The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 10
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..'AGE TEN, TBLt DAILY COURIER. COWIYElJjiiVILLE, PA SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 1918. PEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF TBE STDDBNTS, C. E. KEAGY EDITORS N. S. FLOTO STCDY JfOT A TASK. Onr laenlty. S»ny lieasons Vhf Students Find rheL- Vork Pleasant. j Maay people tliir.k that going to - tigh scliool is a tiresome task, b u t ! lire who go every day know that is not IK. especially ta C. H_ S. It's not all' ptudy ic C. H. S. i First, we bd.-e one of the naest | ·quipped gymnasiums and swimming Mr. Hough Miss Baker Mr. *Statiffer Mr. Dikeman -.Miss Myers Jliss Roake Miss Weaver -- _Fth early --Anselic Cunning -^.Ubiquitous Lonely Tallest --.Youngest Thrift Stamp Sales. The Thrill Stamp sales ORCJTESTEA fools in tie country. Second, we classes in C. H. S. for Tuesday were kave i arge auditorium, seating about as follows: a thousand persons, that is surpassed First Year "by few. Third, we hare two excellent 3uerar societies. Fourth, our manual training and domestic science department contains the finest equipment that cr.n be had. Filthi we have the jpportiiaity of musical instruction j*nd of gymnasium and swimming in- iWruct:on under competent instructors. Some More Good Timber Is Needed, However, to BnJtid It Up. j Tile High School orchestra played several selections in chapel Thursday morning. A flute solo was also rendered by Paul Lambertson, a member of the orchestra. The High School orchestra is fast becoming a popular hy the | organization, and contains most of the Total J91.20 This makes a grand total o£ $2,- J8ijcih. we have one of the best and'. 921.-U thus far. [Most complete .faculties that can be ~ kid. Seventh, last, but not least, we i Tuesday was pay day in high school fcave :i community spirit of patriotism for the teachers. Somehow or other and interest toward our new hign · we all got'good marks that day. ·choo! that can not be beaten--any-1 -- ihen. Society 3tetines CaHed. best talent in C. H. S. There is the need, however, of a tew more pieces, and anyone in C. H. S. who can perform at all on an instrument is requested to come out and give it a triaU The orchestra is under the direction of Prof. E. W. Haviland. Beginning with the next issue ol "The Tiger" we will publish class of the sophomore, jun'.or and \ faculty. A Few Statistics. The tallest student in C. H. S. is Salph Lepky. The shortest is Mildred Bikes. The fattest is Margaret Lyon. The thinnest is Irene Hunt. The brightest is Lawrence Holcomb. The loudest is Howard Robinson. Statistics subject to change without notice. NOTE--This does not include the The Euterpe literary society, which it( J»as to have met last Tuesday. v.T.11 scnior classea- Representatives hao jjneet Tuesday of next week m the , been appointed for each, class, and auditorium, at 4 o'clock. Every mem- I ^ K tollows: sophomore, Dorothy »er of the society should attend ttrs ! Mc .ciaren; Junior, Bstell« Wilson; meeting as important business will 1'e , Senior ^.^ Conway.- Students enlisted in the hospital service about i , discussed. The Sophomore literary , hm ,i d turn fa aU articles aad sug- i a month ago. Sendinp Carson a Kit The commercials are sending Charles Carson a comfort kit Charles isocicty will also meet Thursday of 'nest w«ek. Thrift Stamps. High school students are saying: gest;ons to their class, represenu- have heard a good many definitions of love, but this one, as ex.*"Wl:at can. we do to help win ihp plained by a high school student, studies, nrar?" The answer is: "Buy Thrift j beats them all: "Lave is a tickling j jStanrps." Buy as many as you ran , sensation that nibbles at the heart but ] JOss Tohr Retires. Friday was fiss Vohr's last day in C. H. S. Miss Vohr wi!I return to the University of Pittsburg to resume her !«ven it it does mean a moving picture or two ice cream sodas less Buy all you can. There is no ijoss," not even the chance of a loss, )»nd you will be all the better oS when jthc time comes to get your moiey (.tick. It is the soundest investrrnt jyou can find, and at the same 1lme ' fyou are showing your patriotism and (interest in your country's welfare. lit is the students' way of doing his or her "bit." Up to the present time ther« has been 52,921.44 worth of i Thrift Stamps sold in the Conn ells- j 'Tille high school. The banner day has | Cbcen $402. Oar goal is ?500. Let's i Sail see if we can. make this goal, and ' ! «very student in C. H. S. come pre- 'jvared neit Tuesday to buy at least Jone Thrift Stamp. bites a big hole in the pocketbood." Blessings on thee, little man. Barefoot boy with cheek of tan; Would that I might barefoot go: 'Cause I've corns oa every toe. The way the different classes address their teachers: Freshman--"Please, sir, I did not hear the question,'' Sophomore--"What did you, say?" Junior--"Wha! 3" Senior--"Huh?" Rings Ordered. The senior class rings and pins are being ordered. PA1AMOUNT THEATRE Program. For Next Week M03SDAY AM) IUES»AT ""Who is June?" See Charming VIOLA DAKA as "June" in the Stirring 7 Act Drama "BLUE JEANS"! A picture that will hold you. to your seats from beginning to end". This picture surpasses its stage career. Alao Keystone Comedy in 2 Acts ^nEBKESiDAY "The Play's the Thing." , Blue Bird Presents FRANK- L.TN FAHNITM. The story of a mollycoddle who thought he was Dutch, but later found he was Irish and proves this in "FAST COMPANY" In 5 Acts. Also a Good Comedy in 2 Acts. THURSDAY World Film Company Presents MONTAGUE LOVE in the "THE CROSS BEAHER" The big photoplay of the year. Massively staged, superbly acted, a triumph production in 5 acts. Also Current Events. FRIDAY SATURDAY Goldwyn Presents MABEI NOKMAND, the snuggly girl in. the drama o£ thrills, mystery, laughter and love in "DODGING A MIM/IOW In 8 Acts. The Romance of an Heiress who lived in luxury on nothing for over a ypar. Also a Christie Comedy. · "OUR LITTLE WIFE" MADGE KENNEDY IN Hunting Bargains T Tou will find them in our ad. columns. READ THE COTJBIEE. -- I i Among the Cbnses. ' Ptof. Smith, assisting ao English 'sstud«nt to hunt up a -word in the dlc- 1 ttonarr: '"Where is jo«r appendiir' SHss Armstrong, reading a i*issage jlrom a took -- "The lady -was cold aad Would liother Her. Miss livers to Floto--"Nonrood, quit bothering Edwin." Floto--"I'm not bothering him; I just have my arms around him." Miss Myers--"Well, I'm sure that would bother me." Bill aarrr -- "Gee, she mast be a .thermos Dottle." Reminiscences. Alfred Hyatt wishes to announce that he ivas one ol the many who helped "boost" Miss Waterbury over the Sigh places in Delaney's Cave last Saturday. Mr. Hough says the next time he goes lie's going to wear just plain, overalls. ORPHEUM THEATRE --TODAT-- DODGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "ffiEADEf SOUTH" An Artcraft Production. Also Billy West in "Billy ta Society." --HOXDAT-- WALLACE REID IN '·BOCBOCK JOITES" PARAMOUNT JHEATRE -TODAI- GOLD'WTN PRESENTS REX BEACH'S GREATEST STORT "THE AUCTION BLOCK" THE LIFE OF A MILLION GIRLS IN AMERICA'S SMALL TO'WTJS AND LAIIGE CITIES, FEATURING ROBYE DE REMER DJ 7 ACTS. A GOOD CHHISTIE COMEDY. Monday and Tuesday ·TVHO is JTTM;?" SEE CHARMING VIOLA DANA AS "JUNE" IN THE STIRRING 7 ACT DRA.MA "BLUE JEANS" A PICTURE THAT WILL HOLD YOU TO YOUE SEATS FROM BEGINNING TO BKD. THIS PICTURE STJKPASSES ITS STAGE CAREER. ALSO A KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. \r uvrvrriirrn*- ------------ *·--"-I'innnnryuvinnnii. IOCAL AMD T.OSG JHSTAKCE Tri-Steto.STS. W «T B«U S4S. " · TM · COKWEtLSTIMJJ, TA. GBEXYUXT'S Moonlight Maids 1 Company That Different Show WJth RUBE FERNS, The Wizard of Joy Singing---Dancing--3tnsic--Fnn. 6--Beautiful Fascinating Girls--6 SPECIAL FEATURE PICTTTRE Send Whitman's to Your Friends in the Service Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navy rpam than a. box of .candy. There isn't any better than Whitman's, so -why not include some in tae next box you send to training camp or overseas? ' We Have It In AH Size Packages. Collins' Drug Store South Pittsburg Street. SOISSON THEATRE TODAY. AST) TO-TORJtOlT 'The Great White Trail" A Most Beautiful Picture of the ?forth land. Thrilling Story and Grand Glorious Scenery. A BOBBY COIOELIY COMEDY. --XEXT WEEK-- GEOBGE FEJRVEK'S Singers, Dancers and Comedians. A Grand Musical Melange. Presented by 12 People. MATEN'EES At This Theatre Hereafter Are 5c and lOc. LIBERTY BOND Liberty Bonds are! the best investment on earth, because your money works for your country ·while it is working for you. Buy Them Today! Liberty Bonds help America to win the war. They pay you interest on your investment, with your money back at maturity. Keep Them! On iroducinq^Jashions Tlewest Tftodes u^- Corsets Beginning Monday and continuing for one week we -wish to direct your particular attention to Corset accessories. It is difficult for manufacturers to secure enough material for their regular merchandise, conseuently desirable Corsets are exceedingly scarce. But the assortments we have succeeded in assembling are beyond the ordinary in j(iinnt.ity, quality, newness of styles and -value. And it is to acquaint women with these splendid stocks that we have ar- .ranged Corset week--and invite every woman to visit 'this department at least once during this period. For Monday and Tuesday, Redfern and Warner Corsets will be featured. Redfern Corsets at $3.50 to .$6.50 "\Vhether you fancy the straight lines some of the Spring styles affect, or the well-defined walfat-llne that seems quite as fashionable, your IZCDFERN CORSET will be the greatest single factor in the success of your wardrobe. At SSJ to S*JO--there !s a model for every figure. Exceptional ralnes at $3.50 iind $5. Warner Corsets at $1 to $3,50 For the young girl is a specially designed model In batiste with dainty lacD trimming and clastic top. Exceptional at ?K0. For average figures are correct lie's" styles in pink and white batiste with the prettiest o* lace trimmings. Fashioned vi'J\ medium and An Umbrella for the Average American is made of American taffeta (cotton) and has strong tape edges. For women there are straight plain handles or handles with loops through them. Some of them have touches of sterling silver about them. Price $1.50. Two Spring Beauties Worth Seeing and Wearing A nobby Spring boot and a very smart new oxford--both leaders in their respective classes aud winning no end of favor among the well shod women of Connellsville, This Handsome Spring Boot at $10 Finished in uut brown caHslmi with. Ijg-ht weH sole, 1% inch military heel and 8% inch lace iop. Straight tip toe. The graceful lines, the attractive color, the serviceability of this bhoe v»ill appeal most forcibly to all. These Stylish Oxfords $7.00 Handsome, serviceable calfskin shown m that most popular of all new shades--copper bronn Light welt sole, military heel, straight tip toe, perforated vamp, AH si/es and widths Exceptional rali:e, Splendid Showing Children's Shoes Waterproof Utility Cases for Soldiers Made of an olive drab fabric, -waterproofed and having most convenient pockets for toilet articles and other little necessities. The entire case rolls up into a small roll when not in use. $1.50 to $3.30. Fitted Cases $3.50 to $S.50. 5^3 New Summer Furs =* fil= z£*$ -re » · , TMW Have Arrived And while good Furs are scarcer than, ever, we can honestly say that never in our experience have we been privileged to show a more attractive display for Summer. There have been more Furs perhaps ihan today--but never finer, richer pelts. See them. Silk Handbags in Delightful Styles These have very attractive tops of imitation tortoise shell. Some of the bags are round and puffy, some are big enough for the socks you are knitting. They are chiffon faille, taffeta and moire in navy blue, brown, taupe, black and dark green, and the linings are lovely. Prices Range from $3.50 to $8.00 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them.

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