The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 12

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

1 1 Entertainment DIRECTORY MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE Aladdta "Toai Jomt; "A Woman Lika hut. Box ante opana I pm how atari at duak. Aau Mr Blssaat Laffi Show Sa ad an thai Ml. Boa: oltWm omwmm i p a. wow' atarta at duak. niaaalt . . -A Hard Dw CNtatu": "Gun ftffht at ComanqHa Croak". Bos afllea opana at i ( PJP - Mow aiaria at duak. tapltal-i 5 -ftobin and (ha 1 Hooda". 111- SO . 4.44 - 7 00 . (JO. Last show 0. CarUar The Baacti Party". It . 44-1 U-(M-t-M: "Goliath and Mia Bar. bariana'. 14&-t.4T-( 00. Caatra Tha Maaaua or tha Bad DaeaV. 10 - 410 -T.OS-a.Sa; Tha OavU'a Hand". 1JW.J0O-I-SO-.4O. Laat ahow S.40. . Ckiaaaa da Park) -Las" rmltea da I'Albatroa-, (M-(M: -La (lie a Mantbourf". JJ. Laat abow at i 1J. .-BadrtnM ttotr". 1 JO-J34-J J0-7 U-444. Laat abow (-14. Blfki 1 Tha Naw Intama". 11.44 -1.44 - S.M T.1S 40. Ltttta UrU -Tha lllaaca". - 1J0 - I JOTS - (.40 "Sword hi tha Hona", I M . 1 00 - 1.10. "Tha Lion". J 10 - JO . I JO. Laat abow 1M. Maytalr -A tHiUnl Trumpat-. 1 00 4 10 . S4. -Tha Mtaadvanturaa f Marlln Jonaa". l is (.10 (.55. Laat abow IAS. Tha Imply Canvaa" Monday thru Friday, two abowa nightly, T40-S.M. Saturday. Sunday and Holiday. at,lJS-ajO-SJo-TS-(4. ' Odaaa qaaaaaway Pram Koaala With Lava": "Ona Man's Way". Box ofrtea opana at 7 JO p.m. Bbow atarta at duak. .. B(at nippar . Naw Adyantaaa. II 10-J JO-4 J(Vi 40 "Cold for tha Caaaara". IJO-SOO-S.IO Uat abow 05. BtaMa -CaU M44 Death Bow". 1 00 . 444 10 IS. "Riot In Call Block II". 110 TOO -Tha Vounf Saaosas". 4a ( to. Laat abow 7 . PJ. . f " Bldaaa "A Hard Day's NttM". Ml - ,44s (JO (10 - !(. ' Star Tap ' . -"follow That Draam": -Sword of tha Caasjuerar". Box ofllea opana at an abow atarta at duak. - (aaaarart 1 -Badtlme Story-, 140 - 134 I4S T.U ( 40. Laat abow ( JO. Dsuctnt IToor Show CHATEAU LAUnnji Dancing nlshtbr, antartalnroant at S p. and 10 p-aa. BLLI CLArjtS BaUrtalnmam from f pm. CKtZ HENRI Mime la tha Balsa or. OATINCAO CVBu Danetasg and j OTCL DUVTRNAT Oandns and eniarTaiajaent aiffnuy in nieba- i and Bxoeunva PaajS- nrrntpaovrNCtAL iotil - Olnlaf ana dancing alsbtly. rvCBSIDI MOTCL. (90 Mvoretde Drive Dandng Blcblty. OTTAWA BOU(I Muata aa the OrtlL ST. LOUIS HOTEL Banc las) STAND tSNALL Danemg - and aaitartainaiant alshUy. TAU8MAM t atertalame t nlshUy Dandng rrtday and SatunUy alsbts. . TOWN HOUSE MOTCL En tar-la taaaaM alsbtly troaa (00. , 'Hilarious! lha hi raconunandad ' '. without raairvatuml' ' . IN.V. Journal Amarkanl THE TKEELE CLEF; prtunti ' i IS k Am Evening With , JOYCE GREI1FELL "Anopawier wondarnir . . IN.V. UeraM Tribunal ". . tba boat- Bnftand has atnt an alnca Noal Cowara, tmmtrltt Lliuo and Oartruoa (Wat tar WmeswUI h - UPITOITHUTK : ; - TOAT, SOTBVSk 22 130 X . Tick ate , S.7MJO-S.0O-1 JeVIN 1 in ofnti a r 'Alintvaaaa . IM Bank Stmt and - M Ride Street 234-9603 Matt Ordars Aaaoptad Wkaa Aaeoaaaanlad by (laaapid, eat-Addreaaed Banaapa. ' ' DANCa TO ' TONY D'ANGELO ORCH. RAJNBOW ROOM y ir EMTntTAtNMDa . NIGHTLY '.0 r. . ComM lounoo' STAIiDISIIALL II II ii II Jl Y III I II I II ii 1 THE MOVIE COLUMN Private Life , By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP)-On the matter of whether working Igirl ihould leave borne. Ann- Margaret is llnnly aliirmalive. She maintaini a house for her parenta and aa apartment for herself to illustrate her point "I think every girl should live by herseli as a transition be tween -the time of being with her parenta and of getting mar ried." (he aald. "It to better for everyone if (he does." Does that mean that the au burn-haired, nign-voitaged actress la beading for a wedding? "Not at all," an replied. "But I'll be ready when it happens." "I drop by my folks' housed three or tour nights lor dinner. -she said. "My mother is a fabu lous cook, and Just the sight of my own kitchen depresses ma. ITS BETTER "Aside from dinner, it's bet-- ter for me to live alone. If I feel moody at five in the morning and want to go for s wild FIGHT AT FAIR DETROIT (AP) An addi tional 10 Detroit policemen were assigned to the Michigan State Fair Sunday night following a aeries of fights and rob beries- involving Negro and white teen - agers. The 100-man police - detail was more than 'twice the number patroll ing ' the fairgrounds Saturday night when, police said, seven youths were injured in brawls and at least three holdups were reported. V vl , Is Says Ann-Margaret ride on my motorcycle. J can do it without bothering any body. And if I want to come in lata from a date, I don't have to make any explanations." About her dates. They are exclusively, with Elvis Presley". She said she ' goes out every night with him. Does this sound serious? You couldn't prove it by Ann-Margaret. Ask her what she and Elvis do on dates and the answer comes: "Next question." On matters concerning her private lift she remains adamant. "My lie is public on the screen, on the stage, in record- Ings and on publicity tours.. But in my home, in my apartment and on dates, my life is my own. I don't knock on other people's doors. 1 doa't expect them to knock on mine." DON'T LIKE IT Her attitude netted her the Sour Apple Award of the Holly- OTTAWA HOUSE ' IN TBS MLt, ' AUt THIS WHK1 . THE AMERICAN IMPACS BOCK TWIST SONSS and COMSDV CHEZ HENRI HOTEL, Salon (POr ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY .. wood Women's Press Club. which annually levels a blast at the male and female stars who dp not play the publicity game according to the rules. Ann-Margret considers it bum rap. She points out that she gave IN interviews during the previous year, did numerous photo, layouts and made two publicity tours In tha U.S. and on abroad. At any rate, her attitude toward publicity appears to have arrestedjatr career not whit. I She continues to move from one : film Urthe'next and now has! three nnreleased. . Opening Tonight LAW in "Tk StmsmtUmml ' Simfimt Camtdiam" ' - pros an , All Star Show Lilian to VIC ADAMS - as the CarauH Loaase Special altraUaa la Van. ejaeia, waddlas. paruaa, ate. DINNERS (BOM P.M. eaarvaUoae 4S4-SJM GATirJEAU coumweum WLD IDENTIFY WHEEL WASHINGTON (API "'A. cheologists have hailed a tiny stone . wheel, found In New foundland, as a clue to a Vik ing settlement tat North America nearly 1,000 years ago.-The A IOOf-10 KXTHOUSI JUPfH ItCHT QUI . wmi luimnji hostesses 3 VMM I HI W lt 1 Jj, mows f xL J tvmi Vim CHRISTIE MUSK IT IHI . . . kui nown for Daoclni and Llalanlns IN TBS V U . IKHELSO LOUlGf ) RONUinCU CHUCK ALLL1 DUO Daaclas TIU 1 aja. ' ' BUSINESS MSN : YOl' OUT-OP-TOWNEBS WIU. APPBECIATS OUB" DELICIOUS POOD . Uk Dvwigy Open DaUy for lunch T PABK IK THC MOTEL ... OABAGB MT MAIN ST, HULL A. ( - 12 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL MONDAY. AUGUST 31. 1994 1' - i I SECOND SMASH WEEK I GERRY LOBBt - " - 1 . . 'j fS ,.'., f : AND BIS OacBESTBA I ((( . M m -ym T " -V MartOn -aJiC t)Ai f I . n.: l! INTERPR0V1NCIAL .,,,1 r I rN5ha, to lAjjSLafjaESg I mm aa 1 I S BnOBV .-J TUB IMUVrC !- mm. m --. ' I 'V aa-ai aa i si i s s in wmm l m mm i m. II ' I ; iMinn lanu 1 I XTf J-kWi ' i' - BaMBVWaBVaBtVMMPkfWi- I . . A . aBa am M W I . II . I -mmmmW IfSBMdm rUM a . sW n I: van I ffcTGrS !?7?inKRfi! I i 1,ug U2j 1 1 II ''--'aiTO "'Jy ;i' , n i '. -' ii ur.iiii.dc ruuu 1 1 va!mhh;lbS m w bi i m. w-s a. i i ' i v r i i j, ? " i, ri i rwrri I BT7 aj ' Dbabaa- ataaaa PlliTmi 1111 I 1 avaaa - iriPl jil t. I II .rTP"laT f T 1 I -AW m- B mm Hi I I aa dW m I ml I JB't. . , ' HaldkaVai A Au. 'Bl -m n aVErill IO 111! mf Omi Dmll . I UMII Ull ' HI V II Hflrtv PTb. . I " u , II AP . I I tSS5 IHSSss i ' iSsl', VVXW W -a Vslll Mtrf At 0071 4 iawxo , TORONTO ACCLAIMS! I mfCl k : .SMT ' v liiiirMMii i itrinlV 1 3j i nasaaiB M s r i is r zii . : ' H ILIIHII bll k -I I , rF7yVA ' Sfil Wit.K 'SHI . " I .1 "i, jt . ..-7.,-t.:.;. , - .. i ii vyivoucK t ; --.------.- -0i win wr i is r s The sold-out audience loved every mlnuta of It II UVjff; fiA 1 FV j. j ,' tm I I v1 ;A,enu,.Vier,r;o V ! Ti-- ,y . -i. ; ii .v r&mzzwmnni i l.irii'ii mv i . r i' i n ' The Blue Danube WalU was very eflectiye. I lry'fM4 G f QwMi (o ia (low.r iLaiawiu ' rdy j 'J ORCHESTRA - CHORUS DANCERS ll f ( PAI9 OUT J 1 flQ 20 ' ' . ' . TOMORROW NOT .VVED. UO 1 T1- "J " " "t..' I ft fjfK CAPITOL THEATRE I L,,J DROOPY ?; (1 V f r U T if ' " f miil 2 Rj . BOX OFFICE OPENS AT NOON 232-Sofd) f .-- i j j. tJSZllX iaa mmmtm a. v I ' 1 ' , - ' aaaaa aa. AaiaaaaB. IS l. I lllll i W't. X . IS - - ' - llbLD QVbiC , ' 1 I -ffifTTTT. IT" CONSISTING OF ' ' - - - I ,- a ana- A js. laa A in Irga"-r--V""lfl'"''- llrITOIirai7CTTO WTIiwbi ia -al I I I . ... , . l,y3U.UU IN Ail1 It ll nnrti'ih'ltnA -i. (.(( rr.,r ut 2- J HI I I rrca JV-TI????8?-- IIIIllMltllalvJirgmaill t-l' IW WAWwutmcni i n it. , - I .- -. UVflrZ3S." rnnprn ry iiw t pffuse f I 1-: 1 50O00 A 3ui -S2! ."5 srr 1 I : IT ' . W t II - III (MdabaMaaaaaa.aantaaaa.aaaaHaaaaaaaaMaaaMan.Maaa' , iiIJDrPT ' M admlttanca to anyone I) rrca . ,t j .,.,, nm. n"!? ii rirna. 'in a - ,11 unoBr is ins nrnerara on y a ' T-rr , o.. .- . 4. whole trorta - 1 i Iw L'WfHrW TrvntiBO K HI II 'vVm ttttoif iiiii 'wail 9 Whiz Banc "Sword in the WHUAM HOLDEN h J Jl TUT ATI III . UtM I i.b rMllal a oat tovb rare photo or tub bbatlbs tooav 1 1 fhi A DISTANT TRUMPEr Troy Donahue wheel was identified as part of a spinning device and described as the first Viking household article, ever discovered on the donttneny ' 'ENCLOSED, AIR CONDITIONED DINING AREA ' ' i y PraaSaania Baa San4aa Laata( BIMIaaa SVMaa PUaa US, B.M a a.aa a-a. Egg taaajm. ,t,i A I. '1:1 Hi I Whimty in Stone" color IK UOr Color ' .. r EAkJC f K I Bl 111 amiii !' 11 1 mail 111 i i m iiwam mtm ma 11 iiiww am I ' a am iiiaa-niniiai ua p laaaM' . . . ' I . . iM , . . . . B END CONVENTION TORONTO (CP)-Elght hundred Syrian Orthodox Catholics worshipped in three languages Sunday at a mass celebrated by Archbishop Anthony Bashir a: r.- J0NI6HTI SHOW FOUOI'J tMr CHaAT-1 COLOR a au iw aMtafsit Euna I PSTTCIEV ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON n LAST TIMES TODAY U ; TOMOBBOW ON ITAGI VIENN4. UPS aaa. blKTIOCMaM '.LlttTOJl'iUm- Bank and (parka 11(4111 'fgmm lU NOW SHOWING UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHT (All -Technicolor Show) , . . - 'THE BEACH PARTY" ;i ' Robert CUM1VUNCS Annette FUNICEIXO "Goliath and th Barbarians" ' SUve REEVES Cheio ALONZO Strcial Children ' Matit Daily A motion How! PLUS "GOLD FOR THE CAESARS" In f Khnicolor 1 AIR-CONDITIONED - FOR YOUR COMFORT ' ; teu m tm picturm potato hi i mm bofdttrokm of shock f .Bw.r nnnnrrrnnn NELSON - .OssS'-.'SpWWI MONDAY thru' FRIDAY S SHOWS NIGHTLY 1M sad 1.J0 AT, SUN. and HOLIDAYS at I JS S4W MO 13i H Dally (IncL Sunday) at eoaoooooooeeoa4e4)oo(e ( . NO ADVANCE TICKETS REQUIRED I - J , FIRST COME NO SEATS RESERVED Bra Offlra Opana tl.X 9 GiffiPS a, - rrra t.u autpenata UO S.30 . 5.30 7.55 MO n::u week; T.ii!! nr i'ttix1' 'ii( . tijijiii ii' h i ristoKiio- FIRST SERVED! two : THEATRES 5 aucu P fjssarS - - Masai PKATDRB I DIIVIIN : ONLVI . , " OVNriOBT AT a COMANCHB Catar eooooooooe (in r X now hv0s f Monday thru Satnrday ait I-Si-S.l0-TJS.M0i lL-,nil aW- J Uaaat' BaataaVaMaaSarajMMriaMaaaillMArtMSaMasa " IMS t.te-tJS ' a 1 1 ' 4.41 SECOND EXPLOSIVE WEEK I ! pawxlii ,..k f ) of New York. The- mass and a banquet following H broui4. a close the 10th annual eof,en- (ion of the Syrian Aptiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of New York and North America..'. STARTS AT DUSK! CaUUCVt H'WllHIWI II ADULT ENTERTAINMENT '4-1

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