The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 8
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EIGHT. THE! DAILY COUHEKK, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA, SATURDAY, APKIL 27, 1913-, ANOTHER First Annual Report of the County Road and Bridge Engineer of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. COFrXinnCI JFBO]* JPACB ».) Report of Bridge Expenditures, 1917 To the Honorable ttoanf of Corarty Con»»*«rfOf*c«% ' Vxyette Count}, fc-nnoj-lvmiin. i "* , }«u w i l l nnd H report ot cxveniUfwrcn for iS* year 1017 IB eo«- 'itli the nujntciiunci; and repairs of old Cwnatty BrWpe« an«t the xm- of new Count.} Bridge*: 1S-1 County nrldKOH nnd n» tn«lM^*io» wmi mnd« diirf«* tfc* yem- -a(i llrldirc rvlnitvc i« u* ffimlltkm nnd meccfwary repairs. :W Ihunk flHrf \tcTe rcuntre*!; The Market. Til £ive yon. five, cents said Gncie Rasbory. "No, Rnh,' 1 replied Mr. Kraslus Pint- ley. *TU give you ten cents.** "No, sub." "Put another wijf Jfc an' Fll gtrc yoo two bits." "No, suh. An* I nln't got no raoh time to stun 1 here nn' talk. If eggs IH Kine up dat fast, Ts gineter put dishcro one In cold storage." Tno marKet- Sqtnva or rt«t*)nfrrcr«. I he recently .created repnblic of Finland, wberr bloody, civil warfare law ra^ed, Ues In the same latitude its Greenland and Alaska. It Is not smalt In sire, · for Finland.' is about as large as the vhole of Franc*. JThe Finbtnders themselves- spcafc" ot tbelr land as Suomerwoa*, tor'SoomL 7t Is^a region . of lakes and granite cocks, mncb/of It desolate aad! -water-ldcged, where ·winter reigas (Supreme for from seren 'to "nine nkootb$ in'the y«*r. At.leaet one-ninth of tibe surface" Is corered ·with lates andithe creater part of the rwt Is forest. YJCSS thiui'one-acre tu thirty is arable, btat a somewhat larger ·KUHmt is stilted* for grazing. "We tWnfc of GJ-eeoteiKl as a frozen and desolate ls*d. fit only for the abode of the hardy "Eskimos writes Nertn O. Winter U» the Christian Herald. And yet In ]llnl«nd.-in a sever* climate, *Mts grown, up a and virile race. Perhaps It Tvna because only the sturdiest could survive tinder sncfa conditions, for isolation bred self-reliance and industry was necessary to existence. At any rate the fact remuJne that the Finns have d e wioped a ci vt- llzndon that IB tmiqire and of Interest- -It -is not socprising, to 'one famfltar wlfh fbc Ftnns and their history, to tnow that a republic has been proclaimed. No people are more truly democratic. Under the autocratic rule of the czars, Finland maintained her democratic Institutions, and It was the only part of Russia where the trarvd'-r was free to tsove aboat without hiving: a demand made almost dally for his passport. The Busslan calendar, which is thirteen days behind our own, r was ignored, and In every way tbe public and social customs differed from tbos* of the Russians. The Finns have airways objected to being classed as Itusstess. Of Moo- gbllan descent, they were arnon£ th* earliest ot the Orfenfid races to cross the Urals and descend upon the fertile plains of Russia. They were sradu- ally driven t* the Inhospitable North tapes, which are usually kept freshly painted, red being the favorite color, Sarfaee drain ditches are made In th« cultivated fields every tew rods, and all Beeros most carefully tilled. Helsln^fors, tbfr capital of Finland. Is -one of the Interesting towns of Europe. Water seems to swrronnd it on every side. It dates back to 1550, when It was founded by the Swedish .kins Grata TUS Vasa, ana the liberties of R town were Immediately conferred npon the little hamlet as a special favor. From the "water side It is protected by the great fortress of Svea- lost Woke Up Trembling. "I hud a terrible nightmare night, 1 * said Mr. Dcbwalte, "Tell me about It." "I dreamed ray wife wanted me to go trlth her and hear a lontf-haired poet read from his own works," "Well, well!" "And something- seemed to paralyze my tongue so I couldn't say no," borg. which la called the "Gibraltar of the Baltic," and of which one occmdon- ntty reads In the ne-ws dispatches. The highest point hi HelstDgfors is crowned hy a great and imposing Lutheran WHAT BECAME OF THE POND. Speaking at a dinner. Senator J. Hamilton Lewis of Illinois, referred to the propensity ( of some people for ask- , i. concrete nbuinwul -wa« ccitendo«l nnd floor -wrMtrirU^ ."t nevv wooden Itrfdprew vrm built (to rc-ptnct oJU hridft«) Wo. J12 ovrr Mill Jtun nt K U l u r n c y I'ark In Springfield tornwrtiJpf N«. US orer M^ndovr linn nt $«at**tt*H l)aoi In Whimou nmuililji, und So. TOT ov« Pofrtnr Hun near poplar llau School Houwtf, lu bpriuirfieltl to \vindj i y; 1 JirlUst- Hide walk, w i t h brnekt't* xnf HOOT, wnw rcplacr^ «w v The ntxi\c viork ¥(!*« done rtir^-f-tlj" fron» tt»l» office by ptirfli»«liiK tli« mn- ic^rlnl requfrnl nnd e-nrployin^ the ne-?**arr labor, -which nnnMtnted 1* nn «- IlridEC Ao. IfitS. rp floor s obucmenta and wing TttSTTNG CKMKVT. fi 1 *! Test, 1-aJ. (lir. ."-7 ) I H U Burchinal ; Crwlit for sale of p-lnts Xo. 100. ptdn-Unff |S O CTJ-SLtir (rc-jxtJ-Kl 2000 S. G Chslcr (cons br. J53) 36 no Piocin+r new lloor Scrauphig and. fw.mtingr , . .- No. new 17060 AUTO H3R.K FOIt INSIT3C?TION A. K But-d l u O O Ws.Ucr« Taxi Oo "wt.". 1 ) f G M Glo:ififn . UriUKc N'o- 13-- ', J H jmtMihmise 4.0't R- new wooden briUrc.. 335.IS i Henry V;oi fickle 13 r.o IS. O Glister IM - - Jlnidicr o. US. X a t l o n o J \uio Co 33? I i · n e w Hoor 8ft 71 ' E. C. ttcCallouKn W3 4.'i g 1 and painting 7.fro ^ ---- In ndtlltlo 1 t J t *-l»i f o (lie oW Itrfrf(?·*«· OH Ktatr-d the follo-"lnff 1 ii e« feinforrvit t^»x'ft Hun nt ttJic iirch e«u««lnirtrI to r*-pl«cr old hrtAffe- No- K?. Swan fiwm. In J*n/*tne township (.Tb IM* c«"*t bridges x'vlth r*Hnfort-«Ml cnncri-tf; floor comntructfif, Nt. 14fl near- f. lit eft. In {Jr-niuui tor»n«h|p, nnd Xo. 147 cvtr I«n[*p'H 9-t.lil riooT .". " ..V 205 37 a painting .10.75 r new aMowa4k brackets CREDITS TU:CKIVKn. Freight rofuuJcd from f u t u a l LAimfliGr Co, d*^hitftd from co*t of lumflicr chrfld to uiftrrcnt bridges .... - .. .$ 106.Rl New lu-mbw sold dcdu*ipd from ccu*t of lun-l»er charged to d i f f e r e n t bridcrfts 1353 ) Prom West7noreland Cx, de- . 1 3 ) ; 1% rf(«for-«l v*-r Gftlli-y Ilt plncc-d awl a» vlllf » n i l l.pper Tjronc to-vrni*hii»«f 1S.T iTrr Trtinm Hun. In ConneH^v (lie hirOnffl»t'\ 1 II^^» p l u n k floor pitted nnd repntrw lo «tc«-l nvwdp nn Hrtd^c No. TouKhln^h^ny K!TT, In OHlopyle horoiiRht 1 i evr relnr«rftl concrete 1 beam hrldK** conirt«ictiMl, So, iKl, ovi BrlAirr Idfcc No. iK iloahli- C4inrrct- nrrh. HrldRe "No. 3OI, o-rrr- i IIrider No. 323, Grorjrr-* Cr»^-te n r n r ^ m l t l i E l H t L , In f»*or)cr« (o«n*lilp (^ntraitcd for to I H l f i l t i Repairing a.pprta.Dhe« fl* la.»re (*nll for [h* c*n»frnfiJ».i» of t nf*r* tciiforerd -oner^« I lurnm t · · · brfdirc, ISn. 151. over Jlroww'ii Unit nt 1'iirttan, tn firrnura to-m^hlp (cwtmetedl Di-idfce -V«. 336. for m I 0 ( « ) ; j Repairing floor and floor -178 22 ' ducted from COM of to different I n t e r - county BrtdRc .No, ISO. bribes accordant to .imount 'craping and jktinAing K* 00 i F'-otn S^rrns^ot Co. dtsluctod i f r o m cost of repairs to inter, G3.00 county nrtdse No. .-.a I From old plank d'-ducted from nrlttizc o. 131* } cost of repairs to bridge Mo. 'lacing: n«~w- floor R* °- ' -41 {From oW p l a n k deiluc:**d from I cost oT rcpn, rs to hrUlm* N'o. las foolish. (jnesUoDS, and told the fol- loxring story: One day Q. ctty man happened In a country community and whtle ramhlins aroujad he ran across a depression ID church, and the majority of the Finns! th * earth covering several acres. Some are adherents of this faith. \ f»rplexeti he questioned a native ctose ' by «od was told that It was tbe bed of a lose lake. 'on don't really mean it?" returned dcy man. "WhateTer bcotrae o? 14.1, »vrr rmi'w U «h.ln« (contrn-t*tl for In I D t S j ; In n d f l i t i n n to I h c rcpnirn to iId brMt;*?* nntJ t b r ronKt-r brt^KM, ( h e f o l l o T v t n K ripcudlttirrw nmonaUuc to S3,rTJ.«rt Tr«-re I new floor 1 Frnm olrl plank deducted Trrwn. 1 co»l of new Hoor and repairs I2.r.n| to »t«sl on bridge No. 7'J. .. , From siJc of bluoprtnth 'It- ductftd Irom "ost of blue- DS.fiO 272.6^ 9.10 16.50 7.00 P1.03 yi on Scenes In Hetctngforv. the center of t runs a gre*t boulerard, known, as th« Esplanade-Gatan. and this Is the centei of life In scinmer. The schools dos ] for tht»c months and cveo'body eo-! joys one long Jtoliday so far as po?- f slWe. One day seems aknost fo me!l J into nuotber. The young women one sees In Helsinjrfors are of the hlue- eyed, fiaien-hjiired type, for the Swedish type seems to prevail here. Young girls, utmost to the end of tboir/teerca wear theJr hair In two flaxen braidt that hang down the back. They hnv« the same sodul freedom as their jig- ters on this side of the Atlantic. The market of Hclylnjrfors Is an excellent place to study tbe Finns and J their characteristics. From all ovci | the snrrasndlDg' ccnmtry the peasant! | drlTe into the town* wtth their pro- dwx, and sell It direct to the townfolfc , A small fnm^T may hare killed a sheep or pij?, and may be- observed, driving a keen bargain for the best l ctits. Another has a few tiny kogs oil bntter covered with a layer of grass tc' keep it cool. Under old cotton timbrel-. las sit the market women -with hi^hij colored wufets and blnck or whit* I handkerchief a tied over their heads | Jn a small basin are the boats of tin the all the waterT' "It irns this W-HV," readily explained the native, "There was fl picnic out here lust August, nnd when night came on ttH-y had nearly n hnrre! of prut- ( zeis left which they didn't want to cart back home, so they threw them into the lake." ^TTes, I see," (nterjeftcrl the other as tin 1 native paus*Ml, "but what haO that to do with it?" "E%prythtnK." unsvrered the native, "The flsh ate thrri an3 the ^iilfcv diet made thorn HO thirty thtit they drank all tbe '.vater," J.r«:"l *- ?(o. 131. arch ·iif «t Lrta*TM 4SC.10 i t . tool;*, oallw, bolt*, point anil HtaJc,-^ 451-S3 ·otlon of ff»njitriic((nii wC Brldpc Vo. IBS 5O.OO m o h l l f hire for inxp*s*Hon u f brldsret* OK3.CO i*ikp»t 'i to Oil eT[K ti nil1t ure In c*»nn-fr(Io« \Tlh f ho Oowntx BHdjCf* of .;«-durtlnK tho rrcd!(« rr«-H»*-d from -o*To»Tvt1«n* for tb* «*«· of different Tin* smrriti tnttprt-iinn, «nrveJ», prrprir*ttnn of ilnn«, wtnlttnc o» of br!H(c«m nnd K«»in»rnl itnp*r!«.!«« of t h r r«-i*trH nnd eonwtractlow of hrldsrvt Kt.Ut.t3. "filch *t«* lofurrcd tn (liln offlrr, *rtn no( ehnrprud npuJu* · bridge (1916) BrtdKC ?Co. 130- new wooden b r l d K Prom Ktlo of sTn*cificat1*wtfi .. 57 CO Iten- from C T. T Co. for use of ConnellsYlJle and DaWMn br»d«'» IOO.WJ R e " t f r o m C. n T Co. for i«?e aC B e l l e V^rii-on bridge jnrjfi'i Br(dir«- No. : Eloor ibe BrtdRC So. 140. nl* 1ft Scraping and p-T-llltlnff ---- Jn ! jvo. T. ;f-:r i TiAiiT, JTU, ity TUiKd rtnd Hrtdjce Kn^lnc I'nionto-" n, t'n and paLntin^ Kcp«t1rlftsr abutments and walls **V" p l A n k (loons »n«J rp'pnlrn Ifl W A b u t m r n f x cxtrndrd nnd nf-n- wnwvtf floors plBCrd ! N'c" plonk, floors p l a c e d . . . . . 24 20 Plnnfc /loor* repnlfe*! ( r K C * i nc ] 4 30 i A butmcntM 7S3.M 422.0^ Brirf**- ^o. 143. and pn*nt1nt^ . . abu-tmcnts and v-l j Pi icinff ne-n ^ "" ! Scrip Ing and p a n t i n g ^o. t. 5 238.95 63 00 i tnu'BtK pxtrnilfd nnd con-- cTc floors ivJdrnrd ...... - Nltlfwnlk hrnrketK nnd floor plorrd ............ 2-4 (K) 'cw wooden hr co»- So. -*7, and » B R U T E ! , , 16.0O Repair!ivjf fluor pniretl .................. -wn ^juard rnll rrpnlred ..... by soccessdTft -wnves of immigratioii. j fishermen Just In from their cntch Tl«y are first conste; to the Magyars ^^^ housewives or maids pass frons of Hnngaxy and fistant coasitw of the i one stall or boat to another, JnBpecOn| Turk, TJke tbe Celts of Ireland, the | .Finns were nerer able to establish an fadepeuctent srtnte ca?fable of resistjag t3»e external pressure of Teuton, SUrv «nfl Turk. In tbe twelfth century they "were broog'ht under the sway of tbe roving Vltings, who orgnnrzcd a crosade to convert t3te heathen Finos. Annexed by Russia. Since then tbe country has been b*rf- abovt betwcea Srvcden nid Ros- sisu Peter tbe Great-co-itquered n part of it, tmt tbe entire country "was annexed until ooe btmdrcd and years ago. Tfcen tt \rus really a union and not an tsieotMtitional their -wares. A little after noon the fishermen and market merchants, wh come by sea, sat saU, the pottot; nmbrettftfi come doTn, the wagons roE Rway, and the entire market disappears as by magic. ROUGH GUFF. "Tes, Tre cot the slang Btnff," N«l wne teUrng her latest ."gentleman friend." "Gtee, trat my tatt: was get- The Czar took the title of Grand Tnike tbr* fierce I rd -worked up a line o 1 teQ i fable-matorial that had George Ade tacked off the map and gaspln' for wind, bnc Fve ditched all that now. J seen it was up to nre to switch onto BrlilRt- No. 50. . n rUiilnt? rc-\v lloor . . . Tlrlrfff^ .V... 154. HOOT ! WOUK JJOYE BV CO^TKA^T Hi-Wee \o. **. llrldce No RepalrH? U o o r . 100 in OnKtrnr1Jon of n^w rr loTceU concfrtc- ureii TH crnt * completed 4.SO ! AtlvcrtlKfnff britli^cn ' IffJStll (.fTTVlCCK i Innpc'ftfvn of conxtniction... Aulom*bUe Jiire Ttnln nnd equipment Splkcm nail* iind boltn SI nlce« Bridge * A- floor a'-r'nc; floor p l n r art! p i 52 87 | 40 00 i _ HrtdKT No. 72. T ; p l v ? i n f f n*"v Jloor ·· q- .nd psifirtins" · · ' plank floor and r«rpalr« to lit /or old plnnfc 7 ffl j bridge In · No. lOt. ot r-otvwtractlni; n«-W Hri'i*re Vo. 13. S c m p l n r and Hnbby--I saw something at your milliner's that loofeed awfully fetch- Ing. Wlfey--How nlcel Did you buy it for me? Hubby--Nope. I couldn't It was the delivery boy. 5 x t o n t l n K a-fo'i.tmenti* Ftnd TV' ing- con^rei'. 'loor 11Q 'i3 ^ 534.18 I K'VBKAr. rxsi'f;crroN r , ST^RVRV l'IU3PAltATlON OP 1'L.ANS, STAKING OliT A Mi U1 135, II rid ice - floor Bridge Ko 77, A" floor The Reason. .. _ -- _ .. _ ..__ To you know, I alwnys fee! snd at of nnlamt an^ *» ^rf 1 bc contintied to f another track. Jammed on my emer- weddlngfi?" rtrte notfl Qte abdication of Nicholas IX1 geocy bj'akes ooe day and says to my- ] "Well, they are jjCTiernlly moro or The ftindaifienttti 1a-^s of the country, Beifi ^p^ mQttT W here yon think you'll j less of a mlsa-rivlnc n.Tair." were officially recognized and con-, ^j cfl ^ t tf j^ don , t ^^g^ ^^ ^^^ flrmed by each succeeding autocrat, j ^ yo , 2 ^ e shOTln ' acrogs OQ y onr un- ftttboogh ta recent years tbere ^nd| procect(sd ^5,1^7 You never ^^ been nmch encroachment on the rights ^ j johnny-boy that's enough gray of tbe-jadependeot Ftnus in the attempt at KtjssrficaOon, FCT this rea- aon there has b*«n great unrest for more thn two decades. TJntfl 189S Flnhittl had not been re- o^iireii to fnmlsb. snldiers for the tm- pertel Knssten army. In that year th* cz»r informed the Diet (Congress) -- that tbe military service nrast be mad« to conform to that of the rest of the empire. "Finnish sitaceptibilitJe* were aroused, as this seemed but the open- Ing wedge for the destruction of all their liberties. The people entered upon a campaign of passive resistance. Every man, woman and child dressed in mourning on the Sunday succeeding the manifesto. Bells were 'tolled In th-c ctrarchor- *nd places, of, amusement were closed. Many thousands emigrated to the ^nited States. Long Sumnrwn-"D*y*. Inrtwc Jhe long winters lasts .only three or four hours. On the shortest days It 1s eren leas. Then It !s Indeed.;, as most; people think, a land of snow- and Ice. ' For three months Jt is so-hot that the" wealthy resident^ seek_ summer resorts for comfort.; .During that time It^fc practically one Jong-day: -Not a'star Is to be seei,ianj3 ,fh£ appeHrence of time of autumn frosts -has -arrived. During iny TJslt, _Jhe _ereninff twt- Mght had scarcfrJy dtsftpp^ftred twrfora the morning tt?l!igbt chased the gloom- ot night ""awjiy. _£ae_conl4 rwid out of "doors 'until jjfter" eler^n_ o'clock. These loag-daySv irtth ^earcely tiny- niKtit, · force vcgett-tlon to, RP*W nt a ! hothouse p«ce,*^Lflnd and watw-ho** no time to cool. Sntttoww^emnes In this strange land witb. a widden btirst of flowers, etmllffh" sod birds. Finland Is a laud of pine, and 6f* clad hills, for only a. cotnpttrnti-vfcly ecmflf 1 portion set ais to b« cleared. The moat of the country Is fniriy level, so tlmt it has not the grsivltir of tha Scttndinavtan tinp-lofii. In Cite denred portions stand n«,c little woeclea cot- mnrter fn his cnpola to want a real, bang-up flossy lady for his kid*? Instead .of a skirt that palavers like a brainstorm wtth a busted stearin'-gear.* Any gVrt can talk like a lady, even If she ne^er gets closer to one than to stretch her neck when eome swell dme bozzes past In her gas-wagon, I sftTs to yours truly, 'It's time to re- formate yonr grammar, little sinter/ and you betcher sweet life Pve cut the mustard."--Grit Pho*ph*ie Is Needed. l Sot* regetables as beans, peas, md- Isbts, cantalotrpea, peppers. eggpUnt, etc., require considerable phosphate f or-snfJfifactdry re*ulia. If possible It win pay on\mo«t soils to isnpplomont th« nmnure with add phosphate. With ft little forethought ft compar- ·tlTciy small tract ot land may bo rondo to supply the '-avariLffo family with fresh Tegetables throuthout the ^-. IN 191,6 Ey;»ry family mutt help feed lt»eff. " '' Frc«h v«get«bU« mu»t be utad to lessen'hom* winiumptlon of rtapl* - food* needed by troop* and the «III««, More food mutt be «anncd In hemev than «v«r b*for«. Ther* mutt be « war gncden In .every back yard fertile and ·tinny enough to ffrow vejj*- tables. Every s**d planted must fet made to count in the faod euppfy, -.United States D«psrtmcnt of Agriculture. 1OO S3 D2 50 ( T h e following expp-.tHturc has been ohftrjpd to tlie rond f u n d v : K floor nnd ' J. T. Ge|ha T t. Jr f ] 030.*n rrpnlrw to Ktrrl LlKl.fM) · K. C. McToHonffh a.-V, JO nudjre- fo. I2S. j W. L- D u n n t fl Ji A h n t m c n f n Uxt«-ndrd nnd rwwr 1 A. C. Jones ...., 7 n ; concrcl^ floor julnct-d 2.3K .Si f Jliirry Kt'"i«"kl«?T 2l(t,"ifi T. Q Rtish !!*s"*n I C. AujTUfitino 130.1 M) Ka.rry Haxskne-y ,. riS.Oc I»rldBc prior to 101« 71.08 Paul Cornish 13 I." ,A o. us. "G -40 i eonKtrnrtlon of n neiv | plrdfr hr(c1 K r ^ftb , foreed ewncrrte floor Ttopn.lriiifr floor llritljre *io. *J5. P l a f i n j ^ n«-w f! wt Scrn.plnK "ud p a l n t h i R . .. Brtilftc No. PO. -inp jtb iit'm-e n ts and v ! Completio dKP ?fo. 347, nhTitmrntN nnd. tflrrtrr hrldjrc with rvtn- | R p p J i J r i n q r f l m - i ·42 "1 I" " ' Urldjrr No. Wt. IIS 3 1 Tt'-pntrini? tloor , R c p a i r j n f f ab jtments nnd w nHdce TSo. IKS. Completion nt nei* eoner b*ld)=e (eonlTiteiert in IfflO Placintr new floor ' 331.13 CHAR-GKS, 1 . [ j . Pluclnpr now floor 344 r.r. 9G 7S wflon 7*rtlpr. Xo. 5 SO J ]JW M l.^T "B-Up Vornon Br'rtiro. No. U K . . 1R4.41 oTn-nsv(Mi TVIdc". No 1 4 J J . . . .1OJ 2. r r iopyle RridRo. No. 70 145 Kfl ?:M-ji4.; No More Guesswork whenyou bake. No ruined poorly done bread t no wasted materia] -- no worry, because of wrong oven regulation. K6i«;itrlntr Urldpt- .Vn. IKl, Scrti.nlnpr antl i ) a i n i l n f ? 4-H 14 31 14 B:I. in ' Get , Ef5 Ai. sERvirKs. |A Direct Action "Huafon"'fSr.'ni;:'. TMMi Oven Thermostat lucrh br ns) J-; 6 | and measure the heat aa easily measure milk In. a i7..^" !?tate T-casurer h r | Temperature Wheel ' and obtain any decree of oven beat that the receipt calls for. IIrider *«. 31 Scrap HI (j a n d pa j i - t i n g - . - ^'^. W. fs an«i Mrs. Mansersppw--??o w tha t the suffrage niovemont has succeeded, why do you oppose It so bitterly? Mrs, Homabodj'--5Toa'd oppose It. too, if you shonlri go home some evening nnd find your cook running for alderman, your second glrj serving as election clerU and your nurse maid drawn on a jury. Couldn't Stand Silence. The Lndy--Yus, miss. 'B commenced I to quarrel with me Che moment 'e eqnie ' In. District Visitor--What did be do? The Lady--Do? Wy, 'e jnst set still and *e never said a bloomln' word.-Passing Show. I t a p a i r i n g door K e p a i r i n u r H or an'! IKI| i 81 1R , nroxrnOTillo ri)hll.»hlnir Co. ... 4C in 44.111 ' r o n n e l l n v U ' c Nlwq Kayet-te PiibllMring- Co IST.Tri ( »rl»lcr Nn. no. )lrtdg;e No. 117. : new floor V A I V T . irrr-n Pnlnt O .1 K Slnni- » Co ttl 112 j r.I]moT- Khode« Placing 1 new lloor Scrap rip and p a i i t i ahut i nvpiit« an3 w i n y - !:2.25|nllinorn . f i ' l m o r e "My dear, I want to spent to you seriously.".. "I prolmbly deservo it, inpa. I know I Jmve been negloctlng the children lately." "It isn't that; hut uren'r rnu ncgiect- ing your pa me of bridge?" llrlilxc .Vrt. 12. f p a i r i n f r f l n n r p p f U r l n f f ab i t m c n t s and winp- -walls Retiring tloftr t C,a I C - v r u n Shov I K . 1 Clmler BC R6 S C! CltJitcr , 24 70 7 15 77n .1 *,' F. T. KTASS ESTATE, 21 0-..1 Rr-pairmB floor . Url,Ipc No. 43. 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