The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 12
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KA,1S '1 T-HJS UAiUl .AJU.TUJii.rX, TUESDAY , FEBRUARY 4, j93t. Court of Barbaric Splendor In Heart of Abyssinia Untold Revealed t,UCKSTRr t ' n l t o i l Pi pas Special Coirespondent K H A R T O U M , Fob. 4.---From a royal oiirt of barbaric, splendor, hidden in t h e heart of Abyssinia and protected !i ,1 plateau over which no white man Iron cv-or before passed, Prince Siste C Bourbon-Parma has returned, the possessor of fabulous gold mine con- i easione. W i t h two leopnrd cubs playing at 'Ilia knees, the prSnc rotated to 'this correspondent the story ot hte month's .lournoy to the capital ot King Tafari ind his tiny empress, Zandita, "descendants of King Solonvori," and th»ir amazing receptifn of a European ;;uest. Frlneo Slxte's visit was one oi "state." Ae a irmmber of the former )V»neh royal family, etator of former iSinprees Zltti of Austria, and brother- in-law of the Grand Duchess Charlotte. MP waq repaying Tafari'a call at the ··.apltal of T.uxpmbourg in 1D24, Tho prince's mute was by way of 'ho -Red Sea to tbe OuU o£ Aden, ami thpnce, from .Tiboutl, by Aby««ln!nn ··oyal train, 300 miles to Addia Ababa. At tho Abyealnlan palace, seated on 1 wo massive throues, with gold cano- jiles supported by gold pillars, he was -;r««ted by the king and enipre«s and nvested -with U\o Ordor of Solomon-laid to have boon a traditional ceremony since the time o£ Solomon and ,-iheba. Tho resplendent palace was thronged vith gorgeously robed princes, mlnis- 'ors of state, anc! warriors in rnulti- rolored dress. Guards, garbed In Jlon skins and wearing lion manes for headdresses, surrounded the royal pair, with gold shields and unsheathed ".clmltare. Tho king delivered a formal address of welcome, and :it Its conclusion the cirth shook with the thunder of guns. Thirty thousand massed warriors, hearing aloft shining rlflee, were rev lowed "by the royal party after the investlturo. I'reckHis gifts of gold and jewels, Oiields, and an ancient sword of state woro showered on the prince and-perhaps most important o£ all--tho Abyssinian monarch granted his \ l s l t o r a concession to gold mines ncav tho border of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. From Addis Ababa, Prince Sixte wae scorted by royal guerde eastward to K h a r t o u m . Ilia route lay over a Jti.OOO-foot plateau, over which no u l i l l e nuui is ever known to hrve l'HS«rl before-. At each E t h i o p i a n ! p r o v i n c e , he was met by i governor's lioeljguard which ;ave htm safe escort l o t h o next post The whole journey, which totaled i early SOO miles hy mulebark and n toot, w a s asehled by Chrlelian TlKims, iormci 1 Xorwoglai^ minister ,'iid now president of the Ethiopian M i n i n g Society. At tho Birbir River, the prince i Kited the platinum mines in the Julido 1 Ill-i, now being worked by Thams. Thams' concwekm is identical with thorio g r a n t e d by the- Pharoahs of l!gpt, thousand*. oC years ago To tho northwest, the prince t-nw another gold concession territory. Hok"i in nearby hillside* told the fctory of a n c i e n t diggings once worked by I'haiouh'e tlaves. The final stage of Slxte's journey, tixim Beni i^hangul to the border, was .iccompllsheci with the aid of the for- i lor bandit bheik, Iludji All, who welcomed him and gave him an escort to t h e f r o n t i e r , where care from the i udancee government awaited Ira \r-ler P r i n c e Sixte ie'l for Pant, n i s h t to complete arrangompnti C o r k i n g his gold London Society Girl Gels a Peek at Boston Miss Elizabeth Japn, London society girl, as she jirrlved on the 3. S. Baltic and peeped Ihroxiph the porthole at Bos'on, where »!i« m«t *ome friend". She will Journey to Miami, Florida,Jfcter. .. MOUNT PLEASANT MILLAGE SIXTEEN, SAME AS IN 1929 liiuicrot Adopted br Members of Council at Regular January Meeting. WATER RATES , PROTESTED was, elected a » complaint tor against the m- tlie last lor Smithton S \UTHTON, Feb. 4- -Mrs W i l l i a m I ' . n m p r onlerlalnel tho men, born of ) or 500 C l u b at her home here V'e«I- n e - d a y c \ e n i n g . Ueorge Schiiuer of Pittsburg wan a i cccnt caller here lohn Mc-Caiiley ·»' West N e w t o n was n vifiilor hero Thur.stliy evening. Mr«.. llPlen Wider of Fayette City wiit. n guc.Mt at the home of D u n c a n Douglass Thursday. W i l b u r Newell o£ Uarry w«h a gue«t ,il the home of relatives here last \"eok Hoed I / y n n was a (Jreensliurg i illor \VeinoKday. Ilr. juxt Mix A ·tluir K i n g of Wo«t Newton were Kiio-vt^, al Iho liome of Mrs. K i n g ' K pirents, Mr. and Mn. \Villlain .lotipf., Thuradny. M-H. J l o n r y I iapgorman of B a n n i n g V « B a guest at the h Ditto of her sott- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrw. \ V l l l l a m IlammotM Tin «,day evening. Mi. and Mr6, 7{obert Hammerri and daughter, Ina R u t h of Star J u n c t i o n uere guestH at til* liome ot Mr. and TMrs. JIirry llammuis, S u n d a y e v e n - ing. Wilfred Crilley was u guest at the liotr.-! of friends al Herminio Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Moore were .MtKeeaport visitor* Seturday evening. Mr. and AIr«. \Villiam Condo of A l l i u l p p a were gu*,ts at the home of Mr*i. Conde't, larentH, M i . and M i s . K i ' h u i i l HUial"s « \ e i the wuok eiui. A!i. a n d M i ^ Suanu-l Hough \ \ e i e puo-its at tiic !)i)ii)» «f rhoir ijon-in-lmv iiiul d a u g h t e r , M l a n l M I H C l i a i l i s hcv,m at Si'oltl.ilc t-'»jlurd.iy M r . a n d Alt'* J o s e p h Suttiutan, « I r , tt'Me t;ues' H ''f f! " v home of M I H , Setli- in in « l i r o t l i e i - i i i - i ; i w and sKter, Mi lit (I Mrri. iloj S u i j ' l c v of McKce ioi I Ji'i idfij J o h n i ' a t e r l i n e o T u r t l e Ciceti w,is « rn("4 .if liie h o n e "f i p l . i t h f ! , .it Special to The Courier. .MOUNT PIjSASAr T, Fo-b. 1 - Borough council, at i s regular meeting last evening, t-et tho mlllago for 13Q lit 16 mills, the s:ini-e as last year. Ot this amount 123-1 m l i l H goes into tho general fune.' and I! 1-1 mills into the s i n k i n g fund. The budget is as 'ollows: Police, $'1,500; salaries, $2,50 i; light, $7,600: street improvement, $ 10,000; printing, $300; lire department, $2,000; fire protection, 115,400; board of hc-.ilth, $400; workmen's, compenation. $1,000; sink- iun f u n d , $0,000. Samuel V. Whinkf\ patrolman victor Gtircnio mad h i m s e l f and neighbors- titM.-e t u water rates John 0 Keller, ask 3d that council make aom« arrangorn nt for a police signal system. This was referred to the police and light committees, (they to meet with Mr. Ke-Ik r. Council gave Us consent to raise tho age limit for (lien en's relief trom 3o to 45 years Bids .vill he icceji^d from local dealeis for the rubbe 1 goods the tiro j department ne^-eds. 1 Borough SoliUor ihigeiva AVardon was oidered roimbur ted $2fiO, the amount paid at a sheriff's salo for a lot. The police committe was instructed to allow the new patiolman $30 each on new uniforms. Mrs Rakusui asked if there was some way of lowering the ass-ossmenjj on the lot owned by the Council of Jewish Women IU Frl k avenue. Thib Wd.s ret'eri-e-d to the Uu committee Tho prtp*ity eoniimtU'-e roeom- jncnded that the Mtiii"jipal Bad move from the commit toe ro un to tho G h a n - tos B u i l d i n g , c o u n c i l t pay the $3 pei mo n til l e n t j Tho aiulitois' rcpor was accepted and fll-od I I' 1 K Painter was. a vardd the t o n | t i a c t t o r h a u l i n g g a i b a g o i n ( h o b o i m i g b . I To Select ( lii-s Rings. I Tho j u n i o r chits of itgh school w i l l i mi'P-l F c b t u a r v I t to -led c limn rings | and pins. The OttfilM'tn G u i l d of t!io U n i t e d M i H h r e n C h u r c h mot ui tho c h u r c h evening. Charl tto Fox had ch.irsc' o£ t h e worship service. The top « i f "f Haw i 1 Ship S a i l i n g " I'Jiuli U ) k g i v e n repi«e»ut«d a ship b a i l i n g Thoy wore "Steward-ship," l l i i t h H r l d i g u m ; "Wi rshij)," Wvolvn Boyer, "Klit-ship" lUiiily Truxell; "KHendshlp." Mary UiVerne* Cold- b n n t h , " L o r d h h l p " I t ^ n e For^jt, '·OwnerHhip." Hutli l U r r t r ; " H u r d - hlup," Kli/abcth K'oru'lghf; "Kellow- Bhip," A i m c i t d Qncor "C'omi)anlon- sliip," Viigiina F r a n k . ; "Apprentice- .shlp," i U u t t u d o Brier A poom, "Tho World'a I'.lblc," v\as i «id by Laura Wfi-l/. At tho clow of t l i o meeting lofrebhmonls were ho vtd. w i t h MMS I r f i i o B i i c i ai hn.sUsh j I'ersonnl Mention. i I H r r y llolni(a, ,Ir , lias boen chost'U I c u s l o r i i a n of the ;,l.ito u i m o t j He ia i a World War vp-teun. i Miss K i n m a ShlelriH who had boon ! v i s i t i n g w i t h her bister Mrs. F r a n k Km fat, le«it y p a t e r d i y fn-r Kayette City, \\ litre .she w i l l nuiko tiei homo \ v i l h lid b i b t e i . Mr.-, Calvl i Poweis Miss Mary i ' h i l l i p p i a .student At Tint'I College, left y aL tioiui 1 d u t in H t e i d a y atloi the mid teim S l i h . l l u n i j P.iltel \ i 4 i l t d w i t h t t i t ' i t d , e f '!i e o i i f i l i u i i; a I he home of M t and Mn-,. M it r j i ( « " t ( · r l i a Dit 'lit* \ \ r r k - e n l nf M ;it ( h e hci m o i h o r M i - C'liih i me 13arlh"! j Mns Agiitt^ rtUfaitiiiy of s p e n t I he w e e k o n d !HM ' t n i li- c i n d a u n t , i t t . i i rv KK)bt i JoHCjih M i l l r c o t l l r m i i i l " was. a | H i u c t ,it t h e h o m e of \!" .nul \ ! r . i i \ V i l I i sm C t ! U n , , Phone 890 ry Begins Wednesday, Februai 5th Women V Intimate Apparel Women's Undergarments 84c A special priced selection tvf woman's under- garments'In the newest models of gowns. c-hemlRG, dance sots, bloomers, pnnties, and vests. Mntlo ot' t'hardoni/f 1 rayon in colors of pink, punch and nile, Women's whifeR alipn with P h i l i p p i n e cm- broidery a, mi shadow proof horn--whito and color^! gowns of Rat Me material w i t h P h i l i p p i n e embroidery ;m also included w i t h th««c mumimt values. Rayon Undies *» 54c Rayon chemise, bloomers, pan UPS and in colors of peach, p i n k and nile. (IroutntaH's- Second Floor) Silk Lingerie $2.84 Gowns, chemise, panties and bloomers--all of good quality crepe do chine in colors of pink, peach, blue and nile. Trimmed with (he new rream lace a n d tailored in a number of «tvies. Why This Event Will Interest You Our February White Event is an offering of new, fresh, crisp, merchandise to our customers that will g,ive ear to the sound waves of fashions in the horn* 1 . We are showing the latest in color and motif styles for making the home more attractive. Come in to see our " W h i t e Goods" for the homo and the other for p'ersonal wearing. Rayon Pajamas $1.84 Pine quality of rayon pajamas in pastel and dark shades--sleeveless, in either tucli-in or over blouse style, and some with V-ne?k. (Trout man's--Second Floor) Aii Unusual Showing of Pure Linen Bridge Set 94c 3(.x3f inches, a good size Bridge Set cloth with four napkins to malcli. All purr linen w i t h colored embroidery. All Linen Embroidered Towels 38c An nil pure l i n e n em broidery towel with a p p l i quc, yizc 15x2-4 inches. Linen Luncheon Cloth $1.00 Pure fine quality linen luncheon cloth, f4x54 inches in si%e and iu pastel shades. Linen Crash Toweling 22c yd. 17 inch all pure linen crash toweling, white with pink, arid blue borders. Hemstitched Linen Squares $1.00 ATI unusual value in all pure linen for the bridge party luncheon or for a' s,ift, 36 inch Linen squares with white hemstitching. (Trnntnnin's --Tb"i( f l o o r ) B E D D Muslin Sheets $1.65 Good quality pirre bleached m u s l i n sheets with hemstitched colored hem, size 81x90 inches. Bed Spreads $1.94 C o t t o n crinkled bed spreads in colors of rose, blue and green. Size 80x105 inches. Colored Hemstitched Pillow Cases 48c ea. Colored Hemstitched p i l low cases to match sheets with colored hem, ^ size 46x 36 inches. (Trout man's- Msittress Covers $1.64 Pull-bed size unbleached mattress cover that keeps the mattress clean and in shape--plain and blue striped, washable. -First Fluor) \. DB.Y NET CATCHES MOTHER; CHILD In Arkansas a mother and her 16-year-old daughter have boon sentenced to 15 months under the Jones lliw for soiling liquor to two undercover agent* They are Mrs. Florence Lowey, 4Ji, and her dnUBhter. Mary Grace, I 0, both nbove. Mra. Low.-y is son-ing her sentence at the women's institution at Alderson, W. Va., and hor daughter has boon sent to tho industrial Hohool for p.iris at \ ork, Neb, The mother said ahe sold l i q u o r to feed her three email rhil- dreri und a grandson, at I'orl Smith, ·Soviet Women Give Up Je\vels m o n e y - t h MOSCOW Kt'h. 4.--Women in a number of Soviet cities n r p reporter! i lo br v o l n t i t j r t l y giving u p t h e i r i lowrls l o w n t d a n f u n d tu ii-stBt I!K' l i u l t i s l r l a l i / a l l f m of I h c c o i i t u r y , A move nom Tor I b i i o l l n c t l o n nf s wai b t a i t c d Iu Hlhiusk a a d Llm , idtvi s p r o a t l lo ( i l h o r ciliei. Braci f'ttfiB, Iipc-Uldres, auct otiiei I t e m s o o n t r l h u l P i I hy h o i i H e w l v e i .trnl i worlterB in U i h l n a k . The* prets la espaolallv please flnrl n t n n n K the o n n t r l h n t e d I i r \ v p t - r n r r u s c r t croRsef. Tiie s a r v i of t h p f i p rrohses SPI'\P« al tlio f l i m p I h o a n t l - r p l i g l o u B a n d I h e austriallzaLlon drives. lets, (lice 1 to ems Ires T-j BERKEY TRIAL C o n t i n u e d from PB.SO One l i n g prIvUees In Somerset county la 19Lb uwd 192!), Olaudo A M. Wolnli, Jlivii O o v o r n m u n t witiioss, testllletl yesterday. He eald t h a t the Jurist took clmiru and good l l f j u o r from hte hootlegting Irionds Welsh declared t h o t Murkey, bnahles getting money from whlnky sources (« conduct his p o l i t i c a ! c'auifiaigrn, al«o ^ecuied rnoney In bluck «uhs ;rlptloii« lor ;i newspaper ho b l a r i u d ' a n d also had d, fund to help auoliier papei M'luch supported him politically aul iu which he was flnan- c l a l l y intereslod It was chai sfl i l u judge und 1C others who are alleged lo have con- hpn'Pd to noil, po* 3 Hetis and transport i n t o x i i anls conspired w i t h Welsh, ,f!*mes T u i i i b u l l , Uruce Kecfer ami H u r r y A, Walking. Tlio others, me ll!u v ly lo be fMllwl to (he- stand. \Velhh, al lor he was called to leb- tify, u «.ii ho- Has u lUelong- ic-eidcnt ot Somerritil, whore ho was born M years »RI He told Jio liaxl boon Ft deputy protlionolury Tor sovorul years and provloiih to tint llmo hud boon u d e p u t y rfH'OKlor Thc wltncsH t h e n Identified tho de- fondonl'i and lold who-rp- t h e y lived and w h a t ocrup.illoii 1 ! tliny pursuoti d u i i i i f i I'lS.S and l!)2fl. He 'lacttfflod I hem HH I'otlowu: hosier Kieglcr, near SbutlknVille, IxiotlcgKi 1 ; Jtimofa ML- J n l y t o , Unrkxvood, boollogser; lOil Shoolcr, U a r r o l t , boolleggei , ,lolni U i ' l R I t h , . I p n n o i K , liootlo-ggor; John Sherman, JMoyersdali 1 , Iwotloggcr; John tllflrKe, Moycrbdalo, bootlegger; John (Ji-t v -", iMeyeivd.ilo, bootleggf-i , Peter Iliinlon a n d \S r illiam D i t m u n , lilticpR ot rcnideiii'o u n k n o w n , slot m u c l i i i i o a i j e n l i , John K. Ctu.ler, l l o o v c r s v l l l e , o u i u j r ot pixil l o o m , ICd llarr. SomtM'boI, ( o u n l y ·lolwlive; lOinmolt n i u ' k m u n , Komouiel, d e p u t y d t ' l e c l h e , V i r l o r (!lest,ner, l l e r l i n , d o p u l y (onslahlo, a n d I K u i y S. Kellen-i, K o i n e i u o l , conslulifc. Welhh «uid t h a t his w o r k Hirow h i m In ..oriluct w i l l ) Herkey and I h e v WPUJ good li lends. He e x p l a i n w t he -vuis one of HIP judge's p o l i t i c a l l i e u t c n n n l s and thtil lie h a n d l e d IlerUey'B p o l i i i t d l funds, the money of the "Public Viow," a n p w s p n p e r owned bv Bevkev and also had charpe of t l i c cat.h u«;pfl hv Herkey to Vwlp tho ' C-ountv Timet?," a paper in whlcb the jurist wae ftruacl- clly Intereeted. Welsh rotated that early n 1928 he attended a conference in Berke-y's chamlbers in tho court house with Berkey and Foster Ziegler. Tho witness told that Berkey said he contemplated r u n n i n g for re-chctloti He declared Berkey ^aid it 'vould be necessaty to Ret support for HIP "Public View," the " C o u n t y Times" and the political fund's. Ziegler, according to tin wltnob";, replied he would help. Ziegler, Iho witn-esfs continued, said he- \ns s e l l i n g liquor and would c h i p in « dollar a gallon. Welsh declared Zi"gler said he would ruise the price. The witness said Berkey assented.' W e l f h said he was instructed by Berkpy I T go w i t h Xieglc-r lo "see our polilica) friends." Tlio witness said he calico on J o h n Gress, John Clark and John Sherman, Mcyersdalc; Mazlo Ilender on, Cen- l i a l City; Howard O'Baker, Bos well; John Griffiths, .Tenners, a id James Turnbull, Somerset. Tho witness said he- was told by Berkey that he would lake care of "these people.' The witness said he Introduced !ile»gler to friends of Berke/ but did not hear the conversation? between Ziegler and his boozo eustoiierB Welsh testified ho mot H.mlon and Hitman near tlio Somerset court hotisp and ho was introduced by 7A Kler. The latter, according lo tlio w!t less, said Iho (wo mon would help In Bcrkr-y's campalRu by paytnp; 20 pe · cent ot llioir rocpipls to the political f u n d . Tho witness assorted the two men handled slot machines H J told of, see-ing the borough committee at Mey- ersidale and arranged for slo 1 machine concessiotiB at the fireman't convention ile t-aid Iha ^men talked with Merkey ubotit Ibe gamnling m.i- chiiie pi ivilD^es. The witne.iti related ( t h a Borkpy sent ConsUible Sellc-rs and OcpiUy Constable tilos^ier to M e y f r h d a l e lo w o r k while the e a r n i V i i l w a v in prog- reso Ho said ( b e men won there in u n i f o r m , Ho assertpd ho v e n t I n t o d r l i i k i n j ; pl.K'es and g n m b l i uv p l « i i's w i t h tiic (in.jtiibk-s and no a i i i ' . f t s were tnadu nor lioozc or bio mac-linn' I m H i v l t i c s slopped WeKh ,uid eacli I oUlcer wa 1 * paid 1f0 loi the w e e k ' s i \ \ o r k H e sud ho paid t lem w i t h I c l i e c K s o u t of lii'ikey's politi Hindi-. I I t u idiMHilied the che ks Welsh rlehcribed HIP 1oi m njr of ( h n r o m p n i i j p u b l i s h i n g I b e " I ' n b l u V i p \ v . ' l l f .slid IK .mil t b e i t i m i ulli- ci s rfi M C I P anpolnlfd hi HP K P \ He nionc.v wat obLalneii Lh^ouch Lka Preadhed Oiristianity, Soviets Execute Hrai Kev. John Toews, brother of W. J. Toows of Mountain Lake, Minn., was recently executed in Moscow under ordera of the Soviet Government. The misslonery, with three other elders of the Mennonite churches, were ehot to death following a trial in which tho.y were found [ciiilty of teaching the Christion religion in violation of tH» luw. sale ol blocks oi 40 shares for ?20. lie saul HH.,|. w u i e sold to politic-inns, l i o o t l e i « K O i s mid coiiiiables. Welsh s i l d t h e o i M . m i / . a t i a i i m e e t i n g w a s held in Hoi key's oJllce. H. 'namod m.tny |K rsons t i o m w h o m he o b L t i i x d s u b l e t Iptlon., This (.uisi'd a (MIK-, ul l e m a i K s I K C U C P I I t U t o i n o v s a n d I h o dehiiv I'laimiul t h a t p e i b . t p s MHIIH snibsi r i p l i o n s \\cin sold to m i n i s t e r . They . U K t i i - d (hat sucli ,1 sale \ \ o u l d not IUAK iv IwotleuuM out of a m.ui. i \ tmlo's lioncs Kouisd 1 M I L I . ^ A I ' . S C()hl.K(;K -Kuks-on, "\lJi- 1 -, l''cli. l ) i s ( o \ i i v oi bonnp ]\i)rp i f i c n t h p i n v i ^ \Uiril: once rotopod p OM i (lu:. t p n i i o r ; , , .in ' I ' d i u ^ ; lo Dr. J. i M. Sulluau,

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