The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 24, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1939
Page 7
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TUKSDAV.JANUARY 24, 1939. THE DAILY COURTT3R. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. MOTpR CLUB WARNS-.AUTO...-. · DRIVERS OF DROWSINESS "Are you latigued, 01" merely drowsy, when your driving begins ·to fall to pieces?'" aslcs the Keystone Automobile Club ol Philadelphia. Either mny , make an unsafe operator, the' club points out, but there is a very considerable difference between drowsiness and fatigue. This is emphasized by the Interstate Commerce Commission which has done considerable research into the various aspects of safe driving. On the difference between the fatigue and drowsiness, the commission is quoted by the club as lollows: "The type of driver fatigue referred to as drowsiness is to a large extent caused by the monotony of driving, accentuated by the effect of the hum of the engine, the lights of passing cars at night, or bright sunshine, all of which tend to make a driver inattentive. The condition of the driver, apart from fatigue, also is a factor. A driver, not otherwise fatigued, recovers from drowsiness of this kind after a short rest period which enables him to alight from the vehicle, walk around, stretch his muscles and perhaps take a smoke and refresh-1 ments." The interval of such rest periods, the commission goes on to say, may vary from just a few minutes to half an hour. Taken frequently enough, these rest periods will enhance the safety of driving far more than the average motor tourist realizes. Advice of the commission which aimed at truck and bus operators applies equally to those who operate passenger cars. It may prove a '; good thing to remember on longer- than-avcrage journeys, the club officials said. Crusader Slain Anton Miller, SO, militant uclf-np- ·pointcd gambling crusader, was slain by persons unknown, at Pcoria, 111., according to police. Miller, »· locksmith and gunsmith, handed out to all who would take them keys which would open slot machines, which is said to have incurred the violent enmity of tbo racketeer!. Citizens Bank Receiver to Sell Adams Warehouse Demented Draftsman Slays Aged Mother As She Does Washing By United Press. . 'PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 24.--Ap; parently demented, Charles Klenle, 43, a naval draftsman, killed his 67- year-old mother with an axe today .as she was washing his shirts', and was overpowered as he sought his wife to slay her also. The body of Mrs. Clara Klcnle, the . mother, was found beside a base; mcnt laundry tub. Her son had crept . up behind her and crushed her skull ·with repeated blows w^th the axe, . police said. , . . ' : : . ' ' : His wife, Margaret, 41, was in an upstairs bedroom when Kienle ap- "· peared and said, "I guess I better give ' myself up, I just hit mother on- the head with ; an axe." PITTSBURGH, Jan. 24.--George H. Smith, receiver of the Citizens National Bank, Connellsville, Pa, petitioned in Federal court here today for permission to sell the Adams warehouse property, Becson avenue, Uniontown, Pa. Smith stated ho had received an offer of $7,200 for the property from Frank-Andrews of Uniontown. Terms offered, he said, were one-third cash and the balance In. two equal annual installments secured by a mortgage. i A previous offer of $7,000 for the property made by Marshall Left, Uniontown, was refused by the court last June. Judge F. P. Schoonmaker set February 2 for hearing on the petition. Hume IUml "ROLLS Doz. 20c Ynniiiui Flicked Sully Ice COFFEE Ib. 23c Phone 629 we gladly deliver! Broolcflehl, ..Clenrlirook or Hi-Grade. Graham Crackers, 2 Ib. box 17c Soda Crackers, 2 Ib. box 15c Cream Corn Starch, 2 boxes , 19c 2 doz. 49c COUNTRY EGGS Guaranteed io bo strictly tresi. Jewel Shortening, 4 !fa. bucket ........................... 53c Buckwheat, made in Somerset, 10 Ib. sack ... 35c West Side Special Blend Coffee, 3 Ib. bag 42c Helu/. KETCHU1 Igc. foot. 17c GRANULATED SUGAR In the cottoii sacks. 10 Ibs. 38c. : All kinds of Braun's Cakes, special 35c Dried Apricots, fancy, 1 Ib :. 23c Dried Beef, Crescent Brand, 2 glasses 19c VAN CAMP'S MILK Jobless Fund fo Pay ·: Larger .Benefits .;' Several hundred 'Thousand unem- ' ployed Pennsylvania workers who ; meet the law's requirements will re- vceive a larger amount of. Unemploy- *'ment .'Compensation--"benefits ^"during t the' year '1938 · and-^thcroaftcrj·" as. a iresult-pf n ruling made'today by the t Department-ol Labor and-Industry, 'Secretary Ealph M. "Bashorc jm- nounced. ' ··' ' · Because of thin decision it is cs- ·tiinatcd .by the'Division of:Uncm- -ployment Service that between $12,'-000,000. and: $15,000,000 - additional :benefits "will be' paid' but -to. eligible . workers during 19391 This 'anticlpat- .ed sum is in addition to the regular '- amounts expected to be distributed this year. CAKLOADINGS SHOW INCREASE 4 cans 25c and crcnmy. Per case of 4S cans; $'2.75. Sunny Cane Powdered Sugar, 3 boxes 25c Undeeda Biscuits, 6 boxes 25c La Premiata Spaghetti, 20 Ib. box $1.55 35c e BOGARDUS URGES FORESTRY, GAME UNITS MERGER 'HARRISBURG, Jan. 24.--Establishment of a new State department of conservation was urged by Dr. James F; Bogardus, retired secretary of forests and waters, Bogardus asserted he' believed "conservation interests ;o£..the Commonwealth-would .be served best by merging the- present 'Department of Forests and Waters, the State Fish i and Game commissions and the Sani- I tary Water Board into a single, unit." I He specifically recommended that the fish and game funds, obtained from hunting and fishing license fees, should be continued as separate funds, dedicated only to the interests of the sportsmen who pay the license fees. TABLELAND CORN 2 cans 19c "Whole Kernel Golden Illinium.' Aunt Dinah's Molasses, 3, 1 Vz Ib. cans 25c Light Brown Sugar, 4 Ibs 25c Sunswcet California Prunes, 2 Ib. box 19c TENDER LEAF TEA med. pkg. 1/C JjiiTgc size pjicknge, 3Uc. Good Luck Oleo, Butter Dish Free, 2 Ibs. ... 39c 5th Avenue Wis. Early June Peas, 2 cans ... 29c C'ville made Elba Macaroni, loose, Ib 5c Actress Seriously Burned. NEW YORK, Jan. 24. -- Erin O'Brien-Moore, stage and screen actress,-was under a specialist's care today with serious burns about the face, hands and legs. A carelessly tossed match set fire to her pink net dress in a restaurant early Sunday. WASHINGTON, Jdn. 24;--The Association of American Railroads reported 586,877 cars of.revenue freight were loaded during the week ending i January 14. i . This was an increase of 56,028 cars,! or 10.6 per cent, compared with the' preceding week and an increase o f | 6,137, or 1.1 per cent, compared with s year ago. · ] Miscellaneous freight totalled 220,- ( 299 cars, a gain of 20,527 from foe! previous week and 19,696 over last' year; less-than-carlot merchandise | cmoutned to 145,469, a gain of 23,167 ' over last week and 4,217 over a year i ago; coal, 123,604, a gain ol 4,038 over last week and a decrease of 8,003 from last year, aiid coke 6,972,', a decline of 319 from last week but! B gain ol 106 over last year. Ever Wonder Why You're. Constipated? Do you ever have days when you just have to drag yourself along, ·when you feel tlrod. eunk-bc- causc of that constipation? Then why not find out the real cause ol your trouble? What have you had to eat lately? Just thing* like meat, bread and potatoes? If that's It, you may not have to look any farther. It's lllccly your trouble IE you don't get enough "bulk." And "bulk" doesn't mean a lot of food. It means a Mad of food that isn't consumed In the body, but leaves a soft "bulky" mass in the Intestines and aids elimination. U "b\uk" Is what you lack, your ticket Is a dish of crisp crunch; Kcnoyfs All-Bran for breakfast every day. It contains tho "bulk" you need plus Nature's great Intestinal tonic, vitamin B,. Bat It every day, drink plenty of water, and Join the "regulars"! Made by Kellogg in Baltic Creek. . . . with Kitchen Utensils used and recommended by Mrs. Dorothy Bathgate in The Courier Cooking'chool. Unlvoriia) jr|S Icctrlc ^'O v-- ens, Sla'gic^iaia 5Hxcrs, Universal Waffle Irons, PJTOX TVnre for Baking; and Cooking, muffin Pans, Can Openers, Cookie Cutters, Cooking and Baking Thermometers, Cake Decorators, Pastry Blenders, Wood,Slotted Mxlng Spoons, Alumlnnn^ Cookie ; Sheets, Waffle Irons, Electric Toasters, Kubier Plate Scrapers and Spatulas. ELECTRIC SUPPLIES. Phone 5S4. PEACHES 2 large cans 25c Good 'n Ripe. Sliced or halve*. Great Val. Slic. Hawaiian Pineapple, 2 Igc. 39c Noodles, fine, broad, medium, 2 1-lb. pkgs 25c Livingston's Golden Bantam Corn, 2 cans ... 19c LECTED Rump Roast, Ib. ... Tenderloin and Sirloin Roasts, Ib. Rib Roast, short cut, Ib Chuck Roast, whole cuts, Ib.; !!1 _ 28c 28c 28c 23c Beef S h o u 1 d e r Roast, ·whole cuts, Ib. : Beef Tongues, fresh, Ib _ 15c HAMBURG 3 Ibs. 50c Beef Shank or Oft, Neck, Ib £t\jC Plate Boll, 2 Ibs Beef Brains, Ib. Veal, Pork and "Beef, ground, 3 Ibs. 25r lOc 50c B A N A N A S Golden Ripe Baldwin or Wlnesap Ap ples, Fancy, per bushel ORANGES Sunklst, Large Large, 150 Size Doz. 35c Florida Oranges, 1C- med. size, doz.._ IOC Lnree Size Doz. 25c TANGERINES Largo Size 2 Dozen 19c Maine Potatoes 15 lit. Bugs 35c Baldwin and Apples, fancy, , 5 ibs. Tangerines, dozen Stayinan's 25c lOc Sweet Potatoes, Jersey, 6 Ibs. Savoy Cabbage, Ib. '. ; _ :.... Carrots with tops, 4 bunches __.TM California .Celery, 3 bunches Celery Hearts, 1 j* bunch .each IDC 25c . 5c 25c 25c 25c CABBAGE Special 7 Ibs. lOc Grape Fruit, 80 size, seedless, 6 for Table Grapes, pink, Ib. New Potatoes, pink skin, 6 Ibs Spinach, fresh, 3 Ibs lOc 25c 25c Head Lettuce, 3 large heads _ Eating Pears, dozen . ;.. Chestnuts, 2 ibs. Green Peppers, f r e s h , large, fancy, dozen ------ . -Idaho Baking Potatoes, 10 Ibs ..... Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Radishes Green Beans. 25c e s h , 35c Platter Sliced BACON,lb. 29c Pure Por.k SAUSAGE Loose or Link Ib. 19c Fresh Hams, whole O*' or Half, Ib.. LL\, Pork Shoulders, calla style, Ib. Whole Pork Shulders, Ib. Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib _.._. Pork Butts Ib. ___._ 15c 18c 16c 19c F. R . Whole-or Half, heavier ave., ib. 23c Cube, Swiss, Round Klcc and Tender STEAKS Ib. 30c Pork Loin Roast, Rib End, Ib 16c Neck Bones, 4. Ibs. Pork Chops, center cuts, Ib. .,,,, Pork Chops, mixed cuts, Ib.. . Smoked Jowls, 25c 20c, 15c WILSON'S CERTIFIED, IKISH CURED or UOKEV BKAAT) S to 12 H). Average 25C Veal Rump for roasting, Ib. Veal Shoulder Chops, Ib 19c 20c Veal Chops, rib or loin, Ib. 28c Hormel's Ready to Servo HAMS Whole or String Half Ib 29c VEAL SHOULD EK ROAST : ilb. or B Ib.. Pieces, Ib. 16c Veal Breast for [stuffing, 2 Ibs-Veal Steak, ' Ib. Lamb Shoulder 4 'or 5 .Ib. in piece, Ib. _._,,_;.; ' Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib. Lamb Rib Chops, Ib. Lamb Shoulder Roast, 20c 23c 30c 22c lOc Boned and Roiled Vcnl und Pork Pure Rendered Lard, 2 Ibs. .. Jumbo Slinced Ham, Ib. Scrapple, 2 Ibs. ..._: Club Wieners, . Ib. !___. Ring and Polish- Bologna, 2 Ibs 19c 15c 25c · · . , Htyue 3Iade ' CORN BEEF Ready for Sandwiches: Ib. 35c : CHICKENS ..'. 30c Fully Dressed 35c Home 3fado . . · · LIVER PUDDING 1 Ib. 15c Ham Hoclcs, or Spare Ribs, 2 Ibs. ". Pig Feet, fresh, 4 ibs. . ;_... Skinless Wieners, Ib. Smoked .25c 25c 25c Mush," . 2 Ibs.. 15c Fresh Fillets, 1 Halibuts, Oysters 1002 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 620 Conriellsville, Pa.

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