The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1918
Page 2
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r-AGE TWO. DAILY COURIER, CONN'ELLSVILLE, PA. Mrs' W. B. Mason's lather. John Sisley of Suu-.h Connelly il'e. Today! Airs. S. A. Klhiird and ton, Samuel, of · Utnontown, were guests of :he tor- mor's parent, .Mr. ami .Mrs. J. A. Mason of Sn'ith Aaroli s l i u u l . .v,i-5.."NVill um Carroll is spending thi- day in Pitlshuri; Spot f.i^ht J'luu 1 ? ;it r!ac-_u(:6. TonigJH. Kiferle \virn drums.-A d v . -- 2 ' i - l t Mri=. Uockivull Marietta, Mrs. William Dul 1 , Mr. and Mrs. George Marietta went to Pittstnirs tin* morning to see .Mrs. .Marietta's granddaughter. The Catherine Johnston Missionary I Aid society of the United Brethren society of the Methodist Protestant 1 church will be held this evening itt church will meet Wednesday night in ! the gunday school room, of !he church, i Louisa So.ison, who undciwent an the church _at the elose-ot' tbe regular J Tht W. M. A. wll meet Thursday after- j operation r.t thc Allegheny' Genera! prayer services. Tbe Latlias' Aid so- · noon at the church. An official board i hospital. ciety will meet Thursday auernoon in j meeting will be held Thursday eve-I Buy your Liberty Bond today--at- ,tha church. The weekly meeting.of the Business Brownetl Mrs. Clara Hanker gave a b'.x "Women's Christiaff asspcia-.ign will be j o'clock family dinner last evening at held Thursday night in Odd Fellows' [her home m East_ Fairview avenue i n l g a n t o w n , temple, South Pittsburg street:--. j honor of her son-in-law and daughter, .honor flap exorcises List'evening at -- · Corpora! and Mrs. Harry G. Mason, the Cochrun Memoria lend our sale tomorrow. Shcie Company.--Adv-29-lt. Mrs. William Cochran and daughter, Anna^raee and son. Vhilip. of Mor- ittended t'le Liberty Loan --The.Peast -of th"e- Candies" wfll. be. ""celebrated "at the regular meeting of the Mission Guild of the First Baptist church to be held tomorrow night at 7.45 o'clock in the church. All young women of the congregation are invit- Methodist who are here from Camp Lee, Peters-1 church at D.awpon. burg, Va. Out of town guests were Mrs. John Schindler and son of Pittb- burg, and Bowman Wroth of Uniontown. Tonight Mrs. Lee Woodward will give a six o'clock dinner at her ed. The Ladies'-Aid society will meet j home m South Connellsville In honor Thursday night at 7.30 oV.lock at tb'e ' of Corporal and Mrs. Mason, .home of ilrs.| B. T. Sherrick in East I -- avenue. Tlre'L. VT. class of-j Business of a routine nature was the Sunday school has imrchased a. '· transacted at the regular meeting of " ?50 Liberty'Bor.d, ' I-Jtiv.ri.rd Kerr. \\lio is employed at Washington, Pa., spent Saturday night and Snnd.-i.v with IMS mother, Mrs. Alice Ker'- of "VMieeh 1 :-. Mrs. Uny Jaynes and little daughter, Irene, of Nintn s t r e e t , Creen- wood, are visiting the former's moth- f ~^^~ er. Mrs. J'arkliil] ;it Bute. I /^= Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wethrell of have returned home after , I AVr.BXESIUY, M A Y 1, IS OXLY D A V TO UKdISTKIl KOK I'JU.ttAKY, 31AY 21 Republicans of Connellsviilf who were not registered last fail or wno h;uc lost their right ot franchise by removal from one ward to another or into the city from some omer locality have the opportunity to qualify for the primary tlection on May 21 by appearing before Ihe registrars in person on Wednesday, May 1, and registering, Th.s IB the only day set aside for that purpose in advance of the primary. Tho registrars will be at the regular polling pliice^ to enroll voters between the hours of 8 a. m. and 1 p. m., 2 and 6 p m. and 7 and JO p. m. Take along your tax receipt and if naturalized your naturalization pupero. Nominees for ip-.portant olllceb are to be chosen and it therefore behooves every patriotic Republican to prepare to exercise his right of franchise. I t h o King's Daughte'rs of the First] a visit w i t h relatives here. ; · - -- . | Presbyterian church, held Saturday Mr. am 1 Mrs. Sutnrier ind mew. I The Pittsburg Baptist association I afternoon at the home of Mrs. S. R. Dollip M.'.y. thr latter of Scranton, ' "will meet Thursday and Friday, June ! Cox in North Sixth street, West Side. TBn© , ^ -S and 7 in the J^rst Baptist church, j -"Pitlsburg. ~~ The Ladies' Bible class of the Trin- and G. K. Mentzer motored TO Cum- t KDM'AIU) KINOUuR. /lev. W i l b u r Nelson, pastor oC the berland. Mel , yesterday nnd friemls. First Baptist church, officiated at the visited ' r u n eral of JOdward Kuigler, held ye- ' ( terday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock, f t o . n ] Mrs. George K. Monuer is visUinjr i the residence ot a brother of the de- · Thomas | her mother. Mr^. PatrirK 1ary. ° c ! ceased, Wurd H. FUn^ler, iu North i t BcUevernon for several dajs. I J-Hrst street. West Sido. The services were attended by a number of rola- . Bible readings' ^as rendered. . elaioraic luacheon was served. The Continued from P.IKO One. i ity Lutheran church will meet Fnday Thirty-one ftembers and 14 guests n '-snt at the home of Mrs. attended UW regular mteting of the,Mi!ls " East Pair view avenu W. W. Picjctt cJass of the' Methodist i -l ^wt.raJkm-Bhurch- held Thursday';- PERSONAL. | S. L MESTREZ AT, EMINENT mght at the home of Mrs. Charles! Behrens, cashier for the I JIJDICT f 4 ! l FI) RV DFATH Prospect street. An interest- , V J g , v Company at Adah. Pa., JUIM01, tHLLLU D I U t f t l H "'-- program, including singing a n d , ^ s the ^ Miss Mna Smith O f ' " Greenwood, yesterda;-. Tie best place to shop after all meeting was one of th largest and · Brownell shoe Co.--Adv. best held for some time. j JLrs A A po[)e and Ml55 lrene H ol- | -- .land of Pittsburg visited their parents. Tie choir of the Metl.odist Protes- ' _ Mr and Mrs j F . Holland of i;asl ] tant church-will give a-Mystery social (,, aterson avraue yesterday. | .Friday night in the church for the j No U ji o r -within a .thousand miles \ benefit of a sum pledged the new Sun- i has nei given bct ter material or · day school fund. - l ^-oriou-mship t han we put m our gar' · jmenls, Dave Cohen. Tailor.--Adv. Church Day will he observed Thurs-1 M r and Mrs j 05Cp h Risi and Miss Sarah, of Uniomown, ..^.^ SMCSIS of Mrs. Laura Jaynes of the Woman's .Home and Foreign it's- i Greenwood yesterday. sionary societies. Luoch will be served , Our 0.^0^5, ties and pumps for Irom U to 1 o'clock. ; ,,.,,-]£.,, are tj, e prettiest foot dressing ever shown. Come and see. Crow- Tbu -Woman-s gv.ild of the Trinitj 1 ' e .. Me5U . eznt Co.-Ad%.-:3-6t. Episcopal church wiii meet Wedncs- i ^ day night at tbe home of Mrs. L. W.' ,, t| 'j Brown in Sycaomre str-.-eL jlerday and -limited at tho home of Mr?. Bennett's father, S. F. Venn in Kichth street. Greenwood. Tbe i day in the First Metho-iist Episcopal j ,i au ~ht church'by the Ladies' Aid bociety aad ' wer g Mrs. "W. 0. Schoonove · of Wills road, left yesterday afternoon Cor Hot Springs. Ark., :o attend the bi-annual convention of :he Gen ral Federation of Women's clubs, wbica convenes in. that city tomorrow anU closes May S. Mrs. Schoonover is a delegate from the Pennsylvania Stai-j Federation of "Women's clubs. t i v f s and fr.euds of pallbearers n-ere Waiter Hay, Harry Ifay. A u s t i n Rlngler, H a r r y Rin b -ler. John Hay. George CarnharL Amung the out of town a t t e n d i n g the ranked high with the members of the | funeral w o i e : .Mrs. Sarah Rmgler. !)7 Supreni" Court, because the manner years old. of Donegal, grandmother of in v\hic:i he hanuleil hi= cases dis-' the dccra.-u'd; Mr... I^ou'.e Trout of clobed the pam^takmg and conscien- ; Cnior.towc, and Mrs, i J d w a r d Ringler tioui, \j.v. yer. ! of Sc^ttdaln. interiuent was made in In U" Mr. Mcslr.Mat was elected! mil Grove cemetery. I district attorney of Puj-ette county on', -- |lbe 1'Ci.iocratir tickf-t. In 1884-5 h o j AVILLIA.M MAGCIUi:. I was ihairinan of thc Democratic com- William Mn 0 -ulr., 53 eari, old, died l mitfci-- t.i Fayette county, and a mem- Sunday aMernoou at the home ot his ber c! :h(. Democratic State executive broiheV, Thomas Maguire, at He vas a delegate to III" I lon . He had been .11 of .1 complication Democratic State convention In 1SS2 o: diaoases, since last February- Fu- that nominated Robert K. i'auit.on f o r , nt:l - Zl f r om the Now Sa'.etn Calho'.ic govcraiir; to the convention ot 15!i2 | church tomorrow morning at 0 o clock that selected Orciver Clf:\e!iui(l f o r j w l t ^ interment m the church ccaic- pr's.dcnt. \Vhou Mr. Pattiaon \sas ro- tery. Deceased resided at Mount elected governor in IS'M) Mr. Mestro- pi^a.-aut for -7 yfor.s and for 30 years and Mrs. Dav.d Bennett anfi ' ZJt "'z* Mrongly »iijipor;ed by the was cmployon hy (Ue H. C. Frick Coke n of Keister, motored here yes- ] bench, bar and press in all parts of company. Of Ute he had resided v.lth the st..te for the appointment in h i s . his brother at Buffington. Two broth- cabin* 1 ; to the place- of Auorne} Gen- ' ers, Jam* = Maguire of Mour.t J^eaj- erai, but this position did not go to ant, Thomas Miiguire and two sia- DiiJMM fJSOSIE HOME cf QuAiiTY a-.c 5 : nv:c~ TTSBURG St if( n;:uicK I ' M ' i l . U ' · Hosiery Ladies' fast black Lisle Hose, f u l l regular made lineu toe '^nJ hcol, sizes 8% to 30. Mill price today 25c. Anniversary Sale price 19c per pair. Children's fine ribbed fast black Hose in all sizes, double heel, toe and fcnco. M i l l price today 2Qc. Anniversary Sale price 15c pT pair. Ladies' fast blark Tiioca 1 sic HOKQ, f u l l regular made linen toe and brel, sizes 8i,A to W. Mill price today 33c. Anniversary Sale price ~Zc per pajr. 30 Inch Hn, ft ihu 1 w e j i \ « mid smootJi -lo(Iu 31iti Vrk-c today liSJac yard. Sale Trice lo^c yard. Wonder Hats For the host and cheapest repair.-, on that roof, conductor or spouting, see F. T. Evans Estate.--Adv. Mrs. Arth'ir Newman and sen of Pcnurlalo, were m to^-n Saturday. Wanted at onco--me-Hurr. ~ ! ro house with conveniences, or a, .rtmcnt-S Call 7-fT, either phone or Bei! 77.--Art TvtdUrn part of t h e stale, lers, one residing iu Brownsville and A f t c - s u c c e s s f u l ami lucrative prac- the other In P:ti.-;mrg, survne. Mr. 1 tico in tLe sta-.e am! federal courts Mag'iire was unmarried. Mr. wa.«, m IS'jS. dueled -- j j u d q " of the Fouru-unlh Judicial dii-' Kl.i'ZA AN'N SliAFFBR. ! t r i f f , . nr-iiirisinic Ibo i ountiC!, of Kay-' Eliza Anr. Shaffer, tvro cara old, ' L'.tc a:.d Greene, hy ci.-ijori.v of nearly daughter or John Shaflcr. deceased, ; :,C"jJ. At no lime tho holly and Cora Gi.rlottb Shalter. died Satur- i conte-.te'l campaign wit, Iberu any ''.ay at tiic residmce of Willinm L,iy- speni. Out of town .,'ue6t.s wpre Mr. { and Mrs. B. C. "Wadding, Mr and Mrs C. C. Lsvingston of "Ha?elv.ood: Mr. | and Mrs. Kmerton Cans and family of ' Greensburs; Leo Gaus of Pit'.sbur; and Mrs. Joseph Weimer of Cumberland. Shoe Company.--Aflv.-29-lt. Dieanor John.~on of Wnshing- . on her return from a visit at Scott- Judge Mestrezat was elected to the'" 010 trom lhl2 Hich Rm "hutch this State "Supreme bench on November, afternoon at l . J o'clock. The father rth, ISSf), and on January 1 1500 a t ; o t u "-' c h l l d u " as k l l l e d ln an oxi'losma visiting in ' Pif.sburg today. day more to buy your footwear at cut prices. Sale closes tomorrow, r-aynonrt "'_ ' (laleJ ,. J. P. Koo^cr of New Castle re- I turned home tb:=; morning after a - - The-G. I. A. unit to the Charleston ,' vis . it « ll ' J relatives bore, branch of tbe -Navy League moi Sat-. M r s - -- et r S* uuil urday n.ight at the 1 oine of Mrs. \v. ··"H:TJruce in Sou-.h Connellsville. The was in the form of a birthday di "h. si srb ^^^srrjr, !-«-«-*·»»TM«* »* -««·«.-. ,,.,. of .(vnn^lns'ns ti mc tomorrow. Browne!! (Shoe Company.--Adv-.-20-ll. j Mr. and Mrs Emmet Johnosn and I I son. Hoy. of Pittsburg, motored here i ] Saturday night and remained until \ jlast r.itrht as the guests of Mr. and , Mrs. F. C. Rose of North Piltsirarg Philadelphia, he took his peat on th , I at a faav, mill in 1'JlS. KUprrmu bench lena of 21 yfars. In -1SSS judge Mestrezat the state for the' JU1S. JAMBS M. SMITH. Mrs. Olls-e G-iddis Smith, wife or i .Miss Kliza Willson Ewlng, dau^ur'of i Jaln , e5 * Lr . Sml * ° [ ., Un ! on ' o y : ;- f . or J 3 hn K. and Kllen L. Ewing of Union- *"» of Conmllsvule died S aiurd : y ,, ,, ,. , . nigln at hor liorae m bmoatown, tot- tmvn Mrs. Mestrcza died a few years ° alEc ^ pneumoaia . ^ after her mamagc. living one child' Mn i\ oauitnv afternoon at 2 o'clock House Dresses -Aprons House Drosses, grey and blue checks and stripes in Gingham and Percale, all guaranteed fast colors and th-3 best workmanship Ibat can be had. Sixes 3G to \- rnly. Mill price today $1 50. A r n i \ e r 3 a r y Sale pr.ce 05c each. Coverall Aprons, button down Hide, made by ihe best Apron manufacturers only, made in Percale and Ginpham in light arid dark colors, 38 to 46. fi/ll lengths. MIy:i price today 53 00. Anniversary Bale price 69c each. Our Waist Specials SPECIAL NO. 1 -- 10 dor..' 7,'aihts, made of fino quality Voile, both plain and striped, sizes 36 to ·48. Mill price today "Or. Anniversary Sale prico 55c each. 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Mi'.] p i i t e t u d ^ y 3S : je. ^ nivr^ar 1 ' Salt- yn"t f IT-f prr d Cr.r t.n ?."«i(!ras in Crea;'i a Win ". i u J f :l'i UK':','? \\ulc. .M Children's Goc-ds ( Inldri'i'.'. \\'h:i. and Coloi l)r-.s-i^ ;:i Giijgh;ii:i, Ptn-alc a -'n.'pe. In plaids, stripes and chrt-} sr/.ch -J io G yearb all w«il made a nice' 1 .- T r;:irne«l wr,h silk bra^d fait oilors. M i l l pr today 'i. 1 - 1 '.'. Anniversary Sale pr C~, du/en Rotnpc-rs ::i Gingho Pcrtiue. and Cha-nbra. pir colors. b;ripes and cbc.ks. sizo= to (J ypai's. f^Pt colors. M i l l pr tod,iy Tfit;. Ar.ui\crsary ^ale pr ;!(· en i-h. {tram the Iiouae, with mterraeni in Prosby- of Uniontown, guest. was an A unton meeting ot the auxiliaries to the'Brotherhood c.f Locomotive Engineers _will .he held Thursday at Glenwood.- AH members ot Ihe local G. I. l A. auxiliary who exoect to attend are asked to leave on ihe, early morning ; train. '* The J. 0. C. class of .the First Methodist Episcopal Sunday school and the Business Women's Christian association will meet tonight at the Red Cross headquarters to sew for the soldiers. The rooms will be open to all members who wish to assist in this important work. THE PATRIOTISM OF DAWSON GIVEN FINE RECOGNITION PETKR HOWATH. Pi'tcr Howath, 36 years old. died last night at bis home at Leisenrmg i rronia 'lecea."ed was'Amines- 1 -or*the ' Because of Functional Disor- 1 H. C. Prick Coke company. Funeral ' der--Cured by Lydia E. tomorrow morning from the St. Emory Magyar Catholic church. Howath j is survived by a wifeMn the old coun- "v^omen's all gray kid lace hoots with military heels, until closing lime tomorrow Brownell Shoe Company. --Adv-29-lt. ' Mrs. Albert Crossen i.s visiting In , thc sacrfflc( , s o u r soWicrs aro Contmued frr.m T.-ice Ono. fonner. in making presentation o[ the honor flag, gave an address on "Our [try. Present Duty," whn'h was a .stirring -appeal to our citizenry as a whole to ! JAMES "W. DUNiVWAY. awake to a realization of what w e ' James W. !)U".a.way, 65 years o l d , ' u.ii. do- before we can even approach died yesterday morning at his home Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Pitteburg today. mat . and Titrs. Edward Buckingham . ( i n g J-'ather Glennon's address of ac- and children of McKeesport motored here yesterday and visited Mrs. Buckingham's mother. Mrs. William Trump : ccntanoe tlirillnd Lh« audience with i'-s spirit of i r u o and earnest call to riuty anci sacrifice. That Davi-son had occasion to t h u s do honor to ils riluens for the part they have taken in the war i.s found in Lu/ornc. township. -cEufcbTSt a UBerty Loan-party Friday _ " .." evening at 7.30 o'clock in the church , * ' loan" was givea' each member oE the : club : to'uss and "double as many times as possible by May S.' As the result each May Queen girl is doing a double Sale ends tomorrow. entertain!^ 1 5"""^shoes while the price is cut. in the Iact t b a t D5 Q[ J t B ymli . g men out of a population of i)50 souls, huve alieady t-ntered '.he iiiiiitary service. otnhe Christian | d, of West Peach street. at Atlantic City. Sergeant and Mis. John C. Bierer, whose marriage took place Wednesday night in BeUevue. returned here . and Saturday -went to Uniontowr. to ! Misit Sergeant Bierer's mother, j - . - - - - - -\i,^ sunbcn |^^ B 'erer Mr. Barer before her Ior bollds v turned" in.' used for the purchase of Libi-rty .r^r^ Mnuons^^ si»«^ ------- tbe Christian church. Bach girl will tell in her own way how she raised her money. A first and second pnze will be offered the members- turning in the largest amount ot money. On Uie first Liberty Loan (39 people of Dawson. subscribed ?1(B,000 ou an allotment of 5K,uOu. In tne second Liberty Loan, with a quota of $115,- OOu, OBIS hundred anij ten subscribers purchased bonos to the amount of 41^0,000, an'l in the third Liliurty Loan Party fur Draftee. A purly was given Saturday night at the home o£ II. \\. liarncklow in Dunbar township in honor of George Flydcll, wiio left last night with the rir'r-ftees from district No. 0, for Caiupi Lee, Petersburg, Va. TUfi evening was delightfully spent at music ;md various games. A dainty luncheon was served. '2 subbcribeis have eadv valued at more than 8230,- OuO, and the 1 canvass is progressing v,s,t with relative, here 7 1 rapidly to a neir si 1 ! 1250,000. addition to these investments VU1 J'rcsent Play. The G-lee club of the Dunbar town- OakJand,.CaJ. -- "I sufTered from irregularities and congestinn, so I could not stand 01 my feet for any long 1 period of time and did not sleep well. The physician who treated me did not seem to help me any and a f ri end ad vi s-ed Lydia E. Pinkham's V e K et a b 1 e Corn- pound. I took it and before I realised it I was well. I, shall ! r e c o m m e n d your j valuable remedy to Wear Glasses That Are AdaptaWi You can't expect (o accomplish your best work -svi poor eyesigM, ]ior with glasse.s thai ure not adaptable your work. If your visioii requires near and far glasses and you a now wearing two pairs, reading glasses, or old-style b'ifoca' you should, for the pake of comi'orl, convenience and ef ciency, wear my friends."--Mrs. L. H. DE ' 605 Alcatraz ATE., Oakland, Cal. j Every women at some period or other | in her life suffers from just such dis- j tarbances aa did Mrs. Weese, and if ' .YPT ship high school wi',1 give an operetta | there is no interested friend to advise, Friday evening, May 10, in the high j let this be a reminder tnat this famous Id school auditorium at Leisenring No. 1. root and herb remedy has been over- Tbe proceeds are for the benefit of The Sentinel, for purchasing o f | f o r 1 ' high pictures for the school talking machine. The regular me* ting of the C. W. B. M. auxiliary of the Christian church will be held Tni rsday'·"afternoon at 2.30 o'clock, in thi church. The leader is Mr:.. J. L. Kt rtz, assisted by Mrs. Harry Norton. Mr . J. Melvin Grey and j " Mrs. Hairy Stum-). Thc regular m- eting of the Ladiea Mrs. G. N. Durneli of East Patter- ' Llbmv bondSi Dawsou raisc( , $g 50D -son avenue returned home yesterday i Cor th ; Re( , c ross ,,, ^ ^^ afternoon from a visit with her sis-| drire ot last Jtloc , added io lhis S6 . 1S j lv or ConiH-llsville, ter, Mrs. H. E. Shade at Somerfleld. 1 C u u n i n Traiisferred. Ralph Coursin of Scottdale, former- who enlisted m coming these ailments of women for more umn 40 years. If any complications exist, write j Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, ] Mass., for advice. The result of many i years experience is at your Bcrvice. I · V , T v i' h' t r f , e m ' i i " '··" CnrisLma s membership cam-1 the av,ation b crv!ce, h as been trans- .aturday night she attended a Red ; Pil . gn of last Decerab er. has raised | ferred from Kelly Field, San Antonio, 'urn of 5326 was'reil^d " " rE - A W ' M "' Special Red Cross do - T «» l ° 3 TMTM S SCh0oi *} St ' Fau1 ' TM ' . , ,, ,.' , tions a n 3 took a lied Cross collection Minn. a r o n c j n n , H Clarence J, Hoop of Homestead was C A S T O R S A For Infants and Children, In Use For Over 3O Years Always bears thc Signature of I a n d took a Red Cross collectio , u ,, List niglit amounting to ?57.50. Sub' h Ho b .' SrPareDlS ' ^' and ^ I r a -! scnpt.ous to U, e Y. M. C. A. war fund John Hoop of G-eenwood over Sun- I a m o u n u d lo t . t , 162 . 3 o and the Knights ' Mrs. R S. McK«. o£ Greenwood ,.,, j °'Colua-.b... f u n d $-165. Saturday night to see 'her hllsbnnd, Major R. S. McKee of the 110th Regi- ' rnent Hospital corps, who is at an embarkation camp j ' Mr. and Mrs. V". B. Mason. Mr. and ] Mrs. Charles Mason and ?on, Billy, ·J. A. Mason, Jr., and son, Walton, and Mrs. Sisley, all of Pittsburg: Mr. and! Mrs. James Mason and daughter, Nel- i j lie. of Unfontowii were guests of Mr ' , n n r i Mrs. J. A. Mason of South Arch treet yesterday. TUey also visited i AHV.VXCK DT I'MCE ORE THROAT or Tonsilitis--gargle with warm, salt water then. apply-- ~' tlf body^J-J*Jd hvTfajr Homf ioc--"Uc--$1.00 Chief Boners Improving. Chief of Police W. B. Bowers, who has been ill at the Cottage State hospital, returned to *hts home last evening. NOTICE TO MOTHERS You can quickly heal baby's sore, chafed Syke's Comfort. Powder which contains antiseptic, healing ingredients not four.ii in any oilier nursery powder. 25c at the Vlnoi and other drug stores The Ccmlort Ponder Co., BoSon, Mass. Automobile nils Car. An automobile r o u n d i n g Brimstone corner abou; .'i o'clock yesterday afternoon ran into a mam l i n e street car which b:td come to a standstill 0" of the street. The machine wrfs not damaged out. c ;de of P bent feeder GI*AS S £ S TOE OHI.Y INVISIBLE BIFOCAT KRYPTOKS (pronounced Crip-toi'Us) are double vi ion without showing it. because the two sections are invi ibly united--no nor humps scparaiing them. You can increase your efficiency and at the same tin enjoy real eyesight comfart by wearing these all-d; glasses. Whether you neeri bifocaJs or any othrr k i n d of glasse you will find it to your advantage, both in price and in U results obtained, to have us do your dork for you. Trust your e\ es to our care. I. W. MYERS, Opt. D. Optometrist and Optician The Highest Grade anil Most Efficient Optical 8ci-vice in Connelisvilk- WORTH BL;G. CONNELLSVILLE, p. · April showers wash and clean old ! Mother Earth of Winter's germs and ! l b e west sld impurities. Hoilister s Rocky Moun-"""'" " | tain Tea does the same thing for your stomach. bowels. Wood--purifies, , cleans you through and through, a j Jay l!"'is linproiei-. ; thoroughly Spring remedy, 35c. Tea The condition of Jay Davis, who b:u. _ j or Tablets. Conaellsville Drag Co.-- ' been critically ill. of pneumonia at tii,s rsflUld JUOney if it fails. 25c I Adv. T (home at Poplar Grove, is improved. B ELL-Aires' CHICHESTERsPIL na BHBBKH f"* a ^ ^s x-"S^V ""'-.'·IAMOXD niu.0. Absolutely Removes M^^piKr|s'S'p f ls Indigestion. Druggists (^/l^gc^g --r SOUBYMUGGISTSOT»wi

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