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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 5, 1930
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/sastt JLiast Addition rice 2 Connellaville's Biggest and jBest Newspaper. The Best Advt ;rtising Medium in the Yough Regl on.. VOL. 28, NO. 73. CONNELLSV1LLB, PA., WEDNESDAY EVE? ING, ^FEBRUARY 5, 3930 SIXTEEN PAGES, BERKEY ACCUSED BY SOMERSETS Jurist and Others Tried "Fix" Him, Burgess Beachy Testifies. to SLOT MACHINE GAME AIRED By Unite d I'row. CITTSBUKG, Feb. 5. -- Burgess Deachy of Somerset testified in the conspiracy trial in Federal Court hero of former Jurtgo John A. Borkey and 15 others of Somerset county today that members of tho liquor ring; «nd slot machine combine had tried to "fix" him. Beachy accused Peter Hanlon a n d William T)itmau, two ot the defo id- nuts, of coming to him and offering to "take care" of him any way he wanted--monthly or otherwlHe--if he v/oiild permit machines to run KI a lootleg establlyhment operated by John TurnbuJl, important Government witness, Beachy said Turnball came* *tth Dltnmn and Hanlon, When they* were leaving T u r r b u l l came back and }poko to mo alone. He said he touldn't sell beer It machines in his place were not pi'rnilttod to run. "They'll knock me of!' it the nlot .naciiiiH"* aro not allowod to orcr- S. . to," the burgess, reported Tnrnbull .is saying. "Another time ho came to me and usihl he could not sell liquor if the machines wore stopped," Beachy said. "I told him I would arrest him if he sold liquor and ihon he changed the word to beer," tho witness declared Freeman Tipton, proprietor of "Tip's Inn," near Berlin, WHS culled to tho stand by Special Prosecutor John Colderon. Tipton testified that William Bitman and Peter Knnlon came- to him and asked him to put in slot machines. Tho said he told thorn he wouldn't have anything to do with them. He said they told him he couldn't stay in ths business un- ioss he came in w i t h the gang. Then, according to Tipton, they said they would plant liquor in his place and county authorities would raid it. Tlptou also tostlllcd that Victor CJlessner, a constable, came to .is place saying hi was after a prisoner. He exploded a tear gas bomb^ln Uio place. Then for two Sundays Gleas- ncr walked up and down in f r o n t of Tlpton's place, t h e witness said. Glessner, Oilman and Hanlon arc defendants in the conspiracy case. Victor Dularo who operated a place on Somerset. 1'lKe then told of buying 10 gallons of ihooiishlue from Oless- nor whle ho wa i tho constable and of paying ?l«0 for It. Daduro throw the courtroom into an uproar ns ho insisted upon telling his '-- story in spite of tho objections of tho prosecution, Attorney Percy Allen ItoKe, chief defense counsel, utd Judge; Sohoonmaker hlmsolf. "Sure, I b u j whisky trom Oless- ner," Daduro S£/id. "I kuow him long lime. Wo friends for long time. He fetch whisky 0 o'clock night. We take him up in woods and hide him. We was all good friends that time. "We was good friends before he .. arrest me. After that, no good. "I go before Judge Berkey. I no sell whisky but I'm guilty because I sell beer, "Lemme tell my whole story," Haduro said. He insisted and started U tell It five times before they succeeded In geti Ing him to leave tho stand. Judge Berkcy's political 6lus!i fund rocoived 10 per cent of till slot machines received according to the teeti- Contlnucd on Pago Three. SHAKEUP COMING AMONG FEDERAL DRY OFFICIALS By Unllea Press. WASHING TON, Feb. C.--The 27 Federal prohibition administrators throughout this country and Ju Hawaii and Porto Rico are duo for a severe t;haklnj? up if Congress approves legislation transferring prohibition enforcement from tho Treasury to the Jiwtlco Department, the United Press learned today. Attorney General Mitchell, it was made known tit the Juetice Department, has pl.uw for a searching inquiry on a national scale into tho record and accomplishments of each administrator. Inefficient or otherwise unsatibfactorj officials will bo given short consideration. When ho (6sinned control of the .lustleo Department, Mitchell applied a blmiiar proce iuro to United States attorneys all oier t h e Nation, with tho Jesuit that 1J district attorneys have Binec left the srvico. SHADE TOWNSHIP BIDS REJECTED tG. l°ob. 5. -- Contracts for 1C hlglnv i.v project^ on which bids \voro receive d here Monday \veio awarded tod.iy by the SUto Hiehway Department. Bul« on proposed jobs, in Shade krvurtlnp, Somerset county, Koll Child Quoted As Naming "Tony" as Slayer of Donohoe UNIONTOWN, Feb. 5.--AHrod Koll, six yeiire old, son of Mri. Ve-lma Koll, who stayed at thejioms of Mrs. Helen Hess ot Walnut Hill, told Mrs.'Laura E. Mocks, Now Salctn restaurant proprietress, -when she asked him If he knew who killed John F, Donohoe, "Yea, it was Tony witli the big car," according to.Mrs. MeeKs, tho third witness called to tho stand this afternoon in tho inrjuofit Into tho death of John P. Donohoe. Tho -woman d-eelared that she knew the boy inasmuch a« !« came to,her restaurant to eat whilr ho was being kept at Now Salem. She eald that she talked to him ono day and aaked him if he know -who killed Donohoe. His rsply, tho ·woman testified on the stand, woe: "Yes, it wue Tony with the big car." Donohoe apparently knew t-hat something was going 1o happen soon, according to C. M. McClosky, employed at the Penn-SUto Amusement Company, a nrMial frie«l of tho late officer. McCloskv, the second witness, said thai while no and Donohoe were in the mountains one day, he- remarked casnally :o Donoboe that "smarter men than ho (Donohoo) had been knocked off" to -which the former stata trooper declared "Ye*, b-ut Oils thing: hRS about conio to a. head." MoCloskj- said that lie and. Donnhoo liad talked about Doiiohoe's troublou and that in the various conversations Tony Bell's name was mentioned. McClosky said that on the. Monday pi lor to the killing they had been iu tho mountains togtther and that Donokoo mentioned Tony Bell's name, stating that it was unusual for him to be going in arid out o£ Attorney Cjcorgo II. Patterson's- oUice as late as 11 o'clock at night. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 5. -- August Schiffbauer o£ Masoiitown, employed at tho Leckrono plant of tho H. C, Frick Coke- Company told of finding tho body of John K Donohoe, former deputy constable, on tho morning of J u l y 31, last, when 'he coroner's in- ciuelt resumed this afternoon. Schiftbailor said in w«e on hie way to the plant when In noticed a sedan standing against a ree, with blood trickling from tho running board. He pulled up and invef tlgated, see-ing a man's body iu the car. tie went on to tho plant, a ehort dHtance away, and notified tho foremai . After unauc- oeestul attempts to reach the county detective and corone ', the State Police w?ro notified. Together * -with uouein, Harry Hchiffbauer and Geo'go Meadows, also employed at J^eckrone, ho returned to tho machine and tbo three examined the body. He- said !he others picked up a Iwok but he didn't know what was in it. Nearly GOO persona jammed the. big courtroom -for tho inquest. It wae said two women had bi on there since 0 o'clock in the morning to aseure theni- feelves of seats. POSTOFFICE THEFT AT FAIRBANKS NETS BURGLARS $80 CASH Special to 1 he Courier. UNIONTOWN, F^b. 5.--Ga,imng an entrance through n rear door of the Fairbanks postomc, thieves got about $80 in money from the cash drawer o-f the office. About $25 to $30 worth of stamps was overlooked. John Martineili, postmaster, ijit- covered the robbery. State Pohca were notified but so far have failed to make any arrests. The thieves smashed the glass iu tho rear door of the building which houses a postomco and a 'store and then easily manipulated the lock. The building looted is along the street car line. Scofctdale Man Is Found Not Guilty In Conversion Case GRBJ3NSBUBG, Feb. 5.--Jesse J. trlendoaning of fcottdale was found not guilty of a cuarge of conversion but divid'ed the co .ts between him and the prosecutor in the case, George J. Glendenning in A verdict returned yesterday afternoon. The sum involved was $2,400 belonging to Mrs. M.try Glendeiining, the defendant's mother. It was alleged he hud withdrawn the money from a bank. Clark Adams ot Mount Pleasant was acquitted of a serious offense charge and the costs placed on ths county. Plate Replaces Bone in Leg of Patrolman Elder Thomas B. KMer, member of the State Hig-hway Patrol who was injured several weeks ago whoii his motor- eye lo was struck by an automobile driven by E. O. C'ouaway of Morgantown, VV. Vd.., on the Mount Pleasant highway near Mi rphy'g Siding, uudor- wont an operation at the Connellsville State Hospital tliia morniug. A plate was to be piacod in the fractured leg, it be ng necessary lo remove a portion of the bone. Taft, Helpless,, Carried from Auto William Howard Taft, recently resigned Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Courlt, Jbtalng helped from his automobile by friends upon his return to Washington from Aiihe- ville, N. C. The Southern climate failed to bring thu curinj effect that was hoped for and tho former Prisident of the United States waa perceptibly v eak and woyn from his illness. He is suffering from bladder trouble complicated by blooi pressure and a weak heart. Frantic Efforts To Save Boys From Going Over Falls N1AG VRA FAU^S, N. T,, Peb. B.~Hurried preparations wore made, today to halt the progress of a lar{;e ice floe, ca Tying two boys, from golnt; over thrs falls 1 . 'The flo'e was reported by tho state reservation police to be u h o u t four miles above the American falls and traveling steadily. The Niagara Power Company was reported trying to gut a tug out into the river to roach the youths. The reservation authorities were tranticiUly working against time to arrange linea at Goat island to stop the huge cakes of tco. It was believed the boys were fishing through ico on the rivet. 771 Bombings, But, Two Convictions, Chicago', E Igft I - Y ca r Re -.orti Us- United Presu. CHICAGO, Feb. r..--Convict) Nathan Venon, woalt-hy manuia for engineering the bombing broihor-in-ltiw'ri home, wats the bombing conviction, in Cook coi eight yeans, although there ha-i 771 bombs exploded hero in thr it was revealed today, j Tli-e oth«r only conviction for j bombing was returned in the I caee e week ugo. Venon faces a term f one ycare in tho penitentiary. m of iturer, af hJH nty In boon c time, actual same to 20 THIRD AND SECOND WARD CHILDREN GET TREATMENT TOMORROW Toxin anti-toxin treatment, as a prevontative of diphtheria, will be. administered to children of the Third Ward School at 10:30 o'clock Thursday and the Second Ward School at 2:;!0, It -wae announced toduy. At the eamo time children of pro-school ages in these districts who have parental con- Bent arc aekcxl lo report at the school buildings. The Hrt treatment \\as given to about 150 children o£ the' South Side School Monday morning and those at the Ciimeron School in the atternon. Thie iftornon at I o'clock tho children of the Crawford School were to be ghen tbo Injection. AIR MAIL PILOT LOST FOR HOURS ' IN FOG IS SAFE JOHNSTOWN, Fe-b. 5.--Hiram Little of Cleveland, air mail flier, landed safoly at New York this morning after he became lost in the fog over the Allegheny Mountains earlier in, tie day, according to word received here. Beucon light's and landing lights were flashed on at the municipal airport aud at other nearby landing fieldfc when Little was reported flying in wide circlee in the vicinity of Bledrsville, Pa. Little evidently got his bearings and proceeded to New York but observers believed he had crashed and searching parties were sent out from this city. DAWSON-LAYTON HIGHWAY BOSTER RALLY THURSDAY Atlrocates Will Launc i 1m- provement v -CaAipaign ai I)avson Grantje Hall. PROCEDURE UNCERTAIN An active campaign to h ive the Dawson-Layton-Batining ro; d improved will be launched tt morrow evening at. 7:30 o'clock at a meeting of citizens of Lower Tyrone, a d Porry townships at tho Dawnoii Gra igo Hall near die Bryan Church. Considerable interert is ma ilfest in the project and scsveral hundred' persons are expected to assem'bl for the session that will mark the f 'Vival of the good roadsi association in that community which, ly, waa the nucleus of the organiza Ion that put over the ?2,500,000 road b nd insue several years ago. Advocates of the thoroug-W ire from the Dawson Driving Park lo Banning, by way of Layton, c-onte-nd that the seven mile stretch is in a 6 plorable condition and that the town .hips are without sufllcient. funds to put the route Into such shape so aa t provide Continued on Page SI ;. Mrs. S. S. Stohl Betl -r. There te a slight Improvein int in the condition of Mrs, S. S. Stahl -who has been critically ill at St. P iberpburg, Fla., according to a letter rei eived this morning by C. J. Wciwcome o£ Dawson, from Mrs, Btahl'e uaug iter, Miss Bessie. Mr. Newcomer Is a rother of Mrs. Stahl. School Directors Attend Convention B. J. Hooper, R. B. WJlhelm and Roger C. McCormick, members of tho Board of Education of the Connellfa- vlll-e School District, are in Harris- hurt, attending a convention of the stato iibsociation of school directors. Mr. Hooper is A member of the social and banquet committee which is itt charge of a banquet to be served at T,he Penu-Hariis Hotel this ove- ninj-;. Soottdale Man GREDNSBURG, Feb. 5.-- August Dai 1 * ot Scottdale yesterday entered a plea of gu'.Hy lo driving an automobile while Intoxicated. Ho was lined ?10i) and costri. .Mrs. Loon Coiso Relon ied, BRADFOUD, Feb. 5.--IN rs. Leon Case, "28, who police said she told them she stabbed her husba td Sunday night because ho refuse 1- her a cigaret, has been released c i her own recognizance. The huabai d is improving and his recover; was expected. The Weatler Snow flurries tonight; Thursday, partly clouclv; nol much change in temperature is the noon w it her forecast for Western Peunsyh una. Tciuperutui'o lieco 'd. n !0 192» Maximum -1 : 38 Minimum. 3 ! 22 Mean'' ,,,.-._..-_--- .3 ' 30 Welsh Dismissed On His Admission Of Breaking Law By United Press. PITTSBUttG, Feb. B.--Mlss J u n e E. Werner, prothonotary of Somerset county, declared today that the die- mi6sar~cf Claude A. M. Welsh, clerk iu her office, came not becauee of hie testimony againet former Judge John A. Borkoy and 15 other defendants on liquor conspiracy charges, bql because of Welsh's admission from tho uitneci etand that he waa himself' guilty of conspiring to violate the 18th Amendment. Welsh, star Government witness in tho confcphucy case, was arrested on similar charges laet year, Mi«s Werner bald, but she bad taken no action until Welsh admitted under oath that the charges were true. BOARD OF TRADE FILES APPLICATION FOR INCORPORATION UNIONTOWN, Feb. 5. --- Formal articles of incorporatibn for the Con- nltevllle Board of Trade were flled yesterday afternoon with Prothonotary Dan-ell W. Smiley, The organization, the charter recites, is for the purpose of promoting tho goner.a 1 welfare of Coimelleville and vicinity. It is tipedfled thot the yearly income shall not exceed a total of $10,001). Twenty-oce of the city's prominent citizens arc bubscribers to the charter and a similar numbe.r is set down as directors. Tho petition will be advertised and the charter granted at the expiration of the usual 30 day period. WESTMORELAND TAXMILLAGE IS REDUCED GREBNSBURG, IPe/b. 5.--Westmoreland county's taxes will be reduced one-half mtll this year, it Vaa announced yesterday by County Commissioners Elliott b. Hrbjbs, James F. Torrance and John P. Gilmore, v Last year the tax rate was nine mills while this year it will be eight and a halt.' Th© road tax hag been fixed at three and one-halt mills and the g-eneral tax at flve mills. Nurses Pass State Board Examination Two members of the nursing staff at the Connellsvillo State Hospital have received notice from the Department of Education at Harrisburg that tlioy passed the state board tests lor nurses. They are Miss Caroline Greta of ISverson, and Miss Ruth Blank of La- irobe. Both were graduated from the training school tor nurses at Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg. Lynn Will Probated. The will of Margery Harper Lynn, late of South Huntingdon towiifahip, wae probated yesterday in Greaneburg. The estate is valued at $950 and W. B. Lynn and Sarah B. Latta are the executors, The estate is willed to relatives. Three Reported Held by Police IE Doiohoe Case Special to The Courle . TJNIONTOWN, Feb. 5.--Arrest of an. automobile party on the Masontown bridge last Monday ai 3:30 A. M. by a squad of nix heavily armed police officers followed by a grilling, In which all concerned wei e probed intettBC-ly about the John Donohoe murder, led to the conclus on today (hat the Stale Police have le-cntered tho killing investigation. Three men are still in custody somewhere and it fs understood ixro being questioned closely concerning incidents surrounding the Donohoo murder. Cosmo Stlgori and Sandy Notch and an Italian knowi as "Joe" are still in custody, it is said, having not returned to their home as yet after being approhendod. Families ot the men today secured counsel for I h e purpose o' learning of the whereabout-i of th" trio and securing assistance in event they are in trouble. Following (he early morning "pickup" State Police returned to Masontown Monday evening and aga'n on Tuesday, making oxtonsiv' searches through, soveial premises end arresting "Joe" who was not in the automobile party. The automobile was being driven by "Rig lied" and contalnel two men and two women in add It on to the driver at the time of the arrest. Ostensibly It is said the offlct rs were in search of a "liquor car" b it the nnly thing taken from tho party was it pint of moonshine. "Red" and 'tho two women wore released following a general examination but the two men were hold. Their whereabouts as TeU as that of "Joa" arrested Monday night, remains a mystery, State Police professing to have no know edge as to what became of them. The inquest into the Donohoe case ·was to bo resumed this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the large courtroom. AIDING STUDENTS M CHOICE OF VOCATION SUBJECT AT KIWANIS That systematic effort u being made at tho High School to aic student 1 * in making a choice of theii life's work, as well as to give direi'iloa to the'r ni oparatiou, and with lesalts that are highly gratifying, was. ·'··cry clcarlv set forth In a brief talk by Principal D. H. Loree at today's luncheon of the Klwanis Club. Principal Loroe had ccn drafted at the eleventh hour to make his address, but it was most informing on tho work of the High School in tho field of vocational guidance, lie divided the speaking perk d with Jolin Davis, chairman of the ·ommiUeo at vocational guidance of the Kiwanis Club, which is providing speakers nt intervals to address be ftliidents along the hue of their orolesbion or busiuss. Mr. Davis himself had talked to the students this morning on life insurance. He was enthusiastic o/or the interest being displayed by tl e students in these talks and urged fallow ICiwan- lans to respond whenever called upon to spoak before them, lie counselled careful preparation anu brevity and the presentation ol both the favorable and unfavorable sides, o, the business or profession tho speakt r follows: Principal Loree's t ilk \\1H he given more in detail iti tomorrow's issue of The Courier. TAFT'S HEART IS GIVING WAY UNDER STRAiN Former Chief Justice Making Brave Fight But in Serious Condition. WIFE WATCHES . TENDELY By United Prtssa. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.-- -' Howard Taft apeitt, a quiet night and wan more comfortable this moraine, a bulletin Ibeu«d at 11 A. M. today his physician said. £· bulletin issued CITY COUNCIL WILL CONSIDER BUDGET MONDAY EVENING Tho 1930 budget will occupy the attention of City Council at Us next meeting on Monday eve ling, February 10. Tho solone were in session last Monday night In an informal meeting and discussed the budget. It has been reported that the city athers are endeavoring to pare the e (peases so that they will come within the anticipated receipts for the year. "Mr. Taft is slightly better than yesterday. Ho spent a quiet night and was comfortable this morning." Informally tho phyaiclone said they were encouraged by Mr. Taft'e apparent rallying from his condition of yen- ' terday. Mrs. Taft, rrho lins maintained, a, constant vigil at the bedide ot tho 72-year-old jurist, took advantage of his improvement to take two short rides d u r i n g the morning. President Hoover will call on Mr. Taft at 3:30 'o'clock Uhis afternoon. Mr. Hoover's visit, it was said, was cot actuated by any uneasiness n 1 - girdilng the former -chief justice's condition, but merely by a wish to sec hi.i old friend and cheer him, Mrs. Taft had informed the President earlier that her husband waa feeling better and would be able to see him. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.-- William Howard Taft was fighting a good fight today againt an adversary never encountered in the courts of law, Reclining among pillows, much against his will, the tired old gentleman who has lived vigorously and fully, who has served his country in the highest places in its gift, smiled again his famous smile, courageously, though a bit wanly_t and thus denoted his determination to win, If possible. He is fighting against great odda. His physicians announced his condition yesterday, toon after tho ordeal ot t, long train trip from Asheville, N. 0., as serious. Yet last night he was holding on well, and thoy announced that he was more alert, and possibly a little better. He slept in. tbo afternoon And his rest seemed to be easy last night. Ills light is against a -weakening blood system, with a heart heavily taied by arduous, detailed attention to the Supreme Court and by grleC over the death of his brother, Charles P. TaDt, who was closer than a brother. But the heart is still brave, The former Chief Justico is suffering no pain and has no fever. This wa announced last night after a special consultation o-f his phybl- cians -- Dr. Francis R Hagner and Dr. Thomas A. Claytor-- -with Dr. William S. Thayer, John Hopkins University- heart specialist. At the former President's side constantly is the woman ho married -It years ago, jtiet as he was boginalng the career that has made his namo k n o w n around the world. Mrs, Tul. attends his wanta, tenderly. Only she and a housekeeper, in addition to i» nurses, doctors and secretary, are In the big three-storv brick houso with the former Chief Justice. His two sons, Charles and Robert Taft, havu r notified tho family they will come to ,' the bedside in a day or two. It was i Kobe-rt who submitted the resignation ; of his father as Chief Juhtlce t j iPiesicleiH Hoover two days ago. Tho aged ex-Chief Justice was encouraged In his battle by praise from President Hoover for "the long and (Uslaigiiifahed service of a. ,sre,U American to his country." Tho President hp-nt a personal message expressing his regret at the necessity of accepting Taft's resignation. Mr. Hoover is being kept closely advised ol his condition. Taft's physicians will issue another bulletin later today. Ko-veral friends called yesterday, including Associate Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, 88-year-old dean of Uie high tribunal. Holmes was himself confined to his home a few daye ago w i t h a slight cold, but is out again. Dr, R. C. Johnson Head of Medicos In Westmoreland LITTLE BOY BURNED WHEN SISTER PULLS COFFEE FROM STOVE Special to The GRR13NSBUR1!, Feb Johnson of New K elected, president of th County Medical Societ here yesterday. Dr. J'l oC Greensburfi was n; dent and Dr. C. D. An ier, secretary-treasure Courier. C.-- Dr. R. C. ensington ~\vas Westmorland / at its meeting llin S. Anderson mod vice-presi- broso of Ligon- r. Hcnrlqnrs Chief Pilot. B, Q. B. Henrique j, formerly ol Masoniown, known as the "flying coal miner" has been selec cd as chief pilot of tho Main Flying Service, Inc., for the airport at Greensburg. Tie recently completed a 5,000 mile air tour. San .Mill-hid H » Today. SAN MAKING, Feb. 5.--The lu- habitants of this tii y reptibhu uf San Marino today celebraU d the JSOth anniversary of Uwir independence Calvin Brooks, flve-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Urooks oC Reidmore, near Abe's Leap, is in the Conuellsville State Hospital with burns about the-body, sustained when a little sister pulled a pot of hot cof- feo from the r»tove at the reiden',a s and the contents were spilled ovzr 1 him. ; The burns are from the hips d o w n , ' Wagaman Housed Because of Injury B. F. Wagamaii of South Nintn street. Greenwood, West Penn conductor on the main line, is confined, to hi« bed Afi the result of an accident with which he met lest Friday afternoon, lie waa returning home from work and as ho neared his home he blipped on ice, which was covered by oiiow. The ligaments of hie loft knee were torn loose. He is getting along nicely.

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