The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 5
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Verdun. ' - T MONDAY, AUQUSuuwii Flag Peaci Prospects Gloomy House leaders of the five prtie in tht Commons were meeting todiy with fiojnore prospect of ending the nig debate than they had last week. The suggestion of the Government that the debate be continued during extended noun only three days a week-has found no favor with the Conservative Opposition. The House is now sitting 31 hours week and, as far as the Conservative are concerned, that is sufficient unlets an effort Is being made to wind up the session in a two to three day period. They are willing to cut down the number of days of flag debate each week so that other more Important business can be dealt with, but the hours of sitting must remain as they are. Their attitude is that the debate should be postponed alto gether and the matter forgotten until public opinion la such that the Government can be sure of .firm support for Its proposal;- Youth 2,000,000th Stratford Patron STRATFORD, Ont (Special) Elliott Ward Shiry. an 18-year-old Grade 12 student of Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate, became the 2.000.000th patron a of the Stratford Festival Friday anight when he arrived to see his first play In the Festival Theatre a performance of The Country Wife." He was presented with an Invitation for two to attend all future drama productions staged In the Festival Theatre. He also received the City of Stratford's silver medallion commemorating the 400th 'anni versary of William Shake speare'a birth. WAGNER SOLICITOR-GEN.? QUEBEC CP) Judge Claude Wagner of Montreal will be named Quec's Solicitor-General today, an informed source says. The source said Judge Wagner will resign as Judge in the Court of Sessions of the Peace and will be candidate In a by election Oct 5 in the Montreal area riding of KAN EXEIOSES LIMA. Peru (Reuters) Seven countries, including the VS. will take part In military exer cises, known as Operation Ayu-j cue ho, In Peru starting Dec. It was announced Sunday. Other countries participating are Argentina. Bolivia. Colombia. Paraguay, Peru and. Venezuela. M ARRESTED . GEORGETOWN (APV-Three members of a British Guiana volunteer force that helped local police were among J people taken Into custody by British troops Sunday in connection with the killing of Six Indians at Mahaicony Friday. British Guiana authorities, s o r c e s said, ear the Mahaicony trou ble could stir up a fresh wave of -violence la this country, whose official toll now la 161 dead and 24 missing m widespread violence since last Feb ruary. . Ottawa, Hull Service Clubs Aid Handicapped Service club In the Greater Ottawa area, by providing transportation, . enabled 4,000 orphans, crippled children, aged and infirm to enjoy the Andy Williams Show at the Central Canada Exhibition last week. Clubs providing the service were: Ottawa Rotary, Ottawa Ki wi nU, South Ottawa Kjwanis, City View Kiwanis, Ottawa Lions, West Ottawa Lions, Hull Lions, Knights of Columbus Councils 1926 and 485, Ottawa Kinsmen, Order of the Moos and Hull Richelieu. prom Page One Tshombe 1borobe hopes the recapture of Albertvilie will give the de moralized Congolese Army a psychological boost in its attempt to beat back rebel forces in the northeast Congo. He re cently began recruiting white mercenaries, including som veteran of his Katanga secession, after the Congolese Army suffered a string of reverses. FELL IN JUNE Albertvilie, the main Congolese city on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika, fell under control of ebel leader Gaston Soumlalotm June. Soumlalot proclaimed a "pop ular Congolese republic" with himself As president and Al bertvilie as capital. He took over the city after Baluba war riors rose up against provincial President Jason Scndwe. hacking him and several aides to death. Soumlalot, however, abandoned the dry after the fall of the northern centre of Stanleyville to other rebel forces. All semblance of order broke down after his departure and drunken young warriors went on a ram page of killing and looting. REBEL FORCE Tshombe's announcement followed an army report that a strong rebel force was march ing on Bukavu. on the Eastern Congo border 22S mile aorta of Albertvilie. The disclosure by the army command m -Bukavu confirmed unofficial reports that rebel troops bad noi northward from Bujumbura, capital of neighboring Burundi. and the rebel held town of Uvira. 71 mile south of Buk avu. STEW TO FREEDpM WEST BERLIN (Reuters) A 22-year-old East Berlin cus tom 1 guard In full uniform stepped across the white borderline at Checkpoint Charlie Sunday night to tell West Ber lin police lie wanted to stay in tne 27 KILLED MEXICO CITY CAP) Three crashes Involving buses killed 27 person and injured 72 on Mexican highway in toe than 24 hours. Twenty-two person were killed and 57 injured Saturday when a bus plunged into a ravine near Zempoala. Five agrarian inspectors were killed Sunday when their Jeep and a bu collided and 17 per sons were injured also Sunday when two buses crashed head- on on the Toluca-Mexico City road. Achtung! Attenti! Pozorl En Avant, Marche! iAIto! Stanna! aWIKlGYbnACaaainsndotAnyUnguagel Berlitz SI Metcalfe SI C32-S3I3 Now! False Teeth Fit Beautifully I MMyarir0M Aner yarn sf fetor sdsam km -a- . t .. - Mat SkStfmrfasJdg9a ax mm. sM-lsiKiMil suns, Mlin MirHSHt CUSHION SRir-sasrio - am salt pteMs stalls at MMs Mttkimi t s Stfi swlf . (MtltMf ttJtMeVHMetit IWM fcHlWH W rMtlT saHi. Ileiah 'fc.T . CUSWOW W k ssw ts sw-sH fVS(WWv1 fir'S)-ase m stotfcr mmV ft SMS Mans. eawi Wis n im k art Ms M. awMft OISHKM -sravMn StsaWel fll-Mei amm VsaaW a) 'ammM ImltJk WJagmV g4Mgjt TRaaw H gxaj vwa pbsb asaswwa aWm, fctos ni twi s w MSI. slfSthf slMaisf . tet cuswoa M at tmtt nmut wkta U,t,i. Wktf sitrt. CUSHION efllr scaisf faties. waais aw epajass. Saw) 134.. .F sMwraat trial m JH mm mm W Mwm fMawiaCw toMaisM.ftnrt,f.ft v : v WEATHER v -v4 -t , . "tt- tajiTr r I Tvtrua l- 1 rr el),V,'V eeffwo" Lj it,., otgrr wauieuig f Im 7rV) ' '' " '' 11 V l" - - ' j , v Dominion Public Weather Office Forecast: Sunny with a few cloudy intervals today and Tuesday. Turning cooler. Winds northwesterly 13 except gusts to 23 this after- From Pate use Whaf s "We are dealing with an over all bill for some Sl.365.000.- 000." he said, and added: "I daresay you could cut a million dollars from this amount; but a million dollar from the war ap propriation bill would not be a very important matter." . "I suppos4hat Is true," said J. M. Macdonnell, then the Conservatives'' finance critic. "And yet, if I may say so, it seems -to m that -that Is an other Instance of a fact that worries me, that apparently a million dollars doe not account at all , . ." That was all there was to it It was all very, gentlemanly and reasonable. But in a few days and for months and . year after, Mr. Howe was freely quoted a hav ing said "what's a million?" DIEF RECALLS REMARK Ten years and 'nine month after that original remark, John Diefenbaker, then a lone-wolf MP for Prince Albert in the Conservative rank, remarked In debate: "I know my honorable friend Mr. Howe once said 'what'a a million?" .."That is a fiction that has been plastered all across the country." Mr. How shot back. "I em saying. R was said," Mr. Diefenbaker added. . "We all beard it." said Don ald Fleming, then the Conserva tive MP for Toronto Eglinton. "It never was saki," Mr. Howe maintained. "My honorable friend now has mad a statement and I can pin him down on thls statemenL You find the exact page of Hansard where I said that and produce it, and I will resign my seat nd go to the country." . THROW GAS BOMBS NEW YORK (AP) Bottles. bricks and gasoline bombs wi tossed from building late Sun day night a firemen battled a tenement blase on the lower East Side. No one was reported Injured by the missiles, but po lice fired four shots mto a second-floor window after three gasoline bombs were thrown. Get in on Our Fantastic Bargains In Our . y . . i ft?' - DOWNSTAiRS STORX A wMe variety af style and iotla eheoee treat. . Uaetretad are loet a Mw of the shies avail-' able, we save May, auny mere at tha fantaeue bsrcaln aa w ' downatain atoro, staea a a S. , noon. Low tonight and high Tuesday at Ottawa 55 and 70. TEMPERATURES Low last night and high Sunday at Dawson 50, 63; Vancouver -47. 62. Victoria 46. 62; Edmonton 46, 52; Prince Albert 46, 61; Regina 50. 71; Winnipeg 31, 56; Churchill 46. 55: North Bay 59, 80; Sudbury 56, 78; Windsor 61, 86; London 61, 85; Toronto 67, 80; Ottawa SV 83; Montreal 66. 83; Quebec 57, 81; Frederic-ton 56. 85: Halifax 67, 79; Charlottetown 59, 81; Chicago 64. 84; Boston 68, 81; New York 75, 89; Washington 74, 90; Jacksonville 77. 84; Denver 58, 86; Tucson 68, 03; Los Angeles 64. 73. 2 Slain The bandits then went to the back of the store, holding the employees at gunpoint, and let at their companions who started loading weapon into their auto mobile. However, a store employee sneaked out of the store and summoned Constable Georges Braieau and Regis J'ortin. The constable were met by gunfire from a bandit at the door,, re turned it, then advanced through the deep (hot, led by employees end reinforcements, MAN SHOT A nan with a loaded weapon came up a set of stairs and was shot dead. He was Mr. Finnish, who had apparently managed to evade the bandits and make bis way to the-cellar tp pick np a semi-automa tic rifle, i Meanwhile, police converged on the car m the back lane and ordered one man in the driver seat and two other to lie on the ground. ', ' Police said the officer were then met by gunfire from another bandit standing in the doorway. - The man tl wheeled and dashed out the front door with another bandit One commandeered a taxi and was still being sought by police. . The other man ran down the street with a rifle In his hand. Police said they exchanged sev eral allots with the suspect cor nered In a nearby shed. "When the suspect' rifle Jammed, he threw It out from under the (bed and cam crawl- ing out, Insp. Perron said. He had been hit In the thigh by a bullet - . .-,-.' S .1 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Frora PagrOnil t Makarios MARCHES STOPPED Som 2,000 to 3.0O0 Turks marched toward Greek and U.S. embassies in Ankara, the Turkish capital, but police stopped them with barricades. In the Aegean port of 'Izmir, firemen use'd high pressure oosef to drive back about 130 person attempting to demonstrate at the International trade fair. The demonstrations followed an appeal by Premier Ismet In- onu for an end to the rioting. As troops m battle gear pa trolled Turkey' largest cities. Interior Minister Oban Ozlrak warned that the government was ready to use force to re store order. Inonu said that while Turk had a legal right to free assem bly, there would be no secur ity if unlawful demonstrators tried to set national policy. He said Turkey's National Assem bly Is expected to convene toon to consider the Cyprus crisis. The demonstrator accused the United States, Britain, Greece, the United Arab Re public and the Soviet Union of seeking a Cyprus settlement un favorable to Turkey. RUSSIA PROTESTS The Soviet Union protested to Turkey about an attack on its navilion at the umir lair sat- udav. A half dozen pavilions were wrecked ana tooieu, m- cludina a U.S. building. In northwest Cyprus a uree. Air Force transport plane cir cled over a recent battle are f mam than an hour. ' Two Turkish Air Force Jets also made a reconnaissance pas aver the Island, Tha UN command said both flights were violations of Security Council resolutions calling tor a lessening of tension. Both sides said the flights were fiir non-aiaress ve purposes. Turkey began an Investigation lntortbe Unkmg, of a Turklsh- patrol . torpedo boat ott tne northwest coast vyp urday. Rumors circulated It might nave been sunk by enemy action. Us eight-man crew was rescued. Reuther Quells Revolt, Starts Bargaining Again nirmniT (AM Walter P Reuther, United Auto Worker president was to lace ms lam-ni.r faaa todav after apparently quelling brief but stormy re volt wHbra US unwns hum. Santta waa act to nut m an other personal appearance at the bargaining .taoie as uw UAW and Chrysler Corp. con-iin.iMt ffnrta to hammer out a new and pattern-aettlnion- r.trrnt nacts with Chrysler and General Motors and Ford. originally scheduled to expire today, have been extenuca un til Sept t. NEW MODEL CLEVELAND The first coalburnlng gas turbine locomotive modal m the U.S. was con structed during 1950. cU-OQAV.U(n0LiDS She? Tsssdaj and Ef ery Day This Week 9 to 6, Friday 9 to 9 Udtaf Woi and Bilk Mtxturt CARDIGANS. , 12.98 Import!. A lovely HsMwaifM areujaa wttki tulty faaMeae Ion m ma, neat nttlna ttaltaa collar aa a kaauUral chelae el ahaa . . Ittaa. aqua, UM si nil, seak. royal, yeUow, Mue. SMS M 0 4. STftJCIT FLOOR Ladies' Suporsort Mykm GLOVES Shorty sM with aood looktiw Mil detail on eufli Quick drjtna. one im nia au iot neater in. Gold. red. Meek, brown. while, bone, forest areen- t DOWNSTAIRS STORX LADIES' , HANDBAGS 2-99 -3.99 Fall's smart atytee and eotora Kmr tnmpnnlvs hand bar Men beautifully with your now coat or suit. SlmuUtad leather an tapeMrr. Red. bona. navy. Mack and S-looo. DOWNSTAIRS TORX $ 1 Jor Back-to-School! BOYS' FOOTWEAR v Regular 4.65 pr. 297 ; (y downtown H'l Caplan's . . . Ridtav St. . . Daily 9 to 4 . . . Friday f to 91 ulooriaed as eaeon elae an all. Pun tmice Loaiuntiii. Ottawa , ae 'r tnnl of poaUae la eaeni i wm TUES., VED TIIORS SEPT. 1, 2 and 3 6 Tfl 9 P.M. YOU ;CAN 'OWN A 4-BEDR00r.l-l12 BATHROOM-ALL ELECTRIC FULLY LANDSCAPED BVASSALY ome and JOHANNSEN IN 'filERROOD PflBK ran a niu doivii pavoeiit of Including Lrfal Fee AND A FULL r.TOHTIILY PAYMENT OF Including Principal, Interest and Taxes I - - SSUf ' , oM Mat tui , ihuimW; --eS .....: naiia special HI :6peniG: aajanweaasaanw - - J , s " fan. KM Ml mm GLENW000 PARK b located on tha Aylmar Road. utt 3 riIIh west of tha Chsmpl.ln Errdgo.J,ff:trt SAUS OFFICE: Miom 684-S361 'Opaa 1 to 9 tjn. Waakday 1 to 6 bja. Waekendi : THIS IS NO GimCK! See This Outstanding Home Value This Tues., Wed. Thurs. 6P.n.to9P.n. n

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