The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

KKIDAY, APRIL 25, 1D1S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. i-'AGJS KL'KVEN. The The mosl ColoHSul Purchase over martr for the Inrnrtit of t h f puiilie of {'i!iio!!sviiU' HIM! vicinity. Our nrfc resident imyor h a v i n g informed us of fist-so snrpics stm-ks from liic loiiilinc New York inaniifiii-turer:. at a Sjwial j§ 1 -* 1 , iv n wired him to close i.jie deal, ;tnl we will therefore put on .S«l? the entire pnrciiayc of Men's and Ladies Nprinp jj| »v Mi ring i i j i a r e i ;ii prices thall will nuikt you Vi'()Ni)£l{ liotv it e;in be (i- Make| This - Stlore Your i Headquarters for Tomorrow's l«g in all Departments. Children's 85c Gingham Rompers, special 59e : ?3.25 ladies* best (Duality Prcale Bun- gaiow Akrons 95c $3.50 Cros Rug, si2e 3Gx72 special ' $1.95 ISc best quality Percale, in all colors, .'··£- cial, per vil. 121c 35c Fancy Bungalow Cretonnes, special per yd. 23c J2.DO J. C. C. anrl ".lustriln" Corp cis, discontinued styles, sppcta! 99c 5(1.90 Silk Taffeta Skirts, striped and plfiid effects, at $4.99 $1.00 Ladies' Silt Hose, all colors, special 59c 25c Txid-rs' Fine Gauze Vests, special 18c SI.25 Vancy Voile Waists, all pretty sty- ic:s special 69c heavy ribbed Boys' and Girls.' floae, 15c ilnrlt all pi cial Wonderful Values in Women's and Misses' One lot of Chil- j dren's 3iew j Spring Coats in j Silks, Poplins, checks and senr- es, made In the prettiest styles for the So Talne One lot of beautiful Silk Dresses in tlie finest Taffetas with Georgette Crepe sleeves in plaids, stripes and plain colors. All sizes and colors. $15 , special for $7.99 Our Great TVonder Value in the biggest assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Suits ever shown in (,'on- nellSTille at sensational low prices. Up to $15 Suits For $25 Suits For Record Breaking Prices on "Wojncn's and Misses ; " Sewest Up-f Coats at $9.99 and $14.99 $27.50 to $32.50 Suits for $18.99 BEA0TIFULS1LK Dresses at $9.99 and $14.99 In Taffeta and Crepe DeCliinc--in tlie Smartest Styles These Wonder Values For Thursday, Friday and Saturday Only. $2.00 and $2.50 Curlains In beautiful patterns, made of fine cable net in a.bout half a dozen different patterns, including Scrim Curtains Bpecial Cor .-- 21c Brown 3In;:Iia Good heavy quality, spceial 7 yards for Limit 7 yards to each customer. Shoes, l-p to $4.00 Values One. lot of men's and ladies' newest style shoes, in button or lace , in ail kinds of leathers, special for $1.25 Work Shirts The famous made Jack Rabbit Shirts in Blue GUambray, Black Batieen, blue and black stripes, special ,, $3.00 Percale Waists Made of best blue and gray Percale, all fast colors, button front and belted styles, special 59c 20c I'urc Irish Linen Tcnvelinir Made or' fine Twill Linen, best quality with fancy border edges, special, yd. / $3.50 and $1.00 Waists : In SiLk, Crepe de Chine and Seorgette Crepe, all the newest leading shades, special for 85 \ewes.t Trimmed Hats All beautifully trimmed in the latest ideas for $2.95 OUR WONDER SHOE VALUES Women's $5 Kid fl»O Qf lien's $5.00 Fine Shoes in all colors tpO«c/«) Dress Shoes Women's $7.50 Fine (££·· QjA Boys' and Girls' Dress Kid Shoes tPQU«/\7 J52.50 School Shoes ...- Boy a. ?. spe- k "/·r Fnyr' P r r r a ' c "Waists colors. spfo;aJ 29c 2"i' Fancv Chc.'k »:-css Ginghams, 16c Hundreds of vards of Hcm- nan;s at 1IAI.F J ' K U ' K Ail New Styles and Fabrics Strictly Hand Tailored, regular $15 yalne, Wonder (Sale Price ^** +tP m .Wen's and Young Men's Suits Hand Tailored Suits--Pure Wool Fabrics--Newest Styles Mothers Will Appreciate This Wonder Value in Boys' Suits All sizes, latest styles. rrgular $5.00 values CAP FREE WITH EVERY SUIT. ........ $3.39 81.50 Dress Shirts Men's Fine Percale Dress Shirts in dressy, neat patterns, till ^izes for 75c Undcnvear Men's Fine Balbriggan Underwear, shirts and drawers, special at 39c 75.C Percale Underskirts ,, ;.._...._ 59c 50c Muslin Drawers, unibfoiderejl trimming $1,00 Ladies' \Vhite Embroidered Skirts ... . 33c fiflc $1.50 Ladies' Muslin Gtfwns 9Sc Men'? 25c Press Hose, silk lisle _ 15c ajSA!aK;aa»!$eBH^ In Addition to Tliose IVondcr I Values i We Will I Give Yon ; S. H.Orcen j Trad ins ; Stamps i The Wonder Sale of the ASK Camp And Be Here Enrly $2.95 Traveling Bags _ _ -?1.99 Boys' 9Sc Wash Suits 79c Men's J1.50 Union Suits .... Men's 20c Canvas Glotes Men's ?;;.'"i | ! Woriung Pants ..... PRUNE FRUIT-BEARING TREE Attention Must Be Given to Removal of Wood as Well as to Height and Formation. (From tha United St.ites Derjartrnwit of , - ARrlciiltUre.) ; la prunlnK n fniit-bo:irlnK plnnt like i '.he nrpie nttcnUon must lie slvon nut j inly to the height nnl formation of the j hend, hut to the removal of wood us well. The apple benrs Ita tnilt on spurs which arc themselves developer! from wood ,onc yenr or more of age. For that reason, therefore, tin- rein on I at wood which carries fruit spurs minces the crop the tree Is capable of hearlUK. This then. Is a practicable miy of thinning the fruit. Resides accomplishing this result pruning cnh be used-to lessen the annual th nnd force the energy of the plant which would - n a t u r a l l y be used In making wood Into the fruit, thus increasing Its size or enabling the tree to carry a larger quantity thnn would be possible were a normal wood growth permitted. URGES MEN AND WOMEN TO REDUCE DANGEROUS VARICOSE VEINS YOl'LK A K r w M l a a t r M Kach Dny W K h S i m p l e t ! Ilontr T r r a f t n c u ' \Cllt Uflfi [ i Wonderfully. I I'eopltj U-)K\ have s x v o i l c n veins or *!C ( inp s h n i i i t i not. wait t i n t i t i;?·;· n r U t h p I i i r 5 i i n r r p o i n l , w b u : h i n ^ c n s i r ' i 5 U f t ^ r ; . r i K r-.r.fl \o*'s rf t i m e , l - n i mi'd .·(! uan- y . - r u r f - T r r o n ;iiiy r c H i i l i l o a t w o - i n i n r o o r l r r S n n . ! b - t t l p n T t -'in"':! l-Jni'Tii I I ' M I i f j f l str"iii;'ii J. I F.y unin/; t h i s p o w i - r f u i itnrl .viirt-. v e t 1 h a r m l e s s t r e a t m e n t , tin pro v * - m e n u \n 1 n o ; i f n f j in a f i - w tlnya a n l hy li-r r,.-- i gill;*:- US' 1 ·-, u,' n! 1 * n v- i n j : \ v i l i f . M u r n to! [ t h . ' l r nrr;:f.l : :\7,-- ;ind s i i f f f r n r s v. i i f ; i c».-i.*7p r n w.-rr . G f t n r l y r u h i t -.n Uio e n l a r g e d v e i n s - - . , . a.fw.iys u p W R . r o . Thi? m«.«(hml K^tff !i^ | i q u i r k n s t r r p - j l t s sn'l K t r i f r n l d Oil is i s u a r a n t e o r t to p u c f r o c i . G o t i:. at f h o , C o n n e l J s v U I e Drup Si ore,--Adv. Ohiopyle^ i AOK1ES In the can rairy are as tlie t»-?st fed body of Difn in the world. In the ship's galleys every effort Is made to eliminate waste. In the upper photo one of th- cooks on th« North Di.fcota !s operating a meat sllcer that cats with the least possible wastage. Fat " U - r u e ! for fishten. Bacon is badly- needed In the allied armies nnd navies. The allied needs ID por£^rol- nctB "are 150,000.000 pounds monthly, threeiiiaes as ranch as before the war. An6thei-was:eeUmlnator on the North Dakota is the potato peeler, sliown In the Tower photo. Nothing Is lost except the actual potato akin. U a sufficient quaatttr of MUCH PLANT FOOD IS LOST Anywhere From Twenty to Sixty Per Cent of Fertilizer IB Wasted by Elements of Weather. The results of experiments carrier! on by experiment stations In this country aacl Cannda show Hint nnywherp from twenty to sixty per cent of the real plant food contained In manure Is lost wbero the manure la exposed to j the leaching and wasting of the wciuh- i cr, fur from two to eight months, as i the" manure on so many farms Is ai- i lotred to be before being returned to I the soil. s toes In America fo;* greater use In every home and for all needs oC arniy and navy. Eat more potatoes, cat leas wheat. Mandot to'Teach Boxing. Joe Mnndot of New Orleans hai been appointed boilng Instructor nt Camp i'LE, April 25.---F. M. Rush j of the Ohiopylc House, has purchased I a new Buick auto. i Ralph Potter has purchased a new ; j Ford. j P. B. Bmvicite is cleaning loo lot of j J. "W. Chuck and having it plowed. j EKtir.-g in readinesF Cor an early gar- I Cari Sltgle of Cheat Haven, motored i fr Oblopyle Wednesday nnd spent Uio '(icy grootlng friends. ; -Mr. and Mrs. P. II. a. Hunter and : j family, -who have resided at Cucumber j t c r .MJs» ITden and brother Paul de' pa-rtcd Cor thBt place yscterday. i WSUia-rn U'ablo ai\d .Norman Hall i ·will loavo -with the draftees Sunday j to Cnrnp Leo. j Vry Onr Clc»a6!fled Ada. TUoy cost only i cent a word and al- brtnff rwullla. , :7=-- School teacher; Resla PJ ,ro-- Ken.' lucky; S( .vsr« oDoritlon: Ml JKT wtik. anae- f,^. In!c ' nerroiis; low vitality. Physician rocom- g^ mended lUo-tmm. Two waejca' treat.-Ilan^ fbowed rcmariraljle Improvemrnt. Docto- ro- rorted. "P!o-fer«n hud done wonders for her" Anofhc.- «SA_P»nno.r!Minian. reportr: "I hire taken about one-half of the Bio-(«mn prtletn and nv.-st confrss thai I f ec | -..; kc . ncw -. A Kemucirto, woman oay,: "1 have taken B!o-r»ren retularlv and fee* much benetttei. t ran use my armK much better. Uowcv-r can not ~ct m» hands to my head Bumclcntly to comb my hair, but I feel ttuit I -x-.i] KOO b» able to do that." Von want the visor-ous health a,,d ruddy beauty that Is dependent on W.'MiBUi. nen-ss and rrj blood. Everybody does. Road -.hose r^artt abovei asnln. Tou, too. If you are draesed down in healUt ana 3tn-nsth because at overwork, worry, nen-es, and similar causes can rebuilt! votir he-ilth and '" K "" f '""- " !C not " s!imutal «- " i» ·» builder-- A buHder^f overwork, worn', anaemia, melancholia, nervou. fleblUt". de ictucUous dlnaau, convalescence from acute fevers "''·"" ystery about Blo-fcron. ' EYorv , Then IB no secrel nor SI15GS S. 3* Elo-feren sells «t $1.00 ?or a lare« pactajra Tour you or we will send « direct :pon receipt of »i.oo ; Jx should you hn-oe any troublo in iocurHur it, Tho BeninVJ pacy. Masonic Tcmnlc, CtaclnnaU, Ohta. btntand ·rolle In black and i its unusual neck line. i velvet ta used in jttst the right places ' tc add character. Patronize Those. Who Advertise in The Courier --«-**i^*. "VTlio to Patronize, M^:cV(J.-.itd -*^o adterivje tlmii The Daily Coa-icr. Head- cror- Homer's MOVAHY PUBLJC AND REAL EOTATt N*. » tauth Meadsw

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