The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 6
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The Ottawa Jouknal rublulwd br ' " TIM Journal PabUahlat Ca. o Ottawa- Lid. 237 Qum St 134 ttoarka Otuw Ontario. MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1964 Not Sjeed But a Flag The Commons is confusing the lenge the flag debate presents. , The real task is to produce a flag that will unite a nation. Whether that takes a month or four months is relatively unimportant. ' An error is not less so if it is done quickly. Mr. Pearson speaks of a month's debate over-all; Mr. Diefenbaker speaks of three months in committee plus a final Commons debate' on approval. We must be wary now lest we think the goal is simply to narrow that time gap. The goal is a flag that will please most Canadians. - Mr. Diefenbaker is not resisting a short limited debate just to keep the Liberal Government from doing the country's business. Last ' Thursday (Hansard, page 7343) he promptly supported Mr. Knowles' urging that the Government devote two days a week to other business while the flag debate lasts. Mr. Favreau, for Mr. Pearson, would not accept this. Mxu Diefenbaker refuses to limit debate for it is the one weapon that might oblige Mr. Pearson to produce a more acceptable flag. (We've met mighty few people of any political persuasion who really like the present suggestion.) If Mr. Pearson' came forward with a design more adequately representing the nation's wishes the Opposition would vote it through to happy fulfilment in weeks, not months. The obstacle to peaceful solution is the present design, not the debate schedule. Whatever flag Parliament eventually passes should be honored by us all. The country's impatience is not for any new flag but a new flag it wants. .Reasonable debate and the devotion of compromise can produce such a flag. We've had enough of Liberate saying Tories ere anti-French,rand Tories saying Liberals are selling out to the French. Let's get on with the business of the country, and finding an acceptable1 flag, at one and the same time for the two can't be separated now. PM'i III-Timed Wroth - The House had a blazing exchange of opinions on the propriety of Mr. Dupuis, minister without portfolio, "soliciting," as Mr. Diefenbaker phrased it, orders for car bumper stickers advertising the three-leaf flag design. Mr. Dupuis denied using public resources to invite people to buy the stickers but Mr. Diefenbaker said a letter suggested that would-be buyers telephone an employee In the minister's office. , This is not an event of earth-shaking importance but there was justification for Opposition questions. The conduct of ministers is of interest to the House. The Prime Minister, having recently led an Opposition which badgered a Conservative Government unmercifully nd legally was plainly irritated. ' He thought the questions a disgraceful waste of time and commented that he was irqpressed by the fact that , there were various forms of filibusters. . An Opposition asking questions, however embarrassing, is doing its job. We suspect what really angered Mr. Pearson was. Mr. Dupuis' doing what he did! Presley to Beatles Seven years ago Elvis Presley's first motion picture. Love Me Tender, came to Ottawa and the fans went wild. This week the younger set's newest idols. The Beatles, hit 'the Ottawa motion picture screen in "A Hard Day's Night" and the fans went wild again. . There is 'one curious difference. Mr. Presley's fans were teenagers. The word "teenagers" indicates persons between the ages of 13 and 19 years. Most Beatle fans are not teenagers. In fact, the majority of the fans attending the first two showings of . The Beatles' film were under the age of 13. a It Is amusing to see a teenager go wild with excitement, screaming frantically at movie Idols. It is sad to see not teenagers, but children, flinging themselves about In convulsions, crying and yelling out love messages to their newest idols. ' ' Teenagers, we suppose, should be able to see their idols and blow off steam of adulation. But children? What is In the minda of parents who let their under-teenera come to the idea that it Is smart and normal to approach the . Insanity line in their passions? Doesn't experience tell that a child not encouraged to retain reasonable control will find the wise and compulsory .controls of adulthood vexing beyond endurance? ' ; V,: i Wotch Autumn Come -- - f Men who work with charts and slide rules can tell the precise instant when Summer is gone and Autumn has arrived. Probably it if well to have an official check of the seasons, but the countryman knows that Autumn Is no "hard and fast period. He knows thai ,he can watch Autumn come. There are evenings when there is a' definite chill in the air. In Ottawa Valley woodland, tha red maples held, scarlet pennants that wan of, the coming t change. Poison ivy on the walls begins At Atlantic City to turn. Sun-cured grasses on the hill- side -resemble a brown-tan carpet and day by day one can see the color grow thinner. First light frost drops tentatively over the1 fields and gardens, and when the sun has climbed into the sky one sees the blackened, limp leaves of squashes and cucumbersv After the first frost, one can watch Autumn approach slowly through a period of beautiful, mild weather.- It is the prelude to the next act a prelude of blue skies and white clouds, patches of coloring in the Gatineau woodland and bird flocks Night to Remember By JOHN W. GRACE at Tk Jaureal "THE night lo remember it gUT that last evening when tht Democratic Convention Robert Kennedy stepped It it a mood of reaction, of fear that the country has moved Sequestered Nook Defiled By 'Slobs' rraa laa Statu CkrwrtcM-laraM French Press: Abolish Right "JHERE art few experiences -v a O.T. a. which can so dampen one's Jt tMldlCGf ardor tor a picnic or aeathore excursion at discovering what annara In k an attra'-f'va eita . rs,v hr irfT ' f L-- was not when Lyndon Johnson forward was the moment of too far in giving power to gov- onlv , .n(l M . , LA .... and Hubert Humphrey were release the whole convention eminent. It is the mood of the ,,,, th ,omeon. h m6 """" T " unanimously acclaimed their was waitmg for. Mr. Kennedy, white mothers who came down th, location as a dumping pUce . -Vlorosd ,o,tifv aaVitut party's choice for ISM. The up- swallowing bard and biting his from New York carrying signs Uy, unwtntt4 itatit. "msdf Should the Uw be roar men naa a meiainc .in. np kii-hhii "mm nmn ,n;ii iwn passing - (or it came not so much from match his image as an tmo. send. their children to neighbor- through on their Way to the southland, throated cheers or clapping tionless man. taxi (white) schools of their Each day brings the official time nearer, and each. evening of blazing stars tell us that Summer is ending. It is a poignant, nostalgic time of year hands but. (rom horns and clap- Yet the short speech ha gave own choosing. A quiet cove promising a de- chanted? One man who thinks ligntful spot in which to. relax so is a former )udgo of the proves to have been discovered Court of Appeal tad batonnier earlier by someone with old of the Montreal Bar. He rea pers mecnanicai noise- no, ..p... in Knumcm it it me mood of those carry- c.r bodies to be discarded. tons. "Why shouldn't we have makers for a mechanical )oo. ne snoweo tne same instinctive n( Barry Coldwater signs who "A sequestered nook by a the right to ask a presumed The memorable night was r--- IT T "" "" " moiviouai initiative bubbling brook, ought to pat- criminal where he was when a anrl an integral nart of life For ac- certainly nbtthevenlng when Z - - - ana noeny is sappea oy meai- sets au tne Ingredient of an crime he Is suspected of com ana an integral part 01 we. rur ac y 1 the maudlin, a sense of restraint ,.r. .iuTmnr. aoriat -n,ri,, .n-.n.., i.,. n... cording to the plan laid down aeons a few me-raoers-jn uie rrecoum . ... . - j ......... ....K...S vw. nuuui wa wnmt 1 ' .T ,,L..,kii,m. DemocraticNarty of Mississippi ",". ' The Democrats, of course, re- poasibUiUea art ruined for At a time when organised ... ...... infHtrated the Convention Hall T" "7 .i pudiate these idea, in their pure V to come because eome crime is .using every means at Changing the Guard and took up seats under the Tker a ce nms ' cvkt uvnil )H Mt0 tfi L-ti - Hvi w pviuv -aeu rjo one in we nan see the Uuaros marcn aown tne nni iew .aiscommea and never march ud again. A number ins on. - KM: :J .L .r.f.. n-.artiiaHl oiuters in Whl, lher( w lhen are reported . concerned that the sol- cam. not from black Mississip- diers involved in the Changing of the pian confronting white Missis- Guard ceremony are spendhtg too much SliESTeS time In their bearskins and not enough much leM figh,lnf. Th, wearing their steel helmets. excitement if such is the Defence Minister Hellyer says that word came mainly from the no decision on the future of the NBC "creepi . peeple" jostling ceremonv has been made but he rec- ' P"1"0" with the CBS or ognizes its value in attracting Canadians and visitors from outside the country. , i Ever since the ceremony was inaugu rated as a display of drill efficiency i nr ti i : i. lion. 1 he snort word is class. . ... . v.. ,. . nerson selected it a reoci. it. J ..iKvar. , ,, Juliet. When he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be In love with night, And pay no worship to the garish sun. a . ADV. i ut mm men. i lie uniy w-jt- . . .. ... one. doing any shoving were T"5 h'cter's',c rhet0Iic UUIUWWCI I VI I III. id 1 111 J ! - I y - . j sign which said Mississippi but - Z .. Jl .. I .. . aware that a considerable num- ,ory ,or "n " no ma weaknesset irt the law are not - . , , . iwiith uiu ne enow nimseu to " ' " ber of Americans are attracted " . .. . . , ir JusUlied. Abolition of tht right ber of Americans are attracted J . , , , if' )""" "flouuon rum which meant for whites only. ,. ,7 , , mention the sense of toss he ... ... ,. . Paradoxically, anv leiil(ini r .ii.nrfS i. h. nnininn al ,. ll except a l.j ul.- i j,j u . y in argumenii. - u may am . r , - ... neighboring ' ' '' h'n. d,d, that even a Democrat realises "ne,d ovening human m.ny wlnild be a giu.1 stride If., was g ! "-'r'. that Goldwater bbl" n the matter of dapos- i ,h.Vht against crime Real cutcpv t j i( ' "win nuracu u,,u , ... . ... . ,. , .. . uia ui waste material are lawbreakers forced to taie ine- I rtoh ' kit (ktil I lei tMaalkl to put 'too much faith in tht ."boted W 'f. ,hl con" "" ould v- dil is built power of government and not enough in th power of individuals. He is willing to pause. Side Lights Some Achievement Windsor Star One ragweed plant. it's those who were supposed to be dif(eren The wordl computed, can produce five to uillciviH. in. WU.US DfilUH Ul temporary society upon fcult timt making a defence philosophy of disposables .tend up. Judges and Juries More, and more items are would have an easier time rid-dejigned with the end view in ding society of them, mind that what is no longer Such a changt would have needed can be thrown away, many advantages, not the least Grandmother used her pre- of which would be to facilitate serve bottles over and over the task of all those who ad-again. This generation cannot minister justice. It is a matter be bothered. It demands a can worthy of serious consideration, or carton which, once ustd. can be discarded. .IE DEVOIR, Montreal: In a in. irony or it au is mat tne - IM3 rammndation ior " - .! ........ . . , . i. . ..... niahl hillinn .rain, nf rial en. Planned waste does not take lk. Ik.- M -MUH Something is wrong indeed u, continue. . r lhe ilogffl Indubitably, an achievement to t0 ,'?'Jh PvUkn,j?I Superior Council of Education. places of Hence, the when men who are there to re- u. ik... .i ..i...i.. be .neezed at, and tourist attraction in 1960, the Sec- cord what is going on them- iast' November But the whole ... ond Battalion Canadian Guards has selves Intrude upon and even ,heme of Johnson s accept- It Sprint Eternal provided the men. For those engaged seem to shape the events them- ,no iptech now was not con- Comer Brook Star it is a lull-lime . joo in - summer, ana j unuity, nut a new beginning. disposal. th, PllMm commission noted: rr . . " hou'd be enriched by the the almost frantic race ta t ... . , i t V-a il vaneo experience ana. culture of people from aH walks of life. rr1- "" n.. . jim: i. - , ine raai ainicuicy m w.ia- ,, j w. j. ... l i. - ot both .fmihr requires a good deal of training and No. the high pointlln the con- Mr. Johnson obviously! wanted ntr part of a lifetime in un- forcing such law. is at once ZJEL" .?J'g.T-, " Mctiiit veniron wm nm mcmBurtimv or in in oui inn iim a hi nun a, 1.-1- 1 c .....1 . - " other fields of m litary training may ' '8n a will hack along with new hope be to every individual to make ' ,' of Tb. teachint mtk have suffered. But the LQtber units " 5l?rnSl SSIr" 1,"? . r"d'n Ab"hlm U "bject " ST? flT-th available and willing to spell off the .Ti " ,,1 e'yn, ZltLTZZ'F R,ch"n' Wh ' "' h,l ,0n f'w V Ur 'nd PP' experienced in manage- K.iir- tk. rm mirJZlv ha. a U V "' "e men bv ,ha catch-phrase. M ye without hitting a tee lake and nver verges be pro- lnd batUlion. The army already has Robert Ken. Mr. Johnson talked of the tiJ Mo cup But Ust lected from dumping practices. LTIJZ. Vj" n' f .T? h . system or rotation in wnicn units areVit ,tnnA ,k. " rnitnint rev. Challense of rebuildine Amerl. .V v. j.j u "Slah" ia neither a nlra nnr PTT . . .. ..:.-fc-j . rmn anrl tn " r , .,1T 1. m u " . ..." J; " IIV .7" "er man tne oommant ones. Bnui.ii(.vi iiwih -'"k -...t- caivma ina n-iDuta 10 ni. - v". vuucaiwu. 01 new i-- ..i . an iiukuti worn. Aim v.i. , Germany and back. Why., then, can't brother. . d a ih higher suUrd -TLK "me. H -ems to describe " "1,, the Princess Patricia's, the Royal 22nd, m ta lT?.,rrWdif Pect'to duplicate that feat. Ye. T.JT fv. Eng.W. and e with unmoved a scene of in- the Black Watch or other regular army jf YOU listen to his detrac message d (h,, upon IT French-speaking members. .j- - ,...ui:- j...k .t . the same ursencv a. wturn inha .. .. .. ' ..' finite natural beautv. aeeina in j "LZ. aaia IA "nil . ..... n.iur.1 ou.y. WUig in anu iney an. numer- v - ' will achieve tne unachievable, mam rvw - irauvi - - asked Willi. LM J V m irmiiv -aBw was .-" ... Bk.r. itMintwtv i. .n. Kennedy to "Get America rmoninl drill doe, not destrov the JT 5E ' combat efficiency of crack miliUry umV' kTrr y- r..7.'7.d . units. The regiments of the. Brigade Of Convention Hall a Teamsters' "w era was dawning. There Guards in Britain who are renowned M , .!. was no excitement in the air- around the world for their pomp and vestigate Bobby Kennedy." No condiione t Federal ex ceremony have won imperishable dis- doubt J. me. Hoff. ha. not seen PJ1. .1 . .k. . v.,.t. n (hair .th. kindlier .Ida nf tha Attornew. 11 tnert was one dominant I U UK ml UII wiar VI wimw mmwl at Ihl. riUHnli, i. . j .-.-J n. r.aneral of tha United StaUn. a mis convention, it ceremonial nunc are ruuiicu. One of a If . aattafaptlna allk scarlet coated sentry swaggering in But the S.MO delegates and things done. No one said It dud- 25 Years Ago Praai Tat Jaaraal af aH. M. m. THP WarM' Cnmtir was i . z.- ;::. zi , ono-npn. correlation: a. .jchjln did. keep, them com- ZT tainly a sign of progress; 17 QV r4- Rete people with experience in edu- OllUri v J311S cation and five without, al though there - isn't too much JT iTOm danger of overriding influence . by the , former; seven with Tkaa... it n ir Saint univer"y defeat, which Is a tioa in New York was re-John-Albert): In his speech the "1"b' I1"00'; 11 f" to have escaped other day the Minister of Trade 71" Z . . ci Unadian soldier, u.d be alter- .brTnow' ZTtZZ cLZZ mLT wZnd -i. o7 mem 'tath. j field manoeuvres. a ,iaa.aa.trin w , ,. , r.. j .v. o' iioerai, , with a small i, a ,)Miwi.m ncvn .lanea: our enemies are a. a. aiaii wn w cvmmana in. .n . . Without attempting to detract The soldiers on the Parliament Hill that could ever be in a political respectful. We have carried out allied forces In the Near East (nd British educated in most from obvtou halance of the lawns may find their daily parade a convention. President Kennedy's Initiatives. In the event of war. cutt, which is more to blame eouncU- 11 muw he pointed out bit of a bore after a couplt of weeks. By holding back this moment These have been great achieve- Mussolini suggested scrapping than anything else for the " Perfect- For ex- Yar thia it the unrt nf ceremonv which until It could have no political ments in four years. We as a of tha remnants of the Ver- division that ha. mot inm the "a. hy are EngHsb-tpeak- mlvwtia. tha irlamnr of the milltarv consequences, the convention party have earned the right to uilles Treat as a first steo In country. " Catholics represented by - B - j i ..i. . .... k ..... . . caused the be satisfied." life, the soldier's pride in his unit and manager, probably banishing fears of war. I intend to show that this !"!y !"mber H" his group who typify this pseudo- his group who typify wis pseudo- in his being a Canadian soldier. The ' "'" ' Hitler was adamant) in Pra,. 7T ' m ins wing BUIU.C. . .ias . i.. a a un ,k.iM .ka. j.u..,.. . . . .... r......: ..j t ii..j. at rroietiants, who are repre- precUion drill, the color nd the mar- w; Jth7 " TBoS 'JZJ"""' the Eta MHMr. -b?.,'rt ? A I t t u.t. . ... a. AaWam n lorriaor. - list music are wnai rentu uu. hi uic m. ... M .h, ,, w. ,h.. Mr watching youth of the country and coukl find. At a real genius will be to pro- .VtT. JZ'S HiKl " " to support the Ottawa R o ii g a ui.;.. t ... not represented wolle tat draw it into the ranks. The army in meeting of the Y o a a g Demo- tide over a pause in the sweep rfr.u, i inm ill. nki Tfc roiu in ., ... a, r. , the field and in combat the prospective crats Mr.. Ted 'Kennedy evoked of American affairs. His own v;- Mm Canadians - tat particular Riders. . .i ., ... . . . .. . i , an an tna oav. inn mueuioaa inar.1- Jews have a member ea the aave a Ptz-karaaim a rut iiu Mhar .. . . . ' M.lU-11. . ...Ml. I I. recruit can only read about. The army far more .xcltement than the Instincts, whatever hit words. , eison aicLracxen was neao- members of thlt Ottawa hler- -' "ZT on parade Is real. - fofk-tlngert; Peter. Paul and are to. conciliate and lo bold O" Br,nch "e archy. willy-nilly accepted the Resented by only one mem- Citizens of the city may grumble that Mary. Mrs. John F. Kennedy the gains. If these and . other d i t- , , ,. . , w fluuiK uiy oiy .or a 11 wuuio kh oe an acnteTw . ?ranarwlaa . AuarLvWl .k. the ceremony brings with it confusion r 1 (our ityt Kmi to Mm, w a purse of money .ml . ' " p"; ? in the streeU. Yet the picture of a io attend a formal reception (It mean. For there it another chlmet clock were pretented to "J con!!,0,,OB govenimeni T mtwconmW neaitny capital It one mat is mil OI was more like a wake) and tee- mood .abroad m the United Re. A. E. Armstrong by par-: """"' itd for eliminatini partitaii the citizens of the "country rand their tng her meant far more to most Stale, today. Sen. Barry Gold- Ishionert of St. Margaret Mary's T. (" politic, in following theecom- -. t. 1. J! I. .11 .1.. ... aaiaa-alaa tkaa lha D.l. K.a u I u A k. rk.. a w.a . I 'Sin tt all COStt IM lltt Of IM r . -a uua tne i-TeaK water nas L Buret lests. It is difficult, in all the great oeiegatet seemg tensed n and ae where ae had terved Llb.rV BartyT - mendations and, suggestions of cap piUIS OI Uie world, to see wnat IS !"" mr years. -. , These individual! were tht P"0"6 wanted, to get' where it Is desired a small penalty for a capital city to pay. The Hill ceremony, it is recog- ' nized, is Ottawa's greatest drawing card for tourists. But more important is the' number of Canadians it brings to their capital, the number who are : given the incentive to visit their Parlia- '-ment and the other elements of their country's administration. It would be a ' mistake indeed to let the Guards march ; down The. Hill, never to return. . A Good Weekend ; . It was a weekend 'of the choicest ' , Canadian Summer variety for the Ot- - tawa region, bright and warm. The rains had stemmed the - onrush of , Autumn colors and Labor Day, and the closing of the cottage, seemed far away. ' , ' The violent, troubled world poured 4 forth its tales of riot, sudden death '. and peace postponed, but for most of the people of Canada there was rest j ' and relaxation, with satisfaction in such. domestic affairs as the -success of ex- ' hibltions and fairs, and the Prince v Edward Island arrangements' for cele- ; b rati on this week of the 100th anniver- ,'. . sary of the beginning of Confederation. ; ; Also there was a sense of gratitude for ' the good fortune of this nation with ( rivers, lakes and forests within the ". reach of so many to enjoy on a Sum- -mer day. Ii " 1 : -'t-w- Notes and Comment Sen. Hubert ) Humphrey " may "have V-galned a hew, voice In. U.S. affairs by winning the Democratic nomination for vice-president. , But for a "while during ' nis acceptance speech he seemed in . danger of losing his voice. ts gaining Yards With This Footboll i ' V "' ' (DiJn rv tht Mflwirwl Caartt. ml th. naml) " henchmen, knowingly or other- council fare? wise who perpetuated the legacy be allowed to stand on of ' William Lyon Mackenzie ' owe feet, or will tt become King. The victlmt. Mr. Speak- ""PP1 f the Minister of Edn- er," are you and I. the Cane- ction coraUve but useless dian otoole. and we are paying pitc ' educational laod- J for tt dearly today In many eP' w have confidence tat ' ways, partitularly in the depar. ovemment will accept all tne ! lure of many of our symbols recommendations of the Parent '. and traditions that go to the Commission and give the coun- ! very root of our way of life. " n own distinct budget and j Skipping Along ' In the Twilight Vna'UM Wl.taar Itw authority. H. From that point, tt will be up tp the council to prove itself. It must .be given time to find Its way, of course. Any such body which has been elevated to the 1 THE nthar evenlnt at twililht fraile. turnmit e af first delicate and i 1 a,, antrhad a email eirL No technical conjecture, no perhaps eight or nine years old, aystdmatle regulation can re- mesndoring up the sidewalk. P' the tuemlal ingredient Suddenly the began to run, eucett, which Isn't found and then to hop and tkip along. to textbook, or law, but in Ufa ! It wasn't tnat the wat in a "" "wm. a. ine tpint S hurry. She skipped and hopped cooperation. 1 because her high tpiriu Impel- ' t led her. . JV1ETR0 EXPRESS. Mont- 1 She had the efferveacence of real: The Port of Montreal ; childhood and her nimble Utile it the nerve centre ot aa ha- "body permitted her these ath- mense communicationt tystem i letlc contortion!. She had no linking the Canadian aeartland I inhibitions and didn't care who to the tea4 lanet of the world. ' itw. her. She may not have Oddly enough, few Mon trader, 'recognized it but the wat, at are aware of it. ; that moment, a happy chili ! They know almott nothing of I It caused us thought. In a the fanumic activity ia t e i r ; few years this little girl would port And that's because a glim be a sophisticated young wo- wall of . warthouMa 11 milet ( man - who . wouldn't dart let long hides the harbor from the t herself be seen bopping and rest of the city. Whatever goes J skipping along tha sidewalk, on behind It is a tnystery to Then, later, the would be a most people who live here.' : dignified young matron; prob- The camouflaged, R ftJt .ably with Skipping children of part in tha dally tires of Mont- ,herew. . . :,, J , realeri. Yet, all appeal, to" -r It taade as aotnewhat nostak make the-trbor more aeeet - gic tor the - boyhood days tibia and attractive have failed. ,when we could skip.' turn So. while the pott continues ; tomerMulu and do cartwheels Its great role In the economy lust for the sheer fun of It of the city It has helped le Now even aa attempt at than make a real metropolis, tt wfll i wuum o roaiCTTjua .na tito remain a stranger to meet Dangerous. ; .- Montreaiert.

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