The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 12, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1935. THE DAILY COURIER, CONXELLSVILLE, P \. PAGE FIVE. Indiana's Gretna Greens Closed by Court Ruling By United Press INDIANAPOLIS; ind, Jan Indiana s famed "Gretna Greens, featuring a 24-lioui service .is a haven ofi out-of-stntc touplcb seeking quick and easy marriage, were closed today by a ruling of the fatjtc Supreme Court The high tribunal, m a sharply worded decision, upheld the consti- . - H I S T O R I C A L CARAVAN DUE N E X T W E E K MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 12 -Pleasant committee in tutionality of a law passed in 1852,, Tho M(nml ^ ^^ _ _ prodding that marriage peitniU. be | ch of arrangcments for entcr . issued only by the "clerk of thc| t a l m n R , hc Northwcsl Terntory county where the fem.ile resides caravim mot at Ramsay High School It was a death blow to the pros- on Mondav evenlng to complete its perous matuuse mills of Ciown plans The caravan W]JI bo mct a! Point, Valparaiso, Auburn, South , lt comcs mto Mount pi casim The Bc-nd and other northern and east-1 R ,, ms1y Hlgh School band will escort J. cm Indiana countvseat towns wh ch j lt to thc stnool w herc a pageant w ill have grossed thousands of dollars |bc gl ^ cn on thc cvcmng ot Wednes- since neighboring states passed mere ^ ay j anualv 19. stringent mamage laws The committee requests that all The ruling held that every couu'y merchants display flags along thc clerk who issued a marriage license to a non-resident woman v'Mated a law which "still is in effect ' The court urged strict enforcement of the law, which makes the clerks hablc for a judgment to be turned o\er to the state school fund Adherence to thc statute, thc court said, will place marriage regulations on plane. a higher loute, which will include Mam street and Eagle street The 48 tncmbei: of the caravan will be quartered in State Armory the nights they remain in town Animals are to be stabled at Click's, west of town Invitations will be issued to schools in surrounding towns and school disliicts to inspect the party The ruling made no mention of the j Programs ot thc pccform \ncc w ill thousands of pievious marrt igcs m- t be printed. \olvmg non-resident couples and Thc caiman is due to arrive m made no attempt to determine their legal status "If it is the public policy that the hccrse can only be issued to female Mount Pleasant from Somerset at 2 o clock m thc afternoon Tho o\ team and Concstoga w agon carman is reel eating the trek of icsidcnts of thc state in thc county the original part} of pioneers from in which thej lue why is it not just Massachusetts to settle thc,North- important ou gioundb of public policy that u license snail not be issued to a non-iesident female""' the court asked "The x'eiy fact that thousands of couples during the last few months have ben rushing to Lake count}, Indiana, from Cook county (Chicago), Illinois, and other states to \scsl territor} The pageant to be presented is the same a* that gixcn in New York City when the cara\ an v. as there Birth at Hospital. A son was born to Mi and Mrs Joseph Bihk, of Hecla, at the Fnck Mc-nonal Hospital at 10 10 o'clock Tuesday morning Both mother and a\oid the marriage regulations there, son are Retting along mcel} shows conclusively the wisdom of! Guild Has Promm. thc Indiana law Thc Otterbcin Guild of thc United Will Windsors Lease This California Mansion? Beautiful homo of Leon F. Douglas* at Monlo Park Snn Blatco countj, CoJlfornln Will Uic Duke ind Duchess o£ Windsor lease Oils beautiful mansion owned by Leon F. Douglass, In- \cntor nnd scientist, U Menlo Park San Mates county, California? Such Is the rumor --Central Presi State Takes Over 53 Miles Of Roads, Streets in County Under New Omnibus Measure HARR1SBURG, Jan. 12 -- The State Highway Department has taken o\ cr 53 9 miles of tow nship, borough and city roads and sti^cls, relieving of tlie maintenance 2 GOO inlcs uas di- thosc districts cost Transfci of Catalogs as bchoolbook5. DENVER, Jan U--Mail order catalogs 01 e on tnc reading list of some castcin Coloiado schools, Virgil M. Rogers, superintendent of schools at Boulder. Colo , reports "I am Judge Carr Heads County Prison Boanl UN1ONTOWN, Jan 12--Judge W Russell Cair was e-lectcd president of the Faycttc County Piison Board Saturday to Dumb.auld District Attorney James A succeed Judge H. S. Rcilly was reclectcd as secretary The board \otcd to retain all present oflcers and personnel of the county jail \vhile Andrew Richie, appointed to serve as turnkey several mental readers ' Rogers savs. "One of the CM!S in the ( BrctMen Church mct Monday e\c- country today is the loose marriage and divorce laws,"thc opinion said Thc couits decision icsultcd from n test case fiom Giown Point wherc ning with 24 members present Ai- rangcroents wore made for a,co\ercd dish suppci nl the frcbiuar% meeting and Miss Faith Queer was appointed Cucuit Judge T J Suliuan issued chairman an order restraining Lake County I u j hc ' op ' cI /° r " 1C cve ?'" ff , " as " , CleA George M. Sweigert fron is- · u " Thc I , H.ith Commanded Me =sj=^? 'JZL?TM* -pt srsr^ssu waTsr' residents of thc county Sivcigcrt appealed" on grounds the law did not specifically mention out- o£-statc residents Thc court said thc 1852 statute originally was p.isscd to prevent hasty and seuct marriages which it said "often were entered into ill-ad\ iscdly and to the The topic had to do with rural life thc earlier dajs and the present Thc program included dialogue, '"Rural Life Now and Then," E\elyn and Daphne Boyer: "Migrant Child." laithe Queen' monologue, on the "Migrant Child," Mary Jane Noss An imprcssac candlelight service great harm ot the mainage relations | for {he rcccpllon of ncw mcmb crs which the state has an interest in w1 , m ch!lrK: , ot the O mccrs New upholding " Legal authorities said thc decision would mean permanent closing of the "Greens," made notorious by "g:n weddings," runaway couples and midnight \entures in matrimony. County clerks contorted said they would abide by thc ruling Gertrude Bennett, 17-year-old daughter of a Ford Motor Company executiv e, and her university sxvect- membcrs are Betty Brown, Florence Boyer, Ruth Hart and Louise Mul- 1m Tlie hostesses for the c\cmng were Feme and June Long and Shcrre Washabau Bank Directors Named At the annual stockholders meeting of thc Mount Pleasant State Bank, held Tuesday afternoon, the following directors, all reclectcd. heart, Russell Hughes, 22, were! were named James A Cowan Dr married at Auburn, Ind , in tin elope- J R Madden, Paul J Doncaster, F Mich, last C Painter Chailes F Stoner, W S Lecper and John K. Fox They will ment from Ypsilarti, week. Ruth Etting, stage and screen blues I organize at the directors meeting to- singer testified m her divorce hear- day. ing several week- ago that her | - marriage to a theatrical agent took place at Crown Point Faults of Drivers Claimed 845 Lives In State Last Year Publicllj Costs Kappcd. WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 -- The House Appropriations Committee declared there was room for further "substantial reduction" in Government publicity expenditures. Unauthorized Strike Ends By CJnltcdVrcss PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 12--Driving faults of motorists took a toll in Pennsylvania of 845 lives and 17,428 injuries, a survey- by the Keystone Automobile Club show- Accidents labeled "no blame" nade up thc balance of thc total of 2,141 deaths and -IS,163 injuries in Pennsylvania during the year, the club found Speeding by motorists killed 394 penons and injured 7,812 while inattention of dmers took 445 lives and in;urcd 8,307. Among accidents attributed to pedestrians, 212 were killed and 2 512 injured trying to cross streets between intersections D A N G E R O U S It is dangerous to sell a SUBSTITUTE for 666 just to make three or fcur cents more. Customers arc jour best assets; lose them and you Jose your business. CG6 is north ihrce or foui times ns much as a ^SUBSTITUTE--Advertisement. GET AHEAD IN 19381 Pay ojj ALL your old ^ bilhwitbaPersonalLoan! Then jou'll have only ONE 4 place to pay instead of many. You need only ONE A thing to gel a loan here --the ability to repay small, «e- , tilar amounts on any loan TM plan you telect. Your ptr- tonal business " privatelf j bandied. FREE BooLlcl Come 10 or phone 1 ^ Smt LOMS * n f3CO All ?!aal 4 P E R S O N A L FINANCE CO. jXUiU^j Over McCrory 3 j\»l*l W. Crawford A\e 4 \]£i/ Phone M ConncllsMllc Xour Unseen rricnt! \WAS, Saturday 8 P M GREENSBURG, thorized strike of Jan. 12 --Unau- 500 miners cm- ployed at No. 20 mine of Jamison Coal Coke Company near Pleasant Unity has been ended uith the men returning to work. reeled b ihr 1917 Legislature and thus increased the State highuny i Uic mail order catalogs n\ s-upple- system to «i of more tlnn 40,000 miles Under proMsions of tn- omnibus bill fi\c pti cint of .ill ro ids in each I countj a t e tjkcn ovt-r told tint some school districts h ivc , months aRO durlI1R thc ,,,,,,,., ,o few book, th-it they tune to uscl b c rcta!ncd untll March lf members Siupclj ' Fxlubll A * SAN HlAKCLbCO Aug 12--In 1 C50.000 d im igc uit resulting from snid The president will Appoint inspection ,tnd purch is ng commi'tees soon 113J [ CUT I in ll) Delivered. SAI fcM O ( .Im 12 --A letter Trinily Lutheran Board Organizes; of the oITicia! txnrd foi Trinttv Luthcnn Church at Monda night's meeting resulted ni fol- lov.s President of council, e\-ofHcjo, Dr William H He-trick Vice-president Daniel Dunr Recording scccrct iry, Kobert L Werner. Treasurer, F R F iOlo Fin met il :ecr tiry, D t v i d Richoy The chTirmnn npfiointtci thc (ol- lowmc tmmittce 1 - Fimnco--F J DcChnmbciu Divid Richey, E B Ximmtrm.m and E H Floto Propert--S imucl Bilslev Fnnk Dai-is and J L Tries Fijol and li^ht--Edv, ird Bner, John Snvdtr and Albert Young MUMC--Dr II C Hoffimn Roy O ClnbnuRji *ind Robert I- Werner Sicrament--D miol Dune, Melvm Keller ,md E R Kioto Ushers--F J DcChnmbeju Da\ id Richty and John Snvder bite by in frnsh.h liuUdn n Miss | m u l e d August 20, 1031 it Cnnc, Loirnmc UIcuclln was obliged t o f Oie , hi* b i i n deii\ertd lo introduce · r i t h ' i shi court PJ ' L\hibit A f h fi in !J.ino\cr ot S lem after being for- j warded fioin Iri iho Two Fayette Have Licei S C O T T D A L E BANK NAMES O F F I C E R S SCOTTDALE, Jan 12 --At the annual stockholdei s' meeting of the First National Bank held Tuesday afternoon, the following directors were all icclectcd Charles H. Louckb, Chailcs II Eichcr, Geoige K Brcnncn, H Vmton Ovcrholt, Dr V P Pisul i, Clay F Lynch, W. W Seaman, Lyrnin r Stonei and Frank D Rush. Officers chosen were Piesident, Chulcs H Loucks, vice-president, Lyman F Stonei, cashiei Eldm G Daugheity, assistant cashier, Philip C, Iheibeit, tranager of securities department, Ernest Ovcrholt Coal Company Elects. The Lincoln Coal and Coke Comp my, at its annu il meeting held on Tuesday afternoon, elected the following directors B I" Keis-tcr, Donald C Keistot, H Vmton Overholt, Fcnton O. Kcistcr and H. C. Dcflcn- bough. The officers- chosen were Picsi- dcnt, B F Keister, vice-president, Donald C Keister, secretary and treasurer, H C Deffcnbaugh; assistant treasurer, Fenton O. Keister, and assistant secretary, William H Simons. Book Club Meets The Book Club nut Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs J. T Strick- Icr in Mulberry and Chestnut streets The club departed from its regular policy and had as its subject "Sociology" Miss Ada Vance discussed the cduc uional department of the Works Pi ogress Administration Miss Mai/ Dojlc talked on the National Youth Administration. MJSS Mary Walker of the Homesteads talked on the Resettlement Admims- ti ation Firemen's Memorial The Scottdnle Volunteer Fire Dep n t m e n t w i l l hold its annual memorial services nl the Methodist Episcopal Church on Sunday evening, with Rev. J E Lutz delivering Motorists ise Revoked UNION!OWN, Jdii 12--Licenses of t\io F.iycttc county motorists were ievoked and those ot nine others w.dc suspended, according to the announcement made Tuesday morning by the Pennsylvania Motor Police, following the returns on loco! dcp.u tmental hearings. Failing to stop at the scene of an .icudcnt were the charges on which the licenses of John Fcrens, Jr., of Connellsvlllc, and Clyde Farrier of Masontown were revoked. Various charges are given for the suspensions of the cards of the other opeiators. John L. Richnafsky, of Hcpublic, lost his cards for as the outgrowth of a reckless driving count. John Promok of Dearth, B D. 4, New Salem, and John Lucas, Grindstone, likewise uas relieved of his privileges because of diiving m a reckless manner. V'hcn Mike Westur, Isabella; Charles L Evans, 510 East Crawford avenue, Conncllsvjlle, and James Sanner of Conncllsvillc, K. D., failed to appojr at departmental hearings their licenses were lifted Misstatement o£ facts was given for the reason for the suspension of Robert H Frusts, New Salem, E. D. 1, cird. When Charles C Kelley o£ Fairchance was unable to furnish proof of his financial responsibility, his license was lifted the sermon The firemen will meet at the borough building at 7 o'clock. and march to the church in a body. Fhilathca Class Dines. A covered-dish dinner was held in the Baptist Church on Tuesday evening by the Senior Pfulathea Clars of the Sunday school, when dime calenders were brought in, and announcement was made of the "Mystery Sisters" A small gift was brought to the dinner for each "Philathca Sister." Church of Christ Meeting:. The annual meeting of the Church of Christ \\ill be held tonight at the church home A program has been planned nnd refreshments will be served Not only members, but those persons thinking about becoming members, are invited. Somerset (o Hear Appeal* SOMERStf, J.m 12 -- Count} commissioners uill sit at the court- bouse on Jinuary 18, 19 and 20 to hear appeals on taxable \aluation for 1938 on the pirt of those persons \\hose t i x i b l c property status has been changed dunng 1037. Given Stale Job HAKR1SBURG, Jan 12- -Per^on- nell change sheets clearing State fiscal offices today disclosed 72 appointments, and 12 dismissals Appointments, included Internal Affairs'--Margaret A Mcegan, Uniontown, typist, $1,140. Spec iai Prices On \\ Enjoy the Reai Fail Flavor of Famous "Heat Flo" Roasted Coffees The "heat l'l«" rousting method now iibc dm loastmg all our coffees means every coffee beau is iOO'/e i ousted both inside an dout. This guaiantees you complete, uniform, and more fully developed ilavor than ever before -- impossible with old-fashioned roasting methods. Compare the drinking qualities and IMPROVED FLAVOR of oui coffees and you'll say tlicv aie the finest you evei drank. WINCREST ASCO ACME VIK mini 3 ib 39c Ib. One of these Fine Coffees is Blended Exactly to Suit Your Taste. See it ground the way you prefer it--and try it tomorrow. *f*MMTMnyr^^ very cigarette features something. , . Chesterfield features the one thing that really counts .. .pleasure. 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