrs, .,,.. Bunolt. Thousando say S to ISlbi. gained In 3 weeks. Norrouimoss, constlpatlun r»aiah orurnighl. Skin clears like magic. Get Zronizod Yeast tablets ttooa dxu^glat today. REVIVAL SERVICES ' AT UNION BAPTIST CHURCi, WEST SIDE The revival at U e Union Baptist Church, North Fii t street, West Side, is progressing and every service is drawing larger a tendancai. Rev Dr K. D. 3ppa, pastor of Mount Klon B'lpttai Church, North fourth street, Is pr aching 1 this week Sunday .nigbt, 13 . Eppe epoko on "Christ the Oommai der" and on Monday evening his thoi le was "Christ the Foundation." [a-?t Ught the minister chobo as lite subject "Christ the Work! Savior." Thin ovonuig Dr. Eppe will preach 0$ "Christ (he Prh ce of Peaco." Ilia theme tomorrow ni ;ht ia "Christ, the Wonderful." "Chri t, the Lawyer" is the aubjcct for Fri lay evening. CHIEF PHILLIPS HAS FIRST CHICKS Chief and Mrs. S. S. Phillips are belioved to bo the first Connellsvitle lesidents to hatch chicks thif year. Six wore produced yesterday from a setting ot a dozen eggs. Funeral Service For Guyon Daniels Held on Tuesday Funeral of J. E. Cook On Thursdav Afternoon Funeral service \ whoao rtaath occur! InK at tho Tf-sidei townbhip, Westmor Belle Vcrnon, will 1 Thursday aflernoc Ramage, pastor o£ byterian Church, c member, will offlc Kilgorc of New Sa tor of the church, mont will be la th JT J. Elliott Cook, ed Tuesday morn- co 'in 'R6sliraver iland county, near e held at 2 o'clock n. Hev. W. 6. ha Rhoboth Pres( which he was a ate. Kev, H. W. em, a former pas- will assist. Inter- · church eemijtery. HI US. KLK INOll HOY , Graduate Corbetlere. Mrs. Klotmor Imver 'and g i a d u medical titter, w personal needs a inputs including hernia and m support^. We ar In Connellsvillo Hoy, manager, ite corsetiere and 11 attend to your id corset requfre- naternity fittings, dical abdominal » exclusive agents fov Camp's belts ---NEL JON'S-Corbet Dcp ., 2nd Floor. The funeral service for Guyon Dan- l-ols was hold at 2 o'clock Tuesday aE- lornoon nt the residence, of a eon-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Char led Wills, in Isabella road. Kcv, Eugene N. Duty, pastor of the Christian Church, officiated. Mrs Frank W. Showman, Mrs. Leland S. Whlpkey and W S. Stimmel pang, with Mrs. W. W. Kern as accompantet. Pallbearers were Paul Daniels, L, It. Fisher, Russell Weyant, Paul T. Linderman, Jack Adanw and Wade AtlcinH. Intermont was in Hill Grov-o Cemetery. Freshman Class Play to Be Given On Friday Evening The freyhiman class play will bo presented on Friday evening at the High, School auditorium. It ia "The Arrival of Kitty," a three-act comedy drama which has boon rehearsed for the past several wop-lcs under the direction of JMIss Emma Stewart, a teacher in the High School. The advance Boat ale begins Thursday morning at tho High School otllce. Stork at ViindcrbiJf, A daughter was born FPbinary 2 to Mr. and Mrs Kelly Hhdllenbcrgpr of VcUKterbilt, It weighed eight and a half pouiKte. It has been named Mary othei i« a hoy. The mother waa Mibe Louio. The babe is the second. Tho Evelyn Wtltrout of ConnelloVille. New Shades in Gotham Gold Stripe Jr losiery ......... 180 N(irth FittHbnrpr Street. Phono 1210 rsday! Friday! A Super Special in Women's New ' Jjustroiti* Prints, Sow Plain Pastell Shades. 1 Jersoysi, Sport Wool Materials. DuvMsori's REGULAR AND EXTRA SIZES, 14 TO 50. New Silhouettes I -- Clerer Necklines! -- Flares I Flounces! -- Slenderizing Models! 150 TVO?fEN'S AND MISSES' NEW SPUING DRESSES Come eafly for these! Se« our windows! You'll buy frvro and three of these marvelous drosses when you see them at "Davidson's. Three days of special selling. $ Thursday-^-Friday- 100 Indies' Winter -Saturday 75 Girls' Winter HATS Values to $5.00 Ladies* Fine Broadcloth G O A T S Values to $34.50. FJnal Clearance! Sizes 14 to 50. Davidson's NEW SILK Georgettes Cantons Prints Sizes 14 to 50 Don'l. Miss This Clearance at Davidson's! iris' Coats Sports Coats -- Dress Coats -Conts from size 2 to 16--Cleared away helow cost t Come early for this! HERE ARE THREE HOTP SPECIALS! · AH of the .Remaining Girls* and Boys' Sheep- Lined COATS Street and DRESSES In fine Percales. Broadcloths, the Famous "Gorgeous" Brand. Sizes 14 to 51. $1.95 Guaranteed Fast Color. Ladies' Winter COATS Home Worth to $15.00 Fotoy's Honey and Tar stops f easing, harassing coughs, throat irritations, that tire out and prevent sleep. Puts a soothing coating on an irritated throat, raises phlegm easily. Sedative without |, opiates, mildly laxative. Ideal for elderly persons. ; foi it. ^Aaawvwwwvw Concrete Blocks We have recently purchased concrete block plant from S. M. Griioin, located on Meabon Street, West Side, Connellsville, Pa., and can furnish high grade, all sixes "concrete building blocks. Consolidated Coal Supply Company Phono 1700. VWtftM Classified Adiertisements results. Try thie-m. C. Roy Hetzel, Woolworth Bldg.,. Connollsvillo, Pa, Patronize, Those Who Adve rtigQn,

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