The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 16
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16 Reds $ Make Un Ground on By FRED DOWN UP! Sports WriUr , "The wek that wss" i over (or 'th Philadelphia Phillies and happy they art that if hutory out the king-sized hangovers are being nursed by the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco , Giant. How long does it take to get over a hangover? Well, it could be over in 24 hours for the Phillies but it could last all Winter for the Reds and Giants. Because K was a. week in which the Phillies gave the other two contenders a golden opportunity to make up important ground but in which the Reds and Giants failed to make a strong 'move. WON ONLY THREE In the last seven days, the Phillies Won. only three of seven garnet but the Reds did no better than win four of seven and the Giants won only three of their seven games. And so the Phillies' National League lead remains tidy 5 games and , T I M E, the strongest ally a team can have la a'tennant countdown is more and more on their side. It was more of the same Sunday when the Pittsburgh Pirates clobbered the Phillies 10-2 but the Reds and Giants could get no better than a split of their doubleheaders. . The Reds rallied to shade the Houston Colts 7-6 after an 1 4-5 loss and the Giants whipped the Milwaukee Braves 13-10 but then suffered a 7-4 setback. Bob Veals struck out sis batters to raise bis season total to a club mark of 187 behind a 10-hit pirate attack that included three hit each bv ' Bob Bailey, Roberto Clemen te and Gene Freese. Chris Short, who started for the Phillies With a league-leading earned-run average of 1.63, was routed in IVi-innings and suffered his seventh loss against 14 victories. , BLOW CHANCE . The Reds' chance to make' hay out of the Phillies' loss 4 if integrated when Joe GatnesTfour runs batted in paced Bob Bruce to hi 13tk N&Hitter ! Squares Ball Semi-Finals Fred McDougall recorded the season's first no-hit, no-run pitching; performance bi the Senior;"' Sportsmen' Softball League Sunday night at La-rocque Park to keep St Joseph's In the running for the league cnaropionsmp. McDougaliy no-hit, 4-0 Vic tory pver Ottawa Gas squared the best of seven semi-Anal aeries at three games apiece. Deciding . game '-la scheduled Thursday night at Sandy Hill Diamdnd at J15 p-m. i Gas look a 1-2 lead In games in the fcries when they finished off a game which started Fri day sight. Gas held a 8-0 lead when the game -was called after six laning and last night both club scored, twice in the final frame to give Gas the win 7-2. ; But .McDougall' came on in the Second half and supported . by air-tight fielding from his mates stopped Gas cold. Mc-DougaB (truck out five batters and the only- runners he. allowed on base were the result -d three walks. , - ''V .... mi toes t "i T Dotw Mlltmora and Prad Riuhn: Ouy oyer and Maurice Lefebvr. St loaapha to 100 14 Oes aotaooo Prad KeDouealt and Maurice Le-rVbvre: Conrad Sanaeartlot and Prod tajhea. HB at. Jawa, Yvoa Bugay. . For Savmer He AaUeasoa Vacation Hones sHraBaaieBt Hons . ' nsn ' ADVANCED PREFABS LTD. ' , tit Bar Ave, Ottawa S 723-6563 ' , Mortgata rtaaaalas AvalUkla . adtatan as a specialty raar AD weal a fraaa BtrnirhUai- fe g-auu-awieaa. V -t -jp White Dree tat UM1"" ';' Ti aaafafc Pjop TAIUIBa " a Saara Street ' aa tijHa Centra and Giants Fail ' ' ' - , : wm for Houston in the first game of the'doubleheader at Cincinnati. The Reds committed six errors and fell behind 6-0 in the second game but rallied to win it on Frank Robinson's ninth -inning double. . "If Moose gives us the muscle, we can win." It was July IS and the Chicago, White Sox were in third place in the American League when general manager Ed Short made that comment after obtaining Bill Skowron in a waiver deal with the Washington Major Linescores NATIONAL LSAOVB ' SUNDAY 1 Philadelphia 900 Ml 100 ITS Pittsburgh 131 OOI SOs 10 10 1 Short. Bosbuck ai. WW (31. Cut (S), Bnntt (?) and Trtan- oos: VaJ (14-10) and Burt. LP Short (14-71. , 'HRClendenon (sthK a. Francisco 110 SOS 04013 IT S Milwaukee . 04 004 00010 11 S Bolln. Shaw (3). ODcIl (41. Presenter (Si. Perry (SI and Halter. Crand.ll. (Si: Larjr, OMvo (4). Hoaft (). TMfenaaer (Ti. Planer (Si. Spahn iS) and Bailey. Torr (. WP O'Dell tS-SI LP Tleienauer (Ml; WW Hart (33rd). Carty (Uthi. Mathews (list), OHm (lllhl. San Frandaoo 01 001 030 4 1 Mllwaukw 001 000 J4x 7 13 1 Duflalo. Shaw (7l. Pierce IS). Herbal IS) and Crandall: cloatneer. Tiefenauer ISl and Torre. -WPw (i. If no -Hart (S4tk),' Carts- lieuii. aims (33rd). Naw York1.. 101 001 0003 ", Chlcsfo 303 030 1011 1, f Rtbant, Baamarth (3). Kroll (71 and Cannlazaroi Jackseo 1T-I0i and Botnovskl. LP iket u- H a Williams (3Sth). Houston ioo 00 301 ie Cincinnati . 010 100 OJO a 10, Bruce. Owens (S ad-Ajdfcnt Piuturjy NttshaU'-fTt. Daren -a A nsmnr;i ana; ravieuc&- -wr Bruca -. -LP Purkar HS-S). Houston- too too ooo 4; T- 0 Cincinnati . rem St. wt-e-7 14 3 Johnson, Jones ISW Owens Tiki woaaaanicB (i and Hoffman. Grot 11: Jay. Henry (II. Illla (71 ana toner, wp Kills (B-J. LP Wnodashtok -!.- HR Prison (llthl. Los Anjeles 000 001 000 1 I St. Louis 000 003 03 H S 0 L. Millar. B. Miliar It). Perranoe- ei (Si and Torborf: Simmons (14-ai and Uecken JJ1 U : stiller (- . .7 iATtlBBATl-.: ! I Wnueteej oil eie ooo 4 ; (Cincinnati-. . ' t y. ,ie see ( Laraan, Woadas eoeei t Wawdaahlcal Un m Orotar Tsllourts. EUst (10) and voaar. w-utaYT-3). r Woocu. ahlak (3-) . Houston ...0t TBi Clnetnnail 004 03 10m It-, I MoHabart, Jonaa (Si. Baymond (St. Coomba 141. Owona isi and Orota: OTaola (71 aad PayteUeMi. W McCool (5-31. L Coombs i-i. . nn -tin: jolmaoa tltthl. naw Tork 300 010 too a 3 ia ( Chicago 000 111 000 1 4 0 ciaoo and Canninaro: Ellsworth and Boanovaky. W CUawonh i-ii. I, riaco is-141. H ist: HKamaa (101; Chi: nil. Phlladlphl. Ml 003 0301 I Pittsburgh . 000 000 044 S IS t , Mahadey. Boosar (Si Baldachun 'SI aad Oalrympla: Prtand. raeal (31. Law 141. Oalnar (41. tlak ISl. Bork (SI ana Burgaaa. w Mahaf-(ay (1S-4I, L ttand (10-lSi. MB8 Pha; Allan . (34). CalUsoa (331. Los Angela. 000 000 0011 T at Louts 040 000 00a 4 neea. raiionuehi (ti and Boaa batwi Olbaoa and McCarver. W Oibson (13-101. 1 aa iu. " tL: Sit Inner (41; LAOrU- San Francisco SOO 30001 1 1 nia isi. .... Miiwatutee io ooo 001 s T Herbal tad Halter; Badowskt. uiito (i, Bparm (i aad Bailey. w namei ie-ai. L. 1 IS-). HB BP; Hart (St). TKLIEflDOUS DEALS Arc Now Being Offered Oh , X I .' , fltnoNfn'inc , AH models to choose front. Excellent selection ,of tSotours-ahd , options . , Vf y. WE NEED. TRADE-INS . Higher, Than High Trade-in Alowances. Come In today for the .. . '. ' Ileal of Your life : C ; WE'RE OVERSTOCKED IN 'NEW CARS SO -' " . . y . Bfakeus an offer, you'll he surprised at our auianrer , . .- 1 , iur Ottuw Kmmbur Dtultrt CAIIADA . "OTon 101 tasrlt 1 , rww -T Wow it's the head of the September stretch run, the White Sox are in ' second place only a half game behind the Baltimore Orioles and Skowron is making Short ' look like a mighty fine prophet, indeed. In fact, if the White Sox go on to win the pennant they may look back on the homer Skowron hit Sunday, Aug. 30, as their most important single hit of the season. The blow came off Robin Roberts and snapped a score-lew tie in the fifth inning of the White Sox' clutch 3-0 vic AMXBICAN LBAOlia SUNDAT Chicago ... 000 010 003 T 3 Baltlmor 000 000 0000 S O Horten. patera (SI. With ha (Si and Martin; Roberta. Millar (Si. Haddlx (Si and Lau. Brown (Si. WP Hortea (10-41. LP Bobarta 1 (11-41. HB Skowroa (lathi Boston ... 000 Sit lot 11' 3 Naw York . 300 330 Olx S I Mariner, Blschte 5).' Spenswtca (Si. Oray (Ti, Connolly tai and Tillman: Stotttetnyra. Mlkkalsen (7) and Blanchard. WP atottte- myra - 14-11 LP Half nor - BBS Blanchard (Slhl. Loaws (1UIBJ, Wsshlngtoo 100 SO 3104 4 al Mlnnaaota 010 lot 31k 'Si Ostara. Stanhoua (TV Koofe TTl and Brumlay; Paacuai. parry (Si Arrlgo it) and Battay, Zimmerman (ai. wp roiry is-zi. (-. BBS-4ainhaf -taothM Lack (zarui,. vuva tavtni. Oatrolt . sot 101 003 I II t Los Angalas 400 100 BOX S 10 t wicJDarsham. lusow ill, Navarro- (Si, -ro . (Si.. Bofaa (t) aad Praanani McBrld. B. Lea) (71 and Bodgore. ' WP atcBrldo ' 3-13l. LP Wlckarsham (14-101 Pratoal (lSthl. Smith (UU. ClaVatead 'J rare. ISO 0304-J Jtattsak Olty 300-141 Mi-STl BMOck. Baa (J, 'Abamaury (j. Bamoo (S) and Aaoo: O Oinaahua (- and Cdwarda.: LP RxaUeb (10-SI. HRS Gaatll (Sard and Mthl., Ma thaws a rtth ahf tth). Oavaiand SOS 303 00S 4 1 Kansas city 001 tit 300 S 11 1 . Dsatna. McMahaw (71. Ml !. McDowail rsi and Romano: ktayar. Saniauo is), wyatt iSh Bawsdaad (Si. aandara (S and Bryan. WP BU i-4i. LP Bowartatd . (3-al nru jaauaaws iiotai. oavauao ( v . , BATCBOAW... ., , osnm . 000 000 sot - 4 Slaw York 400 o 1 (I wtiaoav conaony u (TI and Mtatont Boutoa and uow-ard. aw aswtoa 1S-1II. L WBsoar (11-11). . lOtSV-Ban: Vsa-trunski . fler; JTV: Papltaaw 41H. Manila BSK . . .:-..- v --.n Boston one 00 tit 1 1 3 New York . lot lie sOx .Merehead, BItoal (31, CoonoUy (It, Chartaa () and TUIatan; fbrd. Terry.' it and Howard. W trord (H-Sl. ,L Morehead (-13l. KB NY: Peastone isti. Detroit. -' 0t to to I I Los Angokss 00 001 30k T 1 McLata. Olaadmg (ti aad rree-haa: Chance : aad Bodcers. W Chance ot-tt. y. oiertrlin (3-S1. HB Dot: Cask Otl,-., Wsehliurtoa to 310 001 14 T 3 Mmnaeua loo eso )oo a 4 11 4 luaxik. Bannaa (SI, Dental it), Kim it) aad Leppert. Brwaatey 11; turman. Kiipaatata (41. tend (tl. worOUngtaa (71 and Barley. W Kline (a-dl. L Warth-Inalaa (-. HB Waak: luntoa (111. ' . ,.s-y. Clave land V03 000 000 01 I t 1 Kansas City 030 001 000 0 s T .1 TlanL McMabon (It) and Aacde.' Drabowaky. Wyatt (S. Stock (11) ana swyant. w McMahoa (4-31 L Stock (7-31. HRS Cte! Whlt- neid (ai; KC: Harrelaoa (SI. Chieag .. to ooo est Balthnar SO 3t I Pa S 1 Psiarro, rtaber (SI. Batnnaaa (Si aad Martin. McNertaey ISl; Pap- wa. W Pspaea (l-4).: (IT L2) n UzaLEj mio) THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY, AUGUST 31. 1064 - ES cnnbmiL ltd: m.1U . f - -ll IMtlU mm .. " ' lataT Ts OPEN EVENLY Phils tory over the Baltimore Orioles. By going on to win the game, the White Sox split the four-game series and saved themselves from dropping 2 games out of first place. The New Yrk Yankees crept to within three games of the lead with a 9-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox. the Minnesota Twins shaded the Washington Sena, tors 5-4, the Los Angeles Angles nipped the Detroit Tigers 5-4 and the Cleveland Indians topped the Kansas City Athletics 6-5 after a 9-3 defeat. Records AMERICAN LEAGUE Sunday'g Results New York B. Boston 3. Chicago 3, Baltimore 0, " Minnesota 5, Washington 4, Los Angeles 5, Detroit 4. Kansas City 9, Cleveland 3. Cleveland 6, Kansas CHy 5. Saturaay" RtsuH ' Cleveland 4, Kinsa- City 3. Washingtoa 5, Minnesota 4. New York 10, Boston 2. - New York 6, Boston 1. ', Baltimore 3. Chicago 0. : Lo Angeles 3, Detroit 2. ' SteBdlng t '.' ii- v ' -!' W L Pet GB BaUimore . . 79 52 .603 Chicago ...v 80 5497 K New York .. 75 M .581 3 Detroit 70 65 J19 II Los Angeles: 68 68 .500 DM Minnesota 63 0(v .496 14 Cleveland 65 67 -.492 14, noston ..;,. oa v .44 21. Washingtoa . 53 80 98 27 Kansa yitjt, 49,83, J71 30 NATIONAL LEAGUE -' Chicago 7, New York 3. - .Pittsburgh 10, Philadelphia 2. Houston 8, QnclnAati 5, ' Cincinnati 7, Houston 6. " St. Louis 3.. Lot Anteles L - San Francisco 13. Milwaukee 10. - Milwaukee 7, Saa Francisco StBVday"i ResuHa V Philadelphia 10, Pittsburgh B. VChicago 4, NewTfork 3. " Cincinnati SHotrstoa 1. ' Cincinnati JL Houston. 7. ; jit. Louis 4jioe Aneele 1. San franciseo t MUwauke W L PcL GB 78 51 .605 Philadelphia . Cincinnati .. San-Fran 'co . SL Louis ... Milwaukee .. Pittsburgh .. 73 57 JSB2 m 73 59 .553 ' 6 71 58 J50 7 66 64 .508. 12K 66 64 .508 12H Los Angeles a aa .484 lift 60 70 .462 18V 57 75 .432 22Vi Chicago .... Houston .... New York 44 86 .338 34ft INTEBNATIONAL LEAGUE tiai day's Camas , .Toronto 7, Rochester 2 (2nd game, postponed, rain.) .Syracuse 8, Buffalo. 2 (2nd game, postponed, rain.) ; - Columbus 16, Jacksonville 4. Richmond 11. Atlanta 9. iv'j. ' StaTdays Gasaea Jacksonville 3, Columbus 2. Coiumbus 4. JscksonvUl 0. Toronto 6, Rochester 1. I Syracuse 10. Buffalo 8. Atlanu 4, Ricnmond 3. 4 vt - " . PAUL 72flt3 Mi aw Ambassadors; . ..... i - - , .. -. , i ..I-. vaaawasfB . . J i r e -- Rideau Cdrleton Results rtnt . mite. Pace- Mr O'Ban. lea mans neitncni. to. t sv. t ; fast Buck (Our LeRushl. S SO. I 40: Miss Atom .SUn Wtlluunsl. ISO TmM. 1 IS Irish Jo. Martian Mm. Chiu-ka Deliver. Dr. O. Chief. Bock? Coat la Urtao. ajniaeiiai SI . Second Mite. Trot: friend Moa (Ouy LaRushl. tSO. 40. 3 SO:: 3"SoT reoT 'r'wZ-w: llama). 10. Time. 3.0 4-t. Titan Scott. Uttl Ac. Happy Yatea. Dandy Sons a Is os tart ad Third Mile. Pace: Eclipse C (Jack Oram). 4 00. 3 30. 3 70: Dutch Ax (Ken Backer). 30. 3 00:' Duke Day Brook tPeter Dantal. 3 40. Time. 3 0. aur a First. Mlaa Boasl. Kay aiarsa. Tonun ouy. Joan s Boy also started. fourth S mil, Trot: Prlncehhe Jr. (Henri pauaal. SJt. 8 30.1 JO: Billy Hum (Bruce Kennedy!, k 30. SO: Superb Hanover I Kay Me. Laaat. t jo Time. I ll a -a. our- mine. TTiundenhosrer. Lucky Cy. Mlk Barns. Judy Burton also started. Oalaell: 334. t. rirta Mil. Paeo: Domtnloa K: Scott lOu LaBueh). 14.40. S SO. 3 BO: Hal Q. Atom (John Stephenson), fa Aa? BhsrfvriAU. Mftruiel (N. currant. '3.4. Time, aoa s-a.l Deaa. Lea Aaa Dared. Market Be- port also started aixtn atue. pat: pnncea Dti- km (Stan Williams). 14 70 TO. 4 30; Oobblere Knob (Maurice Bergeron) T OO, 4 40: Joe Dares iGuy LaRushl, 4 0. Time. 107 3-3. Governor's Pride Blase Haven. Adloa Our. September Morn C Johnny Oral tan aaaa sianea. seventh MUe. Paoa: rosewood Key IWUIIem MadUl). S SO. 30. 3 10: Clendale Jerry (Mildred Wit- Uamsl. 10. 30: Brother Hy (Wee- lev Cake). 4 44 Tim. 3 04 Mighty Midnight. Bona Counsel. Innocent Boh, Willow Brook SnaoU. Kick uner saa aiartea. tratneUai s. Burhth MUe. Trot: Dorto Olers Hvsn nm. SSO. s it. : Ben Away (Jack Locke). 340. 3.10; Dick Hither (Vie La raeal. 4 44V Time. 3 0 14. Wild Indien. Jsmlea BoseH assia nicu oratiaa swo iane. Ninth Mile., Pace: prima Pick (Wesley Coke). SO. 40. 340: Pleasant Way (Andre St. Amofrl. 3.40. 43ft: Jimmy Count (Vie La- rose). 33. Tim. 3 04 S-3. Lucky Stan. Count Direct. Attloe Direct, Brown Hop aleo started. Tenth mil. Pace: Maple. wood a Chief (Claude Dealardlna). 44, 3 0, S.30: La Is chief Wea- lev Coke). 3 00. -3.401 Ilocary O Soott (Vera WaddaUI. S3, time. l it 4-S. J. B. HaL Victory Direct B.. Hy Walnut Boh C, Oraltaa. nueiy win jao giareaa. BXatttt ss.0. TodavV Pitchers By United Press lalaratttsasl AMERICAN LEAGUE ' Washington at Minnesota- Narum (9-10) vs. Grant (10-10). (On)y game scheduled). NATIONAL LEAGUE Los Angeles at SL Louis (nlght--Drysdale (14-13) vs. Cueilar (5-3). (Only game (cheduled). ' ; WINS DIYINO TITLE . TORONTO (CP) Job n Dealing ar, 24-yeup-o(d student of architecture at th Unl- ilty of Washington, won the World fWeuiorta! D4 I a g Championship at the Canadian National Exhibition Saturday by ending th week-long compttj- tioa with MS point.. I Prima Pick Wins Feature . i ..'.,' i t . - ,i At Rideau Carle ton Prima Pick won 'the featured' ninth race at Rideau Carleton taceway Saturday night, pac-j ng the mile in 2.04.3-5. Th six-year-old brown geld-ng owned by Vern Evans of Brentford, and driven by Wes ley Coke; paid:(8.00, 84-80 and (3 40. Pk.unl Wau aval second' and paid $5.40 and $4.30. while limmy Count was third and laid $3.30 to show. Doris Giers, owned by J.. B. Quebec Rifles Lose Opener To Canton MONTREAL (CP)-Quarter-back Bob Brodhead steered Canton Bulldogs to a. 21-13 win over Quebec Rifle Sun day in the opening gam o the unitao rooiBaU LOBBUt aca Brodhead. working 'behind a strong line, connected for two touchdown passes In the close- fought . game played. before .067 fans at East-end Delori- tnier Stadium. ' ' .- Canton ooened th ecorini lata ia the Brat quarter when Quebec Rifle quarterback Armando Alba ' fumbled in his end zone and the Ohio team recovered the ball for a safety touch.'' , - - - Fullback Dave Rogers of the Bulldogs scored the first touchdown, catching a three- yard pats from Brodhead early in the second tuarter. H. D. mHfli . mm vflukris pwu vw. yard lor' th second . Canton touchdown and. tony Dtscenio converted. ' ..,.:i-.v-.-r. . '' Quebec struck back In the third quarter when 'fullback Ron McGauley went over on a 1 four-yard bandoff Bob BlakJey kicked the convert. Ia the fourth quarter, end Jim Curry- of the Bulldogs picked off a 10-yard pa from Brodhead in the end tone and Diacenzo converted. Fullback Joe Williams or Quebec plunged 17 yards for th last touchdown on a hand-off from substitute quarter- Dacs: vine Drake. ; 19 howintlazes guarantee a pen for ,,'..,. , - ....... Ten it only costs ?195? CH eanrattt '- BtMtM mmmtHmmtmpmmmm aaaBmkaaaBVaV a-wstM Hi It taBBW r 'y; Thie Is the Nortf-lto W. The only bnptn with a , written filarantee for lifex. I, , . . t,'. -..i ' .,.,'.'..""' You'd of $5 or 10 pan. That' what make it all , th Mora turpriaing. Ours i only $1.96 anywher la Canada. , IJoweanwedoU? 1 '. ' -...' campla. W don't actually bliev anything ynH rrr go ; ; i -, ) ; Vi' Watson, of Ottawa, took the -featured trot in the eighth -ace. Doris Glen, in the money or the sixth time in her last .even starts, posted a time of ..06.1 for the mile, her fastest sffort of the season. I Racing continue tonight at IRideau Carleton with nost time nm. There will be two features gain, the eighth and ninth. Raceway In the eighth, a pace for a puree of $700, will be Jimmy Chief Jr., Tornado Lee, Sharon' " Abbe, Kay Harmony,. Atomic -Cart. Adah Ethan. Willowbrook Ned and Scottie Way. Entered in the ninth are , Flashy Z, Hal's Bomb, Eyler HnovrT Little Etsel, Heather Direct, Direct Duke, Earl's Ensign and Homestretch Tamie. . , rtnstrong nd idbordson u PRESENTS The Modern Shoe Mis for Gnys on the Go! JUVENILE or SENIOR ALL SAVAGE Shoe are well made of excellent -materials over scien-. tific last shaped to support th foot. Our expert win mak SURE they fit correctly to form 'growing feet . V 'UNLMOLLV by Savage. Sizes B.C3 SAVAGITSEXIORS' set the pace In comfort and style, yet cost no ' more, than regular foot wear Sturdy Black or crown can. Sizes 3-1' 11.SS 12.SS AT ALL THREE STORES rtnslrong B4i 79 jrb SL . BffliR$ . ' t I i , '.; i mi' ii i , canttie NEW! hands, ichardson us. CirbtVfW 9Uu aWdg rltua "Miracle" Stainless Steel Ball Socket : : Ellmlnts all Ink leaks on clothing and paper. iaUfcs. 1 lite? S ,S Jt. U- a - . 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