The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. -THE DAILY COURIER, GONNELLSVILJLE, PA. SATl'RDAT. APRIL 27. 191?. HENKT P. SJvTDER, afiir axil SdUor. 1S73-121I. FOR SALE--ONE FRESH COW, near Marietta Farm. LESTEK S7apr2t K. 3L SNYDEB, President. JAS, J. DRISCOLL, fee's* an.d Treasurer. BuslnessiSIanas'"'' JOHN I* CANS, Managing Editor. WALTKR s. STIMMEU City Zditor. ilISS LINNS B. KlMOELJj. | * Society Editor. | 1IKMBER OF: i " Ars-oclatfd Press. j A u d i t Bureau of Circulation, I 3 Pennsylvania Aasocia-ted Dailies. j Two cents per copy, 50c"per m o n t h ; ; [5 por year fay mail if paid in advance. J FOP. SALE-- B-bine^ crood lA-*5 AND ancn*ion. 40 WANTED -- TOUR "WANTED--KITCHEN SMITH "HOTJSE. GIRL.S AT 26apr2t "WANTED--YOU TO ADVERTISE IIs our classified co2umni. WANTED--BO.T FOK PORTEIl AND o -work In drugistore. J. C. MOORE. 23apr-tCd W.UN'TED--TICT.EE BOYS OVER U FOR SALE--TWO GOOD H E A V Y work teams. Both phones. J. C. DET- 25apr"t FOR SALE--TWO SNCG SEAT display top tables at very low nfcure. Call TrI-Stato :S, Rins 2, Dunbar. Pa. Sapr-tf-satB FOR SALK--TWELVE YEARLING Wihite Leghorn hens and l a y i n g ,_ I 30D3 C h L - f a t n u : street. strain. A p p l j * 2 6 a p r 2 t .store, y, "SV. WOOL- J F O R S A L E - O N E N O . 4 B U N D IN"- g ^XVD OIIiLS OV.UII' s t n n l r . n c o u a w a t e r heater, $53.00: one Paid TKhile learning 1 . SILK MILL. 12anrtfd i Entered xs second class master at the j KJStsfflcc, Conncllsville, Pa- | · VTANTED--BRIGHT BOY OVER 1C y ° 11 r :if« deip, $3 n. Pa. foet h i f f h , 2 f e e t wide, O. W. J ' ELLTS. . 26apr2t* 8.1TVKU.VY EVK-MXO, APE- 27. 191S. years of ago to Isarn job p r e n i i n c . JOE DEPARTMENT. C o u r i e r *? ferr'jd. e Courier 1 . Service Flai:. { ' ' Tb W I L L I A M P. SHETO5AN. ; u *-iiMl I n i t L. American. Kip e U u i c n n r y forces. Prance RALPH K. SLlOKtt. Company H. 319th Inquiry, U. S. N". A,, Camp Lee. Petersburg 1 , Va. lj "-i' r '*-£ I 1 WANTED--FOR M,\ V FOIST J--JVC · ' r o o m house with bath. South Side p r u - i P h o n e Tri-State -127 , L M a p r t f d ' SAI.TC-- SKED CORN, K A R L T , Ohio, j K i p r h i Rmved Also need pota- I toe.-. I I n q u re U. S. Pie-ce. South Conn e l l : v i l l e , 'Kr.Ft Gibson a v e n u e . J l "WANTED--CL1CLUCAL WOEtM LJV A j | yountr Jady - .vub l:ru*v. ledi^c- of book* keeping and t j p e v j r i t i n j j . Address ^ , Box 26S. ConnuUsvilie, Pa. ^jijirSt' FOR SALH--14 A C R R F \ f t M . COOP yri-niET orchard 7 room house, barn 4(1x7:: fett, w a t e r piped i n t o k i t c h e n , 3 'i m i l e s west of Scottdalo, knoivn 23 the Christ tier f a r m , E, K, DC WITT, Ltcll Phone 29P-J, Scottdale, Pa. 2 - l a j p r i t j ' WANTED--RAILROAD M A C H T N * ists, cr.r repairmen, Trtt-KKcnp-cr boys J i ov«r IS. Apply B. O..MASTEK ME, CHANICTS OFFICE. 26apr3t Member ot Tlie AJnocJntcd Pie**. The AiaocidLled Press is *«· clusf.ely entitled tu the use for ^publication ot all news aia- patc.i-ea- credited to- it or no; "othcr-.v'ufl cred;ted in this paixjr and al^ti the local news publisher! hereto. - - ' . \ \ ~ A N T K D -- G O U f » HTEAm' BOV TO c'e'n er .ind l e a r n lo be nit-aL c u t t e r . Steady job. A p p l y U. L. S1LCOX MEAT M A R K E T 26apr2t FOi: SA1-B--AIJj OR ONK-HAI.F i n t e r e s t in 200 acre3 of "Wst V i r g i n i a coal land, immediately on railroad. Price Jl 10 per acre. And 2,001 r.cres of con! a n d t i m b e r land at $"00 p e r acre O. O. HILL, owner, K c n d a l i a . W. Va. 27apr3t W A X T K f i -- f l t m , housework. Mil?. i:.tsr Crawford K O R WANTED--G:RL ousew-o-k. No ho;, K. l.'ICK, 506 F U R Sou',h br:«"k road. of rind v.-ilu V r H I P K r V , : i n g f.n .Munom;: T r i - K i . L t p J r n n . f l; dwl U T a i J r t f O j m o i i n t u m w a t e r : .-tack m sine; f r Grc.VKlt.M^claw: m a r k e t f o r l i n g . MRS. t j a ^ c m t o Brow n P i ' L t b u r y | t o w n lot n l n n . · »· ^ 7 a i j r t f d hu-m-"-s and nfi SAMS--KARM OF zso ACRKS r i e r l a i d w i t h small v e i n ible l i m e s t o n e , f r o n t - h M a r i v e r and rail- 1ns r-ouso: stream of s p l e n d i d p r o p e r t y f o r farrninjr. w i t h first- p n r f l ' ^ n product 1 ?, nd- i V i H e city l i m i t s a n d · n r r e n g a g e d In othtir b a r g a i n ; prico TV A N f U L * -- A T si sjiort time ago and modestly told! Ihe story ot how lie went to JYancej io secure a chaplaincy, found no va-; X o r t n P i t t s b u r f r street. T* STORE. ad, f l CAUPKXTKKS AT MI;Lon I n d i a n Cre«k A'.i.ilc.\ KOPPJSK3 CO.. G i l O U G H cancieb ucd enlisted as a private, and! i;owi:X.* carpenter fonem "later in. the fierce figtiuis at Verdun' **30 tu lu -*° per da - v T\'us d.rected by his mortally wiundcd, cupiain to take command of t h » rera-! Tiants of his company, all who heard | the simple recital were thrilled by it. i Little did they then think tha: \ , on jrnnd te -ms J. D O N - | "POF.T?:R. r o EIX f7- cn»-\ l x N K p F T ' I T P O S T S WRTTK vour wa.its. C. II. BIRD. Addlson. Pa. 2 5 » p r l 2 t « For Their Sake The most precious thing that a. man possesses in this world is his family. When an. American soldier leave* this country and leaves behind his wife andj child or his mother or any member of his family he KNOWS that hb goverment will not let them suffer. , He is offering his life to protect hii countty and he KNOWS that his country will protect those that are dear to him. For the sake of the Amerkan soldier, for the sake of his family, YOU are asfceo to buy LIBERTY BONDS, to lend your money to the United States Government to that there shall never be lacking the necessary funds to protect the soldier at the Front and to protect his family at home. Surely you will not fail to do your share for the sake of those who are offering their lives to protect you and yours. BUY LIBERTY BONDS AND BUY THEM FREELY FROM ANY BANK ·Si:VlCUAL M E N K O I l Kli. n^ and ov*.n:.ji1 KK cars. flood r t u n i t y f o r riuht party. A p p l j TKK S!Et'HAX]C, West P f n n w u y w Company. 2".ipr*t shortly another incident so like that ·\VANTKI--' second I R O X TAXK. X K \ V on _ have a capacity uf ? 0.000 sal Jon. R K P t ' B L I C STKKL C O M P A N Y , N". S20 Bank- b u i l d i n g . L'niuti- N of lee. THK COXXELLSVELLK NEW SKC- ond J J a n d K u r n i t u r e Store, Xo. K3 S o u t h rillwburjT st-ect, TV i l l be open fc-r business S a t u r d a y , A p r i l 27, w i t h a f u l l line 1 of yocwls. F u r n i t u r e of n i l k ^ n d s b o u f f h t , sold a n d ri changed. T ^ e f i m s h l n c and iipholHterinK' a ppt-c- l.ilty. 22apr5t* thev had heard related would occur . 1 I-LU.\ .v 0 1 r-i .ind that an American cbnpiam woum; Kj r r t N a t i o n a l Tio the central figure in it. , town. Pa.- 23upr The' Associated Press dispatches o f i ^V.\XTI-;U--\VU.MKN W A X T K P v yesterday carried a story or bravery j time sai.iry $11 desert to bo as !,l ""^^ "-"i ^^J'""^^ iere givenr i i r n c c unnecess; Fafhc-r William J. Furrt-ll «f 1 ^ILLS. Xorrlst". n 1 We«t cwlon, Mas-Hacliu^cit^. n j - rcKlm^" 1 '*^ chaplain, pro-vrd Much ^ootl flshtx»r that :*. hl^-li oIBrer ·' lercd hlna « contmi^xlon *» * conumand.. Fatbfr KarrcJl wen* tb«- a)«Ki«ta3ire of n bntltr?" -wii' foTir of the A.tu*r!ran frmn*-r.t -i»cre WXTED--OLD killed, hnrrird up physician* and D(m . t m a t t e r j f b r o k e n . i pay $2.00 to hrl].-a the- crew to Up«-p th* c^n JJS.QQ p u r sct . .,, by parcel post fTurkintr. Ilr wa» H l l R b t l y wound- , and rccetve check by return L. **1- ' iTAZER, ^007 .South "hCth street. Phlla- No ensagemeuls in which American[ delpbia. Pa. ilapr:3t" soldiers have had a part have been, - WANT1 7T,.~ TW o LADIES OF GOOD without displays Of more or lesa COB-, Address fur advance s.Ues work. .Thfisc -picuous bravery on the part of thcjliavinc; had previous oxpen««nce pre- mon. engaged. In thus meeticg 'be i f^"^^^^^^^ "oe they have merely done what every! JETTKL TEA CO.. Inc.. 352 East Cra-w- ;oyal American knew they would doj ford avenue, ust-prci when the test came, and wili con- " " Linue to do until the eud. Thu-y en- ·ored the service with the expectation, yes, even with the earnest, desire, that Jie opportunity would come to tbem -o measure their still and courage Against that of the Hun. They have lad no oiher thought than to p'-rlorm 2very dutj' w^th fidelity and to the aonor and glory oC the nation they icrve. Fighting is not expected of chap- ams, they being classed as noiL-com- jaLants. But the history of tbe "wars C. A. B U I L H A H T . SCOTTDAUK. P A , litid j u s t received a n o t h e r car load o£ Calona Pi pelf ss Furnaces and -wltiheu to a d v ise Jus 1-a.troas thai u w i l l be to their ad^ o n t a R e to place t h e i r or- dtrs now fo; furnaces. £31 Lm.itm ch«* rf u l l y f u r n i s h e d on hot waif*: 1 N T K K X A T I O X A L h r a l l rip. IMunhitifr and w a t e r snp; ly systems for the farm home. C. A. B U I L I L A K T . 27apr3t LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by W. N. Lehce WANTED--SIX OR EIGHT ItOCGH carpentL'rs for b r i d K f «"ork. A p p l y P. I A. METKR. C o n n e l l f v i l l e , Pa., or J. D. ELLJ'J.VBKKGKK, Dunbar, P«- West | U.MONTOW.S. I'A. AFKU. JO, ISIS. 'Penn Railways Companj. 25apr3t j To All Concurni-d: lir. J. T. Wilson i.i as a patrroiic contribution iowards winning the war t c v t r c d his connection as of date of A p r i l tirst. 191^. A H acounls due or paj-ablp by paid firm prior to A p r i l first ,1018. shou.d be b c t t l t d vriih J T. WiNon Signed. J. T W I I J f f ) N . JOH.N O. CLARK. C. r. ''ARTEU. S. L. M \S- TF,N". 2 6 a p r ? L "WANTED -- ANT K J N D OF FRI.Y1'- in?. whether it i calling card,, tbe finest ongraved Invitation or announcement. " anything-- o»crythinp and do It rl^ht. COUH05K aHice. to\\ tiiship v, ill receive a.ppllcatlonfl for yrad« scboujs until 1^ o'clock Saturday, Muy ^th. at wbicb t i m e Kchools w i l l b« let. The sittn* date bWa w i l l be WARREN MURRIE Pupil of Oscar Saenger, New York City Teacher of Voice Culture Room 404, First National Bank Building. Xonday, Wednesday and Pr it print received for supplier. Bidu w i l l also be received on the above date for p a t n L i n K t!i»- wood w o r k of the Perry T o w n p h i p H i f f h School building-, out- s i d e ; plaster walls inside and \ a r n l a b - WAXTB D--M ALE CI-KRK F^R - TJK Prealdent Perryopolis, Pa. W. r^TtinP- form records. One who can ' u RlaSLCK, Secretary, Star Junc- JD-:0-2G-27-airil Call the man at TI Both phonea. 27-tl operate typewriter preferred. Tf of f ' military affe mUKt show reasons f o r ! ; not beinK In the service. State salary j expected. x Address "CLE71K,TM care The Conner. · 23apr-U Notice tor IltJ*. TIIK POOlt JiOARO OK FAYETTE C o u n t y will receive sealed bidw for the _ _ ·WANTED-- TOTTN-G WOMEN WITH Painting of the exterior of the Tubercu- n which oar rtttoa has keen «wed | ^i^unt «o »ra» ,, TMTMi»ft t i? t TM?£¥£ a Z' l ,£?£ ,, £S£ , rich la incidents wherein chaptau. g j » W.^"SK.^..^"^.^ I i: noon. VrUKr . M» y »,,,. ,,,,. lave showed their wiUmgncss toshare, courTO of Btw j y an(t training Xo' * or n'o""ition and spcciriciUionji call with the men nnder their spiritual! scrubbing. Remuneration to cov t -r ex- j SprmRer_Twld. Stev^u-fl of i-'ayette Por voic^ trials, tornis and appointments phone Bell 357 or call at studio. Limitetl Number ot Stutieais. TITS H A V E AN KXCKLLUK.VT OP- portunlty for several younir m e n . 13 years or ovtr, an a s H i s t u n t K LIL the operating" d e p a r t m e n t of the main power plant A d d r e s s in person or by letter I.. K I I A N K I I S O N . Superni- :endent We^st P»-nn Power Plant, nOTCh and battlefield. Plainly this ( VAT is to be DO eiception. as the con-i iact of the Massachusetts chspiain iemonstrated. "Wliat: an inspiration his heroic be- j lavior is to the men, not alorke of the mmediate command to wh-ieJi he was ittached. bat to all the soldiers in rYance who hear of what lie did. Ought not it also be an inspiration .r those of us who remain at home, j iach with an important part to pJay B the great conflict? If the member jf a calling which has universally and Oways been" exempt from assamrig he: hazards of war is witting, out of he depths of his patriotism and love 'or his fellow creatures to whom b.6 ms^ains the sacred relation as spiri- ·ual guardian, to risk and if n*ed be tacrifice his life for the cause onr tarion has espoused, what ought not ?e, far removed from the least of the langerous onr soldiers must encomi- er,.to do as a measure of sacri3oe in ·art comparable to the sacrifice tbesfl uen are making? That is tho question we mnut pot ·luntly to ourselves every daj, yea very-hour, until we shall have done o much to holp our soldiers win. the par that the winning of it will be .thieved in tha shortest possible time ·nd with the minimum of discomfort nd loss of life among thos« who -will aflict defeat upon the enemy. 27.-i.pr6t* The Board reseivea t h e ripht to reject any or all bids. By oriler of the Board. -- TO. E. OAVJSON. President. W. H. ARE OFKKRrXG ( RA XKIN. Secretary. 27apr3t We must make it JI.000.OffO o clock * ConnellsvilJe before we return :u the Id method of computing 1 time. Onr factory opera-tes sbc days per week, in three eiffbt-hour shifts. "WTxilc learning operations- we pay you 35c per hour, plus 10 per cent borrus on all wagres for steady attendance, compnted m ^veetelv periods. After lear%ing' the ·work, which takes from one to six weeks, yon are able to cam from f 3 to 15 per day and better. "VPe have a Housing Department, which -will assist oar applicants in securing houses and rooms at the to west rates. "We also need a lari^c number of sir la, apes 21 to 35, for steady, profitable factory employment. Physical examination required*. Apply in person or RUBBER COMPANY. A k r o n , Ohio. 25aprl2t For ILtmt. FOR RENT--FTJRNISHED L.IGIIT h o as e keeping' rooms. 307 Kast Craw- Cord. * . 24aprtfd FOR SENT--THREE PtJK-MSITED rooms Cor H«ht hou^ekeepmp. 23C East Apple street. 2*7apr3t FOR RENT--VOLT P. ROOMS FOR light honsefceepinFT. either f u r n i s h e d or unfurniolied. 1 lli 5o-Jth Prospect street. "Tapr2t i Dun i el Sturpeon, Attorney. I IN' THIS COl'KT OF COMMON PI/EAS i of Kaywtte county, Pennftylvanla, at J No. 184 June Term, 101S. Mary V. | Donah.o Mary 1^. McClain, nd- I ministratrix of the estate of John H. Bis'clo'*', dttc,ba i ~ed, and Mary t*. McCloin, Bella B^gelow, Joseph Victor Bitrelow and H. W. Biselo^, nipcas and nephews and next oC k i n of J o h n H. Bipelow. deceased. To Xary 1^ McClain. Bella BlRelow, Joseph Victor I Blpclow, H. W. Bigelow: Notice is hereby £iven tha.t there has been is- ao-ed a «Tit of Scire Facias to revive a judgment uf Mary V. Donaho acrainst the errtate of .lohn H. Bipelow, deceased, at No. SS8 M a r c h Term. 1918. In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county, Pennj.., aod to continue the lien of t h e same asrain-st the real estate of said J o h n H. Bifjelo-w, deceased, anil to show cause why the piaintlrf rthouid not have Judgment and e x e c u t i o n agrainst s.iid real estate and saiO defendants; writ returnnt)l«? to the lirwt Monday of June, 191S. THOS. I,. H O W A R D , Slierlff. .1 otlrv SEALED PROPOSALS W1L.L. D C KK- celved by -loe C o n t r o l l e r of KayetU- County, Pennsylvauia, at hl« office m the Court H o u u c , L J a l u n t o w n , l'«i . until two o'clock P. M., Friday, May 111. 1»18. at w h i c h itmt' lliej w i h bu p u b I r c l y opened and road In Ihe ofllce of tne County CommlMS-tontrs. for f u r n i s h - ishinc; and applyir.if eight thon'-and three h u n d r e d ( 8 3 0 f ) pa H u n s nf a^phaJt on t h e road leadirK f r o m Ihe, National P i k e at. .So.irirht to H e r b e r t Works in Menallcn T o w n p l i i p , l-'.iyetic County, Pennsylvania, the a h p h n l t to be applied w i t h an approved type of presure d i s t r i b u t o r . All persons aubmitlinpr proposals must file with the C o u n t y Road a n d B r i d f f e Knpinecr t h r e e day* before tho date of clotinR bidh. a '^a quart ifamplc of the material to be u'-od together with a certificate of source or origin and analysis. Proposals and .ipeciftcations can be scoured At t h e office of t h r C o u n t y Road and Bridge Engineer, Court House, U n i o n t o w n , P e n n s y l v a n i a , for the sum oC tive (15.00) Bo\ per -set, ·Rach proposal must be occompanicii by a certified chock drawn oh a bank In Pennsylvania e q u a l to ten per ccnl 1 0 % of the a m o u n t of t h e proposal The r i p h l to rejeri. tiny or all liids i;^ cxpr«Hsly resvrved. H A HUT KiSlXG- KK, Controller. 27apr?.t-sat i the C o u n t y Oomrn^alc-ners, for f u r n f s h I nit: iind a p p l y i n p : f t x t y - f l v e h u n d r e d i G G O f l ) pallonj. of a."ph^lt on the I c a d i n K f r o m the Uorough line of Fa;- · c t t r C i t y to t h * brk'jrc o % e r tho I*. . j b K. K a l ' . r n a i i tr,i«:k.i towards W i c k - · huvon tn W « u h t n K l o n Township, Fits- v t ' e CutintJ", f ' c n t i s - y l , a n i a . the a s p h a l t , t o bf applied w i t h n n a p p r o v e d lypo 1 of pressure d i s t r i b u t o r i Ail porf on.v y u b i i u t t i n ^ p r o p ' i ~ a | p muri filo w ith tht; i ' o u n t Road and B r i d g e K n p r i n i ^ e r t ^ r · e d n j s b f f o r t - t h e dair of clohint; hid. 1 - a on-^ q u a r t ssunpir- o f t h e m : i i e r i , t ] t u I)- usoil l a m - t J u - r w i t h a c, r t i n c a l e u f MMIIV or i'r,tr"i and j m a l y s i f r , , i'ropu.ials a n d -pfcif..-.itifini can be secured at t h o olllco of t h " C o u r . t y 1 and Bridge K n R r i n e o r . T'ourt 1 T Ton.TO Uinor.towii J V n n s j I v a n . a f T t h e sum of C.VG t f j O t j ) Dollars per set. r^ach projiosal must be acconip:vnic! by a n - r t i i l c d i-hrt k d r a w n on .1 b t u i k I in P e n n s y l v a n i a efju.i! t n l"n per cc.M ( I D r j . ) of tho a m o u n t of th" proposal ' The r ' ^ r h l to reject any nr til' n-'l 1 - !·« r x p r M t s l y roservc-rl H A R R V K I S I N H BR, ConLrollcr. 27,ipi 3l-*-at It's footwear that women believe in, as we have for 30 years, if you buy them. Everything, new that's good is here for your choosing. Black, White, Grey and Brown. Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords d i ;.tid 'Jin FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON j second floor of Dunn Evans build- j Inff. I n q u i r e of HARRY DUNN. 8jan-tfd ' For Slice" the clcc:«ion of the Inter-state nmmeree Co.? mission on placing open- ·P cars the w.mun mine operators can insider the in-ident closed, and losed en* t t j r h t l y . too. FOR SALE--SECOND HAND PIANO i m fine conditoin. F. "W. WOOLWORTH. I FOK SA^,E--CJOOD SOIL TO BE ven ft war. CONXELLSVILLE SILK es.t Side. 27aprlt Encouracf f i i e Boy S^-outK on their ond w o r k in evo-y way you can. The ost way \\ HI be to duplicate your jbscription if you h a v e already- made TP or take twice r v ma.ny bonis aa -·u had intended if you have reserved our order for the Scouts." Barren at run, BARRON ncli-sville. H. D. No. 3. FOR. SAJ..K--MEXICAN SAimt.E. Will sell cheap. BARRON FARM. Coiinellsvillc, R. D. No. 3 27aprSt" If you have bougrht liberty Bond our conscience ·won't trouble you ·hile a.t church service tomorro*^. ir { t-u haren't bought you "VTeed to ^o to lurch to get j o u r conscience started FOR SAr-E--BRO"W"' RESD CART. Rood as new. 310 South Eighth street. West Side, second floor. 27apr2t* FOR SLVLtV--U ACRES OF ptTTS- burtf coal 7 ^ to S foot, on river anci railroad, E. F. DeWTTT, Bel! 733-J, Scottdale, Pa. 27aprlt , B'^.L«r buy another bond today. , The I f*~, from, the western front shows the i tort 1 FOR SALK -- A SK\"KX KOOMED house and bath. Hnt air furnace and a sood well of -water. Inquire at No, 13 Grant street, Scottdale, Pa. , 24apr6t* .Vottce. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT at a mcetmK of th« stockholders of t h e H o ~i 11 Coal Co k e Co mpa n y, a corporation created and orpraJi:z«d under the laws of the state of W-est Virginia, held at Hun bar, Pa., on the 25th day of April. 1918. tlic following reso- l u t i o n s were atlnptpd: Resolved, That, -whereas the assets oC the corporation have been converted i n t o cash and negotiable securities, the Hoult Coal A Coke Company, a corporation created and ortrnnized n n - SPT the laws of the state of "West Virginia, hereby discontinue business as a corporation and surrender to said Btate its charter and cnrporate f a n - chincs; that the board qf directors dts- charpc all the corporation's debts and l i a b i l i t i e s and thereupon, a f t e r publication of notices required by law divide the rp.mandor pro rata among- the stockholders. "Resolved Further. That, the President, of this corporation cause notice tif adoption of these resolutions to he advertised once a week for f o u r successive weekff in a newspaper published, and of general circulation, near the principal office of this corporation; and that he certify thpse resolutions to the Secretary nf the State of "West Virginia, and deliver therewith a publisher's certificate of publication of these rcsolatonf?. " Given u n d e r my h a n d this 25th uay of April, 1918. A. M. NKMON, President of said Corporation. Attest: V." T. NEMOX. Hccr*»tary. *fofU-e t* i our»«MorH. SKAf^KD HUOPOSAI.S W I I J . iiK K K i c u i v e d by the Controller 01' b'aycttc ' County, Pennaylvania at his oltice in i the Cuurt House, U u i o n l o w n , J"*a.,* un- i t i l two o'clock I J . M , Frid.ij. May 24, ISI8, at which t i m e they -will be publicly o p e n e d and read in t h e of the C o u n t y Commissioners, Cor * u r n i s h - ir\K nnd applying eifCliLeen tmndred (1800) f * a l l o n y of o ^ p h i v l t on tli'e road ieadinf? from G.llespie towards Browns- v i l l e in "Washington Township, Fayette C o u n t y , P e n n s y l v a n i a , the asphalt to be applied w i t h an a p p r o v e d type of pressure distributor. All persons s u b m i t t i n g proposals · m-U5it\ flle vrith the C o u n t y Road and t Bridge Kngineer three days, before the 1 dato of closing: bids, a one quart sample of the material to be used together with a certificate of source or origin and analysis. Proposals and specifications can be secured JJ-i tne office of the County "Road and Bridge Engineer, Court House, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, for the sum of five ($5.00) Dollars per set. Eacvh proposal must be accompanied by a certified check drawn on a bank In Pennsylvania equal to ten per cent (lGc£) of the anKTunt of the proposal. The rigrnt to reject any or all bids is expressly remrTed. HARRY KTSFNG- ER, Controller. 27apr3t-sat Xotfee to Con*racier*. SKA1.ED PROPOSAT*S WILL BE RE- ceiyed by the Controller of Kayette County, Pennsylvania, at his office in the Court House, "Uniontown, Pa., until two o'clock P. Jf.. Friday, May 2-1, 1918, at -which time they w i l l be publicly opened and read in the office ot \ o t l c r lo fonlrnrlorx. S K A L K P PKOPOSALS WI1J, K K r:K- , c c l v cd hy t h e C o n t r o l l e r oC K a c t t e C o u n t y , Penn.- I v a n i a , at h i s oif.ct in the Court House, I." r. ion t o w n . Pa., u n 11! two o'clock P. M, Friday. May 24, 1D:S, Jit which t i m e t h e y w i l l . b e p u b - lic I j opt' ned a n d r^ati in the oflk'e i C ' the C o u n t y OommiK^ionerF, for f u r n i ^ h Ing: a n d applying 1 ten t h o u s a n d t l f p ( O ) fralloiib of asphalt on the road b e t w e e n ; Broad Ford a n d Owe.Rb(l.ile in l : ppt-r Tyrone Township. Payr-ur Cojinty. t'ennsv I v a n i a .the a:tpliak Lo be u j . p h o d w i t h iin aiJ!rm-ed t p o of pr-^ffiir t r i b u t o r . Al I iiersoii.-i fin b in 1 1 1 i t . 15 prcr must f i k - w i t h I h e « ' o u n l y KuaO Bridge I'JnKnitMM I h r e u d.uj- IK/I'IM date uf rlosiinf bids, n on, q u a i L s-a-npl^ of t h e ina.ti-i u I 1 1 bt- iis-ed t O K t _ l l n " w i t h a. ccrtilii j t u 01 tnjii fee or o n s i i i and n n r t l j vi.-*. Proposals and .-]n-cifica t t o n s can b« secured nl the ollice of tho C o u n t y Road a n d B r i d g e LOn^inuer. C v u r t House, L J n i o n t o w n. I'L-rin.syU.uiia, for the Hum of flvu ( f O . O O ) Pnllars per -»et Kacii propor ' 1 ·iu: i -L be jiccomiianicd by a certified clierk d r a w n on n. batiK in T'eniiRylviinia L tiua'l lo ten per cent (lOtf^.) of thi.' .ini'juiu of tint pro TJie riRjil in reject any or ali bhls i,s expressly rescrvcil. HAJ1HY K I S I N d BR, C o n t r o l l e r . 27npr3t-t-a-. Notice to Conti-ai'(or/-, SBAL.KD PROPOSALS \VI1.U HI-: R K - celved by the C n n t r o l l e i - of F a y e t t f Co'Jnty, P e n n s y l v a n t a , at h i s office Jn the Court House, U n i o n town Pa., until two o'clock P. M. Friday, May 54, 1D1S, al which U T I C Ihei w i l l be n u b - licly opened and rend In II 1 e ofiica of t h t County Commissioners, f o r t f i e construction oE f o u r h u n d r e d t w e n t y - f i v e ( 4 2 5 ) lineal f e e t of ro.ui in C o n n e l l t f ville Township at Broad Ford, F.i ette County. P e n n s y l v a n i a , w i t h c o n c r e t e c o m b i n a t i o n f o u n d a t i o n and c u r b ar.n g:route(i b r i c k w e a r i n g surface, Plans, proposals and speci neat ions for L h c above caji be secured at t h e office of the County Road and Bndpe "KnElrvecr, Court House. Unlontown, Pennsylvania, Cor the sam of five d o l - lars (?S.OO) per set. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check drawn on a bank in Pennsylvania equal to ten per cont (10%) of the amount of the proposal The rig-ht to reject any or all bids Is expressly reserved. HAJtHY KISIXG- KR. Controller. 27apr3t-sat BALTIMORE OHIO RAILROAD Change of Terminals .VI' New York City Ou iiiul niter Sunday, \pril 2Mb. 1'JIS. ail Idilliuiorp Jt (Iliin jiiis-i'ii-' Kbr traius Ijetiietill ^ViU^IjiUL^dH jiml ,\n VurL n l l l arrive nl mid ili-i»irt from I M i X X S V L V A M A .STATION. "Ill AK-IIUC nnd S'-'lul MrcH. r»nuediuu 1o mil! frsin tlown toivn 'e« York H i l l be made by the' Hudson tt-'inliattmi Railroad by tube comicctious to anil from HCDSOX TEKMIA'ALS Corihuidt und t'hn^ch Streets. Q Arriial 01 iTuitis at "e*v Ynrji terminals 'lill bt practically 1 In- same as at prrsi-nl. Hc« ticket aq^-nts for details. AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OFKRATOH AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE For Sale · IliL»-.ivi1 Home, Secoixl S-.., \V si £.do. -looi-.ed -Mirderi) Uc«inv, T^I-I] Si . w^si ^idi-.. .?r»r»oo ..U: S: , XV'iv^L ^d.'. . K'-^jiu-d AK)d": n HIHIK-, Ku'iiiitfci ,\It«Jt.TJi H.-ine i;i,r!iti- rfl \V.-i*t Side i: i .-.i .MV..K-H iiMin.-, Ko..ii;..i AUi.K-:n HomV ito-.KXd M , n u r n I K u n u idvJiih S; . u -t s;,i(,... sri2oo lLviiii«d MbOt-n U -ie. J u r i s t ^i(le. J l u o n i M .M-Mjf rn Hnck, iC.i^t Ave ltoonH'5 ituie:-n Hume, Wi.U- iload SiMKKJ V i n e Sin f t . . . JK»OO K-.ISI Crcu- Si .. . .' sijooo ^oonicrl Homo. i-eA_ j 1.K »:ned Hftine, otit of · · i t - Jlo,in.^ Mi'dc-rn ilini", V i n e StTLC-: 5-*5lK) A. E. Wagner Co., Tri-stn«^ srs-rv, ntHs\i!lc, Pn. r 5 '^Patronize Those .| Who Advertise.'

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