The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 3
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SATtTKDAT, APRIL 27 t9l8 1HB. JUAJLLl CO \NELJ-SVILLi!, fA PAl I H K r W IEWS OF THE DAY AT MI PLEASANT I M and 8 P M Y P 4, devotional X! pieeting at 7 P M Rtayer meetings ] (j\, on ^V ednesda'v ana Thursday eve nings On ^undai etenmg the in ?tmctors anc stmlefnts of the fiibsoa RPI ATFHl *" sh school will attend u \ bridy V ACLA1 bis J cordial lnvl t, tionyi= extended lo/tbe ' public Jwgess Calls Conference toi Plan for the Red Cross Fund Drive V FOR WEEK OF MAY 20-27 nsittee« Are aned t» Vrraage *r Detailg or the Campaign; Oild Jeltows Olxerre iaajTersory, Or- uc Cwiw for }togi»ieii*g Women TRINITS lyUTHHRAN CHURCH-Re\ Ellis K Buosess pastor Pec Bible schoo ·wi'l meet M 10-A M Luther I «a£iie at 6 K P M Divine services wil be conducted ^bv the pas tor ai II A M a o d f ? 3 0 f/ M Morn ing sermon The Duiv "% e Owe to Our Baptized (Children * ENening sermon SoniE 1 Defini'ei Assurances ' Strangers are invned/to worship with w= to The Courier IT BLEASAJiT April 27 --Burgess 5«o P Stevens campaign manager of K3 Cross -war fund week to be con toted from May 20 to 27 has called TM o r Bing bv ·5omeon»"?iipp ; )ed a nesting of hH committees at the , Fav 6rte koough building on Mondaj evening P* 6 ln ttle ° Tfen the matter wfli be clearly laid 1 Strangers beore them The following persons hw Seen named on the committees Paade committee T O Anderson CbarHsEngle Harrr Holm«s Jr, and TH1L FIKST'UVTFkD/BRUTHRDS church Smciavi=choo!(at 9-4o A M I Dlvfne 9i-or,bipiat 11, \ M Junior "S P S C E at 230 P M bemor \ P. S U E at 6 oO Divine/service at ~ 30 I The pulpu mil be occnpied In tlip the tor Cur Spence, speakers B M Loar J B fddsmita and C E. Zimmerman cbaraan oj the I*oar-*Itoute Men, M A. King soliciting committee A T Colas Kirk Brycs and John arden pulfeity committee Frank Painter, v£ 0 Hopwood Ralph. Nelson and Jon Kortnght The campaign will otn with, a mammoth parade on May I' Odd yellows- Oletrate. I*ne ninety-ninth anniversary of Cd Fellow ism was celebrated bj the leal Odd Fellows in their hall here 1st evening. The following program «s carried out Opening prayer, by Jev T C Harper, vjoto. solo Miss Mesk dnet, Ora and Mane Det- iler, piano soto Miss 'Weidman, lo Miss Fitzpatrick reading Miss dwards, song, \irginia Harper, act. Misses Detwtler address, Rev C Ha-per, solo, Miss Fitzpatnck, eading, Ms« Harmon address M A. THE church Ratttcsuon Comm t nns /Ty the pastor J-/S Showers pa* PIHST PRESBYTERIAN J L Prcwdfic pftfitor Sab bath school*at 9 K Morning service at 11 Ro-v Jobn!Roy»lfHarns D Jl president of the Drv, Fed»ration of I FennsyKama will.'speiOc on the rati ' 6cation of Jederalyprobibitiou amend ment Chnstian. EnSeavor at 6 *0 B\emng servicemt 730 sabject The, Reason for Bairure "n r edBe=uai/' evening prayer-nweting at 7 45 i THE ROCKrnroONTAIN BAPTIST Church 31 A. M preaciing by Kev "V J Ore*n 2\i M Sunday school 630 P \f B T P U TJO P M preaching bv Ee^, 'William Fuller All arc cordjally'Smnted Rev \c F Sims pastor THJ, rotlTBD PmBSBYTBRlAIv Chnrcb South Pittsburg street and Morton aenue--William J Bverhart mints er. Morning; worship at 11 o clock sermon topic Christ the Re Ktorer i-vening trorship at 7 45 o clock sermon topic \ Challenging Inquirr Sabbath school at 9 45 \ M Juniors at 3 P M Intermediate T P C T J a t s r M Senior 1 P C Enemy TTomea Mnst Register. a. letter has been receired ti the burgess troci the Department of Justice, authorizing the registration of j n at 6 45 P \{ Prayer meeting Wed aliea enemy -women This will be ne-*dir evening at 7 45 o clock tarried on through the police depart- -- ment and will be cm the order of the FIRST BiPTIST CHLRCH SOUTH registration of enemy alien men. The , P'ttsburg street--Wilbur \-elson pas promp. service rendered or the local ,'* or Sundarschool at 9 45 A M Pub police In the registration of Serman i ^ worship at 11 A. V address by men is mentioned and hope expressed Hotl George "W Penniman of Pitts that the women registration will he i b ar s Pnbhc worship at 7 30 P M carried on. as speedily No date has, Sermon b 7 tn e pastor topic 'What been set bj the police department, but} a 111 * ""Tiy w e Beliere. Newbro's Herpicide S A V E S A N D B E A U T I F I E S THE H A I OngUt lusirou^ hair adds nio-e The Dec S1V8 Results ro!!oi t h t use of Newbrc's Herpicide F-»cn the hrst appl JN conimi me MEN wi Jx shnggr bair and din covered obou dors are il "ays counted i our appearance h monc^ \alue Don 1 let it predate Use Herpicide DO IT NOW Send 10 cents for sample and let todar Address The Her Co tept_ 163B Detroit Mic! Sold hr Drug and Bep't St^ \pplicatlon 1 bo- ·nicid :higa nt thr better Jiurtier Shops Guaranteed bjr The Herpicide ('oinpan-y, Bftroll. M i as soon as the necessary papers arrive the matter will be taken np again Other Kcws. Mrs \ A Cort has left for New "York City to visit her sister Mrs Jennie Kinrball T O Anderson left this morning for Camp Merritt to visit his son Ernest, THE COVENANTER CHURCH-Sabbath school at 10 o clock Morning preaching service at 11, topic Tlie Sacrament of the Sapper Evening service at 730 sermon topic Keep- Ing the Feast' C T P lj at 6 4o Prarer meeting Wednesday evening who is sUtioned there with the 110th »t ' 30 subject, Onr Personal Rela regiment I UMlsll 'P to Christ " leader Mr* Free- Murphy LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangement* One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. 'fafie Atost Beautiful Car wjJmenca, Help The Freight Situation There is a tremendous movement of freight on the rail roads War supplies ire being transported m ·such vast quantities that congestion is bound to develop at terminal points Therefore, the Government has earnestly requested the public to postpone all " unnecessary traveling " It has said in very plain t^ins --' Pltise keep off the railroads " all means observe this reauest Buy a reliable motor car--just sucn a car as the Paige, for in' stance--and use it, not only tor side trips, but those longer journeys as we'! Encourage the Touring Movement It will help Uncle Sam and afford healthful relaxation for you and every ir-ember of your family PAIGE DETROIT MOTOR OAR TOW \ W DETROIT MICHIGAN JOHN RHODES AGENT, \ \ E 5 T b l D E CONNELLSV1LLE THB Oaureh. "West Apple street--J H Lambertson minister Class meeting 9 A. M. Sabbatn s«hoo!, 9 45 A. M At the morning worship, 11 A. it. Kr D H. SiTtxog of TJntontown will $pe*k in ttte intercut of the Dry Federation League of Fayette eoumy C B meeting at 6 fi P M. topic "The Power of th« Cross in City Slams" In the eremng at 7 30 the pastor will preach an ewangeltetic aermon fol- lo*ired by altar sernces Frayer meeting W«*iesdaT eTcatng at 1-30 o clock Prayer viseting tone cards contain-G, L. C. Biebardson, pastor, Bthle inf tite toi*es lor May and June wffl chool at 9-*5 A. Ji., S. B Heary, »»-' be ready tor distribution on. Sabbath Men's Bible class to tb* -- Dmae worship at 11 X H, I HKHL4J8D BAfTIST CHURCH-- k«*. J J. Bffl, B. », sapeiMmteot I Sunday school at 10- A. St praise i TRINITY EPISCOPAL GSCEOH-- it S. Kanaga, vicar Servlca he4d In Oermxn IiUthertux cborch, Soudi rtreeL Sandar acbool, SJ.6 P M Ircntag ycscfer 7.30 P M. Meeting it the Womaus OniM mil be -with yta L. W Broira, Syeamoie street, erentnt MaT_L V tie MoKeesport district of the ·itlaburg conference. Hill t» vofcfect irK be, -The Srtewardsbip r ield Dm? la CoBneUsvdle £or Ate 2*t. «on of tbe OcuuUtatkHwi ProoAi- tm ataeedBtent. the )( E. cinrcb will ·B ia line irt* tbe otber charches ad trffi fm the ereoing ·MO- to tbe jPayocte Comty Battftca- tai lokc^e ^e^ceTB £. 3 1 !Ebop- ·ood oC XtuiontoWJi, wiii b* the Tbe ««rriee begin at JK e M Eegnlar muS-'week prayer teectog on Wednesday at 7 « P M. y wtU be ofc««nr«d on Lvaeliean will be ran HA. X. to 1 P M. The Ma ant vonen irlQ be serred CHCBCa Snta PHtsbarg and Enst xeen atreete. Sim*ir school ar 9 4S ·L M. PreacloDtr secriees at 31 A. f and «0 P SL by Student I. G "fo» of tins year's cradmtm^ chigs of th« 1%MOioeieal Semnaary of the ehorch, Lancaster Pa. ·C89E ttoa, EJFAWGBUCAi Cotro«lisTD)«- AS60CIA- B meeting at 11 A. Jf $30 P 1C, preaching by Ker R D Bpj», pastor ot Mt Zion Baptist church followed by communion by the pas cor Hev C 1 -Well* mmteter Sunday school at 9 SO A. It, to. eiaige of Samuel Witt SenMra by tfee miiuater at 10JK A. HnVE M IS CHEEKS Be Better Looking--Take OhveTabfets H yotoaluaayenow--conaitooon pallid | --tocgoecoKtEd-- appetite poor--yon have i st»Jt»Me in yoor mouth--«toy. no-good ' leehng--yoa Jtoooid take Obr* Tafcteta. DrJEitaanis' OUra Tablets--* snbetitnte funjtorutt--vert prepared byDr-Edwarda ifttr 17 J«K*O stmty with DM paQeuts. Dr. JHward^Oirre Tabteti are a partly vegetebie' compouad mixed ·with olrte oil. Ton iriO know them by their olive color To have a dear, pink skm, bngtt eye^ oft pample^ a feeEng of baoyancy like Childhood days you moat get at the cause. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the Brer and bowels lite calomel--yet hare no dangerous after effects. Tfcey start the bile and overcomr constipation. That s why millions ot boxes are ·old annually at lOc ard 25c per tHt All druggists. Taks one or two nightly and tote the pleasing results. MEDICINE CHEST FOR ONLY 30 CENTS ma it To* Can IwfcmtlT ^ettere Pa4, CM«d kr Bnnu, SaMi, Cuts xiri Brvtam A jar of S»a Cora Ointment costs but 2 cents, and it it doesn t do eTery- Odn« Qua newspaper article s*ys it wiH do the Laagorey Drug Co, Con ax»d fbe Bro*oway Brag Co^ will give you. y-our money back. It relieves bleeding- HcMng; and protruding piles, Jt helps chronic run nlog and lever sores no matter how Etiftiborn or hopeless It is an anti septic ointment that begins to heal the mixMzte H is apphed If s one at the finest remedies erer fflponnded tor bods corbnncles nl cers, eczema s*tt rheran tetter, chl- triaios chapped hands'or (ace Price only 30e 60c and fl 20 a jar J?or the b«fay for rough tender skin and to qmcfcly acquire a fine complexion, I use San Cura So«p (26 cents) j Thomas Medical Co TittwriUe, Pa -Adv DGQ SATIOAAi 1EAGUK Krsmlis Pittsburg 7 Cincinnati 1 New Tort 11 Brooklyn 5 Philadelphia 3 Boston 0 Chicago 3 SL Louis 2 New Philadelphia Chicago Pittsburg -Cincinnati -St. Louis Boston Brooklyn -- Studia? of t»e Clubs W 1. ork 9 0 Pel. 1000 778 675 571 500 236 ^22 000 Today's Schedule St. ixmis at Chicago Cincmniti at Pittsburg New 1: orit at Brooklyn Philadelphia it Bos-ton. AJBE1UC4X T-EAGTO- TVasiamglon 9 Isftw Torfe 4 Boston 2 Philadelphia 1 St Loms 6 Chicago 2 Clereland-Detroit rain : of th« Clnbs Boeton Cleveland Detroit Washington St Louis New Tort _ Philadelphia Chicago -- Pet 818 714 oOO 444 429 36 i 100 1 Today's Schedule. Chicago at St Louis "Washington at New York Boston at Philadelphia C leveland ai Detroit D1CKERSON RUN CLAMS HUNDRED PER CENT IN LOAN; j Only Ont Fmployc at Piftsbuig A Liike Brie lermlnal Has Not Bought 3 iberl) lontls When tht. final rcport; in the ihucl i iber i,oa.u drive aie Utaid Dic'xei son R m vlil = and bigb A-tconhng to C C Remhard ^euerai vardmaier at the Pittsburg 1 1-ake I- HP tern-ma .there everv emplo^i. iuth the e~xcep i tioa of -ine man ivbo sa-v I e Js coa jScieDtiou*5 oppo'Std o ssa.1 -ftili hive s\Jbacnhed SS e wi! 1 i\ e r usea fsOOOO =aid \li iUtnhaid H h o also ts cbairmiu o f the drive ihc^e Th^ J utle Giant employe^ co^^ider thti I are hundred per cuxtets Ihttrfidav thoie was i Lorubioed safetv first and 1 ibc*-J lxan ra t% wuici] proved to be the bit,bCSL thing in. ihc biSLor oE Ue ternin il During he afternooa a. motion picture The Rule of Re.*-on w at ho^ u thiee times to JIP suuicais of Daw^oti Vin d c i b i l t aid East Libeit\ it th(* ^ M C ^. lite evening ^a 18 S v «n over lo the idulls The foltovring piogriiii wa- turrjert out Overture jmo ^olo M s-, M v e i t Snyder Opening i^niarks bi ( 4irrni i L F Heinhard I ^election bv male (] lartei Messrs A E Knig^hi J hn McDonald Dav d Scourfield Sturgi^ Bailej Solo daacr Miss Durbni Address L A. I ee Centrd tctfet^ committee Pit sbuig Selection bi ladies q arie! \li« H J Bell ^frs H \ Bai n MI* Mar garet Hush Miss 4.i\erta Snjdei Remarks b^ Rev H A Baiitn OF Little Boy Had Ugly Blotche« For 3 Months, Had To Put Cloths On Hands Used One Cake Soap and Two ( Boxes Ointment Which i Cost Only $1,25, My holt boy s face and neck were disfigured for over three months ^1 h ugly blotches The gcntral appear ance WAS In a natli ifad the skin vntg red and soro lac a ways wanted to scratch and 1 was compel ed to put cloths OT h ft hand* at night Hia face looked like a piece of meat I had him treated but it did no good I wa-s told to send lor a free sample of Cuticura Soap and O nt ment I did so and -A. -rwnrda bought more and I used two box« of Cuucura Gmtmcnt w«h one cake of Cnticura Soap and he was healed I Signed) Mr« Hettie Thompson 2803 Rerse Si PhUa S«px 15 1917 When Cuucurn has ckaredyour skin of pirnplca and redness keep it clear by using the Soap Assisted by the Omt roem for ev«ry-day toilet purpose* Absolutely nothing bttter S«Mf l*E*rfiFr«« by Mmt ^ddreieoasi card Cati«Mra Depr R Botton ^old ewenncnore Soap^Sr 0 ntrn^rtt^uand'iCr WEST PENH SERVICE IMPORTANT! No house is too old to b« wired for Electric Light. Is your house wired? If not. -why not take advantage of our easy payment plan and have your house converted into a modern home. Our representatives are ready and willing at all times to call and explain details. BACKACHE KILLS Dcra't m*kfc the ft.t«d mt»t*k* of "what ary »*e-m to %e a 1 ft tie baehack*. There isn t any such thing: ]t icaj' be the Srst warning: that yo*r ktAntrys »re not working properly and throw-dip off th« poiwons aj» they should If tliw IB the CA£e go alter th« cause of ibat b*dt*ehe anfl do it qaieklr or yoa mar find yo»TBef h» rh« yrip of an incur GOLD METDAL Haarlem Oil Capwlrt will sri-pf almost jTiwn«dia.te relief lr( m kidney And bladder troubles which rnay be the un-RtnpMtrd cnase of sen eral ill health GOL.D MKDAL H-u r lem Oil Capsules are Imported d!r«!Ct from the ]*iorit cries in Holland Tbey are prepared in correct quantity njid convenient form to t a k e and ar* po*d tl ely cuarant««d to Rive prompt relief or your mone will be reruml«d Cat them at a n j flrugr ^tore but be sure *o in«nst on tt-e COE r MLr A L bnnd and t a k o no other Ir bt xcs Dunbar, DUNBAR April 26 --And-ew Wis hart waa transacting buBinesg in Con nellSTOlle Wednesday Attorney Le e Smith of Umontown was a bmsiness caller here yesterda 1 i£ra Hay uyton ot Belle Vernon is spending a Jew days bere inth her parents Mr and Mrs "Vt C Smith of Speers Hi'l G W Henderson of UniomoTni who is stmtkmed at Newport, R. I, with the marines TiBited ais erartdnzother Mrs Sara Watt, on Thursday- Mr and TUrs F J M-cParland =pent Thursday efeoing m ConneUsville Mr and \tr: Ralph Gaddis were risitine In Connellsville yesterday D C Bason for wall paper--Adv -- 26mar27t OOOOCXXXX5OCOOOOOOOOOOOOCXX1 J. B, KURTZ, { NOTAXY PUBLiC ' AND REAL ElTATi. ' M*. i South Mead*w Oonn«M«vlll« ff on Litferty lxan Monztg' piLtmes Rule o*" Rpason I reel 1) "Vocal s^lt^ci oo by lrtdie= Quartet Mrs H J Ee ! Mr« h \ Banm Miss Afargarp Ru*h \fis Ah erta Snyder | Moving picture*- R u l e of Reison (reel 2) Why Women Suffer B ECAUSE you are a woman there is no need to suffer pern *nd annoyance which in terfere with work, comfort and pleasure W h«a you suffer again try Piso s labletB--a va,tiablc healing local ftpoiication with astringent and tome effects Tbe name Piso ^stablisbed over 50 years gnaratrteea fair trcatm«5nt Money refunded if not sot sfi*d tfyou would»be nd of Backaches, Head aches Nervousness Weariness as symptoms of the condition--a trial wtJl convince. Soltf R ise's JJBUETSJ^; THE PISO COMPANY 200 Piio BUr jy.""!! Illuminating Engineers Advice Free Phone or Drop Card to STOP--LOOK--KJ VD BENNETT BROTHERS Automobile Wreckers Higfaebf Prices; Paid for Ul Xakis ari "fte sell second hand parts ard acces sone« for all makes of cars at lowest pi ices j GET TKF -miCMLlT" H t B H AB SAVE 3IOM/V I Open Sunday 10 A 3t 1 fl 1 r 3t Corner Ross and Water St-eets PITTSBURGH PA Bell Phone Con-t MSi -THE-- J . O R S D U Good cle'Ln sha p btilldin£ sind also mouldHe s r n d Bank f i r s t s reet West S c Tri S a.te aSS Clf \S H B UjSI I T US North t r-il bfcet \\esc Side Conne!}"M]le P El'^RYTHDIG COOKED LIKD AT HOME Strictly Fresh Clean. «nd Puie ASK FOR DUE SPECIAL CLCB BREAJAST AJSD S0TOA.i DINNER Our Pastries Are Delicious Be cause They Are Homemade NEXT DOOR TO ·'TOST PENN ROOM fl 2o and $3 DO Biooms i Laige Roll^ I oiiet Papei oOc Window Blind 1 ; Special--Monday, April 29, 85c 25c ; 29c ' i fun j^nit i Furniture, Garnets, Linoleums, Stoves, Haidware, Housefurrtishings at ' Reduced Prices. Get Onr Pr)e- Betore BHTIDB Elsewhere Penn Traffic Dep't Store Furniture and Hardware Department 'SOT V Pittsburg Street, CONJTELLSVILtE. PA^ Third Store Srtin Corner Peach Street.

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