The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 3
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THL'USDAY, J A N U A K Y 1«, 1U3S. Tilt; UUUKlliiU, Looking Backward FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1887 I while climbing The 34th institute of Fayette coun- ! home. into the attic of his ty teachers is held in Uniontown, with a new attendance record established. Samuel A. (thalfant, 63, dies at the home of his sister at Perryopolis. Charles M.I Fee of Connellsvillc is Fire destroys the Central Hotel at j rcappointed court crier for a term Mount Pleasant with a loss of $3,000. | of 10 years. ' Quitman Marietta has arm broken; and John H. McClelland suffers fractured wrist when they slip on the icy sidewalk. George B. KefTer and Miss Jennie Hucy arc married by Rev. R. C. Morgan. Mrs. Frank Whaley, 23 years old, dies. ' * The new Presbyterian Church at Lcisenring is almost completed. A. B. Morton moves into his new residence on the South Side. John Barge has a stag party on the anniversary of his birthday Mrs. Ellen Kelly's new hotel in Water street will be open for business after the first of the year. John B. Miller moves to Uniontown, where he will assume the duties of register and recorder. A. G. Spear, baggageman at the Baltimore Ohio depot, and Miss Annie Baxter of AHoona, are married. THURSDAY. UECEMUER 20. 1927 Detailed report of the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending De- FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1897 ccmber 24, shows a total of 28,142 ovens in the region of which 3,089 are in blast and 22,453 are idle, with a total of 42,360 tons. TV. F. Shrum heads Westmoreland county school directors. Hospital women elected thirty-two vice-presidents, one chosen to represent each church in Connellsville and vicinity. Mr%. Sarah Gulbord, treasurer, reports a balance of $3,151.59. Thomas A. Dailey is elected president of the W. E. Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars. John Leslie Francis, 87 years old, a veteran of the Civil War, dies. The Salvation Army distributes 129 baskets of food to needy. James L.. Freed, retired merchant, called by death. Alva J. Rohm of Vanderbilt receives assignment to duty on the I Navy dirigible Los Angeles at Lake- Detailed report o£ the Connellsville | nurs t jj -j coke^ trade for tho week ending DC- j c ' a ; tnin Edmund Dunn is reclccted Jf *.Li-t 7e«io i head ot thc William F. Kurtz Post, ic. American Doenning company of Philadel- P tons Shipments lor the week total | checr .; mong , 5 familios of 7,808 cars. · munity Dr. Smith Buttcrmore, one of t h e ' *' most' prominent physicians of Fay- ; hia purchasc lhc citizens Water cite county ,s stricken with paralyse ; Comp; ' ny nt Sco tt da i 0 . and dtcs at the age of 68 years. ; · Miss Rebecca Kooser and Edwin · " " ' " " ' ~ " ' " Halfhill are married by Rev. Ellis B. . A tt n · /» " Burgess of Trinity Lutheran Church. , A. ft. 1)1161111311 UOCS W. D. McGinnis, principal of New · Haven schools, is an applicant to, succeed County Superintendent E. E. Porter. * j There are 22 applicants for thc I position of postmaster to succeed Harry Marietta. The holiday business in Connellsville is declared to have broken all records. Matthew Monaghan and Miss Agnes Trombley of South Connellsville are married by Rev. L. A. Carroll of the Immaculate Conception Church. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1. 1908 Detailed report of the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending December 28 shows a total of 35,697 ovens in the region, of which 13,445 are in blast and 22,252 idle, with a total estimated production of 107,053 tons. Shipments for the week total 3,720. Mrs. Sidney A. Huter, 59, one of Connellsville's most widely known residents, dies at 'her home in Fairview avenue. Masked highwaymen hold up four Perry township, sccurinj On Retirement After Long B. 0. Service Socclal to The Courier. SOMERSET, Jan. 13.--A. H. Bucl- man, for 21 years a .jarpcnter of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, has retired from service. The Garrett street veteran retired to take advantage of the annuity which is available for all employes of the Baltimore and Ohio who reach the age of 70. Upon his retirement last Friday, after almost a quarter of a century in service, his fellow-employes presented him with a Gladstone bag He and his wife will depart in the near future for B trip south. Mrs. Straub, wife of Dr. Theodore Straub of South Center Center avenue, and John Buclman of Ankcny avenue are his only children. Mr. Buclman will be 70 years old this coming November 10. He has been a life-Ion^ resident of Somerset county. He was born in Ralphton ng but at an early age moved to Som- money and valuables from two of "-set, where he has resided since. them. County Commissioner M. E. Townscnd whips up and escapes from the masked men. Over 30,000 children and grownups receive a Sanla Claus treat of the Union Supply Company on Christmas morning. After Easter, 1908, members of the Roman Catholic Church cannot elope to marry and have their union recognized by the church. Dick F. Ryan, for several years connected with the Colonial Theatre, has been appointed treasurer of the new Soisson Theatre by Manager Fred Robbins. ' The Republican Joint Club, organized by the colored voters of Davidr son Hill last November, now has a membership of 38. J. L. Rodrigucs is arranging for a benefit musicale for the families of , the Darr mine victims. Burgess A. D. Soisson is a member of the relief committee, headed by Mayor' G. \f. Guthrie of Pittsburgh. THURSDAY, JANUARY 3, 1918 Detailed report of the Connellsville coke trade for the week ending December 2D, shows a total of 15,226 ovens in the region of which 13,226 are in blast and 2,000 idle with a total estimated production of 104,328 tons. Shipment-; for" the week total 7,230 cars. For the second time within t\Vo weeks Dunbar suffers a disastrous fire when the Dunbar House and two adjoining buildings are totally destroyed causing damage estimated at $60,000. Harry Whipkey, 17 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Whipkey of Dawson, is crushed to death between two cars at the Pittsburgh Lake Erie yards at Dickerson Run. . Miss Mary Joan Byrne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Byrne of Everson, and John T. Wurtz, of the Supply Company, .UOth Regiment, stationed at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., are married at Augusta. A broken trolley wire causes a street car to be destroyed by fire at Pcnnsville. , Lavina Clements of Dunbar is appointed the first woman rural mail carrier in the county, succeeding Charles P. Hughes. Major Arthur B. DcSaulles, 78, formerly of Connellsville, dies at Bethlehem. Cecil DeArmond, 22, Baltimore Ohio brakeman, is struck by a train and fatally injured at Butler. William C. Bishop leases the Mc- Kinlcy Hotel and changes the name to New Stag. John B. Scnor, Dunbar township school director, has three ribs fractured when he falls from a ladder He followed the carpenter trade from youth and worked at one time for carpenter contractors in Somerset. Among them was Harvey Woy Early in 1917 he started to work f-.- the Baltimore Ohio. He always served on the Somerset Cambria branch. He married Miss Florence Ma Kiefer October 17, 1886. The ceremony was perforrmcd by Elder Peter Vogel. Both have been life-long members of the Somerset First Christian Church. October 17, JD36, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary a a dinner at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Theodore Straub and then spent Falls. a short vacation at Niagara REDUCE SAFELY Says Xotcd Authority Co to Clarke's and get a box of Rock A-Wntcr Tablets. Reduce 10 pounds In 11 days. Thltty-cUty treatment only $2.00 and guaranteed to make you lose fa without dictlnc.--Advertisement. HAVE UNIFORM TEMPERATURES AND CLEAN, AUTOMATIC 1 INEXPENSIVE HEAT j - WITH J COMBOSTIpjKERJ BURNS IOWER-PRICED SIZES OF COAL TO SAVE MONET FRANK R. SWEENEY 127-12!) K. Crawford Ave. Phone 977. 1 ASK US FOR SHOW-DOWN DEMONSTRATION'" A N N O U N C I N G -THE- GEORGE I. HARRISON FUNERAL SERVICE 71! W. riUsiMinrh Street. SCOTTDAtE PHOSE I0:t "PRICES THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY" SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK. By R. J. SCOTT Somerset County , Firemen Receive $1,535 From State HARRISBURG, Jan. 13.--Auditor General W. R. Roberts has forwarded checks in the amount of $1,535 to firemen's relief associa- .ions in Somersul county. The amounts follow: Borough oC Addison, $4.08; Bcn- soii, $3.69; Berlin, $23.36; Boswell, $67.85; Central City, $29.48; Con- FILM aF'Motf'filfcE- OF AK WCH 01K15IDE.OF A BAU-OOK V/IUX. ADD MORE. HAM aF V^EI^HT" 0 -tfftE. OP JAPAMESE. NVOME.N 'WEAP- HOSH. MA-SK5 -fo COL.OS A. PAR1$ SHOP. 15 SURRXmNDEP BV HUMAH^EfefH- ttuMAN SKULLS CoMPoSE.-r»lE- BASE.. JDoMlKlCAK. REP11EOJC STAMP .S.HOW3 COON-TRY'S m_KINGJFEATURES SYNDICATE. I Kerituck Man Hurt in Fall At Ohiopyle OHIOPYLE, Jan. 13.--William Mason, aged resident of Kcntuck, slipped on the pavement in Sheridan street Monday and tore ligaments in his leg. He was taken to the home of William C. Rohlfc for the night. The leg was put in a plaster cast. Home From Honeymoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ethelbcrt Thomas returned Monday from a honeymoon trip to Florida and other places of interest in the South. They will ro- side in Craig street, Uniontown. Mrs. Thomas before her marriage in December, was "Miss Frances Thorpe, a teacher in the Stewart Township schools. She resided in Sheridan street, Ohiopyle. To Assist In Revival. Rev. Shearer oC Flatwoods arrived Monday to assist Rev. F. S. Wortman and Rev. Overly in the union revival meetings now being held in the Baptist church. Personals. Mrs. E..E. : Hamilton was called to Confluence Suday by the death ol her sister, Mrs. N. A. Knottcr. The funeral was held Wednesday at 10 o'clock at the family home with burial in Addison Cemetery- Mrs. Cora L. Mitchell is serving on the jury at Uniontown this ·week. Frank Bailey visited Tuesday with his wife, who is a patient in Uniontown Hospital. An X-ray was taken on Monday to determine the cause of her illness. W. A. Wallace was a visitor in Uniontown Tuesday. Mrs. E. J. Wolfe spent Tuesday in Uniontown visiting her niece, Mrs. George Wahler. Mrs. Charles Stuck is confined to her bed with illness. Word has been received that Mrs. Edward Kurtz, who underwent an operation at McKcesport Hospital, is getting along nicely. To AiS Who Suffer From Acute Attacks Over 9,000,0(10 Bottles of 1'liis i'limnii.s Couirh ^fixture Sold In Canada Two or three doses of the Fnmous IlUCKf.KY'S MIXTUHH In KVCCtcncd hot water and nipped slowly Just before retiring Ubually ensures u restful night's sleep. Asthma-Bronchitis yuflcrcrs enjoy a couRhless nl£ht: you'll sleep sound ard wake refreshed If you will be Jtlit wlso enouch to take 2 or 3 do:e* before you go to bod. IIUCKLKY'S MIXTUltK 1* Hold by al! Rood i!ruo:l%ts-- Irarn for yourself why Buckley's out-M-Hs all other CouKh and Cold lemodies In cold-wtntry Canada.-Advertisement. reaches $3.50 Each In 1854. BERKELEY, Cal., Jan. 13.--For the consolation of California frui 1 growers who sometimes complain o. falling prices, the .University of California has established that during the gold rush days of 1854, peaches sold for $3.50 each. A year later the bottom had dropped out of the market and they only brought $1, But One Trailer Camp. WESLACO, Tex., Jan. 13.--This Rio Grande valley city has the only trailer tourist park in Texas. The park can accommodate 100 trailers and has a club room for visitors. To Flush out Acida and Other PoUonou* W»te Doctor* tmy your Jddr.ej-j conl*!n 15 MUM of tiny tubTM or fiJt?r» whicb hfJp to purily th» blixxi «nd kp^p you br*Itby. Mout p*opl« pua »lxmt 3 pint* k day or about 3 pounds of Tut*. Kr«*iurnt or *f»ciy piAwcr* with anurUoi »nd burninr ihowt thrra rn»y b* ·oouthicc wroni with ycnw VUn^j or blitlder. An rirtu of »cicii or pciiooi in your blood, wb^n dm to (nortJcnil ii')oy di*orvii-n, miy 1-e the b*cinr:inc cf mecinc biekachr. rhru- in»(ic puru, 1-r P'UJJ, |i*w of p*p *D*i en'rry, CftUcK up luchu. ·wrllicc. pufliona under tL» ryn, hrvtiehn »od diiimtM. Ion*t »'jui! A«k your iniciwt fnr TOM'» PiU*, u»«i »ur'r^^rul]y by roiiUem* for ovn 4Q yrxn. They civ* b*ppy rrlirf uvl will h«lp tb* 1A Mtl^i of \,'io»r tubm flush ont Txiisoooo* vuU from .Tfii blood. Get Ic*a'» IMk. flucnce, $52.28; Hoovorsville. $56.71; Jennertown, $23.57; Meycrsdale, $17'!.26; New Ccntcrville, $3.03; Paint, $14.49; Rockwood; $53.35; Salisbury, $24.74; Shanksvillc. .13; Somerset, $337.73; Stoystown, $41.81; W/ndbcr, $399.18; township of Black, .70; Brothersvilley, $19.27; Conc- rrjaugh. $72.24; Elk Lick, $4.71; cteenville, $1.24; Larimer, $1.89; Lfncoln, $12.72; Middlecreek, .53; I Milford, $2.74: Quemahoning, $11.61: ' Shade, $13.15; Somerset, $65.00; Summit, $15.87; Upper Turkcyfoot, $3.29. If you've an eye for economy and ''a taste for the finer things in life, here is a whiskey that will truly delight you-- Cream of Kentucky, tie "/o«A/rr»V/j"Kentucky straight Bourbon. 90 proof. PINT 84C No. 4*3 QUART $1.59 N.. 491 There's been three generations of us Wilkcns that's been making whiskey according to our own Personal Family Recipe. Harry E.Wilkcn 90 proof-- The straight whiskies in this product are 20 months or more old, 25* stratKhCwhijkiec 75* Brain neutral jpiriu: 20* straight whiifcey 20 months old; 5* straight whiskey 4 years old. PINT 77* QUART $1.45 No. 1131 Just try Old Quaker. There's a barrel of quality ttt ft'cry bottle and it doesn't cose a barrel of money to buy ic. This whiskey is two years old. 90 prooL BRAND. STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY Aho available itt Bourbon PINT 8Oc QUART $1.51 « 0 " Ho. 3X2 IRyt) Ho.034IBoortxin) On sale »t an State Stcres and at most bars Copr. 1938* Schcaley Distributor3, loc* New York Ccr Veteran Jam Edwards fells "I recently sold 489,000 pounds of tobacco in one 6V hour day," says Mr. J. N. Edwards of Farmville, North Carolina. "There was a buyer, naturally, for every one of those 489,000 pounds...But there was as much dificrenccbetwcenthebestgradcs and the inferior, as between a pretty girl and a homely one. i "At auction after auction, I've seen Lucky Strike go after the prettiest lots of tobacco. It's no wonder Luckics taste so good. I've smoked them since 1917. "And another thing ... even after yelling out tobacco bids all during seven hour day, I-uckics arc still just as easy as ever on my throat." Only Lucky Strike offers you the finest tobacco'plus the throat- protection of the exclusive process "It's Toasted". This process takes out certain irritants found in all tobacco--even the finest. Men who know tobacco from A to Z--experts like Mr. Edwards --are surely good judges of cigarettes...Sworn rccordsshow that, among independent tobacco experts, Luckies have twice as many exclusive smokers as have all the other cigarettes combined.

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