The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1918
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. \ P R I b 2(j 1U1S QTYTF Ol IU-/ Bran!* (Elctfea .««« -i Result P i t t s b u i g l Cincinnati 0 "iork 6 Broochn Chicago 0 St Louis 2 Boston 6 ""Ten mnn A Small But Select Lot Reduced OLTLL appreciate the fine art in these clothes: the St Louie ai Chicago Cincinnati d.t Pittsburg New York at Brooklvn Philadelphia it Ro-toG Resnlfs. Nev. \orfe 7 "Washington » Boston 6, Philadelphia 1 ClereJand 8 Detroit 4 Chreago-St Locus, rain. of the Boston Clevelaad Kew York _ Detroit Philadelphia. St. Lonis _ Pet sw 714 500 500 373 335 OS'S 250 Today's Schedule, -at St. Loins. 'Washington at New To-k Boston at Philadelphia, Cleveland at Detroit. M^^ffls-sasy _M'9a«fcs,-siaai mm COAL AM) COKE PRICES IN PITTSBCRG SETByADMSTPvAHON, *U0-far Coal sat $3£0 for Cote Ttss Hulling and Housing Charges; So Cash JJs«rant. ' D, "W. Kuhn, fttel administrator Cor, the PAtsbutg district, has ;naoanced ·""'»· "~ a-sohedole of prices tor tic retail de- i ^cn filed at 65 cents a toe for bi- I Irrery of coal ana cake iroaghoui,' nimJ ions coal. 00 cents for coke and ' tlie city, boroughs and thic 1 H settled ^5 ct-nu for antn-acue, A chute ao districts oJ Alleghenj county j OTC - 14 teu long may be used for I A yard price Jor screened lump i bousing coal at regular Dnces, it is j coal ot $4 50 a ton of 2000 pounds to announced. The schedule allows ao | govern trom April 1 until September j discount for cash pavment. ' 1, was announced at the beginning ot , the present month and at the same ; _ time it was given out that teamsters great variety of authentic styles, the exclusive finishing touches you want. Flannel suits tailored with special softness; checks invisible stripes; in navy blue, green, gray, brown and mixtures. Mew cheviots, gabardines, serges, soft worsteds, Briar- cEf fes, homespuns, all made to give extreme service in wear. Choose From These Four and Many More We have pictured here four of our mo^i poputar models for Spring. Bat Chore arc more --raany more. JUBL hovr many von.II not be able to rfialrse nil you looi them ower fr vourself $15 to $45 c A.n-4T, might charge a maximum of ?1 00 ton for delivering coal m tni level dis- I tricts It TTOS announced Voril 3 tha.. 25 cents a ton would bt addx-d to the I price of coal on and alter September 1. The official list fbces the yard price and the puce of an- Heajf 5£n Diseases )l It is T nnecessary for you to soffer -with e ^zenia, Inlotches, ncgworm, rashes snd sjmlar skin troubles. A httte zemo, obctined at any drug stone for 35c, or SLOO for e3^ra larrc bottle, and promptly of coke at thracite a.. ?9 75 An adi j.on of 25 cents a ton for coke and 0 cents a ton for anthracite on and after September 1 is provided for m the scned- i nl«. Prices for delivered coke and an- easj]y app ijed and thracite in the downtow i distncts today and save all further distress, are fbced at $11.00 and 510 75 a ton np ~~ " ~ to September 1 applied will usually give instant relief from »?rhiTig torture. It cieanses and soothes tre qliin and heals quickly and effecti rely most skia diseases. Zcmn is a wonderfnl, penetrating, dis appeanrs liquid and is soothing to the most delicate skin. It is not greasy, is it TTle charge for haolhtg coal ranges all the way from Jl-25 per -on to ?2 The rates tor hoosmg Wei have If Too Are Hunting Burgnhis Read the advertising columns of The Dafly Courier. Too w PARAMOUNT THEATRE --TODAT-- ·VCBTEO PHBSEJTTS THE SCHEEN FATOETTES SltiTTOIS X BUSHMAN AND BHVEEI.T BATHE ES "BRASS CHECKS" A FEATURE IN 5 ACTS. ALSO KEYSTOKK COMEDY LOCAI FICTCBES SEE TCHE LAST TJBAPTEES LEATE-TG FOE CAJTP LEE - T 0 31 0 K E 0 TT - GOLDWTK PHSSE.VT3 EEX BEACH'S GSZLiTEST STOUT "THE AUCTION BLOCK" THE LIPE OP A MILLION' GIRLS IN AMERICA'S SMALL TOW\S AND LARGE CUTTES, FEATURIIva RUBTB DE RETMER FV 7 ACTS A GOOD CHKJSTIB COMEDT MABEL NOEMAND IN "DODGING A MILLION Lieut Wcicht Safe, J i l i r u ( ahmeia. A Place to File i;\erj Paper Everv Paper PJcd in Its Place 1 0 Per Cent Discount on All Art Metal THIS ViECK ONLY \ r THE Better Business Show You Cartaot Afford to Pass This Bj Pern Office Supply Co. 25 Morgantown Street, Bell 777. CMONTOW", PA. Tri-State 577 SOISSON THEATRE TNAT A5B TOarOBBOW "The Great White Trail" A Most Beautiful Picture of the North laud. Thrfllhig Story and Grand Glorious Scenery, i BOBBT CO^VTSIiT C02TET)Y. -- SEXT GEOKGE FESSBB'S Singers, Dancer-, and Comedians. A Griind Tluiicol irclongf. bj 12 i'copie. At This TViitrc Here-utter Are 5- and lOc. GREMVAI/PS Moonlight Maids' Company That Different Show With RUBE FERNS, The Wizard of Joy S ingin g--Dan cin g--Music--Fan. 6--Beautiful Fascinating Girls--6 SPECIAL FEATTBE PICTUBE ORPHEUS THEATRE --TODAY JLST) TOMOBKOW-- DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "KV AIMS' SOUTII" TVhfl is -Hcadin South'" Also B1I1 Weai" In Uio Gonlfdj "BILLY IS MONDAY-- Wallace Reid in ' RUIROTK JONES Remnants of 52 men Bates Giughaiis - 10 U) \ u c j l e n g t h s r t i r u l a r Sac -- R e m n a n ' b of !fa u i ' i p l j i n P f r t a l f s in w n i t f copei ai,ti n ,,'~n i , i ) i u at 19' the 3 a i d . -- R e m n a n t s ol -~ i n li p l i j i i l . d l j t P d m black v h i c e t o i i e n in I i u v \ i c r u l a r :i it vaiues ISc (lio i irl. -- R e n i n a r t s of V,- nth Plain Cliambra\ ("Jinghdjiis i n c o j i o n blue and p i n k rciru- lar :ri i a l » ( s a( !'(c l h j n r d . R e n i p a n i s of J f i - i n t h M i n a r f t ( loth in ( o p n nj.\"i Hc'-b ] i i n k grr\ t a u p r ind u h i l f roiri/i.'ir J.jf f . i l n i ^ i i f )"( tlie l a r d This WILLIAM AND MARY CABINET was selected from a field of 40 Candidates That's why yon can feel satisfied that in porchasrog the Official Laooratory Model in tins exquisite walnut case, 700 Ve secured the one most beautiful model of its period. Forty different sketches were submitted bv the conrtrv's leading designers. After careful inspection twenty five were rejected. Fifteen cabinets were then actually constructed, one from each of th° remaining sketches. Ana finally a jury selected the model picfurea Yes this meant considerable trouble and hesrw expense. But 11 s this insistence upon perfection which exp!a:n? the qi-alm of / TT^ " Th* Ph*n»trttpk totth a Semi " Pcture this e^qt.isite cabjnot in vour drawnng room, A triumph of cabn^'-Tsiking ,t s a w'onhy mediu n for the musical masterpieces it mten^ets. Ca// ai our sforr and wsocct it MU I ( O M H U S O 4 l n I N On? 1 T»I^O\ f j !H f V K T ^ I N 5 M O M " I IX)OIl Dainty Silken LINGERIE For Spang and Summer \- (/·real favoj is '-howii f i crcjx de chnc arcl w^ 1 -! abl i l k u i ' ( l c r a i H i n t - of a!! k i i tis Thi (lop i t U P H I i, bhov-ms; sonic of HIP flan - h ' i \ \ o b i \ e PI er e x h i b i t e d lid i o n \ i l l 'uid tti^n to bf e\ce; ional \ « i l i e-- f ' p d« Chun n I H i - i n l i l i "-h in ( nr,i I (Dicr'. S-IJ-, to «.'«!. -- C n p i it ( h i n i uii'l U -!i ibl ' i t i n ( I i ' i i i i ' - f - . K ?2 ^0 t-i f W. --Cr»E)p di Cli IIP anil H i-!i ilili Milir 'ii'h I f n r k r ^Uf 71111; ( .LTTllt It 1 -, *1MKI hilt! --1_ 0 7 _ - m r h mtrif 1 ! iz"d r n t ' o n Damask in thoicp of nve I'ui i\ .UK! s ( n t , y ? t u m - M t r d C i M O rttruliir *1.J uiluc* ,it ( )0i ( i i f uinl. LIBERTYBONDS and Keep Them Rmipe; Libert^ Bopds and ke^Ding them is a baie [ p 11 none w a \ to save mone\ i If amboclv tells jou that I Libprfi Bonds are not s-afe re iiembci that if Libertv Ronds aren t sate then n o t h ) i-c in t b ' s world is sajp Be- cau'-e back 01 bibfrt% Bonds ar 1 the e n t i r e resources of th ·· t i m e d ^tate* even t h i n g th it is in this countrs from one end to the other even t n e \ e r \ house v o u live in 1 Buv Liheru Bonrtb and h e l p win the \\ar w h i l e jou have the chance That Means NOW CRETONNES ia Such a Wide Range of Patterns, Colors and Prices, that Persoaa! Selection Is Aa Easy Matter Thf '·'ull jnrl \ e r s a t i h n rf A-'iiencai designers io reflected in t h e various designs i l p r o aro t h e i \ o n u Toral patterns v \ i t h a ne^ chirm of unusual color stripes i in railed deeiees o! i m e m p s s designs inspired trv t h e d j E t i n c t i v e charactei of Chinese and Eg" ptian oraai ion' d a i i u \ chintzes and shadow i r i n t b smart medallions and cheeks 35 and 3h-i icb f i P ^ o n n f i 1 ; pnced a 5 , lov. as 25c 30c, 35c 40c 45c and as high as $1 30 with a ld's:e ia,nj;e of i n t e niediat^ cnces Petticoats and Bloomers --Striped Gnsjham Petticoats \ e r % s e n u e a b l e excel- len 11 ilue« at S5c | - ^triped Percale Petticoat 1 ; good quaht\ for the pnce I -i on 1 -- B U t U and figured Satee i Petticoats all s.zes e-?cel- I lent at 52 Oo and $^ 50 Coloied sateen Petticoats same . pnce I - Pi'iK and w h i t e Batibte Bloomers \erv popular at 65c -- Pink \\abhable Satin Bloomers good -value at $3 95 An Important Lot of $6.95 and $7.50 Special at An important e i r U s^i^nn spoe ! lal on i ljr,ite(' number of ladid ' and misses trimifoi' hits whicli ere^^ shopppi w 1 fine 5 both nincH j and profitable Ton arp offered t-liowo of ^mjirt models embracing l/»srhoniH, MPan" ! pokes, turban*., mu-lirooms and SflflorE. Practically o\er^ ^ T t t c d ptapc i and Eood coloi s ixprc'.enied Tnke luhantaRc ot thlh sarine of ?1.8S to $2^0 on I'forj- pnrcliasc. S-P-E-C-I-A-L-S-I Bei\-acre Slice « f u l l size regjilai S l i d \alucs --,!d incli. Blui T )ird Mull, -i h i a n f i m l sheer Nainsook, ^ r ( c · Hilly pmcd at iSc tbe Mlrd \ i t u i l h worth Kit --50 v i r d s cicam and nor\ Curiain Nets 3i to (o wcbis w J f » in \drious preto designs OM- POIKT1I OF1- M VRKLD PRK r. --15x30 inch litrastitchwl embroidered Pillow I ases I rnil-flf- tbc-jjoom Mn^lin, rDinlar Sl^"0 values at S9c the njir. -- 12\3G mcb Lnipire Pillow Lases sec.ondb of Moha-aX rtcii- lOc values at Ue -- 72x10 inch Secnntj She»is, extra h e a \ weiaht, nirulnr ·?l.iO Thl"»s at i?:L26. Pocket Note for Women NEW HANDKERCHIEFS A» tlicv are jast unboxtd \ o u w i l l know tL laniik'r^'iufi ai c Eiesh iiowy and daint} And tLe ^rc amos in ich in rcqi p oo Initialed liandterchKjs of sbpc- l i n e n with tmv bfins and at D-aeuv' 3 letierB, 2oc and 35c each. One corner embroidered Inm 1 !* r.hie(s mon 25C. :!"c and "iOr- popi ar Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them.

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