The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1939
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

fAGE SIX .THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEtjLSVUXE. PA. MONDAY, JAttUARY 23. 1030 PERSONAL MENTION Mrs. Ina Moss ol South Eighth | blrect, Greenwood, a patient at the ConneUsville State Hospital, is reported to be slightly impiovcd. Mr. and Mrs E B. Zimmerman of South Pittsbuigh street arc spending the remainder of the wmtci at their home in Coral Gables, Fla Start the new year right with a complete set of new ledgers, day books and cash books Loose leaf supplies and Shaw-Walker filing equipment. Everything for the office at Keslner's Book Store, 125 W. Apple St --Advertisement--6jan-18t Mrs, Thomas Doorley of Smock, formerly of Connellsville, is visiting her daughter, Miss Jill Doorley, of Washington, D C , Women's Benefit Association will hold a party, Tuesday, January 24th, 8 30 P. M , Odd Fellows Hall, East Crawford Avc Lunch Games, prices. 25c--Advertisement.--23-lt. Mrs R E Urnbel of Uniontown has rctuined from Atlantic City where she was the guest of her daughter, Mrs Margaict Leeds Mr and Mrs G A. Largent and family of Uniontown spent Sunc ay at Dunbar as the guests of Mrs. Largentb mother, Mrs Hugh Dunaway Mi. and Mis Mclvin Cl^sper of McKcesport \\ere gucsti of Mr and Mrs George H Reagan of South Eighth street, Greenwood, Sunday. Any fur-trimmed coat, cleaned and pressed, 79c Simons Cash Carry Cleaners, --Adv ei tiscment.--23jan-4t Misi Margaret Jane Madden, student at California State Tachors College, is spending the mid-semester vacation at her home at VandeibiU Mils Madden is a daughter of Ml and Mrs Frank Mndcten. Mrs. S M Kuhlmin ot Poplar Grove, who has been confined to her home for the past week with asthma, is improved The Ladies' Auxiliary to South ConneUsville Firemen will holo, a card paity tonight, 8 30 promptly, in Firemen's Roomi Lunch Admission 25c--Advertisement--23jan-U Mr. and Mrs Earl Bloom of Parkers Landing visited the latter s parents, Mr. and Mrs J. R. Shipley and Mr. Kenneth Meyers of South Connelkville over the week-end They were accompanied home Sunday by Mrs Meyers " Pure silk crepe hose, special ZOc Princess 23Jan-lt, Mrs Flora Stirpa ol North Pittsburg street will leave tonight -for Washington, D C, to attend the fourteenth annual Woman's Patriotic Conference on National Defense to be held January 24-26 at the Mayflower Hotel. Mrs- Stirpa was appointed o delegate to the conference by the Department oJ Pennsylvania Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Mr and Mis Joseph Baycrl of Herbeit sp'ent Sunday as the guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs C. Roy Miller ol East Wasmngton avenue Chicken and biscuit supper, United 1 Brethren Church, Pleasant Hill, Springfield Pike, Thursday, January 26th, beginning at 5 o'clock--Advertisement --23jan-2t Mr and Mrs John T. Rush, Miss Josephine Rush and Miss Mary Frances "Ralston attended the funcial service for Mrs Charles C McGrath nt Turtle Creek Saturday Mrs McGrath was a former resident here. Mrs W R Scott, Mrs Harvey Hirbaugh and Mnr L J Little visited m Pittsburgh Thuitdiy Jack M Collins, who had been ill with the grip at his home in Ftnn street for a week, is able to be about. Miss Yolanda J Fasola of Pulaski ttrcet attended the concert given by Marian Anderson, v\ orld-famous contralto at Syria Moiquc, Pittsburgh, Sunday afternoon ~ Rummage sale, 115 W Apple, Thurs, Jan 26th U. B Church -Advertisement --23jan-2t, Mrs Ralph Bl-ick o£ Dickcison Run wis admitted to the Connells- Vllle State Hospital Saturday evening ,.Misb Ruth Love, wno had been a patient at the Connellsvillo State Hospital for ob-;nation and treatment, was discharged Saturday and is at her home in Franklin avenue. Miss Eovc is a member ol tha sales- force on the first flooc of Troutoian's store Miss Caroline Cathcar*, formerly a teacher m the ConnellsviUe Public Cling to Lifebelts For 10 Hours Before Tanker Locates Them Aunt Het By aOBERT CJU1LLEN "1 iccl on 1 did it, too, but time I see an agginvated woman poppin' a poor little youngun, I feel like giMn' hei a piece o my mind " Shop --Advertisement.-- Claims Coal Act Cost Industry $70,000,000 BIRMINGHAM, Ala, Jan 2t -Claiming the National Bituminous Coal Act has cost the bituminous mdusto moie than $70,000000, J D. A Moriov., piCMdent of the Pittsburgh Coal Companv, advocated elimination of tht governmental price-fixing piovisions of the act In an address before the Southeastern Section of the American Institute ot Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Saturday night, Moiiow estimated that taxes and assessments levied under the act, \\hich scekr to regulate tli« bituminous industry, total $6,000,0110 to 58 000,000 in addition to clerical and other administrative expenses "The demoralization of coal once 1 ; generally attributed to the act caused a loss in revenue approximating $50,000,000 in the jear 1938, and m the pieeeding year during the 'months when the ict in effect, a further loss of $15,000,000 to $20,000,000," Morrow contended "Thus to date, the cost to the industry is apparently in the neighborhood of 570,000 000 "A new Congress is in session, from which we have reason to expect saner action," Morrow added "Let us ask the amendment of this monstrosity to eliminate all these unfortunate governmental price-fixing provisions. "Instead, as amendments,-let us ask the enactmcnCbf somo'simplc standards of fair compctltion_in the sale of bituminous co~al^ enlarge the permitted scope of sales agencies under the supervision of an appropriate Federal agency, and then initiate our own job of industry improvmcnt "Wo one can asscit with any confidence, flitt that prices can ever be Cbtablishc under this act, second, that, if established, they can be kept m effect, or third, th it if established and maintained, they will not divert millions of tons of coal business to oil, gas, government-nnonced hydroelectric power and other substitutes " Continued from Pane One Alderson--were in a serious condition, but Mrs Edna Watson of Bermuda one of the passengcis, radioed the United Press that no o'.e had been hurl, though all vvete exhausted from the oideal Captain Frank Spun, mastci of the Dayto\\n, radioed thlt his rescued ones -would need overcoats, trousers, -and shoes, and these and other articles ot clothing were assembled on the dock by Impel lal Airways True to the tndltion of tight-!ippd seamen--he is the fifth generation ot his family to command ships--his messages ashore were few and laconic But from them and from the equally sparse messages of the commanders of the three Coast Guard cutters--the Ch implnm, the Pontchartrain and the Eric--it was possible to piece much of the story of the sufferings of the Cavalier's survivors and of thr heroism of the Baytown's crcv. The Cavalier took off at 10 A. M Saturday from Port Washington with Chdiles Talbot of Brooklinc, Mass,, a Harvard student, who carried one arm in a cast and a sling, Mrs Watson, Mrs. George Ingham of Hamilton, Bcimudti, Miss Nellie Smith ot Pembroke, Bermuda, Mr. and Mrs Noakes and Mi. and Mrs Miller and her regular crew of five At 12 23 P. M., two hours and 23 minutes later, she reported by radio that she was running into bad weather nnd might have to land Fourteen minutes Corbln Funeral The funeral service for Raymond Corbm of Vanderbilt, \,ho died of injuries received m a fall from a railroad icstlc at Vanderbilt, was held Satu djy aftcinoon at the Frank B, Galley funeral ch%pel it Vandcr- bilt m charge of Rev J M Somors, pastor of the James Cochrnn Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church ol Vanderbilt Intrrmcnt was m the Flatwooc's Ccmctcrj schools md now employed at Bellevue as i member ot the ficulty of the scnools there, visited Mr and Mrs Chester L Balsley of Stephens street over the week-end Mr and Mrs Warren L Wright motored to St. Clalrsville, Ohio, Sunday and visited the lattor's, mother, MrarCiurle Moore. They also visited an aunt, Mrs. Mary Ross, of Cadiz, Ohio. Francis Hicks ot Pittsburgh spent the day with his mother, Mrs Frank Hicks, who is spending the winter at the Wilted Hotel later, she said the weather still was bad and at 12 57 sent the official call of distress--SOS This was followed immediately bj the fragmentary ox- plan ition that ice was foming, and at 1 13 she was, on the water and her radio said its last word--' Sinking' Upon hitting the water, the hull o; the Cavalier split and the sea pourec m Shepherded by Alderson, each man and woman grabbed the life bel which formed the cushion of each seat, and dropped into the ocean There wasn't time to strap the belts on; there wasn't time to pull down the rubber rafts from the ceiling The last person was birely out o her \vhen the Cavalier went to the bottom Once in the water, Commander Raymond T. McElligott of the cuttc: Champlain reported, it was impos siblc to put on the life belts, and thi 13 men and women merely tied them together and clung to them Stewart Spence had suffered a head wound in the landing and was bleeding profusely Noakes and Miller, bot] elderly men, apparently also had been hurt Before dark, Spence hai slipped away and had disappeared beneath the surface The fragmentary messages indicated that Noakes am Millet survived until after night fei: The water temperature was abou SO degrees as the accident occurre on the edge of the warm Gulf stream though the air temperature was muc lowu and a strong wind--h-irbmgc of yesterday's gale--was cutting u the sea into sharp, little waves whic added to the difficulty of clinging houi after hour, to the slippery can vas of the life belts All afternoon they were thrown about on the sur face of this soa without the lea trace ot anything alive except them selves in the wattrj wastes of th All mtic Night closed m nnd sti they had seen nothing to indicat that rescuers were on the way, tha the Cavalier's last messages had beer heard There came the time whe one woman, then another, realize thut her hush-md had lost his grl and had disappeared An hour pr so ifter dark, the light of a steamer showed on the horlzo and bore down on them. But turned off when still a mile or s away" They screamed until the thioals ached. The lights w-rc mov ing away from them now. The grew dimmer and flmlly disiippenrc altogether, leaving them alone agdi In the blacK octin All must hav seemed lost then and it may hav been tint No ikes and Miller ha clung to life long enough to hi\c ex Today, Tomorrow and! Wednesday ill again! MARIE WILSON cuonccd thii disappointment Soon after 8 P M -- at 9 12 P. M. icy had been m the water eight ouis--they saw llghti n«am and u lip was definitely nppio idling hey wnlted until it cnmc close tough foi theii to mnki themselves caid Then the;' till ·jcrcaraed out once The ihip continued on itb ny nnd ,igjin (here was despair, ut suddenly it b 'gan curving ofC ils oursc and was [wanting at them s searchlights cnmc to life and layed over the heaving wuvcs At st the beam of light fell upon them nd they knew they were saved, fter must have seemed a ompletc age in time, they heard the rinding of oars in their locks and 10 slap-slap of the sea on a boat's oUom It was the lifeboat of the Saytown--commanded by Chief Offl- tsr Olaf Anderson--and in a few minutes they had been pulled in nd soon were being hauled up the ,de o£ the tanker--safe at latt It wns nftcr U P M--almost t\vo ouis after the Baytown had fhsl Ighlcd them What they hadn't nown until they were aboird, was hat the first boat the Baytown had aunched had capsized at the ship's ide, dumping its crcv,' into the ccan. These sailors had (o fcc ishcd out before another boat could ie launched Perhaps most remarkable of the tones the passengers will tell today ull be that of the youthful student Vilbot, who, with one arm in a cas' nd useless, managed to keep him- elf afloat for 10 hours m a rough ca With the five men and five \vomen iboard, the Baytown's radio appcalcc rantically and repeatedly for a decor. The cutter Erie had a doctor nboard but the sea was too rough for her to get alongside the Baytown within a reasonable time, nnd th cutter Champlain put an officer anc i pharmacist's mate aboard and they supervised the administering of flrs aid Before the Champlain, Pontchir- iraln and Erie abandoned the search last night, they had picked up th life boat the Batown lost and also one life preserver stamped with the markings of tte Imperial Airways Otherwise they searched nn empty sea Grim Reaper Mailman on Probation CHICAGO, Jan 23--Joieph £. U. SPRINGER UN1ON1OWN, Jan. J3 --Zjdock B Zed) Sjpnnscr, 5 r past exalted lulcr f Uniontown Lodge, B P. O. Llks, nd n vtei in automobile ··alesmrn, 'iul suddenly Sunday evening it hit ionic at 15 Ulwood sticct attoi n nief illness lie was i ikcji ill luce wtcks iif,o lie cnlcicd the autosalcs buuifss leic xvhcti the indutiy wai, in its nf.mcy iotilly, being associated v,lth lcs W Johnson and other iioncct dealcis He is suivivcd by hib wife, Mrs Xusy Morgnn Spimgei, one brother, Thunn.m, ot Canoiiiburg, and four lalf-biothers, J D Max, Joseph and Alfied Spimgei, all of McClelhnd- ov,n Federal court/with a free and easy gait nftei a/Fedeial judge placed him on probrfiion for a year after he to the charge of dis- vhich burdened his bag. MARY FOREJT MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 23.-Mis Maiy lotcjt, wife of John ·orejt, died at midnight Sunday at lor home In the Younkin plan after linfieimg illness Besides her husband she Js survived b\ one brother nnd one sister, James Klima nnd Mis Christina Harn, both of Baltimore, Md The funeral service will be held Wed esday moimng with requiem ugh mass at 9 o clock at St Joseph's "hurch Intel men' will be in Moun! Picas-mt Cemetery. C B HARX C B Harn, 53 years old, of Brownsville, widely known conductor on the Monongiliela Railroad, died suddenly Sunday morning when stricken with a heatt attack while riding in the trainmen's cai near Poland, Pa Besides his wife, ha is survived by three children A r. AIAAMOV After a lingering illness, A F Allamon, 60 yeais old, lifelong resident of Mcnallcn township, died Saturday at his home at Searights ·way some ciiculars. walked out of LORETTA YOUNG RICHARD GREENE in "KENTUCKY" STARTS TOMORROW IT'S MOTION'PICTURES' GREATEST"YEAR ... AND HERE'S ITS GREATEST PICTURE! Former Brownsville Printer Indicted In Wife's Murder A grand jury in Dadc county, Florida, returned a first degree murder Indictment against Paul H. Mardorft, 50 former prominent" Brownsville commercial printer, in the slaying of his wife, 38. The jury returned the indielmant as Mardorft la near dcith m a Alliroi hospital of injuries received when struck by an automobile as he was nccing his home whcic, police siid, he had mortilly stabbed his wife -vith a Chinese dagger Oflicsre cltim the man admitted the stub- bine Maryland Bans LobbMsts. ANNAPOLIS, M d , Jan 23 --Lob- byistr, who for more than half a century have had free run of both houses of Maryland's legislature, were banned from the house of delegates. Pain Stopped! Or No Cost For culclc rclitl from th« tonutfnf piln ol RhturaitUm. AtthritU. Niuritd. Sciatic* ·nd Lumb»go, UM MYACIN, th* ·*/«, crw ftcitntlficdltcovery thit hit helped thouuftd* ot iuff«r«i- CooUln* no harmful h»Wt- formnc draft of narcotics. Stop* th* rao*l lflt«rw piln In a hurry. Gtur- -^ mm ·nt*e4 to brine QuicV tcllfl or Vl HI *"" TOUT moovy tuOu Cou* only 4U*)FI» A A. CLARKE, 323 N Plttsburg St, ConncllsvUIc. THE NEW TODAY · TOMORROW FEATUBE JfO. 1 FRANCOS VIUOH.;.rUs tote-making was · . as daagenros as his sword-play! -" tyda»lu4 Dilated by rtuttlojd · A rAJUUOUNT nCTUXJ Comedy © News · Shorts A lOVE-MAION' . .. BUSTIER-BBEAK1N 1 SWEET TUNE. SWGW BUCKABOOI January . 1939 SAVE THE MOST OH THE BEST North Pittsburg and Peach Streets and 117 W. Crawford Avenue To Your ACME Market and SAVE! Fancy Pack , Perfectly Seasoned Long Shredded can A Real Bargain Buy a Supply at This Low Price Enrly .liino SOUP BEANS ib. 3c FANCY BLUE ROSE RiCE lb.4o SWEET Santa Clara PRUNES ib.Sc pkg. ?C Quality Evaporated 10 s. 54c CHASE AND SANBORN COFFEE WELCH'S G R A P E J U I C E FRESH Salted SODA CRACKERS 2 SPRY or CRISCO SHORTENING pint bottle lb. Pkc. lb. cia 22c 20c 13c 1Sc 1 lb paper Phillips' Assorted S O U P S Fresh Crisp Corn Flakes * ke 5c Solid Pack TOMATOES *TM 5c PURE CIDER V5NEGAR ^ 5c Red Hood APPLE SAUCE S 5c 2 Sliced loaves Swift's Premium or Armour's Star Small Size, Skinned Whole or Shank LAMB BREAST Ib. 15c Lean Smoked Picnic SHOULDERS JUMBO BOLOGNA BEEF LIVER Sliced Bacon L ,tr 8 to 10 Ibs. average lender Sliced lb. 150 Ib. 15c lb. 17c 2 £ 29c Fancy Fish Fillets lb.7c Sweet Juicy HcavV With -a mam for 1 5c Rome Beauty or Stayniau APPLES 6ibs.25c Fancy Yellow -- Uniform Size SWEET POTATOES 6 Ibs. 25c NEW Green CABBAGE 3 Ibs.lOc Beets and Carrots 2 ^ 9c Crisp Tender Endive 2"^ s 15c White Celery Hearts

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