The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1918
Page 3
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MONDAY APRIL 29 191 NEWSY NOTBTELL~" WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN rue n\iLi People Throng Streets to See Contingent Oft for Camp Lee. HUNDREDS JOIN IN THE PARADE Vareh to Ficrioa Baltimore Ohio btation Inhere Boys Board Special rrain; ^ c 11 hccmn Indian Head Woman Dies Hero Vged 67 lears Special to Th« Courier SCOTTDYLh Apn! 2 9 -- N e v e r n the history of Scoudali have so many persons ga tiered in to»n for an} oc cas.ion af gathered yesterday to see the draf eet, that left from, this dis tnct leave Scottdale People wore lined up Pittsburg stree uaul it was almob* imposaiole to get through Promptly at 5 o clock 110 draftees left the Y M C A where they had report ed and were led bv the G A. K baud As they marched down the street the Mr'. H B I ec Mr-, Christ Martb d Mi c s Susan Shirt left Saturday e i e u n g for an embarkation Ciimp here t h e v l w i l l visit ^ r c H B Lees son Peck Who i qtitmned at this port n\aitmg enWr! nient Miss bmma Miller of Mount °lras ru spent S u n d a j ^ i h Vr and Mra. lohn Mille- Mr and Mrs L ~tt Statificr spent baiurdav n Pitt burg Mrs Clarence \Hirpti of Greens burg spent Suntla". v,nb. her *.ier M-s John Kntschgau Nurstsfg tfss Wounded Prittstown. PR1TTSTO\V! April 26--Mr and It takes strcngt and courage to 11 tho wounded 1 \c*j woman ol o 11 make hr^elf fit, for war i ( ill i home 1 or abroad Health -\! ! ^t tn^tt TT within the reach of ever Aomaii PI y are b ought o vou b* Dr I irrro s FIT onto P reacriptitni Tak his -ledicinc, snd tbcre i a "afo ind certain rome'lv for bo U roni we \\ ~v* so.-* dcran^ mcnta ami d seises pe* 1 har to tho sex It wall build up sfn nt, icn i 1 iiuig orate cverv "run d o u n o lelicito wo mac 3v regulates and arista tlo nat u-al functions If \ou ro a tired or afflicted ·woman t *nrn to ' Favor to Presr ipfmn, vou I will find it never failq to benefit, ^old in tablet or liquid forrn So 1 Dr Pierro Trs Samuel McTlam TMt '*m,h spent , P"» 1TMI'* H«W Buffalo N Y , 10c Sunday at LTcippus -with Jie family r or their sister Vrs Carrie Brant Mrs H D Crosalana and daughter Lillian of P-tcairn spent saturdaj here with th«ir cousins Mr and Mrs Jesse Rough · Mr and Mrs Harold Mkinson en tertained twehe of their friends at their home on Sundaj in honor of [heir first vear w e d d i n g anniversary with a fine dinner Mrs Henry Miltz and son o r Iron Bridge was here Tue^daj "with htr siste- \[rs Samuel Mardls Mrs Nancy Pritts is conflned to her home with a badly tir uied face and citizenb felt themselves a committee) b . to escort them to the t ain ai.d men women and children f £ ' l m Hne and marched down tho stre»t and over to Bverson where the tovs entrained on the special BalUnor a. Ohio tra n tha f had comt. down f r » m Mt. Pleasant- Lnnche» were provided fo~ every boy Among those ^Lo left were Boy McClellan John r G-urnble Har-v Guest, Ralph G "Walker Harold K. Kri^schgai* and Ben H ^Silla-d of Scottdale Paul Korecrney Leon \farosz aad \ictor Kittera, of MX. Pleasant and "Walter C Gaffoey and Pete- Skero. Jr of I uffsdale and arm the result of being knocked down bicycle rider on the road fnuids A PROMINENT NURSE MANY NURSES IN PA SAY THE SAME Pun \»FLPH1A PA --' "When I get a cold and nave pains through my luog^ I resort to Dr Piorce's Golden Medical Dia- covcrv Tvhieh I rinnot praise enough . ( Ai for the Ti\onto Prescription I ' never havp a rise of exppft^oc^ t! nt T i\o not recommend it 11 cv all say they weald not L.O w i t l o t t it, \s for Dr P r-t,o t litost mEjdicma --tho \nurie irv ki i n e ^ s ind brick ·wore so bad v-hit I had to turn down HQvoral cases After takiag a trial pack age T cot i bottle of the Anunc Tablets, double strength an 1 the relief was wonderful 1 am relieved of t l o buck acce and thf tit-rrtioa 13 healths lool ing 1 Mrs. Catherine Cramer, Mrs Catherine Cramer aged 87 years died at the Bverson home of her daughter Mrs Frel Lentz yes I am feeling fine ber iome tounday Her man\ tritnds " \t for tho ( Pleasant Pellet.''' vhtra hope for her earlv rcco\erv T foe! dizrv and and Ret tho Benjamin French wa,s i business bluw 3 p r . f o r fiho Pcllots and IB,.4 ««tor to U^ootown iuesda, \^?^^ ajffi^ 0 * Mr and Mrs Bert Treed and 'am ttl ( . 0(I , d ^ on w l h praiso of Dr iK and Miss ETA Freed of P nns-vi le j j!p ree s vnluoble remedies but space were here Su*ida\ with their paro-it^ fwil] rot permit. If anyone calls on mo Mr and Mrs J U Freed T c.i« 1 U it better than I can -write ' Mrs Harold Atkinson aad s - er Mi*s Hattie Freed spent "Wednesday in Scottdale with fnends Mr and Mrs D "V\ Bitner and chil dren Miss Flora Davis and Mrs \ C Phillips attendfHJ the revival services BmMGAjia3,2670Scp'n\aSt. in Pennsville on Mondav e%ening Roy Atkinson nas purchased a five passenger Ford automobile for his family Mr and Mrs Harry Freed and chil dren ot Scottdale are here with their terday of pararjsU an illness o f ) and Mrs Clirk Ridenour ^"^e ?%" ' U "; Bd r "n "or a few days TM, three sons S D Craon r and C Cramer of Indian Head and D C C'-amer superintendent oC the M L Pleasant Coal Coke v,orfcs at Beatty and four daughters Mr^ Mar garet "Wissinger Swiblstown Mrs John Bovns, Scottdale Mrs M S Cadden ConneUsville a r d Mrs Fred Lentz, Ev-rrson She t a \ e b -1 grand "luld'-en and 21 grea ^andchildren For t»J Tears she was a resident of Indian H**ad She -»as tie widow o! David K, Cramer, a Civil war veteran For 72 velars she was a member of tbe First Baptist church of Indian Head Today ax 3230 P M he funeral partv left by motor 'or Indian Head The remains we^e taken o her home Funeral services will be held at 1 o clocfc Tuesday afternoon and inter men will follow in the Soarks cerae ery Ins Club HnSt* On Fr day eevmng Mrs. C Lee Mel linger entertained the menioers of the Iris club with a knutmg part} Very nice ref"eshmeuts were sei-ed soldier "Not lurched Invent sanon d scloses tbat the ru raor to the effect tbat a Scottdale sol dier bov bad been mvoHe t in misap plication of government funds is ·without foundation To t, e contrarv The boy hold a commission from t-e government nd is helc n high es teem by thos* m autho i ? Sermon to Odd tallows. The Odd Fe lows had t b « i r 93th an mrersarv service at the bcited Breth -»n church esterda-v The pas or the Rev I E Rurk delivered in unusual lv good sermon and there was special Toa Ftirrush tJie Girl. And we flail furai^h -le clothes. Our business is to muusier to the dressers beautiful by afford ng clothes -^nd furnisiungs in fine harmony that reflect the good taste aad judgment of the ^ earer The dreadul task of selecnng suitable spring wearing apparel becomes a simple matter once you inspect our large dii piays of cloaks, suits, dresses millinery, children s wear and infants complete outfits In fact everythmg a *oman or child wean At this store yon -will al^avs find good garments at prices von can well afford to pas Before vou spend vour money see us and ba vou- own friend--we Trill dc better in every 'war than any one else Broad way "Ladies Store Scottdale -Vs you get of the car --Adv Other ^e?pi, iTss Helena Ivory of Pittsbarg j spent the we^fc-end as the guest of i Miss FUiel Loucks Jofcn Eicher is visiting friends Greene county John "VUllPn a Camp Lee man home on a, furlough William Hamilton who was home on ' a furlough was ordered to ~eport at an embarkation camp William Lber of "Wheeling W Va s visiting fr ends here M"s 4~thur L Byrne and Mrs John T \Vunz left on Saturday fo- an em barkation camp where they -fill visit with Mr Bvrne and Mr "VVartz until they leave tor France Mr and Mrs James MuJroy returned home from Hamilton Ontario Canada wae-e they had been visiting ! Dunbar, D C Bason for wall paper- 26mar27t. ·Aih Bright eyes clear complexion v i m vigor and force all indicate perfect health without it you are hand! capped in the race of life Take Hoi l i f t e r s Rocfcv Mountain Tea each weelt and keep up with the 1 \G ones "5c Tea or Tablet"! Councilsville Drug Co--Adv Yough House RESTAURANT Indor Clcaa Quiet 1'Uce for Pamilv to bat. Let !'·? Know Whit ^ou W a n t and Kov lou Want It. GOOD SBRVICa Mrs. C. I Vrrastrone, I rop WEAR Horner's § Ctotiag ? ooooooooocooaooooooooooooo Classified Ads. | One Cent a Word. | IF YOU HAD A NECK A3 LONG AS THIS FELLOW j AMD HAD ! SORE THROAT T O N S I L I N E WOOUJ QtMMLT KUEVE IT. i n j i IS] KEEP THE CHILDREN WELL Unless lookcu after children are prone to negiec* thenvtelve 1 *. ind be coma constipated, BUSS NATIVE HERB TABLETS ar» a uonderful remedy for c n ^ t t p i clou. They act gently on th stoni a^ 11^ er and boweH tone ^ P ht syftera. bring 1 bock the srlaw f h«o.4th impro've th^ ippelHe tixl a-e easy to take Take BUSS NATIVE HERB TABLETS and you will r,m«Y*s Uie luHd^mental (,^U5« ot niout j.\l a linvotb a d lu l he Tounda.tion for J. b«allb cboer (ul, happy exi^tenc Tcy are the only r^cogruized standard. LI«rb /^*X Tablet 1 * and the genuine h»vw Ufi) t h i i trade m *r 01 iht, box ^^y Sotd by \ A Clarke and Joca.1 agents « \wywbc re. Garden making time is now in full blast and the seeds and all garden making equipment js available at our stores A little good weather and every man will want a hoe a rake, a spade and other equipment. Ground properly prepared then you want your seeds We have a great variety of vegetable and topiato seeds at moderate pnces, cabbage and tomato plants ready now for transplanting at very reasonable prices These plants are gro'svn on our o w n propertv especially to supply the demand of our own people They consist of Cabbage, Tomato Celerv Peppers, Beets, etc There Is also a good suppl\ of la^n mowers in all the different sizes and all other necessary tools for gardening keeping the lawn In order and other spring uses Spring also suggests whitewashing We can supply you with the whitewash brush and the white lime and our stock of seeds flower and vegetable plants garden tools ,lawn tools and other equipment -we are prepared to assist you with the work ftj Large Department Stores, Located m Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties . because th Badcannol injus-e the /) surface of a Pathe Record --Plays ALL Records! --No Needles to Change! --No Records to Wear Out! --No Scratchy "Surface Noise!" That's why the Pathe Pathe- phone is the machine of machines -- the ONE Talking Machine that gives you ALL the music of the world -- the machine for YOUR home. Come In and hear the Pathephone H U H U S I rtM^r I»t»orc Iius it heeu so u « c ^ s a r \ ^i h u \ e nuisu -- good music -i part ot our Incs -is uo\\. Viui n e v t r htfore Jia 1 * t h n I x e n s m h a demand lor a ! vlktntr t l j i l m i p t h a t ij ring's out t h e ruiturai, mil. ilt«ir tone 01 file irfists like t)it I'aiht dot s Th/ff£dnno£ happen / ( OIIK in nou and J u a r HH ]\iflit])h(m -- hear if ]Ja a *«»ntr record, i band M « i r d . a n m s t r u i n i i i f u l n t o r d -- Hit n. ;ou'II K n o w \\h\ Uu Fathepluine i-« ihe [MM I I I t l f M J IiilJtinp- f}Ulimt -- the J u I K i n j Madiin* 1liat jrnes tb most plea- surt -- tin O N L Y f . i i M u f f M a c h i n e K»U mil t x n t t i a l h w a n t to havt. jn i o u r Jiornc. Pathe Record*, 65c to $4. Pathe Pathephones $30 to $225. 401 JJ » « i i l (.em Muilo N 1 1 n v i « a J ( u n u d If N" d n t n 1 ^1 J slrr^n -, S i n j - Vn Old 1 1 on d \\ it { 1 1 1 he C loads Ro 1 R\ I M I C A o ( I Q i nut ^ oral I ( i n llrdlo N » _' **( ninj r i r s rips'* drit'-t 1 C.ood H ]j 11 t r Ho v ) i f^m ad * ] AMiei Id nin ( ornos Ma cti n^ i in !) i ! UP a H t Tim in he Old To vn I o n gl i j 1 \ ru ^ ocil Q u i n et T h e D irU/mji v(rii Mr*. I! i l l B r-jj =; \i f u I 1 1 T i »r \c ird n \ n In fSio Ijui i 0 A nuii) l a i n i ) ( \ c f t i b I s r \r li r i it d^ r » \ t c o r Ii n ^ c 20L1 -- M\ s « o ( u -i^d^r l/iu \ » U T S ) Medle% Fo\ T r i I n t r o 7 t Me Mf ai 11; -ill lor Doa JJoudim lire hfr^ ^rro HIOB SIP V s f i h Uiu!i IIuJI i in- 1 \ Bond ni Rro hersi Mciile One ·^ P linro L i e j ipes A.rnio 1 au le 1 Blue Be Is of ^CDT and -} \ u d J a u g ^MH B tuoin Brother^ \C(_ordiomsts J » ^ -- K ( t j ) the Home r i n v Uurinni. Novelio^ \ n \c * i\ Quartet 7 ( \ IK n "10 ( reat l\d tlawii is Mimmc (S^a'ppt R ^ a l Dadmun l,s--\^ 1S (. nsi n j- (iriT lr ,i j. { , r( , r ( ^ o u s a t March « c Amf iran R p p j h l r BanrJ aul U f - i r ^ e Mirch - i Ame" (an Hoj- i i Band Conveniently located Pathephone Department--Main Floor Easy payment terms gladly Arranged, If desired. Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. Come in tonight. Store will be open til! 8 o'clock. "Voit timi JXR i"Q h i «f -irorDD rroto tfan rMffe-trnt conxi - tlons appitrent hi *Qirn! ot* cm Ton ·will «oa some- ffllod with UoLteliCffaia, ·o-no dry and roxv.h 'iomo stnoatii and grcway somo smoorod ·wlCh rougo, Home atreajtcK 3 with hoitvy metallic powders iuid once ima^wjji a you will son ono tfitut, S; tc. ififaiart- «tra.Uon of JnUsUtCMnco from- ovury point of vie* Xhe color-la JITSJ-. th i akin IB clear ttna sinoolii are mnofl aatd, oum\, -ho p not sho^r o-i the. rt~-rr Every woinaji t-ttrt hj.vo a sw2u oom-- plexlon It aho wlil unly use a litllo fllscrotlon U 5*011 vruid -xoajUro real beauty the-bcsv.ty of pGrfeotxhcailh you mnist re»lentEti ;vmr -wos-a-cut nervaoL -with IteittUn WoturrfJn cnvm norve roatonar and put into oitr blood tho tnviporaiitti; Iron ·xrhlch Na-turo tivltntltid it ID Iht ·« for health In most, of the-mortem (ocxiji thaoe and other vitalising .crae«t* have been largaly cLmlniUcd. Tot to be S*althj and b*autllul the ays tarn mus C tiavfc tbeni. riiey are found in Bto forco, not onl In prop W proportlona o restore wtwthojicd iTltallty but in such form ai the aB lt«m can btst aaalraUate them A. tr«Ltmant of let-ith^n and Iron peptonate Ba oombfA^d la JJio fereu i ^rea£«s ih« appetite aJda nu rltlon and invigorates tli« patient And lilo forn la f w palJct form Is iron dlsenlonitlon a£ the teeth no D3fiL»iint mst«. Thora IB no arcnit * w m ^tery thout Bin tonni Uoc'ors p,ci rlbe H recnhirly Beoau*e they know *x actty whrrf It contain* aff wiell ru* what It wJlll do and thes knatf they cnuJrt not fbr-niilatB a bcJ 6r up- j\ lldlnjr tonio. ^he octiun of E'o-(^ra:i on tho hj-Btran I d o bwraeiloial w* or« ao cure. of Us ffivJinryau pxurtUve }ealt i find vljror prorldlng of coarse, there Ji no aortouj^ chronlo ailment ruch cxtncyr tubcrcufcwts *tta vluit w» unlj still it 0 1 ttio-coxrduion that you eirrtto lo i oturn ttvo cmpl/ paUtAg* lid t-cxcpt a. re'ujrd ot joiu- nionty ji iBsa i-ou ore eirtlrcJy mttHrttd Oiero iA no \iae waitlr*7 for health md beauty It in botUr to do thlncs todftj than toiwrrcrw Go to our phynlcian today -- rlsht now-- hr- will luJvlso Bio 'orea. Then etart taltlai, H ai once DJ^hfr-a^drlaAa or ai d r^c tlorts on tho package oa.1! for Tha i ara.ntdo protects your rncmuj In teroaLluc looktut mu.y bo had for ih« aolcaro ?I DO at all Ipalhit; or dtroct C OUT drURXini ran not supply joo. Th Scntanc) Ht.mcdlos Co Inc^ Cincinnati, OJuo ECONOMIZE! Special--Monday, April 29, Only ·51 Jo and $3 30 BrooJit. -t Large Rolls ojlet Paper )0c Window Bhndb 85c 25c 29c I till] I me ot Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Stoves, Hardware, Housefurnishings at Reduced Prices. Get Our I'nees lioton Jiiniue * K e v i n n . Penn Traffic Dep't Store Furniture and Hardware Department i07 X Pittsbunr MriHf, ( ()\H,LS\ ILLJt, P V riurd Store trcnn orner Peach Street. PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS ' WHO ADVEETIiJE IN THIS PAPER. We re Always 10CVL \T 10^ WS1VNO SOTTNGS rn State "iJJ W W B«U 842 f f . W . COiraiULSTILIiJ, I'A- TOR NAVY LEAGUE OF TH* 1 MT1 D ST VTI t, DLCS--4nnu-U ,, - 1 ife Member ,, TO TH1 N A V Y I 1 \G\ L I am in s y j p i t i i j mill ill ujt- s of it. \ u o he _nrol eel is a. I I K H Jn yaoln^e 5 for [ t - i) anniall\ on*. a \ m M v b e Checks 10 N \ V T LEAGLE. Mail to Title . Trust BMc Ctrane IsviUe PJ i al! mem Sea Power a beautiful illustrated magazine. Is

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