The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 11
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Veil Me v. The fact Is that rainbow is something that It happening In the rain itself. , So without rein no rainbow. But e thng else to needed too sun shine. And what's more, you must have rain and sunshine happening at the same time and at opposite skies of the observer, on opposite sides of you where you stand. - And we're not finished with the necessary conditions yet The sun, your eye, and the centre of the arc of the rainbow must all be in a straight line! So if the sun is too high In the sky, (more than 42 degrees ebove the horizon). . no rainbowt , That's why rainbows can be seen only In the early morning or late, after Well now let's set why all these conditions are necessary to produce ' a rainbow. Do yon know what a spectrum le? The spectrum to a band of colors .that . white light breaks up Into. Because white light, ordinary light, .to really a mixture) of all colors. You've probably seen what happens when ordinary sun light strikes trie edge of a mirror, or the surface or a soap bubble. You see all the colors because the white tight to broken 'up Into the different wave lengths, and we tee It at red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet or the spectrum. Now the raindrops in a rain shower act as prisms, or like the edge of that mirror.- They break up the sunlight that goes Into them. That's why we need the sunlight and the rain at the. tame time. The rays of the tun enter the drop of rain, and then are reflected back from - the far tide of the droplet Each color comet out la a different eft. " taction mm tnd when you look at them you tee them at a bend of different colors the rainbow. .,. .." x- .'.' So the sunlight comes from behind you, into the raindrope, and comes back In aB Its colon end that's how ' you see a rainbow, ..'.. e i e , FUN TIME The ChwcUe Bos Sue: Sometimes my father ' takes things apart to see why they don go. Bob: So what? Sue So you had better go. Tom: I reed that fish grow Warryaf FALSE TEETH Silpplag or Irritating? Boat la amkursaMe tr tocat ftoa Wlta sUpplnf. OtappUS m wotMlns ba rou mi, tkik or busk. Jut aarUikla a utua VAS-rsmi as Van MM. Tbla plauaat aowtMr nmtrlnw mm af aaaad eaMloi - K&4 Moimr boMln aiatai mm. anal. Ma (tunam. tooay, puW ar rMiina. It's eisalinaOioo-aeMi. Wat fAaflprr as aafSras aaw. What Does Rain Have to Do With a Rainbow? Win the tS-volvme BrUanntca Junior Kncyclopedia for echoot and home. Send your question, name, age, addrett to "Tea me Whur ear o The Ottawa Journal. In cose of duplicate question, the author trill decide the winner.' Today winner is: Janet Lauton, 8alt Lake City, vtah Imagine that you were living in very ancient timet, long before there were "scientific" explanations of anything.. No matter bow . primitive you were,' you would probably have to notice) that rain has something to do with rain bow. But In what way? What fa the Connection? fast,. .. .... . Tim: That's true. The one my dad caught grows every wine ne .menuong it r ' ' ' a " ' THE THK BOX Arrange 13 - matches to form four squares as shown. Now challenge your friend to take away one match and make three squares. The trick it to take away the bottom centre matchylhdicated by ar Win the BrUannica World AtUu or Yearbook of Event. Send pour riddles, foke to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tea Me Whul" Today winner U: Darlene Logan, U, Calgary, Alberta, . .. i . ... r r Police discovered the phone-tapping headquarters where the bank's calls were Intercepted to a vacant store in the northeast end of the city. l-YEAK UNCCNDITU. GUARANT 1 MONDAY, AUGUST 31. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Neurologists To Attend Symposium A two day symposium of in terest to university neurologists opens thts Week , ac the Uni versity of Ottawa. Several of Canada's foremost university neurologists, along with two participants from the United Slates, will arrive here (or the session whjcb open Wednesday. - The symposium hat been arranged In conjunction wHh the visit to Ottawa University of Professor John Szentagothai, of Budapest, an mternationaUy-lecognixed anatomist. Dr. Joseph Auer, chairman of Ottawa ' University's De partment of Anatomy, is organizer of the symposium Which will deal with the topic "The Limbic System and Hypophysis.' (The limbic system Is the part of the brain particularly Influencing emotional behavior And the hypophysis Is the endocrine gland attached to the brain.) A total of M medical sclent lsts are participating, II of them presenting papers. . Professor Szentagothai is bead of the Department of Anatomy -at the -university of Budapest He has been conducting research at Ottawa University as a visiting scientist since he rived here June IS. INGENIOUS RACKET Five Charged In Cheque Fraud MONTREAL (CPV-Flve mea and a woman have been charged in connection with an Ingenious certlfied-cheque. fraud racket that operated In both Quebec and Ontario hod in volved more than fl.5M.0M. Charged with conspiracy. fraud and false pretenses, the six were released to appear Sept, I for preliminary bearing. They were Frank Antonaccl 27, his brother. Alberto Anto- nacci, 24, Claudette Martin, 25. Frank Guardo, II, Bruno Bar-gatelli, 29, and Jean Campeau. 20, all from the Montreal area. They were charged Friday. The arrests followed nearly two years of Investigation by Le Citadel Investigation Bu reau of St. Foy, a Quebec City suburb, m co-operation with the suburban St. Laurent police de partment. Police said the gang passed phony cheques marked "certified" for vast sums at dozens of banks throughout the Montreal area, . Quebec City, the Gaspe region, and some parts of Ontario. . SPECIFIC CHARGE - More than M70.0O0 in cheques cashed by the gang have already turned up. One cheque was cashed for tlM.000. A specific charge is that the six conspired to defraud the Toronto-Dominion Bank. Most of the cheques cashed at this' bank- were said to have .been drawn on credit union. One of the accused was said to have a a former telephone com pany employee. . Police said the swindle worked this way: A gang member would go to a bank with supposedly certi fied cheque. The bank's tele phone line would be tapped so that if the bank employee checked by phone on the certification a voice would assure him the cheque was valid. Stittsville Woman Hurt In Mishap A. Stittsville woman was se riously injured Saturday night when her car crashed mto a hydro pole on Woodroffe Ave nue and flipped over at least once. Detained in Civte Hospital Is Mrs. Theresa Orosz. IS. of Stittsville. with multiple- fractures. head and leg injuries. Her condition was later de scribed as "fair." ' V A sister of Mrs. Orosz, 'Jlaa Tracey, Ji, of 2271 Hillary Avenue, was a passenger in the car. She was taken to Civic Hospital, but released after treatment. Investigating officers Coo stables Willard Story and Wayne Phillips said the car apparently swerved to miss a bicycle on Woodroffe Avenue, near Majestic Drive, went out of control, spun into the ditch and slammed into the hydro pole. .5 x i mi n 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u i rt r TirmTi yrt s i Of U cca Liusx ' : ci iiT 1 : j ' ' : cisrcs ; c 'Z 1 .. ..f",.lw,.J" i m m y.j ... - , ,, ..... A -" - - .,.... ,. 4 " Owm TAKKER" fr yn ef 1) , wriiimt ilmawl We nave just what . yen're looking for with the point that I . writes exactly your way ... a I . PARKER to please every bead, from I a broad writint eoint to . aitra One. Priced from ' l.yo Use PeooUl Fritnilj Credit. f UNOER 21? I awL immvstywn T7y) nrssr v 'v(,w fJeWfellltri. - . i . - X1 . -d . .!. Vested Sahj from tM The campus of choice can be entered in assurance that the scholar's attire will win r : honors, if it is selected from the proprietor's lauaaiory pew Fail stccas. '.' Open a Gentleman's Charge Account 147 UUB I I' - -i : m Monday J f Creeck ; . ' v - Tab Shirts j from .95 - - from S.SS - BACK-TO-SCHOOL 17-Jcwcl Shockprolcctru batches for Him mm wgmmT&$ 1495 50c vpfk'y or ?2 a uum!i r ny's is wsterproof, .f -ry. vpr.Mrcttd anil snimiafTiic;" hand- jomciy st)'l:d white chronu cave with m:ith-: g cxpamion i iiidand full figured, luminous dil, .. Girl's h beaittifulty fxhioned in natural gold colour with raise J g it figure d li HiimmntiHitnimtUtHtlll! a. 'a i P V ' , THIOUGM ICTTH QUALITY AND VAtUt 4M 0,s. v s 100 Sparks Street , ' Open Daily le 5:45 Friday night UR 9 phone 235 670S - , . ,i i.'..-' ' ' ' i. -o v i 4 14 II 1 1 "mm-, mm i- msmmsk 11 ' Mm, , ' rr imm Ilt"11" I"WI'"I,1 111 " the ectra length torgreater smdpthness Rothmans King Size fer really salMsl-mM, mm .':::i'-:-r'A i m M mm1 1 ' 1 -Zr 11 . . , y.VattJtBnTsTWt .-.y.v.v Rothmans the greatest name in cigarettes .:,. !-... .-. i t; A,'... v! 1 '; V . t .'v .' '-J .tv.JwV.; lk. 9a jw v

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