The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 7
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WINDOW BOX FOR Gardener May Save Several Weeks by Planting Various Crops Indoors." ' ' ' «IS NOT DIFFICULT TO- MAKE i), M*terU! Used Should Be Light and of Such Size u to -Be Easily Han' dled-fGtan Top Will Keep. (n th. Melcture. ' ·, r (Pnfand trtli»-tJnltea Stoics Depart- By tisinff a seed:box or vrtndow bcoc In TrMch to start pJant3~ T £'*cabbage,. eanrtflower, tomatoes, "papers, 'egg- ptant; celery, aiid perhapo^eren lettuce, tbe borne gardener moyget thc^e crop? t In|o edible maturity sevtiral ; weeks eahler than If he valfajto plait'.tha --seed dtrt ot doors. ' " , Making the Window Box It ls ( a rery simple matter to makc|B ; ·window 'box by "nailing "tbgetter, the narrow stdes^and ends .and toen nail; Inx the bottom onto these. Tbe boards or strips used sbaald be "light in weight, about onejiatt Inch thick, «bont .... txjcbes wide for sldee aiyLends^ and any width available lor,.the bcttozn. size is, to. be easily hanfflci pfcrhaps 12. to 15 incheii Vlde'and IS to 24 inches long.: A store box of coarenient size nay be sawed lengthwise of sidei and v icross ,the ends 3 or 4 Inches above '.he bottom and tite make u good win- -iow box. Fining.. Box. With 3ol! and Planting Seedm! " _ ; ^bco .the box -is completed, coyer ^ r the bottom about an Inch deep with ' yrarel or fine cinders and fin nearly full with rich soil full of decayed Vegetable matter or of manure like that used in potting home plants or greenhouse plants. Most gardeners have a. pompost pile which will furnish the' kind of soil needed. The rich soil beneath the family wood pile or around "decaying Iqgs la splendid for this pnr- -Ppse. ' ' · -Press .'the 'sett down firmly Tn the . box with a small piece of board, then with a tbin strip, snch as a cheap ruler7"B]Ske 'rows ~crosswaj'S~2 Inches opart by pressing the edge down First Annual Report of the County Road and Bridge Engineer of Fayette County, Pa. , 1917. To the Honorable Board··£ I-'mye-ttc CoMty, Penns FoUowlnE, T°* will find a report t)£ c»p«adltur tiuu tritfc 'tlie'coaurtziictlon, maintenance- *nti rcp The different typ*» 'of road*. Mlncc flic cWuiit j|i»,TC*Mtpl«re^L jr»4 -maiter. eonKtrvci, are DM follotTrt TrJCvnt. /omMlatJoB,. nacad^m trcftrin^ Mtrrfuce -ri'clford feiiBdation, tju-via macadam TVfarlnK mi ( p«nctn t Ion rurthod) ....... J. for tbe year JO IT *»t C»antr I " "biUldtnK Cotmty 5.3B mllcii X3O mile A ce.. . U73 mi lea Telfar«l"JioMM««tl*»^i:turv1a iiuicadfim rrearinK 111 r face I ' (hot miac method) %..J?»,SE i _ ....-·. . ....·?£ .................. X4T mile* CniMb*d Mto»e- («M»wdatIo«, brick wenrinfc, jtiurfnce . ,, . . · ,, ..... 1,4*14) ml ten Cuncrvte ioundwt !»«£ brick wenriBR Burfaoc .............. 13.OQ mllm -" Concrete ItxmdKtlaau *wpU*Ut cwa'crete- tv««rlikic »art«ce ,. r , . . . 3 . 6 O mile* -* Concrete foo«**tlpB, Amleirtt*- r*ari*fr- ·nrtncc , . . . . , ....... .1.28 ralle** Concrete foundation ani vrcarln(r. rmrfnee ........... . ...... 1.72 mllm n tula.', of 4,"i^O mtlex of County Iloadn, of vrliiclt 54^7 mllci arc com- ]O.a jnftfof*- a** under contract, of vrhtcb amount under cuntract, 4^S " mllcx · - I«rtaiv-l a 17, tbc follow* I ft: c*nt*t ructio Rojtd* bju bee* lon«t «,O3 niil*«.«f mttrmctm eom and mnintcn In addition to the , , work, on Countr dome on ike nn- tS mile* -of -road* rep Hired and mnlntiiined; the - jrrcai rr portion nC work TTMS 4»»«j bj- prt ' i oCaor 4 00 .feet "wide, on trKord foimdAtion. Road 1875 7,3'tG fetit IO-DJS, 1G Zc-eL vide., *. .$6,180.07 Uy contract TVKONK _ OOZTVKtLSVl'IjTjE Jnl«pecthn TOWNSHIP},, OWKfVSDAJ.lC ROAl. SMK maoadiurn wevrincj? surface 16 Ceet wJdo or. Lltorcl found«,Uoa. Uoad 10.447 £eet l ^, ift wide Wjorfc done by corvtriwt. ...... $15,256.44 ' In«pcction Tostrniff materials 128 5S propenties l r O.GO to properties "VILLK HOAn. r. wearing au^fn-ce, 14 feet 4.1)8 1 wide on tclford foundation. Road JLO 31 r»4 isi feet lonfir, 14 feet wide. 94.00 i Work don by contract . . $7.263.00 WASHINGTON 1'OWN'^HTJ*. rt.\vnN B.OAP. ' Slag- macadam! wcorln-g' stirCiLcc 30 A u t o m o b i l e '.ran-sportatioa of i corps i Stakes 0 no 4 no ?7,305 31 MAINTENANCE WORK. . by contract; t 5 miles taken over br tbe State lUphTrtty Drpurtntcnt TOWNSHTIP, COAL j UKDSTOtfJU TOWNSHIP-FA IRUA..YKS HIM, ROA13. ! . ROAD. Work Done. Work Don*-. Cleaning FT«Ue-s antl Orain«. dross- \ Cleaning gutters and drains, drotswnff rng~ bf w rmfl anxl slopea, removing piIdefi. ) benri» and slopes. rnpairmK- wearing l«bor nntl cmpltiyeii labor antler tfc« direct [ '""bite vn^hlnfl- p o i o g and hoa-d-tvalls, i s u r f a c e w i t h aspJiaJt and Atone. and foremen, tmt part of the work TVHH dom* {building; Ory masonry wjil.s, b u i l d i n g j T r u c k drbver Red-stone townfJi lp. Col j- n.U X- a rood oti n, pat rolm-in Luzeme township, C'irlct- ton Bcho-ol house road . . . ess Ha-noy, patrolman J J V i- zorne toTvnstiip, C l i a r l u b ton Rciiool house' roa^l . . . . ' u t c r BbaR, patrolman S mtth UnJon t o w n s h i p , W a i * u t Hill rotid J-'jt'.aljurK-ii road 30C.SS .txltione T*w n«sli J p -- Colonel No S roaO 30,154.30 i u t h U n i o n Tou n.Mhjp--Wal- juit H - l l ro,id SO.033.38 I J w c n M ] i l c "TO t d 1 . .' 33,236.44 '"a*li'ns i ton Township--l"a - ottc CHv roail 0,180.07 r 1 irlon T u w :· . s h i p -- Ml- l i . i T s v i M e road 7,269.00 *,084.68 C o n n p l l w i l l e T o w n Broad l-'ord ruiid, Ji . p -I l i r r y ConneU^TVilJe 'fo ~w n sh i p-Broad KorO ruad Jolrn Keyser Oo n n el b?v 11 }e , T' o w n s Ji i p-- Urood Ford road, Il'enry :ioo lit ;joo IKI, M \ I \ T K . \ V N C K \\OIIK. " ' IK k I r . \ f r Ko'·email ...nd £uar.l I-'orem-an Labor r-i*.on l a b o r Route o. HO, between, Uxl awa,, iiml I'uliU Marlon. j cement masonry watl:i. , part of Siatc I 7 TM* D r i v e r Foreman and guard, . . , The attacked »tteetn uli c In detafl.aJl wocte done an*l expend! tnr en Incurred IK eonnect2*a vrlth^tae'Con-ittriictlon and aialntcnjiiM-e of tbe County llondfi. February 35, 181S. JNO. T. GKI'IIAIVT, JHL, y ItonUrand-JttrJdjtc Knfclae - »r- -- .-3BXPLJLXATIOX .OF 1M« KEPORT mjum coraplUnfr.1010 Depart,, The window-bor-should- be 'of : such- "' CKSTXIRAI^ OFFICE WOJHK mean* work. d«nc - USED- In, (Uc ofTlce and la tbe Held Prteon lnt»or ~.~. . Sand , Cemen t Strel and iron £yjw,nii to, eo/ps an/I f u s e ... Gasoline, oJl and K~ea«o i For»man ami guard . . T IjsLli-or .' . IRS.,'!!) j Prison la-bor .. 59.97 , Itollor r ntal ' . . 102.00 j Stone , . 25,OO i Asphalt ^ n n e i L s v i I l e To w n s h I p--· Broad Ford road, H. C Frlrk Coke' Co jnnell-'mne T o w n s h 1 p--- Bnyifi 'Ford road, £._ fe O. Rn-Hroad Co . renimin Toivnsliip -- McOlel- l«"/Jtown rond, Jacob G. . Itarrls . . . ? 37 0." j Gornian Township -- McCIel- . ... 4 OT» t Undtown road. It J." CofC- . .. 114.5,- | msm ... 14.50 j German T o w n t h i p -- McClcl- 27O.OO ( land-town ro,'uj, i:il Camp--. ... 241 SI G^nnan 'I^ownshlp -- AlcClfl- 17.2f. i l i n d t n w n r o a d , J. J'. 72^.08 1,! 459JS6 3..102.1S2 337.GO 1,237,47 543.00 Ci-inent . A s p h a l r ' SKPl a n f l iron . , .. ' T C pipe Iiimc (;,Lt- oil nii'J fjrc.t 3O:5O 3MJ50 2,7.":00 30.00 8,47 =0.20 18.27 4/1.40 1.AOS.OO 3.16.00 ]?3.22 not -liRi^ceablc nfmlmmt nny parllculnr road OOUAT3T ROAJD-MAK mcu^iu placinc'aU Count T llondn on lump of Fnycltc r IHPROV1SMEW-T CX*l?TY JAIL means «*pervUioa of r«ialn« to County Jail.- " . . ; 1'UAJf OF COUNTY HOMK mean* mnklne «nrv-y untl plun of County .Ilwtac property. -- - -- ' , , - , j ·(TOWIfMIIl* SUPKKVI^OtlS in^ains mnklnjc ^nrvcyi, d r a w - j ut.n»adA a«d Inapctrtlntf thr construct Jon of jruud^ for Totrn- nOAD aUJMTBUtfAftCK INSPUC7TION jrKtans LKap«ctliiR t*e rcp«ir nnd raatn- icaiiuo« ·work am Coax.!?* lload^'p^revloajLty craMtruMed. GEPfEILAL BR1DGK5 means ncacrml lnMp«ctloi), «nr%ey«, preparation ot plaaji, KtalUnfr ant of krldscM and sen*r«J -papervision.ol, the rcpalm nnd con.- -» brldRe*. (Caara^nble'to IlrJdi^e KnniL) 1'HOPOSKD COCSTY 3tOAIS m^tnp pjrepuriixir pinna of Tturnnhtp Uoadji trUch tb«'C*uair frovo**** taking over an County Ittuwln. mean* makijtic nurrern. prepnrlnir pl nd » t « k l r c ont INSPCCTJON OMAfie lnpe«tlm tbe cow* U-iwH-iou ot nnd« under coatrxrt. L'ATUOLJLEK 7De»JiS protectbaar tbe final completion of rondn under contract. AUTOMOBILE TRAJISI'ORTATSON OI? CORl'S ineGJlS trannpnrtntlon ot pn maklaj; anrrera and Mtaklae* oat road*, TKSTlGJdA.a*EMJAL-mean* teMlnx material uted In conxtrartlon of ronilM. STAKES rm^n* MtnkeM ni»ed In lunkhip «nr-v^y« nnd - I n U t n c oul rondit. AtJTOMOBIl.K5^2aeans eo«t and apkeep of uiKormtbllew ufied in Rm*r»l «rrl«iaat of.- r**d n«d hrlapje »a-r*eym con»»trartli»n nnd malntennncr. ADVERTISING- ItOAOS nw»J»6 for taking o^cr tow»nh*p rond» n* Conaty adji and reeetvtaa; 'bW« for eo»jrtT»e-tion. LEGAJL SERVICES means Ural Marvicca rendered la. connection -tvltk srn- t ruaJ trwrk. KOAJ SIGHS mens detowr alima ar»anO. cloxed rodd*. . me»c» #«iee rtupplie« t eaxtncerinr Inairnmeatx, nnd repair* to la c»»dj*etljxf work of tbe Road and Bridge Department. BnOTV7*ST'II,!,i: TOWNSHIP, ROAJ1. "Work Done. g- a c Lour road and prison ktbor C-abOLinu, oil anU yreasc Incidental expenses feO.V 1.4.VK ROAD. "Wort Done. C l e a n i n g RTittors and d n u n . Inir b r - r r n - i and qlopftfa, reinovinfr ulidc-s, w h i l e -v-.L»hinir paleii renntn rn man j'Gcrmnn To-wnship -- MrClc!- fS36.03/ land town road, Klljahetii CofCman DpTcr Tj-rone Ton nshiyi-- Ow^n-^dalc r o a d . "T^rer I n r h i r W,u:hintrinn Tov nslvp--Friy- hetulwails, Mo"tj;omt'rj' !i C n Ion T n \ \ n s - | i l ; j -. . . f SOfl W a l n u t HjlL. nii.!, S. - i M x o n s Inir borm* a-vl Work Dour. iruttfra anil drams, romovinK" slide ( M ) N T H ^ ^ T 1 -. : « , ) ( i l TMON T f n V N S l U P , MI'SOV X HO \ l « . - . Erou-ns% i l l i T J. Kin rr,.i ( r i B-ownsv Hi- T o w n s h i p -- U u - H u l l K k i n T n w ftS-iip--Pt«nrs- i cnie 'ibr.ic " M a i n t e n a n c e Work" ap- jj'.Sed to. Co:il 11:13 road and River ro*d ,r Ilrownsvlllo lownshlp. Sroad "Ford. -onrt Jn C n n n e l i ^ ' . i n f t o w n s h i p . A l b a n y 'I il r - ^ ^ ' -."d Fay-tie CHy road In J*f- '· : 0,1 t r - ^ H 1 ! ! ! ! M.i .1 r o i f l In Lu- /i-rii" 'o * n O i i . t . ^'- s r i s h i w r^ad in M .ill"!! l o w n * ' ' T. T M'Jmrjii ro^d In X u r t \ 1 ' n u m*hip: F.nrhaoks road p ,1 H-^nilt --^on ' m e in HeUBtpne S n l i I ; I I " I M t r i ' M i ' - l i : , ) . u u ^ ' i i ' - d a l e road ' i i 1 i»;ici * r . r " n f io,\ -Jiip: Payctte ( * H \ - i t ! i n , l i;i!]r"-ple ro-nJ i n Wnsji- i i K ; t " i i !o« p«!iri iiid KO»T,it roa^3. Th l . i i i » - im'i-Kit-^d to SJM.47.) v J l l o ^iip -placing p1p* d n i i n s . STrwdin^ ,aue a7)- i in^-bf"nir, ami ,slf/p"-s, removln-j; sfid-ts ' pro.iohcs, b u l l d l i i K conoretc atej^w } repairing f o u n d a t i o n , r e l a y i n g brlf^k ' C j Foreman J i n 2 l Truck d r i v e - $ 1N3.9T { L o l l a nnrl . · I*alor 4]0,:;j | Furemsi'i ;tntl nuar'3 U'M IUJ C o n i i v i l s v i H e «Tciwn« I f . S . B l l A h o r 70U.1') JJrr^Ml i'nn] i K1 «K r.'t.s'j i*ri»on labor r KJ.-! H u n b a r T-iv.ii I Kcmd i r0 fuaimi 1)4.S') riicr r"ad . 'CMncnt- G^.75 ' rinllrr r - » n U J 7" IV) O e r m a n To-wr Lumber s 74 ( ryTin.m:t»' a n d fowc 4 00 ' l a n d t i y w n r- Lttn^bor K 47 , GnjtoMne, oil and prcajre ... . 3'J.^ 71 Gt--m.i" Tow Inoidentft,! esicn-5l.s 2 28 . I n c i d e n t a l expenses , J J.O.T ' "Hor:i roirl · i T , v i / c r n ^ T»wn^hip--("linTle 1 5S-/I.SS 51 Ml^SO ton P K ixxul ' i M c n a l l f n T o w n i H J p -- Xe JKFFKRSO.V TOWASTIIP, A U J A X T Uri-Kfl TYRONK TOW.VMIIP-, j Snlcm 11,362.10 B48JMI 313-Ofi \ d \ i T t l s I n i c ]i -- 7,^ -o n - p -- M'rCl'M- ... . .p -- TMen- 300-06 Tl^Q 52i.ll n n d p a l r « » l m r n R c p n l t l i o 1rin-k tract* itit -paid om the different con- p-^j j n u,17. i Prison labor the maiate- j pn^ncr brick IU^ ROAD. Incu-rrftd in ItKJRUimC" TRUCK mecLns cowt mud nplceep of tmcfc iwctl oi f nanc*-- aarf repnln «t Co»a*T Roadit and Kent*ml vrurfc: around Court Uon^c-. ! aiAJTfTEjrAJfCK-SUrriiTBS ASD lCVCrPMKrT meftra p u r f h n j K ; «nd repair X toobt aad. e«iilpi»eB.t need 1* tie molaiennnee- niid. repair, of County Honda. -~ ^WAXSTEWAXCE OF COUWY ROADS means detailed expenditure* o( Count7 coirymncnorr \vonic O W K N A D A J . K HOAU. 191fi h u * ! "Work D«»*. l " ' Clean-infi- trutiers and d r u l n f i , drf;«s- j S 7 "0 i ' ri ^ bcrtn-n and Hl^pes. rernovlnK" wtkie-s, t lo'oo P ratlJn 'S' I 0 - 11 " approaches, plocini? afl- i -'^rt i an*i s t o n e s.irfaco trco-ttiiftrut ' " T - u c k - d - i \ t-- ^ 170.74 ^ $45 10 ' Forornan a n d jrtrord 174 0" ' n rn w ....... ' NorLJi IT n f o n Townsliip-- - OS Tiitnl rixprnrtloirrn TOTAL EXPKM«T17Jli:s. ·3.1 Office \V ork *! ' ' Foremn.ii 122.08 '-*' J n t Jtoad -\Lip ! J«tbor ,. Ti.'G *ift i T i p r o v ijmenr C o u n t y ,)a·! amsRaofV TowMtuir, FAYBTTK pnnon labor 44.7:, iMnn or Coumy iiome GIT1 K O \ I . . T e a m s 27S :;2 . K: f n n f u r l n ? T o v b n t t n p So- Kxpennes I n c u r r e d la J916 but paid R o l l e r n*ntal 4.",0.00, V«jrv,snr.s ,. - n 1017. 1 Sweeper rental 68.0O , rif1 l-I M a i n t e n a n c e J -peotlon TOTTirSHIP^. COAL JFAIRCHASCR nOROVCH. M O R G A N - Prison lo,bor $ 8.7" "Water w a f f o n rental 4 0 4 0 GPnC'-ul Bridges KlJJi KOAD. ' TOWX STRnBT. ( A u t o m o b i l e tniflk Jiir.i 3G4.t»0 Rlnp 25.^0 ' Fropo^r-d Ortutity Holds, Groated bnck Wftaj-Los a-.irface 14 j Brick wearing: surface 14 feet w i d e i S U g JS1 42 Stone 7T4 76 KnfffciecrlnB 1 US1.H1 I n o u r ^ e d foot wid« -on concrrte consbijiatknj | on crushed 'stone fuciidtttion with 12 [ --· , A w p h n l t I', l"L'.Ot"» 1-il.Jl l OwensdalP road 15,4«5.. r 4 "\Vfisli'nirlon Township--Fay- f - t t o City r u i d 6,506.30 "\V;,.irton T o u n s h i p -- ISHi- utisviUc road 7.30S.31 I'airchanrt; 3ioroi.Kh -- Mor- ffjiitonn street. 4.09435 iOni curb. Road. 2,950 tee-t inclt flush co-ncrutc curb on each side, f lon^, 16. iect irld«. I Road 3.G7S f e e t ICHIK. IS feet vide. p BXPETfD ITTTRES, ' j KXI'KTVDITITKJIS. [T^orlc don« by oor-tr*ct J5,33.57 ' "Work don^ by contract J4,0*54 (\S ^Inffp«otion 1-33 Inspect Ion 4 ^ 7 tOAtorial \.*.. *»--.'. ^. ,-r 10.7.2 . T4,oo*3:,, 3j3bor *~ Teams GKRMAV TOWSTSIOP. 3I*CL.i3t1*A- TOWA ROAT5. I Grtited brick, wearing wurfa.ce 14 'iierett; cini!jiiiu.tiiij $330 I T 1 na«:iill7ie oil and pr^nso ' I r i c ' d c n l n ' eir*n^t'a *·' tlo I'-.n.r.o S 4 J 1 4 S | 7'»SC . 2 41 ".04 I 1 1 ,2.'t- .IS 71 HM ·*· Starttd in * Berry Box fore Seeds May Be Planted hi Qpaa Garten and a. Flat Box for OM )· ttartfeg Ho«e. to % Inch. Dbtribwte or : per toefc ta the rows oud corcx with rich *XI or fine sand. Press'down -tbeAvd'aeola with'tbe pleoe of board and waiter carefnQy so t2sre "will be . no le*ktog throogii tbe bottom. · ', _ If a ptece of glass Is 'i5aced JOTCT '"tl» bd it'wffl keep in"the moistnre and warmth thus hastening germination _and_ cause rapid growth of the plants. £bMQeh water most be given aa requited to keep tb* plants growlnc thriftily.' " ^' "' * ' - ' '~ f * ' [' corps S«t tbe box Is any warn plan on- j Testi7v§r \fcfl O»' seeds' begin ' to sjxwnrt, - lien ] stofcea plco* ft in tb* sanrfrfne by, a window, y ' -" T«h» Out Surplus R»nt». WbtD. tb« ptants-are; from an inch .' to WSncfa and a half bigh, they should be thaooed to 1 or! 2 tnchos apart in nmnt C] 3.1 ni n R" UIT btr- nis 'orn:naa "Work Dcmc. I K u t tu'-s a 'i d 1 r.LLn a d res-- - ' ROAD. Grouted brick wearing: surface 14 Te»t wide on concrete foondtuion with I foundation and curb. Roj.d Jti.l.'.ti T e c t ' 1£_ tach ftij*b concrete curt on on-e f loae, liJ ffctit wWt. «fadc and 18 Inch concrete oo-roblnatton t:XI·B^aJrI t l^K^!;^. cart -and puUer'on one side.- Ko»4 j "Work ckm-i b contract . *27.!*»«0 t ·2,543 feet lonjff, 16 fe«t wide i En4Thnr«rtng EIPEafDITTTRES. jiiKCpectlon Work (ion* "by contract ._ . .S 1.972.26 ! Aiitomobn** traaaixirtation .- S2.97 Work Done. [ i n £ henr-i aid sl'vpr-*, r«movini? alid-es. ' , f-radhijr l J n « approaches, piax-in£r aa- , -^' p h n l t nn.! s t n n o surface treatment. I j l ' For-rii-Li .inU yimi-d S 74.74 , ^ l l A l n - . - i b l l e trans] ort.i'iioii ,.£ jnaterj.Us iS d Jn * : ! ' f t i s a n i n r i r n s i r ^ K o a U i l Services . P»k-a«i . . McJ! f.S7j i t4 ; ii. i MAi.\'ri: \CT; OF ROADS. BruivniA .lie Tovviiiiiip--Coal H.ll re-id S 918.76 t r m u l 7S.M CO-IP' 1-^ i l l - T o \v « s h ^ p -P r - . i - ' K- -d -".iI . - S5S « J r n - i - - s n n T u v . ~ n - ' u p - i ! b ? - i y I T - ! i -*j J . - 41 in i r-tv - Lu:.-rne Inspection ' :. 7.23 j t*a-ioe-E*« to properties . ·'5S 7." r cpa.irl»-a- \\ oarinii *urf.i\ I phait ujii] sic/nc -,j M^ , T r u c k d r i v e r . ·»t -,., KurciT--in and y u a r d i.i.»mo' 11- t r u k 1 i u'.lfr r e n t a l .. . . .vropcr . . v i r i I n c U e n t a l 1-1 · - $2,063.48 P r i - n labor ? 28,903 1 cnrr«J 1ft 16' Holler r e n t a l Stone . AsphiUt (S72"i in 3910) .. Grisollne, ai' truck hire ( I n - I7'J 19 i s . i o ' 51 B4TLL.SKIA' A2TO , TTTTER TTIIOSE f GERMAN TO^VW.SHU, EOEXBOHN' TOWlf SHIPS,'-PE2TXSVILI.K- j ItOAC. fSLOJf BIUUGK ROAD. [ Brick wwirinff twrface 14 feet wide Grouted brick we*rrog: surfce 14 I ^ crushe.1 ston« (outHiation witn 11: nau .. tK Vl .,,,,. ^ i r x Ceet wide on concrete corobina-tlOTi | J/^Ji J"«« concretei curb on ea«h side. ] Inc[denUl eX p C ise 3 .. fouaAttion a^d corb. Itood 15,642 feet ' °- jO0 teet IOD ^' 1B f e c t w i d c -long, 1C feet -w-I»e. ' - I RXPBMiTimB«i. · · EXPEXT3ITU51ES. ' Basunce paid on oM coatruct.. .S3OO 00 done by contract J61.47S.Qo! tf 301,10 j LDZEK.WK TOWTfSHir. CHAHI-ES- G34.K TON SCHOOL HOUSE ItOAD. Groated, brlclc wea-rlng 1 surface 14 .0 inc\itr(?'L in. .nri Breite Jnepection ' tmnisportetion rf " 640.19^ 40.50 tb* »nr, so" aa to gtre'them space crjoajtx to make' a stroo^, stocky grpwth,' H It is desired to keep the "pUnts wirfch "arc thinned loot, they · may b* set 2 inches apart each way, 'in otber boxes prepared as mentioned - iot tii* seed 601. When^the weather becomes mild, the box of'plants sbonld ^k $e Mt-out oi doors part -rf tie time ' l l daring the day so that the plants will "' "harden off" in preparation for trans- * "ptonti4g, tq the garden la tec. 41, good r '' watering shoold be given Just'before OOHTXKLL.S- by ooi*tr»ct concrete ·wcarrrvg mrrace 16 feet wide on concrete foundation. Road 14.r,OG feet loff. 10 feet w*3e. 3fi.~ 1.2* ,,1000 Autontoblle Tostiorinirterial Stakes ......;._..·...... CONXKIjI/STTF.!.! 1 : TOWTTPTTTP, TSA- BKLCA ROAU. Bnclc we«rtrfr- eurfnce 21 feet wtde on crush eel atone foundation wlt K IS Inch concrete coirtbina-ti-on cnrb and Hoad 1,172 feet ttfe 'plants irre taken out of the box f- ffutte r on each side, for'trmasplantliff so that a large ball loniT ^4 fe^t 'wide, of 'eirth win sticfc to tiis roots "of each one. CAREFUL SELECTION OF SEED ' Ch«ap Varieties Should Be Avoided " Unleea Quality and Germinating ·· - Power Are Good. ·'Don't buy cheap seeds -galess you are Wrp of', their quality an3 gprminattng. valued Cheap -seeiis of plants, like cabbage, onions, or lettuce, :nay be the roost 'expensive In tbe end. It costs Jast'as much, to plant and "rare for as .good seed. - BX I'KWD ITTTIES. "Work donp by cont-mct ?2fV^.O;} ATrt"nroMlo - transpo-rta-tlon of I WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, GIl.T,KS-.j 1 ( l f °( nn noAn. ; ^ o i 1JOOO \Vork Done-. m i l n .10.00 I Clo^inintf ffuttors d r a i i s , Ires 1 -- ^ v ' 111 ' Inff liorms ami slonca. r p m o v i n s ='idcs- ^IM'i 1 7^8 25 pi a c ] n c - a-sph-iT a"il stone surface tt-eai - r*« l ' r ' .men. ·M'K m c n J -- 70 Foreman a n d - K u a r d $ SO 0^ r °^ *»Tiir~riO V or Torc-mnn truck III re ... S38.17 . . . .. 5.10.37 i l r * i! »n T c - . \ r « h i p -- Sca- " -, t ns i 1.423.CG X i !i "L" n i o n t o w n^lilp-- ' i ' i t l * ] . u r K ' r « u 1 - . 504.45 Ji ,1 ' .-it T o w *t»-a«* 1 . · I - - M ! . SSO 03 I I i -· , .,» 'i n « n-^ ip -- i l e n .i""- in '_"n^ u'.nl . 452 20 · 'i i* i i 1 « u "-h.p-- '. .uiii^v.-t X · ' uls 1.341 16 r, , - r .11,- T o w n -i,p-- n , 0 . C( . ,^ ,,,,,,) t . 4..-ir»l!R6 C \ V - , ··-;.') i T i v n - - i i p -- T i J - · tv- r "' \ r J 2 1 l.Sftl 7. W i - . iw " To v - . - p -- O i l - · -."·," i ' · , i" . . . 1S 47 ? H.or.r, fetit -wide oonoretr- comfblTiatfon n3 curb. Road 4,100 reft Ions', 1C feet wide. EXI'KWJDITITIES. "Work dono by contract ..... $18.115.12 SOUTH V.MOX To\v?rsitip, PITTSBURGH KOAD. -Work Don*-. Cleanlnff putters and drains. dr««t. ' Asphalt f JS60 OA -ot p a i d ) ITHT borm.-i ami slopes removing slldea, I n c i d e n t a l esfcn-i-s in .- ·w,trjtc vra.ehinjr poles ar-'i tioful-walln. ' Trncic driver i 5 1T..-10 and Hrvslneering Insixsction Pa-trolinrR- 14l"o5 I'rlson labor . . . 67!S2 ) ^ M "^ . Tnjck Mre 7.''. i0 L' Truck Avutomobil P trun^iportatfon o( corps 22.00 Testing mxtenalft Ti.fiO Stakes ,J.,10 SlS.rilO.,'!! 10 00 Foreman anrl . jru^rd I ."5 Tnclric'it.- 1 ! pspcnsp-i RF.NKIl \ t. HO I UP, r i v e r ................. $I-OOOfl ITKMEV1KD atK7VAT,I,KW TOW1S-.SFTTP. XITW SAI*EW-ITAIHJDA"lvS HOATJ. Awphstltlc concrete wea-rlnq- surface 20 feot "w^de on conorete f o u n d a t i o n . Koad 4.30.^ feet lomr. J G feet wid». EXPKWDrnJTlISS. "Work doix- by contract $4,0=14.98 Engineering- 16t».4-t . Testlnff material .'. 10.40 i SATMRY 4 N I EXPKNSlih OI' 1 j Tires ,ind t u b r t i Gasoline, u J I and greabc . 4,OtiS.KO JKepal-s J/JI1.7J) I.W2.J2 ' 224.19 'J44 o7 O V U I U . A M ) JtOAJiSTMll. Sta.kes 8.00 ! J T. GBPITA.RT. J r I K ,C. Mi-OollCKifirb I Kdh'ar Powell , j W. I- ftunn ! A. G. Jones ' H a r r y StnckU-r l!07.4fl Purchase (balance) ... T. CJ. RustT /. (13G.SS I-leense , ,C. J. Aujniscinc S6^ 2.1'Tires a r d t u b e s I H.Lrry Hackney (110 7U Gasoline, oil and grease ' Paul Cornish U3. r ..08 ] KcpaLrs j H L. Burohlna! :t7.r0 ' corps XCXItTn U-VION TOWNSJTII', PITTS- Bt7RGFf nOAD. Brlok Tvoarln-s; surface 14 fpet w j d o on crtjsjhed sto~i-e f o u n d a t i o n ivith 32 Inch Hush concrete curl) on earn side, and tarvla (hot m i x method) w e a r i n g ' ---'--- 1G fet wide on tclfonl f o u n d a - i tfon. Road 10..152 f e e t for.g- TBr'ck ^,800 . f e e t l Tarvii: ). 1G feet . Balance paid on aid contract . . .J30G.8R ? 11,362 10 tNOTB--The a m o u n t $.5.421.1 ! v,,^ incurred In cor'not-Hon w i t h the w o r k counti- britlpes. but not ol^rpcd to , U c c n a c _ F u n d - J Insuranco t Cab p urohasc AU'J'OMOIHLE Til A \.SPOH- TATION OF CORl'S 5 TESTING MATKTttA.L 313.0S Benches \v'inds'Mcid ! 11-ninp: for h o d y - LAST YEAR'S RECORD MUST BE SURPASSED THIS YEAR. Tbls (1917 home gardening) campaign . , . stiranlateJ, It * is estimated, the planting ofe from two hncdred to three hundred per cent more gnrdeas^than had ever before produced food In the United Stttes.--From irermal report of the United States Secre- tarj of BnoAnronn no ATI. RKIXSTOTTTJ TOWWSHIP. COI,OIVIAT, I«TAKBS Grootefl In-irk wearitrcr fnirficp 34 0 , 3 n o \ D . i ot wide on concrete cornel-ration | Grouted hrick wc-arinr mit-fnco 14 ! I.KfiAT* A ~ "m am' curb. Road M.WU feet I feet wMe o« roncrete camhlnation j f-ouirf-ivtlon and r u r h Road 0,200 fop* 30.1R ! "Work a ^ n e bj- contract $30,15t.RO of - TirTtrinr-erin^- -. 4i-( i] OFFICE STjPPI^n-iS. *.on | import-on 7"iS."l3 Blucprl-ita 5 10.02. P a t r o I I n R - '.'.,.. 24s!l I County maps OOP.lfi A u t o m o h i l p tran-STiortatlon of Stamps rnrp*' 410^ Pa-por, pencil6, jnks, fi j .es. etc. Tools and o c i u j p i n c n t lonp. 16 teft donf by contract AO'V'KRTISl'Nfi IIOADS i i no An STGIV J corps' material to rropr 31 00 27.00 162.20 ! ' Stakes D t t X B A R TOWNSHIP. 1 0. 1 R O A D , I Brick wearing surfacr 14 feet wide ! on cT-ushed stone f o u n r f a t l o n with 12 t SOITTH inch f.uV-. concre'p curb or each side and concrete roadway * I R feet i\ irl paper linen, paint and enfrineors' books Elnfflnecrlnff Inatrur-.nta . . $31.706.01 ' Rcpa-lrs to enffinoorinff in- Road 11.860 fee-t ! Concrete P.1C9 f e p t ) , Ifi feet wlilo. fBrlck 2.fiOl feet | TOP: wide TOWNPIITP, TPAtXTITl HItjIj ROAD. j Grouted brick war1nff surfaoe 14 ' ;reto comiblnatlon MAINTTSJH'AXCJS SUPPT.II'S. f o u n d a t i o n and curb. Roart H.O'il feet Tools and. equipment J I lonp, 16 fe«-t widp. j Hepjtlrs to abc^-a . . .,? Work done by contract 53.252.40 i RXPEVDTTTniES. j -- KnR-lneerlng- 10..S." "Work done by contract $30.03A.MA ' . ? Inspection 4,ft2 i Inspection 127.P4 , *· Automobile transportation of Eng4neerlni; .. , 12fi.0fi ' DOnGM ROAISTICIt, corps 4.001 Patro.lnjf 18.40 Purchaaa 9 " j Automobile transportation of. ' l^Icenso ..,.. " " Ii.S* ?^ cu'*tv; .. 2n pp inuuratitto . -~ * ^ k t , , , rxspRCTcyn-s \ND PATROLMTEV. Wm IT,as ins-pcotor Bull- »kln t o w n d i i p , Pennsvillo " road ........ ' Wm. Hays, Inspector U u l l - skdn township. ConneMs- villo road ............. Jnhmson Carter. Insqyoctor Redstone township, Colon i a i No 3 road .......... M a r t i n jOopsmder, p a t r o ' man Uullflkin township, Ponn^Vlle road .......... Roy Konsrh. patrolman H u l l - ejfjjj t»-wnshfp. Ponnsv^llt 1 "Wm. K. patro!m«.T 143 24 i Hu'llskln tOTvnwhip, Penns- 41.61 v i l l a road Joseph Mooro, patrolman H u l l skin to-wmahip, Penna\ l l l o road . . . ^ 9. D. Harvey, patrolman Redstone town-ship. Colonial No. H road ·. 01000 iu.OO Su ·*-' SATURDAY, APRIL 27, ' THE DAILY COURIidl. COKNETjLSXTLLE, PAGE SEVESf. WINDOW BOX FOR First Animal Rpnnrt nf M f.nanty and Rridgr Fnginffr nf Favrttf fimntv. Pa

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