The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 7
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TUESDAY, D. H. OPPOSmON TO B. 0. CONFLICTS COHESION'S PLAN Vhleh As*J{rned B. ft. P. to Latter; Contended I). H. Cftnnot JNow Object. In the brief oL' the Baltimore Ohio Kaflroad Company to the objections Ot the leltt\mre Hudson to tho granting ot the Buffalo, lUxsheater rutsbtirg to tho Baltimore A Ohio, the .latter has taken the position Chat tho .Delaware Hudson cunnot Sustain Its objections, sin UK brief the Baltimore Ohio presents too following ar«u- luonte: "Attor, all, what is tho real situation proaontod by tho poftHlon of th« JDela- wafc Ittu'son throughout tho hoar- ing in this e aeo and by its. m*mofati- dum. It ia that having In one ,iniOthod or another throo timers asked the commission to approve the control of the Buffalo, -Rochester Wttsburg by H ·without success, tho Dels-war* Hudson naturallv does not now agree with the comptetxj plan of the commission ·with Its fourth denial ol wfaat tho Belawaro Hudson wishoa. "JjJejuuJly/ said the Baltimore Ohio brief, "U is natural that tho Itolaware Hudson should therefore «eok the conjuro up any form of argument which *eem« to lend itself to delaying action which is not in accord with its viows. But thoro must be some end to that proce-duro, and the proper stopping point should bo the date ot th-o commission's decision upon and at'optton or its complete plan with li.s assignment ot Uu Buffalo, flochcator Pittsburg tp the Baltimore £ Ohio system." Tho Baltimore Ohio brief pointed out that tho Buffalo road had ben assigned bv the commission in its plan to Iho Baltimore Ohio system, and that thoroforo tho Delaware Hudson cannot object to tho Baltimore Ohio's application to acquiro control of the Buffalo, Rochester Plfclsburg, In accordance with Iho plan or, "In other words, to object to th« commission's plan itself collaterally." "In. reality tho Delaware Hudson for an allocation of th-es Buffalo, Rochester fc IHttaburg differing from that asked m tho ponding application and differing from that provided fo-r In tho cominiBaion's complete plan. H asks that tho Buffalo, Rochester 1'lttabu.rg be assigned, oither to the Delaware Hudson, or to some other wystem oE lallroads spon.sored by tho Delaware t- Hudson on the composition of whic.h that company's vie AH B have carried from time to time but ·which sy'Sti-m in any event will conflict with, the comialsslon'a complete plan. "This Is the real position of ( the [Delaware Hudson, as is omphasixed mot only bf tho fact that It made a offer tor the Buffalo, Rochester PittHbur? stodc now u tutor contract ·with the Baltimore Ohio, but also by the fact that it ask* a dismissal of the pending application upon the premise that sometime tho Delaware Hudson may bo able to Hhow that some other allocation of the Buffalo, Ttoch- cater fc PHisburg Is desirable, "Bearing in mind the essential nature of thf' 'objections' offered by tho Delaware A Hudson in the approval if tho ponding applications oC tho Baltimore- Ohio," continued the brief, "wo believe that the Delaware . Hudson Is foreclosed from its at- t a c k upon the pending application. Kor such ,atnck, in reality, is t,n attack upon the commission's complete j3nn, and the statute under which it Us iidoptod Itself states tho procedure lor Its modification." "The commission's complete plan unquestionably is the gui3e to which tbe commission may and nrust turn in connection with proceedings having telatton to H. As the commission has iu numeroufs instances recogni/xxl, it wat dilllenlt to permanently allocate important roads in advance o£ such tt compete plan tot otherwise the' accomplishment of tho plan when agreed upon in tlj-o public interest might become impossible. Conversely, when t h e com pi t-e plan is adopted the commission Is entitled to take it into account in Us deliberations upon an application for the acquisition ot a railroad in accordance with that plan, sis ts the rase in this proceeding ';Xeither the statute nor the broad objects to bo attained contemplate that in preparing and adopting Its complete plan the commission was tusked to perform a vain and ufles TUB DAILY COURIER, CONNILL/SVILLE, PA. PAGE Ileana Announces Another .Royal Romance PRINCESS tt-EAHA QUEEN jraRIEk StNAlA RAtcACB MIS jaarrying for love only," rfage as she proqdKy stood bertdfef Rumanian dm Prlneesa Henna of Ku-Ther fiance, Count Alexander^ at a lie ana's e, mania apeak of h«r intending mar-1 dinner given fa hev honor by the Prineea «f PRftJCESS of PC£: ·^ - -;·:·. "««-*·"» ·»»* .-wv, ""·j) , *"»6u *" a "° i""M u »? oKuuu uutijucTJvuHmiiian \.»yrona!iuc Jr itSttrte.'rtjeen frefljy announced since «he .·"?!. ^..v'Pf^ f 1 ^?^, of Ru "P;? r fia »ce, Count Alexander^ at a|Ilenna'n engagement to di Cerent j^eached the age of roya fcy has tn. lov« can has been heard _,, Ileana of Rumania, who has, /within the lost few years, watched (various princesses carry off royal tangibles, despite the efforts of her mother, Qxusen Maria, to hiarry off 'all her three daughters to kin^s. 1 Princess Ileana, who is twenty- one years of age. has just person- a!3y annoTinced her own engagement, sotuethbig she would not have b»en permitted to do were h«r fiance of direct roytfJ descent. H«, howexeor. ia the Boh of Prfnee Henry «£ Plesa, a minor, though r, German p^incg-: Hia tltlo, Count Alexander of Hoehbfcrg, is a hereditary 0ft*, Count Alexander, who in twenty- five years old, bear» * distinct re* e ambiance to his mother, who was Miss CornwaUis West, sister of Constance, Emchess of Weatmto" liter and daughter of the famous Jtfrs. GomwalliB West, who ia reputed to have won tha admiration of several crowned heads, including the late King Edward. Henna's engagfinicnt has been freely rumored sinco slie reached age of eighteen. It is oaid ; whosfe jeritates are to SnealB.farranflrs «, nwttch batwcen __ and the Princ.j of Walaa, ai d fail- Ins 1 that, with one of hii t ?o un- tnarried brothers. But despite frequent vUiits to Enirland t ife engagement never mater alia«d. Since then Princess Asst id of Sweden married the Crown Prince of the and hrr alsi ar was last year married to the Crowii Prince of Norway. Italian The recent of Marifc Jose x Crown Prince hs s the stdll furto«r reduced th« Hat o prospect*, and HO it would see n that tho pretty princess has man ged to 'tjiat_«ae«a MarJe was anj3ons^^_per^ujJtda her mother to 'at her a ftutrriaff* of love rawer than bo sacrificed to royal ambition. Since th« return of Queen Mario aad Ileana from their American tour, the princess's name was linked with that of an officer of tjhe Rumanioh navy, and it naid that an intended ftlopemfeftt was frustrated. Sinco the death Af King Ferdinand, the poiirer of Queen Marie has diminished, and it is believed that she realises that {Milling the strings of European intrigue ia not «o easy or pleasant a* It used to be. Home* School,, Church Must Join Hands In Development Of Child, Says Dean Kimball Conllhued from Page One. part in it. 3 tie question !·» 'What can 1 do?' Hov can tho parent help the school and tho church, to lurther this training pr»ee*s? "In pasains, I would say that tho problem of tod.iy te the stimo as always, and the »ame from C x ie btand- polnt of parent, school and church. It is the problem «t understanding, guiding and miniat( ring to youth. "An understanding of the problem of youth of tod.'iy necessitates e. study of ad-oleacent pevchology. Youth must lie served, and his noete gatie/ied. This rneane thai the parent, tho school and the church must lx ready to extend a helpin,: hand, and Ices prono to critic i/xa hit I'vcry action. "An old A"-eoi)'B fable the task. Anu toNirge that complete plan may not be considered in connection w i t h Mich an application as is licie pending is really to urge that the j c.-onurtiibioii shoiihi act not only in the' dark but even without the exercise of its own intelligence. "As the courts in numberless decisions huvi Kind, tho views and opinions of t!i commission are entitled to Kioal w e i g h t and for the ver roauon that it is «u inform-ed Ixxty which necessarily implies Unit hU-h a body may prop(r) g-l\e weight to its own thought 1 have n mind, A crab said to his eon, 'My pm, do not walk with such crooked ' steps, but RO in a straight course ' To thie thrj son replied: 'My fathi r, gladly will I follow your precept* if I shall first see you doing the eam^ thing.' Youth is influenced by e-vample more than by anything ClBf, »nd ijn understanding ot his problems means that w« musit die- card our outgrown precept, 'Do as I say; not AS 1 lo,' The child must be recognition, aal opportunity to express himsolE. In a recont conteronce w i t h a group of twelve-year-old girls th point was brought out that in ttio ideal h-oine each member ot the family was given courteous attention and encouraged to Uiko part in tho conversation. One little g.irl ftakl, 'Yes, mil. if we wait for the grown i -upfl to im sh talking, we never get a chance.' ' Also, tho work of the school must carry over Into the homo. The mulls como whore the home is co- Operative, inquiring, and ready to uphold school standards. Fair play both for the child and for thn school means that th6 parent rm«U be fair-minded, not ready to condemn without knowing tho tacts. The school IMII never usurp th» function of tho home, and can never make good' a deficiency in t h e homo Lite In tbo Rood homo is er- moaletl with unconscious leach lug good mother is a f;0od teacher. 'Parents arc the child's fiifit te,teher», and tho child will see life The Paramo int Tb/6 crtiuit.R of llio lfl.ll lea apolled tlift retirement of many , otablc foreign Mans trom the iilm?. J i a t Irene Burtloni is 01 ? exception to this rule. of -auoing hor retirement, thoy tiroughl her to the screen for the first tlaif, Mfes BorSoni's French acconi, fa- moua for yaars on the iUige, te a decided asset to h«-r e-cree i carerc, as may be seen and hoard 11 the Paramount Theatre Uxltiv, toi rorrow and Thursday where Plie nwil ee her film debut in " I'arlo." On repeated oci^^ioue Iho French star declined to outer sll« nt pictures. When the talklCK « a m p , g vlng li'r an opportunity 10 Riti? and I i Spcnb h«r quaint linee. Wise Boid mi readily atgTKxl a c o n t i R U t with Fi at National ricturs to appear in ' t'arlfi," the ecrecn version of ]icr late t stagts suc- cefa Jack Biicbhsnan. KngJte i stage fltar, plays oppop!tf Mies Bor oni in IWis through the eycfi of Iho parent*,. Much screen story, which is a 1 The Orphetixn Gone i« tho old "hokum 1 * in making bound picture^ aboard a moving train Tho truin scenes in "The Mighty," CVeorge BancioftV latest all-talking picture beaig maclo oh a Santa Pe train HuHiing out of Los Angelee. Tlis hcene«, in a dining-' car, Pullman and olworvation car were made while the train was fipeeding along on dcbeduled flme, (he ecenery floating by the windows juat as one seee it while traveling. Special sound recording apparatus was installed in one of the oars at- Iached to tho train and the micro* phonop, stcvcral ears ahead, clearly caught tho ·voiceri of George Bancroft and hte supporting players as they woni through several Bcch* of "Tho Mighty," which is showing at tho Orpbeum Theatre. f'aramount has been the leader in bringing realfem to the screen, eend- mg cameramen into remote parts of the world to secure authentic scenes Tor their featured. Even nww two of the behavior of children IB fin Jmt-|' w l | h being made for right behavior In recognized as an individual, capable ( school. So ideails are set up and tho of thinking, fee'ing, acting a« a grown-] he me contributes to moral education, up, and he muf,i be guided ab he needs ' "The story 1^ told of a principal help, and mini-tared to aa ho falters' wiio Ji«trd a loud ecattllag upon tho or makes mislikee, So the work of ( stair's leading to his office, and bouudb home, school, c h u r c h as closely inter- j indicating f h a t someon-p- wan trying- to twined, arl e.ich !« doing the fiame pull eomeono nlong who was de-ter-j 'thing--developi iig a aide of youth t o ' m i n e d not to rome. The principal moot tho situations ae they arise, Tho' opened the door, and a mother, reds Of eac-ii is dependent upon the [ faced and In'GathlesK, pushed lior on auocese Of the other. I into the office, and ehouted to the prin- "Whet is thd school doing? It i s ' c i p a l , 'Will you teach this boy (o mind setting up an environment wheie tlie hia mother?' child can pra'tice elflcnship, develop the qtialitios necessary good citizenship, portunitiett to decide questions and for "What could the principal bay except th.U; lie would t i y to help the bov tf' be more obedient, but f o r ' truthfully haVo addod, 'How I wibh f himself, standing ready to help him ae' might help you do your part. 1 he neede help, and providing for him the necessary materials with which to (onchustons " Tiie tonuuibHiou urged to approve tho acquisition by tha Ball (more Ohio of the properties of the Buf- w falo, Rochester Pittburg Whole Lump Leavened When we of a p o c u l l u i i t y In n man or a titirlon. we t l i l u U to describe only one part, a mor*- u)nttuitiiit!cnl point: hiis it la not bo. h pervades all Sum* parts mny he further removed i t n n others from Uils center hut not H purllu'e so lentoie ns not to t»e either fchlucd on or shaded by It,-- Thorcnu. Too ittan. Hlk Hants. Out* ol tho r e s u l t s of j,i.od road'« ib a s u r p l u s ! uf n i U K - r c c t .vuig pliuiti, i c p u i t s Tin 4 Farm J u u i u u l H \t n u t Uial m u r e phiuta h u e spmii!; up I m p r o v e d toiids ,11 d uiotoi ' ! r , n m p o r t a t ! u u I i a s o m a d in r.i\ j u i ' t s m i n t fi"- 1 -, u \ "Training in obedience IH tho cornei- slone of oimracter as well as Kovoru- Just a the parents take t h e ' m e n t , and lioth home und tichdol must child's hand's and help him to walk, eo' tobperatc* In loarhing t h e fundamental the school heliis him to walk 011 and I Jtason, The gz'eatcr tbe cooperation on, living an ever richer life. We | between home and tscliool, the b e t t e r cannot, as in tho paet, lay down r u i o s [ w i l l be the reritilts. "\Vithout (his co- of action for tlie Individual--oifr civili-| ooeratlon, the problems of cdncation /-ation 1ft; ing too rapidly for t h a t 1 cannot 1o solved. --but we cail, by helping hint meet f i j '"The patent must bo icady to pro\v situation scjuarely, make him more w i t h the child. Are your ideas like able to meet ;i harrier situation lator. those of your grand father 1 _, Neither Education ,1s si dynamic force, and f f - ' ' e i t t you expect (hone of your child 1o in fact, life It elf. "'What in the church doing as part in youthv development? it like yoUra. Ekluuillon is no longer i t s ' j u s t book leaining, and there mu.-st be is j opportunity for j ocreation and recognizing ab never before, the social'V3r«ion Tho school and church dl- faet and spiritual needs ot the tndiVK'.ual, i up fclandardn find pattern of clean aud catering to thoso needs. Jflehgion | literature, right kinds of recreation is the balance wheel, it l«s not j u t j a n d r-musQiiVMits, and the right condi- bellef, but it .s the hig-hefet foctia o f . t i o n s foe tucHc, The child is otiiy in one's powere Tt crystallines our ideale ! sohool dix hotns daily and under Into courses of action, and callii forth cUurrh influanccs lo«u than t h a t . How the b«tt in It means Lhb power about tlie refit of the t i m e ? to grow. Dr. l l a n y fimerfeon Fosdlckj "It it, the litisiness of the community expresses it, 'Religion ib devotion to 'to make itself the sort of place in opiHtUfil values -- Qooln?fi,s, U\)iich a child can grow up Play- w i t h sin^rtiiK and dancing Othenn in the featured cast include Louise Clos- «or Halo, who piaytsl In tlio htage version of "Pritie " ,fa» n Robtirds,. Xasu P i t t s ami M-irgaret Melding, all woli known to the movlo )iibllc. "We need parents tota who refuse to drift with tho- tide Wo need pcLu'iilK who tak^ time o live with their children, to work a id play with them, to talk and study w th them, und Jo worship with thorn is a family group. \Ve need !eim v ork between liomo, echool and church, and oetwoen parent) teutlKT and minfc'nr. it initbf. bo a te-amn 01 It w b u h de elopa as result of wholfl-hctirted an i sincere devotion to hlghei ataiif ird« and a greater tivilixatkm, and it mufli bo based ui)on those p i i n c i i l e n of truth und rig-lit which ai'e com nou heritage and common fallh. C h i d Avelfato Its tho common boud cif Ui fro Lhreo in- stiintiono -- liomr, sihool and church. QuotitiK liom P. P CMa Jon, former United Slatee Commifeslo er of Education "'The tjhic oC cducalln thlldren for I m l f v l d u a l dcvelojjiuont, or good clti- xennhip, and loi m a k i n g living it. too great to be l e f t to o-ithei the home or Iho school aloric, to eiti 01 parent or teacher w o i k i u g ^ ithou the help of the other Fot its sure stl'ul accom- phshment, it lociulren the iull'est, heartiest, and most ii telllgent co- oneration of school and ionic, of pnr- ente and teaclieib, to t i e end that the work ot eac h may su Jplomcnt and as nearly a« posniblo co nplemont the other."' In cloflirif? Mlsa Kim all touched ca mermen arp at the South Pole with t i e Byrd expedition eeeurlng ectuai sconce In t h e Antarctic waeteS 7*?tc recording of the train scenee on an artual train in "The Mighty" is another step forward by Paramount liiad«re in the now show world. "Teach Us To Pray " Rev Btevens also diacufseed some interesting points on home life, giving toniin)«K.encrs ol his own boyhood, in which ho paid high tribute to his lather and mother. President L, G. Hoover i 1 nnouneed that the theme of discu.sfckm at the Murch meeting will be "The Tcachei --Trained and Untrained " The speaker wii^ n6t made known. Each month some phase- of Bible school work ii, stressed The oencdlction w«b pronounced by Ilev. E A. Sc-huHz, pastor of tht United Brethren Church. Cad* 1 ! Coi'ps Quarantined. OLKMBON OOLL10QW, N. C , Fob. 4. -- Tbo OlPmKoti College Cadet Corps ciiuirantlno dhisU night because ot a case (if cerfbro spinal menliigitis .la ity r n n k b y«umn«i»auu(iMKH «i Hosiu-k, Scliie/Jnger , Company Adiusters of Federal and State Taxes Accountants and Auditors 1416-30 Park Building Pittsburgh, Pa. ~~~~~ -- ^ but Truth, and B t a n t y ' On the chm'ch | groiinde, llbrerics, community parks, rests the tank if bringing thes-e larger i gardens, theatres, social cjccftsions all values to thi individual t irough a help to provide the opportunity for a realization t h j t great purpose, high j 1101 mal and happy life, ideals, yocSai e r v i t e and a larger life! "What ib the parent's relation t-o are the teachings of religion. j tho church? "What Is the parent's relation to the cdutdtiou ot children depend more work of thes two .institutions? in directly or jVioro largely upon the life the first pkic the vision and t i n d e r - j o t thei family in tho home than in standing ot th * paientH determine the'respect to moral c l i n r a t t p i and r o l l 1 type of c h u - i l . and school which PMS( The i n i p i u t u t i K 1 ^' 1 i n l t ' l l i K P i i t iiijjj p o l l let Huso in u ii!ul!(iii4. l i e i i i u ^ t K n o w and try to uiKlttiiUuul tile 1 ness more on the pai ental Children don't just groi -- like Topsy -- but, must bn le\i a n d gu dod, she baicl 1 Ttiirigfe art) \viong becai se oE lack o f ! guidance and can only o- ninde right ' as (he home, the ^ch' oi church join bands In the and tlie common cause. Mr« f!, M Oioipp-im ng, tendent parent ti'ulinni; in thij d)i - tricl, pioilded utid dsvcii briufij on ili^ I n ^ t i o ) aspect doc., tho j i e B p m l b l b l l ) t y o(! p a r e n t t I n the a bs on CM?, of Rc\ E. N. D u t y , pastor of the Clirintmu ChtucJi, v h o Unable to sittend, he devotional a wuh In charisf if flev. K IT 'UK pJIStOJ' Of I ] | J^il'Sl ) j . l p t i » | C l i i i n J i \!ii i S' f i u l v i s;ui4 rni'lhoclri f i t i t i* a r i i s to use as, · lu. i n t o ilise, j u ^ t as U«U| l i t U !)l i l t t ' l t i t r u m u -t ( i n i M M t I so ( Id^Ull' Th*y b r - n g re-sulta 1 r h ' H . .iinl i woo abilit i , » i | \ lo .in \v l!*. P ttc A i t [ i ( ( l i e 10 mi k, IK mubi be l j - l o u « l a i t h The f a m i l y in a school of (tuiK'lCt*'!, t l l K l It Is, ,»· \St'!J U SC iKJCll ( I i f i i g i o u . The e i l K i t l l y u( o u i ( j \ \ u f a m i l y life- w i l l d c l e t m i n i - t h n d i l U l ' s i t i d o i v t . i n d i i i K (if Gotl an a t'athi 1 -!, »utl ( I ! inti d'i l i M i l l i t ' i h 'I o Uic p j i e i i l t i i 1 i n 1 1 1 p i e t i n j j : t i o d 10 ( i i 'ii d i i l d i e n i n 1(1-111" ( ) J t h C l l i W II ' H i i J K K ' t I ' l l l , l l n l i h a r o toi' and -o lei i l u t M l t l n » 1 , 1 1 1 1 ! 1 l liu 1 M i r n h ( h a t It ln,l^ l i l l j 01 vo .is UK; lyiH' ol a l l U(Ki! social You Xecd 3Iono} foi 1 A u y I Si:i- I s Fayeite Loan Company '] i l k I ' l o i i i '! H I M HI (Is; . ' i n j i i i K \ i l k , T e l e p h o n e 'JJ BoncJ«-ti to tlif ParaiioiiEi TODAY--TOMORROW--THURSDAY All Talkie .MMWwAtvwM^^ ; Vitaphone Act and Sound News Reel All Talking f'oujedy Time of fellows:--Compdy, 1, 3:30, (f, 8i30--Foal tire,, 1:5,), 4:25, 6:55; Last Feature 9:25. Admission--Matinee lOc aritl 35c; Night toe and 50e S Friday and Hatunhiy I Ken Maynard in "Senor Americano" §WW^WtfWWVWMWW Foday--Tomorrow 111 ® ® w \ '*--*",4iS* *(** *\ With K sifter Kalstx n \Vftrncr Ohm I Hnj niDiia Hat ton Donitlij JtcMier '^$$^ If s u HI Ii Gil II [ii PI I] II 111 BJ il 51 Jj HJ 50 BO HO HO HO 50 BO 00 ~JI DEAR: NOAM« DOES A EASY RATTLE SNAKE cre.v 'Fore A RATi'LERi. "To p DOES He HAVE HE CAJM i^ MA/8G/l*BT 13 *KC.fWflt MLJN reffi^v/i^uf N O DEAfe HOAH - V ,SEM CLEOPATRA PELL Of-P THE tiAPGE, Pic J U L I U S C A E S A R v T P M K P C C S t T ' t X-TI-A'ir/ CA D0AR »OAH- s THB*"OTHE : '% HAU.I* OF /A j-ov-j H I L U , *» JSEJ-AI N O U S ? M f, BCABO ~*eut~^r75uS~~' l_3^51[°iLZ NUM«!V.Ut.u I O M 1 i - * Hone UV5T T-K6MT To Woftt; I cfsHT FiMO IT-· IT ON 'TV ^nt^O* 1 ^- - °^^^

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