The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 1918. THE DAILY COUKIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PAGE NINE. 3 END Genera! Gomez nodded. "Miss Evans leclares h* mast have n change, and we lwr*e arranged to send him out of ihe country. His sister, poor child, ibonld go, too.* *Thcy should ro at once." O'Reilly «ld, postttTely. "That's why we came to see yon. Let us--Branch nnd me-take all three of them to the United States." "Bat how? How can yon take two iromen and a sick mac--" "Well manage somehow," (VBeilly difdared. "It Isn't far across to the Bahama Banks. I'll agree to come back If yoa so desire." Gomei rtook his white head. "No! Ton came to find and save yonr fiancee, md yon yolunteered to servo with ns ·white you were doing so. We have no desire to keep any man againet his wlIL Some ane most escort Miss Evans, who In onr guest. Why not you two? "I was looking forward to an interesting ceremony this afternoon," Gomez went on. "Has yoor arrival changed the plans?" "Oh no, sir!" O'ReHlj said, quickly. Td Hfce to mate it donbly interesting, If Miss Varona will consent to such short notice," "Bravo! Ton have a way at doing the unexpected. Why not? I don't think Miss Varona will have It in her heart to refuse you anything." The old soldier was right. Rosa did not gainsay her 3ov»r, and toward snn- down the city among 1 the leaves wit- messed an unaccustomed scene. Rosa, very dainty in her borrowed scree's uniform, was round-eyed, timid; she evoked much admiration. but when she was addressed as Senora O'Reilly she blushed to the roots of her hair and shrank close to her husband's side. Branch proved to be a happy choice as Estebaa's rrroiy, for h« relieved Norine's amdety and smothered her apprehensions, m When Rosa and O'Reilly rrturned to Estcban's cabin they found Norine ahead of them. She was kneeling beside the sick man's hammock, and through the doorway came the low. Intimate murmur of their voices. Hosa drew her husband away, whispering, happily: ··He will get well. God nnd that won- flerful girl won't*let him die." CHAPTER XXII, The Rainbow** Enrf. The journey to the coast was made by easy stages and Esteban stood it fairly well. Jacket, of course, went along. Upon the announcement of O'Reilly's Intended departure for the States he had promptly abandoned Cuba to her- fate. · He foreswore her ·utterly and declared himself a loyal American citizen. Belying upon the best Information ftbfadaablff at Onbltas, O*Bellly had counted upon securing 1 a sailboat from · certain fisherman whose sympathies 1 were known to be loyal, but in this he ·was disappointed. The party arrived at Its destination, a tiny clearing on an unfrequented part of the no^th shore, only to find it deserted and already grown to weeds. The house was empty, the boats were gone--all bat one old hnlk, too rotten tt» warrant moving, which lay high up on the sand, Its planks worm-eaten, its evams wide spread by the (ran. · O'Reilly was In a qttnmlar He gravely doubted Esteban's ab ' ty to atand the rough return journey, when he spoke to Jforine of turning back she was panic-stricken at the srg- festton. "2s"o, no!" she cried, anxiously. "We mnst get him away. His heart is set on joins? through and it would--kill him to go back." Then I guess we'll have to go through," he smiled. For the first time In their acquaintance Norine lost control of herself. "Promise" that yon won't go back," she Implored him. "Very well, if you'll consent to risk this miserable tab we found on the bench--" 'Til risk anything--a raft, even. Is there an even chance of our getting across?" "Perhaps. It all depends upon the weather." 'When morning came O'Reilly made a jloser examination of the iibnndoned xmt. The result was not enconrnglng, Dut he determined to mnke use of it, . ind the crazy craft was launched. It was nccrssary to handle her gingerly, ! and when she took the water sho leak- 1 =d abominably. BTit x dininf? tho night she swelled and In the morning it was · possible to bail her out. j Prom the point of leaving It wns per- ; haps fire miles across the snnncl to the j ! fringe of keys which in this neighbor- ' ! hood bordered the old Balinmn chan- j i nel with Its unplinnbed depths of blue , . water. Here It wns cairn, so the run was soon made. 1 When the coastline of Cnba had become a blur astern Rosa crept back I and seated herself beside her husband. | "How much I love you," she whispered. i "But I never can tell you, for we are ! never alone. Was there ever sucii a ' courtship, such a marriage, and such a wedding journey as ours?" It proved to be a long, long night, for the bout, though roomy, was uncomfortable. Daylight brought an Increased breeze which heeled the boat further. Fortunately the haze wns not thick enough to wholly obscure the sttn and so O'Reilly was enabled to hold his course. Bat he did not like the look of things. In time there came a spiteful drizzle which completely hid the sun and left no indication of the course except the direction whence drove the rain, 2?o one spolce now. Even Estebao lay silent, shivering miserably upon his sodden bed. 'Rosa finally straightened her aching back and smiled at her husband. "Are we going down?" she asked. "Oh no! This Is merely a squall," he told her, with an assumption of confidence he was far from feeling, Detirerance came sndd*nlj-, and from the least-expected quarter. Out of tha mist to starboard there materialized a shape, a schooner driving ahead of the wind. The refugees descried her simultaneously and stood ankle deep In the wash, waving their hats and their calabashes, and shouting crazily until sha saw them and fetched up. There was a babble of voices shouted questions, hysterical answers. Rosa was Treeping softly; Norine had lifted Bsteban and now clutched him tight, ·while her tears fell upon his face. The schooner was a sponger bound for Nassau; Its blackbird crew spoke English and they willingly helped the strangers ovecslde, langhlng and shouting In a childlike display of excitement Soon there was hot food and coffee, dry beds and blankets for those who needed them. Johnnie tucked his bride snuRly into one of tho bard berths, thra stooped and kissed her. Rosa's teeth were chattering, but she smUed happily* "God's hand directed us," she said. "One only needs to pray long euough. and strong enough and he will hear." Varona, "He dressed himself anil ·walked out hero alone. He's well!" "Esteban I Realty--" The brother nodded decisively. "It's true. I rebelled at last. Tomorrow I'll walk to the gate and the next dny we'll go fishing. Hero's a letter from Leslie, by the way. There's one bit of news; he says the talU of intervention increases and he may have to return to Cuba as a war correspondent. "Intervention 1 That would bo fiae/* Estobaa cried. O'Reilly nodded. "Oh, it's bound to come, and when Uncle Sam takes hold Cuba will be free." Norine agreed: "I'm sure of It. And then--we'll all go buck to our rainbow's end and dig for that pot of gold." Esteban turned adoring eyes upon the speaker; he took her hand in his, "I've found my rainbow's end," said he. "And Tve found mine," O'Reilly a»- serted. "I've gained your father's treasure, and more--I've found the prize of all the Indies." With his nrm about Rosa he drew her into the house. Esteban lowered himself into his chair nnd 'orine rested herself upon Its arm. He lay back with eyes closed. From the regions at the rear came the voice of Jacket. The boy wns In n declamatory mood. He had gathered nn audience, as was his daily custom, nnd was addressing them In English: "I skilled more'n a dozen Spaniards at Pino Bravo. It was my day. By rights I should have been made a general, but--" (THE ENT.) It was a month later. Quaint old Nassau lay dozing under an afternoon sun. Up from the beach came O'Retliy and his youthful alter ego, Jacket They were clad In clean white c!oties; a i month of rest had done them good. Jacket was no longer wizened; he wag plump and sleek and as full of mischief as a colt, while O'Reilly's leanness had disappeared nnd he filled his garments as a man should. They turned in through a picket gate nnd up a walk. .At the end Ptoort n cottage with wide porches hidden beneath jasmine and honeysuckle and morning- glory Tines. "Look, RosaP* Jacket lifted the heavy string of fish. "We hfid stupendous Inclr." But Rosa was in her husband's arms and neither she nor O'Rei* y h a l eyes for anything but each other. Rosa had vastly changed. She wna clad In a charming UWe ronslln dress, there were dimples in her che^kp, she wore n henvv Marechal Nell had at her breast O'Reilly held her off and devoured her w'th his eyes. "Sweetheart, you grow fresher nnd morn beautiful every hour," sa-d he. Rosa danced upoa her toes, and tugged at him. "But come quickly and see the snrprise we hare. I've been wild for your retur», so hurry." She led him swiftly up the steps, and there, standing beside a chair, was Esteban i If TOTI TTant Something Advertise for it in our classified column. One cent a word. Tmut Ompnr St«teia«Bl. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF the You IT h Trust Company, locR-ted at ConnnUsville. Pa., at the close of business April 15, 1918. RESOURCES. Reserve Fund: Cash, specie ind notes ? -45,515.35 U u c from approved rfcse r vo as . ent3 76,823.17 Lepa.! reserve securities -it par 50,000,00 172,338.52 Nickels and centB 334.S6 Checks and cash items 35,423.«2 Due from banks, trust companies e x c l u d i n g rcKTrve I,,365.79 Conunercla' paper purchased: U p o n one nam« 25,811.16 Commercial paper purchased' Upon two or more names 485,739.36 Time loa-ns w i t h collateral 1S7.S04.21 Call lotuis w i t h collateral 88.088.10 Bonds ..«locks, ere. 120.H9.13 MortpraKes a-nd Judgments nf rc-cord 27.X.13Z.1S Office b u i l d i n g and lot .... BB.Oftfl.Ort OthT real estate 5 2 0 4 . 5 5 F u r n i t u r e and fixtures .... 20.000.00 Overdrafts 3.17 J.M Other a.tsets not Included In above -t.S34.6S Surplus fund 20,000.00 U n d i v i d e d profltrf, !o»i expenses anrt toxca p a i d . . 32 265.08 Dr-mand deposit^; (exclusive of t r u s t fumt-i). D a p o M t s snbjoct t n chock 578,637.01 ricmaml cprtlB- c Ltcs at deposit 2,591 -17 Pp-po^ltft,, Com- monivpalth of Penr.nylvanla . . 50,000 CO Certified checks 2 . H 4 0 7- Treaauror's checks outstanding 1,886.59 634914.T9 Time dspouita: (exclusive of trust funds). Time eertiticttea of deposit .... 18,308.60 Savings find de- ponitfl 544.MO.49 5 5 1 . 7 4 4 0 9 Dividends u n p a i d 183 00 Unearned intercut 1,373. lu Reserve for depreciation. . jt.87-l.40 Total J U.454,390.47 Trust f u n d s : [ i Mortg-ascs | 15,365,00 i Other investments, etc. . 5.707.00 ( Cash* balance 449.96 Overdrafts . . ..' 529.19 I Total trust f u n d a 22651.16 CORORATE TRUSTS. Total (iraount (1, e. faca VR.]- u e ) of trusts u n d e r deeds of tnmt or mortf? executed by corporations to the company as truirtee to secure Issues of corporate bonds, Including e ment trusts 594 GOO.00 State of enr.sylva.nia. County of Fayette. as: I, E. R Floto. Treasurer of the above named rompa.n, do solemnly swear that the above ala-tament Is true to tho best of mv Knowledge imd belief. E. R FtXJTO, Treasurer Subscribed ard STT irn to b e f o r e me this 22rd day of April. 191S J.*B. KURTZ, Notary Public. Correct--Attest K. T. NORTON, "W. F. SOISSOK, ROBT. .NORRIS, Directors REPORT OK TOTK OL.ESTTAK. of B r o w n s v i l l e Licensee ;ih priMUe | banker, No. 110 Ts'o. 7J M a r k e t street, 1 of Fa.yotte c o u n t y , P e n n s y l v a n i a . at ' the cloan oC business on the 15th of April, 191S. ASSETS. C«jthxon hand, viz: U. S. c u r r e n c y . . $ 257.52 J 357.52 Dne from ba^s, etc., rli: U. S. N a t i o n a l bank* 623.92 628.92 S«curlti«s pledged for bor- .580.00 Furniture and ftitures .... 238 OB Mareh»ndls«i owned 263.82 W THE t TH£tR W O N C Y UCRE, V V t r H T H £ M TO CHl^^^ THEY LIV£ WHICH t£ THAT cotes FROM TH COUNTRY. TriEV BCMIMO M£ SO MUCH OP WHICH TAKES THE i OUR HOME MCR.C.H ANTS IS THAT THfc THEY OOwV PCR/liT ANY CHINAMEN T-J ENTE^ OUR f wtsrt I WAS 8i.l/SD, SO I C.OULQ R£-AO A60UT THOSc THING'S I 7?otal J2.96S.31 Total *1,4S4,390.47 INABILITIES. Citpital stock J200.00C.OO i| Confessions of a German Capital stock Jl.000.00 Surplus 200.00' Undivided profits 1,660.18 pno for foreign money ordera 15.00 MlBC«llan*ou« liabilities .... 103.13 Total J2.968.S1 State of PenHHylvtnla, county of Fay- ettp, fa* J, Aladar Toth, manager of Toth A Olesha-k, licensee No. 110 .do solemnly nwear that tho above statement l.i t r u e to the bost of my knowledge and be-llef. AJjADAR TOTH. Monacal" °* Tolh Ole«»ha.k Subncribed and ovttrn to before me this 2Sth day of A p r i l . 3918, JESSE ROSS. Notary Public i/esericr .-. \ · A thrilling story of ; the pillaging of Belgium as told by a young Prussian officer who -participated and who, escaping after the battle of MODS, made his way to America and is now registered as an alien enemy. ! Be Sure to Read This Remarkable Narrative In This Newspaper K»*«*»*******»**»»*«*»V*»*»»**v A Quicker Response Means Quicker Peace Now is the time to subscribe to Third Liberty Loan Bonds, issued in amounts of $50 and np and paying 4 1-4% interest. They afford you the safest investment on earth. Subscriptions received for these Bonds. ·TTliepndTrust Company cf\ (WEST3IDI) It Requires Money for big guns, shells, rifles and airplanes-also for ships and submarine destroyers, clothing, fool and materials for the army and naiy. You can do your bit by bringing your dollars to the front and buying Third Liberty Loan Bonds which pay 4 1-4% interest. UNION NATIONAL BANK ·CAP" STUBBS A DIFFERENCE WITHOUT A DIFFERENCE The mail order house can be properly likened unto the Chinaman. He has been debarred from our country because of his heathenish method of living and his greed for money. The Chinaman has been kept from our shores also because of his hoarding of American money that should be kept in circulation. What is true of the Chinaman is also true of the mail order houses that takes money from a community to which it can never return through any natural or unnatural channel. In fact, it is so true that the blind girl who has had to have her mother read to her sees the slmilie and impresses upon her mother her insight of the danger. MORAL:--We shouldn't give the American Chinaman (the mail order house) the privileges we deny the Oriental Chinaman. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. COMPAXY Tornihirc, fines, Hto-ms 16-M5S W. Crawford Are. W. ". L£CH£ Drr Goods 12:i IV. Crawford Aye, THE HOBXEIl COJIPA5Y Men's ITcor IOC IV. Crawford Are. COLOKIA1 NATIONAL BASK Comer Plttalmrg Street and Craivforil Atenae. McBOTiAlD MUSIC AXJJ jEiKCTEIC CO. Etral Hotci Block K. 1'Hlsbnrg St. H. TxCBACKEB SONS "The 3?lg Sion" 1 5. Tittbljurg St. , C. V. DOWKS Footwear loi Ercryboily Ii7 ". rittsbnrj St. j CONKKLLSVILLE XABK}:'!' A3D 50KTH j E!iJ) JLVKKE'l' j lending Groecrj Stores ISO and 313 X. Tittsburcr St. ( ANDEBSO?i-LODCKS KAB.DWAKE CO. | Hardnarc 110 Vi. Cranford Are. I CHARLES T. GILES Jewi-lcr 1-11 West Crawford Are. BROWiN'ELL SHOE COMPANY Shoes IVest Crawford ATC. COXSELLSTILLE DRUG COTtfrANY Drags 130 IVest Crawford ATC. PETER R. WKIMER I'lnnos and Phonograp'u; 127-129E»t Crairiord ATC, A. Vf. BISHOP Jeivelry 107 West Craivford Are. THE AAR05 CO. "Home Bnilder" 1« S. Pittshnrg Si. CROWLEY-nTESTREZAT CO. Shoes for the Whole Family 113 W. Crawford ATB. ABT3IAS WOBK Cnlun and Wall Taper 147-151 W. Crawford ATB. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 W. Crawford Are. ELFEEJf'S Ladies' Suits and Coats 130 K. Pittsbnrg St. FIVE AND TEN CENT TVALL PAPER CO. Hall Pnpex 103 W. Apple St. WELLS-MILLS 3IOTOR CAR CO. Agentb for Willys-Knight, Orerland Cars, Accessories WERTHEOTER BROS. Men's Store 124 N. PJUsborg St CONNELLSYLLLE LAUNDRY "Snow White Work" 129 Baldwin Aye. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Dnpian West Side FRISBEE HARDWARE CO. Hardware W. Crawford Are. WRIGHT-METZLER CO. Department Store W. Crawford Arc. LAUGHREY DRUG COMPANY Drngs. 112 S. Pittsbnrg St. R,VPPORT-FEATHERMAN CO. 1'ou Caa Do Better Here. DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our office from the visiting card to Lh^ finest commercial work. Try our printing:. THE COURIER COMPANY, 127^ W. Main St., Connellsville, Pa. ANOTHER CASE OF THE "LAST LA0GH" By EDWTNV

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