The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,738 VOL 16, NO 144. CONNELXSVILLE PA. MONDAY E V E N I N G \PRIL 39 191S EIGHT PAGES UHERICAN FORCES ENTER TRENCHES ON NORTHERN FRONT UNDER HOT FIRE a ·etachments of Pershing's Men Face Germans on Line Barring Way to Amiens; Attack Opened on Toul Sector to Keep More From Going North; Ypres Under Heavy Bombardment- HOLE REGION IS SWEPT BY GAS SHELLS MORE LEAVE FOR ,S.L.MESTREZAT, CAMP LEE, CHEERED Grout S u n u j j t von in;.' Crot\d Distinguished hajctte Countian Vssomhlcs .it Station Si« 'llic n Oft. to P.issps 4.M.ij in I'hila- ilclplna. SLOVAKS OF COKE REGION They're at it Again To- REAFFIRM THEIR LOYALTYi dayBent on Pushing By \3i-ocfated P-css LODOi, April 29.--The British troops around Ipres several times after daivii this morning sent up S. 0. S. signals lor artiQerj support, telegraphs the "Keuter's correipondent at the BntKh headquarters in France. Although no d« finite report of an infantry attack in this region has y f t been recencd the correspondent adds the tremendous German bombardment points to the certainty of a German attempt to adTance. TYITH IHE BRmSH VKttl I FKACt, April ·29.--The tourth German army this morning hen^ilj attacked the allied iront in Handers Prisoners captured ha^e admitted that the German intention is to attempt to capture Iprcs. The attack extends oer a iront of 15 miles. OF DAWSON GIVEN FINE RECOGNITION I THREE BANDS IN ESCORT Boys til Iii-\tri(A 2 Jind " Vn ttnde HAD BEEN ILL FOR WEEKS AND PUN FOR BIG THINGS Total Over Million tu kn in Pliat Hit J'copli ou W a j to iiuttlt V^uinsf the iiicd' uslici HixtTi/iit Had Krillmnt f a - r e r , In gnu J'nieUce 01 Litiy lit \\iiMiisbun,- I ouitul In Lmon ton n , On Sup rum BentJi bine* IbM TM.,r ,;^s±:";;' "cr HOUSE idHOUSE CANVASS il K i d ( ross in V p t i m h t r | the Presentation oi Bond Honor Flair. THE PEOPLE ARE STIRRED By the id-drib** s 11 Juriu u n S » t a r - inj;en und J a t l u r til* mum «t tin Cimuniiiulj Senices H i l d J ul tuning, JhitYMin s. tn tiiLible K(corL WITH THE AilERIC-^N 1 ARMIES I ANCE April 29'--4mencin troops haie takea up positions won in thc - tou llv and lts the French battle front u ider the French high command, in ^TMV Can' fto.nTionITM, The thirteenth Suuda e\crmg com nmuity senict, hUu in tht, Cocbrau Memorial church t D i w b o n last uve ning i OL ouh m i^Ked the lufch U k of lojalt'v and pa r oti^n and nu£h borhood unifv in ihat \icimt} but it a00"tied one of tht most at ikmt demonstrat ont ot tht kind that h is \ei been held in i v\ette tountj To t t U b r ite the pa e sint oi the t o w n s I beru Uond q i t n a b\ the for NORTHERN niol presentation ff the nr-n honor f ig and Vnothor coming nl of t omiellsviJle Out o L to t h e uit,inor o ihar of mL.n to t^e. u b National "^ o c i i t t J U ^ U C L S phui Lt-shi. M fa Vrrm which is now in tr lining 10 E * f it i f LK ! tin s v l \ mia bupn lie tight the Hun over then, kf hert st touri wli » died iin d i mo mn b at m q h t for Camp Lee o\er t h p Baltimore [ "L Vlduic h u u l J \ J l d c u i p b i L tht_ II ig 1 Ohio railroad 1ht fli/"ieeb w t r c UL tht touit bouse in L n i o m o w u iCLompmitd to the station b L ire *iu.h wa» his horn wa,s a half mast mLndnua c m w d w h r u 1 led the p a t 0(itl J w i l l ^ m in t ul uc l a ) i i u 'orm M a t e r s reet md overflowed tn C o u n t } Bai L.tuuuion i ui bi u ·10 ne distance d w n ' h n tracks ic^ir ca led to ado-[ i n t i b l t rf-uki unb the end of t i t tra ti u itr Lhc Joe a bovs w e r e lot, utd M t b ( uUi C on r e U s v i l l c ha-- PL it nni \ co tn^tnts of mtii to tho cai ip- witliii tit. months t i t urnc it of thjuiand-, to wis) t h t m ( o t l b p f t d n e v u r i e t n ts_b I he draftee-, of both Dibtricts \r-, t u n e i u l d in i f urijoon at . 0 Hudson J i* i t I t \ )s The American forces 2 aid o reported, al t h e a n i o r j roll till vp=u rda\ af crnoor Yt 5 JO 0 olo*k ihe pu ade wt,s or e ant7od (nd promp 1^ TI S o c l o t k i mo\ctl tor the ·* tan on fhv, parat f w TS led b 1 ^quiUl of po iceniv u foUcwti. o% firomtn carrjmg th-^e heau :ful flifes I h e Connellbv lie Mil tan I md uur e J t l : U)U1S c " ' I a nt i c x t in tu-i 'ollo^cd h^ the draftee. a ° p of J * I l J ^ l " a i d Joe K u r l r s drun L O I I W U tn b; the c invisbinp- to mis w h k h w t . n r o v t r for I b hand o r t u J l O W i . ( l o l n n t t r u t s wort i t a u j a n d the n\ IL i and itj i ihe pat,t t w o wck*. Bonds 1 he I ^ i ^ e r r n i g I n,k COAC c o u i j a i then Lhn New Haven ich all ranks have suprem. conftclence me AiuernMin lord ^ ( , r o w n W l l l l a m McDona ,, e the enernv on the line barring the Geimans f r oru Pans and j ob ^ uiuon Lmrsi neatir Kn G lens where the ha\e been a certain number of das M RU^ He\ H * i mm ind Uev Theie was increased artillerv actmtj on the'Toul sector to- w B Purncll h i d prepand i ntting At dav.n the Germans began a heavs. barrage against part program our line This was accompanied b\ intermittent machine Prcceomg f-o presentation of ui» and rifte fire , j f!a s a short pitr i tic ind dtvot onal m , -, t , i i. c ervice WTS he d opening w i t h in or The enemy actmt is tatven to mean that tie is striving to gan ploh]fle h} VlsS U v e r d l Sn dcr p the Americans bus bO tb.e cannot be sent north [followed Ij the ioiologv and the i bai,s ind suitcases or th The Americans on entering the line found their positions in i prayer of mvocaun b Rev u \ j w c - c hauJed to ai e station m oiling terrain The artlller "Was the first on the line enter- Baum pastor of the c h u n h God The men were gotten nto tht car fire depi-rtinent Fhi. Jo^ noxx 'ol owed bv iht lia the I dnxhml school t idt ti li ousantl o r ptrs ns 1 i etl the streets at, lu d-aftees mi r tl r i from the trmor-i to the bluion ie curbs w ero Hnfd from the irinorv o t h e Ba tiaiore Ohio Si^i on Tf e h ind ind uruifet fo I u n l a i faei \ K ( h -A t i l L i ^ i i l u d c l j In i au fiujxia^ and the r lun w i 1 hi, b u i ) i t o u n \ h ( f u r t h c w i 1 \jf cu ifiin ti. I \\ ( d t c or tilt ( - nur '-' 1 11 iuuto \ On Uitir ai i iv il u vt n IK remains w i l ' DO 1 01 K n r \i o i u c i T 1 . n i tv, of tliL JIL t u t ML it-id-t M a U 3 i a r s old bum i \ I i p l t U t i Ci tone. J rua ^ l i 1!4S Hi, l_thn j \1 =Lro? il Y. is ' ,t^ His noil u \Ja v Vnu H i tl \ \1 sir /at i is of J D b h h md ^- th I ' · h a b u n ^ The, ^ I b t I t i a t s a i t a fai i v ot dis ' 1 111,11 bh d 1 L H tain of U ni hi in^ b t i n prt ii i r t i n hi t h n ana rtUoiou*. Htt jf ra-nt^. and. '-.v.iu lant Jud^* Me tr*. i b f i t ] ] r ! i\od to b SI \ t a r a o d il mottif ditd m 1^ 1 at th a-, of ~o \ IP- To th t ir] ad an f u I r tin n ra t ng oi tl c ^lo\aks of the C o n n e l l b v lie icgjon held n L mon t o w n ycbUrda\ a ledge of lova f\ to he L n i K d States and I sc \ J l u d (.aufat \^as nude w i t h i t l u s i a s n In up\\ ir( s of ~ iO n u n m atttndam c ^Icpb wcrt Hitcn o form an or^in ?^ti)[ to %i\ d r c H i and control o U e pa rioui wo K of the iKnal s n h = sec lor 1 \ the ippomtmcn of i jinin tt 'o i h a t puno^ PI ins h iv alro ith 1 tti o t n l n 1 or i w cek ^ t lobi mon to take ihe r*rm o i g i g i n i i t Re 1 C i o s 1 tnefii \ ith \\il 11 1 L U i I n miuv. n J 1 tl t i o i i s t r i i o i U IK^M n_ Monda\ u ith i a J 1 ind en oi taimm n s w i t u p i t u n r on t i t h of the jiu i tdiiif, I n ^ MLL.III me l if local h I Q us nt ht -· o \ a k in tnt uifl ^c^t ( i i i t t i \ 11 con mm th \ o k (f I ^ h t i t \ Loi ( I oosun an 1 ouci pat I-*Otl ) 1 I t J C 8 1 he obj»c ^ f 1 c ] inpus re \ or b i n i / i 101 a 1 - tatod b one of th iem).i b at \pst.trdd\ s nnc inr, art T h i s r^am/ a n pan lot e i u \ o s in \n f t t n -, % e r n m nt -ind \ i n u i t m jfkal Ii^ n f m or 1 ' "in f Lbcr" irr i i kh 1^.1 ind hose at n u ir IP tip. HI e \ e r \ . v , a v UP^ an to n t! 01 t i :1 nm I o in md oi icr A i p r i f e ! ^ w i n t ne o pi" to 1 no tl it Jie s f v*ij o \ c i i c i P H i ^ h t Hen's le.u»s (,ct (xoodlj Sura, at tli Mont Tlitatres but- urday C f l 1 15RAT3 ] KIDAi MGHT Dinne itt Mnsonie J i m p l e is to Bo I olhuvMl tn Frt M ntJiijon 01 ) ] b ( r i y J mm H nor Map if Hich *5c]i ul Vu- ditonum to M h n h Piihllc is JmiUnl. n lueni.e anc. insist uue of his ] n ents Ji u i Mi bin /-it a,srnbc(i m S eat p irt bi« tn ci sslu ^i t I In b ul d r x i d t d m t en eari ; \ j i i t Ui u t\iC"ir th 1 t ou d he tr uriLd for he or t \ e u Keep and Guide Our Ven sung by on a dark night which "vias made red by the continuous hes of inendh and hostile guns When the infantry moved m the firing was just as intense. ^ borne places our troops, after passrarg-thrtfugh villages \verej f i L of tho Rcd C r n ^ wo , k ed no\^ and then with shiapnel In several instances t h e y , H a 1 IIP star an«i stnpp id the trenches shallow \shile m other cases there were no iches at all The \niencan lines gen^rallv are about 200 to 400 yards rt and the high ground is about evenh divided l-was^akor The training period for the American troops lasted a few j^^ con . -» after \vhicb thej moved up to w i t h i n sound of the guns Kenry D^ re the\ rested -^hile awaiting orders to go into battle at aid with game time gnmg the last touches to their equipment ing RG\ the audience was followed bj the hvmn quickl as possible anc thi t r i m p H s f , P r w h the school c h i l d r e n the announcomenu, were read Follomns iho patriotic * e r ' U B TM u u f u ' ' ed. out onlj Alj wcro ' and M irplti 1 Hod Cross i few mi nites I te i pphed w i t h ^c cor fort oJU\b- bv uprer ^hi!e I c he ^ sha]H , ^ ( ( cntl; tn dll 3nr idrni 1 - 10 f r jin \\ii2 L J l f i n ] v p n u , l i j p la , i. 1 cc \ \ h l l e waiting for the time the Germans again come )ss No Man s Land the Ameircans have not lost sight of the r le progressing in their neighborhood French and English ^rs were brought up as soon as the men aimed As many 15 men mav be seen reading one paper at the same time, the · oice reports recen ing first attention For a feu das before the troops went into the trenches officers took energetic measures to suppress false and vicious 1 p A DTV AC 1 V M T A cuts regarding the progres* of the battle HOY- these origin- rnftl I Uf I. m. L. n. H 3 B U Hi'-j McDon- F Rob-h Dc\anron prp? d V H Spcnce pastor of tha Prcsbvtprnn church of [ nionto»ii yas to ha^e riclnprod tho faornon hut he u i ^ provented bv illness from be ing present Th* ti ne allotted tn him was git en to Judge J Q \ in s^ C ir iDgen and Fatncr A T Glennnn The * Continued on PIRC T ^o Lffic c n t l j tn dll gctiiU he p i c 1 p ired u i ,, triii it 1 01 i r t c r u an t= uep irti rnt of ter^iti of \ ir i, ina He g-'-aaii^ttd roro his inst u ion m 13d w n the dc-gr of LI B r ^e urn ng liomt lit w a t once idnuttvtl 1.0 t t l ai at V» a iiesouri;, Orccn toun ^ r en he "fttnt w es w i t h th purpose of s* tiling thert if ho could find a sui.ab!e lot it ion "\Miik n oJi-irg \ ton- o this mvesiiza 3 seems to be unknown bin the Americans on" this front have v reached a state of mind sjch that they will believe nothing near 1PKE OFFBSI\E IS RXSU3IEP. LOVDON April 29 --The Germans this morning opened a w bombardment with high explosive and gas shells on t h e ] ire front between Meteren and Voormezeele south and south-' t of Ypres the war office announced todaj Vn enemv attack which developed vesterdaj afternoon ml vicimtv of Locre west of Mount Kemmel was repulsed I WORKERS ON SHIP SUNK BY U-BOAT sssel Sinks in 12 MJnuios; Vll It- ccp( Thtre of -50 \boord Vrc S»vtd LONDON April J t ~ A part of 57 American army 1 oung Men s Christian ;ociation workers under Arthur L Hungerford arrived in London latt Trois canteon comnuttt-e uppHtd t \ e r man vr th a bo\ l u m h j Vt tl-e "atlroad station I a id (.on .cert*! ^cre pi\cn h^ ho ihrp* hinds | Lester Criwforri with the Conntl s % i l e Military band sang several \oca solos . As he rim pulled ou in J t i l i a n ' dn r ted from in A l i e g h c n ) tountv dm ( intt cried to pier*on* to h i\ a I ih- t on tie taught a w i n t e r s =c 100! in crt\ bond Th assembled t r o v f i f a-,iiio C j u n t \ Illinois Ho I at i u l yi\G i mmhi cheer for th boxs as t u r n e d ea. and )pencd tn off cc in the car-, rolled past h niontonn v. ort a 1 hus profession U Thursda% Monmg ConnrllsMllc ^ t l l j a n d pol uc it hon rb tcok oo grtn ps-i n see morr o' h e - bos !c-i\ing and flounshed w hen 14 nc a from Donets No-, - ind I WlBn af!or th I 0 rm Uiou of !h^ 5 w II leave for Fort ThoniBh \\\ [he partn[1 ,hip of Bo^le , Mcstrcait M men w i h leave hero it b I 5 n cJork ijnvi e v,as oluteti to c-onB-oss a greater proport on tl an f v c r of iht ls.bor ind, refapoaMoiht oC tht n m d t . v o i \ i d upon Mr Mp^tre/at He ( jnt.lnuel on J ij,e T w o ) OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY l\rti*-t' U^lti in I t m p i i In \\illiam M t k i n l n I 0 0. 1. Ic-niber ol Y* lihii ^ K K ^ l H ^ lodse t f O d d l ( I J o \ v = - e M t r l a \ u onioor cbser\td tl t n ih a nuei^a ^ tf Odd 1 cllou bh p t t * x rcisc s held in tl e t f i n p l e n *~ MU i Pit Miur4 trtet Or it coun o f 11 L btr ^ Ixiar c f k b r i t o i Pnda\ ' 1 ^ n n^ ne v t the members ( f Gentni M o r i h lodgt h a ^ c posTjoii i. t h e i r i n n \ ( i \r\ e\prti-5e*' to tlic f il ow inif 1 d i ^ otnin,, Mi^ 11 KCI J "-» '--lower'' W T S ho of he w t a ion for Yrilliaxn McKmley l « ^ p John Dai IP made a four m m u e a.rldre=s and a I o sang a. solo The Monarch nu irtr saifr A. service flag contain ng -) ^ars \ras dedicated Ro\ \V J F-\erh-Lrt will be the speaker at thc Goncra ^ orth ^^r \ lets Thv I3o% seou s of hu* t t j w h o n en t ) \ ) J k on v at ird L^ o eour be boue dr^ ten ton !ef b\ ibc tan\as*.]n to uan ^ttu-ed J i b loser p- ti i a noun iht, o ?· J w i n, one da\ s \ \ o i k r! t e o n « go oa» fa h in. hL no n ig ant 1 ^o~ked steadili a il tb clt ^L o UK 1 ml s o i ;a u-day light Man\ o tlu Lo^a va-ucti tluir nunal^ \ cl I I L awarded b\ Jie c,o\ o nent o a c cou ^ e l l u g not kss i lan tn hoj b tn hat iua^\ - i f l c n n t IJLO il Tlie LOI -, made a hou c t. t hou c e can a n om bei ion ( E lit ci , v iile ht r « as a w a i b a u r i f o n ILJ. \ irni of h i n in ttu d o w D t o u r cc Jon ) p ad of v,a. ir? o be cal od o si i a bond t h e l o v - , b l o p p t j man. tifu T-i) un t h r 5reei=i l u ibis i an-old in Lrauford a.\enae ? 1 ! The major 1 of i^e r ^iua I r'ejommations and a i makms good as t h e af i r ihi rea ier 1 - The n r ^ H t a it la; i ond art. i 10 loc«-J ^ lain ^s scon s ttso ) ai f \ ande^b 'l and D iv, -,on allot ( to them and soire I I I P C nis U L C K r:p» o tbo e pia v e v 11 be uad( i i into uobiU after ehool ib d sni s S t u in the af eruoonc SUSPECT RELEASED Uiko Ilehnnik of \(lcini(Io. Provi« I hut H Js ^o rni-Orrnian ( harprng him A Ui boi^j, a pio Gcr nian j ( huadiia\er ant 4 Fred talker two ( imp l^ee soldiers home on f u r l o u g h took Mike Brbomk of \dc- Ia do o hi i»l te st UIQT Saturday Tue n i p s tan^assmg leauis a^e also si '! at work ard sa urdav nigh in ju a. IitJp o\cr one hou~ more han ? j JOG had b t t n (ir-ant^i up Die ttam*. n^ i-ded the f o u r theatres of t e e n and a/u r a fou- minute *alk went ' I , M?a ^ c f -throufc i t h r audiencps soliciting sub- scr p ion 1 ' Onh lo m nutes fta_s laken. ai each theatre and m Lb s manntr I $ T » 0 0 was subscribed [ M chr \rtadc theatre ?1 7oO "was 1 coliectfd at tnc Paramouni 3 700 fit tbe Soisson $6oO and at Jie Orpheum Jl 450 The canvassers will keep on i witji their wo~k his week and mako a final repo t at a dinner to he held m the Masonic temple at 6 o clocfc Pridai piening \fter uie dinner a celebration Tull be held in i ic high school auditor uiu I w h e n ihe I iSxjru Ixjan flag to be awa dei tins cit~\ for pa,ssmg its quota will be cxbibnd All Coc- nellsvillc is c\icctcd to turn out for i tbe telt*nl-on Aliiiougli no i-bangs There \vas great actt\it by the hostile artillery during last| mghl Tht shlp or which they sailed ot from the river Scarpp opposite Arras north of Lens and | nab torpedoed vcsterdaj morning and \een Gnencty and Nieppe wood on the southern side of the sank in 12 minutes AU the passen- battlefront scrs and a11 bm thrce of tLe crew @_ were sa\ed The passengers were picked up in life boats and landed at a British port The ^.mencans are al] safe ind. woll On their arrual in London the were taken in charge b the H UK. I 1 ( H M h - S pondent telegraphs his raajest pobt- i I U \ t 10» iUH VJIIL\i, ed himself on an advanced field posi- \piil 2 { J -- The German^ tion which gives a view o*er the range of heights southwest of \pres · se\eral attempts last mgbt t( r e on I rench positions n Han *-oodo on the front before -^mieti 1 ; \\ere checked M the French fiie A i r oCice innounces stage of the ha tie jie advarce of ho rolling curtain of fire the storming of ' t h e infantrj and toe ebbing of the fire j could be exact!} followed American Ti M C A a n d R e d Crofab The mimbei of per'; ni on board the vessel was about 250 i* DON April 29--The newest \ n go\emtncTH m Petrograd L dispatch has denounced the t I itot "OiL. treaty ·with German ! s fo" a new ireatv w i t h !hs r under Russian rule One of the shn s officers told the Associated Press that the Americans liOLI VM) I \LI*»TS ^ a \e conducted themselves m an ad IS RM (KOSS MKSF mirable m a n n e r The wore the bpt Viss Irene Hollard daugh er of Mr ter able to do this because thej had Holland of Cast Patter- enlisted as a Red Cross \ UTFS IN TM 0 ( V S I U T \ I ISTS V*mi\GTO\ ^pnl 21 -The cas 1 s oda'v contained "4 names e I as follows 1 tl m action 13 died of wounds K i of accident 1 * 2 died of dis died of other causes 1 u* d se^ereh 11 wounded -1 srht 1 missing i" action 3 p 11 n \ r ~ h u r *· I-ocke w a among -tilled i r action second casmlt\ ! st toda\ con- d S2 names di\ ded as follows led m action i d ed of wounds ed of 'liieaie 3 wounded sp\ere- t ^rounded \i^ u tu 5o t!i»sing t »n 1 and Mrs J ] son avenuo nurse and accompanied by JQO otaer i n u i s e s will leave Pittsburg on \\ed , nesda^ for a training camp prepara- tor% to goms; to France Miss Hoi 'land was graduated r rom the Columbia bosp tal Pittsbii"Ei and successfully passed the sta e board examination Kor a Red Cross nurse spent most of their time aboard the ship in mihtan dn Is and daih ind 1 fe boat dnlH for Canap Dix Wnghtslown jom Jie 54th Engineers J to ULL1ID1 BOY H O W I n HRLOCGH. Charles Vrdt-skv hUtioned a,t Camp R U P H f R l l IS ' Lee peterfabur S Va ^ spenr'mg a - T R 4 1 M N G FftR. TT\M?R ' urlou e h tt th !lls P^en s Vr and T , h r h ,, K i t ^ ! % I l s ^ ndrefl Ardesl^ at Adelaide Ralph Graj w h o baa been stat-onod a Sa" Vntonio Tex has been trans i f'-rtod to Fiirfeld O to train for a sunnei He will be located there lor about six week-* "\oung Gra\ i* a ion of Mr and Mrs CharIc- Grav of South Pit *bur? stree bert Noscl est nrd Car Huej ab IJLU tenaut s Tht No j hoard appointed Lar Del Itng as. captain of its tontingei t w i t h Howard V Bower and L ro Gnmn a-b h b heiHtnanu. John Henry IXWLF [ of Dunb i.r wah excused Iro*n. t us ] contingent Morris J Grod^tn of Tulsa Okla- was no able to report for eatrainment y e s t c i d i j but he w i l l [ go \MU he next tontingtnt Tircx, who left esttrda\ tvuning fo Canp Lee follow Di^tnct o. 2 Curtis L. Ixwraan fee) tdalt- George "ft ilhani Bruimer Stauffer Albert Noscheso Connellsvilli. LtmJ.s Delibbio Conn U b v i l l t John Basile Now Vlexander H i n r j Robert Cole Conno ISM le P r e d \Villum Pearbon PiUsbuij, John Jostph Fealy Connells% lie ATrcd L Kell C o n n e l U \ J l l e Arlie L. Goodmg Terra AUa W Ja Geierro DiLeHa Conntllsville Joatph Petku Connpllsvillc Joseph Thomas Billet Broad f o r d S L i n l e j Hitchait Lverbon John I Smith Coanclls^illc JJDUIS H Hue/ 1 Connellsville James G S w m k Comellsv He C jaee^ Wingi"ove C o n n c l l s x i le Noiman KeKc Connellsiille Lcvi Gnntle Adah Joseph Mabireppetto ConnellbMlle Louis LevLnson ConneUs\iHt Dibtnct Ao. . Louib Krc_npask Veffs O VuaUn A Zimmerman Adah Howard ^ Bower \ r erbail es Lar! R Detiing Mill Run George Henrj rhdell Uunbar K D 1 incused man yesteraay proved that he j^J^lfv l f. WOMAN IS KILLED «il«iui°tt Soriiusl Ju- Vuto Vccidf n(. \nd Her UaU {, mrtd n N rb T cs c u t o f f m i i \ vms of L n ion town was k i l l r d tnd her tomp tii ion l l a i r \ I 'id upp bupt n tendon t o r thc Thompson N D - miaes \vas m jured m an au onubih actidon \vhith otci rred %esterdi af ernoon J I B ! ib thej wt i e crossing from the Morgan to\\ n road t 1 it It at T to he L mon town Count 1 "} t l u l Fho car struck a ontretc bridge and turned com pletolj ov i ind thp passengers iveie p i n n i d indoi it n tht t i c t k Mrs \ a i r i b v. · e on Iv nlirneri o had been m faming a. Camp I ee out hid been ribchargtd befcaube of being in i icn client HL was discharged A \\. ^t trt vrd followed Behonik and Uit ^olditrs o ii G polite station and i h i eatb w r* ma Jt a^anst tnt for p ,ncr The police sav thv soldiers w ore nide 1 " tbe influence of liquor and arrested Bebonik without caiiMJ FOUR TO GRADUATE V n n n a ! ( omrat nccmdit ot HUh St.hol Inda^ I oiir njombers of Jie stnio tla^-s I of the Gibson ing school at South Lo n e l l b \ i l l t u i i l he graduated Pridav ovoning t w b i t i time the annual ex j cruse \\ill bo h t l d n the school | hall Vtloud^ntt A i l l bi I ·v m\ita J Andrew ^ a r n s \vlio is sonewbere in l l o n on account of thp lirai cd spate I I rarce and is ore of the best k n o u n \ e ^ter Condifl w i l l ho \ a cdictouan Kounj, women ot I n i o u L o w n I ie an \ (.harlottc \. t ^ n a n =alutaiorjdn conplt iefi. I u o n t n u n Sunda\ after- The oth B raemb rs are 31ai "Voun ·^oon intending to- take a Mtort nde to Xin and R^tuond driffith= ti\ out a new cai Schjpp who is in The baccaliuieiU ^ermon was de- j t b e LUK titow a ho pttai is Married ara | in ipd ias\ night \v- Kc\ M B Me · t R V ITCHl-S B\TTT f FOII ItMlHH ^ n LRD^M \nr i 2^ --Empt ror ari watched th battle for K e n -Ii ! on \p r ii -o »a^ s the correb 30 at thp "out of tlie Berlin 1 Uzetger i tarly as 6 o clock tbe corres !R. BO'S BKOOKS ^ HOMI- 0 FIKIOFGH Lieuteran t BOTV D Brook 1 - statioiv ed it Ca-np Meade Annapolis June -.on Md is spending a furlough with his ivife and baM i GOES TO fOA THT 1 ^^(L^FERt^^r CORPS ^ F Gau^ i Baltimore Ohio railroad fireman left this moniine Ram nnight and Tuesdav cooler s the noon wea her forecast for \ Astern Pensvhania TLmperatorL Jlecord. 101S 1917 Maximum 7j 62 Minimum o7 oO Mean _ _ So ob Jacob Gearv I dian Head Vsa Haborn \Ijers M a r k e s b u r g Robert Fill Vddis Vandorbilt 1 eroy G"mm Ltibennng \o 1 Otto Slierbo Berrybu g « ^ a Glenn Gale Fisher \oungstown 0 Lewis Jerome HarUcll DtiLbar \orman M Hall OhJopjle V . i l l a m H "Waolfc Ohiopyle Frederick Pinne\ Donb ir R D 1 Ufred Ha,nklns Dunb-i.1 R J \ incenzo Balsoretti \Wst Hobjken J rt sides at T oinpson No Wi wiles Cases Juported T w o case^ of nicisles were icported to tJie board of lieaiJi o\ci thc -.cik end Laugnlm fho cl icil c lurch ·* ing oir of he !angel I l o u r Rwencd Into (Tinrch J "iiir pei sons \\ere received into Jie itea Brethren cburcii vesterdav .sing acd. tbe can- w i l l probaiilv be able rc- pon moro than a million as connells- ville s bit" m the loan Several meetings -were neld in tho rural diM ic s vesterdav n ordtr to boon the loan ibere The people m the outHing sections read all lie Lib- jert} LXian lltprature -her can but j they like better to be told about it n plain wo~ds Most of tbe meetings vrere argclv attended A comraiUee composed of B B Smith G S Cornell H G«orge May, 1 T ''Norton, K^ S Matthews S F A^he and Dr J I Cochran went to tbe Mount Zion church at Acme wnere a meeting *as neld in afternoon About $2 A)(i was co lected at the meeting and more was '-ocurcri. in. a morning meet ng held an the Method st church Robert Norns I Y "V\ right S R Cold-=nit H I- S r h o n c k W 0 \drian M alter Schencfc A M Hames t \ \ I Wright and F b \ o u n k m held ' t h r e e meeting One was a tbe I Church o r the Brethren near Chami pion another ai a church at Newell s and t h e t h i r d at thp Center school bouse Ml Cessions were full of pj 1 inot c an ero=t and the workers in. the loan i r n o were given fresh impetus WITH THE WEATHER AND "OTHER THINGS" ENGINEERS ARE HAVING A WARM TIME A sen ice flag in honor of the \onng men memoes of 'ht church ^ho are m ml ta-i s«mc(. w i l be dedicated neil Si ndn piining by the congre- ga on of UH Immacula e Conception cLurch ^ i t h Appropriate exercises L p lo ihe pifticnt tmu the flag coufuns 361 starb Moro w i l l be acded The longh i n e r fell during the nnrht from 290 feet no 280 feet T-no Get Hcarnie The ConnoIIsville bov^ scr\nng w i t h the loth I Dginec-s a t espei iencm D i wami time IL Fi ince both or ac toun of the ueatbei ind otler tb ngs judging e rom the bints tbe censoifa pennit to b convcvod in the \eUois no\\ rcicbmg friends i coimtr V n mg to hib aunt i R C \\erner under dat 24 Parl K Russell panj L *=ab T ^uieh would hhe to tell \ O J w h a t I am doing now It w o u l d make qu te an mterestms letter I as'-urfi ion But no suth luck The only iiecovered en irelj even 1 th ng T c m w i ue ab ut s rhe weath | T bi-i is a ^e^v bad rouctn trn f r o n t as present *I he bunda^ paptib w i l l aa\e some JimK to tell that v, 11 ^ta^-ile all ihe wot Id bomcthing t h a t was though of a,s a thini, mipo-.s ble but one n t \ e i knowb %vha to ev eci ne\t I s jusi thib one big round of txutemTi ^ ou Mrs cin ne\er toll w h e r e ^ou are feoi^g or of March w h a t you v.ill do on Uie norrov. The member of Com- Roches ar- 1 aftei the ] ngUsh good and strong bu with all their men and giinj he Frglish ha\e t all o\e- them for a that I ·was \er 11 m Januarv bu ha^e weight ie do\\ n "On* sp ( ikirs Hire ^ )eikoi o! me Dn Federation of JVictie L o u n u appeared in pulpi , of t i p ocal rtmrUies \ p s t t r d u morning to ad\ouit the u p p o i t of t n e dr-v ci.uddi.tes 101 tin. kgi-lau n ir-e- *ectue L f i clitic* Two pnsoneis were guen h e a u n g s i p r and tha w i t h othei f hings is a=5 with the pnetimonn The climate u before Major Duggin this raortung Shot as H-- is auppnse* 4 to be But \sn rtimp in tbe v» HICT months The M onion 1 reed to Hum Kn iters *oi ihe ChaUe^ton Com- fons b'-iJto o' the \aw I^eague ar asktd to complete their work as quick- 1 as possible as a shipment will be mode to the Na.y League headquarters on Wednesday There w e r e no arrests made Situi | dav night uita all I have heard about H-- I do .papers ^re romi^g right along and I not think it has anything on the west ' sureb do appreciate tbem- Henry Porter Home. Henry Porter Is home from camp vlssang among reiares.

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