The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1930 ツキ Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1930
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

{ I o, THE DAILY COURIER, C NNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVIl Pure Silk Ho Gold-Colored Crepa Makes the Afternoon Dress, Shown at Left, With tow Deeolletage and Trimming of Bows and Bait Buckle in Back. There Are Uoorgette Inserts at Neck and Cuffs. Built on Extrテつォmeiy Long Lines Is the Black Crepe Dress With Painted Panels That Tie In Front. The Othテつォr Drest, Is a Charming Print In Aquamarine and Brown. Formal Fabrics for Day Frocks Black - and - White Printed | Crepe Prominent; Green for Spring. Ono nttrnctlve Sunday nfght frock of moderntu formality comes in very jStlff block net, several weights heav- jler than lulle. It has a porky HUhs ibow nt tho front of the high waist, n h julniple V nock and nn oversUlrt which Carries the licinllne dangerously close to the ground, notes n fashion writer In the New York World. , Those %uio prefer to wear a less for- jinnl dress au(J to risk a frenzied ilnsii jhome to cl'nnge for supper, will find n inumUer of dKertins afternoon frocks In tho stores. Thtss follow the same Silhouette as the Palm Bench nwdfls, but have been made up In dark rolorg *or the sake of unfortunate little stay at homes. j A large proup of these dresses is of 'the sort widen Worth has dubbed five' to-eight gowns, exactly the sort yon will requlnv on Wednesday. In these black and white Is b.v far the most important of the color combinations. Green Is nlso stressed. If you cast your ir.intl back over the past few years you -will see the loste of. this, テつサB every other color has had Its sen- eon, ending with the dahlia of the fall. Boy everything of greeri, my girl, nnd yoxi wtll be nnticlpaflng tho spring mode by a commendable margin. Tho new nlppon blue nnd crystal pink are shades ties! wed primarily for Tahu Keaeh wear, but they are excellent IB 'combination with bt?\cfe. ) One of the most charming of the new .frocks of moderate formality comes In |blnck-and-\vlテつサH6 printed flat crepe--n ffabr!e that Is important both for eve- jnlng and d a r t l m e weur. The pattern JJe n pplnsliy leaf design of bin eh flg- tircs on a white jrrouml and It Is テつキdrnppd about (he figure bj* an Ingenious arrangement wliich requires only *ttc scum. The skirt dips down to a definite point at onp side nnd the broad black lordcr of the material edjifw the hern. r J'Iie Mlf bell 5s placed h!i:h, A lop- fridfrt cape collar of the fabric falls clown to the dhow on onp Hide and Is テつォ.nnc;ht up at the other by a pin of diamonds nnd emernhta (simulated as the advertisements honorably sny). ' Uses Three-Quarter Sleeves. Another of the striking drpsaos for afternoon wear Is notable for Its use of tho very now thne-o,iiarter slpevt"テつサ. Tfhe irock !テつォ of black flnt crepe and lungs to n good four inches below the knpe. The skirt la softened by n very full circular fiont. Nippon blue crepe forms a deep Miilor collar nnd triangular vest nnd edges the full short sleeves. This new slcpvo development Is something on w h i c h you should keep yonr eye In tho month?. Some of the three-qwiirtor sleeves are to te crushed up above the elbows and buttoned ficbtly in place. Others hang ..loose. Worth uses n full, very soft sleeve, and other houses are stressing the "jelt.v bag*' type, a variation of the sleeve lined by Ardnnse for t h a t highly successful black chiffon gown テつキwith' the rhlnestone cuffs which you should remembtjr from the fall colloc- tlons. Jn tlie matter of accessories you cannot get ofT us easily as In former years. 'Different degrees of formnllty appear In everything, from gloves to handbags, nnd the old sports, (own and evening classifications are no longer enough. Among the must charming hats nre those formal T-iIrs Hint are cut high to reveal a once forehead. This, a Tery trying fashion, Is relieved hy the テつキvogue for little face veils, fetching affairs that slant out over the nose. Borne of the veifs have n cape effect in the bach, and nre allowed to fall almost to the shoulders. Trlcornes and iiicornes are also pop. tilnr, especially for the older wnmnn. pnd tho hlaek-mul-whlte combination Is considered very Important by the Farla' milliners. One flirtatious Uttla hat of blaok felt Ja cut In berot line? nnd has a bnnd of flnt white grosgrnln ribbon framing the face. This is car fled about th hat nnd ties in n bow exactly テつォt the nape of the neck. Two-Tonrd Tweeds Favored. Differences of opinion in I'arls 4o not extend to costumes for traveling, it nppears. For those there Is but one dictum, says n Paris fashion correspondent At leaat 80 per cent of the proper costumes for getting about the world smartly are of tweed or faocy Jersey. And i lot of hand-knitted things mny テつォHo be admitted to this category. Tht latter nre mostly In'the form of pullovers, which repent in their original pattems, the colors of (he l\veed skirt ntid coat. Knitted cap; or hats may nlso be woin while on the train or boat--and If one's destination la Switzerland they tnn,y continue *o be worn for sporU, Some long, hfiod-lniutcd mitten9 or Rloves and high socks tire then added. The scarf goes .vtthout saying--and all should match. For the traveling costume, first choice Is a tweed ensemble consisting off a thrco-(]aurtor-length coa,t nnd rather short skirt. Three Inches below tho knee seems to be a popular length nnd the skirt must huve plenty of foil- ness, but no bulklness. The circular skirt with a hip yoke Is particularly good style and lends Itself admirably to the latest kind of tweed--nubby ns to surface and quite tlilck, though aa light 1 to the tou'-h as eiderdown. These latest tweeds favor two shades, one n e u t c u l for the background and one In n bright, often pastel, tone. All through (he (\vo-color patterns ^\re eprltikted black i'iid white flocks. Never too blnck and never too white, however, If your ti-eecl Is of the right variety. Diagonals are very good nnd one of the ntnartest cos tumes we have aeon at the Care St. 1/azare lately was being tak,en by U-. \\eurcr aboard the Bremen. It -was a brown diagonal tweed of the hew shnde for advance spring culled noテつォve brown--n deep brown with an undertone of mauve In It. The coat was full length and had a back yoke which did not reach to tho center Imck, but mnde righl angles with two incrusted. vertical bonds that ran a!! the way to the bottom hem of the coat, giving the short figure of its weai or a wonderful back line. At the botfom these Inerusted bands widened nlout half an inch so that n slight Han wna gained--most hemming lo the average imperfect flgtirp. テつキ Coat Lining Matches Blouse. A narrow suede belt was worn an inch below the top of the skirt band, and a satin blouse, several shades lighter than the tweed, but In the same tonality, had a turtfover collar mul brown bow tit. The lining of the coat was of the some shade ns the blouse and It was hemstitched In lines about two Inches apart, the full length of the coat Brown Hanrd shoes nnd handbag of generous proportions formed perfect cunplements to this costume. A huge upstanding collar of natural lynx harmonized beautifully with the whole ^o^uraa. The Mateon Hermes show's some pullovers which hjive had great success and have influenced the designs of a w'hole army of knitted garments this season. The liesf one Is knitted to order, to match one's tweed, tho main part of the fwenter taking the darker tone in the material and a deep V yoke back and front taking the lighter tone. A two-inch band nearest the neck is in while or a pale beige shade. The norma,! waistline is slightly marked In the knitting of this model, and Is further pointed out by n knltted-in belt of the lighter lone in the tweed, with a knitted buckle motif in the center front For the wotmnn who wants complete comfort In traveling and no pinching In of the waistline by skirt band or belt, there Is the smart one-pleco trtcot or feather-weight tweed frock, cut on semi-fitted lines, It mny also be made of jersey tweed, that tovel? new fabric, which has an open, lacy mesh and conies In two-color and three-color combinations in each pattern. There Is usually a harmoalKlng tweed for coats. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS If you i i テつォ coaternplatiur ftuUtllug テつサ hoiuw pomo a i d look at ttteuu lot.-). They aio large--t0xl40 ieel. Natural gaa, -Hy water, tiiiu grucl. a-'liool uad churth. Quo mlLe ti-om buiilut-bs dial;let ot Couuellsvill;; a C-mluute trolley ride. A nice locatlou for a s u b u r b u u home. Inquire of C. H. McCorinick, P. O. Bos 144, Con- ir., P i, rosldeaco. POPLAR GROVE Sate Full Fashioned Chiffon and Service Weigh t Pointed, French and Square H eels $1.50, $1.79 and $1.95 Grac es Here's an opportunity to supply your present an i future needs in first quality willc hose at less than wholesale, cost. Wanted shades and sizes. (Ne.'son'a Hosiery Dept.--Main Floo テつキ) Suburban Bay Sale Boys* School KNICKERS 56c Assorted darlc serviceable ^attorns --lull cut. All sizes, (NJfll-iSON'S) Suburban Bay Sale $1.00 Braveman WORK SHIRTS 78c 3 For $2.50 Made of heavy blue ehambray. All sizes. (NKLSON'S) Suburban Day Sale Women's ! 5 art Wool H03E 39c Firsi quality, a- sorted heather mixtures and blac c. AH siji (NBLSi iN'S) Suburban Day Sale Women's, Children's FLAN. GOWNS 2 for $1 .OO Close out special! Vv la ^1.00 テつキstriper! flannelctta gowns. (Limit 2 lo oitbtomcr.) (NELSON'S) Suburban Day Sale Men's tc. $1.95 Broadcloi h Shirts 200 HhirtH- -rrgula and odds and ends. Size , u p to 17. (NKLSC N'S) Suburban Day Sale CARD TABLES 96c Durably constructed card tablee; folding legs; Gtiong top. Snlo special! (NELSON'S) Suburban Bay Sale Men's $1.50 WORK PANTS 97c Men's cottonade work trousers-dark patteins. All regular (NELSON'S) Suburban ]ay Sale VACt UM BOTTLES * Pint siizp vacuum I Jttlea -- guaranteed to keep liquid hot or cold. Suburban Bay Sale Girls' $5,95 and $6.95 DRESSES Half-Price Girls' silk and fctfsey knit dresses, steps 7 to 14 ypara, Close out special. (NELSON'S) Suburban Bay Salo Men's Winter . UNION SUITS 86c Ro-gular to $1.25 heavy ribbed union suits, ecru and random. All sizes (NELSON'S) Diy Sale rs* Shespskin COATS Globe onl special! leatherettes, lined. Br 'Icon, slices. Suburban Bay Snie KOTEX Sanitary Napkins 26c Hegular 05c package, sanitary packed (12 to bo^). Limit 2 boxes. (NHLSON'S) Suburban Day Sale $3.95 Felt Hats $4.95 Felt Hats Close Out Special About 200 In IHlb lot. Up to ?!% hats--all late fec-oson uliapcs and colors--at only SSc. (Nelson's--2nd Floe r) WEAR SPECIALS 27x27 Flanne lette Diapefs, pkg .,.$1.09 To 25c Rubber Jiffy Pants, bloomer style 12c To 50c Infant* Outing Gowns, Kimonas, Slips 29c To SQc Infants' Lace Trimmed White Dresses 28c Reg. SOc Tots* Rompers and Creepers --22c 30x40 Inch Ci ib Blankets, special , 46c AMERICAN LADY CORSET D E M O N S T R A T I O N 1 his Week at Nelson's , WUttl Does Year Figure Require--A Timely Question Answered by An Kxpert. MISS BETTY TEUSON F giire Stylist of Sew York. i Aiuerii tin Iiiidy Foundation Garment. Extra Value Day in Our Shoe Department Tomorrow, Suburban Day--Gome! Save! 5OO Pairs WOMEN'S and GIRLS' SHOES Regular $3 and $4 Values You choose from black a id brown leathers, patents, saiins, volvolf. in .glraps and tics, high and ]ow heels. Those are truly extra values at just JOO Pairs Misses' and Children's $2.50 uml $8iOO Low and High Shoes a Patent, tan anil Uhiek leather's, in shoes and ox.'ords. Those aro spocial values at just |1 17 Women's L.ovf Cuff Golashes ' Yahics io $3.00--Now Several styles -- in i ibbor or cloth gaitera low t inJ me* aim heel sljlos These are escppti mal values at just ?1.00. 200 Pairs Boys' Shoes and Oxfords Kogulur $2.50 and $Ji Values Boys' tail and black leatht-rs, in shoes and oxfords. All aizp-s to 0. These are mrテつサ values at o n t j Our whole 3rd iloor devoted to fmost selections of domestics, silks, draperies, curtains, coverings. The largest selection in Connellsville. You'll Save On Every Purchase! CURTAINS, Now $!.テつサテつ」, $2.95 and $3.95 Values 2-pkce tailored curtains, 2 3 /j yards !ong, in white, ecru and cream. Special _ Hope Muslin, Yard r 12c Black Rock Muslin, yard 13c Reg. 35c New Ginghams 'J2 inch new dress ginghams --. wide range of beautiful patterns; 1 for girl.-i and Women's dresses, yd. .Window Shades, All Sizes $1.25 Quilted Cotton Batts _ .44c 69c Casement Cloth, Yd. Yard wide, reversible casement cloth. Beautiful all-over patterns. Ecrucolor. Yard I Cocoal Door Mats, large size ,, 81-Inch Unbleached Sheeting 5-Pc, Ruffled Curtains i Curtains, valance and tie backs. Cream colors, figured valance, in rose, grt en, gold-green and orchid _ _. -- 54-Inch Silk Draperies, yard --,--. 96c Meta} Bridge Lamp Stands ..,.. ~ 97c 42x36 Staroped Pillow Cases 73c Siilk Damask Velour Valancing yd. 89c Yard Woods' Dept.--3rd Floor. Extraordinary Sale, Women's and Misses' TM n K! ilk Smart and New Fine quality silk crepes ami print? in the vcry^ newest styles and colors. Values that are really amazing. (Nelson's--2nd Floor) SACRIFICING I N T E R At Less Than Cost Values to $15.00 Sport and dross coats -broken sizea--for quick * clearance. Values to $25.00 Sport awl cij^ess Htyles; {I* lur collar aiul cuffs; ex- ttj? t optional values. Values to $37.50 Pino iKOiUlclotli. Huedincs gi -fur I rimmed. Black, Jテつサ b r o w n sinrt ttin 1XIF.TLSO1VS -Ererybody's Store --テつキ 121 KorUi Pifctsbojfg Street

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