The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
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IT Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,709 VOL 16 NO 143 CON'NELLSVILLB PA- SATURDAY EVEMNG APRIL 27 191S TEN PiGES fflNDENBDRG CHECKED ALONG THE LINE; FRENCH WIN NEAR MOUNT KEMMEL COUNTY ROAD BILL ST. JOHN'S CHURCH IN 1917 $273,369, STARTS FUND FOR BRIDGES, $38,095 NEW BUILDINGS OVER THE MILLION MARK Figures A i e Set JFortn m First School House and oment -Annual Report ot County | to Bo Lrot«d on West OVER THERE SOLDIER Engineer. | Side I*roperty FULLY APPRECIATES r ierce Struggle Progressing for the Recov- DUNBAR PASTOR AT ery of the Key to Ypres Salient; Hun- FUG PRESENTATION dreds of Prisoners Taken by the British | URGESBUYINGBONDS South of Ypres in Drive on Front ofi Two Miles. MUCH IS ACCOMPLISHED FUND CANVASS IS BEGUN MOTHER, SAYS INKS Combination ot fattens Can feat a Lnlted Vmcrica, Sars lathtr Brennoo. A handsome American flag the Total or 0.02 Tulles of Road Compl »t«rf and a Great Deal JOoue in Liu of Ujuntcnunct an.l lt*pflirs, l-4 ISridgti. Lnder Control ot Count} Complete and corrprehensue figures on the cost of new construction re , pai-s to and maintenance of public tccommodafions lor School in the Basement of thi Ihnrcli Haie for l u n g j i m t jBera Inadcijnate, ParsiMntrt VI III Ik Itcraodelid TOHTFUL LOSSES ARE INFLICTED ON HUNS By Associated Press LONDON April 27--Continuing their counter attack on he front east of ^nnens the allies have gained further advances n the Hangard-Villers-Bretonneux region it is announced offi- aalry The French ha\e recaptured positions from Locre to La Jlyttee m Flanders west of Alount Kemmel The fighting on the Flanders fi ont north of the Lvs ery severe The enemj advance wis held at all points Heavy i osses "were inflicted on the Germans The Germans made a heavy attack on the front south of j r r.res. There was A. long battle for "Voormevelle two miles ( outh of Ypres which the Bntish retained, taking hundreds of. ifternoon Ihe presentation TV a, made b Mr Cray after the school children had sung Columbia Itey P J Brennan pastor of SL Aloyaius of A tornej James R. Cra 3 o£ LnJon roads a n d bnd t«* b ^ **yetu, c c u n t j town was presented to St AlojsiuB 1 , d u r Q B thc ^ ar 1J17 are eon alnod Parocbjai schoo at Busbar .esterday I m the first ""*"** re P° rL ° c tjje coim 1t rOc-d and bridge engineer John T Gepbar J r which appears eise w h e r e iu The Coi rfer toda} The report shows thit d u r i n g tbe year the grand total of $273 360 06 vis expended in tbe road department and ?3#Q958J in the bridge depart ment Ijnder the head of roads the report tows that dujrtng the jear contracts j fo'- 9 02 miles of permanent road were j completed in addition to other work | done on uncompleted contracts and i that li 48 miles of road were repaired and maintained the grea er portion o r nan said in part We d en 1 it a rare honor to accep this great flag in tie name of the school Two view points occur to us was m accepting the flag First the char acter of the man who presents it Second--Sacrificial pa not ism it svmbolizes A timelv lesson fa*- all people but p*jpec allv lho c e of plastic cchool age is "to vjr-w the record of a self rnade man Behold him todav Dunbar s dis tinguisbed son Proud are w e to call hfm oar ^nend a leading Jight imong FBE3SCH BBIIAK tP DRIVE TOWARD A3nES. PAKIS, April 2 7 -- A German attack near Thennes on the j many luminaries of legal lore m great rout southeast of Amiens was broken up last night the -war 1F:aTecto countv .gnu ·ffice announces. Artillery fighting continues on the rront be- A " he made »«·*«* _ to win ^ £ °icom ween VTUers-Bretomieux and Hangard The statement follows v this W O T K being done b prison, a i d fitnplovpd labor thoi g!i ionic was done under contract: Vccordm b to the report a total ot. 4-5 "0 miles of road has been con slructed by the county s uce the per In c t l t . b r a i o n of us 25th an*mer c ir St Jobtii Slav ^\ Romai Caiho lie chu ch OD P West Vide w 11 e ect a ntv bclioo o n v t it for th^ =is ttrs anr 1 -lso remolel tbe pirisL house l u r s u i n o this plan commit t f c s of tlit- confL^atioi y L s t c i o i j iUrted L Lanvass for f u n d s to ftmnce the project. \ \ i t h o u t ruuch cfort ihe sun of ?1 1 i v,db raised as a start The ·ucommoditions £or school p ir poses arc inadequate C lasses ire held in tbe bast m e n t of he church -Tli s is unst isfact,orv I or sr me Urn* 1 Lheie )m ! rn UHLLT consid ration a pla t n tall sisters .is, Uaci er« an i the tinip is now to launch thr nrojec 17 ere i church posed The pa tsh house will remain where ib :n ( rawford avenue and r h e school and bome fo*- UK bisters w i l l be erected in the iear Rev M Tusek pastor of the church start* d the fund b j ». contribution of iMntl! (n Lomradc at ft hose Funeral lie Vi^ ittarer ( a u « i s J o«il BOT to rhmk !etplv A most i n t o est nj, letter %as re? reived by .Lrnest Kaoscr from nis f r k n d Sara I Iks of tbe 'GUi Jin O ineer Coupinj E now doiut, an rnpo voi c on lie Frcnc K fror Jnkb b a son of C I Ink.s canonter ortiudi foi ihe Ba imo ( £ Gino ^.nd v tis for m ri e m j lovpa Lv tne \*t ^^i F r n n luiil vavs compdm His etier was winten on A p n l S aiH was n ceii e l b\ ^lr Kooser t b e morning of tt'e _ tli LxLracts of oterest follow I am no longer ^ ttb tbe mam compim Ten of us art awa on de tacjied faerMtt and I 11 **av w e are do iaj, bOTie T\oik Seven dayb a v,(.ck ow and ni"L inurs a daj Of cours hat v i i l all help -win UJP w a r I sure j ) am a ( iffe'-enL bov froui v.hen you dv. me lasw Heavier and bpve Uiit to be n p e i o u l door look °" m-l face a " l r " k l r d ! aj]d b r o w n and best of all I hai c Good Reports Are Heard From Juvenile Liberty Bond Canvassers. ENDS ON SATURDAY NIGHT Clock fil! Sfandv, al 600, But the iotal is Largrer ;EFKAL R vu IPS ' «rnpa((rn ipflin »JlI ho I imrrf IyM t h c ( o m i r i Iis(ri((s 1hor( in UI ( asi 1 ** !hp Kpsponsc tx Vppeal to Bnr BflTiK Has neon len I ilx-nL Although no figure were g ven LO- daj to md cite the progrpis of i e Ubert l^oan omrAitn here Uie li M. C O" mued w nrabatsd p-e^sn^e is imp ^ space on the p CMint l nevor f e l t so ^^ a TM l i f c r o i n d b for the buili'ings p o 'i u ire raising sometbing "Dunng the night the artillerv battle was continued along he front between. Villers-Bretonneux and Hangard There was 10 change in the situation The Germans attacked our defenses n the line of the railroad west of Thennes but were not able o approach our positions "We earned out successful raids in the region of the Oise auxl, near Loirre, and northeast of Carnillet and took a nmn- *r of prisoners "The artillery fighting was rather severe on the right bank f the Meuse." does this nag today speak; of sacn | der comracu flcial p-itnotism Its color"; are red | jy^png j, e white and bine Tbe red symbolizes ^^ , rnm ft of » u i c h 34^7 miles have been omp [ 6lc j a^ 10^3 m [[ os j s st ill un completed lo the warm, red blood pulsating in the w h l c h the report $hows lo true patriotic heart w i l i n g t be to die that man ma he free. need The CASCJJLTEES COKFAJRiTn"EI,r SJL1LL. LONDON, Apnl 27--Casualties m je British ranks reported this week 1S^9 The losses were di. toHows or died of TuroDds--Officers 0*; men, 2,661. or rofesiDg--Officers, Dccptte the h««nT flirting lor more ·»*·· » month past the B-itish cas- altiee reported are only now begin- ing to approach the 1 gh figures for 'e«k after week last vear when the *nt38b. were on. the of easrve on the restern tront. TTCLL PCBT3SH A3CEKIC45 PBBO\EK UST Vpnl 27--A Berlin ispatch says that the names of the 53 j^ncricans whom the Germans re- ort thty captured m iast Saturday's attle it Siecheprey it the SL Mihiei SCOTTDALE BOYS fr)RFT." 3MAS ARE SUMMONED Dinner for Them and Camp tw 3e- lectorca Mffl Jie Glim This ZT- ening at T. M. C. A. Spec! il to Tb« Co«rt«r SCOTTD4LE Apnl 27--The call ia out from Local Board No 7 of Westmoreland coun'y *or men to be -,ent to Fort Thomas N-eis-port Kentucky from Scottdale next Thursday afternoon The men are a.s follows Scottdale--James Sinknle Ray Ken cell William G Shorter Bryan Ken Myer I nel John Herman Po-terfleld N orns Samael D Dull Roy I Ben ford John Charies Bloom F-ed Coihns and John V Greene Mount Pleasant--Albart J Gorctsky and John "iokiel Ta-r--George Jicob Mmstor white typifies purity of life and stain less citizenship -which ought to char . actenie the people living under Its CoMs The blue teaches hope that cost This is a brick surface oa concrete foundation, Ue leaeth being genuine A-nerican is God and hopis for belicvrr In ltlf future Hfe be- n|^ t Q n ^^ TO -^ Crom ^ stone bridge si o r t t c c j t} to pennsville the re- port 5 h OWb expenditures of $11 61S. Georg^ Hovantc J100 John Koc c^ 57a \I cbael Barisda ?7 D A C Her Kick, 5100 Jacob Soltis $100 John 1133 Jmlter J"5 John Vfedorostek $oC Stadcr }150 Rov J T Bjrns ?200 Prjce "rinung conpany $2o Ira Moon 5M Fred Munk, ?10 J B Mlt heredT J2 r O Mttteredor ?10 John Philli] "i f j Ilei D Zubrut^ lo ihe nanks The b g clock s i l l " d c ates that $306 GOr was the las u u a l made Cut of o w n district^ ^re tu nmg n soi e moioj nd the "^T ^cnutB stable r* thnr f^nve todav ·ft !uc' ^ ill la'ii up until 9 o clocl- next Sa urdaj nignt The bors expect to ha"ve a good total to "eport to nipht Some reports were current ton if (hit the scouts could no take sub sc nptmns o% r ?^0 \ vcnut can how e^ er ake anv amount a ^ oM;ri icr great o\cr here Of cou~be there ifa chance of i ver r ^ t u m i ig but if er the first bcar^ jou don VOT "\ou jusi fii; u e Whj WOTV If \on got kilicd vou gt killed "i ou mast die some da I never worr-. on that score I just Jink i I get back iomc day I ave bu"i n a t ght hole once aid i"ic out on top so that adds conn dence One of m. comrades died not so wlshes to s1 ^ ^ ~ e h m s ^ a ' long age and 1 was selected as a rill su PP lled w «h scout Mih=-np ioi beirer He had a wooden casket and lllankB Some of Ihcni « ere out eirlr Ihis mornin^ selling bonds to men on yond the Sacrlfirc is written aD{ j " being OTI!J parually corn- Other roaxls In this localitr | expenditu es there'or are I ] t ! K Crowd VT11 SENDOFF FOR DRAFTEES in (*Tery fl hre of that flag "VYe are ConnclLsvIlo township Broad Ford fighting because we believe that not 4^4 j^ $S -KXi 11 Upper Tyrone onl one nation hut all nations harp tovvnship Ovrensdale 1044" feet ?U a ngrht to bt free and to govern them-! 453 ^ lunbar toft-n-sbip LLisenrmg sehes No J 11 S60 feet ?5.2ol^7 'How shall we make our patriotism i por maimcaance the following practical 7 Today Is Liberty Loan sums wero e^cpeaded in t^Ji Js r t ot Day Meed one urge \ou to provide the county the sinows of war for our brave boys Them On" Hero who have-given their all to fight our Connellsvllle-Broad Ford road, Dppcr Tyrone township- noble camre Stand IcryaJry bj the Oirenidale road including placing foTernment. No nation or alliance of j asphalt and atont surface fcatment, can conquer this repub'ir i f ' we but be true to our fathers ideals REV. ALIM RESIGNS WHndruns From Vastoratc of "Way- nesbari? Charge a Second luno Rev J P Allison pastor of the First Christian church of "^ajnesburg for somewhat more than f o u r vears IL lias ipim tcDdpn*d hia rt^ignatio-i jbeveral months ago he renijjncd but uas prevailed upon b3 his cong"egi tion to reconsider his action His later "esignat on i^ understood to bp *ctor -ff-ill be pubhslied in the Ga- Thomas 4-rno d Quma and John Paul final i-lthough it ha not been icted ette des Artennes a uerman propa- 3-ada organ published m French bis will be done the dispatch savs ecause doubt has been expressed out The boys ·who " be sent to Can p upon by bis congregation Rev Allison -was formerlv of the Connellsville Chi Lee from fcco tdale on Sunda uf er nooa Hith a contingent I om West! succeeding Ite^ C v, idft Germany that pn^oners m such Newton and ^ abovo named 5c i ec ( locate 1 at Norlo k Va uiobers were taken Uvcs ^ j j ^ ^ a , tiar church V itson now ASUAiTI WST TOP VI C O N T U V S 103 \VMPS "WASHINGTON Apr 1 27 --The cas alty list today contained 103 names irided as follows Killed in action seren died of ac idents, four died of disease 2 rounded severelv -47 wounded sligh y 37 missing in actior 2 T^ eh e offi ers are named- Lieutenants John B ouett and Charles R Long were kill d in action $1,000 IN PRIZES or Best Sandwich Bread Baked V ith- out Using Wheat or Rye Floor;, i A hotel man now associated with j he Pood Administrat on has offered »rizes totaling $1000 for the best rheatless and ryeiess sandwich bread hat can be produced by a hotel or estauraat baker The competition is open onlj to jakers employed in tocels and restau ·ants of good standing and who are imerican. citizens Jjach co^tefttant nust oijginate and lake a 16-ounce oai and send it by sp^ial deliver} jarcel post to ^ashngton together jrith two type-wntteii copies of the ecipe and a complex description of he method of making The bread and ccipe must reach ^Vashington not ate*- than May 15 oldier dinner at j the Scottdale "ioung Meas Christian 1 Association this evening at 6 30 o clock sharp On account of he lateness in receiving tie orders for the entrainment of the Fort Thomas boys the in utations to the dinner only w e n t o u t ^ last nigh and the association is . anxious that all named be present. The local board endorses the invita tion "wbjch makes it in the nature o f a command as important matters "Will be discussed as well as the dinner j 'given bv the J adies Auxiharr of the' Y M C A | I The Scottdale Elks entertained the Scottdale draftees at a dinner \Ved- nesda evening bidding farewell to the Camp I ee boys OFF FELLOWS CELEBRATE Exercises Iferc Tomorrow Hark *)9th Vnniursury of Order Odd Fellows oE Connel sville w i l l celebrate the DO h anniversary of Odd Fellowship at a -neeting tomorrow aft ernoon at -30 o cloca. in William Me Kmlc emple m South Pit^sbu g cgbeny nv«r at Ohiopyle s reeL Rev j S Showers will be the The deta led bUtement speaker of the occas on *ouad on page Johti Danes will dc i\ei a fotii Couriei todaj minutu address The Iinpena quartet ~~~ will sing bEKlOljSLl INJUllLU I Inspectors and patxolmea cost the countv $2J8t] of which ?1181 S3 was expended on the road from Councils ville to Iron Bridge Dam.A).,t,s paid reached a iota of. $1 601 91 amout vrhich were t-c foi lowing amouats OL. he Broad Ford road Karrj Morse ?300 Jo'^n KLJ ser ?3)0 II n y Mel/gar Jlfel GG H. C, FriLk Col c coiap*iiij $87 So lialu ' more 0 ilo ila troad corapauj 5^6 86 j Pctor j u i k r vis paid ?J4 dar ^.tes to bib prup rty lont the Ow^nsdaie ~oad Ine i c p o r i on uridges sdiows heie are J54 sttic-tures ucder coun v con .roJ Lu J j, the jear 33 pli ik floo s were r t p i TLC 7 nev^ plank floods Vrtrt. ud -4 bnd 0 cb wt. e scraped will aud tbrt* s one uchta \/L e re pai td a.u L oihii minor \\oil done u.t an expense o $8152-^. ^js o^ing" done by (.uiplojei 1 ibor In audition t\pendUureo of $26 92o 9o % ei L incurred m ^ ork done u r d t r contract tli s mclud ng a b idge ! ove Galley run between Broad Tore and Oweisdale _ new floor on T r u m p '·ui bndt,t, Conne Isvillt and a new . ^oor to tbe b icige ovei the Youghi The d"^ftees to go to Canp Lee to morrow evening at G lo o dock on a spcciii train over th_ HaJti^iore 5, Ohio railroad will bo g i \ t ? r a big send off A jMridp to btart p r i m p h at 6 4 5 o clock -wi 1 form at Lhe armory and march to the railroad statlor Th« draftees of both Districts Nos 2 ind 5 will report at tbe amory to- mor-ow mo ning at 10 o clock for roll call Thi niTie of Louis Le\irson. ba? been iddcd to the hs». of draftees or deicd to report for Distrlc No 2 at wa put into an automobile ambu lanc^ and driven slowij to a cemeterv We six marched alongside w hile a priest and a few soldiers carrying a llij, ri arched ajcad. Betirnd came tae firing scjuad w th the bugler Tht cem itr wis a lialf mile or so a\v,.\ and going along the road all b ·· troops ^aluted and the F-enca troopb aKo tbe c tizen^ either stood at at l union or -emoved their lats and far uttd J veu the J-reach people m moTing -vehicles slopped the r horses and raised their *iats u n t i l we all had passed "We ir-ived at the cemetery a.nd after the preliminaries were over we owered Uie bod Then the firing squad fired 21 shots over the graie a* er that the bugler blew taps ind he i lew it so TV ell a few tears dropped from rm ees laps biowi b a their wii to wor 1 ! L p in noor iraiy of thf ·-COJIR had eolri several one hoT rpporti^K ](' siibscr ptions and ai othrr ^ix H a sr ut ells 10 hone's fo fha imn^ d!fft*ent p«r^nns he 3s in-\en T. met^il bv the po-vrrn-nent or a crossbar 'or a medn pr«~-v ousl^ iirarded I h o c i v i^. h^inir s^o ir^d h; boT 1 - on foot and or bicvcle At a mee mg held 11 Ben- Rtii last night S P Ashe and ^ S Matthews of th s eit\ siipc^^dcd n ra'si"*" *" - OoO from a smill hu entliusiastic crowd The two men returned home this morning getting in oxer the Bal- timorp Ohio ra Iroid at D o clock. The mono raised las night will go to the credi of the Ohiopvl* district in Stew-ir t ow^sh p Tfce quota absigned o Jii^ district was ?^000 Of tho amount S30 000 EXAMINING BOARD MEETS s lor rermanent Teac-bors tortilioutm to Fc In \ncrnst AL a mceUQg of the Loard oE \\ja\\ iners foi ptrma^t. u eachi "S c n fi caie htld m Creeasburg vesUrdiv afterooor it v*as decided to hold the. | oxiLLiua ions i that place on \ugus1 1 J.IH! 2 nau rn,s for 'nformaliou I conc^in ng ho cxajn nat ons should be u-itiLE 10 S G W u l H e the Wot j morels-rid conatj -ULmljtr lh( txammi {, oo ird s corroso Qf j^^h c ^. H \ r ndi*na counts S C Wallace \Vcslinorcland count ind B B Snuth of this ciU 101 Ta\ ette ountj i good bugler sterns bo nournful and I dismal I I I n t v e r £orget hau So-ne has »^eidv beon raised and the dis- poo- loi esome broken hearted good * rict TM ^rtai-a. to go over the top * Irooiher vill nevei sec hei boy again The canvassers m thit district are ma^bc the onU son she had I surely ^rking hard ard ar e grtting re*i Its I pitj btr I made me sit up and do Although the crowd at th e Bear Run, i Contmj d from race One meeting was not larpo the two local ^ mm siv ihev never saw a more en- thu^iastic gathering The meeting BURNS GERMAN EFFECTS ,^ rchheln m the Brar Run B»I»« Severs ru r a i m c ^ i r s s u ill be held tomo rov and COITJII t es for the 01' ferent places are b irg selected o da-i Par o* the men we-e choson this raornm?: and the remi -der noti fed this oftp-noon Atlornci r i "iounkm of Connp Is (·arrett iLioist-er sbrred to \ction iU J ibt-rtv JHWIII I ilh Girrett bo*^ei e county held a. J ib t Loin r i l l last nig it Vnioog hose present v\ is the I\.cv "tt-agne n to o f he Lutheran church Stone of Cerraan a rocitieb v\ere TL! it d nri (h- ^o stirred tiie mn i ter v\ ho^o parent^ were G e i m a n s tha )ie got up i the n ec n,, i s atel and declare he n u n d t d go- mt, hone ird L irnmt, e"vervtaing Gcr mar ic pobbebtrcxi ville arrt Attorney I lo-vd C» C hnr jen mng and 1 a in V h en P 1 Douche n ^rlrcs ed a Iiipc "ithenng last e o mnj; in Bryan c urch Lowe" T--ono o w n ^ l i p on tht 1 bertv ] o^p *ocd onsen at on and general wir m t ters He\ H A Baum a *^o spokp I neflv FOOI ]ike«= be se\en and eight oi Tbe Necesaj-s to t ut Milk fan ITUIH 1 pTle Tol s Tedul hxtrcmiti l a r r 0o 11 hree -veirs old Oh opvle is Liitc othei boys lie o plav ^este^dav he placed his foot n a small m Ik pa 1 of the kind tbat s niTOw At he top a.nd paraded teg" resierdav afternoon it her home abont h = hoire Bin w h e n he riea Girthing ?nit4 s b roni an Open Gas SUne i Mrs E ^V Wells of the South Side | was pamfull bu ned abou the righ ' Mi \bl( to Sit Up Earl Isye of South Conrellsville TV ho is at the Cottage State hospiptal for treatment o" a bullet T^ound is able to sit up todiv He expects to return to his home soon /iomst fleeting The Zionist Culture club w i l h o d its first mass meeting tomor ov, nigh in \laccabee ball The object of the meeting Is o create a further inter est and enlarge the work of UK club Jsadore Swetss k-'-own as the Fir ng THio Iz?y o£ Pittbburg speak university will Bed Oo" Shipment Tho number of 1 cished articles Dipped to date to the Red Cross head jttanew by the Daw son R^d Cros« ire as folJows Snrglca] compresses ^100, surgical sponges 3 49-*" hospi al shirts, 177, pajarar, suits 8 ^ash Joths, 23, towels 15-i n-ristlets fire airs, Bxdcs 103 pair*, aweatars 14S SMITHFIELD CELEBRATES LIBERTY DAY BY LARGEST PARADE IN ITS HISTORY In connection with ihe raisng of a Jmerlj of Conticl svnlle trainmaster for flag in honor of six emploves of the the Bal imore Ohio to whoir much Bait more H Ohio railroad corapan^ credit is given at Smuhfield who have entered the Acrompanvmg Supor-ntendent M service a greii rallv m tbe interest H Broughton he band aud the grbs ( ompauion of Kockivooct 31an. ^as hilled, arrt»ily tscapob Ira C Maikei o£ Rockwood was severely injured i- Jie -uuomojile acci dent ia which James TV Thomas of TrobLburg Md ost his lift on "Wed nesdaj afternoon WTii e Jiey were driving up Mai a s reut at Kockwood when hp clothing igui ed F ro-m au open ga a stove i I She was removed to ihe Cottage | State hospital for irea-iraeni of ht burns which are not cars dered sci ous , i to fret 1 himself 'n [u^ed to come off loose bucket it re- 10 cu it IHph Schools to Uccene $f2,000 i State Treasurer H M Kepha'-t | making arrantcemnts fo Lhe di«*r t t on oC ?-12000 constituting., tbe state Church of allowances to in the state the 1009 hi w h Pisior Tl^viffns Kev 1 rler has tendered his rss g nition as pa^ or of St Luke s I uth e r ui churi,h at Rockwood 10 accept a call to Grace I nglish Ldthcran D* 1 Lrlcr s rcsig with Marker at the w h e e l something happened to the steering gear and the car crashed i"to a telegraph pole It,' -- -- turned over pinning Phomis beneath rD f)T TflHTON tbe \, reck Thomas died while on his OlAUU Vafl 1 VJ1N [wai to the Cottage State hospital Thomas made 1 is home at the \£er chants hote Roclcwood nit on j u l y 1 i I tiKe effect on or about were Mahter Mechan c T R Stewart, Assistant "Vfaster Mecbanic C A. Cage ce "orce Mr Broughton spoke bnefl Other speak ers were ~\lr Gilmore, "Wooda X Ca'T and Jones of Umonto-wn Th« license. C Budd and Gertrude C Tlander of "West Newton -were grant «1 A llcenflft to wed Ii Greensburg of the Liber v Loan was he d there last evening 1 A. parade a mile long *,,,,.,,.,,..» --....... ~^~~. th° largest n the bi^torv of the place, [ami members of the offi it s aaid marched with the Balt-more £, Ohio band of Connellsnlle dmsion, plajing marnil airs During the evening girls from the Connellsvine offices sold bonds to the amoun of ?5 000 Lncreastng the total for the communi*^ -which IB a small one to $20 000 The MibBcrtbers are almost exclusively raJlroad raen and their families The loan campaign and the rall last night were under Jio dl-ectlon ot J Scott Glliaore for Onl One Gircn Hc.inng one prisoner was grven. MAN AND WIFE STRANDED HERE BY LOSS OF THEIR FUNDS RURAL CARRIER EXAM. (.ml Sfmtc Jest N i J J \e biren Here on Mav 11 Examinations for i'ie ]osiuon of rura! inaij carr er v,itt be held at the Oonne-llsvilK post ofTec on Max ] i Applicants ina\ take l e e\ammat on for niral routes to fie filed at a lat^r d i e Vihen ^acancles iia-\ occur The applicauon^ -will be open to bo en me-: ind women ^ormerlv on!v men were permitted to take the ex animation bin since the w a r bega" the cinl seiv ce cunm ss on m ac cordance wi h the request of the post office depar m t rts oeeu admit ing ^omen to the te-ls on tl e same con ditions is lie men Fvimmations will also be bcld at Dunbar and Daw Trank Houska and his wife of near j hearing this morrmg being arrested Berlin were the hippies! persons yesterdav for dnmkeroiebs discharged party from ConneUsville vrere brought home in 13 automobiles provided bv the people of Smithneld The men who have entered the ser vice are Fleming Field Cecil Clern- mer, William Boord ^ ilham Foye N R Preece and G W SUllwagou. Th* flag was donated bv mnroad men, /" Probably occasional rains tonight and Sunday is the noon weather forecast for 'Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1918 1917 Maximum . 65 67 Minimum ^ n 43 Mean --58 5a The Tough river Cell during the night from 3 40 feot to 3 30 feet ^h n it would cost them to go to the cit consult he physician and re- He wai Conncllsville jeste daj afte-noon turn. The toul reached ?22 Super Tbf couple on their wa} to Pittsburg mtendent Broughton tlien had i chtk lost a pocketbook. con alnmg ?33.29 for ihat amount cashed for them and and will out an fundb got off he train here Tfoej were badl} broken up over their loss which rreant niuch to ihem and aron«ed the attention of Baltimore . Ohio employes at the station Hearing of their plight Snpenn saw them board thi. 2 o clock train for the n t j Houska and Ins v, ife . l n a l ent erpnse were o\erjoved at the a d the superin endent had guen tl em The lost pocketbooV could not be found This ifa onlj anojic- of the many ic s IA - n h c h Superintendent NEWSPAPERMEN Ire ot Entitled to npierreci Classification, Savs General Trcmder Pro\o";t Marshal General Cro»d»r has issued an order declaring that newspaper workers ire not engaged in an industrial enterprise hence are not enl tied to deferred class fication. Bi this decision he has reiersed tie ruling of local boards which hare held tliat newspaper employes are necessary assistants m a necessan mdus- tendent M H Brougliton called couple to his office where they the B oughton has been endearirg him Tar Day Tneidav. Tuesdaj wih be pay dav on tie tough dmsion of the Pittsbnrg Lake Fne railroad paying from Pittsburg to Connclls-nlle The pay car ;e f with the enployes of the dms on will arrive at Dickerson RUB ai about Brongtiton assisted then n. figuring he comes in contact. lated their btorv Thev intended gomg | ajid tae pe-sons outside with whom 120 P M to Pittsours to consult a doctor "hey also had four children at home How the poclcetbook was lost they did not know Touched br their story "Hr Hip Sprained. George Hhi nbaugh cf Perryopolls, 15 snflermg from a sprained hJj FnJon Dunbar Serrlre. Lnion pat-iotlc sen Ices will b« held Sundaj eremng in the Baptist church at Dunbar

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