The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY is, 1935. TilK DAILY COURIER, CONNKL,L,SVIL,LE. 1 J A. PAGE FIVE. V Dunbar Trade Board Pushing Truck Fund Campaign to Finish Special lo The Courier. | DUNBAR, January 13.--At a ' meeting in Firemen's Hnll on Mon- I day evening the Board of Trade de- I NEWS OF THE COURTS UNIONTOWN, Jan. 12.--Formal ' charge of murder was made against will make a serious effort to contact; £' rs ' Julia Grahek ' 35 ' o£ TM*TM k all those who have not already con- ' *J[ t tributed. ' ' " fund. The apparatus debt of $1,700. Installs Ofliccrs. under a j ur i n g a Christmas Eve altercation in their home. Attorney Alex Z. Goldstein has January 20, Mr. Farr will be in charge of the installation exerciser at Fayctte Lodge, Connellsville. Presbyterian Notes. Thc regular business and social meeting of the Williams Bible Class was held Friday evening at the home of Mrs. A. H. Hampton. Mrs. Upton Spccr was in charge o£ the devotionals. A social hour was concluded with serving of refreshment 1 ;. · The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Eh-a Burhans. Members of the Westminister Guild will meet in thc social room of thc church on Friday evening for » covered dish dinner. Members of the Ladies' Aid Society will meet Friday evening at tho home of Mrs. James T. Burhans. Methodist Protestant News. . Thc church board will meet in the SPI room Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Members of Circle No. 2 will hold a covered dish dinner at the church Thursday. The regular meeting of Circle No. 4 will be held in the church Thursday evening. ;Othcr Items of Interest. Ronald, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant McManus, is a patient at Uniontown Hospital. J. T. Baker of Hanover was a recent business caller. Mrs. Mac Miller was in Pittsburgh on business Saturday. Mrs. Thomas Clements, who baa been ill at thc home of an aunt, Mrs, J. L. Guthrie ot Waynesburg since Christmas, returned home Sunday. Her condition is improved. Michael Galdcresi, who for several months has been living with a daughter, Mrs. Leo Eandiona, of Pittsburgh, is spending thc week at his home here. Mrs. Sara Naglc, who has been ill for several weeks of quinsy, is now much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller and'in- fant son were visiting ot thc home of Mrs. Minerva Kcefcr of Brownsville on Sunday afternoon. Club to Meet. Thc regular meeting of thc D. 3D. Club will be an event of Thuisdav evening at thc home of Mrs. Angelina Pancella o£ Pechin. Society io Meet, The home of Mrs. Josephine Ncigh- bo:-s will be the scene of thc regular business and social meeting of the Young People's Missionary Society of^the Methodist Episcopal Church on'Friday evening. TODAY IN WASHINGTON BY DAVID LAWRENCf Continued from Page Four, the solution of the problems is well ·within our ability." Results will not begin to show to show at once as a consequence of this spirit of cooperation, but it will be felt in the course of 1938 as America strives to make democracy function through the stern discipline of economic facts. These have taught us often that an excess of anything, whether of taxes or profits or "labor costs or high prices or costs of gov- ornmcnt or political regulation, merely produces economic Indigestion and frustrates the free flow of goods from producers to buyers, the free flow of capital from investors to capital users and the free flow of jobs from industry and business to the man-power of the Notion. I ing in thc death of a pony belonging j to the company, and ordered Hock| well to pay the plaintiff the sum of j §50 for thc animal. In the case of John Q. Adams, former treasurer of Fayctte county, against United States Casualty Com| pany, a verdict was found for thc I plaintiff in the sum of $11,250. Thc | plaintiff agree to assign to the dc- I fcndant all future dividends on a {$50,000 claim against National Bank of Fayettc County. The verdict was reached following an agreement by counsel, including Attorneys Robinson and Robinson and E. C. Higbcc for thc plaintifT and Joseph J. Bacr for the defendant in thc action. A jury found a verdict for David Turner, plaintiff, directing that he be awarded damages in thc sum of $193.98 by the defendant, Lucius Lee. The plaintiff was represented by Attorney Samuel J. Fcigus. " By agreement of counsel, Attorneys Daniel S. Robinson for thc plaintiff and Attorney E. C. Higbee for the defendant, a verdict was reached whc.-eby James A. Neil and Agnes A. Neil, for themselves and as parents of Thclma Neil, a minor, were awarded damages to tho extent of $2,250 against 'the defendants. J. C. McClain and Ethelyn R. McClain. A verdict was found in behalf'of the plaintiff, Ray D. Nixon, in thc sum of $96.90 with interest, in thc case of Allic H. Nixon and Second National Bank of Uniontown, executrix and executor of last will and testament of W. S. Nixon, late of Uniontown, for use of Ray D. Nixon. Uniontown, against National Bank of Fayettc County, executor o£ estate of Margaret J. Phillips, and against thc Margaret J. Phillips estate. Earl Livingston, arrested with Gcnovcse pool members in a raid staged by State police, paid costs of $50.10 in his case to Clerk of Courts Howard Sparks. Costs totaling o52.GO were paid *by James Matthews, another defendant caught in the raid by State police on the Gcnovese "numbers" pool headquarters. Ausilio Giovanelli, arrested for violation of liquor laws, paid $100 costs and fine recorded against him in the criminal court action. S. E. Lyons paid S61.49 and A. H. Christ, Fayettc City, paid $61.50, to dispose of costs in a case heard by Ex-Judge Thomas H. Hudson durinE the December criminal court term when Christ was arraigned on a charge of fradulent conversion of a heifer preferred by Lyons. A jury found the defendant not guilty and divided the costs between prosecutor and defendant. A court order released and discharged Charles S. Richards from any liability as surety on thc bond or judgment in the case of Robert Richards who, February 7, 1930, was directed by the court to furnish $500 to insure compliance of n sentence on a desertion and non-support charge preferred by Clarice Roberts. Sculptor Talks of Boom. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13.--John Cunningham, New York sculptor, declares there is no longer an excuse for a competent sculptor not making n good living. A new, lucrative and extensive field has been opened to them sculptoring mannikins and dress models for thc big stores, he cays George No Longer Drinks Whiskey White Ribbon Treatment Mmlo Him Hate Liquor Medicine Given Secretly \ You'll Enjoy This Needlework Whlto Ribbon Remedy can be given In coffee, tea or milk and has done much to stop drunkenness. Ono woman cured a drunkard ot 20 years with onc box, Thc price Is 52 00 and Is for sale at Clarke Drug Co.--Advertisement. Cat Journeys 150 Miles. NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Jan. 13. --Lost from the Niagara Falls apartment of Mrs. Leslie Hodge, Nickie, a .six-year-old cat, is back home. Mrs. Hodge found her pet on a farm 150 miles from here and to which her family moved last summer. Household Art* by Alice Brooki- Plcnse thc Housewife With This Hit of Handwork This Ray, little, pc;isnnt Rirl ROCS rollicking through her d:-.ily duties . . . always ready to Rive you a hand with thc dishes . . . always port and cheerful Her Kaicty is catching as you'll discover when you bring her to life in simple 8-to-thc-inch crosses done in bright, six-strand cotton. Make a set for a friend, too. In pattern 5967 yuo will find seven motifs--one /or.cach day of the week--averaging 5~-'ix6',i inches; material requirements; illustrations of all stitches used; color sucgcsticns. To obtain this pattern .send 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to Thc Courier Household Arts Dcpt., 259 W. Mth Street, New York, N. V. Be sure lo write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. 4-Gun Girl Fine Arts Club At'PerryopoIis Gives Program Pictures in Felony Court in New York City is Mrs. Marion Fcnton, 18, of Mount Cnrtnel, Pa. She is held in $7,500 bail after arresting officers said they h»d found four revolvers in her room. Three men in thc same rooming house were arrested in connection with » payroll robbery, but she denied knowing any of them. fCentrnl Prtti) Soda Clerk Arranges To Support Infant Son Of Copper Heir's Wife PKRRYOPOLIS, Jan. 13.--Thc Fine.Arts Club met Monday night at | thc home of Mrs. C. F. Smith. Thc I following program was given: j "Our State Government," Emma I Cook. I "Colleges and Universities," Adda Joy Waugh. "Unknown Facts of Our State," Adelaide Echard. ' The meeting was conducted by thc vice-president, Mary Wolfe, in thc absence of Miss Florence Louden, president. Observe* Birthday. James Wolfe celebrated his birthday Saturday evening by entertaining thc men's club to which he belongs. His guests were Robert and Don Buttcrmorc, Frank Carr, Lind- scy Wilson. Frank Campbell, Dr. j Ralph Cor, Roy Fike, Howard Everett, Robert Thompson, Earl Pike, I Glenn Morris, George Luce and Paul Ramsier. His sons, James atid j ; John, and his father, Robert Wolfe.' I 1'ersonaln. ' Mrs. O. P. Pore and daughters, Alta and Marie, spent Saturday in Pittsburgh. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Echard visited . Mrs. Echard's mother, Mrs. A. J. i Schneider of Larimer on Sunday. I JJcwana Kamcrcr attended a wedding shower for a sorority sister, Jane Booth in Pittsburgh on Saturday. Mrs. J. Boyd Knox spent Monday and Tuesday with her aunt, Mrs. C. P. Stewart of Dormont. Dog Licenses Expire Jan. 15 HARRISBURG, Jan. 13--Dog owners ww! warned today by Secretary of Revenue J. Griffith Boardman that nil present dog licenses expire January 15. The law provides that any per- Somerset Prosecutor Urges Officers to Fig Ridiculous Legislation Soi'clal to The Courier. The officers present named James Ucrkcbilc.l Hooversvillc police chiel and-instigator of the movement ns app ditional fee of 10 pays cents for each county treasurer for his services in issuing and recording thc license and reporting it to the Revenue Department of Malthcwb appealed to them to organize as a body to fight "ridiculous" legislation. Rockwood Five Whipped. Rockwood fell before Shade Town- "IHuch legislation has been passed', ship High at Central City by .a score limi'ting thc duties and bcopc of local | of 34 to : "You i officers, Mr. Matthews said. Dog owners failing to obtain 'n | must organize for your own protec- » og license as required by law may | "on." , ', ° " * p r o s e t or prisn- *rbids a constable from conjunction with thc Dog Law en- I in smaller communities,' forcement division of thc Depart- pointing out that in many cases prior i f^, ht ^ thc Kat ot the trouble and aids mcnt of Agriculture will start n '· to thc passage of the act, a constable 'nature to soothe and heal thc Inflamed drive against the owners of all un- I mifiht also have been serving as taxi mucous membranes .md to loosen and licensed 'dogs. ' collector, or auditor of a borough, or cx $ c TM ECrm-"gj^j^g^,. fa , ]cdi Weed Won't Be Stopped. township, and with this added in- j^comc was able to earn a decent liv- bind' up of the Skcct and Gun Club shelter house here and, still growing, is encircling the stove. don't bo discouraged, try Crcomulsion. Your druggist is authorized to refund your money If you arc not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the very flrst bottle. Creomulslon Is one word--nottwo,andithas no hyphen the fees are not sufficient in smaller I In It. Ask for it plainly, seo that tho districts. These districts are then j ««".? ^H^^,,^^,^!, 0 "^ ^ left without local police protection." MARYSVILLt:, Kans., Jan. 13.--A j TMK- indwecd plant has'forced its way 1 "Now," he said, "many constables p through the crevices in the floor arc unable to continue in office, for By United Preis, MORGANTOWN, N. C., Jan. 13.-Ned Alexander Parks. Wa:,hmgton soda clerk, today bottled out o£ court charges of non-support of the infant son of Martha Barklcy Ryan, wife of Basil Ryan, New York copper heir. The youth entered a plea of nolo contcndcre when his case was called in county court. Thc court announced that ciiargcs against young Parks would be dropped in view of the settlement, terms of which were not announced. Parks' attorneys said a "satisfactory" arrangement had been made for care of thc child. They added that the settlement had been approved by Mrs. Ryan and her parents. liooli Gone: Strike Called. SYDNEY, Jan. 13.-- A strike was declared at the Corrimai mines here when a pair of boots belonging to a miner disappeared. It v/as only called oft when it developed that the csnp ] boy had thrown them away thinking they had been discarded. THE ITCH Trovalcut in This Soctlou. Go to Clarke's Dru^ Siore and Ret n bottle of Gates Sanative Lotion. Guaranteed to stop thc embarrassment and discomfort of ITCH. GO. large boltle^-Ad- vcrtlsemcnt. WEIGHT OFF Head Is Willed to School. MELBOURNE, Jan. 13.--Dr. D. W. Maloncy, for 48 years Melbourne's representative in the Federal Parliament, has willed his head to tho Institute of Anatomy at Canberra. At 83, Maloney is thc British empire's oldct active politician. Loic Fit Tk« E*i 7 W*y--Without Sttrrktio* Diili, or Back-Brekkiar, Bcsdioc and Rolluf EierciMi. If your ff ct and anltlrs feel Urrd mnd ache ·II over -- b«cau»c you art- carrylnz too much fat --do aornctliinjr about It, Try the trvatmcnt thnt has helped million* to rcduc* cxecii weight, There'* a reaion why to many people find dlvtinir alow and oft*n tlraci futiln In rc- ducinz. Th« rraton. doetorg gay. Is often U-Chu»e a little cUnd Ii not vorldnr rlffht. All the blood In your body son throunh tMa tiny Bland ilxteen tlmei every day. If it doein t ixmr Into tho blood itrcttm about one and one-half dropi ot vital fluid every ^., h J, ur ,"; lm »"y PeopU take on usly fat. Thi« fluid hflp» Nntur. to "burn up" «cra« food and fatty tiaiue In much the lame w *£ " 'V* 0 ? 1 , 1 "draft" as*« la a furnncr. Now. phyitriani combat thli «ondition by f«dln* lAls Bland the subiUnee it lack.-and million* of pound § of excel! fat hat brrn wip^d out In thl§ way. 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